Volume 130: November 1656

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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November 1656

Nov. 1. 87. Petition of Sarah, relict of John Vincent, to the Protector. Her husband, being a persecuted minister under the late bishops, came in 1642 from Cornwall to London, lent Parliament 60l. out of the small remains of his plundered estate, and was settled in 1644 by the Committee for Plundered Ministers at Sedgfield, co. Durham, but it was rather a loss, on account of heavy expenses, and his death in 1646. She kept the living by order, spending 247l. 8s. 0d. for supply of the cure, in hopes of obtaining it for Mr. Junes, an able Godly man, her son-in-law, who was settled there, but surreptitiously outed by Mr. Lapthorne, and she was only ordered the 247l. 8s. 0d. which she has not received, notwithstanding many orders and long expenseful journeys to recover it, while Lapthorne detains the whole profits of the rectory, 400l. or 500l. a-year, though the Committee only ordered him 200l. from it. Begs the 60l. loan, the 247l. 8s. 0d., and an allowance from the surplus of the rectory, having 7 children, while Lapthorne is rich, childless, and through age unable to preach. [1 page.] Annexing,
87. i. Order in the Committee for Plundered Ministers on the petition of the parishioners of Sedgfield, settling Mr. Lapthorne for one year in the rectory to which he was appointed by the Northern Committee, with 200l. a year profits; the remaining profits of the rectory to be distributed among the ministers of the neighbouring chapels. 7 May 1647. [Copy, 2 pages.]
87. ii. Like order for payment to Mrs. Vincent of 247l. 8s. 0d. from the profits of the rectory; 9 of the parishioners appointed to attend to it. 11 June 1647. [Copy, 1 page.]
Nov. 1. Reference thereon in Council to Lambert and Strickland, to speak with Lapthorne if he be in town, if not, with Maj.-Gen. Rob. Lilburne, consider how the petitioner may be relieved, and report. [I. 77, p. 470.]
Nov 1. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus* were approved in person.)
1. The Committee appointed 14 Oct. to consider what to advise his Highness concerning petitions, to meet between now and the 4th, to consider fit rules and limitations therein, and also the matter in debate to-day concerning Masters of Requests, and to report next Tuesday.
2. Order—on a letter from the mayor of Plymouth, stating that on information that a sailor, Jos. Harrison, of the Speaker, deserted his ship and embezzled some silver belonging to the State, he imprisoned him, and has found the bar of silver of 40 lbs. weight—that his proceedings be approved by letter, and that the Admiralty Commissioners consider what should be done with the offender, and with the plate.
6.* Order—on reading an order of Parliament, of 31 Oct. last, concerning removing records in the room over the Parliament House—that Scobell and Jessop, clerks of Council, and Bodurda, keeper of the said records, view the rooms in the Chapter House adjoining Westminster Abbey, with a view to their fitness for receiving the said records, and that the keeper of the Chapter House permit the said view.
7, 8.* The agreement with Sir Thos. Vyner and Mr. Backwell about the Spanish prize money read, viz. Agreement that the prize plate and coin belonging to the State, which is to come in the fleet with Gen. Montague, be brought to the Tower, and there delivered to them, to be coined at the Mint at their charge, and then disposed of to their use. They to pay for the same as agreed 31 Oct. The payments to be as follows:—
Before 10 Nov. next 50,000
Within 7 days after 10,000
Weekly afterwards 10,000
till the whole parcel is paid for. If the money is needed earlier for the State's service, they will pay it earlier on notice if able.
9. This agreement approved, with the addition, that if any gold should have been melted down with any of the silver bars to any considerable value, it be excepted from the bargain. Jessop to acquaint Vyner and Backwell of this.
10.* (1.) Sir John Berkstead to remove Dr. Wren, prisoner in the Tower, from the rooms he and his family inhabit, and lodge them elsewhere.
(2.) The said rooms to be cleared and used to dispose of the Spanish prize money, some of which is expected from Portsmouth to-night.
(3.) Those who have charge of the waggons, &c., of plate to bring them straight from Portsmouth to the Tower, and unlade them there, in such rooms as the lieutenant shall appoint, seal the boxes and other parcels, and take the keys of the rooms for security, till the parcels be opened and delivered.
(4.) The Lieutenant of the Tower to deliver up the keys of the rooms accordingly, and set a guard over them.
(5.) Those in charge of the waggons to deliver the plate and money by number, weight, and mark, according to the invoices, into the charge of Capt. Sharpe, whom the lieutenant has nominated, and begin delivering it next Monday, the 3rd instant.
(6.) Sharpe to deliver the same to Vyner and Backwell, keeping an exact account thereof, and the several species of coin distinct.
(7.) Mr. Birch, officer of the mint, and Capt. Sharpe to take charge of the scales, at the weighing of the plate and money, and make entries of the weight of each draught, the number of sows, bars, &c., and the particular marks of fineness, keeping those having the same mark together, for better clearing of accounts and preventing confusion.
(8.) The Lieutenant of the Tower to advise and assist in the management of the affair.
11.* The money due from Vyner and Backwell for the Spanish plate to be paid into the Exchequer.
12.* The first 20,000l. so paid to be used for the navy.
13. To advise a warrant to pay to the Navy Treasurer the 20,000l. out of the receipts for the prize plate and money brought home by Col. Montague's fleet.
14. The Admiralty Commissioners to give in an estimate of the expense of paying off the fleets lately come from the southwards, and from Jamaica.
15. The Committee of Council on charters to consider the two drafts of charters prepared by Shephard and the rest of the Committee joined with them, one for the corporation of Chipping Wycombe, and the other for that of Blandford, and to report.
16.* Maj.-Gen. Whalley to take effectual order that from the militia money raised in his association, Major Hez. Haynes be paid 1,240l. on account, according to an order of 21 March 1655–6, and Haynes' acquitance to be sufficient receipt.
18. Order—on petition of Dame Eliz. Pawlett, wife of John Ashburnham— that the Serjeant-at-arms under whose charge Ashburnham is deliver him to the Lieutenant of the Tower, who is to allow no one to speak to him without special leave from himself.
19. In last Tuesday's order, on behalf of Deborah Love, John Luntley to be inserted as the person to be settled in the rectory of Penstroyd, in trust for her.
20. The 2,000l. ordered to be paid from customs and excise to John Maidstone to be paid from the moneys payable by Vyner and Backwell instead.
21. None of the money paid by them to be disposed to other uses than the army, navy, and his Highness' household. [I. 77, pp. 465–471.]
Nov. 1.
Pres. Lawrence to Justinian Peard, Esq., mayor of Plymouth. In reply to your letter of 28 Oct., and the examinations enclosed, his Highness and Council approve your proceedings, thank you for your care, and desire your continued diligence for discovering and apprehending like offenders, and seizing money and goods embezzled. For the disposal of the money and the prisoner, you shall shortly receive directions from the Admiralty Commissioners. [I. 77, p. 465.]
Nov. 1.
Pres. Lawrence to Francis Willoughby, Navy Commissioner, and Major Murford, Deputy-governor of Portsmouth. His Highness and Council considering that Capt. Lyons, John Portman, or some other discontented persons formerly related to the Navy, may take the opportunity of the return of the fleet to infuse evil principles into the seamen, desire you to apprehend such if you find them tampering with the sailors at Portsmouth, secure them, and send a speedy account to Council. [I. 77, p. 466.]
Nov. 2/12.
88. C. Georges to Williamson. I have sent you some goods by the Saumur messenger, and the bill. Commend me to the young gentlemen. [Scrap. French.]
Nov. 4. 89, 90. Petition of Rich. Brambly, of Speenhamland, co. Berks, to the Protector. Being a constable during the late insurrection, I was commanded by a warrant under your hand to press horses for your service; I pressed a mare from John Normanton, senr., and he and his family forcibly detained her, with many blows, and now they bring an action of assault against me, and being themselves witnesses, have procured a verdict, and threaten to bring more suits, though I never struck one of them. The verdict was procured against the Judge's directions, by the malignity or weakness of the jury. I beg indemnity against Normanton and his family. With order thereon, 24 Sept. 1656, signed by the Protector, to Major Rich. Fincher and Capt. Wm. Thornhill to enquire into the case and compose it or certify, and their report that the defendants refuse to end the difference, or forbear proceedings at law, and should satisfy the petitioner for his wrongs, and that Normanton is a turbulent and contentious man. [2 papers.] Annexing,
90. i. Major Fincher and Capt. Thornhill to Wm. Malyn, the Protector's secretary. We send our report on Brambly's case; speed is required to prevent execution. If he is not indemnified, it will much discourage honest people in executing such warrants. Had the petitioner been at home, the Normantons would have been indicated for abuse at the quarter sessions, but he was driven away to avoid their vexatious suits. Newbury, 9 Oct. 1656. [1 page.]
90. ii. Wm. Malyn to the Protector. The enclosed are the papers of the constable of Berkshire, indicted for pressing a horse in the Salisbury insurrection. You bade me remind you of it the next sitting of Council, that the man might be sent for. [2/3 page.]
Nov. 4. Order thereon in Council summoning Normanton to appear before them this day week. [I. 77, p. 477.]
Nov. 4. COUNCIL. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus * were approved in person.)
Nov. 4. 1. All licenses for horses henceforth granted to have a time limited beyond which they shall not continue in force.
4. A convoy for France granted to Henry Lord Kensington, and the Admiralty Commissioners to order it.
5. Order on a letter from the Army Committee to the Commissioners for Discoveries—that there is a discovery of moneys pretended to be in the hands of John Garland, of Tadwick, co. York, receiver of assessments for the county, but that in June 1654 they empowered Eliah Palmer and Thos. Walker to receive such sums, and they reported the 70l. to be in Garland's hands, and therefore, if this be the same money, it should not be allowed as a discovery— that if it be the same, the Commissioners for Discoveries are to stay further proceedings thereon. Annexing,
91. Letter of the Army Committee alluded to, 17 Sept. 1656. [2/3 page, damaged.]
7. John Baynes, receiver of the revenue in Scotland, to pay to the Exchequer of England all the sums he has received or shall receive from the revenue in Scotland called property and casualty.
8. Maj. Rich. Salway's letter and a paper enclosed, concerning enclosing and setting to sale several coppices in Whichwood Forest, co. Oxon, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to give such order therein as they think advantageous to the Commonwealth.
