James I: Volume 10, November-December, 1604

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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November-December, 1604.

Nov. 1.
1. Warrant for payment to Rich. Little, Yeoman waggoner of the Privy Buckhounds, of 20£. per ann., for wages.
Nov. 2. Licence to Arthur Andrew to export 6,000 dickers of calf skins, for 7 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 40.]
Nov. 2.
2. Tobie Matthew to Hugh Ellis, steward to Alice, Countess Dowager of Derby. Hopes soon to return to England. Directs him to pay 15£. to Dud. Carleton, for rent.
Nov. 3.
3. Receipt by Sir Rich. Price, of Gogirthan, Cardiganshire, collector for the Privy Seal loan, of 25£., from David Lloyd Gwyon.
Nov. 4. Accustomed "French warrant," for the Sheriffs of Somerset and Dorset, for payment of the yearly allowances to the Earl of Huntingdon, Master of the Hart Hounds, and other inferior officers. [Docquet.]
Nov. 4. The like to the Sheriff of Hampshire, for hay, &c., for the King's deer in Freemantle Park, and for mending the park enclosures. [Docquet.]
Nov. 4. Grant, with survivorship, to Edward and Wingfield Honing, on surrender of Edw. Honing, of the receivership of Suffolk and Cambridge. [Docquet.]
Nov. 4. Grant to And. Ellis, of pardon for life only, for robbing John Thimble. [Docquet].
Nov. 4. Warrant to pay to Sir John Ramsay 100£. of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
Nov. 4. Warrant to pay 10s. per diem to Sir Thos. Vavasour, for the time he shall execute the office of Knight Marshal. [Docquet.]
Nov. ? 4. Estimate by Sir Thos. Vavasour, Knight Marshal, of the charges of provisions for the King's household, and of the income for their defrayal. Incomplete.
Nov. 4. Grant to Sir Walter Mildmay and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the manor of Bradwell, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
Nov. 4. Demise to Sir Mich. Stanhope of the Park of Hertford, and Hartingford-bury. [Docquet, Nov. 4 and Dec. 10.]
Nov. 4. Warrant to Sir Tho. Knyvet, Warden of the Mint, for certain new dies and medals, to be executed by Charles Anthony, and John Baptist. [Docquet].
Nov. 4. Grant to John Barker of an alms-room in Christ Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Nov. 6. Grant to Sir Philip Herbert, in fee-simple, of Exchequer lands, &c., not named, value 1,200£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. 5. Assignment by Joan Thomas, and Anthony her son, to John and Chas. Young of Chichester, of the remainder, &c. of a grant to Sam. Thomas of 1,000£. of the fines for illegally transporting brass or iron ordnance.
Nov. 8.
Serjeant's Inn.
6. The Judges to the Council. Unlawfulness of delegating to individuals the execution of the penal statutes. Inconveniences of grants of forfeitures. Have not had time to make a full report on the penal laws, or on the abuses on fines, &c.
Nov. 8. Warrant to pay to the King's goldsmith 9,056£. 5s. 3¾d. for plate, &c. given to Ambassadors and others. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to discharge Wm. Ramsay and 4 others, the King's trumpeters in ordinary, from payment of certain subsidies. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant to George Colmer of the office of Cockmaster, for life, with authority to decide wagers, &c., about cockfighting. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to pay to the Same 150£. for providing cocks for the King's pastime. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. License to Arthur, Andrea, Jeronimo, Edward, and Scipio Bassano to transport 6,000 dickers of calf skins, during 7 years after the expiration of a former grant. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to pay to Philip Rosseter, one of the King's musicians for the lutes, 20£. per ann. wages, and 16£. 2s. 6d. per ann. his apparel. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to pay to Wm. Bruet, the King's rat-killer, 8d. per diem. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to pay to Clement Langer, one of the King's musicians for the sackbuts, 20£. per ann. wages, and 16£. 2s. 6d. per ann. for his apparel. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Warrant to deliver certain stuff to Wm. Phillips, for the Prince's service. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Royal Assent to the decree made by Sir Ric. Ogle and others, Commissioners of Sewers, for making a drain to carry away the waters from the marshes at Fleet, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Nov. 9.
Salisbury Court.
7. D. Hilles to Lord Morley. Submits a project for preventing a decrease in the Customs, to be shown to Viscount Cranborne, who has the King's Customs in farm.
