Volume 181: June 1658, 21-29

Pages 69-80

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1658-9. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1885.

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June 1658, 21–29

June 21.
108. T. L. [Thos. Lamplugh] to Williamson. One motive of my coming to London was a hope to meet you. When you arrive, let me see you soon in Oxford. After your admission you can take liberty to order your affairs with Mr. Leigh, and so to settle in college. I have some gentlemen's sons in reserve for you. [½ page.]
June 22. 109. Petition of Sir William Walter, Bart., of Sarsden, co. Oxon, to the Protector. Being bound with sureties to keep the peace, according to the general order for compounders, I was summoned by Major Crook to Oxford, and made prisoner under the marshal's custody. I went on Sunday, 6 June, to Carfax church, and was placed where the mayor and aldermen sit. After service, Sir Ant. Cope, Bart., of Tangley, came up and said to me—" Sir Wm. Walter, if I were not a good Christian, I would cudgel you; you are an unworthy fellow." I made no reply, but appeal to you for relief. [1 page.]
June 22. Order in Council for a warrant to the Serjeant-at-arms to take Cope into custody, and bring him before Council. [I. 78, p. 705.]
June 22. COUNCIL. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order to advise 30l. more, in addition to 3 sums of 20l. already ordered, to be added to the 150l. ordered 26 May 1657, for 2 stories to be designed in tapestry by the workmen at Mortlake.
2. Order on report from the Committee on Hen. Henn's petition, that the Lord Chamberlain and Wolsley attend his Highness to hear his pleasure herein, and report it to Council.
3. Approval of the order of the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers for an augmentation of 2l. 15s. 4d. to Thos. Weld, minister of Gateshead, co. Durham. Approved by the Protector 29 June.
4. On certificate from Robt. Fenwicke, Hen. Ogle, Jn. Topping, governor of Tynemouth, concerning the government of Gateshead, made on an order of 6 April, as it appears that 24 persons of Gateshead, named in the petition, are disabled from holding any offices of public trust, and guilty of profanity and other crimes;— order that the said 24 be discharged from exercising power there and the following 24 appointed in their place, viz.:—
Thos. Weld. Lawr. Foster.
Jn. London. Neh. Church.
Wm. London. Rich. Hopper.
Jn. Partridge. Wm. Bell.
Edw. Spencer. Jn. Clarke.
Wm. Webster. Robt. Jackson.
Thos. Henderson. Simon Thursby.
Chris. Sanderson. Fras. Collingson.
Chas. Middleton. Chris. Gibson.
John Bedford. Chas. Grove.
Thos. Jeffrey. Jn. Willoughby.
Abr. Smith. Rich. Reachie.
7. The Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle an uagmentation of 50l. on Mr. Porter, minister of Pentridge, co. Derby. Approved 29 June.
8. The petition of John Harrison concerning an arrear of 20l. a year settled on him by Ordinance of Parliament as a servant of the late King's children, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to report.
9. The petition of Edm. Jones, Attorney-General for South Wales, concerning a lease of pre-fines and post-fines in cos. Denbigh and Montgomery, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to treat with Jones about the lease at fit rates.
10. On petition of Hen. Woolaston, keeper of Newgate prison, that he has made several discoveries of sums due to the State, and request for allowance of a moiety, as ordered him 4 November 1656, towards his disbursements for prisoners and public faith bills;—order to advise a warrant to pay him 721l. 4s. 6d. disbursements, and 94l. 13s. 4d. public faith bills, with interest, out of ½ his said discoveries.
12. On report from the Admiralty Commissioners on the petition of Capt. John Green, that there is 28l. 14s. due to him for provisions delivered at Jamaica, and 17l. 10s. for 3 extra passengers, total 46l. 4s.;—order to advise a warrant to Frost to pay him the 46l. 4s. from Council's contingencies, taking up his bills of exchange from Lieut.-Gen. Brayne.
