Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: August 1656

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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August 1656

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Vol. 143.
Aug. 1 " " Order on an order of 27 Mar. last—that the victuals to be issued to prisoners taken by any of the State's ships should be only half of that allowed to the mariners of the fleet—for directions to the navy victuallers not to allow any more upon the pursers' accounts. 1
" " Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Adm. Com. Has made several journeys to Woolwich, to hasten the fitting out of the ships there, which will soon be ready to sail, if provisions are sent. The little frigate that came from the French forts in New England can be made serviceable at a small cost. 2
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " The Preston having broken her mast in a chase, has supplied her with another, at a cost of 10l. The Pearl was in the chase with her. The ketch plying about Lynn has taken a sloop, 7 of whose men ran on shore; has taken 3, and sent the hue and cry after the other 4. Having now 53 prisoners, it is much desired they may be exchanged for our men. As the coasts are full of the enemy, Capt. Plumleigh is waiting the return of the Wren and Vulture, sent to convoy a great coal fleet up the Swinn. 3
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson the Preston, Yarmouth Roads. " While convoying 200 colliers to Yarmouth Roads, chased two sails for two hours; captured one of 2 guns and 27 men and boys, and sent her into Yarmouth. Went after the other, but breaking his mainmast, was forced to return to Yarmouth, leaving the Pearl to follow up the chase. Has received another mast, and will ply with Capt. Smyth northwards, as ordered; hopes to give a good account of the rogues in those parts. The Weymouth is gone as convoy to the colliers. 4
" " " " Navy Comrs To similar effect. Desires order for landing a quantity of empty beer casks, otherwise will have to stave them, contrary to instructions. 5
" " Capt. Rich. Haddock, Dragon, Downs. Adm. Com. Having taken in two months' provisions, &c., will proceed to Yarmouth Roads, and wait orders and a new anchor, having broken his best bower in Cadiz Bay; if ordered to lie on the north coast, will greatly need it. 6
" " Ordnance officers. " Send an account of powder delivered by 6 powder makers named, under contracts made with the Admiralty Commissioners; as Lewis Fossan and Thomas Fossan have not returned all the old powder delivered out to be repaired under a former contract, and valued at 40l., cannot make out a debenture to them without further order. 7, 8
" " John Pitt, the Dunbur, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. The Kent is gone for Chatham to be cleaned, and the Guinea will follow; the remainder of the Downs squadron should be sent in by two for cleaning, whereby they will be in a posture to outsail the enemy, and the advantage thereby accruing will balance the cost; although it will diminish the squadron for the time, there will be enough remaining to secure themselves, if not to annoy the enemy. Is certain Capt. Whitehorne will do his best in the Narrow and off the northern passage, and send small vessels to lie close in shore, to intercept and surprise the enemy. 9
Aug. 1 Capt Jer. Smyth, the Dunbur, Downs. Adm. Com. Sends a survey of the Kent; as she is unserviceable, has ordered her to Chatham to be repaired, the Guinea is in the same condition. Particulars of ships. The Pembroke and Cornelian have sailed with several vessels under convoy for St. Vallery and Seine Head. 10
" 2 " " " Sends a survey of the defects of the Guinney, which might be employed as a convoy, until her victuals is expended. Is riding alone, and at a great adventure, but does not fear the enemy. Particulars of other ships. Wants anchors and cables. 11, 12
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Formerly gave order for refitting the Satisfaction and Princess Maria for service in the Channel, but several ships having since arrived from the Straits, belonging to Generals Blake and Montague's fleet, desire all further proceedings may be stopped. 13
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Dockyard, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Fagon and Lark have gone to their convoy at Cowes, and the Hopewell pink has sailed with a ship that came from Genoa, and another laden with tin. The Hopewell wants victuals. The ketch will be launched next Friday, and if men and victuals are not wanting, she may sail in 7 days. 14
" " Major Rich. Elton, Hull. " Sends petition of Wm. Maister, mayor, and 8 other merchants of Kingston-upon-Hull, to the Admiralty Commissioners, for a convoy for a cloth ship called the Ellenor of Hull, bound for Dort, she being richly laden, as also for two others with lead. Hopes it will be complied with, as their lading is valued at 20,000l. 15, 16
" 3 Capt. David Dove, Nicodemus, Leith Road. " Has been plying on his station, and chased two or three Spanish men-of-war, one of which had taken a vessel with fish, belonging to Wells, which she abandoned, but it ran on shore in a fog at Peterhead, and was lost. Has come in to repair his furnace and anchor. 17
" " Capt. Robt. Plumleigh. Reserve, Yarmouth Roads. " Sailed from the Hope on the 29th ult., and met the Wexford from the Downs and the several merchantmen bound for Rotterdam, but there being so many pirates abroad, they would not adventure with such a small convoy, and were advised by Major Burton not to sail without additional strength. As Capt. Haddock of the Dragon has since arrived, will resail with the first wind, and give an account on his return. 18
" 4 Capt. Jer. Country, Roe[?] ketch, near Lynn. " Has been plying on his station, and after a long chase took a Dunkirk frigate, of 35 men and 4 guns; they threw all they could overboard, and the men ran on shore, but have since been taken by Major Burton. The prize is with Mr. Pewtinger, at Yarmouth. Is about convoying several vessels in the Roads, bound for Lynn and other places. 19
" " Capt. Rich. Country, Hind ketch, Harwich. " To similar effect. Chased another sloop, but she escaped over the sands towards Ostend; should have been in some danger through following her, but Wm. Mead Milton came off in his boat and got him off the sands, where he stuck for 6 hours. Afterwards convoyed ships, with butter and cheese, from Harwich to Faversham, and has since been plying about the Ness. 20
Aug. 4 Judge - Advocate Fowler, the Dunbar, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Would have written before, but did not know whether he was in London or with the Commissioners at Chatham. Sends a letter from Griffith Lewis, late steward of the Reserve, in reply to his request for payment for provisions, denying that he, Fowler, or his servants, were ever borne upon the books of that ship. Also a letter to the Commissioners to settle the allowance he is to receive, in pay, provisions, and servants; is now deprived, by their order, of 11l. or 12l. a year, and of one of his servants. It cannot be thought that a person in his position can do without one to copy, or that anyone who can handle a pen will submit to the drudgery of cleaning a cabin, &c. When absent with his friends, thinks he ought to have money instead of sea provisions, and the money not be allowed to the steward or purser. This is the question between him and Lewis; Sprigg, the accountant, should pay the money to the steward. 21
" " Capt. Danl. Baker, Weymouth. Adm. Com. Has been plying on his station, and convoying vessels, by order of Capt. Thorowgood 22
" " Capt. Willoughby Hannam, Chatham. " Has arrived at Chatham from the Downs, by order of Capt. Smith, and waits commands 23
" " John Packwood, Woolwich. Navy Comrs The Old President has arrived, and is taking down her masts and rigging; desires order concerning her. 24
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Adm. Com. The frigate taken by the master of the Recovery may be fitted out as a man-of-war for 300l., and her captors will be content with a small sum for her in her present condition. The ships bound for Ireland wait a convoy, the enemy being about the coasts. 25
" " John Smyth, Warwick Castle. Navy Comrs Received their letter in the absence of Col. Hawksworth. The rate of carriage from hence is 3s. 6d. per cwt., if the ways are good; the casks containing the shot may afterwards be made serviceable at little expense. 26
" " Capt. Jere. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Signed and sent their paper to the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk, but fears the packet boat had left Dover before it arrived. The Unicorn and Bristol are fitted and ready for service, but want beer; the brewers make it as fast as they can, but cannot supply sufficient, and if casked while hot, they fear it will stink in a month. A supply from London is needed. Particulars of other ships; chase after a Dunkirk sloop. 27
" " Major Jo. Wade, Little Dean. " The gentleman appointed for stating the accounts of the ironworks in Dean Forest has arrived. Wants a Council order to the master of the Exchequer Office to send down a commission that was sued out in 1641 concerning Dean Forest, and the proceedings thereon, as they will be wanted at the Court which will sit at Micheldean on the 12th. Mr. Nutley should be employed, he knowing all about the business. 28
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to consider the most convenient place in Dean Forest to build the 5th-rate frigate ordered, and who is most fit to do it, and on what terms. 29
" " " " Order to send 4 best bower cables and two anchors by the Dunbar to the Downs, for the supply of ships. 30
Aug. 4 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for cleaning the Hopewell pink at Portsmouth, and victualling her for 3 months 31
" " " Navy Comrs and Treasurer. Order for paying off the Little President at Woolwich 32
" 5 " Navy Comrs Order for a bill to Maj-Gen. Thos. Kelsey for 5l. 16s. 10d., disbursed by him for apprehending and impressing seamen, and sending them to several ports for the Southern fleet. 33
" " " " Order for cleaning and refitting the Kentish frigate at Chatham, and victualling her for 4 months. 34
" " " " Order that—it being expedient, in these times of danger, that a more than ordinary guard should be placed in the river Medway, for securing it and the ships therein—they consider what Dutch ship of 30 guns will be most fit for that purpose, and what allowance of sails, tackle, &c., and number of men and officers, will be requisite, and give orders accordingly. 35
