James I: Volume 9, August-October, 1604

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 9, August-October, 1604', Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, (London, 1857), pp. 140-163. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp140-163 [accessed 16 June 2024].

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August-October, 1604.

1. [Lord Cecil] to Geo. Bowes. His success in the mines having been so little and the expense so great, the King authorizes him to cease for the present. Directions as to his implements.
Aug. 2. 2. Statement of the quantity of tobacco brought into the port of London, during the year ending Michaelmas, 1603.
Aug. 2. Grant to Hen. Earl Northumberland, of the reversion of divers of his lands. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 24.]
Aug. 2. Grant, in reversion, to John Bingley, of the office of writing tallies in the receipt of the Exchequer. [Ibid., p. 34.]
Aug. 2. 3. Certificate of burials in the Liberty of Westminster and of the Duchy in the Strand, in the past week.
Aug. 2. 4. The King to Sir John Cutts. Sorry that sickness prevented his attendance on himself at Somersham. The place is much to his liking, and he greatly regrets the waste of the game and woods there. Orders him to re-stock it with such deer as can be spared by himself or his neighbours, that it may be ready for sport the next summer, and to appoint careful gamekeepers.
Aug. Docquet of the above, dated Aug. 6, Bletsoe. [Docquet, Aug. 7.]
Aug. 3.
5. The Council to [the Lieut. of the Tower]. To restrain the too free access of visitors to the condemned lords, prisoners in the Tower.
Aug. 3. Grant to George Earl Huntingdon, of the manor of Lubbesthorpe, co. Leicester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 37.]
Aug. 4. Grant to John de Laet, born in Antwerp, of denization. [Docquet.]
Aug. 7. 6. Earl of Northampton to the King. Suffers from the pangs of absence from his sweet master. Uncertain whether the Constable [of Castile, Spanish Ambassador Extraordinary,] will come to London by land or water; reports of his littleness and want of courtesy. Regrets that his arrival will shorten the King's sports.
Aug. 7.
Letter to Sir John Fortescue, to suffer certain lands sold to the Earl of Shrewsbury by the King to pass the Duchy Seal. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8.
Warrant for release on bond of Morgan Coleman, prisoner in the Fleet for debt. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Warrant to pay 6d. per diem to a gunner at Rye, to be appointed by the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, in place of Wm. Ratcliffe, deceased. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Warrant dormant for the Receiver of Kent to pay the salaries of the officers, gunners, and soldiers of Dover and other castles within the Cinque Ports. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. 7. Earl of Northampton to the King. The Constable of Castile is delighted with his reception, and praises his Majesty's learning, sweetness, frankness, and faithfulness; particulars of the Constable's personal appearance; his journey to London; the Queen met him, masked, in a boat on the Thames.
Aug. 10.
8. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Reception of the Spanish Ambassador. Accidents at the King's late hunting. He makes use of the Huntingdon stilt-men in the fens there. The Queen makes merry at Whitehall. Sir Edw. Denny to be made a Baron on Sir Jas. Hay's marriage, &c. Will meet Chamberlain at Ascot.
Aug. 10. Grant to Andrew Brereton of pardon for killing John Brotherhead. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to Chris. Heyburn and Rich. Candeler, in reversion after Ferdinando Richardson, of the office of making and registering assurances on ships or merchandize in London. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to Lord Aubigny of the King's moiety of all forfeitures for transportation of beer, contrary to his Letters Patent. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Commission for Thos. Sheffield, keeper of the gardens and orchard at Greenwich, to take up workmen, &c. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to John Causton of a prebend at Norwich. [Docquet.]
Aug. 12.
Letter to the Warden, &c. of All Souls College, Oxford, to elect Phil. Swain a fellow there. [Docquet.]
Aug. 14.
9. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Is not able to come and see the Spaniards. The Hollanders have burnt a small ship of Dover, in revenge for which two of them were murdered. A lioness whelped in the Tower. Plague at Oxford; death of [John] Eveleigh, Principal of Hart Hall, by it. Injury to Lord Sanquair by Turner the fencer.
Aug. 14.
10. Grant by Queen Anne to John Gerard, Surgeon and Herbalist to the King, of lease of a garden plot adjoining Somerset House, on condition of his supplying her with herbs, flowers, and fruit. With an endorsement of surrender to the Queen of the said plot, 27 June 1611, by Robert Earl of Salisbury, to whom it was granted by Gerard.
Aug. 15. Warrant to Sir Mich. Stanhope, Keeper of the King's Park of Hartingford-bury, Herts, to forbear killing any deer there for three years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Thos. Herriot and John Shelbury, in fee-farm, of the manor of Beeston-Regis, co. Norfolk, of the Duchy of Lancaster, on surrender of the manor of Westbonealveyt, co. Cornwall. [Docquet, Feb. 19 and Aug. 15.]
Aug. 15. Warrant to Sir Thos. Tyringham to preserve the red deer in the manor of Knotting. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Warrant to deliver to Thos. Colledge, Groom of the Buck-hounds, stuff for his yearly liveries. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Geo. Montaigne of dispensation to enjoy his fellowship in Queen's College, Cambridge, for seven years, with livings within 30 miles. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Wm. Francis, of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Edw. Gwyn of a prebend in Oxford. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Tho. Hall of advowson of the parsonage of Rolleston, Staffordshire, to present a fit person. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant of charter for the town of Stow, Gloucestershire. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Allowance of tonnage for building five new ships, by Nich. Diggens and others. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. Grant of pardon to John Anstey of Grimsby, Lincoln, for the murder of Nich. Blunston. [Docquet, Aug. 15 and Oct. 14.]
Aug. 15. Grant to Rob. Erle of a Gunner's place in the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 15. 11. Warrant for a grant to Sir Thos. Chaloner of land, value 100£. per ann., from the Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster.
Aug. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, August 20.]
Aug. 16.
The Mount.
12. Arthur Harris to the Council. Delays till further orders the apprehension of To. Munford, a seminary priest, because he was reprieved by the judges at the last assizes.
Aug. 16. Grant, in fee-farm, to Edward Lord Zouch, of the parsonage of Randby, co. Lincoln. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 38.]
Aug. 16. Grant to Sir Hen. Lindley and John Starkey, in fee-farm, of manors, &c., in exchange for the forests and chases of Bringwood, Mochtrey, &c., and the manor of Burton, Herefordshire. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Warrant dormant for delivery of certain stuff yearly to Thos. Dixon, Yeoman of the Queen's Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Warrant dormant for delivery of certain stuff to Wm. Partington, the King's carpenter, and Rich. Dungan, his plasterer, yearly, during pleasure. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Grant to Wm. Portington and Ric. Binding, on surrender of a former grant to John Colbrand, deceased, and Wm. Partington, of the office of Master Carpenter of all the King's buildings, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Grant to Rob. Browne, Yeoman of the Cellar, of 100 marks, being a fine imposed on Wm. Griffith. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Grant to Oliver St. John, of a pension of 18d. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Warrant to pay 12,000£. to Sir Rich. Smith, Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall, for tin for the King's use. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Letter to the said Sir Rich. Smith, touching the employing of the 12,000£. &c., for purchase of tin. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. Letter to Sir Fr. Godolphin, late Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall, to deliver 1,850£., and also a quantity of tin remaining in his hands, to Sir Rich. Smith. [Docquet.]