13. The petition of Sir Jas. Hope, in the right of Mary Keith, now his wife, eldest daughter of William, Earl Marshal of Scotland,—shewing that by the Act of favour to the people of Scotland, 200l. a year is granted her from her father's lands, but has not been received in full, as the lands are in the State's hands for non-payment of his fine, and praying for payment of what is due by the Trustees in Scotland from money they have received from his estates,—referred to the Council in Scotland, to give fit order.
14. Order on information that a commission of bankruptcy is sued out against Rich. Burt for shipping away goods to defraud Thos. Salmon and other creditors [see 31 Dec. 1657 and 5 Jan. 1657–58], and that Salmon's proportion of the money arising from the estate is payable to Col. Twistleton, for his regiment; that the Treasury Commissioners act as they think fit about a letter requested to Jos. Blackwell, treasurer to the moneys coming in from the estate, to quicken the getting in of the moneys.
15. Order that the said Commissioners show Salmon favour as to the time of paying in the residue of the money due on his account as collector of assessments.
16. The petition of Thos. Careless referred to Jones, Fleetwood, Lisle, Lord Chamberlain, and Strickland, to report.
18. Order on reading the articles exhibited against Peter Heylin, D.D., and his lately published book, called "Respondet Petrus," that Sydenham, Fleetwood, Wolsley, Jones, Lord Chamberlain, Lisle, and Mr. Secretary read the book, see if it warrants the articles, and report. Also that they consider the book lately published concerning polygamy, and those lately published by Wm. Saunderson and Mr. Harrington, and report.
19. The draft warrant for executing the Acts against unlicensed books, &c., read, approved, and to be sent up to his Highness.
21. Fleetwood, Wolsley, Lord Chamberlain, Jones, Desborow, Lisle, and Strickland to consider fit persons to be added for licensing books, and report their names.
22. 110. Thos. Collins, of Chichester, to pay to Wm. Freeman, captain of a militia troop in Sussex, 90l. of the money received by himfrom Thos. Shephard, of Horsham, for his expense in particular services. Receipted by Freeman, 23 July.
23. Whereas Capt. Rich. Pechell, as executor of Major Bethell, was ordered on 8 June a doubled bill for 607l. 18s. for purchase of Dean and Chapter lands, and Council is informed that there can be no further sums doubled on those lands, but payment must be in ready money;—order that on his purchasing lands to that amount the treasurers of that receipt be authorized to pay the 607l. 18s. into the Exchequer, and then the Treasury Commissioners to pay petitioner the money, on the delivery of his bill for his arrears. [I. 78, pp. 704–713.]
June 22.
The Protector to the master and wardens of the Stationers' Company, and to Hen. Hills and John Field, printers. Whereas many good statutes have been made against the publishing unlicensed, scandalous, and seditious books, to prevent the designs of the ill-affected, who are continually writing and dispersing dangerous, blasphemous, and Popish pamphlets, books, and papers;—as it concerns the public peace to have these laws duly executed, we, having had good experience of your care therein, commit to you the execution of the said Acts, and authorize you to put into execution the Acts of 14 June 1643, 28 Sept. 1647, 20 Sept. 1649, and 7 January 1652–3; with right of search and writ of assistance. Any who oppose you to be brought before the Lord Mayor and ustices of peace. [I. 78, pp. 709–711.]
June 22.
111. Thos. Beal, Mayor, and 12 Alderman to the Admiralty Commissioners. On 6 April last we addressed you on behalf of Jno. Greg and 8 other seamen named, belonging to Bideford, who were taken at sea 9 months since, and cast into prison in the town of Alareda in Biscay, where they have remained ever since in want and misery, whereupon you sent an order to Capt. Hen. Hatsell for setting free as many prisoners from Plymouth belonging to Alareda, as would exchange the above, but there were none there belonging to Alareda; and although he would have released the like number belonging to other places in Biscay, on their parole, they would not engage it, being confident that some of Alareda were prisoners in or about London, and presuming that until they were set at liberty, the Englishmen would not be.