" " Capt. Rich. Country, Hind ketch, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has been to the Ness, but not seeing or hearing of any of the enemies' men-of-ward, made up the Sladway; hearing guns to the northward, sailed that way, and came up with 2 Ostenders, who had fallen in with a fleet of colliers, taken one, and put 3 more on shore. Plied among the colliers, but hearing the Ostenders carried from 12 to 14 guns, did not deem it convenient to engage with them, but to make for Harwich for assistance. 36
" " Ordnance officers " Account of a quantity of old and unserviceable brass ordnance brought from Chatham to Tower wharf; desire order as to its disposal. 37
" " Robt. Sewell, Chatham Dock. Wm. Cooling, Navy Office. Sends Mr. Child's bill for canvas delivered, and Mr. Wallington's for some scoops, also a demand for unlisted red cotton. Desires he will hasten down the tar ordered. 38
" " Account of beer sent in several hoys to the Dunbar in the Downs. Total, 104 tuns 2 hhds. 39
" " Capt. J. Whitstone, Phœnix. Adm. Com. Has received 10 culverins from the ordnance officers; they promised to send the carriage makers to fit carriages for them, but have not done so. His gunner, sent to London to look after the stores, resigns through sickness; recommends Thos. Rowlson, his mate, to succeed him. 40
" 6 " " " Hearing of the gradual recovery of his gunner, desires he may be continued; will supply his place meantime. 41
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, Unicorn, Downs. Robt. Blackborne Begs leave of absence to go to London for a week to seek his sick wife and his child, who has broken its arm. 42
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Exeter. Col. Jno. Clerke. Capt. Morris, who has been in fight with two of the enemies' men-of-war for 7 hours, has spent all his shot, and desires a fresh supply. Knows not how to accommodate him. Wants some sent down for any frigates that come in in a like condition; also an order to the Treasurer to pay his bill of disbursements. 43
Aug. 6 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Exeter. Adm. Com. Has received the money, and will dispose of it as directed; asks how the men are to be supplied with clothes. Capt. Salmon has arrived at Plymouth. Has ordered the officers and company of the Otter into the Bramble, and men to be procured; purposes returning to Plymouth to-day, and will give all despatch to her, and the Gainsborough. Will send a frigate to Milford, and give convoy to the Hopewell, bound to Jamaica. 44
" " T. Lodington, Victualling Office. " Sends account of provisions received from Capt. Thos. Alderne, put on board the Hopewell, bound for Jamaica. The provisions ordered from Plymouth are ready, and only stay for a convoy, Capt. Hatsell not being upon the place. 45, 46
" " Navy Comrs. " Send a survey by Manley Callis and Jno. Ruffhead, 80 July, of bolts, bars, and other ironwork brought from Dean Forest to Deptford, and useful for ships or anchors. 47, 48
" " John Pitt, the Dunbar, Downs. " Hears that the Dort, lately taken off the Land's End, is to be fitted out at Dunkirk with 28 guns and 240 men, and another of 30 guns and 300 men, and they are to rendezvous at Vigo; Capt. Smith is acquainted with it, and will inform Capt. Whitehorne, so as to prevent them passing. There are several sloops ready to come out of Ostend, but as the frigates upon the coast have had timely notice, they may surprise some of them. 49
" " Capt. Jere. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. " Sends an account of the Downs squadron, and a letter from the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk. Has ordered the Bristol to Yarmouth, to take in the remainder of her beer coming from Dover, but if it is not ready, she shall go without it. The brewers there are so pressed to brew, and the weather is so hot, that the beer is not much better than water, and will soon stink. Capt. Sparling complains that the Assistance and other frigates are so foul they cannot chase the enemy with any success; Capt. Whitehorne wants more ships, although he has 11, and if none are sent, he intends joining those at Ostend, as he hears several of the enemy's ships are coming out from thence, but it is strange if the 4 or 5 frigates there are afraid to engage with all the strength either of Ostend or Dunkirk. 50
" 7 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for 40 of the extraordinary men at Deptford yard to be sent to Woolwich, there being an increase of work there. 51
" " " " " Order for cleaning the Dartmouth at Harwich, and victualling her for 3 months 52
" " Capt. Ri. Hodges, the Basing, Milford Haven. Adm. Com. Has not had 3 hours' fair wind since leaving Portsmouth, and the vessels from Bristol fair have not yet arrived. Hearing there is a small Ostender laying under Caldy Island for those coming from the fair, will look after him, and return to Milford. Commissary Reynolds desires to be transported to Ireland, according to an order received, but as there is no other frigate upon the coast to convey the ships expected from Bristol, has desired him to wait until they arrive. 53
" " Capt. Robt. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Harwich. " Has made no delay in getting to sea, but used all care and diligence, and his men have had little rest night or day; hopes to proceed to his former station next Tuesday. 54
Aug. 7 Capt. Robt. Plumleigh, the Reserve, Yarmouth Roads. Adm. Com. Convoyed 8 merchant ships to Rotterdam, with the Dragon and Wexford, and brought back 18 out of 21, the other 3 not being ready. Did not see any men of war, but heard they had been waiting on the coast for those he brought over. The Wexford is ordered to convoy those for London, and then return to the Downs, and the Dragon is to remain in the Roads, by order of Major Burton, until further orders, she being very foul. 55
" " Capt. Ed. Salmon, Scarborough Castle. " After receiving his Highness' commands for the North, attended the Admiralty Chamber to kiss their hands, but they were absent; also to acquaint them that last Wednesday, a Dunkirk manof-war of 16 guns fell in with some fishing boats belonging to Whitby, two of which she took and plundered, and would have so served the rest, had not the Pearl come to their relief. Also that last Thursday, a light fleet of 43 ships and hoys passed the castle, which feared no enemy, or they would not have come without a convoy, scattered as they were, and having no guns. Soon afterwards a laden fleet of 36 sail also passed without a convoy, but the Preston, which had just returned from sea, was in sight. 56
" " Capt. Jno. Simonds, the Jersey, Downs. " Desires two guns of 3 cwt. each. Being at Plymouth when the fleet sailed southward, missed the supply which was then made to the ships at Portsmouth. 57
" 8 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to receive from Capt. Jno. Leverett a surrender of a vessel brought by him from Accadia, belonging to the Commonwealth, and lying at Wapping, and his account of disbursements for wages, &c. 58
" " Capt. Rich. Rooth, the Dartmouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has come in from the Downs to tallow, refit, and victual, and will use all means to obtain despatch. 59
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Delivered their letter to Capt. Penrose. Capts. Plumleigh and Haddock have arrived with the Holland fleet from Rotterdam; the Wexford is gone for the Thames, with those bound for London, and Capt. Plumleigh is about sailing with others for Hull. The Newcastle men still stay for the coming of the Northern squadron with a laden fleet, and Capt. Haddock for orders, as he wants his ship cleaned and tallowed. 60
" " Capt. Rich. Haddock, Dragon, Yarmouth Roads. " Has been with Capt. Plumleigh, and the Wexford, as convoy to 8 vessels bound to the coast of Holland, and brought back 17, and waits orders; wants an anchor. 61
" " Phil. Grant Navy Comrs Particulars of a conversation heard between one Pitt, a Commissioner, and Monday, a purveyor of timber, as to getting bills from the State for timber before delivery, and appropriating the money to their own use. Pitt is a man of evil report in Suffolk, and Monday is his tenant. 62
" 8 Thos. Hayter, Little Dean. Edw. Hopkins, Navy Office. Has been much delayed by the confusion and intricacy of the accounts, occasioned through the death of one, and the ignorance of others, and though engaged from 6 a.m. till 8 p.m., has not completed them. 63
Aug. 8 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Particulars of the careening of the Gainsborough, also a demand for powder and gunner's stores for her and the Sorlings, the latter having expended 30 barrels in the last encounter. Has ordered Capt. Morris to convoy a ship laden with provisions for Dover as far as Spithead, and desires they will appoint another to convoy her thence; there are doubtless ships waiting at the Isle of Wight for a convoy to the Downs, and they might go together. 64
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. Particulars of the damage done to his ship that "dark sad night," which are so many that it is a mercy they escaped. Cannot tell what the Commissioners may think of him or do with the master, but they have few such honest careful men in their frigates; hopes the Commissioners will not be hard with himself. Concerning Turks, one in 10 or one in 5 is every man's interest. 65
" " Capt. Jno. Jeakin, Wolf, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Has come in by order of Capt. Hatsell, to tallow and victual, and will make all despatch 66
" " Navy Comrs. " Find additions or alterations in their number, on which there may be some alteration in their patent; do not doubt but their commands will be suitable to their power, yet think it will not be judged presumption but prudence to desire a copy of the patent, so far as it relates to the Navy Commissioners. 67
" " " " Ordnance officers. Samuel Raven having bought the Horsleydown shallop, with apparel, furniture, and guns, and the latter being in their custody, desire they will deliver them to him, he having paid his money. 68
Ja. Nutley, Middle Temple. Robt. Blackborne. Begs aid for the bearer, Mrs. Field, in obtaining a warrant to search the ships bound for Barbadoes, for Thos. Williams, a boy of 16, who was apprenticed to her husband, an apothecary in Westminster, but has run. 69
