General Index: C

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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'General Index: C', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7, (London, 1883) pp. 608-617. British History Online [accessed 21 April 2024]



Cable, Rich.

Cadberry, Mr.

Cade, Mr.

-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, Bay
-, Roads

Cadwell, Maj. Matt.
-, Capt.


Caerfilly, co. Glamorgan



Calabria, Sicily

-, governor of
-, ships of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

Calander, Alex.

Caldecott, co. Rutland

Caldy Island
-, Road, letter dated from

Calf skins, or leather, export of

Callis, Manley
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, letter to

Calmady, Fras.

Calne, co. Wilts

Calvin, John, works of

Cambray, siege of

-, (University), divinity lecturer at
-, professors or office bearers of
-, colleges of, Trinity

Cambridge, Nath.

-, places in

Campbell, Archibald, Marquis of Argyle
-, petition of
-, request of
-, Archibald, Lord Lorne
-, James, petition of

Campfield, Major

Canaries, the
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Canary wine

Candle, the, sales by, or auction sales

Candler, Robt.

Cann, Mr.

-, archbp. of, Laud, Wm.

Cantius, Jas.

Cape, the

Capel, Arthur. Lord Capel
-, Mr.

Cappel, L., letter of

Captives, redemption of, committee for
-, certificate of
-, money for

Caracena, Marquis of

Caravajal, Ant. Fernandez

Carberry, Earl of (Rich. Vaughan)

Carbonel, Wm.

Cardenas, Don Alonzo de




Cardinal, the, see Mazarin.

Cardington, co. Northampton

Carew, Col.

Carey, Henry, Viscount Fulkland

Carey, or Cary, Edw.
-, John
-, Symona
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Caribbee Islands

Carisbrooke castle

Carless, Henry, letter of

-, common councilmen of
-, dean and chapter, of
-, governor of


Carnarvon castle

Carnarvonshire, Assessment Commissioners for
-, Maj.-general and Commissioners of
-, places in

Carolis, Henry

Carpenter, W., letter of

Carr, Sir And.
-, Leonard
-, letter to
-, Nath.
-, Stanley, see Kerr.


Carrington, Nich.

Carslate, Mr.

Carter, Ed.
-, John, certificate of
-, deposition of
-, Thos.
-, Minister

Carteret, Joshua de
-, or Cartwright, Dr.
-, (Royalist)

Carthagena, ships at, to, or from

Cartone, Capt. Nich.

Cartwright, Sir H.
-, T.

Caryll, Jo.
-, petition of

-, Road

Cassilis, Earl of, see Kennedy

Casson, Edm.
-, Rich.

Castle Church, co. Stafford

Castro, Don Diego de

Cathedral Choirs

-, Majesty, see Spain, King of.


Cave, Thos.

Cavendish, William, Earl of Devonshire
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Devonshire
-, Lord William
-, William, Earl and Marquis of Newcastle
-, letter of


Cawmire, co. Westmoreland

Cecil, John, Lord Burleigh

Cecill, John

Ceele, Hum.

Ceely, Maj., Peter
-, petition of
-, Col. Thos.


Chaffe, Thos.

Chalfeild, Great, Wilts
-, Little

Challoner, James
-, Lieut.

Champlyn, Hen.

Chancellor, Mr., see Hyde, Sir Edw.

Chancery, Court of
-, causes in
-, clerks
-, Lords Commissioners of
-, masters in
-, recognizances in

Channel, the
-, North
-, service in
-, ships in
-, ships to or from


Chapman, John
-, Wm.

Chard, co. Somerset

Charles I., or the late King
-, army or forces of
-, children, posterity, or family of see also Charles II., James, Henry, and Orange, Princess of.
-, court of
-, creditors of
-, death of
-, debts and debtors of
-, fish house of
-, goods or personal estate of
-, sale of
-, grants of
-, interment of, details of expenses for
-, lands of or Crown lands
-, sale of, Act for
-, trustees or contractors for
-, orders or references to
-, party of
-, patents of
-, rents of
-, servants of
-, service of
-, transactions in the time of

Charles II., or the King
-, as prince of Wales
-, as king of Scots
-, bonds to
-, brothers of, see Henry and James.
-, Chancellor of the Exchequer to, see Hyde, Sir E.
-, commission of
-, council of
-, court of
-, enemies of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, levies raised for
-, lord chancellor of
-, party of
-, passes by
-, petitions to
-, relations of, with Spain
-, resident of
-, seal of
-, secretaries of see also Nicholas, Sir Edw.