10. The draft of an order concerning the better satisfaction of the donatives, debts, and incumbrances, and of the provision for wives and children out of the estates of excepted persons in Scotland, read and agreed to, viz.,—
11. Order on report from the Committee on the petition of creditors of confiscated persons in Scotland. Similar to that of Oct. 16, in article (1), except that the date for the second payment is changed from 24 June to 29 Sept. Also in article (2), after which is added,—
That out of the first moiety of the said fines, those who have interest in the donatives are to be paid one-half, at the rate of 10 years' purchase, viz., (1) of purchasers of donatives who are creditors to the excepted persons; (2) purchasers who are cautionaries to them; (3) other purchasers; (4) purchasers interested in unsold donatives. On payment of ½, and security for the other ½, the purchasers are to give up possession of the donative.
In case the excepted persons do not pay or give security for payment of the first ½, such of the creditors as offer payment and security may have the benefit designed for the excepted persons, and be admitted to such part of their estates as they choose, for satisfaction of the fine, before any other debts are paid out of the estate, and before the other creditors who refuse to pay their proportion.
The acquittances of these persons to be as valid as if the money had been paid into the Exchequer.
If any have bought at higher rate than 10 years' purchase, the overplus is to be restored by the owner.
Article (3) omitted and article (4) similar to that of Oct. 16, including the following order relating to Gen. Monk. [See p. 135, supra.]
13. Order on certificate from the Committee appointed for securing the peace in co. Dorset—that Mr. Culliford has declared his good affection to the present Government, and has offered 50l. in testimony thereof, and that they believe him to be hearty in affection and fit to be discharged from his decimation and bond for good behaviour—that he be so discharged. Approved 23 Oct. Annexing.
92. Report alluded to, signed by Col. John Bingham and 10 others. Dorchester 21 Aug. 1656. [1 page.]
93. 14. A paper concerning moneys payable to the Commissioners for Sequestered Estates, and the officers therein mentioned, for salaries and incident charges, referred to Sydenham, Desborow, Montague, and Jones, to report.
15. The same Committee to consider the arrears due to Col. Ant, Rous, as an Admiralty Commissioner and a Judge for Probate of Wills, and to report what it amounts to for the time of his employment, according to the proportion allowed to others.
17. Order on petition of Hen. Wollaston, late keeper of Newgate Prison—shewing that, by warrants of the House of Commons in 1641, 1642, and 1643, several prisoners were committed to Newgate who must have perished if not relieved by the petitioner, the charge whereof amounts to 721l. 4s. 6d.; that he obtained an order from the House of Commons referring his petition to the then Treasury Committee at Guildhall, to pay him next after Sir Wm. Waller and Mr. Eastwick, but, as the Treasury was taken off from them, they suggested that the easiest way of payment would be by Ordinance of Parliament out of Goldsmiths' Hall or the Excise; but that nevertheless he has hitherto received nothing of the said money, nor yet of a debt of 94l. 13s. 4d. with interest, due to him on the public faith—that both debts and interest be paid him out of half such discovery of concealed money, &c., as he shall make to the Commissioners, who shall certify it to the Treasury Commissioners, and they may pay him accordingly. Approved 23 Dec.
18. The petition of Jas. Harbin and Abr. Man, of Sandwich, Kent, referred to the Commissioners for regulation of Excise, to consider and certify.
His Highness present.
20.* Order for a letter to the Lord Deputy of Ireland, Maj.General of co. Bucks, to write to Sir Geo. Fleetwood to dismiss the innkeeper of Aylesbury from being his captain-lieutenant.
21.* The Commissioners for Prize Goods, with Sam. Bartlett, an officer of the Mint, to search among the indigo and other goods taken in the Spanish prize, and now coming into the river, whether there be not any gold, silver, or cochineal, amongst the said goods.
22.* Sam. Bartlett added to Mr. Birch and Capt. Sharpe, in the delivering of the prize plate and money to Sir Thos. Vyner and Edw. Backwell, and in taking charge of the balance at the weighing. Annexing,
94. Detailed account of the plate and silver brought from Portsmouth, and delivered to Capt. Sharpe, Sam. Bartlett, and Thos. Birch. Total, 14,221 lbs. 8 oz. 10 dwts. [11 pages.]
23.* Capt. Lloyd, who is coming up with the money from Portsmouth, to observe the directions given 1 Nov. about the prize plate and money, and Sharpe, Birch, and Bartlett, to do the same.
24.* Order on petition of the Governor, Deputy-Assistants, and Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers of England, that Mr. Secretary prepare a letter on the present debate, to send to the States General and to the States of Holland, and report the same before Thursday.
25.* The Commissioners for the Dutch Treaty and Mr. Secretary to communicate the substance of the said petition to the Dutch ambassador, with his Highness' and Council's resentment thereof, and to speak with Sir Christ. Pack thereon, if they think fit.
26.* Next Thursday Council to consider of a fit person to be sent into Holland.
27.* To prepare a letter to the King of Denmark, concerning the King of Sweden's affairs.
28.* The Committee formerly appointed to consider the business of the King of Sweden's affairs to agree on a letter, and report to Council; the Committee to meet next Thursday afternoon.
29.* Sydenham, Jones, and Strickland to examine and report what is due to Embree on his account.
95. 30.* Lieut.-Col. Ashton to be detained in Newgate as a person dangerous to the State, till further order.
31.* Thos. White, mayor of Dover, Wm. Cullen, Nath. Smith, John Briant, Fred. Devincke,—Stratford, and John Price, appointed Commissioners to examine all persons coming into or leaving Dover port, and none to pass without their approbation.
32.* None to be permitted to use any shallop in Dover port, but such as have given good security not to carry out or bring in any prohibited goods, or persons not approved of.
33.* The Society of Lincoln's Inn to proceed this term to elect a preacher in Dr. Rives' place, any applications to his Highness made by him notwithstanding.
35.* John Parry, late receiver-general for the monthly assessments, co. Carnarvon, who was ordered up in custody 30 Oct. 1655, on a petition of the Commissioners for the said assessment, about his receipts, to be discharged from imprisonment, he having undertaken with the said Commissioners to perfect his account.
37.* Order that 225l. be paid to Maj.-Gen. Packer, out of moneys discovered by him or by the Peace Commissioners for cos. Herts, Bucks, and Oxon, to be in the hands of any persons, for defraying the charge of colours, drums, &c., for the militia forces in the said counties.
38.* The governor of Windsor Castle to deliver to Col. Smith 200 fire-arms, besides the 400 formerly ordered, for supply of the militia raised by him in co. Oxon; the said 600 arms to be 250 firelocks, 250 matchlocks, and 100 pikes.
39. Order on report on the petition of Margaret, wife of John Swinton, of Swinton, to advise that Swinton—being forfeited in 1650 by the Parliament of Scotland for adhering to the English forces in Scotland, and thus liable to confiscation—be discharged from all forfeitures, and the estate of his late father granted to him. Also that as he has resigned a grant by the Commissioners of Parliament of Misselburgh manor and other lands, reserve rent 100l. a year, the same be re-granted to him, reserving 50l. Scottish money, the grant to be signed by the Protector, and to pass under the Great Seal of Scotland. [I. 77, pp. 473–483.]
Nov. 4. 96. Order in the Admiralty Committee, transmitting to the Protector and Council an information (missing) sent to Gen. Monk by the Governor of Orkney. [½ page.]
Nov. 6.
Worcester House.
97. Order in the Committee for Discoveries, that whereas Capt. Wm. Murford informed of the concealment by Thos. Adams of the 1/5 and 1/20 of Sir Rob. Banister's estate, but cannot prove his case without access to papers in the custody of Mr. Domvill, registrar to the Committee at Duchy House—that Domvill attend with the books and papers, and certify his knowledge on 10 Nov. [1 page damaged.]
Nov. 10. 98. Petition of Hannah, widow of Silvanus Smith, to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded, for relief and maintenance, her husband being in all the late engagements with the Dutch, and killed in the Fagon by an anchor, and she in debt and poverty. With certificate of Edm. Pearson and And. Boult, churchwardens, and 2 others, of Botolph's, Aldgate, in her favour, 29 Dec. 1655. With holograph signed by the Protector. "Forasmuch as I apprehend by the certificate hereto annexed, and by the case stated in the petition, that it is all one as if the petitioner's husband had been killed by a shot from the enemy, as to have his brains beaten out with the anchor, if the case be as is suggested and certified, I think that in equity the relict of the person so killed as aforesaid should be considered of as the widow of one slain in the fight, and therefore desire you to reconsider the condition of the petitioner." [1 page.]
Nov. 10/20.
99. Edw. Norris to Williamson. Thanks for yours. His Highness has killed at the chase, not a dragon, but a wolf, so furious that I am almost afraid of passing his head at the door.
Gray has returned from Paris. I only want 20 pistoles to learn to ride, to keep warm this winter. Pray send all my things to Blois, as those I have are too shabby for fine weather, Also I want 4 or 5 pistoles for little things. [1 page, French, damaged.]
Nov. 11. 100, 101. Petition of Wm. Belke, late preacher at Chilham, near Canterbury, to the Protector. I was sequestered from Wotton rectory, Kent, by order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers of 8 Aug. 1644, but on 5 Dec. 1645, they wrote me that their censure was to be no obstacle to my obtaining other employment, as they were satisfied of my conformity to Parliament, orthodoxy, and good life; on this I was presented to Chilham, and preached till your late declaration enjoined silence. Having a wife and 10 children, I beg to be enabled to serve the church, and be helpful to my family. With reference thereon to the Major General and Commissioners of the county, to enquire in their public meeting into the character of the petitioner, and meanwhile suspend proceedings against him, 24 June 1656; report of Maj.-Gen. Kelsey and 9 others, that Belke does not come within the declaration of 24 Nov., and should be suffered to exercise his ministry, 29 July; and further reference to Council, 8 Aug. [2 papers.]
Nov. 11. Order thereon in Council that he be allowed to exercise his ministry, his former sequestration by the Committee for Plundered Ministers notwithstanding. Approved in person. [I. 77, p. 489.]
Nov. 11. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus * were approved in person.)
1. Order on report from the Admiralty Commissioners that they order one of the frigates on the western station to take up 8,000 pieces of beef and 8,000 of pork now at Plymouth, and sail to Gen. Blake forthwith.
2. Order on a report from the Admiralty Commissioners as to the expense of paying off the fleets lately come in from the southward, and from Jamaica, to advise a warrant to pay 30,000l. to the Navy Treasurer from moneys paid by Sir T. Vyner and Ald. Backwell for Spanish plate and coin.