Aug. 16. 13. Thos. Alabaster to Lord Cecil. Foreign news. A Spanish carrack taken by the Hollanders in the East Indies. Terms of the surrender of Helvoet Sluys to Count Maurice.
Aug. 17. Warrant to deliver to Rob. Thurgar sundry parcels of stuff for apparel for the King's and Queen's pages. [Docquet.]
Aug. 17. Letter to the Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, to elect Tho. Love a Fellow. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Anthony Copley, attainted of high treason, of pardon and his forfeited goods. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Presentation of Dr. [Thos.] Blague to the rectory of Braxsted Magna, co. Essex, and revocation of a former grant of the same to Wm. Bourne. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Rob. Stewart to travel for 5 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Letter to the Bishop of Chester, and others, to inquire whether the river Weever, co. Chester, has been heretofore navigable, and as to the passage there of a boat, made by Peter Tarbock. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant to pay to the Treasurer of the Chamber 1,000£. for defraying extraordinary charges since the King's accession. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant dormant to pay to Agnes Bowie, the King's laundress, 20£. per ann., during pleasure. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant to deliver certain cloth for the apparel of the footmen of the King, Queen, Prince, Lady Elizabeth, and for other servants. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant to pay to Giles Simpson, 110£. 14s. 4d. for fine gold and ilver, for spangles for the coats of the Queen's and Prince's footmen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Wm. Day, of Ocknolds, co. Berks, and Wm. Ansam, of Heston, co. Middlesex, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to the Earl of Lincoln, and his heirs, of the King's reversion in the castle and manor of Fokingham, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Sir Fras. Bacon of pension of 60£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to the Same of the office of one of the King's Council at Law. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Tho. Cornwallis to nominate fit persons to keep bowling alleys, tennis courts, or other places of diversion, in London and Westminster. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Thos. Mewtas and his heirs, of the King's reversion of the monastery of Stratford Langthorne, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Sir Wm. Windsor of pardon for the death of Fras. Meryton. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant of incorporation to the Company of Fishmongers. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Rich. Powell and Hugh Lee to dig for discovery of Mines royal, &c., in places not already in the grant to the Company of Mines royal. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Anth. Bugges of pardon for the death of John Gibson. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the King's apparel for one half-year. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Letter to the Master, &c., of Peterhouse, Cambridge, to elect Robert Derham a Fellow Probationer, after Wm. Gibson and Thos. Love. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Letters to Lord [Bruce of] Kinloss and Sir John Herbert to decide a suit for debt, between Paulo Lardo, the Venetian Agent, and Sir Edw. Stafford. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Sir Fr. Harris to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to the Earl of Nottingham, Lord Admiral, in fee-farm, of the manor of Ford, co. Sussex. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to John Lister and Edw. Darby, in fee-farm, of Duchy lands, value 37£. 13s. 3d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Aug. 19.
14. The King to the Council. To examine a case in dispute between Edward Lord Bruce, Master of the Rolls, and Sir Roger Wilbraham and Peter Proby, relative to the custody of the records in the Tower. [Damaged.]
Aug. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, August 18.]
Aug. 19 ? 15. Precedents, in reference to the point in dispute between Lord Bruce and Peter Proby, to prove that it has been the custom to have a separate Keeper of the Records in the Tower, when nominally they have been in the hands of the Keeper of the Chancery Records.
Aug. 19 ? 16. Copy of the above.
Aug. 20.
17. The Council to the Commissioners for Musters, Norfolk. Approve the choice of Thos. Ball, recommended by many gentlemen of that county, as Muster Master.
Aug. 20. Grant to Thos. Dickenson of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grants to Hen. Barkley and Sir Wm. Godolphin of pensions of 10s. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to John Webster, in reversion after Sir Rob. Zinzan, alias Alexander, of the offices of Bailiff of the Liberty of St. Albans, co. Hertford, and Steward of the Court and Clerk of the Market there. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Fr. Wallis and Rich. Simpson of purchase of lands in divers counties, value 26£. 15s. 3d., per ann. [Docquet, 20 and 23 Aug.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Andrew Kerwyn of the office of Paymaster of the King's Works, with reversion to Patrick Cunningham. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant, with survivorship, to Walter Alexander, Usher to the Prince, and Sarah his wife, of a pension of 100£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir Geo. Harvy, Lieutenant of the Tower, of free warren in the demesne lands of his manor of Markes, co. Essex, &c. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir Matthew Morgan, of a pension of 40£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Warrant to pay 886£. 7s. 8d., for horses and geldings for the King's use. [Docquet.]
18. Anon., a Scotchman, to [the Governor of Calais]. Has served Cecil, now the King's Secretary, in almost all Europe, but was banished last June, for 6 years, through the malice of Sir Tho. Erskine, Captain of the Guards. Has expended almost all his money; wishes to serve Archduke Albert, and if his correspondent will not send his letters to England, will discover the reasons of, and actors in the late peace between England and Spain, with the means of breaking it; will also send him regular intelligence from the Archduke's court, on condition of relief for his present necessities. Fr. Annexed are,
18. I. "The reasons which the Lord Cecil did use to induce His Majie of Ingland to consent to the peace with Spain." It was intended by the late Queen, and was one of the dying admonitions of his father,Lord Burleigh.
August. 19. Same to the Same. Thanks for favours, and requests money to enable him to prosecute his journey to the Archduke. Fr.
Aug. 20. Creation of Rob. Lord Cecil, of Essendon, to the rank of Viscount Cranborne. [Grant Book, p. 4.]
Aug. 20. Warrant to repay 11,000£. borrowed of the Aldermen, &c., of London, for 6 months, to purchase tin in cos. Devon and Cornwall. [Docquet.]
Aug. 23.
20. Sir Thos. Bennett, Lord Mayor of London, and others, to the Council. Send a petition of the Company of Cordwainers, remonstrating against a proposed licence for exportation of shoes, on account of the excessive price of leather.
Aug. 23. Grant to Sir Thos. Windebank, Thos. Bellott, and Wm. Blake, in fee-farm, of purchase of the manors of Stamford and Dunston, with the castle of Dunstaburgh, co. Northumberland. [Docquet.]
Aug. 23. Grant to Alphonso Lanier of the office of weighing of hay and straw, brought to London and Westminster, for 20 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 23. Licence to Sir Edw. Mountford and Sir Hen. Arden to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 23. Licence to Sir Arthur Aston, and others, for 41 years, to use and sell certain woods used in dyeing. [Docquet.]
Aug. 23. Indenture between the King and the patentees above named, detailing certain regulations. [Docquet.]