Nov. 10. Grant to Henry Backhouse of pardon for life only, for horse stealing. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Presentation of John Williams to the Deanery of Bangor, void by promotion of Dr. [Rich.] Parry to the Bishopric of St. Asaph. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Henry Fielder of the office of Yeoman Warder of the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Discharge of the Levant merchants, named in a schedule annexed to the Privy Seal, of the debts due to the King, upon their bonds for payment of duties on currants, oil, and muscadel. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. 8. Names of the members of the Levant Company.
[Nov.] 9. List of a portion of the preceding names, headed "farmers and directors," and indorsed [by Cranborne,] "names for currants;" with note by him relative to the officers of the customs.
[Nov. 10.] 10. Warrant to the Earl of Suffolk, and others, to administer the proper oath to Peter Young, Almoner of Scotland, appointed to be overseer of the household of Prince Charles, and to have special charge of his education.
Nov. 10. Docquet of the above.
Nov. 10. Grant to the said Peter Young of a pension of 200£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Wm. Belou of an annuity of 100£., for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Commission for John Parry, Master of the Otter Hounds, to take up dogs for the King's diversion; all millers commanded to stay their watercourses, at the time of hunting the otter. [Docquet.]
Nov. 10. Grant to Sir Rob. Lane, Esquire of the Stables, of a pension of 30£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 11. 11. [Hen.] Billingsley's observations on the danger of decay in shipping, and on the exportation of English cloth.
Nov. 11. 12. Indenture between the King and Sir Richard Martin and his son Rich. Martin, Master and Worker of the Mint, for coining moneys for England and Scotland.
Nov. 12. 13. Deposition of Eleazar Edgar, relative to where he went on a certain night; the sale of Dr. Bilson's book and Leicester's Commonwealth; also on his doings in Ireland.
Nov. 12.
Proclamation for the search and apprehension of certain pirates. Printed. [Proc. Book, p. 85.]
Nov. 12. Grant to Rob. Graham, rider of the King's hunting horses, of the keeping of the King's house at Royston, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12.
Licence for Richard Chalcroft, a sewer of the hall, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Warrant to pay to the Same his fees and wages during his absence, and to re-admit him to his office on his return. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Grant to Edw. Lambert, on surrender of Edm. Barret, of the office of the King's "leash," for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Cock, Cofferer of the Household, 5,301£. 8s. 8d. for entertainment of the Commissioners of Spain and Burgundy. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Warrant to pay to the same 3,000£. for part of expenses of the Prince's household. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Grant to Edw. Hatton, of the second prebend in Norwich cathedral, void by death of John Freake. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Letter to the Dean and Canons of Christ Church, Oxford to choose Erasmus Evans to a scholarship there. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Letter to the Lord Chancellor, for Fras. Drake, executor of Rich. Drake, to have equal justice in Chancery, in prosecuting a suit for money, &c., due to the King by Thos. Drake, executor of Sir Francis Drake, and granted to the said Rich. Drake and others. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Grant to Rich. Skaffe of an alms-room in Worcester cathedral, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Grant to Jethro Forstall of an alms-room in Canterbury cathedral. [Docquet.]
Nov. 12. Grant, with survivorship, to Edw. and Alex. Rigby, of the Clerkship of the Crown, co. Lancaster, on surrender of a former grant made to the late Alex. Rigby and the said Edward. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Grant to Ric. Bell of a pension of 20£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Re-grant to Lord Monteagle and his heirs, of the farm of Manyfold Wick, co. Essex, with remainder to the heirs of William late Lord Monteagle, his grandfather, and to the heirs of Charles late Duke of Suffolk, grandfather of the said late Lord Monteagle. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Grant to Owen Glany and Wm. Ecop of pardon for piracy. [Docquet.]
Nov. 13. Grant to John Skaffe of pardon for uttering counterfeit money. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. Grant, with survivorship, to Phil. Henslow and Edw. Allen, of the Mastership of the game of bears, bulls, and mastiff dogs, on surrender of Sir Wm. Stewart. [Docquet. See Memoirs of Edw. Alleyne, pp. 71-7, by J. P. Collier, printed for the Shakespeare Society.]
Nov. 14. Grant to John Levingston, junior, on surrender of his father, John Levingston, of a pension inalienable, of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 14. 14. George Lord Hume, of Berwick, to Sir Thos. Lake. Requests a privy seal for 1,241£. 2s. 10d. to Wm. Herrick, for jewels and pearls delivered to the King and Prince.
[Nov. 16.] 15. Opinions of the Law Officers of the Crown, on questions relative to the naturalization of Scottish subjects, born after the King's accession to England.
Nov. ? 16. Discourse on the naturalization of the Scots, as to whether the Scottish Commissioners have powers to agree to it; also as to the privileges of naturalization enjoyed by the Scots in France.
Nov. ? 17. Copy of the above.