3. Order to advise a warrant for payment without fees of 100l. ordered to Capt. Rob. Storey, 1 Oct. 1656.
4.* Order that Wm. Claxton, Treasurer for Army contingencies, pay John Talbot 2,059l. 16s. 2d., and Wm. Harris 4,009l. 11s. 6d., in full of 6,069l. 7s. 8d. ordered them 11 and 13 Sept. last, for pay of Sir John Copplestone's foot regiment.
5,* 6*. Order on report of the Admiralty Commissioners—that they have examined the accounts of Major John Wade and find his receipts, from 1655, to be 12,608l. 0s. 9¾d., his expenses (including 1,020l. for timber and iron for the navy) 10,705l. 14s. 3d., balance in hand 1,902l. 6s. 6¾d.—with stock in hand value 9,446l., which is profit above all charges—approving his past proceedings the past 3 years, for which they advise that he receive 500l., and also that he be continued in office, receiving a commission and instructions;— that Auditor Beale be instructed to certify his account into the Court of Exchequer, and grant him a discharge, and that 200l. a year be allowed him whilst he continues in the service. Annexing,
102. Account of receipts and disbursements at the ironworks at the Forest of Dean, under charge of Major John Wade, ending 2 Aug. 1656. Total receipts 12,607l. 16s. 9¾d., with account of iron, &c., in stock, inventory of tools, &c., at the furnaces and forges, list of officers and their wages, and report on the above accounts, made by Rich. Kingdon and Thos. Hayter, 19 Aug. 1656, on an order of the Admiralty Commissioners. [Book of 27 written and 9 blank pages.]
7, 8. Order agreeing to the form of commission by the Protector and Council to Major John Wade, to take the charge and oversight of the woods and timber, and of the iron-work in Dean Forest, for their best preservation and improvement for the public service, observing the following instructions, viz.:—
(1). To preserve the timber from waste and embezzlement, and to improve its growth.
(2.) To manage the iron-works lately erected for the service of the navy, according to directions by the Admiralty Commissioners.
(3.) To dispose of wood for the iron-works, taking care not to use any timber fit for the navy, but only dotards and such like.
(4.) To use all care that the persons employed in the works perform their trust, without fraud, that fair proceeds may be yielded to the State.
(5.) To keep accounts of the wood, cinder, &c., expended on the works, of the iron cast at the furnace and wrought at the forge, and of the money received for sales, and to have the accounts with vouchers ready for audit on direction of the Admiralty Commissioners.
(6.) To sell iron or other things, when directed, to meet the charges of workmen, &c., for the iron-works and other naval service.
(7.) To retain for his care and pains 200l. a year, which will be allowed by the auditors.
(8.) To use his best skill and judgment in the service, and obey the orders of the Admiralty Commissioners.
9.* Order that 500l. paid by Sir Geo. Pratt for the decimation tax in co. Berks be paid to Goffe on account of his pay as Major General.
11.* Order that Sir T. Vyner and Ald. Backwell pay 10,000l. on account for the Spanish plate and money.
12.* The person who, on prosecution of Col. Copley, discovers moneys owing to himself by bond to be allowed ¼ of the moneys brought in on the discovery.
16. To advise that Col. Wm. Lockhart have leave to come over to England for a fortnight, and Mr. Secretary to write him accordingly.
17. The Commissioners for the Dutch treaty to treat with the ambassadors about issuing a pass for 3 years, and offer it to Council.
19. To advise a warrant to the Treasury Commissioners to pay 200l. to Roger Alsop, marshal-general, for repairing Chelsea College to accommodate Spanish prisoners.
21.* The 50l. augmentation recommended 22 July last for Mr. Statham, minister of Terling, Essex, to be over and above what was formerly settled on him out of Berkshire, and the Trustees for Ministers to order the same to be paid.
23.* Order on petition of Robert Perrott, minister of Deane, co. Bedford, that the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers pay him an augmentation of 20l., beside that of 50l. already settled on him.
24.* Order that the deposition on oath of Wm. Johnson of Silum, co. Northampton, before Hen. Scobell, justice of the peace for Middlesex, be sent to the Major General and Commissioners for co. Northampton.
25.* Order that the keepers of Worcester House put Peter Blondeau in possession of the kitchen and larders, and such other parts of the house not already employed as shall be useful for coining the money ordered after the new invention.
26.* Order that the Ministers' Trustees be advised to settle on Ben. Taylor, minister at Willingdon, Sussex, 20l. 8s. rent reserved from the rectory there to the Dean and Chapter of Chichester, and supply the minister to whom they disposed that rent some other way.
27. Order on the petition of Col. Thos. Ceely—shewing that on a reference to Goldsmiths' Hall for his arrears and disbursements, there appeared due to him 4,500l., of which he has received nothing, and that he has discovered lands in South Milton, Killigarth, Leigham, and Trelly, cos. Devon and Cornwall, belonging to his Highness, being extended for a debt owing by Sir Jas. Bagg to the late King, on report of which his Highness ordered him a 3 years' lease, to try the title, and recover possession—to advise a grant of the said lease, he paying in half the profits, until from the other half he is repaid the 4,500l., with reasonable costs for the recovery. [I. 77, pp. 484–491.]
[Nov. 13.] 103. Petition of Edm. Buryman, shipmaster, to Council. Had a reference from the Protector, allowing his arrears of 300l. for his faithful service out of any discovery made on his behalf. His friend has made a discovery, and the moneys are brought into the Exchequer, but his labour will be abortive without their order for a Privy Seal to recover the money, which he requests. With the Protector's reference alluded to, ordering him this 300l. beside the 1/5 allowed to discoverers; 30 Aug. 1656. [¾ page.] Also note of an order on the case (missing), 13 Nov. 1656. Annexing,
103. i. Edm. Buryman to Sir Gilb. Pickering. Begs that his petition may be called for, and a Privy Seal granted for the 300l., without which he cannot receive it. [¾ page.]
Nov. 13. 104. Petition of Elizabeth, widow of William, Duke of Hamilton, and Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, and Margaret, her daughters, to the Protector. On my marriage in 1639 with the Duke, then Lord Lanark, my portion of 10,000l., and 10,000l. of the Duke's, were settled on trustees, till he conveyed lands to me and my issue. In Sept. 1649 he settled on me and my 4 daughters Kenneel and other lands in Scotland, value 800l. a year, and then the money was paid to the Duke. But the lands have been given to Gen. Geo. Monk, who has sold them at 11 years' purchase.
By the Act of Pardon for Scotland, you ordered us 400l. a year of land from forfeited estates, but we have received nothing. There is an order for taking off forfeitures in Scotland, on paying the donatives at 10 years' purchase, but the lands of Kenneel are exempted, on pretence that they are held at 30 years' purchase.
The lands were settled on us before any offence committed by the Duke, and we shall lose the 400l. a year intended us, through the Act taking off forfeitures. We therefore beg to compound for our estates in Scotland on the same terms as others, and that Monk's purchasers may be satisfied out of the general fine on estates, all of them paying their proportions towards the 10 years' purchase, and the overplus. Thus the purchasers will not be injured, you will save 400l., and we may raise something to preserve us from utter ruin. With reference thereon to Council 6 Nov. 1656. [1 page.] Annexing,
i. Case of the Duchess of Hamilton [see 11 Jan. and 12 April 1654], detailing the marriage settlements, on which James Maxwell, afterwards Earl of Dirleton, paid in 10,000l. himself, and 6,000l. the Earl of Lanark's money deposited with him, the house and goods being valued at 4,000l. more, and this money went to pay incumbrances on James Duke of Hamilton's estate. Requests of the petition repeated. The estates having been sequestered 5 years, she has had to borrow 5,000l. to live upon, and has neither a house to live in nor a bed to lie upon of her own. [1 page.]
Nov. 13. 105. Petition of Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, and Margaret, daughters of William, late Duke of Hamiltion, to the Protector. Our father settled 10,000l. on us, having with monies obtained by contract of marriage paid part of the debts of James, Duke of Hamilton, his elder brother. But the lands being confiscated and no provision made for us, we must have starved, had not Anna, Duchess of Hamilton, who hardly had whereon to subsist, taken care of us. We hear of an intended discharge of forfeitures, but without your special goodness, it will not avail us, for our mother being married to another husband, cannot help us, as he rejects all such motions. We beg redress for present miseries and future ruin. With reference thereon to Council 6 Nov. 1656. Not signed. [1 page.]
Nov. 13. 106. Reference of both the petitions to the Committee of Council for the affairs of Scotland, to report. [¾ page; also I. 77, p. 500.]
Nov. ? 107. Petition of Lady Anne, eldest daughter of the late Duke of Hamilton, to the said Committee. I dissent from the petition unwarrantably preferred in my name and my sisters unknown to us, and contrary to the petition of my most honoured and indulgent mother, to whom I submit myself and my fortune. I beg the disposal of my interest agreeably to my father's agreements with the Earl of Dirleton on marriage, and best suited to my mother's present condition. Signed. [¾ page.]
Nov. 13. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus * were approved in person.)
1. Some alterations reported by Lambert touching confiscated persons in Scotland, read, and agreed to, and the order so amended passed. Order as altered given in full. [I. 77, pp. 936–940.]
3. The petition of Rich. Owen, of Eltham, co. Kent, that of Francis Herne, minister of Sydenham, co. Oxon, and of Andrew Pawling, minister, with certificates annexed, referred to Joseph Caryll, Dr. Owen, vice-chancellor of Oxford, Dr. Thos. Goodwin, and Mr. Lockyer, to consider, enquire, and certify whether they are fit to be restored to the liberty of preaching.
4.* Order—on petition of Lawrence Washington and a certificate from the Commissioners of co. Wilts—that on his paying 50l. to the treasurers for the decimation tax, as a testimony of his good affection to the State, the Commissioners discharge his estate.
5.* Order that Fras. Townley, merchant, who appeared on summons before Council to answer several complaints of misdemeanours, but departed without leave, and returned to Hamburg, where he was taken into custody by order of Rich. Bradshaw, the resident, be sent back by Bradshaw to England in the next ship, to answer the charges, and also his said contempt.
6. Mr. Embree to cause the outer room, called the late King's Fish House, to be cleared of records, which are to be removed to the inner room, where the other records of the Court of Wards are, to fit the outer room with shelves, &c., for receiving the records now over the Parliament House which those who keep them are to see removed accordingly, and to send the bill of charges for their removal to Sydenham, Strickland, and Jones, to report to Council.
7. Order—on a letter from the Maj.-General and Commissioners of co. York, and an enclosed paper of "Cautions for Choice" certified to have been dispersed about Leeds, as it appears by John Garnet, master of the grammar school there,—that the Maj.-General and Commissioners send for him, and take his security to appear before Council within a fortnight.