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Bristol, Yarmouth Roads. " Will attend the Commissioners' order on the arrival of the Phoenix. Desires payment of his account of disbursements for the Portuguese ambassador, amounting to 40l.; was prejudiced 200l. in waiting upon that service. 70
" " " " Adm. Com. Is endeavouring to complete his number of men, 16 of whom run, although they had 6 months' pay due. Desires leave of absence for a fortnight, to transact some urgent business in London. 71
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. Navy Com" Asks a supply of trenails from Chatham, those from Dean Forest made from dotard timber not being serviceable; has broken 2,000 in using them. Mr. Eastwood should be hastened to send down his plank, and Mr. Hayward the lighters to fetch it from Essex; begs that the number of workmen may be augmented. 72
" " Thos. Skinner, London. Col. Clerke As the captain of the cloth ship for Dort will attend the Commissioners to solicit that the Sapphire may be appointed as his convoy, would have been present himself, had he not to attend the funeral of his dearest friend; begs him to advance the business, considering the fair wind, long demurrage, her value, and the season of the year. 73
" " Capt. Jere. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Sent their packet to Capt. Whiteborne, and believes the Bristol is now in the Yarmouth Roads, waiting orders; but other ships named have not yet arrived. Capt. Nath. Browne, of the Taunton, whom he has ordered to Chatham, has no anchors nor cables to spare for the Jersey; hears from Commissioner Pett that some are coming by the hoy. Desires more ships may be sent to act as convoys, as there is great complaint for want of them. 74
Aug. 8 Capt. Jno. Taylor Navy Comrs Having received letters from Gottenburg of a ship laden with masts and deals consigned to him, sends particulars of their dimensions; as they are much wanted in the stores down the river, desires they will send order for their delivery at Chatham, as also for the money. 75
" " Capt. John Vasey, Raven, the Swale. " Begs they will stop the ticket of his servant, Geo. Warring Gromett, he having run, and stolen the ticket out of the chest. 76
" 9 Adm. Com. " Order for a bill to Thos. Gold for 173l. 10s. 0d., for transporting 15 persons to the West Indies in the Morning Star, as also a quantity of goods shipped by Commissary Rich. Povey, for Gen. Venables and other army officers. 77
" " " " " Send a letter and account from Capt. Robt. Wilkinson of the Weymouth in Yarmouth Roads, asking payment of 13l. 14s. 9d. disbursed in pressing men in Scotland and at Lynn, and desire they will make a just allowance. 78–80
" " Capt. Dan. Baker, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Has come in to clean and tallow, by order of Capt. Thorowgood. Capt. Park arrived at Spithead yesterday, being bound to Seine Head, with several ships; will join him on his return according to order. 81
" " Major N. Bourne, Harwich. Navy Comrs The Yarmouth is detained for want of victuals, which must be sent from London. Will have to take up money to pay wages, and desires they will direct the Treasurer to make provision. Has got 400 trees, the best parcel of timber he has seen for years. 82
" " " " Adm. Com. To similar effect. Desires order to sell some old and unserviceable stores, as they take up much room. Has got 400 trees down to Ipswich from Hitcham, and is in treaty with the gentleman for the remainder, but it is a business involving much trouble and charge. The Dartmouth and Vulture have come in to repair and victual. 83
" " Capt. R. Bowen, Mayflower, Caldey Road. " Added 10 more men to his complement of 60, as ordered. Transported Major Morgan to Beaumaris, by order of the Council at Dublin, and then cruised about. Chased a small manof-war of 3 guns from St. Sebastian's, which had taken a vessel from Dublin bound for West Chester, but released her on payment of some money. She also had two other prizes, which he secured, and delivered to the prize officers at Tenby. Relieved 14 other sail, which would have been taken had not Providence ordered it otherwise. If he is to remain out the winter, desires order to come into careen, and to obtain cables, sails, &c. Having been employed in the Mayflower since Feb. 1652–3, and having no master or mate, she being a 6th rate, desires an exchange into one of the new 5th rates now building. 84
" " Capt. Robt. Claye, Sapphire. Robt. Blackborne Is sorry the Admiralty Commissioners are offended at his delay in sailing from Chatham; made all possible haste, and left as soon as the carpenters had done. Is paying his men, and getting in his provisions. 85
" " Jno. Hoskins Adm. Com. Petition for the place of gunner in the Satisfaction, having so served for years; is now in the Gillyflower. With certificates of Capt. Valentine Tatnell, Jno. Greene, Thos. Scott, Capt. Hen. Fenner, and 3 others. 86–88
Aug. 9 Jno. Paine Adm. Com. Petition for payment of a bill of exchange for 640l. given for provisions sent by his father for supply of the fleet at Boston, New England, he having sent out to him a further supply of much greater value upon the supposition that such bill, would be paid, and be thus enabled to settle with the creditors, who are now very pressing, but the order for payment has been casually lost. With reference to the Navy Commissioners, to make out another warrant on receiving a proper indemnity. 89
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Newcastle. " Has brought in 20 Yarmouth vessels. Met the Pearl, who had chased two Dunkirk men-of-war until she cracked both her topmasts, when she was disabled. Saw the Preston at the Humber, convoying some ships there, and met several fleets without convoy. A couple of good frigates are needed to ply between Newcastle and Flamborough Head. 90
" " Capt. Jno. Woolters, Nonsuch, Leith Road. " Account of proceedings in convoying vessels from Leith to Norway and back to Aberdeen and other ports, by order of Gen. Monk. Desires order to come in to clean and victual. His purser says the captain has nothing to do with such matters, and he will do what he lists. 91
" 10 Col. Ed. Salmon, Scarborough. " The Preston has captured and brought in the St. Ann, of Ostend, with 38 men, and as she is the best sailer set out of Ostend this year, Capt. Robinson thinks she will be very useful between Yarmouth and the Thames. As he is convoying some ships to Yarmouth, has desired him to take her with him, and await orders. Has not heard of the Pearl, and the Weymouth pink is such a dumb beast she signifies little more than nothing. 92
" 11 Capt. Fras. Allen, Advise, Ostend Road. Navy Comrs According to order from the Admiralty Commissioners, sent two of his officers to Hull to impress men, and obtained 30, and by beating drum for volunteers, 20 able seamen came to the governor and officers. The ship being at Flamborough Head, the men were secured in the castle, and order sent for him to go to the Humber to take them in. Took and entered them in the ship, and allowed them 6d. a day for 4 days, as little as could be allowed for victuals; hopes they will not think the charge unnecessary, and will order the money to be paid. 93
" " Capt. Abr. Allgate, the Wexford, Harwich. Adm. Com. Received orders from Capt. Plumleigh to see the 4 vessels he convoyed from Rotterdam for London, as also some others, into the river, but has been forced into Harwich by contrary winds. 94
" " Capt. Nath. Browne, the Taunton, Chatham River. " Has come up from the Downs by order of the commander-in-chief there, to clean and revictual, and will return when completed. 95
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Repairs of ships 96
" " " " Navy Comrs To like effect 97
" " " " " To like effect. As the tar supplied by Mr. Greene is bad, and ⅓ turns to waste, asks whether to make out any bill for it. There is great want of tar. 98
Aug. 11 Capt. Robt. Clay, Sapphire, Hope. Robt. Blackborne. Will sail to the Downs as ordered; desires a press warrant 99
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell Adm. Com. Particulars of ships 100
" " Capt. Rich. Ducie, Wren pink, Yarmouth Roads. " Will observe all Major Burton's orders. Is going as convoy to a fleet of laden colliers, but wants a cable, fore-topsail, and boat; will be out of victuals on the 27th. 101
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose the Bristol, Yarmouth Roads. " Will sail to Long Sound as ordered, but is waiting for the Phoenix, which was in the Hope on Friday. 102
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Sent their letter to Capt Penrose, who has gone with Capt. Haddock to Long Sound. As there is a rumour of 8 of the enemies' ships having gone to meet the Iceland fleet, and as only 4 of the fleet came out of the country without convoy this year, and they were all taken, desires a man-of-war may be sent to protect them. Hopes it will not be long before the prisoners are released in Flanders, as their wives will not let him be quiet. 103
" " Robt. Robins, Jno. Albertson, bailiffs, Yarmouth. " Have 70 Dunkirk and Ostend prisoners brought in by captains of ships, and no one is ordered to pay for their diet, which is 4d. a man per day, and it is growing to a considerable sum; desire orders to Mr. Pewtinger to defray the charges; also for some provision to be made for sick and wounded men sent on shore. The convoy for the herring fishery will be required by the 24th or 26th inst. 104
" " Capt. Robt. Plumleigh, Reserve, Humber. " Has returned from Rotterdam, and waits orders 105
" " Capt. Philemon Pownell, Eaglet ketch, Downs. Navy Comrs While carrying a packet to Capt. Whitehorne on the coast of Flanders, chased one of the enemies' men-of-war on shore, and destroyed her; also chased another which surrendered to a French man-of-war, so ordered them both into the Downs, to be disposed of as the Admiral should think fit. Has convoyed several ships, but can do little good in such a small vessel; desires a remove before winter. 106
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Sends particulars of the Downs and Flanders squadrons and other ships. Dispatched their letter to the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk; will distribute the 100 tuns of beer received from London. As there are great complaints for want of convoys, desires more ships for that purpose. 107–109