Nov. ? 18. Arguments [by Dud. Carleton] on the question of naturalization of the Scots. Fears lest if it be granted at once, the Scots will afterwards refuse union in laws, &c. Indorsed, "Four poynts contained in my Lord of Cranborne's paper for conclusion of the points of naturalization."
Nov. 15. 19. Proclamation for regulating the value of the new coins; with a table of the comparative Troy weights used in England and Scotland.
[Nov. 15.] 20. Draft of the above. [Corrected by Visct. Cranborne.]
Nov. 16.
Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 3.]
Nov. ? 21. Proposed inscriptions to be placed on the new coins. [By Visct. Cranborne.]
Nov. ? 22. Observations [by Thos. Wilson] on the effects of the circulation of debased money, and answers to arguments against it.
Nov. ? 23. Petition of the Merchants trading to the Levant to the Council, against the new imposition on currants; pleading their great charges, and the benefits arising to the kingdom from the trade.
Nov. ? 24. Copy of the above.
Nov. ? 25. Estimate showing the advantage which the Venetian s have over the English, on account of the tax on currants, demanded from foreigners by Venice.
Nov. ? 26. Proposition for relieving the Turkey trade, by reconstructing a Turkish company, to be supported by a grant of the impost on Petras currants, leaving the Venetian trade open. The Lord Chamberlain to be compensated for his loss on the farm of currants.
Nov. 27. Observations on two special grievances viz.: the East India trade, and the imposition on currants, mentioned in the petition of the Turkey merchants, as causing the decay of their trade in the Levant from which they desire to be relieved.
Nov. ? 28. Reasons against the continuance of trade with Turkey, with arguments to prove that, if it be continued, the merchants are able to bear their own expenses, and to pay the imposition upon currants, without danger of being undersold by the Venetians.
[Nov. 16.] 29. Memoranda [drawn up for the Council] for answering the complaint of the Levant merchants, against the impost on currants, and their proposal to increase the duties paid by strangers.
Nov. ? 30. Arguments from patents granted to English merchants for the Levant trade, to prove that they should not claim exemption from the duty on currants for the support of their Ambassadors.
Nov. ? 31. Arguments of the farmers of the customs on currants, against the refusal of the Levant merchants to pay the imposition upon them, unless a double impost be laid on Venetians who import the same.
Nov. ? 32. Arguments against the request of the Turkey merchants, for increased duty to be levied upon currants brought in by Merchantstrangers, especially Venetians, for protection of the English trade.
Nov. ? 33. Arguments to prove the impolicy of increasing the impost levied on the Venetians, as it would cause increased imposts to be laid on the English in Venice.
Nov. ? 34. Arguments against the release of the Turkey merchants from the imposition on currants, solicited by them for the maintenance of their Ambassadors, &c., and suggesting that the King take their maintenance into his own hands. [Two copies.]
Nov. 16. Grant, with survivorship, to Wm. Winter and Ric. Jobson, of the office of clerk of the prick and cheque of the King's ships, at Portsmouth, &c. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to the King's Attorney and Solicitor-General of the King's reversion in the manor and rectory of Loddington, and the advowson of the church of Loddington, and other lands, co. Leicester, whereof Lord Cromwell is seized; that the same may be sold for payment of Cromwell's debts. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to the Corporation of Lynn Regis, co. Norfolk, of the Admiralty jurisdiction of their port, after the death of the Lord Admiral. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant, with survivorship, to George Tyson and his son William, of the Sinker's office of the coining irons in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to Sir Geo. Throgmorton and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the manor of Wardington, cos. Northampton and Bucks. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to Sir Tho. Challoner and his heirs, in fee-farm, of Exchequer lands, value 30£. per ann., with woods and advowsons unvalued. [Docquet.]
Nov. 16. Grant to the Same, in fee-farm, of the manor of Long Buckby, co. Northampton, of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Nov. 17.
Court of Whitehall.
35. Visct. Cranborne to the King's Auditors. To allow the deputy stewards and bailiffs of Her Majesty's manors their accustomed fees, in spite of any diminution on the profits of holding courts.
36. Copy of the above. [Corrected by Cranborne.]
Nov. 17. Grant to Walter Pye and Wm. Beale, in fee-farm, of the manor of Upton St. Leonards. [Docquet.]
Nov. 17. Ratification of a warrant, dated Nov. 29, 1602, for John Cage, to travel for three years, with license for two years longer. [Docquet.]