Charrot, M. le Conte de

Charters, committee of council on

Chatfield, John

-, Admiralty Commissioners at
-, letter to
-, chest at
-, dock, letters dated from
-, dockyard at
-, clerk of the check at, see Pett, Phineas.
-, clerk of the survey at, see Hayward, Edw.
-, letter dated from
-, master shipwright at, see Taylor, Capt. John.
-, officers of
-, hospital at
-, letters dated from
-, Navy Commissioner at, see Pett, Peter.
-, persons at or about
-, playhouse at
-, rectory
-, river
-, letters dated from
-, ropeyard at
-, letter dated from
-, Saint Bartholomew's in
-, ships at
-, ships building or repairing at
-, ships to or from
-, storekeeper at
-, stores or ships' requisites for or at
-, tradesmen or workmen of
-, travellers to or from

Chattisham, co. Suffolk

Chaworth, Dorothy

Cheas, Leonard

Chelmsford, Essex

Cheltenham, Nich.
-, Eliz., widow of

Chelworthy, co. Somerset

Chenney, James, letter to

Chepstow, Monmouth

Cheseman, Edw.

-, brigade
-, justices of peace of
-, Maj.-general of, see Bridges, Col. Tobias.
-, and commissioners of
-, places in

Cheshunt, co. Herts

-, castle
-, chief justice of
-, Earl of, Randal
-, hospital in
-, mayor, aldermen, and citizens of, petitions of
-, ships at, or to
-, travellers to
-, Water, letter dated from
-, West

Chesterfield, Earl of (Philip Stanhope)

Cheswell, John

-, dean and chapter of
-, parishes in

Chick, Edw.

Chiffinch, Dorothy, bill of
-, petition of

Child, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, Josiah
-, letters of
-, Rich

Chilham, near Canterbury

Chipping Norton, co. Oxon
-, Wycombe, co. Bucks
-, mayor and common council of

Chiswick, Middlesex

Chisworth, Wm., petition of

Cholmley, Thos.
-, Kath., his widow
-, letter of
-, petitions of


Christian, or Christians

Christian ships

Church, Nath.
-, Percy


Cistercian Monks

Clampe, Mr.

Clanricard, Earl of (Burgh, Ulric)

Clapp, Capt.

Clare, Ireland

Clarencieux King at Arms

Clarke, or Clerke, Henry
-, Isabella, wife or widow of
-, petitions of
-, Capt. Henry
-, letter of
-, John, pass for
-, Col. John, Admiralty commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, Math.
-, Capt. Peter
-, Capt. Robert
-, letters of
-, S., prize officer, letters of
-, Sam.
-, Sarah, widow of, petition of
-, Wm.
-, Capt.
-, Mr.
-, of Bury
-, victualler at Ipswich

Claver, Thos.

Clavill, Roger

Claxton, Wm., treasurer for army contingencies

Claydon, co. Suffolk

Claye, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Claypole, John, Lord, master of the horse
-, Capt. Bringfield

Clear, Cape

Cleene, co. Gloucester

Clement, Mr.

Clements, Rob.
-, Thos

Clench, Sam.

Clifton, Sir Gervase
-, John

Climping, co. Sussex

Clinkard, or Clinckerd, Capt. Peter

-, ships laden with
-, taxes on


Clutterbuck, Jasper

Clyve, Mr.

Coal fleet or Colliers, see Ships.

Coape, Wm., petition of

Cob, Mr.

Cobett, or Cobbett, Col. or Lieut.-Col. Ralph
-, children of


Cochrane, William, Lord Cochrane
-, or Cockerell, Sir John

Cock, Col.

Cockayne, Thos.
-, Wm., petition of

Cockraine, Wm.


Cocoa nuts

Codd, Capt.

Coddee, Thos.

Coe, Mark

Cogan, Anne, petition of

Coggeshall, Essex

Coin see also Spanish Coin.
-, export of
-, inscriptions on



Coining see also Blondeau, Peter.

Colbrant, Registrar, certificate of

Colby, co. Lincoln

Colchester, co. Essex
-, corporation of
-, mayor and aldermen of
-, prisoners at

Coldwelly, Mr.

Cole, John
-, Peter, letter of
-, Wm.
-, Dr.
-, sheriff of Somerset

Coledick, Coldrick, or Couldick, John
-, letter of

Coleman, Thos.