8. Order—on reading the examinations taken by Hen. Ogle and Rob. Fenwick on an Order of Council of 25 July, whereby it is proved that the election of a town clerk for Berwick was illegal, as several well-affected burgesses were not allowed to vote, but several officers, &c., of the late King's party admitted to vote; also that Ald. Step. Jackson had encouraged the disaffected to vote, saying it was but undergoing his Highness' displeasure—that the election is void, being contrary to the proclamation prohibiting delinquents to bear office, or to vote in the election of officers; also that a letter be written to the mayor and aldermen of Berwick to proceed to a new election, and to the Commissioners of Customs there to discharge Jackson from his office of collector for Berwick. Respited by the Protector 23 Dec.
9. His Highness informing Council that one of the ships hired to transport soldiers and provisions to Jamaica is now in Cork, but that one of 2 others could be hired in its place, for which the draft of a letter was prepared—order that a clause be added thereto for sending in the vessel as many as it can receive of those saved from a vessel bound for Jamaica, and lately wrecked, or of others bound thither, in addition to those from the ship at Cork. Also a clause for paying the expenses on certificate to be returned to Council; with which additions the letter was passed.
10.* The War-treasurers to give account to the Committee of Council for Ireland what arrears are due to the forces there, and whether charged upon assessment or otherwise, and to report on Tuesday.
12. The petition of John Streater—that he has been sued in 6 several actions for setting foreigners to work, some of whom have been soldiers and capable of the benefit of an Ordinance to enable such soldiers as have served the Commonwealth to exercise any trade—referred to Sir John Berkstead, Ald. Stephen Eastwick, and Justice Hobart, to send for the prosecutors and informers, learn the state of the case, try to accommodate the difference, and if they cannot, report the case to Council.
13.* Order—on remonstrance of Ben. Dumaresque, his Highness' Attorney-General in Jersey—that the places of such jurates formerly appointed for that island as are void by death or defection be supplied by others elected, as was accustomed, by the inhabitants, and approved by the governor, deputy-governor, bailiffs, and procurators, and Dr. Carteret, referred to the same persons, to learn the state of the case concerning the Court of Billet in Jersey, erected some years since instead of the Court of Cattell, how it has become a grievance to the inhabitants, what may be done to regulate it or perform its work some other way, to call for all records or persons as they find cause, and report.
14.* Order—on information that Dan. Norman, Viscount of Jersey, has lately been much absent from his charge, whereby affairs are prejudiced—that he return in 6 weeks, and attend to his office, or his Highness will grant it to some other fit person.
108. 15. A list, delivered by Col. Rob. Guibon, governor of Jersey, of the ordnance, arms, ammunition, and other warlike utensils, in the stores there, and of what is wanted, referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, to consider what should be supplied there, and report. Annexing,
108. i. List alluded to 12 Sept. 1655. [1 sheet.]
16. Mr. Secretary to prepare, against next Tuesday, a letter from his Highness to the King of Denmark, concerning his endeavours to obstruct the ratification of the treaty between the King of Sweden and the United Provinces.
18. The petition and report in the case of the officers attending the Court of Articles to be considered next Thursday.
20.* Order on report from the Admiralty Commissioners of a list of vessels for this winter's guard for the coasts of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of such as should be called in—that the Admiralty Commissioners forthwith order all the ships in the following list to be speedily provided, victualled, manned, and furnished with everything necessary for service, or in case of the deficiency of any of them, to set forth others of like quality; with list of 51 ships, giving the numbers of men in each, total 5,555, and of guns.
21.* The Admiralty Commissioners are to call in the following ships which are now at sea; with list of 12 ships, containing 1,105 men.
22. The petition of Capt. Seabrooke, under command of Col. Thos. Shelbourne, referred to Majors General Goffe and Packer, and the rest of the Committee of officers to whom several recruits' petitions were referred, to report what should be done.
23.* Order approving a certificate of the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers of 21 July 1656, that the salary of 40l. granted by the Commissioners for Propagation of the Gospel in Wales to Rice Powell, schoolmaster of Talgarth, should be continued to him though he is now settled at Hay, both in co. Brecon. Annexing,
109. Certificate alluded to. [¾ page.]
24.* Order that Col. Gilb. Ireland cause the remainder of arms, ammunition, &c., at Liverpool, not yet removed to Westchester, to be removed thither, according to the order of 24 July last.
25.* All the regiments lately recruited to 1,200, beside officers, to be forthwith reduced to 1,000, and the discharged men to have their full pay, and a week over. Lord Lambert to see that the Army Committee issue warrants to the Treasurer at War accordingly.
26.* Order on a paper presented by Maj. Wm. Burton, that Wm. Claxton, Treasurer for Army contingencies, repay him 36l. 12s. 5d., disbursed for repair of the garrisons at Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, and that the Army Committee issue a warrant to the Treasurer at War to pay Claxton this sum.
27. The petition of the inhabitants of Abergavenny, co. Monmouth, for renewal of their charter of incorporation with further privileges mentioned, referred to Mr. Shephard, and the rest of the Committee on Corporation Charters, to consider the whole case, and prepare and present the draft of a new charter.
29.* An order of the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers of 29 Aug. 1656, for granting 30l. a year to Geo. Hopkins, to give a weekly lecture at Tewksbury, co. Gloucester, approved, and the money ordered to be paid.
30.* Order approving Lambert's report, that according to Council's order of 28 Oct. last, the Committee spoke with some of the Council of Officers concerning the 500l. for the charge of clerks, messengers, and others, about the survey of the 4 forests set apart for the satisfaction of the army; and that for bearing the said charge, they propose, instead of the 500l., that 250l. may for the present be lent by the State, and repaid out of the proceeds of the forests, and Frost to pay the 250l. out of the Council's contingencies.
31. The Admiralty Commissioners to consider how the month's provisions for 150 men, and the bedding ordered 25 Sept. for Landguard Fort may best be provided, and what the charge will be, and certify.
34. The petition of the inhabitants of Enfield, Middlesex, for a patent for a collection, on account of a fire last September, read.
35. The Committee for Charters to bring in their report on Blandford charter next Tuesday.
32.* On information that there are 3 weeks' pay, being 2,205l., due to the Ely House and Savoy Hospitals, owing to an order of 23 Oct. 1655 that all the moneys coming into the Exchequer beyond 3,000l. weekly for the charges of Government, should be applied to the navy for the whole year;—order that the Admiralty Commissioners consider the matter, and give such order as they think meet. [I. 77, pp. 491–500.]
Nov. 18 ? 110. Petition of the overseers of the hackney coachmen to Council. His Highness and Council restrained the number of coaches, and put them under the government of the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, because they had so increased that they pestered the streets, caused tumults and bloodshed, and raised the prices of horses, horsemeat, leather, &c., and the rent of stabling.
On this the Court made by-laws; and to prevent loss to the supernumeraries, granted them 6 months' time for selling their coaches and horses, but they still continued their calling, and animated other traders to set up coaches. We proceeded against them, and got several verdicts by Lord Chief Justice Glynn and in the Sheriffs' Court, on which the offenders addressed the Protector; he referred them to you, and on 4 Sept. you ordered stay of our proceedings, pending a revision of the by-laws. On this they say that they have made void the by-laws, and they have arrested our officers, and threaten our ruin by vexatious suits. We entreat you to revise and settle the by-laws, lest our fellowship be dissolved. Signed G. King, clerk of the fellowship. [1 page.] Annexing,
110. i. Statement of their proceeding according to the by-laws, not rigorously, but inviting to amity, against Mrs. Bartlett, Rich. Smith, Alex. Lindridge, a servant of Wm. Hyerns and Wm. Doon. They beg consideration of their payment of 100l. a year to their beadles, &c., and of 50l. to Bethlehem Hospital, and of the charges to which the complainants put them. 10 signatures. 1 sheet, copy.]
[Nov. 18.] 111. Petition of the overseers of the fellowship of hackney coachmen to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen. On a petition to his Highness of the supernumerary hackney coachmen, Council appointed a committee to hear them, and desired your Court to consider how those who considered themselves aggrieved might be relieved. On a full hearing of parties on 24 Sept., you sent an answer, for which, though we solicit and attend daily, we cannot obtain a hearing, so that the supernumerary coaches have increased to more than 100, the streets are daily more annoyed, and the shopkeepers much aggrieved; some of us are arrested, and one of our beadles cast into prison on actions for 1,700l. by these refractory persons. We beg your intercession to Council, that the letter may be read and the by-laws speedily settled. [2/3 page.] Annexing,
111. i. The Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen to Council. We have heard at large the complaints of the coachmen about the suits brought against them, and the answers of the overseers, who have not exceeded the Ordinance and bylaws, whereby they were bound by oath to bring offenders to punishment. Therefore we could only persuade the overseers to remit the penalties recovered, or part of them, but this they are unable to do, as they are answerable to the stock of the fellowship for them. 24 Sept. 1656. [1 page.]
Nov. 18. Reference thereon in Council to Pickering, Lord Deputy, Jones, Fiennes, Lambert, Strickland, Mulgrave, Lisle, and Skippon, to speak with the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, and report. [I. 77, p. 502.]
Nov 18. 112. Petition of Edw. Pelling and John Moore, searchers at Gravescnd, to the Protector. On your order of 5 Jan. 1654–55, we seized 2,060l. 3s. 6d. gold coin, which was being exported without license, and prosecuted a recovery in the Exchequer, and on a full hearing, a verdict passed for your Highness in Trinity term 1656. In Michaelmas term, Jas. Wright, the merchant who claimed the gold, on some informality, obtained an order for a new trial by a Kent jury. This was had, and contrary to clear evidence, a verdict was given for the defendants, as might be expected from jurors many of whom are guilty of like offences. Wo were preparing an appeal, when the Commissioners of Customs, on an injunction of the Court, delivered up the gold.
We spent on this business 200l., chiefly borrowed, and have petitioned the Treasury Commissioners for our charges, but in vain. We are now in suit in the Exchequer for 1,189l. 6s. in gold, seized on a ship bound for the East Indies. We beg allowance of our expenses from this last seizure. [1 sheet.] Annexing,
112. i. Request by the Treasury Commissioners that half of the 1,189l. 6s., seized by Edw. Pelling, may be paid him for his pains therein, as was done by the late Parliament, the Long Parliament, and the Council of Scotland in like cases. Also that a certain proportion of gold and silver unlawfully endeavoured to be exported should be paid to those officers who discover and seize it, and prosecute the offenders. 7 Nov. 1656. [1 sheet.]