Nov. 17. License for Robert Carey to travel for one year. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Grant to Sir Edw. Howard, one of the King's cupbearers, of the keeping of the King's Park of Byfleet, co. Surrey, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Grant to Sir Alex. Clifford of a pension of 6s. 8d. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Grant to Clement Langer of the place of one of the King's musicians on the sackbuts, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18. Grant to Rich. Richards of the bailiwick of Sturmister-NewtonCastle, co. Dorset, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 18.
37. Warrant to deliver to Thos. Cargill, Hen. Muncrieff, James Fisher, and James Quarrier, falconers, stuff for their apparel.
Nov. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Nov. 16.]
Nov. 20. 38. Tho. Alabaster to Visct. Cranborne. Proposal for allowing the unemployed merchant ships to enter the King of Spain's service.
Nov. 20. Warrant to pay to Wm. Herrick 1,241£. 2s. 10d. for jewels and pearls delivered to the King and Prince. [Docquet.]
Nov. 20. Grant to Edw. Dalton of an alms-room in Carlisle cathedral. [Docquet.]
Nov. 20. Grant to Nicholas Lee of an alms-room in Durham cathedral. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22. Warrant to deliver to James Craig, Assistant to Robert Tyas, Clerk of the King's Wardrobe, stuff for his yearly livery. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22. Grant to Sir Roger Wilbraham of the Gatehouse of St. John's House, for life, -subject to the proviso of an increase of rent. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22. Grant to Robt. Wysse of pardon for stealing a mare. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22. Grant to Thos. Wynall of an alms-room in Worcester cathedral. [Docquet.]
Nov. 22.
Jas. Randolph, to Mr. Lee. Urges payment of the money due on the bond of Sir Thos. Smith and Mr. Glaseour. [Dom. Cor., Dec. 14.]
Nov. 22.
39. Lord Fyvie to Visct. Cranborne. Sends propositions to be offered to the Parliaments of both kingdoms, for dealing with malefactors who might retreat from one kingdom to the other. Minor matters will be better settled by the King and Council than by the great number of Commissioners. Incloses,
39. I. Proposition by the Commissioners for the Union that criminals flying from one country to the other be surrendered on demand, or if not discovered, be outlawed.
Nov. 24.
40. Earl of Worcester to the Same. Sends him a letter from the King, "the most gracious letter that ever Prince wrote to his subjects," which is to be publicly read before the Commissioners. Incloses,
40. I. The King to "My little Beagle," [Lord Cranborne]. Concerning the Act of Union. He has no intention to promote Scotchmen to certain offices, but does not wish the Act to be fettered with conditions.
[Nov. 24.] 41. Copy of the above inclosure.
Nov. 25.
Warrant to deliver 2,000£. for the service of the Queen, without account. [Docquet, Nov. 27.]
Nov. 27.
Serjeant's Inn.
42. The Judges to the Council. Send a list of such penal statutes as they approve, and their opinions for reforming abuses in escheats. Inclose,
42. I. List of the statutes recommended by the Judges, with suggestions on the best mode of putting them in execution.
42. II. Suggestion for reforming the abuses in escheats of recognizances, &c., in the Exchequer.
Nov. 27. Grant to the Attorney and Solicitor-General of the reversion of the manor of Sheldon, cos. Warwick and Worcester, whereof Lord Grey of Groby is seized. [See Oct. 29.]
Nov. 27. Warrant to discharge Sir Thos. Tresham, Sir Hen. James, Sir Wm. Rooper, Thos. Throgmorton, John Arundell, Mich. Hare, Rob. Price, Edw. Sullyard, and Jane Shelley, recusants, of divers sums, part of the fines due to the Crown on their conviction. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Warrant to pay to Peter Vanlore 1,245£. 13s. 11d. in part of 6,245£. 13s. 11d. due by the King to him and Martin Van Somer; the King to assign over to him certain bonds for the remaining 5,000£. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Warrant to pay to Lord Hume 3,000£. towards the charges of the wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Royal assent to the election of Richard Bancroft Bishop of London, to the Archbishopric of Canterbury. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Warrant to pay the fees of such Justices at Westminster, Barons of the Exchequer, Serjeants-at-Law, Attorney and Solicitor-General, as shall die or be removed, up to the day of their death or removal, at the same rate as their whole year's fee. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Grant to Sir John Peyton, Sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon, of leave to hold his office, although residing 12 weeks in winter at his house in Bradley, co. Suffolk. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. Warrant to the Exchequer that no money be paid out of the forfeitures there arising, to any other than Rob. Browne, eldest son of Sir Richard Browne, until 2,000£. be answered to him. [Docquet.]
Nov. 27. License to Sir Wm. Lovelace to serve in the wars, under any Christian Prince or State in league with His Majesty, during pleasure. [Docquet.]