Aug. 24.
Court at Whitehall.
21. Board of Green Cloth to the Justices of Essex. To supply 40 loads of coal for the palace at Whitehall.
Aug. 24.
22. Rob. Cecil, Viscount Cranborne, to Sir Robt. Wingfield. To deliver the court-rolls of the manor of Spalding to Thos. Browne, Deputy Surveyor.
Aug. 26.
Castle Ashley.
23. Grant to Sir Wm. Anstruther of the benefit of the recusancy of John Talbot of Grafton, Worcestershire.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 27.]
Aug. 26. Release to Rich. Boyle for payment of a debt of 1,000£. for Sir Walter Raleigh. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 41.]
Aug. 26. Grant to Peter Vanlore, in lieu of a debt of 1,000£. owed him by the King, of an obligation of Sir John Carell for 1,000£. [Ibid. p. 41.]
Aug 27. 24. Sir Thos. Fanshaw, Auditor [of the Exchequer] to [Visc. Cranborne]. Statement of objections against the new grant of certain lands and privileges to the church of Ripon; with particulars of its receipt and expenditure, salary of the prebends, &c.
Aug. 27.
25. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Intelligence from the Low Countries. The States have taken possession of Sluys. The Archduke at Bruges. Fortifications of Ostend strengthened. The Constable of Castile has left the English Court. Presents given and received by the Spaniards. The King has given more plate than Queen Elizabeth did during her whole reign. Embassy from the Duke of Lorraine, &c.
Aug. 29.
26. Statutes and decrees made at Boston, co. Lincoln, by the Commissioners of Sewers, for clearing certain drains in the Fens.
Aug. 30.
27. Anonymous to the Board of Green Cloth. The Constables of Henley refuse to furnish carts for removal of the Queen's Household, except upon warrant from the High Constable of Amesbury.
Aug. 30. Warrant to deliver to John Smith, Trumpeter of the Prince, his yearly liveries, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Similar warrant for stuff to Robert Carr, Groom of the Bedchamber, for his apparel. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Wm. Dale and Rich. Archdale, in fee-farm, of Exchequer lands, &c., value of 67£. 13s. 6d. per ann., on surrender of the manor of Islingham, Kent. [Docquet. See March 23 and Sept. 24.]
Aug. 30. Licence to Sir Hen. Carey to travel for 7 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Warrant to pay to John Williams 1,000£., for chains of gold to be given by the King to divers Ambassadors. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Warrant to Sir Edw. and Sir Hen. Carey, Treasurers of the King's Jewels and Plate, to deliver certain parcels of gold and silver plate, for presents to the Spanish and Austrian Ambassadors. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Warrant to pay certain sums to Sir Edw. Carey for providing plate, to supply the place of the pieces thus bestowed. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Sir Edw. Coke and John Dodderidge of the reversion of Sheldon. [Ind. Wt. Bk. p. 34.]
August. 28. State of the diocese of Chester, as to the number of communicants and recusants; with the names of the principal Popish priests and recusants, as certified in the late visitation of the Bishops.
Sept. 2.
29. Thos. Bloxam to Nich. Porter. Private affairs.
Sept. 2. Lease to Thos. Potts, in reversion after Rich. Bunny, of the King's Park, called Haia Park, co. York, and in reversion after Francis Slingsby, of the office of Feodary of Pontefract, of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Sept. 2. Grant to Sir Hen. Bromley, in fee-farm, of part of the dismembered manors of Coggeshall, co. Essex, and Earebury, cos. Essex and Suffolk, value 100£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Sept. 2. Licence to Lord St. John to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Sept. 2. Presentation of Randal Davenport to the parsonage of Topesfield, co. Essex, void by resignation of Wm. Smith. [Docquet.]
Sept. 3.
Dorset House.
30. Earl of Dorset to the Officers of the Port of London. To permit the merchants who bought the pepper, part of the King's carrack goods, to export it without custom; with note of fulfilment of the orders, Dec. 31, 1605.
Sept. 4. Grant to Martin White, of the collectorship of the port of London, in the room of Ant. Gibson, whose appointment is revoked for concealing his real name of Anthony Watson. Noted in the margin, "stayed." [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Licence for Sir John Gray and Jas. Stuart to export 10,000 pairs of shoes, startups, or slippers, made of English leather, duty free, within 5 years. [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Warrant to pay to Andrew Kerwyn, Paymaster of the King's Works, 642£. 5s. 11d., and other sums, over and above 5,000£. per ann., allowed for that service, for repairs at St. James's and Greenwich. [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Grant to Arth. Scarlet, late Trumpeter to the Queen, of pension of 2s. per diem. [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Warrant to the receiver of Yorkshire, to deduct 100£. out of the allowance and fees due to Lord Sheffield, President of the Council, and to pay the same to Lord Burleigh, the late President. [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Grant to Ellis Bingham of a Poor Knight's place in Windsor, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 4. Grant to Lord Hume, in fee-simple, of lands, tithes, &c., co. Northumberland, of the value of 109£. 10s. 2d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Sept. 5. Grant to Thos. and Lawr. Marbury to write all presentations to the Great Seal of England, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 31.]
Sept. 5. Commission to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, Lord Treasurer Dorset, the Duke of Lenox, and others, for the execution of [the laws against] Jesuits and seminary priests. [For their banishment. See Fodera, xvi., 597. Grant Book, p. 12.]
Sept. 5. 31. Clause to be added to the commission for banishment of the Jesuits.
Sept. 6. Letter to Lord Sheffield, Lord President of York, to aid Fras- Browne in execution of the office of Clerk or Registrar of all Ecclesiastical Causes within the province of York. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Warrant to pay to Sir John Fortescue, late Master of the Wardrobe, certain sums for the surpluses of his accounts of that office, in the late and present reign. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Warrant to pay 1,000£. to Martin Van Somer, for a diamond ring given by the King to the Constable of Castile, and 1,400£. to Peter Vanlore, for a necklace of pearl, sent by the Queen to the Constable's wife. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Warrant to pay 1,000£. to John Spilman, one of the King's jewellers, for a tablet of diamonds with the King's and Queen's pictures, given by the Queen to the Constable of Castile, and 260£. for a jewel sent by her to the Count Arembergh. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Grant, in reversion, to Tho. Lewes, of a prebend in Christ's Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Grant to Rob. Browne, of the stewardship of the King's Courts in the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Grant to Sir Dan. Dunn, Master of Requests, of a pension of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Grant to Sir Miles Fleetwood, in reversion after Sir Wm. Fleetwood, of the office of Receiver General of the Court of Wards and Liveries. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6. Grant to John Chapman, in reversion after Thos. Sheffield, of the keepership of the gardens at Greenwich, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 6.
32. The King to the Freeholders of Braden Forest. Requests their consent to the inclosure of some land near the forest, as a feeding place for the deer.
Sept. 6. 33. Draft of the above.
Sept. 9.