Colepepper, or Culpepper, John (Lord Colepepper)
-, letter of

Collard, Capt. Ant.

-, licenses for, requested

Colleton, Maj.-Gen.

Collings, James

Collins, Thos.
-, letter to

Colman, Capt. Robt
-, letters of

-, travellers to or from

Colpott, Thos.

Colville, Lieut.-Col. James, Lord Colville
-, Dame Margaret, relict of

Combe, co. Oxford

Commodities, see Goods.

Common Bench or Pleas, Court of
-, Law, Judges of see also Judges.

Commons, House of
-, journals of
-, papers printed in

Commonwealth, see State.
-, arms of

Communion, the

Compositions, see Delinquents, compositions of.

Compton, Sir Henry
-, John, son of
-, Sir Spencer
-, Capt.

Condé, Prince of (Louis II.)
-, princess of

Coniers, Leonard


Conscience, liberty of

Constable, Cornet Jeremy
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Sir Wm.

Constant Warwick (ship), officers of
-, letter of

-, English ambassador at, see Bendish, Sir Thos.
-, treasurer at

Conway, Edward, 2nd Viscount Conway and Kilultagh
-, Edward, 3rd Viscount Conway, &c.
-, letters to
-, Anne, Viscountess Conway
-, letter to

Conway, co. Carnarvon

Conyers, Sir John, bond of

Conygrave, Francis

Cook or Cooke, Ant., petition of
-, Corn., letter of
-, Edw., letter of
-, Col. Edw.
-, Sir Hen., certificate by
-, John
-, Lieut. Thos., letter of
-, Mark
-, Wm.
-, Justice

Cooling, Wm.
-, letter of
-, letters to

Cooper, Sam., account by
-, Capt.
-, Mary, widow of
-, Mr.
-, Royalist

Cope, Sir Anth.

Copley, Col. Chris.
-, gunner

Coppen, Capt.

Coppleston, Sir John
-, Thos.

Corbett, Eliz
-, John.
-, Capt. or Major Vincent
-, Eliz., widow of

-, Earl and Countess of, see Boyle.
-, harbour
-, letter dated from
-, ships to

Corkin Sand, near Yarmouth

Cormack, Wm., bond of

Corn, export of

Cornelius, Capt. Lam.
-, letters of

Cornelly, co. Cornwall

Cornet castle, see Guernsey.

-, Major-general and Commissioners of
-, persons in
-, places in

Cornwallis, Lady
-, Henrietta

Corporation Charters, committee on, see Charters.

Corton Bay

Cortune, Capt. Cloys

Cotten, Priscilla

Cotterell, Edw.
-, Fras.

Cottingham, near Hull

Cottle, Mark, certificate of

Cottle's House, co. Wilts


Couldick, see Coledick.

Council, the Protector's, or Privy Council
-, appearances before
-, chamber
-, usher of, see Scutt, Rich.
-, clerks of see also Jessop, Wm., and Scobell, Hen.
-, committees of
-, letters of
-, paper to
-, petition to
-, contingencies of
-, payment for, see Frost, G., payments to.
-, payments from see also Frost, G., payments by.
-, treasurer of, see Frost, Gualter.
-, letters of, chiefly signed by President Lawrence
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, licenses of
-, meetings of, ordered
-, members of
-, messengers, &c., of
-, payments to
-, officers of
-, order books
-, orders and proceedings in (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, orders and ordinances of, alluded to see also Cromwell.
-, papers addressed to
-, petitions to see also Cromwell, and Council, petitions to.
-, alluded to
-, petitions, &c., referred to by the Protector (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, president of, see Lawrence, Hen.
-, references by
-, references to
-, seal of
-, seals prepared for
-, stationery, &c., for
-, Treasurer of, see Frost, G.
-, warrants of
-, alluded to

Council of State
-, letter to
-, orders of, alluded to

Counsel at Law
-, references or orders to

Counsellors at Law, allowed to practise

Country, Capt. Jer.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of
-, Capt.

Courland, James, Duke of
-, ship of

Courtney, Hugh

Courts leet and baron
-, martial

Covell, Wm., petition of

Coventry, Thomas Lord Coventry, keeper of the Great Seal

Coventry, co. Warwick
-, mayor of

Covert, John

Coward, Roger

Cowes, Isle of Wight
-, ships at, to, or from

Cowes, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Cox, John
-, Dr. Thos.
-, Capt.
-, (prisoner)
-, probate judge

Coyet, Peter Julius, ambassador from Sweden

Cracknell, Mr.