Nov. 28. Grant to Sir Thos. Lake, and Mary his wife, and to the heirs of Sir Thomas, to hold a weekly market and two yearly fairs in Little Stanmore, co. Middlesex. [Docquet.]
Nov. 28. Release to Sir Hugh Losse of a proviso for finding sureties, contained in the former pardon granted to him for burglary in Sir Wm. Cornwallis's house; also re-grant of pardon for the same offence. [Docquet.]
Nov. 28. Grant to John Lepton, Groom of the Privy Chamber, of two parts of all goods and chattels concealed, lately belonging to Sir John Perrot, attainted. [Docquet.]
Nov. 29. 43. Declaration by the Earl of Cumberland of his proceedings in Cumberland. State of the Borders since the death of Queen Elizabeth.
Nov. 29. Grant to Wm. Dolman and Robt. Kitchin, of pardon for manslaughter of John Danyell, of Burnby, co. York. [Docquet.]
Nov. 29. Grant to Hen. Holdich, and his heirs, of purchase of certain lands, co. Norfolk. [Docquet.]
Nov. 30. Presentation of John Shelton to the rectory of Amport, dioc. Winchester. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 44. Memorandum of instructions to be given to Collectors of the Loans in each county, to urge payment before next term, and to send in the monies already paid, and the names of those who delay or excuse themselves.
Dec. ? 45. Statement of the [first] instalment of the loans in each county, total amount, 53,311£. 6s. 8d.
Dec. 2. 46. Certificate of payments made into the Exchequer by the clergy of Essex.
Dec. 2. 47. List of Gentlemen of Essex who have not paid their loans, with their excuses. "To be sent for," marked against many names [by Cranborne.]
Dec. 2. 48. List of Ministers, co. Essex, who have not paid their loans, with their excuses.
49. List of Ministers who have neither paid nor sent excuses.
Dec. 2. 50. Third certificate of payments made by the temporalty, co. Essex.
[Dec. 2.] 51. List of Gentlemen and Clergy of ability [of Essex] who have not answered the loan.
Dec. ? 52. Contributions required for the loan from Aldermen and Citizens of London.
Dec. 3. Grant to Ric. Mills, Hen. Billing, Hen. Wroth, and Lawrence Moselhew, yeomen of London, of pardon for robbing John Bowler. [Docquet.]
Dec. 3. Grant of new incorporation for the town of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 4. Grant to John Jolles of pension of 150£. per ann., on surrender of a pension of 50£. by Sir Thos. Coningsby, and another of 100£. by Sir Jas. Lindsay. [Docquet.]
Dec. 4. Grant, at the suit of Ann Swift, of license for founding and erecting a Free Grammar School, at North Auckland, co. Durham. [Docquet.]
Dec. 6.
53. Thomas, Earl of Suffolk, Lord Chamberlain, to Sir Thos. Lake. Requests him to draw a bill for increase of wages to the gentlemen and children of the Chapel Royal, and to the serjeant, yeomen, and groom of the vestry. [See Dec. 18]
Dec. 6.
54. Same to the Same. To draw a bill for allowance of 20£. per ann. to Wm. Pierson, drummer to the Prince. [See Dec. 18.]
Dec. ? 55. Memoranda of the comparative advantages of English and Scottish merchants, in their trade with France. [See Com. Journals, Vol. i., p. 321.]
Dec. 6.
Articles of Union drawn up by the Commissioners of England and Scotland, to be proposed to the Parliaments of both realms. Prefixed are the preface, Acts for authorizing the several Commissioners, their names, powers, &c. [Dom. Corresp., Vol. X.* No. I.]
Dec. 6.
Copy of the above bill, the prefixes omitted. [Ibid., No. II.]
[Dec. 6.] Draft of a clause in one of the prefixes of the above, instructing the Commissioners to reduce their doings into instruments tripartite. [Ibid., No. III.]
Dec. ?
56. "The miraculous and happy Union of England and Scotland, by how admirable means it is effected, how profitable to both nations, and how free of any inconvenience, either past, present, or to be discerned. Imprinted for Edward Blount."