34. Sir Thos. Smith to Richard Lee. Mr. Glaseover has taken order for payment of the 118£. The bond forfeited was Sir Uriah Leigh's, not his.
Sept. 11. Commission to the Earls of Bath, Pembroke, and Devonshire, the Bishop of Exeter, and others, to exercise ecclesiastical authority in the diocese of Exeter. [Grant Book, p. 12.]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 20.]
Sept. 15.
Windsor Castle.
Proclamation appointing the day and place for the meeting of the Commissioners of England and Scotland, to treat upon the Union. [Proc. Bk., p. 80.]
Sept. 15. Grant to Sir Jas. Hay and Honor Denny his wife, and their heirs of the manors of Strixton, co. Northampton, and Kelleythorpe, Raskill, and Salley, co. York, and other lands, cos. York and Lincoln, with reversion to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Sept. 15. Lease to Ingram Fryser of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 20£. per ann., on surrender of the Agistment of Bewreper and Rowesley, parcel of the herbage of Crockhill, in the High Peak, co. Derby, and a vaccary in Wiersdale, co. Lancaster, called Marshagh. [Docquet.]
Sept. 15. Grant, in reversion, to Griffin Davies of an alms-room in Winchester, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 15. Letter to the Lord Treasurer not to dispose of the office of Comptroller of the Customs within the port of London, now in possession of [Arthur] Ingram, dangerously sick, without the King's privity. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16. 35. Heads proposed by the King to be debated on [by the Commissioners for] the Union of England and Scotland.
Sept. 16 ? 36. "Clauses which may fall into the draft of bills touching the Union, being the matters of greatest difficulty," viz., the debateable grounds, the privileges of the Scots in France, and the reducing of customs to equality.
Sept. ?
37. Thos. Hayes to Lord Cranborne. Encloses a discourse written some time before, concerning the Union; would like to explain personally some points in his motion touching tillage and the customs. Incloses,
37. I. Discourse on the proposed Union between England and Scotland, founded on the opinions of historians ancient and modern, &c.
Sept. ? Treatise by J. W. on the Union of the two realms of England and Scotland. Printed; pp. 58. [Dom. Miscellaneous, No. 228.]
Sept. 17. Warrant to deliver to Bernard Lindsay, Groom of the Bedchamber, stuff for one suit of apparel. [Docquet.]
Sept. 17. Grant to Robt. Maxwell [Gentleman of the Privy Chamber] of the next advowson of the rectory of Ripple, dioc. Worcester. [Docquet.]
Sept. 18.
38. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Edw. Denny, and others. Directions to proceed in erecting bridges over the Lee. Incloses,
38. I. Warrant to the Earls of Dorset and Nottingham to give order for felling wood at Hatfield, Hainault-walk, Enfield, and Walwood, for erecting bridges over the river Lee, between Hackney and Ware. Sept. 16, Windsor.
38. II. Warrant to pay 200£. to Sir Robt. Wrothe, Sir Edw. Denny, and others, for the erecting of bridges over the Lee. Sept. 16, Windsor.
Sept. Docquets of the above warrants. [Docquet, Sept. 15.]
Sept. 20.
Windsor Castle.
39. The King to Visct. Cranborne. Directions to stay all future grants of lands, even though under sign manual, till a projected Act for the entail of a reasonable portion of his possessions be finished, &c.
Sept. 20. 40. The Same to the Lord Treasurer and others. To examine a petition enclosed from Ralph Bowes, claiming a right to the manor of Barnes, co. Durham, which was unjustly passed in exchange to the late Queen by his mother, during his minority.
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 21.]
Sept. 20. Warrant to deliver 1,000£. to Lord Hume, to be disbursed under the King's direction. [Docquet.]
Sept. 20. Presentation of Edw. Liveley to the rectory of Purleigh, co. Essex void by death of Edm. Freake. [Docquet.]
Sept. 20. Grant to Nich. and Hugh Pigeon, on surrender of Edm. and Nich. Pigeon, of the office of Clerk of the Wardrobe of robes and beds, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Sept. 20. Warrant to deliver to John Danson and Edw. Thomason, velvet, gold lace, &c., for apparelling 7 of the King's and 6 of the Queen's pages and their keepers. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21.
Dorset House.
41. Earls of Dorset and Nottingham to the King's Woodward, &c., in Hertfordshire. Warrant for felling forty trees in Hatfield wood, for bridges on the Lee.
Sept. 21.
42. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. The Constable [of Castile] driven by weather into Calais. Ambassador Taxis returned to London. Commissioners for the Union to meet on the 20th Oct. The King going to Royston with his hunting crew. Two Spanish ships given to Sir John Leigh. The States dislike the peace with Spain. Fortification of the Island of Cassand. Ostend surrendered 15th Sept. on honourable conditions; Sir Charles Fairfax slain there.
Sept. 21. Commission for Nath. Giles, Master of the Children of the Chapel, to take up children for the service of the chapel, and to send them to schools of Royal Foundation, when their voices break. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Francis Joye of the office of Serjeant of the Privy Buckhounds, for life, he having resigned a similar office to Silvester Dodsworth. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Sir Rob. Ashby, of Harfield, co. Middlesex, of pardon for harbouring Jesuits and seminary priests, and of restitution of his lands. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Warrant to pay 100£. to the Mayor of Windsor, to be distributed to the sufferers from fire there, and to pay 40£. to Edw. Phillipps, apothecary, sent into Scotland with Dr. Atkins to Prince Charles. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21 ? 43. Names of such noblemen as contributed to the town of Windsor, towards the loss by fire.
Sept. 21. Letter to the Master, &c., of Magdalen College, Cambridge, recom- mending Samuel Crick for one of the Fellowships in the disposal of the Crown. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Warrant for payment of wages to Thos. Kent, one of the King's ordinary footmen. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Warrant to deliver to Roger Williams and George Hume their yearly liveries. [Docquet.]
Sept. 22.
44. Thos. Jefferyes to Cecil. Information that an Englishman, going from Valensciennes to England with design to kill the King, was warned at Canterbury by a gentleman from Douay that he was discovered, and fled. He sent for some letters which he had hidden in his bed. Plot to intercept them, and deliver them to Cecil.
Sept. 23. Presentation of Ingram Lister to the parsonage of Staingrave, co. York, void by death of John Palmer. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant to Henry Bowyer, in reversion after Sir Edw. Carey, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Sir Phil. Kighley, and Sir Fr. Egiocke, of a Tellership in the Exchequer for life, after the placing of Tho. Watson and Wm. Herrick, reversioners for the same place. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant to Dr. Hen. Atkins of the office of one of the King's physicians in ordinary. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant to Wm. Dale and Rich. Archdale, in fee-farm, of the manor of Berwick-upon-Tees, co. York, and other lands cos. York, Bedford, and Hertford, on surrender of the manor of Islingham, Kent, for the use of Sir Edw. Stafford. [Docquet. See March 23 and August 30.]