We thank you for granting this former order, which Capt. Hatsell greatly desired to observe, and as the Almighty has been so graciously pleased to own his Highness's forces in Flanders, by their and their associates' late victory before Dunkirk, and by giving so many of his Highness's enemies into their hands, we esteem it a very high mercy to the nation, and calling for suitable praises, and look on it as a special providence to the poor captives of this nation who have lain long in Spanish prisons and restraint. This late victory, giving opportunity for their liberty, has emboldened us to renew our former petition on behalf of those 9 Englishmen in prison in Alareda, which, if granted, will be a very great engagement on these towns. [2 pages, 13 signatures.]
June 22.
The Elizabeth, Elsinore.
112. Capt. Robt. Colman to the Admiralty Commissioners. I hope you received my last letter from Copenhagen; since then I have been to Stralsund, and transported Lord Freizendorp's lady to Elsinore, and am now waiting for a wind to go to Gottenburg, whence I will convoy all ships bound for England and call at Easterice, where a general meeting is appointed of all the Norway ships, and then make what expedition I can for England. [1 page.]
June 22.
The Speaker, Margate Road.
113. Vice-Adm. Goodson to the Admiralty Commissioners. I am about to sail to Woolwich to clean and refit, by order of Lord Montague, and if it is intended to pay the ship off, I desire speedy notice, so that the pay books may be prepared. Being on shore yesterday at Lord Ambassador Lockhart's quarters in Dunkirk, I heard that the surrender of Bergen was confirmed, and that the military party are prisoners of war. The French King being ill with a fever, the Court removed yesterday to Calais for the present. Lord Montague intends sailing for the Downs to-morrow. [1 page.]
June 23. 114–116. Petition of John Lineall, minister at Castlechurch, near Stafford, to the Protector. I have been curate 37 years, and been painful to draw souls to God, only receiving 8l. a year out of the Exchequer, though the tithes and glebe lands are worth 100l., and I have to hire a house in Stafford, and my salary is now 1¼ years, being 10l., in arrears. I am 70 years old, my wife 60, and we have had many children to maintain; I beg payment, or I cannot subsist. With reference to the Treasury Commissioners, 26 Feb. 1657–58, to order or certify; their report 26 May that 8l. was paid the minister from 2 Edward VI. to 1650, when the revenue was sold; and that on 21 Jan. 1656–57 his Highness ordered the petitioner 20l. for 2½ years, which was paid Michaelmas 1656; certificate thereon by Auditor Rich. Sadler, 7 May 1658; and further reference 23 June to Council. [2 papers and parchment.]
June 23. 117. Certificate of the issues of jurors answered by the sheriffs of the counties of South Wales, before Wm. Hill, auditor of Wales, for the year ending Michaelmas 1657, on order from the Treasury Commissioners, total 144l. 17s. 10d., which was paid to John Nicholas, receiver of the revenue. With like account from North Wales; total 82l.14s. 8d. Signed by Wm. Hill. [1½ pages.]
June 23.
St. Sebastian's.
118. Thos. Holder to Capt. Rich. Beach, prisoner at Plymouth. I am sorry for your misfortune, which I hope will not continue long, and wish you patience in it. When I heard of it, I was in treaty to have power to dispose of Wm. Maple, Commander of the Philip, of 180 tons, 16 guns and 32 men, and of John Vincent, Commander of the Young Prince, a junk of 200 tons, 10 guns and 15 men, both belonging to London; also of Wm. Hale, Commander of the Society of Bristol, of 200 tons, 14 guns, and 26 men, of Samuel Enys, servant to Capt. Maple, and of 50 more of their men, all prisoners at Alicant, and taken 4 months since by the St. Antoine, a frigate of Majorca, as also for the release of Capts. Smith and Jordan, Mr. Brice, and others. Now my care is as much for you, and those that miscarried with you, as for the others formerly taken.