Craig, Lady

Crandley, Rich., bill of

Crane, Arnold

Cranmer, Cæsar

Cranmore, Robt., petition of

Cranston, William, Lord Cranston

Cranwill, Capt. Fras., letter of

Crapnell, Capt. Geo.
-, letter of

Craven, William, Lord Craven
-, Ant.

Crawford and Lindsay, Earl of, see Lindsay.
-, Sir John

Crawthorne, John

Creake, Christ., see Creek.

Creed, Rich., deputy treasurer of the Fleet
-, letter of
-, Major

Creek, or Creake, Christ.
-, bill of
-, bond of

Cressett, Edw.

Creswell, Thos.

Crew, Edw.

Crispin, Capt. Wm.

Croft, Wm.

Croke, Unton

-, harbour

Cromer, letter dated from
-, ships of

Cromp, Wm.

Crompton, Col. G.
-, letter of

Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector, or his Highness
-, affection or fidelity to
-, almoner of
-, approval by, of proceedings in Council (July, 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, arms of
-, attendances of, in Council
-, commission of
-, alluded to
-, Council of, see Council.
-, Court of
-, daughters of, or princesses
-, death of, rumoured
-, debts of
-, declarations of, in Council
-, alluded to
-, designs against
-, domestic policy of
-, foreign policy of
-, gentlemen of
-, grant of
-, holographs of
-, honour of
-, horses of
-, household of, payments for see also Maidstone, John.
-, houses of
-, illness of
-, instructions by, in Council
-, kingly title, &c., offered to
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, with Council, see Council, letters of.
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, libels against
-, licenses of, see Council, licenses of.
-, life guards of
-, lodgings or chamber of, Council at
-, master of the horse to, see Claypole, John.
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, in Council, alluded to see also Council.
-, ordinances of, in Council, alluded to see also Council.
-, papers addressed to
-, passes of, see Council, passes of.
-, petitions to (July 1656)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, (Undated)
-, (Jan. 1657)
-, (Feb.)
-, (March)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, petitions to, alluded to
-, referred to Council, see Council, references to.
-, with Council
-, alluded to
-, portrait or effigy of
-, Privy Seals of, see Privy Seals.
-, proclamations of
-, alluded to
-, promises of
-, property of
-, references by
-, regiments of
-, petition of
-, safety of
-, Act for
-, seals prepared for
-, secretary of, see Malyn, Wm.; Thurloe, John.
-, servants of
-, signatures of
-, sister of
-, speech of, alluded to
-, speeches against
-, in favour of
-, subjects referred to
-, succession to
-, titles of
-, warrants of
-, alluded to

Cromwell, Lord Richard, eldest son
-, letter to
-, paper signed by
-, Col., or Lord Henry, 2nd son, Maj.general of forces in Ireland
-, letter to

Cromwell, Abigail
-, Weeby

Croocke, Geo.

Crooke, Mr.

Crouch, Edw.

Crowland, co. Lincoln

Crown lands, see Charles I., lands of.

Crowne, Wm.
-, Mr.

Croxton, Col.

Crumgrave, Thos.

Cubitt, Capt. Jos.
-, letter of

Cudworth, Mr.

Cuffley, Mr.

Cullen, Geo.
-, Wm.

Culliford, Mr.

Culmer, Mr.

Culpepper, Lord, see Colepepper.

Culverton, co. Bucks

-, Commissioners of
-, forces in
-, justices of peace for
-, Maj.-general of, see Lambert, Lord.
-, places in

Cunningham, William, Earl of Glencairn
-, Col. Allen
-, Robt.
-, Frances, relict of

Curle, Capt. Edm.
-, letter of

Currance, John

Curry, North

Curwen, Wm., certificate by

Custom house, London
-, letter dated from
-, officers of

Customs, imposts, subsidy, &c.
-, committee for preservation of
-, farmers of
-, freedom from
-, officers of see also Morris, John.
-, payment of
-, surveyor general of

Customs and Excise
-, freedom from
-, payments from
-, payment of

Customs, Commissioners of
-, accountant of
-, certificates of
-, alluded to
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, orders or references to
-, alluded to
-, receipts of, weekly accounts of
-, warrants to
-, alluded to

Cutler, Thos.

Cutt, John

Cuttance, Capt. Roger
-, certificate of
-, letters of

Cuttle, John, letter of

Cutts, Mr.

-, papers written in

-, consul at
-, papers dated from