Sept. 24. Warrant to the Exchequer and the other King's Courts, declaring how foreign goods, landed by stress of weather, may be re-shipped custom free. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant to Thos. Cornwallis, on surrender of Sir Drew Drury and Edw. Hunning, of the receivership of Norfolk and Huntingdonshire. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant, with survivorship, to Rich. Chamberlain and Hugh Audley, on surrender of Edw. Herris and Edw. Wrightington, of the clerkship of the Court of Wards. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. A like grant to John and Nicholas Hare, on surrender of John Hare. [Docquet.]
Sept. 24. Grant, in reversion, to John Keeling of the office of the Crown and Attorney in the King's Bench, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 38.]
Sept. 25. Letter to Justice Gawdy, concerning a marriage contract between Sir Robt. Rich, son and heir of Lord Rich, and the daughter of Sir Wm. Hatton, deceased, grandchild of Gawdy. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Sir Roger Aston, in fee-farm, of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 100£. per ann., on surrender of a former grant of lands, value 80£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Letter to the Lord Treasurer to deliver to Sir James Hay, the book containing a grant to him of lands amounting to 1,000£. in yearly value, though the survey is not come. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. 45. Warrant to pay wages and liveries to Thos. Merell, Yeoman Pricker of the Privy Buck-hounds, and to Edw. Walworth, Roger Williams, and Thos. Wyer, Grooms of the Buck-hounds.
Sept. 25. Docquet of the above.
Sept. 25. Warrant to pay to Thos. Rolles the usual wages, &c., of a Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Northampton, as Constable of Dover Castle, 160£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Warrant to Sir Rich. Smith, Receiver General of Cornwall, to deliver tin at a certain rate, to such persons as now lend money, in repayment thereof; and to re-deliver to Tho. Brigham and Humph. Wemes the tin sold by them to the Company of Pewterers. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Ph. Herbert and Sir. Jas. Hay, in reversion after Sir Hen. Lee and Sir Edw. Dyer, of the offices of Steward and Lieutenant of Woodstock and Wotton, Keeper of the parks, woods, &c., of Woodstock, Ranger of the New Forest, and porter of the park. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. 46. Warrant to the Lord Admiral to deliver to Sir John Leigh two ships taken in the late reign from the Spaniards, the St. Andrew and St. Matthew, but now decayed and unserviceable.
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 27.]
Sept. 25. 47. The King to the Earl of Derby, Chamberlain of Cheshire. Understands a cause is to be heard at the next Assizes between the Lady Arabella Stuart and her feoffees, plaintiffs, and Edw. Egerton, defendant concerning the manor of Smallwood in the County Palatine of Chester. Requests him to be present in court, and with the advice of the Justices of Assize, to take care that Lady Arabella be not injured. Subscribed by Chief Justice Popham, with his opinion that such a letter is very reasonable.
Sept. 25. Docquet of the above.
Sept. 25. Grant to Thos. Ravenscroft of the office of Clerk for enrolling evidences in Chancery, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 26. 48. The King to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London. Requires them to hear and decide in a dispute between Wm. Doggett and John Bodeley, as to the right to the office of Clerk of the Papers in the City of London.
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 27.]
Sept. 26.
Warrant for payment of persons providing divers necessaries for the King's stables. [Docquet, March 30, 1605.]
Sept. 27. Warrant to deliver to And. Kerwyn money for repair of the King's house at Royston. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Warrant to deliver to John Levingston, Groom of the Bedchamber, stuff for his apparel. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Roger Aston and Dame Mary his wife, in reversion after Lady Cheek, of the keepership of the house, gardens, and orchards at St. James's, near Westminster. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Patent to Ric. Dike, Matthias Fowle, and Fras. Dorrington, to make Venice gold and silver thread for 21 years, they covenanting to import bullion to the value of 5,000£. yearly. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Patent to Thos. Browne, Toby Steward, and Nich. Burghley, of the making stone pots, jugs, and bottles, for 21 years. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Warrant to pay certain sums to Ric. Brasse, and others, Yeomen and Grooms of the Privy Buck-hounds, and to Richard Crockford, "lymier" of the same, of the King's gift, for attending him in his hunting journeys. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. Warrant for the watch liveries of the Guard and others. [Docquet.]
Sept. 28. 49. Extract of the Private Act for the King's Household. If the fund assigned come to less than 50,000£., the Treasurer is to make up the deficiency.
Sept. 28. 50. The King to the Justices of the Common Pleas. To determine the suit long pending between Lord Cromwell and -- Andrews, about the manor of Allexton.
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 29.]
Sept. 28. 51. The King to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London. Summons them to appear before the Council, to answer for interfering with the right of the Crown, by disposing of the office of Measurer of Coals, and taking certain duties thereon.
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
52. The Same to Sir Peter Fresheville, Sir John Harper, Sir John Thorall, and Sir Fras. Baildon. To examine and decide a cause between Edw. Rye and Hercules Foliambe, for lease of the rectory of Misterton, &c., co. Notts.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 6.]
Sept. 29. 53. Muster roll of the garrison at Sandown Castle, taken before Sir Thos. Waller, Lieutenant of Dover Castle.
Sept. 29. 54. Bond of Tho. Den, merchant of Sandwich, under penalty of 200£., to pay at Michaelmas next into the Exchequer three other bonds, amounting to 150£.
Sept. 29. Presentation of Ezekiel Edgar to the rectory of Foxholes, co. York, void by the death of John Palmer. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to David Penry of the keeping of the gaol of Montgomery, for life, on giving security for the safe custody of his prisoners. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to -- of 100£. as the King's gift, which should have been paid to Lady Stafford, deceased. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to John Davers, in reversion after Geo. Pollard, of the office of Keeper of the forests of Pewsham and Blackmore, Wilts, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to Rich. Ward, in reversion after Wm. Churchlow, of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms in the Marches of Wales, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30.
Hampton Court.
55. Order in Council rejecting the claim of the Hanse Towns to certain ancient privileges, as injurious to trade.
Sept. The King to Rich. Vaughan, Bishop of Chester, about to be translated to the see of London. For Chr. Toldervey to be continued collector of tenths and subsidies, in the diocese of London. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 107.]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 14.]
Sept. ? 56. Answers of Thomas Denys to interrogatories by the Council, relative to speeches used by Capt. Gosnold.
Sept. 57. Account of monies disbursed for building, at Fulham and London, since Christmas, 1601.
Sept. 58. View of expenses of his Majesty's household for the past year.
Sept. 59. Accounts of John Scott, Receiver of the Archbishopric of Canterbury, from the last day of February, on which day Archbishop Whitgift died, to Michaelmas, 1604.
Sept. ? 60. Instructions for letting lands in the manors of Ingoldmells, Steping, &c., co. Lincoln. Indorsed, "Windebank's Memoriall for Mr. Thorp."
Oct. 2.
The Court.
61. Earl of Pembroke to Visct. Cranborne. For his favour to a certain petition of the Grooms of the Queen's Privy Chamber, referred by her Majesty to his consideration.