The first thing I think will be to send one of those at Alicant on parole to solicit the exchange, which shall be done as speedily as a thing at that distance from me can be brought about; meantime be sure that whatever usage you meet with in England, they at Alicant and all others that shall fall into our hands shall find the same. Besides those at Alicant now to be propounded in exchange, there are others formerly sent on parole for Capts. Smith and Jordan, Mr. Brice, &c., so that I hope there will be enough to clear all of our party at present under restraint, either in Plymouth, Exeter, Cork, or Dublin, in which two last places several of our party have long lain.
During this unfortunate war, if there might be a just course taken, which for my part is desired for regulating the exchange of prisoners on both sides, by appointing commissioners respectively for that purpose by each party, I shall be glad, as it is in itself a thing most consentaneous to charity and justice, and will be of no little comfort and easement to all such on either side as, by the fortune of war, shall become prisoners; but until this be done, as we are dealt with, so it must be our rule to deal with others. [1 page.]
June 23.
St. Sebastian's.
119. Thos. Holder to Capt. Jas. Smith, prisoner at Plymouth. Since my last to you of the 18th by Mr. Pearce, I have received a letter from the friend I employed in the business of Majorca, who tells me that Capts. Hare, Cade, Paine, and all prisoners in Majorca are set at liberty, and embarked for Italy and France five weeks since; and though it is not expressed in their enlargement that there is anything therein done in relation to your liberties, yet as it happened, my friend contributed somewhat to it. Since they are set at liberty without condition for exchange of others for them, there is much to be said in equity that you should have some benefit from it. I mean yourself, Capt. Jordan, Mr. Brice, &c. I will also be content to free Mr. Mors and Isaac Bowles of their paroles for you, as also Anth. Maynard of his for Mr. Brice, and Mr. Jordan will free Mr. Pearce of the engagement for his brother. I hope your liberty will be obtained by this means. My care must extend to others imprisoned, both in England and Ireland, some being of long standing, and others lately taken with Capt. Beach, to whom I have now written. I have omitted no movement for your service, and shall be glad of any occasion that may manifest my respects towards you. [1¼ page.]
June 24. 120. Petition of Fras. Thomson and Ste. Kirk to the Privy Council, for aid. A warrant has lately been issued by the Commissioners for Appeals in Excise cases, to distrain the goods, &c., of Wm. Horne, brewer, who has not paid his excise for 32 weeks, and we ordered our officers to execute it, but they were opposed by Capt. Browne. [¾ page.] Annexing,
120. I. Certificate by the said officers that Capt. Browne forced an entrance with his whole company into Horne's house, in Giles's-in-the-fields, said he cared not a pin for their warrant, and refused to allow Horne's goods to be carried out. 22 June 1658. [1 page.]
June 24. Reference thereon to Fleetwood, Desborow, Strickland, Sydenham, Jones, Mr. Secretary, Wolsley, and Lisle, to examine, send for such persons as they think fit, and report. Capt. Browne and the other officers concerned to attend the said Commissioners at 3 p.m. [I. 78, p. 716.]
June 24. 121, 122. Petition of Capt. Wm. Sadlington to the Protector. Having letters of reprizal against the Spaniards, I met at the Canaries the Spanish West Indian fleet, and gave speedy intelligence to Gen. Blake, leaving my own design to get to our fleet that lay off Cadiz. I was forced to call at the Madeiras for 120l. worth of provisions, and then I reached Blake, and gave him a full account of how the fleet lay at anchor. That night he steered towards the Canaries, and next day called a council of war, taking me with him, and promising I should be no loser. I returned with him to Logas Bay, off Portugal, and there left him. I beg consideration for my expenses and time. With reference, 7 May 1658, to the Admiralty Commissioners, to certify what should be given him for his service; their report, 27 May, that 100l. from Council's contingencies would be a fit reward, and second reference 29 May to Privy Council. [2 papers.] Annexing,
122. I. Certificate by Maj. John Bourne and Capts. Rich. Stayner, Rob. Clark, and Jonas Poole, commanders under Blake, to the truth of the petition, and that they found the Spanish fleet in Santa Cruz Road, island of Teneriffe. [2/3 page.]
