General Index: F

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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'General Index: F', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7, (London, 1883) pp. 625-628. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]



Fabian, Mr.

Facon, Mary

Fairbeard, Robt.

Faireman, Rich.

Fairfax, Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax
-, Thomas, Lord Fairfax
-, John
-, petition of

Fair Lee, letter dated from

-, grants of

Falconbridge, Lord, see Belasyse.

Falcott, Thos.

Falkener, John, ordnance officer, letters of

Falkland, Lord, see Carey.

Falmouth, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Fanshaw, Sir Thos.

Farbor, Jacob

Farington, Edm., letter to

Farleton, co. Westmorland

Farley, Capt. Alex.
-, letter of

Farmer, Capt.

Fassett, Rob.

Fasting and humiliation, days of

Faucit, Chris., petitions of

Fauconberg, Thos.

Fautrart, John

Faversham, Kent

Fawkard, Rowland
-, Anne, wife of

Fawke, John

Feake, Christ.

Feckham Bay

Fee-farm rents

Fell, Judge Thos.

Feller, Derby

Fenn, Capt. Hen.
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, Robt., letter of
-, wife of

Fenton, Lieut.-col.

Fenwick, Col. George
-, Col. Roger
-, Robert
-, Capt.
-, widow of
-, Major

Fermats, Mat.

Ferne, Mr.

Feroll, Cape

Ferriby, North, co. York

Ferrybridge, co. York

Fettiplace, Giles
-, Phil.

Fever, Laurence de

Fevre, Ann le

Field, Mr.

Fiennes, Col. John, petition of
-, Nath., Commissioner of the Great Seal
-, as member of Council
-, letter of


Fifth Monarchy Men

File, Stephen

Fillingham, Mr.

Finch, Col. Chas.
-, Fras.
-, daughters of
-, petition of
-, John, letter of
-, Thos., letter of
-, Mr.

Fincher, Richard
-, letter of

Finisterre, Cape

Firbanck, Geo.

Firbank, Mr.
-, letters of

Firth, the, see Frith.

-, ships laden with

Fishborne, co. Sussex

Fisher, James
-, Thos.

-, herring
-, letter dated from


-, vessels or boats

Fishlake Rectory, co. York

Fitch, Col. Thos.
-, letter of

Fitchett, Wilkes

Fithie, or Fithey, David

Fitzjames, John
-, Thomas
-, Mary, wife of
-, petition of

Fitzwilliam, Oliver, Viscount Fitzwilliam
-, petition of

Fitzwilliams, Capt. Robt.

Flamborough head
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

-, Admiralty judges in, see also Dunkirk.
-, Charles II. in
-, coast of
-, commissioners of
-, correspondence, extracts from
-, forces to, or in
-, passes to
-, prisoners in, see also Dunkirk and Ostend.
-, travellers to or from
-, ships or squadron at or to see also Dunkirk and Ostend.
-, ships of, see Flemish ships.
-, trade with

Flats, the

Fleet, Capt. Thos
-, letter of

Fleet, the, see also Navy and Ships.
-, commander-in-chief of, see also Downs, and Reynolds, Sir John.
-, deputy treasurers of, see Creed, Rich.; Bodham, Wm.
-, generals or captains of see also Blake, Rob.; Montague, Edw.; and Penn, Wm.
-, judge-advocate of, see Fowler, John.
-, letters or news from
-, movements of
-, officers of
-, payment of
-, provisions or stores for
-, Royalist tendencies of
-, soldiers in
-, victualling of
-, victuals for
-, wines for

Fleet Prison, see London.

Fleetwood, Col. Charles, Lord-deputy of Ireland, Major-General of counties Herts, Oxon, Bucks, &c.
-, as member of Council
-, certificate of
-, letter to
-, Sir or Lord Geo.
-, Henry

Fleming, Ben.
-, Sir Oliver

Fleming, a

Flemish captains
-, coast, see Flanders, coast of.
-, iron.
-, prisoners
-, roads
-, paper dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships, or Flemings
-, stores
-, yarn

Fletcher, Geo., letter of
-, Mrs.

-, places in

Flood, Mr.

-, or Tuscany, Duke of (Ferdinand II.)

Flower, Lieut.-col.

Floyd, Mary, widow

-, letter dated from
-, passes to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Fobert, M.

Foley, Thos

Folke, co. Dorset

Folkestone, Kent

Foord, Sir Edw.

Foot or Foote, Capt. Peter
-, letters of

Forces, see Army.

Ford, Capt. Geo.
-, letter of
-, Stephen

Ford, co. Sussex

Fordington, co. Devon

Foreign accounts
-, coin
-, engagements
-, hemp
-, invasion
-, prisoners see also Prisoners of war.
-, service
-, specie
-, war


Foreland, North
-, ships at, to, or from
-, South

Foreman, Giles

Forests, four, for payment of the army
-, officers of
-, sale of
-, trustees for
-, surveyors, &c., of.
-, petition of

Forfar, Scotland

Fortescue, Col. or Maj.-gen. Rich
-, Mary, wife of
-, (gunner)
-, (prisoner)

Fossan, Lewis
-, Thos.

Foster, Sir Robt.

Foulis, Sir Jas.
-, petition of

Foulsham, co. Norfolk

Fowey, Cornwall, ships at

Fowke, Ald. John
-, Roger
-, Col.

Fowler, John, judge advocate of the Fleet
-, letters of

Fox, Geo.
-, Rich., petition of
-, Col. Somerset
-, Stephen
-, Thos.
-, Walter
-, Capt.

Framework knitters

Framfield, co. Sussex

Frampton, Rob.

France, King of (Louis XIV.)
-, ambassador from
-, ambassador to, see Lockhart, Sir Wm.
-, court of
-, Queen mother of (Anna Maria of Spain)

-, English forces in, or for
-, commander of, see Reynolds, Sir John.
-, intelligence or news from
-, negociations in
-, passes to
-, persons in
-, prisoners in
-, ships in, to, or from
-, travellers to or from
-, war with

France, Peter de

Francis, Phil
-, Robert le
-, (highwayman)

Francisco, Signor

Francke, Mr.

Franklin, Lieut. Jos.
-, Lemuel
-, petition of

Frauds, discovery of, see Accounts, and Debentures, fraudulent.

Frawnton Manor

Frederick, John

Freeland, Thos., paper by

Freeman, John
-, petition of
-, Sir Ralph
-, Wm.
-, Mrs.

Freese, Jacob

Freez, James

Frehaile, Capt.

French, Dr. John
-, Joshua

French, the
-, ambassador, see France, King of, ambassador from; and Bordemx, M. de.
-, army
-, beans
-, book
-, canvas
-, coast
-, congregation
-, correspondence, extracts from
-, court, see France, King of, court of.
-, crowns
-, forts
-, goods
-, hemp
-, language
-, papers in
-, letters
-, men
-, money
-, nation
-, news
-, passengers
-, ports
-, prisoners
-, prizes
-, service
-, ships
-, war, see France, war with
-, wines

Fresthorp, co. Pembroke

Frey, John


Frisend, M. de.

Frith, the (of Forth ?)
-, paper dated from

Frodsham, Hum.

Fromont, L., letter of

Frost, Gualter, treasurer to Council
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, alluded to
-, warrants to, alluded to

Fryer, Capt.

Fulford, Geo.

Fulham, Middlesex

Fuller, Obadiah
-, Robt., petition of
-, chaplain

Furley, John

Fursby, John

Furzer, Dan.
-, letters of