Nov. 18. Order thereon in Council that 1/2 of the 1,189l. 6s. seized and adjudged be allowed for the seizure, and distributed by the Commissioners of Customs to those concerned therein, and that in like future cases, those who seize and prosecute shall have a portion, not exceeding half of the money. [I. 77, pp. 502–3.]
Nov. 18. 113. Petition of Nath. Temes, alderman and sheriff, and of Martin Noel, Thos. Winter, Rob. Cranmore, and other merchants of London, to the Protector and Council, for letters of marque against their enemies, having freighted their ships for the East Indies, which are now ready to sail. [1 page.]
Nov. 18. Order in Council granting their request, on the usual security to the Admiralty Judges. [I. 77, p. 505.]
Nov. 18. 114. Petition of Gerard Loyd and company to the Protector for letters of reprizal against Spain, having traded thither many years, and lost 9,600l. by the said King and his subjects, as can be proved in the Admiralty Court. With reference thereon, 10 Nov. 1656, to Council. [1 page.]
Nov. 18. Order thereon in Council granting the petition on the usual security. [I. 77, p. 505.]
Nov. 18. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The entries marked thus * were approved in person.)
Nov. 18. 2. Order to advise a privy seal to the Commissioners for Discoveries at Worcester House to allow 1/5 of the clear proceeds of what is adjudged by them to the parties by whom the discovery is prosecuted.
3. The papers presented to Council by the said Commissioners relating to the estates of Geo. Blunt and Capt. And. Yarington, both prosecuted by Thos. Writer, jun., and Hen. Vernon, by John Wogan, referred to Fiennes, Mulgrave, Desborow, the Lord Deputy, Sydenham, Strickland, Lambert, and Jones, to report.
5.* Order to recommend to the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle on Mr. Durant, preacher at Canterbury, 100l. a year additional augmentation from Milton near Sittingbourne, Kent, instead of from Shoulden, that being already disposed.
6.* Like order for settlement of 50l. augmentation on Mr. Sharpie, minister at Gravesend, Kent.
7.* Like order for 50l. for the minister of Offley, co. Herts.
8. Dr. Owen, Dr. Thos. Goodwin, and Mr. Nye, to return to Council on Thursday their proposals about augmentations for ministers.
12.* Order that if any person in Scotland, who has given or shall give security for peaceable living, break out again, contrary to his bond, the Marshal's Court at headquarters put in execution the bonds before the Commander-in-chief or Governors of towns or castles, and levy the sums due on the bonds on the estates of those bound.
13. Order on Gen. Monk's letter of 8 Nov., that Desborow, Lambert, and Jones, speak with the Admiralty Commissioners about sending 4 ships of force to the coasts of Scotland, to lie about Peterhead and observe Monk's orders.
14. Order on report from the Committee for Charters about Blandford charter, to advice that the cognizance of actions be limited to 20l., not 40l., as proposed, and that bodies and goods be arrested only agreeably to law, and then that the charter be granted with the other alterations and additions suggested. Annexing,
115. Note of alterations and additions in the old charter presented for Council's consideration. [1¼ pages.]
15.* Approval of the continuance by the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to Mr. Barrett, minister of Peter's, Nottingham, of the 50l. augmentation granted to the late Mr. Whitchurch.
20.* Order that the Admiralty Committee bring up to London Don Diego de Villa Flora, late governor of Havanna, and M. del Plato, with their servants, Spanish prisoners yet at Portsmouth, and defray their charges there, expended by Major Murford, deputygovernor, or others.
21. Sydenham, Pickering, Lambert, Strickland, and Desborow to speak with Gen. Montague about the disposal of these persons at their coming up, and to consider Gen. Montague's extraordinary disbursements about prisoners and otherwise, and report.
22. The same Committee to consider of a reward to Adm. Badiley, for his diligence in discovering some plate concealed in one of the Spanish ships, and to report.
23. Also to consider of a reward to Capt. Stokes, for his charges in entertaining some of the Spanish prisoners aboard the ship under his command, and to report; Gen. Desborow to take care thereof.
24.* Order to pay 100l. each to Mr. Headly and Capt. Lidcott, volunteers who accompanied Gen. Montague in his voyage.
26.* Order that the plate and jewels of Wm. Toomes, felo-de-se, the viewing of which was referred by order of 7 Oct. last to John Maidstone and 2 others, be restored to the charge of Major Elleston, to be secured by him with safety, and that in place of Mr. Maidstone, who cannot conveniently attend the business, Mr. Wing, one of his Highness' gentlemen, join the others in estimating its value, and report particulars to Council.
27.* Order that the treasurer for Army contingencies pay the 30l. 2s. ordered 11 January last to Edw. Atkinson, surgeon, 2 drummers, and 2 others of Col. Biscoe's regiment, being the additional pay due according to the establishment of Scotland, and that the Army Committee issue warrants to the treasurers of war for the payment thereof to the said treasurer.
28.* The petition of Rich. Jackson, of Sedburgh Free Grammar School, and the articles against John Otway, referred to Sir J. Barkstead or Maj. Audley, to examine and certify. [I. 77, pp. 500–507.]
Nov. 19.
Navy Office.
116. Navy Commissioners to the Admiralty Commissioners. More workmen are wanted for the ships at Chatham. Major Burton says you have bought of him some cordage which is to come from Holland; we hope that you have made a proviso about its goodness, as there is deceit and bad performance there as elsewhere. It should be ordered to Deptford. We have ordered 2 cables and a coil for shrouds for each ship; also a main, fore, and topsail for each, but want 20 bales of canvas to finish them, and we cannot buy it except at extreme high prices and for present payment, our credit being not a little questioned, because we have not fulfilled our promises. The stores are so empty that you would find the inconvenience, if there were any call more than ordinary. We would not grasp at the public purse, except it be to the interest of the State. [1 page.]
Nov. 20. 117. Petition of Wm. Cockayne for the East India Company, and 15 other merchants of London, to Council. On 21 Sept. 1654, you and his Highness appointed the Committee for Preservation of Customs and Redemption of Captives to give their warrant to the Customs' Commissioners to pay 5,382l. 9s. 11d. due to petitioners for advances at Merchant Tailors' Hall, on an Ordinance of Parliament for redemption of captives at Algiers, in part whereof they paid 1,000l. to David Offley, our appointed treasurer. By reason of alterations in the Commissioners for Customs, &c., the said Committee cannot now grant their warrant for the balance of 4,382l. 9s. 11d.
Beg an order for its payment, any Act or order for weekly payments of all money into the Exchequer notwithstanding. [1 sheet; 16 signatures.] Annexing,
117. i. Certificate by the Commissioners for Customs that the said moneys were advanced on the Algiers duty, and are due to them, but that the present Commissioners for Customs cannot pay the balance, on account of their order to pay all they receive into the Exchequer. [1¾ pages.]
Nov. 20. Order in Council to advise a warrant for the unpaid balance. [I. 77, pp. 508–9.]
Nov. 20. 118. Petition of Walter Dawley, for himself and the executrix of his brother Ant. Dawley, slain in Ireland, to Council, for an order to the Commissioners for Accounts at Worcester House, to state the arrears due to himself and his late brother for service in England and Ireland, and certify thereon, as done for those officers and soldiers whose accounts were lately sent from Ireland to England, and to receive the benefit of the order of 3 July 1656. [¾ page.]
Nov. 20. Order for the statement of the arrears, and Dawley and the executrix to receive the benefit of the said order as requested. Approved 23 Dec. [I. 77, p. 514.]
[Nov. 20.] 119, 120. Petition of Amy Bickerton and her 6 fatherless children to the Protector. On the 12 Oct. last, I had an order to sue for a debt by Sir Thos. Fanshaw and others on bonds in 600l., of which I was to receive 300l., being due to my late husband for arrears in Christmas 1654, according to an order of Parliament in 1644. Sir Thos. Fanshaw, being sued by the Treasury Commissioners, has paid in 50l., and the bonds being now forfeited, there is to be a hearing at Michaelmas about the rest of the debt. As I am starving, and have nothing to sell, I beg a warrant for the 50l. With reference thereon, 25 July 1656, to the Treasury Commissioners, and their report 23 Sept. that they cannot pay the 50l. without a Privy Seal warrant. [2 papers.]
[Nov. 20.] 121. Petition of Amy, widow of Rob. Bickerton, to Council, to like effect. [1 page.]
Nov. 20. Order to advise a warrant for payment to her of the said 50l. [I. 77, p. 515.]
Nov. 20. 122. Petition of Edw. Vernon, prisoner, to the Protector, for release on the security of a younger brother. Has been 2 years prisoner at excessive charges, to the ruin of his family, his aged parents trusting all their affairs to him, and his mother being now on her dying bed; his duty to his parents would not suffer him to engage in the designs of which he is suspected. [1 page.]
Nov. 20. Order in Council for his release for 2 months, on good security then to surrender himself at the Tower, and meantime not to prejudice his Highness or the State. Suspended by the Protector 23 Dec. [I. 77, pp. 516, 585.]
Nov. 20. Council. Day's Proceedings.
1. The petition of Edw. Knipe, merchant, for license to export the moiety of 800 bags of saltpetre, referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, to report.
3. Approval of an augmentation by the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers of 10l. a year to the minister of Desborow, co. Northampton. Approved by the Protector 27 Nov.
4. The Admiralty Commissioners to order the commander of the Phœnix, designed for Lisbon, to touch at Portsmouth, take in Mr. Maynard and his family, and transport them to Lisbon.
5. The Worcester House Commissioners for soldiers' accounts to examine those of Gen. Blake, now at sea in the service, for his personal pay in the several qualities wherein he has served, and also his disbursements; to examine his vouchers, and give debentures for what is due thereupon. Approved 25 Nov.
6. On report by the Treasury Commissioners on an application by Robt. Smith, minister of Wilbaston, co. Northampton, for payment of 50l. a year, in lieu of the tithes of lands in Pywell sequestered for delinquency of Sir Percy Herbert, which lands being formerly held by the Cistercians were exempt from tithes, and therefore the Commissioners for Sequestrations had paid him 50l. in lieu of tithes, till a year since, when the Receiver-General entered on the estate, and that, as Smith is a Godly minister, they think the 50l. should be paid, but have not the power to do it;—order to advise a warrant for payment of the said 50l. yearly.
7. The 100l. each ordered as augmentation to Morgan Lloyd and Amb. Moston, preachers in Wales, to begin from 1st Dec. last, and the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to see that the arrears are paid. Approved 25 Nov.