June 24. Order in Council for payment accordingly. [I. 78, p. 718.]
June 24. COUNCIL. Day's Proceedings.
1. Order adopting the report from the Committee on "Respondet Petrus," by Peter Heylin, that it should be referred to the Lord Mayor of London, and the justices of peace for Westminster and Middlesex, to proceed therein according to law.
2. 123. The Admiralty Commissioners to appoint a fit ship to convoy the fishing fleet to Newfoundland.
3. Order on petition of Thomas Wareing, merchant of London, for Goosnargh parish, co. Lancaster,—that it is large and poor, and the 100l. formerly allowed is now taken off,—to recommend the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers to settle an augmentation of 50l. on it. Approved 29 June.
4. All reports in future from Committees in Council to be offered in writing, and brought in by one of the committee, who is not to report till the draft has been shewn to the committee and by them voted, and then the report shall be read in Council.
5, 6. Desborow presents a report from the Committee on the petition and appeal of divers deputies, gagers, and surveyors of excise, and also a draft letter for the justices of peace, which was approved, and to be sent to the several justices, for better improvement of the revenue [see next page].
7. To desire Col. Wroth Rogers, governor of Hereford and justice of peace, to give his best assistance and encouragement to the collectors of ale excise, and quicken the other justices in like efforts.
8. The Army Committee to order the War Treasurers to advance a month's pay to the horse regiments of Lords Fleetwood and Falconbridge, on account of their great arrears, and because they have just come up from the country, and are now on the guard at London, any former order notwithstanding. Approved 29 June.
9, 10. The petition of the widow of Capt. Bennett, who was killed at Branford fight, referred to Mr. Comptroller, Desborow, Wolsley, Sydenham, and Fleetwood, to report; also that of Susan, daughter and administrator of Peter Smart, late prebend of Durham.
11. The Mardike Committee to agree with Mr. Gauden for providing and sending, at fit rates, to the garrison at Mardike, one month's provision of biscuits, cheese, and butter, for 4000 men, at 1lb. biscuit, ½lb. cheese, and ¼lb. butter a day, for each man. Approved 29 May.
12. Maj. Bourne to provide and send to Dunkirk 2000 palisadoes, 12 feet long.
13. A letter from the mayor and aldermen of Gloucester, of June 21, 1658, and a petition of the inhabitants of Woolston, Barnwood, Huttlecoat, Brockworth, Great Witcombe, and Badgworth, co. Gloucester, lying on London Road, read.
14. Order on testimonial from Mr. Wm. Bridge, concerning Fras. Helin's fitness to be sent to preach in Ireland, that the War Treasurers advance him 50l. by bills of exchange on Ireland, out of the money for forces in Ireland. Approved 29 June.
15. The Army Committee to issue warrants to the War Treasurers to pay 700l. to Col. Guibon's foot regiment. Approved 29 June.
June 24. 16. The Commissioners for Ely House and Savoy Hospital to relieve soldiers disabled at Mardike, and the widows and orphans of the slain, and especially Barbara Huntley.
18. Whereas on 15 June, for better transmission of moneys collected for the distressed Protestant churches of Poland, and 20 families of Bohemia, it was agreed between Sam. Hartman and Paul Cyrillus, agents for the churches, and Fredericus Krettechmarus, agent for the families, that 400l. should be paid to the families, and 50l. to their agent, and the whole remainder to the Poland exiles, allowing their agents their charges, and the sub-commissioners request the approval thereof by Council, and orders for payment of the said 450l. and the remainder of the moneys accordingly:—order approving thereof, and the payments to be made as requested.