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Dockyard, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Has launched the Chesnut ketch, and if men appear, she will be ready to sail this week, as also the Hopewell pink; wants the captain and some one to look after the provisions. Delivered their warrants, but no carriages have arrived for the guns. The Amity is at Spithead, with some vessels bound for Seine Head. 110
Aug. 11 Capt. Jo. Topping, Tynemouth Castle Adm. Com. Being with Capt. Howard and others at Hexham, heard from Capt. Wilkinson, who came in with a convoy, that one of the State's ships had spent her topmast and received other damage, in chasing one of the enemies' frigates, and had put into some harbour to be refitted. There are 4 Dunkirk men-of-war upon the coast, and none of the State's ships but the Weymouth pink, which has gone as convoy to 73 laden colliers. 111
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs To give order for refitting and cleaning the Taunton at Chatham, and victualling her for 4 months. 112
" 12 " " To give order for supplying the Sorlings with anchors, cables, and boatswain's stores 113
" " " " To give order for victualling the Blackmore and Chesnut ketches, bound to the West Indies, for 6 months, for 45 and 50 men each. 114
" " " " Order to consider what sorts of ironwork should be made in Dean Forest, for supply of the stores at Portsmouth, Chatham, and Deptford. 115
" " Thos. Broome, Dover Adm. Com. Asks payment of 347l. 18s. 2d., for sundry disbursements and for expenses of a suit between himself and Robt. Mason, in defending the State's title to lands and tenements, as also for 7 years toil and trouble. 116
" " Major Rich. Elton, Hull. " Sends a petition enclosed of Wm. Maister, mayor of Hull, and several other merchants, that the convoy for their 2 ships, laden with cloth, bound to Hamburg, may stay 10 or 14 days, to reconduct the ships home when laden. Col. Salmon has granted a convoy for their Dort ship to Yarmouth. Particulars of the movements of the State's ships. 117, 118
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will scatter the Moors among the ships, but they have only the clothes they wear, which are few enough, and it getting wet and cold, they may not only contract disease themselves, but give it to others. Particulars of ships. 119
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Nightingale, Milford Haven. " Hearing that a man-of-war had chased 3 merchantmen from the West Indies into Berehaven, and believing her to be consort to the one he formerly took, plied about the Cape, but not meeting her, convoyed the merchantmen to Kinsale. Heard of another which had sunk a small vessel and plundered two or three others, but cannot do much service, his frigate being foul and out of repair. As there is much pay due to his men, which their families want, and his frigate is not fit to stay out the winter, hopes shortly to be called in. 120
" " Capt. Anth. Riveley, Vulture, Yarmouth. " Convoyed some vessels to the Downs, and returned to Harwich to stop leaks. Convoyed a fleet of 50 colliers thence to Yarmouth, and is now in the Roads. 121
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. " Sends a packet from Capt. Whitehorne, brought by Capt. Nixon, who has come over for water, and reports that the enemy is not so strong as was believed. Capt. Sparling, with 6 ships named, considered himself equal to the enemy's force, before the Cheriton and Sparrow were ordered to join him, there being only 6 men-of-war in Ostend besides the Holland men-of-war, which are to be returned to the Hollanders. When the Dartmouth and Yarmouth arrive, there will shortly be 16 sail upon that coast, but they will not be able to remain but at great hazard, and would do more service if sent out by twos. The Jersey chased 2 frigates from Dunkirk, but being very foul, was forced to give it up. 122
Aug. 13 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. As Dean Forest will be the most convenient place for building the 5th rate frigate, have instructed Dan. Furzer, shipwright, to repair to Lydney Pill to build her, and to apply to Major Wade, residing there, for orders, money, timber, and ironwork; desire they will write the major thereon. 123
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs They are to sign the ticket made out by Capt. Morris of the Sorlings, for the pay of Constant Courtney, his chaplain, although the latter had no warrant. 124
" " Capt. Dan. Baker, Portsmouth. Col. Jno. Clarke. Asks the command of the new frigate building at Portsmouth 125
" " " " Adm. Com. To like effect. Has revictualled for 45 men for 3 months, and will sail for Spithead 126
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Got the Dragon a pilot, with much ado, the pay being so small. There are 10 sail of the enemy lying on the Scotch coast to meet the Iceland fleet. The wives of the men in prison attend him daily respecting their release. 127
" " Capt. Rich. Haddock, the Dragon, Yarmouth Roads. Adm. Com. Is fitting out to sail for the Humber, to meet Capt. Plumleigh, but fears he may have gone with his convoy; should Major Elton have no orders for him, hopes orders will be sent. Will endeavour to find an anchor at Hull. 128
" " Capt. Rich. Cowes, Dublin. " Carried Capt. Dean to Ireland and convoyed the vessels in his company, and after landing him at Cork, went to Kinsale to tallow and victual, and then plied westward of Cape Clear and towards England. Chased and took the St. Nicholas, commanded by Jasper Hurlestone, an Irishman, who had a commission from James Stuart. She carried 3 guns, 2 of which they had thrown overboard, and 24 men, the rest having been sent away in the prizes they took last week. Has delivered her and the prisoners to Lord Henry Cromwell, and is going to sea to look after others. 129
" " Thos. Eastwood, Redbridge. Navy Comrs The price of tar is 25s. a barrel; has been offered some at Southampton for 22s. by bill payable in a month. If they approve, desires order at Southampton; will be at Redbridge, loading Mr. Coldrick's hoy, which is coming up the river next tide with the plank. Will want money to pay the carters for the timber, and therefore desires a bill of imprest. 130
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Convoyed Captain Gosnold, an East Indiaman of value, bound for London, from Plymouth to Portsmouth, by order of Commander Hatsell, and a small vessel with provisions for Dover; is getting refitted and victualled. 131
" " Thos. Newberry, Portsmouth. " Has finished the drying and dusting of the 493 barrels of decayed powder in the stores, which, with 24 barrels of wet powder received from the Basing, and 18 from the Fagon, made 535, of which 13 were wasted in the process, and 63 were unfit for further service. Having supplied 3 ships, has 411 barrels in hand. 132, 133
Aug. 13 Capt. Rich. Rooth, the Dartmouth. Adm. Com. Has used all means to dispatch his ship, and waits the provisions from Ipswich, when he will repair to Capt. Whitehorne. 134
" " Capt. Jer.Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Prize Comrs Received their letter complaining of his appropriating a prize he took to the service of the State in the Downs, without their order and contrary to their 6th instruction, whereby they were unable to pass their account in the Exchequer; sent them and their sub-Commissioners due notice, and received order from the Admiralty Commissioners to refit her. She was only an old rotten sloop or boat, of 2 or 3 tons, with a loading of 12 or 14 rogues, who ran, but were retaken, a grapnell and piece of rope, half a cheese, and 4 lbs. of bread, the whole value, 4l. 14s. 0d. 135
" " " " [Adm. Com.] Sends a letter from the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk. The Sapphire, with the cloth ship, has not arrived, nor Capt. Rob. Clarke, from London. Has heard nothing of the Wexford, and there is no ship in the Downs fit for a convoy besides the Unicorn. Two others are detained by southerly winds, has supplied them with 16 men. Hearing from Commissioner Pett that the Sapphire and Taunton are ready to sail, hopes they may go no further than the Swale for men and provisions, as the men of other ships in the Hope are still running to their relations in London, to the hindrance of the service. Wants a minister and lieutenant for the Dunbar. 136
" " Capt. Jno. Woolters, Nonsuch, Burnt Island. " Is cleaning his ship, and hopes to finish and victual by the end of the week, when he expects to be ordered to convoy 15 sail bound for London. Wants a purser. 137
" 14 Wm. Badiley [Navy Comrs] Wants a bill of imprest for 100l.; will be out of pocket 30l. for board wages before he can receive it. 138
" " Ri.Dighton, Custom House, Scarborough. Adm. Com. Sends a survey made by Wm. Batty and 3 others of a boat left there belonging to the Plymouth frigate, and desires orders concerning her repair. 139, 140
" " Laurence Holker, Gravesend. " His master, Jno. Morris, is at London. The Phoenix having received her necessaries has sailed, and the Sapphire will sail to-day. 141
" " Capt. Robt. Clarke, Unicorn, Downs. Navy Comrs Met the Sapphire in the Hope, and the cloth ship at Gravesend, and advised the latter to make for Margate Road, where he would meet her, there being no other convoy ship in the Downs. 142
" " " " Capt. Robt. Blackborne. Is going to Margate Road to meet the Sapphire and the cloth ship. Capt. Smith wants a lieutenant and is willing to entertain the writer's brother-in-law, Lieut. Chaloner. 143
" " J. Sprigge, Richmond Adm. Com. Is very sensible of Mr. Murcot's condition, and is glad he has such a friend as Blackborne. Will be in town to-morrow and call upon him. 144
" " Wm. Thomas [Redclift]. " Recommends the petition of Jer. Hassle, carpenter of the Little Charity, for the new frigate building at Deptford, and the boatswain of the Little Charity as boatswain. Will attend him on his own business on Monday, at the Custom House or Westminster. 145
Aug. 15 Capt. R. Bowen, Mayflower, Milford Haven. Adm. Com. Has discharged the clerk of the check and the steward as ordered, and entered in their room Jno. Marichurch, purser, who has taken an account of the remains of victuals; having received fresh supplies, hopes to sail this evening, but requires an order for stores. The Basing sailed yesterday, with Sir Jno. Reynolds, for Dublin. The Paradox has taken the man-of-war which he lost on Wednesday. 1