8. Order on petition of the inhabitants of West Drayton, Middlesex, to recommend to the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle 28l. a year augmentation on their minister, out of Great Marlow parsonage, co. Bucks, if not disposed of, and 20l. more out of some other part of their revenue. Approved by his Highness' reference.
9. On petition of the inhabitants of Heapy, co. Lancaster, that their chapel is in Leyland parish, 4 miles from the parish church, in which parish the minister has only 40l. a year, so that for several years they have maintained, at their own charge, Mr. Booker, a godly minister, who is ready to leave them, not having a competency, and that there is 22l. in Wharton parish undisposed of;— order to recommend the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle an augmentation on the minister at Heapy. Approved 27 Nov.
13. Order on petition of Elizabeth, widow of John Tredingham— that her husband was decimated at 60l. a year, which was paid accordingly, but he appealed, and was referred to the Commissioners for co. Cornwall, who, on proof of his innocency and affection to Parliament, reported that he should be discharged of the tax—that the said Commissioners consider the petition and certificate at a full meeting, and act as they judge meet. Approved 23 Dec.
14. Lambert, the Lord Deputy, Desborow, Sydenham, and Jones, to receive from the Majors General what they have to say as to their pay, and as to alteration of the establishment for the Militia forces, and other matters referring thereto, and to report.
15. Major. Geo. Smithson, Capt. Thos. Strangways, and Capt. Geo. Watkinson, added to the Commissioners for securing the peace in co. Durham. Approved 25 Nov.
16. Order for delivery of stores out of the Tower of London, viz.,—
50 barrels of powder to Col. Thos. Fitch, for Inverness garrison.
" " the governor " Carlisle "
300 snaphances and 300 pikes " " " "
30 barrels of powder for Tenby, Cardiff, Carnarvon, and other garrisons in South Wales.
The Admiralty Commissioners to issue warrants to the Ordnance officers for delivery of the above. Approved 27 Nov.
17. Also to send particulars of all guns, carriages, powder, &c., remaining in the store for the land forces.
18. The petition of Wm. Graves, Mich. Dibbs, Edw. Palmer, and Fras. Sherman, for themselves and other inhabitants of Goodman's Fields, Whitechapel, shewing the danger they are in on account of the great quantity of powder disposed in houses near their dwellings by ship chandlers and others, viz., John Freeman, Rob. Russell, Thos. Abrahall, and Thos. Norman, and by their carrying out the same at all times, referred to the Lord Mayor of London, to ascertain the truth, and if he see cause, so to dispose of the powder as may best prevent the danger occasioned by great quantities of powder so lodged.
19. Mr. Bowes, [Rich.] Sydenham, and Mr. Fillingham, to consider all petitions relating to the pay of officers and soldiers at Jamaica, brought to Council and certified to them by the clerks of Council, and to state the cases and report from time to time.
20. Sydenham, Desborow, Lambert, Lisle, Mulgrave, Lord Deputy, Strickland, and Jones, to consider the proposals of Geo. Boreman, merchant, concerning the ballasting office; also the petition of Oliver Williams, and hear all parties claiming interest therein, and report.
23. The petition of John Parry, prisoner at Lambeth House, referred to Jones and Strickland, to speak with such persons as they see cause, and report.
27. Approval of an augmentation by the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers of 20l. to Sam. Sylyard, preacher at East Grinstead, Sussex, and of 50l. from the tithes of East Deane, Singleton, to Chris. Snell, his assistant. Approved 27 Nov.
28. Sydenham, Lambert, Desborow, and Jones, to consider the request of John Maidstone for money for his Highness' household, and offer their opinion thereon.
29, 30. John Normanton, of Speenham Land, co. Berks, having attended on a complaint of Rich. Brambly, constable, Jessop is to examine the matter, and report, allowing Normanton to go home, on bail to return if required.
31. Ulric, Earl of Clanricard, to have liberty to continue in England till 1 May, on the same terms as formerly.
32. Sir Thos. Vyner and Mr. Backwell to pay in 5,000l, on their contract for the Spanish prize plate and coin.
33. Mr. Frost to pay Lord Sinclair all arrears due of his pension from Council's contingencies.
34. The Earl of Crawford and Lindsay to be removed from Sandown Castle to Windsor Castle, and warrants to be issued accordingly. Approved 27 Nov.
37. The petition of Capt. Jno. Child—that, whereas by order of Council of 27 May last, he had leave to export 22,000 French crowns custom free, for which he paid the Admiralty Commissioners 4s. 6d. a-piece, but has only transported 9,000, and begs leave to transport the value of the other 13,000 in pieces of 8, which are of less value than the crowns—referred to the Admiralty Commissioners, to consider and certify.
38. The Treasurer for Army contingencies to pay Col. Wroth Rogers, governor of Hereford, 1s. a day for fire and candle for Ludlow and Hereford garrisons, to be paid by him proportionably. Approved 27 Nov.
39. Order to allow 150l. on account towards the repair of Scarborough garrison, and providing for the lodging of the whole company, to be raised from the proceeds of a prize vessel now at Scarborough or Burlington, as far as that will go, and the Commissioners for Prize Goods to sell the same, and pay the money to Col. Salmon, governor of the castle. Approved 27 Nov.
41. The 250l. ordered last Thursday to be lent from Council's contingencies for incident charges of surveying the 4 forests, to be paid to John Marsh, who is to issue it on warrants from the Trustees for sale of Crown lands at Worcester House, and they are to order him to pay 50l. each to the surveyors of Needwood, Kingswood, Ashdown, and Sherwood forests, and Enfield chace.
42. The petition of Hoe James, of Newton, co. Brecon, for discharge from the extraordinary tax on his estate, referred to the Majors General and Commissioners, to do according to their instructions therein. Approved 23 Dec. [I. 77, pp. 508–518.]
Nov. 21. Lord Broghill to Sir Rob. Welsh, in the Fleet. The enclosed will show that there is little hope of doing good that way. What is done must be speedily, and by yourself and friends. I would help you if I could. [¾ page.] Annexing,
i. Lord Broghill to Sir Rob. Welsh. I am very sorry for your disaster. His Highness here will not meddle in matters between parties, but wishes me to write to Sir John Barkstead. The debt being but little, if he fails, your brother and friends engage that you should pay in 3 months or return to prison. If you are vigilant, your supplies from hence will free your brother. Set your wits to work to get out, and when you have done any service, you shall see my affection by its effects. [1 page, Flanders correspondence.]
Nov. 24. 123. Jeffery Northleigh to Williamson. Sends an order for payment of money. [Damaged fragment.]
Nov. 25. 124. Petition of Claudius de Nysse, to the Protector, for license to transport 6 horses yearly to France, and custom free the first 6 years. Had an order, 25 Dec., for the first vacant command in the army, but has long attended with divers others in like condition, and weightier affairs have intervened. Is a distressed Protestant stranger, deprived of his estate, and forsaken of his own parents for his religion, though born of a good family. Has forborne to ask a pension, although he had one in Holland. [2/3 page.]
Nov. 25. Order thereon in Council granting him license to transport 10 horses. [I. 77, p. 525.]
Nov. 25. 125. Petition of Meredith Lewis, late sheriff of co. Brecon, to the Protector. Whilst I was sheriff, I was amerced in the Exchequer in several sums, amounting to 200l., chiefly for not producing the body of Thos. Games on a writ of attachment. Of these fines 156l. are illegally set, being out of term, or when I was out of office; Games was in my custody whilst I was in office, and is now a prisoner in the Upper Bench. I beg a Privy Seal for remission of these fines. With reference to Council. 21 Nov. 1656. [1 page.] Annexing,
125. i. List of 10 fines set upon Lewis from the schedule of the Pipe, 7 of them, amounting to 202l., relating to Thos. Games; total 208l. [1 page.]
Nov. 25. 126. Reference on the petition by Council to Strickland, Desborow, and Jones, to report. Approved 23 Dec. [½ page; also I. 77, p. 526.]
Nov. 25. 127. Petition of John Weykes to Council. My former petition and certificates were referred to Maj.-Gen. Barkstead, to certify. I have attended him, proved the certificates, and my services and faithfulness to the Protector and State, and I beg you to cast your eyes on the certificates, and give me discharge, and freedom to follow my profession as an attorney in Lincoln's Inn. [2/3 page.] Annexing,
127. i. Certificate of Maj.-Gen. Barkstead, on an order of 30 Nov. 1655, that Weykes deserted the King's service in 1645, and has since served the State under Major Rob. Pelham, in Dorsetshire, and then under Lieut.-Col. George Joyce in Col. Jas. Haynes' regiment, at the expedition against Jersey, and did good service; therefore he should not be required to give security. Tower, 19 Dec. 1655. [1 page.]
Nov. 25. Order thereon that he be discharged from giving any bond to the Majors General, or if it have been given, that it be restored to him. Approved 23 Dec. [I. 77, pp. 526–585.]
Nov. 25. 128. Petition of Barth. Reymond, Protestant captain in these latter troubles of the reformed places in the valleys of Piedmont, to the Protector. I assisted the poor Protestants to the utmost of my power, insomuch that the Papists in the bordering countries seized all my estate, and threatened to murder me, so that I was unable to remain in those parts. I beg some share of the money gathered in England for the relief of those distressed Protestants. With reference thereon to the Committee for Piedmont. [1 sheet.]
Nov. 25. Order in Council to recommend to the said Committee to allow him what they think fit, and give orders to the treasurers for payment accordingly. [I. 77, p. 527.]
Nov. 25. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus * were approved in person.)
1.* Order that 100 firelocks, 400 matchlocks, and 100 pikes be delivered to Col. Hen. Smith, from Windsor Castle, instead of the 250 matchlocks and 200 firelocks ordered 4 Nov.
2.* Approval of an augmentation by the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers of 38l. to the minister of Headon, co. York.
3. Reference to Mulgrave, Strickland, and the Lord-Deputy, of the claim of Rich. Skepper to privileges in Bolingbroke Honour, co. Lincoln, to consider what privileges are contained in the conveyance; Mr. Beck to attend them, and to prepare a case, with advice of counsel.
4.* Sydenham, Fiennes, Jones, and Lambert, to consider Mr. Secretary's statements about his disbursements for intelligence, and the best way for his discharge, and to report.
5. John Hooke not to be allowed a moiety of the tenement named in an order of 31 Oct., in case it belongs to his Highness, nor his charges in prosecuting the same.
6.* Order that 9d. a day be paid to each of the private soldiers late under Capt. Ben. Gifford in Landguard Fort garrison, who marched in Col. Salmon's regiment to Colchester, and 8d. a day to those who remained at Landguard Fort.