20. Order on report of the petition of John Owsley [see 20 May 1658] that if he be presented to any other living than that of Cleypoole, from which he was ejected, the Commitee for Approbation of Ministers admit him, in case they find him qualified, the former ejectment notwithstanding. Approved 29 June. Annexing,
124. Report alluded to by Wolsley and Jones. 22 June 1658. [1 page.]
22. The petition of Sir Jas. Hope, for confirmation of privileges and exemptions alleged to have been granted to him and his predecessors, for their encouragement in prosecuting certain mines called the Lead Hill in Scotland, referred to the Treasury Commissioners, to report. [I. 75, pp. 713–719.]
June 25.
President Lawrence to Wm. Mumford, bailiff of Kidderminster, and justice of peace for co. Worcester. The sub-commissioners for collecting excise on ale, &c., within your county, have complained of great hindrance in collection of their duty, by the backwardness of some justices of peace in putting in execution the laws for getting in that branch of the revenue, especially in omissions to convict defaulters. As the matter is of great public concernment, and you hold a public office, his Highness and Council resent your departure from duty, and require your vigorous efforts to get in the said revenue, whereof a strict account will be expected. With note of like letters to John Solley, bailiff of Bewdley, and Rich. Greves, co. Worcester; Rich. Jones and Thos. Payne bailiffs of Oswestry, Sir Hum. Briggs, Mich. Stephens, and Thos. Howell, of Much Wenlock, John Young, Wm. Cotton, Rob Clive, and Thos. Lockhart, all of co. Salop, Thos. Paynard, mayor, and Thos. Seaburne, of Hereford, the bailiff of Leominster,—Botterill, and—Woodgate, all of co. Hereford. [I. 78, pp. 714, 890, 891.]
June 25.
Pres. Lawrence to Sir Rich. Chiverton, Lord Mayor of London. Council having received complaints concerning a book called "Respondet Petrus," or the answer of Peter Heylyn, D.D., to so much of Dr. Bernard's book called "The Judgment of the late Primate of Ireland in the point of the Sabbath," and finding a provision is made by an Ordinance of the Lords and Commons of 6 April 1644, concerning all books against the morality of the fourth Commandment, they desire you to proceed concerning the saidbook according to law. With note of like letter mutatis mutandis to the justices of peace in Middlesex and Westminster, directed to Sir Wm. Wheeler and the other justices of peace. [I. 78, p. 892.]
June 25.
Pres. Lawrence to the President and Council in Scotland. On the petition of Lord Montgomery, Council have made the enclosed order, on which they desire you to proceed. [I. 78, p. 893.]
June 26. Approval by the Protector of an order of 15 June. [I. 78, p. 719.]
June 29. 125. Petition of a church in Exeter, whereof Lewis Stukeley is pastor, to the Protector and Council. Sir John Copleston and Fras. Rolle, patrons of Sidwell and David's parish churches, are willing to present Increase Mather and Thos. Powell, men eminent for holiness, ability, and faithfulness, but the parishes have not together more than 50l. maintenance. We beg augmentation, that they may be encouraged to come and preach the Gospel. [1 sheet.]
June 29. Order thereon to recommend them to the Trustees for Ministers for augmentation. Approved 29 June. [I. 78, pp. 719, 725.]
June 29. 126. Petition of Ludovick Lambermont de Bourgongne, Esq., M.D. of Oxford, to the Protector. I have been employed by this State 7 years, both here and abroad, against the common enemies, served faithfully at great expense, and hazarded my life, but received no reward.
There used to be a physician in the Tower for sick soldiers, and though the office has long been vacant, it is useful. I beg to have it, as a reward for my services. With reference to Council, 7 June 1658. [1 page.]
June 29. Note of the reading of the petition in Council, but no order. [I. 78, p. 720.]
June 29. 127. Petition of several officers attending Council to Council. Thanks for your providing for our maintenance by warrants on Mr. Frost, so that we are saved great Exchequer fees, but we are 3 quarters behind, both in salaries and bills, so that we are much in debt; after much application, the Treasury Commissioners have only ordered us 1,500l., which will not be 20l. a piece to the messengers, they having 150l. due. We beg quarterly Privy Seals for our payment, and a warrant to Mr. Frost to distribute them, so that we may be freed from obstructions at the Exchequer, being obliged to trouble you with petitions, when we know the officers of the Treasury, Customs, Excise, &c., are paid. Signed by E. Dendy, Wm. Symball, Rich. Nutt, and 16 others. [1 page.]