Oct. 2. 62. Jos. Edgar to Eleazar Edgar. Private affairs. His mother's will.
Oct. 3. 63. Muster roll of the company at Mote's Bulwark, reviewed before Sir Thos. Waller.
Oct. 4.
64. Sir Tho. Coningsby to Visct. Cranborne and Lord Sydney. Proceedings at a court of survey, held at Marden. Contemptuous conduct, &c., of Thos. Wootton the bailiff, and John Seaborne, deputy steward.
Oct. 5.
St. John's Coll. Oxon.
65. Roland Searchfield to Dud. Carleton. Private affairs. Begs his aid in procuring a chaplaincy for him, in the new Archbishop of Canterbury's establishment.
Oct. 6. Congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Canterbury, to elect an Archbishop. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Letter to the Same, recommending Rich. Bancroft, Bishop of London, to be elected. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Letter to the Same, recommending Thos. Ravis, Dean of Christ Church, to be elected. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of St. Asaph, to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Letter to the Same, recommending Rich. Parry, Dean of Bangor, to be elected Bishop. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Grant to Henry Earl of Oxford of pension of 200£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Grant to Sir David Fowlies, of pension of 118£. 13s. 4d. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6. Presentation of Wm. Butterton to the vicarage of Nuneaton, co. Warwick. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6.
Hampton Court.
66. The King to several of the Judges. Explains his former letter, relative to their determination of a controversy between Rich. Peacock and John Gage.
Oct. 6. Docquet of the above.
Oct. 6. Warrant dormant to deliver yearly, during pleasure, stuff for his apparel to Matt. Haistenes, Page of the Queen's Chamber. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7.
67. Patrick Master of Gray to Lord Cecil. The misbehaviour of the Provost of Dundee has led the burgesses to elect another; the former Provost pleads the King's letters for his office. Hopes the King will allow their free election; exculpates himself from blame therein.
Oct. ? 68. Offer of John Evelyn, Ric. Harding, and Rob. Evelyn, patentees, for making saltpetre and gunpowder for the service of the state.
Oct. 7. Patent to the Same, to make saltpetre for supplying the King with gunpowder, for 21 years. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Indenture of covenant by the above parties, to deliver yearly into the King's store in the Tower, certain quantities of powder. [Docquet.]
Oct. 8.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay certain sums to And. Kerwyn for building a barn and stable at the mews, Charing Cross, for the service of the Prince. [Docquet, Oct. 11.]
Oct. 9.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to Clemt. Edmondes, solicitor for the city of London, 20£. for relieving and conveying out of the realm certain strangers, long detained as captives, and freed at the late recovery of Sluys, in Flanders. [Docquet, Oct. 11.]
Oct. 10.
Hampton Court.
Attestation, under the King's hand and signet, of his gracious acceptance of the service of [John] Kidderminster, as keeper of Langley Park, the charges against him being found false. [Docquet, Oct. 11.]
Oct. 11.
Sackville House.
69. Notice by the Commissioners for farming his Majesty's customs, of their intention to meet at the Lord Treasurer's house on Oct. 17, to receive tenders.
Oct. 11. 70. Copy of the above notice, signed by Visct. Cranborne only.
Oct. 11. 71. Draft of the above.
Oct. 11.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to deliver to Robt. Seale money for purchase of ma- terials for the liveries of Lord Erskine, Captain of the Guard, and divers others of the King's, Queen's, and Prince's Households, to the number of 299 persons. [Docquet.]
Oct. 11.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to deliver to John Danson, the King's tailor, 112 yards of black velvet, for garding the coats of 50 of the King's new Guard. [Docquet.]
Oct. 11. Grant to George Snigg, of the office of Baron of the Coif of the Exchequer, during good behaviour. [Docquet.]
Oct. 11. Grant to the Mayor, &c., of Bradninch, co. Devon, of incorporation and confirmation of their privileges, and to have 3 sheep fairs and 2 other fairs annually. [Docquet.]
Oct. 11.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to George Bowes 200£. for charges in searching for gold mines in Scotland. [Docquet.]
Oct. 11.
Hampton Court.
Grant of 1,120 crowns, as the King's reward of five crowns per ton, for building five new ships. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Grant, in fee-farm, to Rich. Paver, of lands in Yorkshire. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 23.]
Oct. 12. 72. Certificate by Thos. Shakespere, of Staple Inn, Middlesex, of his being prevented, by a previous summons out of Chancery, from attending a summons in another court, not named. Thinks it is through malice that he is sued for non-appearance.
Oct. 13.
Hampton Court.
73. The King to the Master, &c. of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. In favour of the election of George Ward, of Christ's Church, to a vacant fellowship. Annexed is,
73. I. Certificate by Edmund Barwell, Master, and the Fellows of Christ's College in commendation of George Ward, five years a student there, for learning, religion, and modesty. Aug. 2. Christ's College, Cambridge.
Oct. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 14.]
Oct. 13. 74. Warrant for a grant to John Talbot, of Grafton, Worcestershire, at suit of Sir Wm. Anstruther, of pardon for recusancy.
Oct. 13.
Hampton Court.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 14.]
Oct. 13.
Hampton Court.
Discharge to John Talbot, of Grafton, Worcestershire, of all for- feitures and penalties for recusancy. [Docquet, Oct. 14.]
Oct. 13.
Grant to the Corporation of the Masters, &c. of the Trinity House, Deptford Strond, co. Kent, of renewal of former charters, confirmation of ancient privileges, &c. [Dom. Papers Vol. IX.*]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 28.]
Oct. 14. 75. Reply of Thos. Brigham and Humphrey Wemes to an annexed petition to the King by the Master, &c. of the Pewterers' Company, against the monopoly granted to them of the pre-emption of tin.
Oct. 14.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay Wm. Smith, one of the under-keepers of Cranborne Chace, an annuity of 20£., during pleasure. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14.
Hampton Court.
Commission to Sir Fr. Cherry to take up and provide cables, hawsers, and other stores necessary for the navy. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to Sir John Stanhope, Vice Chamberlain, to preserve the game in the Hundreds of Rowell, Orling-bury, Gilsborough, Hookeslow, and Fausley, co. Northampton. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14.
Hampton Court.
Grant, with survivorship, to Rich. Greene, Page of the Bedchamber, and Rich. Moore, in reversion after Sir Robt. Zinzan, alias Alexander, of the stewardship and clerkship of the market of St. Albans, co. Hertford. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14.
Hampton [Court.]
Grant to Sir Rich. Weston of protection for six months. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14.
Hampton Court.
Grant to John Davies of an alms-room at Rochester. [Docquet.]
Oct. 15.
Hampton Court.
76. Proclamation against selling of ships abroad without licence.
Oct. 15. Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 81.]
Oct. 15.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to fell 20 timber trees in Hatfield Park, for erecting bridges over the river Lee. [Docquet, Oct. 16.]