7,* 8. Gifford's company to be paid from 15 Dec. at the rate of 100 private soldiers, beside officers, and to march with and be paid with Col. Salmon's regiment, although one of the companies is now in Scotland, and to remain till further order.
9.* Order—on report that the late King, by patent, 6 July 1640, granted John Wood and Phil. Osborne 2/3 of the estate of Sir Cecil Trafford, recusant, for 41 years, at rent of 80l., all which were assigned, 10 June 1654, to Col. Chas. Worsley, who at his death desired to relinquish his interest therein—that Dorothy Worsley, the widow, have the benefit of the said patent during all the residue of the term. Annexing,
129. Certificate by Roger Kenyon, that Worsley, the day he died, 12 June 1656, said that the estate he had from Sir Cecil Trafford should be returned into the Exchequer, for he had received from it the money he laid down for it, and a little more, and being Sir Cecil's, it would be liable to decimation, and he would not wrong the Commonwealth, nor prejudice Sir Cecil's heirs. [1 page.]
129. i. Note that Worsley bought from Wood a lease of 2/3 of Traford's estate, confiscate for recusancy, and held it for 2 years, but was troubled at his death lest he had wronged the State. [2/3 page, with notes in shorthand.]
10.* Auditor Beale not to execute the order of 11 Nov., to pass Major John Wade's accounts in the Exchequer, but to deliver them to the Admiralty Commissioners.
11,* 12. Order, approving the accounts of Major Wade about the Forest of Dean, on report of the Admiralty Commissioners of 6 Nov. 1656,—by which it appears that he owes to the State 1,902l. 6s. 6d.—that of this 500l. is to be allowed him for his pains, for 3 years, and the remainder he is to pay for the use of the navy, and have an entire discharge of his account. The stock of iron to be entered in next year's accounts; the original accounts to be returned to the Admiralty Commissioners, who are to preserve them carefully, and send a copy to the clerks of Council. Also order that in future his accounts be audited on the place, that he may not be diverted from his work, and that he act upon the instructions of the Admiralty Commissioners.
13. Order—on the petition of John Crawthorne and other inhabitants of Peterborough, and a certificate of several justices of peace that on 16 July last 30 houses and other buildings and goods, value 2,155l., were burnt,—that a collection be made for the sufferers, as ordered by the Council of State in 1653 for those at Marlborough.
14. Order that all sums collected for Marlborough and detained in the hands of the Treasurers be paid in by 1 Jan., or the names of the defaulters reported to Council. Approved 27 Nov.
15. The petition of Anne, widow of Major Rich. Bamford, and her 4 young children; Elizabeth, widow of Major Vincent Corbett; and Jane, widow of John Deane, Marshal-General, all officers who died in the American expedition; also of Capt. Wm. Owen, who was in the expedition, referred to Strickland, Jones, Sydenham, Desborow, Lambert, and Pickering, to consider and report.
18. On report from the Committee on the accounts of the MajorsGeneral for pay of the militia forces,—including that of the Majors General and civil officers—that they fall short of the sum, and that the arrears due are—
£ s. d.
To Maj.-Gen. Wm. Goffe, for Sussex, Hants, and Berks 1,268 7 5
To Maj.-Gen. Thos. Kelsey, for Kent and Surrey 1,772 0 4
To Maj.-Gen. Wm. Boteler, for cos. Northampton, Bedford, Hunts, and Rutland 1,322 9 5
To Maj.-Gen. Jas Berry, for North and South Wales, and for cos. Salop, Hereford, Worcester, and Monmouth 1,337 17 5
Total 5,700 14 7
Order to advise a warrant to pay the said sums from the moneys due on the contract with Vyner and Backwell for [Spanish] prize plate, being the pay due to the militia forces to 24 June 1656.
22. Approval of an order pronounced on 4 Nov. on the petition of Margaret, wife of John Swinton, of Swinton, and read in Council Thursday last.
23. Lambert reports certain resolutions of the Committee concerning some of the Spanish prisoners.
24. Capt. Stokes, of the Rainbow, to have 100l. as a reward for entertaining Spanish prisoners, and a warrant to be advised for payment.
25. Don Diego de Villa Alva and M. del Plato, 2 Spanish prisoners, to be delivered on their arrival from Portsmouth to Serj. Dendy, who is to lodge them, and provide them 2 dishes at dinner and 1 at supper, and allow no one to come at them without his leave.
26. To advise a warrant to pay Vice.-Adm. Badiley 300l. for his service in discovering parcels of plate in one of the ships.
27. To advise a warrant for payment of the 100l. each ordered to Wm. Headley and Capt. Lidcott, volunteers under Gen. Montague.
32. Approval by the Protector of 3 orders of 20 Nov. last. [I. 77, pp. 518–528.]
Nov. 26./Dec. 6.
130. Geo. Stradling to Williamson. Shall I return the 21 pistoles you lent me to Mr. Norris or any one else here, or send it to Saumur? Private affairs: Mr. Scudamore has been here and borrowing of everybody, and is in danger of seizure unless he escapes. [3 pages.]
[Nov. 27.] Act renouncing by Parliament, on the behalf of the people, absolutely and for ever, the pretended title of Charles, James, and Henry Stuart, sons of the late King, or any of his posterity, to the crown of England, and declaring them and all claiming under them absolutely and utterly debarred therefrom, and also from any crown lands or hereditaments. Any who endeavour to assist their right with money or otherwise to be adjudged guilty of high treason, and the offenders to suffer death. [2 pp. printed, Coll. Acts, Vol. 2, No. 101, Rec. Office Library, 498 F.]
[Nov. 27.] Act for security of the Protector's person, and continuance of the nation in peace and safety:—
The safety of the nation depending much on his Highness' person, and many wicked plots having been lately devised at home and abroad against him, it is ordered that if, after 10 Oct. 1656, any attempt his death, or levy war or plot against him and Government, or declare Charles Stuart or any other as King or Queen, or endeavour to revive the claim of the late King's posterity, or hold intelligence with Charles, James, or Henry Stuart, or their mother, or endeavour the betraying any fortress to the enemy, or stir up mutiny in the army, or withdraw any officer or mariner from his obedience, or assist any foreign invasion, these offences shall be adjudged high treason. Commissions are to be issued to all the principal legal officers and very numerous other persons for England and Wales, Berwick, and Guernsey and Jersey, 17 to be a quorum; to Roger Lord Broghill, Gen. Monk, and many others for Scotland, 13 to be a quorum; and to the judges and numerous others for Ireland, 13 to be a quorum; who are to examine all cases of treason or suspicion of treason, sentence, and cause their sentences to be executed; with authority to appoint officers and issue writs of assistance. An oath of fidelity to be taken. They are not to proceed against any without advice of the Protector and Council. This Act to continue till the end of the last session of the next Parliament. [4 pp. printed, Coll. of Acts, Vol. 2, No. 99, Rec. Office Library, 498 F.]
[Nov. 27.] Act confirming the abolition on 24 Feb. 1646 of the Court of Wards and liveries, with primer seizins, oustrelemains, homages, fines, pardons for alienations, &c.; tenures in capite, by knight's service, or by soccage in chief changed into tenures by free soccage; but all rents and heriots due to mean lords or private persons to be paid; also double the ancient yearly rents on the death of an ancestor, but not reliefs. [1 p. printed, Coll. of Acts, Vol. 2, p. 100, Rec. Office Library, 498 F.]
[Nov. 27.] Act for export of commodities of the breed, growth, and manufactures of the Commonwealth:—
The prosperity of these islands depends upon exports overbalancing imports, and as God has blessed this country with abundance of corn, cattle, butter, cheese, &c., much desired by other nations and plantations abroad, if restraints were taken away and customs made easy, it would advance trade and manufacture. Be it therefore enacted that from 1st Jan., from any port where there are customers and collectors of tonnage and poundage, it shall be lawful to export at customs specified, which are larger for foreigners than natives, horses, oxen, beef, pork, bacon, butter, cheese, and candles.
Also the different sorts of grain, when the price of wheat at home is under 40s.; rye, peas, and beans, under 24s.; barley and malt, 20s.; and oats, 17s. a quarter. Also beer, calves' skins, arms of sundry kinds, and ammunition [4 pp. printed. Coll. of Acts, &c., Vol. 2, No. 102, Rec. Off. Library, 498 F.]
Nov. 27. 131. Petition of Rob. Abbot, scrivener of London, to the Protector and Council. You referred my petition to be exempt from the tax and other proceedings of the Majors General and Commissioners, with a certificate of Sir Thos. Vyner and Sir Chris. Pack, aldermen, to the Major General and Commissioners for securing the peace of the Commonwealth in London [see 13 May, 1656.] They have ordered my exemption from all taxes imposed on delinquents, and from all the said proceedings, yet this notwithstanding, the Majors General and Commissioners out of London will not free my estate in co. Lincoln, &c., from the tax. I beg an order for discharge of my whole estate. [1 page.] Annexing,
131. i., ii. Draft of a proposed order for freeing Abbot from the tax imposed on delinquents, Council being satisfied of his peaceable demeanour. [2 copies, ½ page each.]
131. iii. Report of the Major General and Commissioners alluded to, 12 Aug. 1656. [1½ pages.]
Nov. 27. Order in Council for his release from the said tax and other proceedings against delinquents, and for discharge of his estate in the country, by the Majors General or Commissioners in their respective associations and counties. [I. 77, pp. 529, 530.]
Nov. 27. 132. Petition of Wm. Sawter, his Highness' servant, to the Protector. My wife's former husband, a captain in the service, had his house at Selby fired by the enemy, and she and her 4 children hardly escaped with life, losing 400l., as testified by Lord Lambert, who was an eye-witness. I was constrained to apply to you, and you gave me hopes of relief, my wife having lost 300l. more in the service, for which I do not ask reparation. I beg reference of my loss of 400l. to Council. With reference accordingly, 14 May, 1656. [1 page.]
Nov. 27. Order in Council for a Privy Seal gratis for 100l. in consideration of his losses. [I. 77, p. 531.]
Nov. 27. Council. Day's Proceedings.
(The orders marked thus * were approved in person.)
1. The certificate of Col. Carew, Hen. Mildmay, and John Brewster about spoils of wood by Mr. Payne and others in Waltham Forest, referred to Desborow, Lambert, the Lord Deputy, Fiennes, Wolsley, and Mulgrave, to consult with Carew and Brewster, and consider what should be done for preservation of timber there and elsewhere. Annexing,
133. Certificate alluded to, suggesting that no woodward or forest officer cast away any timber without approbation of a verderer or chief master keeper. 12 Nov. 1656. [1 page.]