" " Rich. Brown, Pembroke. " Although the Basing and 2 other frigates were upon the coast last week, 2 small rogues took several vessels that came for coals, by which means they are well stocked with money, and lie where the State's frigates have not the art to find them. The Little Michael has been taken, and brought to Dublin Bay by Harleston, the pirate, who could not have less than 2,000l. A great whale was cast on shore near St. David's last Sunday, and if the people had not cut it up and carried it away, it might have been of good value, but the vice-admiral is now executing his power. The Basing has gone with Sir J. Reynolds to Dublin, and the Nightingale is about Calder, to secure the barks on their return from Bristol fair. Gave Mr. Marichurch his commission and instructions. Desires order to supply ships with necessaries for tallowing. 2
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Is glad to hear that Dillon and Ensome are taken, and hopes they and those with them will be safely kept. There are several Dutch and other ships riding in Torbay; two Italian friars, who came on shore, disowned the Popish religion, and declared that several of the ships had a great quantity of Spanish goods on board. Capt. Pley went on board the Dutch convoys, and desired a list of the ships, but they refused to give it, and there is not sufficient strength there to force them to it. Has ordered the Bryer and two others to join the ships there, and Capt. Heaton to go in one of them. Is repairing the Gainsborough. 3
" " Capt. Geo. Crapnell, the Essex. Col. Jno. Clerke. Begs to be removed into a smaller frigate, as he could do better service 4
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Captain Robinson has arrived with the Hull fleet, as also a prize with 41 men; desires order to fit her out for service among the sands, between Harwich and Lea. He reports, as well as Capt. Smyth, that the coasts are full of the enemies' men-of-war, and that they do not know how to secure the fleets. The Iceland fleet will be lost if some ships are not speedily sent to act as convoys. Several ships have been taken since the last 3 were ordered to lie upon the north coasts, and the herring fishing boats, the Hull ship with cloth for Dort, and others with lead for the Downs, are all waiting for a convoy. Asks who is to pay the prisoners' diet. 5
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Yarmouth Roads. " Has come in with 15 sail from Hull, 14 laden with lead, and the other with cloth, also with the St. Ann of Ostend, of 5 guns and 41 men, which he took off Flamborough Head, and which will be very useful if employed between the sands. Lost his boat and 8 men in boarding her, and is now going northwards. Recommends his gunner, Geo. Hoggis, as commander to the prize. 6
Aug. 15 Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Bristol, Yarmouth Roads. Adm. Com. The Phœnix has arrived, and though he and Major Burton used all possible means to get a pilot, they could not obtain one until now; is about to sail. 7
" " Ordnance officers " Received their order for entering Edw. Oxinton armourer upon the quarter books, in place of Hum. Jones, but the books having been made up, desire order to make out a debenture for his last quarter's salary. Will place him on the books hereafter. 8
" " Robt. Sewell, Chatham Dock. Navy Comrs Sends an accounts of masts in the stores at Chatham 9
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Desires order to the storekeeper to deliver cordage, blocks, &c., for rigging the new frigate building at Deptford; also order for disposing of the 7 Flemish ships in the dock, as there is no room for any others that may come in, the moorings being bad. 10
" 16 Capt. Nath. Browne, the Taunton, Chatham River. Adm. Com. Has used all dispatch in refitting, and hopes to sail next Wednesday; is afraid he will lose several of his men. Has sent up his purser and gunner with their accounts, and to obtain supplies. 11
" " Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, Downs. Navy Comrs Has just arrived from the fleet, which has done nothing of great concernment, save that at Vigo, in Galicia, and that at Malaga, where Capt. Smith burnt and destroyed most of the ships in the Mould, as also a galley, and spiked 6 pieces of ordnance. The greatest loss was when coming off, as they kept up a continuous fire, and killed and wounded 20 men. The fleet is in good condition, and can hold out for some time longer; the rear and vice-admiral are in Cadiz Road. 12
" " " " Adm. Com. Has come in by order of the Generals, and will require tallowing and revictualling. Chased a Biscay shallop, but being very foul from being off the ground so long, was forced to give it up. 13
" " Thos. Newberry, Portsmouth. " Surveyed the remains of the gunner's stores in the Sorlings, and received his account. They expended 26 barrels of powder, and fired 500 rounds of double, shot in the fight with the two Biscaneers; has laid on board sufficient to complete to 30 rounds. 14
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. " The Assurance has arrived, with a packet from the Generals in the Straits. Will ascertain what further provisions can be stowed in the Dunbar. Could not send to Captain Whitehorne through contrary winds. Particulars of the sailing of ships. 15
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " Took a survey, with Mr. Newberry, of the remains of boatswain's stores on Sorlings, and having sent her some anchors and sails, she is complete. Particulars of other ships. Desires order for supplying the Chesnut; asks the number of men she is to carry. 16
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Sends a letter from Mr. Sewell, and an offer of masts, which being wanted, desires order to purchase. Repair of ships. 17
" " " " " Particulars of ships. Desires their provisions may be hastened down 18
Aug. 16 Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Cromer. Adm. Com. Since his letter of yesterday, has brought in a light fleet, as also a Dover ship that had, lost her mast. Capt. Smith also came in with a laden fleet, and has gone out again. Desires the command of a smaller frigate. 19
" " Capt. J. Whitstone, Phœnix, Yarmouth Roads. " Has been waiting 3 days for a pilot, and for water casks, &c., but is now under sail, as is the Bristol. The 2 men they mention were cleared, either through sickness or disability for service. Had 3 or 4 idle fellows who ran, but has procured others. 20
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Winterton. " Has arrived with 200 laden vessels from Newcastle. Did not fire a gun to call the Pearl off from chasing two Ostend men-of-war, but to give her notice of them, having himself chased them the day before for 6 hours, when they out-sailed him; Capt. Roberts, of the Preston, also went in pursuit, without effect. 21
" 17 Capt. Willoughby Hannam, Kentish, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Will sail to morrow if his powder and other stores arrive from London; wants a gunner 22
" " Capt. Ri. Hodges, Basing, at Sea. Adm. Com. Met the Nightingale, which is to go with him as convoy to the vessels coming from Bristol fair, bound to Ireland, and the wind being contrary, they are plying about. Carried Sir Jno. Reynolds to Dublin, and showed his instructions to Lord Hen. Cromwell and the Council, which they liked, and added that he should also range as far as Cape Clear, when weather permitted. There are 2 small pirates lying about Saltes and Milford Islands, supposed to be consorts to the one taken by the Paradox. 23
" 18 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order for the making of a dry dock at Portsmouth for 3rd and 4th rate ships, cost 3,200l., the magistrates and inhabitants having offered 500l. towards the expense, but they are to see that the 500l. is first secured. 24
" " Capt. Dan. Baker, Downs. Adm. Com. Convoyed a vessel with provisions, and 5 others to the Downs, and having delivered the former to the commander-in-chief, waits orders. 25
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Delivered their letter to the captain of the Phoenix, who is a saucy jack; will report his carriage when he comes up. The Dragon and other ships have sailed; a convoy is wanted for the Iceland fleet and the fishers. On what they write concerning the prisoners, has given the poor women all the comfort he can, but hearing from them that they clear man for man at Dover, as fast as they are taken, desires order to do the same. Has now a master, Wm. Poolard, and his men, who were taken 14 days since, and who lost his (Burton's) ship, in carrying her into Nieuport; would be glad to turn them over. 26
Aug. 18 Robert. Robins, John Albertson, bailiffs, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Formerly desired an order for payment of money expended for the diet and keep of prisoners brought in from sea, at 4d. per man per day; since then 41 more have been sent in by Capt. Robinson. Beg an order to Mr. Pewtinger, collector of customs, who has to deal with the prizes, for payment. Have also a great complaint to make against the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded, as they take no care for any put ou shore, nor for payment of the charges, but leave it to them to disburse their own money, and get it as and when they can. Have written them several times, but to no effect, and having several sick men, hope some fit person may be appointed to take care of and make provision for them, and all others who may hereafter be sent on shore. 27
" " Col. Rob. Gibbon Robt. Blackborne. Has sent the bearer to solicit a convoy by the time he returns from Kent 28
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Has done his best to get his ship ready, and having nearly all his stores, will convoy the East Indiaman, and whatever vessels are then ready bound for the Downs. 29
" " Ordnance officers Account of contracts with powder makers named, noting what has been received and delivered and has to come in. 30
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Particulars of the sailing of ships, some of which will have to press for men. Recommends Lieut. Triggs of the Kent for preferment. 31
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Sends a list of the Downs squadron, of those with Capt. Whitehorne off the Flemish coast, and of others gone as convoy, &c. Sent their letter to the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk and their packet to Capt. Whitehorne, as also notice of the taking of the North Sea fishermen. Capt. Pownall has received the stores sent for the Essex. The Hopewell has convoyed in a vessel from Plymouth, with 6 months' provisions for 200 men, which he has ordered Mr. White at Dover to receive, for such ships as may be sent in to repair and victual. The Advice came in for a new mast; as the frigates before Ostend and Dunkirk were out of beer, has sent 40 tuns by her for their present supply, and desires more may be sent from London. 32, 33