Dec. 7. License for Henry Bosevile, son of Sir Rob. Bosevile, of Amsford, Kent, to travel for two years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Thomas Cooke of pardon for stealing. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Sir Hen. Compton, in reversion after Thos. Spencer and Sir Rich. Spencer, of the office of keeping writs and rolls in the Common Pleas, for life, with reversion to John, son of Sir Richard Spencer. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant to pay to Richard Little, keeper of the waggons for the buckhounds and harriers, 20d. per diem, for life ; the salary of George Hume, the former keeper, to cease. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Wm. Blake and Ric. Stockdale, in fee-farm, of divers rectories, lands, &c., value 12£. 14s. 11d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant for repayment to John Talbot, of 160£. fine, due by him to the Crown for recusancy. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Lady Arbella [Stuart] of pension, inalienable, of 1,000£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Martin Freeman of purchase of the King's reversion of certain messuages in the city of London, value 13£. 0s. 4d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Sir Robert and Rob. Johnson, on surrender by Sir Rob. Johnson, of the office of Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant to pay to Lord Hume of Berwick, Keeper of the Privy Purse, 1,000£. for the King's service. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Lord Elphinston and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the manors of Harbottle and Wark, the forest of Ridley, and tenements in Willington, co. Cumberland. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant to pay to the Treasurer of the Chamber 1,000£., to be disbursed for extraordinary charges of Ambassadors, &c. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Confirmation of certain fees to be paid by Knights to the King's footmen, porters, and drum-major. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant, in reversion, to Rob. Thorne and Fra. Adams, of the office of Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown, in cos. Glamorgan, Monmouth, Brecknock, and Radnor. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Roger Aston of the post fines, co. Lancaster, with covenants, the same as formerly granted to Chris. and Jas. Anderton. [Docquet. Dec. 3 and Dec. 18.]
Dec. 8. Warrant to deliver stuff to Laurence Whitfield and Tho. Marvyn, Keepers of the Privy Lodgings at Westminster, for their yearly liveries. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Congé d'elire to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London, to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Letter commendatory to the same, for Dr. Vaughan, Bishop of Chester to be elected Bishop of London. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Re-grant to the three daughters of the late Earl of Westmoreland of pensions of 200 marks each, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant of new charter to the City of Winchester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to the Earl of Nottingham and Lord Effingham, his son, to treat with persons holding taverns, for fines for licenses, &c. [Docquet, Dec. 8, bis.]
Dec. 8.
57. Lord Chamberlain Suffolk to Sir Thos. Lake. For a bill of allowance of 20£. per ann. to John Smith, trumpeter to the Prince.
Dec. 10.
Suffolk House.
58. The Same to the Same. For a bill of allowance of 80£. per ann. to Rob. Pamphlin, Yeoman of the Robes.
Dec. 10. Grant to Rob. Graham of the office of keeping the house at Royston, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 39.]
Dec. 10. 59. Abstract of survey of the Border Lands, stating the bounds and contents of various districts in Cumberland and Northumberland, their yearly value, &c.
Dec. 10. 60. Copy of the above.
[Dec. 10.]
61. The Council to the Bishops. To give order that on expiration of the period limited for the conformity of Ministers of the Church to the laws and orders of Church government, Non-conformists are to be deprived.
Dec. ? 62. Justices of Lancashire to the King. Pray that the ministers, who have long and usefully laboured among them, may not be displaced for non-conformity.
Dec. 10. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Hugh Beeston and George his son, of the Controllership of all Records, Fines, &c. in cos. Chester, Flint, and Carnarvon. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Royal assent for Dr. Parry to be Bishop of St. Asaph. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. Grant to John Craig of the office of Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 39.]
Dec. 13. Letter appointing John Suckling as Receiver of Fines for Alienations, the office being void by death of Sir Arthur Aty. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Warrant to pay certain sums of money to Peter Van Lore. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Warrant to deliver certain stuff for the liveries of Alex. Miller and Rob. Erskin, and others, the King's servants. [Docquet.]
Dec. 14.
63. Jas. Randolph to Mr. Lee. Hopes Sir Thos. Smith will excuse his going to law, to recover the money from Mr. Glaseour. [See Nov. 22.]
Dec. 14. Lease, for 21 years, to Sir Roger Aston, of the post fines, and the issues of the Green Wax, &c., of the Duchy of Lancaster, in all the counties of England, except Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 14.
Grant of incorporation for foundation of a Grammar School at Henley-upon-Thames. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Three grants, at the suit of Lord Southampton. 1. To Edw. Gage and Wm. Chamberlain, in fee-farm of the manors of Compton and Rumsey, cos. Somerset and Hants. 2. To Ph. Tise and Wm. Blake, in fee-farm, of the manor of Rattlesden, Suffolk, and other lands. 3. To Edm. Lassells, in fee-farm, of the customary lands, &c., of the manor of Wing, co. Rutland, parcel of the monastery of St. Neots. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to John Gibb, Groom of the Chamber, of 3,000£. out of the penalties or forfeitures of recusants. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to Thos. Ferrers of pension, inalienable, of 50£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Warrant to pay to Wm. Say, of London, scrivener, 100£., as a gift, on his discharge from keeping the Council Chamber. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Warrant to pay to Adam Newton, schoolmaster of the Prince, 300£. as a gift, and 200£. per ann.; to cease upon other preferments. [Docquet. Nov. 16 and Dec. 17.]