June 29. Reference thereon to Desborow, Sydenham, Mr. Comptroller, and Mr. Secretary; to see which of the sums mentioned to-day as owing to his Highness can be got in, and how the above arrears may best be satisfied. [I. 78, p. 722.]
June 29. COUNCIL. Day's Proceedings.
2. Order on petition of Sir James Hope for the Earl Marshal of Scotland,—shewing that Dunnottar Castle, his inheritance, is now garrisoned by the State, and is considered so useful as to be indispensible, but that the Earl has no other means of discharging his fine except the profits from, or sale of the castle,—to write to Gen. Monk, to consider the usefulness of the castle, and have it surveyed and appraised.
4. 128. The Admiralty Commissioners to order delivery from the Ordnance office of 40 muskets, 20 pikes, and 200 bandoleers each to the regiments of his Highness, Lord Fleetwood, Maj.-Gen. Goffe, Lord Pride, Lord Hewson, and Col. Mills. Approved 29 June. Annexing,
128. I. Desire of the officers of the said regiments of foot about the city for the said arms. 22 June 1658. [½ page.]
5. Rob. Browne's answer to the charge made against him by the farmers of excise in London, read.
6. Order on a letter from Capt. Deane, War Treasurer now in Scotland, that the Committee on Geo. Bilton's business send for Col. Atkin, who was security for 5,000l., of which part is unpaid, and see what estates of Bilton's are in his hands.
7. Order on petition of the inhabitants of Weddon in the Street, co. Northampton, that the Trustees for Maintenance of Ministers settle an augmentation of 40l. on the minister there. Approved 29 June.
8. Joachim Heanes, engineer to the army, to go and reside at Dunkirk as engineer to the garrison, with pay of 16s. a day for himself and servant, which is to be added to the establishment. Approved 29 June.
9. The Mardike Committee to order despatch to Dunkirk of a Bible to each file of soldiers, and to consider of an able minister to be sent thither to reside.
10. The Army Committee to order it to be added to the establishment that Capt. Harrison's company, formerly raised for securing Hartlepool garrison, and now in Flanders, consisting of 80 privates besides officers, be paid the same as Col. Guibon's regiment. Approved 29 June.
11. The petition of 4 keepers of Needwood Chase, co. Stafford, referred to the Commissioners for sale of the 4 Forests, to report.
12. The petition of Sam. Firbanke, Francis Pepper, Wm. Ruston, Jane Scrivenor, Francis Scrivenor, Geo. Bilton, Anne Holland, widow, Barth. Atkin, Thos. Peirce, and Barth. Brown, of Bridlington, co. York, and a certificate from the justices of peace at the last quarter sessions at Beverley of 8 April 1657—that they are credibly informed of a lamentable fire which took place at Bridlington 18 March 1656–57, and destroyed the houses, goods, kilns, wheat, barley, and malt of the above inhabitants, to the amount of 597l.,—referred to his Highness, to grant letters Patent to make a collection from the charitably disposed in cos. York and Lincoln.
13. 129. Order that the present Commissioners of Customs pay from the ½ of 1 per cent. in their hands for redemption of captives, 12,000l. to Rich. Hutchinson, towards the great charge of keeping abroad a fleet in the Straits for their redemption, to be repaid out of the public revenue when they make it known to Council that they require the money for those ends for which that custom was designed. Approved 29 June.
15. Desborough, Sydenham, Mr. Comptroller, and Mr. Secretary to consider the business of discoveries lately made before the Commissioners for Discoveries and returned into the Exchequer, consult with counsel what should be done, and report.
16. Next Thursday the Admiralty Commissioners' report on the state of naval affairs to be considered, and meantime the Commissioners to whom it was referred are to prepare what they judge necessary to satisfy Council on the debate.