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Dockyard, Portsmouth. " Capt. Morris has sailed with the East Indiaman and other ships for the Downs. Cannot yet obtain the boatswain and carpenter's accounts; they ought to be signed by the commanders, and delivered in at any place where they have a survey and supply, and order given accordingly; does not supply stores without sufficient order. The beer for the Chesnut will be ready to ship by Friday. 34
" 19 Aug. Aldridge, Lidney, Dean Forest. Navy Comrs The 20 or 30 loads of 2 and 3 inch plank ordered will be ready in 3 weeks. Has been attending upon Capt. Kingdom and Major Wade, but has sent up his accounts; shall make no more treenails in the woods, as there is much difficulty about it. 35
" " Ellis Morris and Rob. Pride. Examinations of Mich. Rydley, constable of Southwark, Wm. Burganey, servant to Mr. Davies, storekeeper at Deptford, and note from Ellis Morris, prisoner in the White Lion Prison, Southwark, to Burganey, respecting the embezzlement of some of the State's nails by Morris and Pride. 36–38
Aug. 19 Major N. Bourne, Harwich. [Adm. Com.] Formerly advised his having drawn a bill on the Navy Treasurer for 400l., for money taken up to carry on the public affairs; since then has taken a more particular account of the state of matters in the port, and of the amount owing for wages and stores; although the sums are small, they amount to 700l.; there will also be 500l. due for carting 500 trees from Hitcham Woods, part of which are already at Ipswich or Deptford. As these sums must be paid, hopes the money will be lodged with the Navy Treasurer. Has been ill for 3 or 4 days, but hopes to be able to go to the woods, to settle with the proprietor for the remainder, and will then return to London. 39
" " Capt. Thos. Eliot, Fagon, Catwater, Plymouth Sound. " Has arrived with the 4 ships bound for Jamaica, and is ordered by Capt. Heaton to repair and tallow, being much damaged by two Holland men-of-war near Torbay. 40
Major Rich. Elton, " Sent their orders for the Advice frigate. Several ships have arrived and departed. The merchants [of Hull] return thanks for the answer to their petition, and for the care taken of them and theirs. 41
" " Capt. N. Heaton, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. The Commissioners had an account of his going to Torbay from Capt. Hatsell, but another will shortly come from a person better able to do it than himself. Blesses God that no blood was spilt, but for the honour of his nation; could not avoid going on board a Dutch frigate of 24 guns, on one side, and the Fagons on the other, as also another great Dutch man-of-war, to help his friend. Lay lashed fast for two hours, clashing swords and touching each other with pikes, and at length parted, but in spite of them, brought away one of their fleet, called the Golden Fox, bound to Malaga, and arrived with her and the Jamaica ships safely at Plymouth. The Fagons having been damaged, and being off the ground 5 months, is ordered into Catwater to repair, as is also the Bryer, Bramble, and Lark. 42
" 20 Capt. Jno. Smith, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Came in with 160 laden colliers; requires two topmasts, which Major Burton has promised to supply. Went towards Newcastle by his order, to tallow, but meeting 120 colliers from Sunderland, could not leave them open to the enemy without convoy, the coast being much infested. Has chased 8, but lost them through his ship being so foul; hopes, as Major Burton is at Norwich, he will give order for his tallowing. 43
" " Capt. Rich. Country, Hind ketch, Harwich. " Has been ranging on his station and convoying ships; chased a small shallop, and would have taken her if his vessel had been clean. Has only 6 days' provisions. 44
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Has ordered the Taunton and Kentish to sail to the Hope 45
" " John Pitt, the Dunbar, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Sends a packet, as also an account of the provisions in the Assurance, which was omitted 45
Aug. 20 Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Sent the packet for Capt. Whitehorne, and encloses one from him; also an account of the provisions in the Assurance; has ordered a supply for 3 weeks, also some sails. The Grantham and Hopewell have sailed from the Downs, with a vessel laden with powder and ammunition for Portsmouth, and several others. 47
" " Thos. Scott, Manley Callis, George Kendal. Navy Comrs Send particulars of a survey and valuation of the John's frigate, worth 177l. 7s. 6d.; also account of wages and disbursements in a voyage from New England to London, and the amount due by the State to the owners for freight and the passage of 10 passengers named, total, 126l. 10s. 0d. 48, 49
" " Capt. Rob. Robinson, the Preston, Scarborough. Adm. Com. Met a laden fleet of 200 sail off Flamborough Head, under convoy of the Weymouth and Pearl. Capt. [John] Smith having put that way in a chase; the Pearl having lost some of her masts, ordered her into the Roads, and the Weymouth to see the fleet to Winterton Ness, and if the coast was clear to return. Has not heard of any men-of-war upon the coast, but will endeavour to clear it of them northward, and bring a laden fleet that way, as the other two are southward. 50
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Jno. Tippets, Jno. Dymock, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Received a warrant to certify what ironwork is necessary for a year's service, but not knowing what ships may require such, send an abstract of the last two years' expenses; the medium may be taken as a fit proportion. When anchors are sent down or made, they ought to be proportionable, and their weights affixed; if the old rule of Blacksmiths' Hall were put in execution, they would be so, and fitter for the service. 51
" " Capt. Chas. Thorowgood, Dockyard, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Sorlings has sailed with the East Indiaman and others bound for the Downs. Capt. Clerke wants fishing lines and hooks, and turtle irons; as soon as his beer and provisions are on board, he will go to Cowes to look for men, there being only the officers and their servants on board. 52
" 21 Capt. Thos. Eliot, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Sends the proceedings, &c., of a Council of War held on board the Bristol, on his late boatswain, Josias Topley, now gone to East India, for neglects and miscarriages, as also for threatening the master; as he has violated the 25th and 29th Articles of War, order that he be dismissed from his charge as boatswain; but considering his former services, his having been in several engagements, and having a wife and family, order that a ticket be given to him for his wages, and that the same be paid. 53, 54
" " Capt. Willoughby Hannam, Kentish, Hope. Adm. Com. Came from Queenborough Swale by order of Commissioner Pett. Hopes to have his provisions on board and be ready for orders next week. 55
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. " Sends a letter from the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk. The Sorlings has arrived with the provisions for supply of the Downs squadron, and after they have been received into the Dunbar, she will return to her station. The Assurance will be ready to sail to-morrow. 56
" " Capt. Thos. Morris, Sorlings, Downs. " Has arrived with 3 vessels under convoy from Portsmouth, and is ordered to his station by Capt. Smyth, who rides admiral. 57
Aug. 21 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs Has sent the Kentish and other ships to the Hope, as ordered. Sends list of the knights chosen for Kent; thinks the Major-General has been too much undervalued, which he fears may prove a sad presage, but he and Shatterden are in competition, and polling. 58
" 22 Manley Callis, Deptford. " There being 6 Flemish ships belonging to the State, besides the Satisfaction, which have been riding in the heat all the summer, whereby their upper works are much shrunk and their decks split, they must be caulked and tarred before they will be fit for service. 59
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Is daily looking for a convoy for the Iceland fleet, the herring fishery, and for some ships in the Roads, laden with cloth and lead of great value, bound for the Maas, all of which have been waiting some time, at a great loss. Has not lost any of the prisoners brought in by the ships, but as the gaol will not hold a quarter of them, is forced to keep them in two of the towers upon the walls, as also a strict guard, both of horse and foot; the three companies being small, they have hard duties. Is sorry the Admiralty Judges in Flanders will not exchange prisoners, and there is a great cry from the women. The enemies' captains offer to send to Ostend and Dunkirk, and get the Yarmouth men exchanged man for man, if allowed. The prize brought in by Capt. Robinson is fit for the service, but the Prize Commissioners will not deliver her up without order; is surprised that servants should turn masters; they ordered her to be sold, but, with much difficulty, he got them to put it off. 60
" " Capt. Ben. Gifford, Landguard. Cols. Clarke and Salmon. Desires payment of an account due to widow Johnson of Harwich, for quartering sick seamen, as she is likely to perish for want of common necessaries. 61
" " Col. Ed. Salmon, Scarborough. Adm. Com. Received their letter at Hull. Finds those who convoyed the prisoners from Scarborough are at sea, but if they return, will observe orders. The Preston came in for water, and then sailed to look after a Dunkirker, which has taken a small cobble of Whitby, and after stripping her men of nearly all they had, put them on shore half naked. 100 sail have passed by, but standing out so far, could not see whether they had any convoy. 62
" " Navy Comrs Notes concerning the sizes and prices of masts to be sold 63–5
" 23 Adm. Com. " Order to make out a bill for the balance of 11l. 18s. 6d. due to Thos. Simons, for making gold medals and chains for the fleet, he having received 2,000l. from the Prize Office. With Simon's accounts. 66–8
" " " " Order to dispose in the State's yards 24 masts shipped by Rich. Bradshaw, agent at Hamburg, for the use of the navy, and certify their value. With Bradshaw's letter of 23 July, certifying their purchase; cost with freight, 440l. 17s. 4d. 69, 70