Dec. 17. Grant of the King's accustomed allowance for the tonnage of five new ships. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Warrant to pay to the Lord Chamberlain 500£.; 300£. for a jewel, 100£. for the use of the Queen, and 100£. for Randall, of Weymouth, and others, for discovering the Carrack. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to Dr. [Jas.] Mountague, Dean of the Chapel, of the Deanery of Worcester, void by death of Dr. [Rich.] Edes. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Letter to the President and Chapter of the Cathedral of Lichfield, to elect Dr. Tucker Dean there, on the resignation of Dr. Montague. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Warrant to pay certain requisite sums to Sir Thos. Smith, Clerk of the Upper House of Parliament, appointed to attend the Commissioners for the Union. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to Sir Thos. Challoner, Edw. Cason, and their heirs, of the manor of Clothall, Hertford, conveyed by -- Trott to the King. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Royal assent for Dr. Vaughan, late Bishop of Chester, to be Bishop of London. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Letter for orders to the Surveyor of Woods in Wiltshire, to fell trees for enclosing a piece of ground in the forest of Braden, for safety of the deer. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Like letter to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Sir Oliver Manners and Sir Thos. Savage, in reversion after Wm. Mill and Sir Fras. Bacon, of the office of Clerk of the Council, in the Star Chamber. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. License for Alderman Sir John Watts to sell the ship Alcedon, on condition of building another of like burthen. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. License for Fras. Michell to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Eustace Norton, Falconer to the Prince, of a pension of 30£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Warrant for payment of increased allowances to the Gentlemen and others of the Chapel and Vestry. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Warrant to pay to Thomas Smith, trumpeter, and Wm. Pierson, drum-player, to the Prince, 20£. per ann., during pleasure. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Congé d'elire to the Dean and Chapter of Chester to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Letter commendatory to the Same, for George Floyd, Bishop of Man, to be elected Bishop of Chester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Sir Roger Aston and John Grimsdich, in fee-farm, of the manor of Soham, Cambridge, and other lands not named, of the Duchy of Lancaster; also the advowson of the church of Aspeden, Herts. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Lord Hume, of Berwick, and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the manor of Etal, and other lands in Northumberland, value 78£. 13s. 6d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to the Same of the rectory of Holy Island, and other lands in Northumberland and Durham, value 109£. 10s. 2d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18. Grant to Tho. Hippesley, late of Gloucester, of pardon for manslaughter of Rob. Brice. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18.
64. Archbishop Hutton to Lord Cranborne, in answer to the Council's letters concerning Conformity. Laments the encouragement given to papists and recusants; the puritans, though fantastically zealous, are substantially the same in religion as the Reformed Church. Wishes there was less waste of the treasure of the realm, and more moderation in hunting.
Dec. 18. 65. Copy of the above.
66. Visct. Cranborne to Archbp. Hutton. Answer in detail to the above. The King's zeal for religion. No one would dare to propose to him a toleration of Popery. Danger from the unadvised zeal of Puritans. Though the King spends freely, he has entailed 100,000 marks per ann. on his issue. Excuses his love of hunting.
[Dec.] 67. Copy of the above.
Dec. ? 68. The King to the Chancellors of the two Universities. For all future graduates to take the oath of Supremacy, and another oath subjoined, of Conformity to the Church of England.
Dec. ? 69. Copy of the above.
Dec. 20 ? 70. Certificate, by Fras. Aldrich, Senior Fellow, of ministers ordained and resident in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and of their conformity.
Dec. 20 ? 71. Like certificate from Rob. Soame, Master of Peter-House.
Dec. 20 ? 72. Like certificate from Dr. John Cowell, Master of Trinity Hall.
Dec. 20 ? 73. Like certificate from Laurence Chaderton, Master of Emanuel College.
Dec. 20 ? 74. Like certificate from Edw. Manisty, of Clare Hall.
Dec. 20 ? 75. Like certificate from Nathan Giffard, President of Pembroke Hall.
Dec. 20. 76. Like certificate from Barnaby Goche, Master of Magdalen College.
Dec. 20 ? 77. Like certificate from William Moon, of Catherine Hall. [See 1605, Jan. 7 and 8.]