17. Order on a bill presented on behalf of Thos. Trapham, surgeon, concerning medicaments he provided and delivered to Edw. Cooke for use of wounded soldiers from Ma dike now at Dover, viz., 92l. 2s. 10½d., to advise a warrant to Frost to pay it.
18. The Mardike Committee to give order for pay and accommodation for the 200 or 300 sick and wounded soldiers Lord Lockhart has ordered to be sent from Flanders to Sandwich, co. Kent, the same as given to those at Dover.
19. Mr. Jessop, clerk of Council, to advise with Fras. Hodges, treasurer for the Jamaica forces, or any others, about officers and others come from Jamaica, and claiming pay or arrears, enquire what cases most press for relief, in respect of sickness, lameness, or poverty, and present them to Council.
20. The difference in the French churches in London to be considered next Tuesday, and the Committee thereon to report before then.
21. The report from the Committee on the matter of an instrument for declaring approbation of an Act of the Common Council of Edinburgh, for satisfying public debts of the Corporation by a charge on ale and beer there, read, but not approved.
23. Approval by the Protector of 28 orders, 18 May to 29 June. [I. 78, pp. 719–726.]
June 29.
President Lawrence to Gen. Geo. Monk. Council finding that Dunnottar Castle is garrisoned for the State's service, desire you to report on its necessity and usefulness to the State, and to have it surveyed and appraised, and certify thereon. [I. 78, p. 893.]
June. 130. Petition of John Bland, merchant of London, to the Admiralty Commissioners. Has a plantation in Virginia, but servants being very scarce there, went to Chelsea College to see if any prisoners that had lived slaves and servants in the Indies would go to Virginia; two mulattoes, Ferdinando de Virves and Bart. de Ruise, slaves to masters who have been liberated, proffered to go rather than live eternally in prison. Begs their release, as it will ease the State of charge, and advantage the plantation. [¾ page.] Annexing,
130. I. Request by Virves and Ruise to Bland to take them to Virginia, their master, Manuel de Sosa, having forgotten them. 2 June 1658. [Spanish, with an English translation.]
June? 131. Statement that the debts of the Commonwealth, with arrears to the armies and fleets to October 1656, as given in to Parliament, were between 800,000l. and 900,000l. The charge for the following year, ending October last (1657), would be 2,400,000l. The provision suggested was the Excise, and Customs, and Exchequer revenue, estimated at 1,300,000l., and 50,000l. a month taxes, which came to 1,900,000l., and they ordered the raising of 3 months' taxes over again at 60,000l. a month in England and Ireland, instead of 20,000l., and in Scotland 15,000l., total 215,000l., and the new buildings were to make up the other 300,000l. to complete the 2,400,000l. But only 3,000l. is come in by the new buildings, and the Exchequer revenue is fallen short 200,000l., which causes the armies to be in arrears 300,000l. and the Navy 540,000l., beside former debts, and now there is ½ a year's salary due to all the militia forces in England. Exact accounts can be had if wished for. [¾ page.]
June? 132. Like paper with the sums thrown into tabular form, [¾ page.]
June? 133. Warrant by Geo. Dashwood and Thos. Young, authorized to take up the excise of ale and beer in London, Westminster, Southwark, and Surrey, to Rob. Blackwell and Mat. Hanscombe, to search houses in Staines where beer and ale are made, take account of all that is brewed, and gather the excise of 2s. 6d. for a barrel of strong beer or ale, and 6d. for a barrel of small beer, giving receipts, and in case of non-payment, reporting the names. With writ of assistance. [1 page, damaged.]
June? 134. Statement that certain sub-commissioners have taken up excise money, issuing distresses for non-payment, but they keep the same, and refuse to pay in the arrears, and pretend that they held no commission, and only assisted the Commissioners by way of friendship. But it can be proved that they had a commission from the Commissioners authorized by Oliver Protector, appointed underofficers, gathered up the moneys, and gave discharges. [2/3 page, damaged.]