" " " " Order for supplying the Blackmore and Chesnut with harpooning irons and other fishing tackle, not exceeding the value of 10l. 71
Aug. 23 Capt. Jeremy Country, Roe ketch, Yarmouth Roads. Adm. Com. Conducted a fleet of Lynn as far as the Spurn, and met Capt. Plumleigh, with several vessels for Hull; also the Preston, and joined her in chasing several of the enemy, but without success. Went with 3 vessels to Yarmouth, and convoyed 6 back to Lynn. 72
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Advise, Yarmouth Roads. " Sailed from Mardike Pitts on the 21st, with Capt. Parker of the Cherriton, to meet the Iceland fleet, and when off Orfordness they chased a small pink; on being boarded by Capt. Parker, it was found she belonged to Yarmouth, and was bound for Flushing with buck seed, butter, wool, and leather, which they took and put on board the Cherriton. Has applied to Major Burton for information as to the Iceland fleet, and as soon as his ship is cleaned, will again set sail. 73
" " Thos. Eastwood, Redbridge. Navy Comrs Has bought 100 barrels of tar, which is being shipped for Portsmouth. Was forced to hire men to load Mr. Couldick's hoy with plank, and has presented a bill for 20l., which is a small matter for the business done in the New Forest; the timber having been all brought down, the men expect their money, and 100l. will clear the business. Has sent an account to Commissioner Willoughby, who will satisfy them as to what money he has used and disbursed, besides his own expenses in converting and transporting timber by land and water, which have been great. Begs money to clear the workmen, to whom he has hitherto given content; also an order to employ Mr. Newlad's vessel to carry the rest of the plank from Redbridge to Woolwich; he will want the freight as soon as delivered. 74
" " Major Thos. Kelsey, Chatham. Adm. Com. As the Admiralty Judges at Dunkirk refuse to comply with their proposals as to the general release of prisoners, has written to Canterbury and Dover, and strictly charged that what prisoners we have or shall have be safely secured. Knows nothing of the information received from Major Burton. 75
" " Thos. Newberry, Portsmouth. " Is glad his labour in drying the powder and making it fit for use has given satisfaction; regrets the loss of 13 barrels as waste. Will want 200 barrels of new powder for the stores; hears from the Ordnance officers that 250 are to be sent. Having borrowed 164 barrels for the Straits' fleet, has only 86 left. 76
" " Capt. Jno. Woolters, Nonsuch, Leith Road " Has cleaned and victualled his frigate, and sends the account, which is heavy, the spring tide being far spent and materials dear; is coming with a fleet towards London, by order of the General. 77, 78
" 24 Major Kich. Elton, Hull. " Delivered their orders to Capt. Plumleigh, and wrote them on the 19th, the day the Reserve and Dragon sailed with the Hamburg and other ships from the Humber. 79
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Tyuemouth Bar. " Particulars of his chasing a pirate, on 24 July, with the Pearl and Weymouth pink, by desire of Capt. Wilkinson; wishes they had known earlier that she was an enemy. 80
" " " " Came in with a light fleet, and convoyed another up the Spurn, where he met the Weymouth and sent her back with them and is now going to meet her or the Pearl. Has not seen any of the enemy for several days, but Capt. Wilkinson reports one to be on the Norfolk coast. Desires order for revictualling. 81
Aug. 25 Capt. Dan. Baker, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. Convoyed a vessel with powder and ammunition to Portsmouth, and returned to Spithead; finding no orders, is advised by Capt. Thorowgood to join the Amity and return to his station. 82
" " Capt. Hen. Clarke, Chesnut, Portsmouth. " There is neither brandy nor cider in the town; wants an order to obtain them; also for hooks, lines, irons, &c., and an order for payment of conduct money disbursed by 6 of his men in travelling from London to Portsmouth. 83
" " Capt. Robt. Claye, Sapphire, Yarmouth Roads. " Convoyed 3 English vessels from the coast of Holland to Yarmouth Roads, by order of Capt. [Rob.] Clarke, and is ordered by Major Burton to see some back. 84
" " Capt. Rich. Ducie, Wren pink, Yarmouth Roads. " Is going to Harwich to victual, by order of Major Burton 85
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell Col. Jno. Clerke. Has been ill, but is better. Hopes to get the Gainsborough off next tide, having 3 lighters on each side of her, and is in hand with the Fagon and others. Will appoint a convoy for the Jamaica ships as far as St. George's Channel. Sends the names of 8 gentlemen chosen for Cornwall, as also of 4 others for Launceston, Truro, Penryn, &c. 86
" " Ri. Kingdon, Thos. Hayter, London. Adm. Com. Have prepared the enclosed instructions for the better keeping of the State's accounts, in connexion with the iron works in Dean Forest; notwithstanding, leave it to their better wisdom. 87
" " Navy Comrs. " Ordered the officers at Deptford to receive the John from Newfoundland from Capt. John Leverett; have surveyed her and find she is a serviceable vessel. Have received an account of the wages due, as also for freight of 3 passengers and some goods, together with the amount already received, and find there is a balance of 71l. due. As she was brought over by Capt. Robt. Henfield, who also brought Capt. Wm. Crispin and 11 other soldiers free, and as he has not received anything for his pains, recommend that he be appointed her commander. 88
" " Capt. Hen. Pack, Amity, Spithead. " Has convoyed several ships for Newhaven, and returned with 6 others, and will proceed to Weymouth. 89
" " Jno. Pitt, the Dunbar, Downs. Robt. Blackborne. Will attend him or the Commissioners if required; has been busily engaged in their affairs for the last 6 months. 90
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Adm. Com. Sends an account of the Downs squadron, with their provisions and stations. Mr. White of Dover, reporting that the provisions received from Plymouth were bad, but have been re-pickled, has supplied the Jersey, Essex, and other ships, and will send much that is aboard to be repickled. There is great want of the beer from London. The Unicorn and Wexford have arrived; the latter is not fit for further service, and is only a prey to the enemy. There is a Dunkirker of 32 guns between the Maas and the Texel, supposed to be the same that took the Culling. 91, 92
Aug. 25 John Pitt, the Dunbar, Downs. Robt. Blackborne Begs some remuneration for his services or discharge. Was employed under Mr. Creed at 40l. a year, but since Creed joined the fleet abroad, has received nothing. 93
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Yarmouth Roads. " Has convoyed 70 London vessels; escaped surprise by a small man-of-war, and chased her, but was outsailed. Prevented her plundering a hoy from Norway. The Ostenders have taken 11 English and Scotch vessels out of one harbour in Norway. 94
" " Adm. Comrs. Navy Comrs Order for cleaning the Assistance at Chatham, and victualling her for 4 months 95
" 26 " " Order for refitting the Princess Maria, Elias, or Satisfaction, as a guard for securing the River Medway, and the ships moored there. 96
" " Robt. Blackborne, Whitehall. " Capt. [Hen.] Clarke of the Chesnut ketch at Portsmouth having paid conduct money to 6 seamen who travelled from London to Portsmouth, which the treasurer refuses to repay, the Admiralty Commissioners desires them to give the usual order. 97
" " Capt. Willoughby Hannam, the Kent, Hope. Adm. Com. Has come in by order of Commissioner Pett. Received their several orders, and regrets he was unable, from circumstances mentioned, either attend them or to sail. 98
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will cause such as can speak materially in the matter to be examined, and signify their pleasure to Capt. Pley to do the like. The Golden Fox is at Plymouth, and the Sub-Commissioners for Prize Goods took the examination of the skipper and steersman, and sent them to the Commissioners for Prize Goods in London, but as she is laden with pipe staves, little can be discovered until she is unladen. The skipper lived in Ostend during the Dutch war, and cleared a ship taken by our frigates. Being a Papist, he is a fit fellow to manage this business. Has sent the Bryer and Bramble with the Jamaica ships bound to Carrickfergus. Particulars of ships, with depositions of Capt. Thos. Elliott, commander of the Fagon, Jno. Potter, master, Edm. Willmott, boatswain, and Nath.Elliott, master's mate; also of Capt. Nich. Heaton of the Gainsborough, that while at Torbay on the 9th inst., 40 sail wearing Holland, Hamburg, and Swedes' colours, under convoy of a Dutch admiral and vice-admiral, arrived and anchored in the bay; and two friars having gone on shore from that fleet, and deposed upon oath before Capt. John Pley, deputy vice-admiral of Devon, and the mayor of Dartmouth, that three of them, carrying Holland colours, were Ostenders, a search was demanded, and refused; whereupon some of the vessels were lashed to the State's ships, to prevent their sailing, but afterwards set free, save one called the Fox, which Capt. Elliott took and brought into Plymouth. They received much abuse from the Dutch, but gave none in return. 99, 100
" " Capt. Thos. Lardge, Lark, Plymouth. " Has cleaned and revictualled with all speed, and attends their commands 101
Aug. 26 Capt. Jno. Mackey, the Yarmouth, Dover Road. Adm. Com. Saw the Drake before Ostend; she put into the Wellings having sprung her mainmast. Took a small vessel bound from Rotterdam to Ostend with herrings, cheese, vinegar, &c., and has sent her to the Commissioners at Dover; the weather proving bad, was forced in there himself, as also the Tiger and Mermaid. It will be very dangerous for such ships to lie upon the coast of Flanders when the nights are dark, in regard of the many sands; will return with the first wind unless otherwise ordered. Encloses the cocket of the Holland vessel. The Tiger has broken her anchor and split her sails. 102
" " Jno. Morris, Gravesend. " Received theirs for the command of the Kent, who will sail to-morrow; the ambassador being ready to go on board the Taunton, she will sail to-night. 103
" " Capt. John Parker, Cherriton, Yarmouth Roads. " While with the Advice northwards, chased a vessel belonging to Yarmouth bound for Flushing; took 20 packs of wool and 40 dozen calf skins out of her, and then let her go, being too far out to tow her in, but has sent her and her captain's name to Major Burton. Convoyed 50 colliers from Newcastle to Winterton Ness, but was forced in by foul weather. 104