Oct. ? 77. Instructions for drawing grants of the fines, issues of the green wax, and amercements within the Duchy of Lancaster to [Sir Roger Aston ?] in reversion after Mr. Hare and Sir Edw. Carell; excepting certain counties, the fines of which are granted to Mr. Armiger and Mr. Tusser.
Oct. 16. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Roger Aston, of the issues of the green wax and post fines, within the Duchy of Lancaster, north and south of Trent. [Docquet.]
Oct. 17. 78. Wm. Garway, and partners, to the Lord Treasurer. Tender for the new rates for farming the customs and subsidies upon the average of seven years past, with offer of 25,000£. per ann. additional.
Oct. 17. 79. Notice of the Commissioners for farming His Majesty's Customs. The tenders having been but few, they will sit again on the 22nd, to receive others, and conclude the affair.
Oct. 18. Grant to Edw. Lyntell of St. Alban's of pardon for highway robbery on Thomas Bradshaw. [Docquet.]
Oct. 18. Grant to Andw. Bright of pension for keeping the garden doors at Whitehall at night, for life, with reversion to Thos. Marvin. [Docquet.]
Oct. 18. Letter to the Master, &c. of Peter House, Camb., to permit Leonard Mawe to enjoy his fellowship, according to a privilege granted to that House by the late Queen. [Docquet.]
Oct. 18. Presentation of John Bridgeman to the vicarage of Christchurch, Alvington, co. Devon. [Docquet.]
Oct. 18. Grant to Rich. Besson of the office of Forester of Kettlewell and other places, Aleeper of the Carr in Busshopdale, Parker of Woodhall Park, Bowbearer of Arkilgarth Dale and Wensladale in the lordship of Middleham, Collector of Rents, &c., in Bainbridge and Warton, all in co. York, for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 18.
Letter to the Lord Chancellor, to settle the cause between John Roger and Tho. Taylor. [Docquet.]
Oct. 19.
80. Sir Edw. Coke to Sir Thos. Lake. Sends 4 grants for Sir Thos. Sherley of lands, in fee-farm, value 1,002£. 15s. 9d.; but one of them is to be held back from passing the Great Seal, until Sir Thomas has performed certain services which he promised to the King.
Oct. 19.
81. Sir Thos. Smith to Jas. Randulph. Begs him, on behalf of Mr. Glaseover and himself, to forbear the prosecution of their bond for a few weeks.
Oct. 19. Demise to Tho. Lane and Ph. Bold of the new impost of 6s. 8d. and the old custom of 2d. per pound on tobacco. [Docquet.]
Oct. 19.
Letter to the Lord Mayor, &c., forbidding them and the Judges to intermeddle with any matters within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty. [Docquet, Oct. 20.]
Oct. 19.
Letter to the Dean, &c., of St. Pauls, to present Thos. Martin to the rectory of St. John Zachary. [Docquet, Oct. 20.]
Oct. ? 82. Notes [by Dud. Carleton], urging the expediency of the King's not assuming the style of "King of Great Britain" by proclamation, but waiting to have it conferred upon him by the next session of Parliament.
Oct. 20.
Proclamation concerning the King's Majesty's stile of King of Great Britain, &c. [Proc. Bk., p. 82.]
Oct. 20.
Letter to the Warden, &c., of All Souls Coll., Oxford, for Richard, son of Sir David Williams, to be chosen a Fellow there. [Docquet, Oct. 19.]
Oct. 20.
Letter to the Warden and Fellows of All Souls College, Oxford, for Robert, son of Albericus Gentilis, to be chosen a Fellow there, tho' not of full age. [Docquet, Oct. 21.]
Oct. 20.
Grant to Tho. Harrison of an alms-room in Ewelme. [Docquet, Oct. 21.]
Oct. 21.
Court at Whitehall.
83. Charles Earl of Nottingham to Sir Thos. Lake. Requests him to take care that no grant be obtained of the prebend at Westminster, void by preferment of Dr. Ravis to the bishopric of Gloucester, the reversion thereof having been granted by the late Queen, at his request, to Mr. Sutton.
Oct. 22.
Warrant to pay certain fees and allowances to Thos. Hamilton, a footman of the Prince, in the place of Wm. Coward, deceased. [Docquet, Oct. 21.]
Oct. 22. Grant to David Collins of the forfeited recognizances of certain persons by whom he was robbed. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Grant, in reversion, to Rich. Cunliffe, of a Poor Knight's room at Windsor. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Lease to Geo. Story, in reversion, of tithes of the rectory of West Witton and other lands, &c., in Arkleside, co. York. [Docquet.]
Oct. 22. Warrant to Sir Thos. Knyvet, Warden of the Mint, to permit certain commixtures of silver made by Sir Ric. Martin and Ric. Martin, his son, the master and workers. [Docquet.].
Oct. 22.
Letter to the Lord Treasurer and Sir John Stanhope, Steward of the manor of Eltham, to compound with owners of land to be added to the Middle Park of Eltham. [Docquet.]
Oct. 23.
84. Licence to Sir Edw. Winter to cut timber and make coal for iron works on his own land, in the parishes of Newland and Lydney, co. Gloucester. [Draft copy.]
Oct. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 18.]
Oct. 23.
Westminster ?
Warrant to deliver to John Newe, Groom of the Queen's Wardrobe, and Jas. Ackmouty, Groom of the Robes, stuff for their yearly liveries. [Docquet, Oct. 22.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Tho. Pelham, and his heirs, of quiet possession of the manors of Crowhurst, Burwash, and Bevilham, and the rape of Hastings, co. Sussex, against concealed titles. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Lawrence Baskervile, John Stiler, and Humph. Burchett, in fee-farm, of divers parsonages impropriate and tithes, in cos. Essex, Lincoln, Gloucester, &c. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Similar grant to the same parties of parsonages impropriate and tithes, in cos. Sussex, Lancaster, Somerset, Cornwall, &c. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Sir Thos. Sherley, in fee-farm, of the manor of Wiston, and 3 others, co. Sussex. [Docquet, Oct. 24.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Anth. Crewe and Will. Starky, in fee-farm, of divers parsonages and tithes, of the yearly value of 451£. 3s. 1d., in cos. Oxford, Devon, Berks, Lancaster, &c. [Docquet.]
[Oct. 25.] Grant to Ra. Wolley and Thos. Dodd of the manor of Erbury, and others, co. Suffolk. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 35.]
Oct. ? 85. Lord Chamberlain Suffolk to the E. of Northumberland. Has appointed for him the lodging next to his own chamber, risking the complaint of the Scottish surgeon.
Oct. 25.
86. Hen. Earl of Northumberland to his brother Sir Rich. Percy. Will send a workman over to Ireland, to cut out in the marble quarry such things as are necessary for himself.
Oct. 26.
Warrant to deliver 6,000£. to Lord Hume of Berwick, for the King's secret service. [Docquet, Oct. 27.]
Oct. 26.