2*. Major John Scott, of Nottingham, now prisoner in Maj.-Gen. Whalley's association, to have leave to go beyond sea, on security to Majors Gen. Whalley and Berkstead to do nothing to the prejudice of the State.
4*. Order to recommend to the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to continue to Edm. Goodwin, now minister of Eastwick, co. Herts, the 30l. a year augmentation granted to Dan. Dike, late minister.
6. To advise a warrant for 250l. to Frost, to be by him paid to John Marsh, for the charge of surveying the 4 forests and Enfield Chace.
9. The petition of Sir Jas. Maidnal, Sir Alex. Winderburne, and 6 others referred to the Committee for Scotland, to report.
11. Order to advise a warrant to pay to John Lineall, curate of Castle Church, co. Stafford, 20l., being 2½ years' arrears of 8l. a year payable from the Exchequer, to pass without fee.
12. The petition of Col. Peter Stubbers in behalf of Dominic Martin, of Galloway, Ireland, for an order to the Admiralty Judges to proceed to sentence on several parcels of silver laden by him on the Sampson, Salvador, and St. George, referred to the Admiralty Commissioners.
13. The Committee to whom the regulation of the Army Committee was referred to hasten their report.
14. The payment to Col. Rob. Guibon for fire and candle for the guards at Rye and Sandwich, to be 3s. a day, instead of 2s. as ordered 28 Oct. last. Approved 13 Dec.
16. The petition of Sir Edm. Bowyer, of Camberwell, Surrey, and a certificate from the Maj.-General and Commissioners upon a reference thereon, with a certificate from Sir Hardress Waller, referred to the said Maj.-General and Commissioners, to do as they think best as to the discharge of proceedings against him.
17. Order that the Commissioners of Excise and Customs permit the landing, free of duty, of 4 puncheons of claret, 2 cases of prunes, and 1 of dried apples, laden on an English ship for the use of Ambassador Nieuport. Approved 23 Dec.
19. Approval of the stamp and superscriptions prepared by Thos. Simons for the gold and silver pieces, according to his new invention, as also the motto of Oliva. D. G. R. Pub. Ang. Sco. et Hib. Protec. on one side, and Pax quæritur bello, on the other side—and the 2 inscriptions for the edge, viz., Has nisi periturus mihi adimat nemo, and Protector literis, literœ nummis Corona et salus.
20. The report in the case of the Duchess of Hamilton and her children to be considered next sitting.
23. Whereas by order of 16 Oct. last, 3 new English companies were to be raised, to form, with 7 Irish companies now in England, Col. Hewson's regiment; and 6 other new companies, to form, with 4 of Irish foot, Col. Rob. Guibon's regiment, it is now ordered that Guibon's 4 Irish regiments join Hewson's regiment, and be paid according to the Irish establishment, and the 3 new-raised companies in Hewson's regiment join Guibon's, and be paid according to the English establishment. Approved 13 Dec.
25. Approval by the Protector of 7 orders 28 Oct. to 25 Nov. [I. 77, pp. 528–536.]
Nov. 27. 134. Sir Ralph Hare to Williamson. I could come to no conclusion about my nephew [Thos. Leigh's] course without [his mother's] approbation, but in this exigency, I send you a bill for 100l., which I hope you will husband, for money is hard to get with us; I have had to borrow this. I will write more fully when I hear from my lady concerning her son and his affairs. Direct future letters to Rob. Boteler, Poultry, London. [1 page, much damaged.]
Nov. 135. Petition of Mary Reape, widow, of Weymouth, to the Admiralty Commissioners. Being plundered by the enemy at Sherborne during the late wars, we came to Weymouth, and were lovingly protected by Col. Sydenham. Since then my husband died, and my son Nathaniel, on whom I depended for subsistence, was blown up in the Sussex, at Portsmouth. In my exigency I beg an order to the Commissioners in Little Britain for relief. [¾ page.] Annexing,
135. i. Certificate by Thos. Waltham, deputy mayor of Weymouth, Rich. Scovile and Rob. Wall, bailiffs, Geo. Thorne, minister, and Geo. Pley in her favour, as having a large family of children. 27 Nov. 1656. [¾ page.]
135. ii. Certificate of Capt. Roger Cuttance to the death of Nath. Beane. 26 Nov. 1656. [¾ page.]
Nov. 136. Petition of Mary Reape to Lord Sydenham, to forward the presenting of the above petition. [2/3 page.]
[Nov.] 137. Petition of 12 merchants of London trading to the Levant, and free of that Company, to the Protector. Roger Fowke, merchant and consul in Cyprus, has much money and many goods of ours in his hands, besides his own goods and debts in the island. He is not guilty of the misdemeanour complained of in the petition of the Levant Company [see 29 Sept. 1656], nor has he set rates on other goods than his own, and that only at the price current, the buyer being at liberty to take or leave. He demanded no more from the master of the Hopewell than he really disbursed, and his duties in protecting the ship, value 15,000l., from the insolent Turks, who would have seized it as a shipwreck. He has suffered imprisonment, and been at charge to maintain the trade of the island, has served the State's ships sent for convoys with provisions, and spent his own money for their port-charges, as Capts. Badiley and Appleton can testify. He was also forced to disburse 3,000l. towards the debts contracted by the Levant Company's former consul, which are not yet repaid by the Company. We beg examination of the case by honest persons, and meanwhile the revoking of all orders for his removal or banishment, that he may not be ruined by his enemies, unheard. 12 signatures. With reference to Strickland and Sydenham, 18 Nov. 1656; their appointment of Thursday next for hearing all parties concerned, 24 Nov.; and for another hearing Monday next, 28 Nov. [1 sheet.]
[Nov.] 138. Report thereon by Sydenham and Strickland to the Protector. We find that on complaint of the Levant Company, you appointed Martin Lister consul at Cyprus, and ordered Ambassador Bendish to remove Mr. Fowke from the island, which removal is the only thing in question. The Company say that he has engrossed and adulterated cotton, the principal commodity there, and taken consulage twice from the Hopewell, to the value of 1,440 pieces of 8. They fear that he will disturb the succeeding consul, because he pretends a debt of 3,000l. of the former consul, which they deny, or if it be true, they say it is determinable before the English ambassador at Constantinople.
The petitioners deny the engrossing and adulterating, and say the charge for the Hopewell was only for its salvage, and is owing to Fowke, and if he is removed, it will much injure them, as he has 14,000l. property of theirs in his hands.
The expedient proposed by the governor is that Fowke should remain, on security to be peaceable towards all English, and especially Mr. Lister, and then the Company will not oppose his remaining, but this security the petitioners refuse to give, alleging that they cannot hazard more, he having so much of their estate in his hands.
Only if the Company will undertake the repayment of the 3,000l. they will promise that he shall live peaceably. [2 pages.] Annexing,
138. i. Attested bill of charges by Fowke for the salvage of the Hopewell, John Harris, master, with consulage, total 1,800 dollars. Cyprus 25 Jan. 1656. [1 page, copy.]
138. ii. Receipt by Fowke of 57 rolls of silk for salvaye from Harris, to whom he has paid the balance of their value beyond the 1,800 dollars. Cyprus, 25 Jan. 1656. [½ page, copy.]
138. iii. Examinations of John Harris, of Redriff, Surrey, and other officers of the Hopewell, on interrogatories of John Green and company, that Fowke preserved their goods from seizure by the Turks, but seized some in payment of the 1,800 dollars, until which was done he kept 4 of them prisoners in his house, under the custody of janizaries. 12 June 1656. [9 pages.]
138. iv. Deposition of And. Ellam, merchant of London, to the good conduct of Fowke in preserving the said ship from seizure by the Turks as a wreck. Also that 4,000 sacks of cotton is the yearly produce of Cyprus, and Fowke never had more than 300 at a time in his hands. That he never engrossed commodities nor hindered trade, and that he was several times imprisoned by the Bashaw for the debts of the late consul. Deposed before Wm. Harrington, Master in Chancery, 29 Sept. 1656. [1 page.]
138. v. Like deposition by John Harris and Sam. Randall, of the Hopewell, that the Bashaw came down with 300 or 400 soldiers to take the ship as a wreck, but Fowke defended it therefrom, and also from payment of custom, which the Turks would have forced; that he had to give presents, which with his consul's duties came to 1,800 dollars, and that but for him the ship, worth 15,000l., would have been seized. 14 Oct. 1656. [1 page.]
138. vi. Rough notes from the above proceedings. [1 page.]
Nov. ? 139. Edw. Norris to Williamson, Saumur. Your happiness surprises me, as the society of the brothers is so much reduced, and each one has availed himself so freely of your help, but beware, for
Quantum quisque suâ nummorum servit in arcâ, tantum habet.
Yet without present help the fleece will be lost. Therefore I beseech you to buy back our ape, for I esteem him much. I am not vexed with what he has done. I am sorry that my brother has so base a heart. Remind him of the 12l. he owes me, when you write to him. Private affairs. [1 page, French.]
Nov. ?
The Cordeliers.
140. Rich. Lowther to Williamson. Hearing that the Palmer meant to apprehend me, I thought no place so safe as this, and I beg your advice. I am sorry you should have so ill fortune with me, but the past cannot be recalled. I hope the comfort you will have with Mr. Leigh will supply the vexation you have had with me. You had ground to write to our parents, but I hope your goodness has overweighed justice. Devilish inducements have often power for a time over the best natures. I have bought my experience dear, and it will be an antidote in future. Send me an answer by Mr. Marsh. You should not come, as they will have an eye on you. I am clear of all here except 10 crowns, which I owe to my landlady. You are my only prop. If you would give me money for 2 months, it would be a great obligation, and I would return it. Also send my accounts, and something about our voyage. I have neglected it hitherto, but now I will write it out.
P.S.—Pray give the servants something for me. A plaguy rumour will arise, but necessity must be preferred before a little discredit. [1 page.]
Nov. ? 141. Petition of Thos. Ross to the King. I have ever been your loyal and faithful servant during this late horrible rebellion, and thus lost my fortune, to the ruin of myself and family. I beseech you, in case it shall please God to restore your Majesty to your throne, to bestow on me the office of yeoman of your removing wardrobe, as formerly held by Clement Kinnersley, who has long adhered to the rebels, and is now a menial servant to Oliver Cromwell, and was employed by the rebels as a Commissioner for the sale of your Majesty's goods. [1 page.]