" 27 Major Rich. Elton, Hull. " Sends a petition of the merchants of Hull for a convoy. A frigate has come in to victual 105
" " Major Thos. Kelsey, Chatham. " Has taken all care for securing the Dunkirk prisoners, but as the Commissioners for Prize Goods refuse to refund the amount disbursed by the mayor of Dover and others for their maintenance, desires they will take care that what he shall certify to be due is paid; otherwise shall be unwilling to expend any more. 106
" " Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Burlington Bay. " Convoyed 120 laden colliers from Tynemouth to the Norfolk coast, and when the weather permits, will see 80 large ships to the Bar. Expects there will soon be another fleet ready to come from Newcastle. Has spoken several vessels from Holland, bound for Newcastle, but cannot hear anything of the enemy. 107
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill for 300l. to Mary, wife of Vice-Admiral Goodson, on account of his pay. 108
" 28 " " Order for cleaning the Wren pink at Harwich, and victualling her for 3 months 109
" " " " Order to make out a bill to Capt. Rich. Kingdon and Thos. Hayter for 12l. 12s. 6d. for travelling expenses to and from Dean Forest, to take the accounts of Major Wade in the management of the iron works there, as also of Mr. Aldridge for felling and converting timber for the State; also for 10l. for their pains in the business. 110
" " " " To make out a bill to Vice-Admiral Lawson for his pay and entertainment as vice-admiral of the fleet, from the time he was last paid, to 11 Feb. following, when he laid down his commission. 111
Aug. 28 Sir Jno. Barkstead, Tower. Robt. Blackborne Sends the petition of John Harrison to the Admiralty Commissioners, for an order for payment of his 2 years' arrears as minister in the Success, under Capt. Smith. Mr. Harrison is a near kinsman to Barkstead's father Allen, and thereby some relation to him; he has served as chaplain 4 years, is well affected, and has sustained many losses for his faithfulness; desires assistance in procuring him a warrant. 112, 113
" " Capt. Jno. Bowrey, Drake, Flushing. Navy Comrs Having spent his mainmast in chasing a vessel, has procured another at Flushing, and drawn a bill of exchange on them for 15l., payable to John Pitt, or order, which he hopes will be met, Pitt being well known, and ready to assist to the utmost of his power. 114
" " Jno. Morris, Gravesend. Adm. Com. Sailing of ships 115
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Is cleaning the Assistance; asks whether she is to be sent into the Hope or Swale 116
" " " " Navy Comrs Wants provisions to be sent down for the Assistance, and an order to unrig the 4 second rate ships, as the rigging will spoil if not taken down. 117
" " Capt. Giles Shelley, the Guinea, Spithead. Adm. Com. Sailed with 2 Yarmouth vessels from Hull, laden with lead for Seine Head, by order of the commander-in-chief in the Downs; has been forced to anchor through contrary winds. 118
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. " Has not heard anything more of the printed libels. Will appoint the first vessel that arrives to transport Monsr. Lewis Rozin from Deal, as also to convoy the vessels bound that way. Sir Jno. Cochrane has gone on shore. Hears from Capt. Whitehorne that there have been some great storms on his side, and although the ships before Dunkirk are still safe, suggests the calling in of those before Ostend and elsewhere. The Sparrow and Truelove having brought in two Flemish pinks, has sent them to the Sub-Commissioners for Prize Goods at Dover; hears Capt. Mackey has sent in another. Wants beer for the Downs' fleet. 119
" 29 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Order to make out a bill to Capt. Jno. Loverett, commander of the John, lately arrived from Accadia, for 71l., due for his seamen's wages. 120
" " " " Order for refitting the John in the Thames, for service in the Channel. 121
" " " " Order for Capt. Thos. Alderne, to send 100 tuns of beer for the Downs' squadron 122
" " Thos. Lewis, Victualling Office. Certificate that John Clifton, purser of the Worcester, passed his account till disabled by sickness from serving. 123
" " Capt. Rich. Ducie, Wren pink, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has come in to clean and tallow, and when completed, will apply to Major Burton for orders 124
Aug. 29 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Con. Will send the Gainsborough and another to Portpatrick and Carrickfergus, to convoy the Jamaica ships, and have a ship ready to carry the packet to the Generals. Particulars of ships and convoys. Hearing that 3 Ostend or Dunkirk men-of-war had taken a vessel near the Start, and freed her on payment of some money, ordered the Sorlings and Lark to range the coast, but they have not yet seen any. 125
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Their letter is satisfactory to all reasonable men, but not to the women whose husbands are in prison, and who, with their children, are likely to starve; is weary of their lamentations. As the Iceland fishers have arrived, will send Capts. Colman, Thomson, and Jno. Parker, as convoy with the herring fishers, after they have cleaned and tallowed. The ships for the Maas will sail to-night, under convoy of the Advice and Saphire, who are to stay 30 hours, to bring over such ships as are bound for England. As the Prize Commissioners' Deputy will deliver up the prize for the State's use, desires a commander may be appointed, and an order sent to procure what is necessary, for everything portable is always taken out of prizes; also an order to the deputy to pay the amount due for keep of prisoners. 126
" " " " Begs to report the arrival of the Iceland fleet, but some of the barks were separated by the ice on 5 July, and have not since been seen. Asks where they are to clean and victual. Capts. Colman and Thomson might be appointed as convoy for the fishery, as the fishers will not go without, and are waiting at a great loss, the Dutch meantime bringing in fish to serve the market. 127
" " Capt. Robt. Colman, Elizabeth, Yarmouth. " On the 9th ult., set sail with the Hull, Scotch, and Russia fleet, and after seeing them safe, went to Iceland, and came back with Capt. Thomson and 18 fishermen for England; but there were 18 more, besides a Bristol man, some of which have been driven awayby the ice. Anchored in St. Magnus Sound, where they met 4 of those lost, and then all proceeded for Yarmouth Roads, where they have safely arrived; Capt. Thomson has gone to see 4 Wells men to their port. 128
" " Capt. Edm. Thomson, Expedition, Yarmouth Roads. " Has convoyed in the Iceland fleet. Received 33 barks belonging to Yarmouth and other ports, and sailed from Wells Bay 17 Apr.; 8 left him without notice, but saw the rest on to the fishing grounds in the West Port, where they found such a plentiful supply that most of them had got their voyage by July. On the 5th, the wind from the N.W. brought in the ice, and forced away 8 barks; though the rest of the fleet was ready, waited several days for their return; set sail on the 30th, and met Capt. Colman, who had been sent to join him as additional security. Upon arriving at St. Magnus Sound, in the Isles of Orkney, found 4 of the missing barks, and brought them home with the rest, but 11 are still wanting. Hears from the Governor of Kirkway that one was taken, another put on shore, and two went into Leith. Desires further orders as to victualling, &c. 129
" " " Navy Comrs Has convoyed in the Iceland fleet, and having while there lost his boat in a storm, desires another. 130
Aug. 29 Capt. Robt. Robinson, the Preston, Spurn Point. Adm. Com. Met the Iceland fleet, with their two convoys, 22 sail. Hearing there are some small rogues at the back of Yarmouth, hopes some men-of-war will be sent to look after them; has not heard of any vessel being taken. Has come in for some bread lent to the Pearl. 131
" 30 Capt. Dan. Baker, Weymouth. " Received their order, and will proceed with Col. Bingham, and 18 sail this evening 132
" " Capt. Nath. Browne, the Taunton, Hope. " Will observe their orders for transportation of the Lord Ambassador, but has been hindered by contrary winds. Has received part of his goods, and his Excellency came on board with his retinue last Tuesday, accompanied by Lord Fleetwood, Sir Oliver Fleming, and others, the latter returning to Gravesend the same evening. The vessel that is to carry his horses is still at Gravesend, and he is desirous it should sail in their company. 133
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, the Bristol, Orfordness. " Went to Long Sound with the Phœnix, but found the fleet had gone to Mardow, 12 leagues westward; the Fame coming in, sent her to them, and afterwards met them himself, when he found there were 60 sail. Sent the Fame and Adventure with 17 Newcastle and Hull men, and has brought the rest into the Hope, with the Portsmouth. Is returning to Yarmouth Roads, but Capt. Sansum wanting provisions is coming up. Hopes they will now grant the liberty he formerly petitioned for. 134
" " Capt. Jno. Smith, Pearl, Hull. " Having given Major Burton an account of divers chases after the enemy, whom he lost through the Pearl being so foul, was ordered to Hull to clean and victual; having received quick despatch from Major Elton, will sail with several vessels bound for the Roads. 135
" 31 Major Rich. Elton, Hull. " Sends his accounts for cleaning and victualling the Pearl, and desires payment to his son, Ensign Rich. Elton. Has supplied the Preston with biscuit out of the stores. 136
" " Capt. Rich. Country, Hind, Harwich. " Has been plying between Orfordness and the Swinn, and came in to clean and victual. Will resail today. 137
" " John Morris, Gravesend. " The Portsmouth has come in with the Norway fleet, and the Fame and others are expected 138
" " Capt. Jer. Smyth, the Dunbar, Downs. Navy Comrs Gave order for supplying the Grantham and Hopewell with 16 men out of the Dunbar and Unicorn, so that they will be ready to sail with the first wind. Wants a ten-oared pinnace built at Portsmouth, as he has nothing to go on shore in, or to send for packets, save one of two ugly and heavy boats he had from Deptford. 139
" " Rich. Hutchinson Accounts of the Navy Treasury Office for Aug. 1656. Receipts, 70,207l. 10s. 5½d., payments, 68,778l. 4s. 5d. 140