Warrant for the Warden of the Mint to give orders to Charles Anthony, Graver of the Mint, for irons to be engraved for striking several pieces of new moneys, and to give orders to him and John Baptist for making of medals. [Docquet, Oct. 27.]
Oct. 26.
Warrant to Lord Burleigh, Warden of Rockingham Forest, co. Northampton, to restrain the killing of deer there for three years. [Docquet, Oct. 27.]
Oct. 27.
87. Gentlemen of Northumberland to the Earl of Cumberland. Though Sir Henry Wodrington had been excused attendance on the General Committee for the good of both the realms, they have persuaded him to attend it, for the sake of the county interests. Will supply his place during his absence.
Oct. 27 ? 88. Same to the Same. Beg reformation of Border thefts, &c., on account of which they are unable to raise the King's loan; with a list of Articles, showing the causes of their present misery.
[Oct. 27.]
89. The King to the Lord Chancellor. Directions not to suffer any bill under the sign manual to pass the Great Seal, without the indorsement of certain officers.
[Oct. 27.] 90. Copy of the above.
Oct. 27. Docquet of the above.
Oct. 27. Grant to Sir Roger Dallison and Rich. Wright of the impost on currants for 10 years, at the yearly rent of 5,322£. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Grant to Fras. Cardell of a pension of 40£. per ann., for life, with reversion of the yearly pension of 100£., now given to his father, Thos. Cardell; the first pension then to cease. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Presentation of John Greene to the vicarage of Shinfield and chapel of Swallowfield, co. Berks. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Grant to Tho. Harding of an alms-room in Newark. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27.
Grant to Sir Tho. Knyvet of 20£. per ann., for life, in consideration of his giving up his lodgings at Whitehall, for the use of Prince Charles. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 27.
Grant, in reversion, to Ralph Whittingham of an alms-room in Winchester, for life. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 27.
Grant, in reversion, to Charles Jones of an alms-room in Canterbury, for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 27. Letter to the Lord Chief Justice to hear, with others, the claim of the Lord Mayor of London to the exclusive privilege of measuring coals brought by water from Newcastle, &c., to London, and to the duties levied thereon. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 28. Grant to James Hamilton, at the suit of Sir John Ramsay and Sir James Sandilands, of divers bonds, &c., forfeited by Sir Geo. Rodney, deceased. [Docquet. See Feb. 20.]
Oct. 28. Commission to the Lord Treasurer to order all customers and other officers of the ports to demand a duty of 5s. 6d. per cwt. on currants imported, over and above 1s. 6d. heretofore charged. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to John Lowde of pardon for robbery. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Re-grant to the Earl of Southampton, in fee-farm, of the manors of Rumsey, co. Hants, and Compton Magna, co. Somerset. [Docquet.]
Like grant to the same of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 40£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to Sir Tho. Fleming, during good behaviour, of the office of Chief Baron of the Exchequer, void by decease of Sir Wm. Periam. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Grant to Sir John Dodderidge of the office of Solicitor-general, lately held by Sir Thos. Fleming. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Discharge for the Same, of the office and service of Serjeant of the Coif. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28. Presentation of Edm. Diggle to the vicarage of Sutterton, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28.
Warrant to pay to the Lady Edmondes an annuity of 50 marks, for life. [Docquet, Oct. 29.]
Oct. 29. Grant to John Hunt, Wm. Poynter, and Wm. Nevill of protection for one year. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to Matt. de Quester, on surrender of Silvester Brooke, of the office of one of the King's posts, for beyond seas, for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to Wm. Geere, on surrender of Nich. Ouseley, of the office of an Assistant of the Admiralty. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to John Suckling, in fee-farm, of the manor of Wansforth, co. York. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29. Grant to John Price of pardon for robbery. [Docquet.]
Oct. 29.
Grant to Sir Edward Michelborne, Hen. Matilson, Tho. Robson, Wm. Jones, and Tim. Hayward, of the reward of 5s. per ton, for building five new ships. [Docquet, Oct. 31.]
Oct. 29.
Grant to Sir Rob. Digby and his heirs, of the manor of Sheldon, &c., cos. Warwick and Worcester, so long as Henry Lord Grey shall have lawful heirs male of his body. [Docquet, Oct. 31.]
Oct. 31. 91. Sheriff and Gentlemen of Hertfordshire to Lord Cranborne. Certify their proceedings relative to Privy Seals for the loan. Inclose,
91. I. List of persons in Hertfordshire to whom letters of Privy Seal were addressed for the loan.
91. II. List of persons in Hertfordshire who did not contribute to the last loan, with the sums at which they are rated.
91. III. Duplicate of the above, with additional names [by Cranborne].
91. IV. Copy of the above, with the names of those who did contribute to the loan of the late Queen.
Oct. 31.
Warrant to deliver to Pat. Maull and Rob. Carr, Grooms of the Bedchamber, stuff for their liveries yearly. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31.
Lease, in reversion, to Sir Carew Reynell of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 50£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31.
Warrant to pay to Pat. Maull and Rob. Carr, their wages of 20£. each per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31.
Grant to Wm. Freeman, of an alms-room in Worcester. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31. Grant to Nich. Cornish, of the office of one of the King's Serjeants- at-arms, for life, in place of Tho. Muschamp. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31. Lease, in reversion, to Eliz. Rainsford and Miles Whytakers, of part of the manor of Shenston, and lands in Duffield and Otteringham, for the support, &c., of the children of Miles Rainsford. [Docquet, June 21 and Oct. 31.]
Oct. 31. Grant to Chr. Hussey of a gunner's room in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others to compound with such as are in possession of lands called "Assarts, Wastes, and Purprestures." [Docquet.]
Oct. 31. Grant of incorporation of the Company of Free Masons, Carpenters, Joiners, and Slaters, of the city of Oxford. [Docquet.]
Oct. 31. Commission to Hen. Jennings, purveyor for the King's works, to reform the abuses of former Commissions. [Docquet.]
92. [Capt.] Thos. Hayes to the Earl of Devonshire, [Master of the Ordnance]. Intends to present his military inventions to the King. Offers the Earl 2,000£., if he can obtain the grant of his petition relative to one of them, the portsack.
Oct. ? 93. Memoranda for a letter from the same to the same, concerning the suit for the issuing of the portsacks, alluded to in the above, in each shire of the southern provinces of Great Britain.
Oct. ? 94. Memorandum of the cost of the portsack, and the profits to be realized thereon.
Oct. ? 95. [Capt.] Thos. Hayes to the King. Requests him to inspect his portsack and other military inventions. Incloses,
95. I. "A discourse touching military inventions devised by Capt. Thos. Hayes."
Oct. ? 96. Memoranda for a letter from the same [to the Earl of Devonshire,] on the suit for an order of Knights of the Crown, to be erected in each shire of the southern provinces of Great Britain.
Oct. ? 97. Survey of certain Border lands belonging to the Crown of England, lying between the East and West Seas, and bounding upon the realm of Scotland. Imperfect.