Dec. 20. Letter to the Mayor, &c., of Leicester, to grant a lease of the moiety of a farm called Newark Grange, to Dr. Chippingale, after expiration of his present lease. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Re-grant of discharge to the trumpeters, from the payment of certain subsidies granted to the late Queen. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Sir Roger Aston and Mary, his wife, and the heirs of the said Sir Roger, of the manors of Cranford St. John's, and Cranford le Mot. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Hen. Peach of pardon for piracy. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Fr. Barneby, seminary priest, of pardon for all treason and offences committed before the 1st of December. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Warrant to discharge Phil. Tise of 2000£., which he should have paid for certain lands in fee-farm. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Rich. Geale of pardon for manslaughter. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20. Grant to Lee Symons, in reversion after Thos. Lincoln, of the office of Yeoman of the Armoury at Greenwich, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Warrant to pay to Sir Thos. Challoner 100£. for the Princes' present use, and such further sums as shall be required for the same. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Warrant to pay 66£. 9s. 10d. to Edm. Tilney, Master of the Revels, for arrears of wages, &c. for last year, and also 100£. in advance for the year to come. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Discharge for 200 marks to Sir Wm. Slingsby, and others, of the custody and marriage of such son of Sir Henry Slingsby as shall be under age and his heir apparent at his death, and so from son to son, till one shall attain his age or be married. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Restitution of temporalities to Rich. Vaughan, Bishop of London. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Portington, jun., of the office of Purveyor of Timber, &c. for the King's houses of residence, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant of new incorporation to the Mayor, &c. of Maidstone. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Confirmation of the grant made by the Master of the Rolls to Robt. Bowyer and Hen. Elsing, of the clerkship and keeping of the Rolls of Chancery, and all other records and rolls in the Tower, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Grant to Edw. Gage and Wm. Chamberlain, and their heirs, in fee- farm, of the manor of Longstock, co. Hants, and other lands of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 23. Lease, in reversion, to Ingram Frisar, of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 15£. 9s. 4d. per ann., on surrender of other parcels to Lady Audrey Walsingham. [Docquet.]
Dec. 24. 78. Particulars of lands in Watchet and Williton, co. Somerset, part of a grant to the Earl of Sussex.
Dec. 24.
Proclamation for proroguing Parliament. [Proc. Bk., p. 90.]
Dec. 26. Warrant to Chas. Anthony to engrave dies for the coinage in Ireland, and for payment to him of customary allowances in his place of Under-Graver, as lately held by John Ruslinger, till John Baptista was appointed to the place. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Warrant dormant to pay to Thos. Gwylliams a pension of 30£. yearly, for life, surrendered by Sir Anth. Mildmay. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to John Jones and Rowland Copp of alms-rooms in Canterbury. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to Anth. Ferrys and John Grove of alms-rooms in Gloucester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to Rob. Pamphlin of a pension of 80£. per ann., for life. [Docquet].
Dec. 26. Grant to Sir Thos. Denton of the office of Receiver and Surveyor of the manor of Tutbury, in cos. Stafford, Derby, and Nottingham, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to Jas. Wells of pardon for robbery. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to Wm. Bagwell of the first advowson of the benefices of Stoke-Clymesland, and North Hill, Cornwall; to present John Bagwell, his brother. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Presentation of John Goodwin to the vicarage of Taunton, dioc. of Bath and Wells. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Discharge for 500£. to Sir John Popham and Amy, his wife, of the wardship and marriage of such of the sons of Sir Fras. Popham, son and heir apparent of Sir John, as shall be under age and his heir apparent at his death. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to Lewis Sawyer and Roger Elmhurst, in fee-farm, of the manor of Silkstone, co. York. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Warrant to pay to Nich. Hilliard 64£. 10s., for 12 gold medals [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Warrant to pay to Henry Halc 307£. 10s., for a debt undertaken by Sir Oliv. Cromwell. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to--, of the offices of Bailiff and Woodward of the manor and chace of Enfield, Middlesex. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Letter to the Lord Mayor of London, for Rich. and Rob. Wright, to be appointed joint packers of woollen cloths, &c., and porters of strangers' goods, in and out of the port of London. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Presentation of Dr. Blague to the rectory of Bangor Monachorum, with the chapels of Worthenbury and Orton Madock, co. Flint. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Warrant to admit Jas. Cockburne to the place of chief yeoman of the bakehouse to the Prince. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Discharge to Sir Ph. Butler, and others, of the custody and marriage of such son of Sir Drew Drury as shall be under age and his heir at his death. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. The like for 70£. to James Thetcher, of the sons of Anth. Stapley. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. The like for 160£. to John Hare, of the sons of Rich. Brownlow. [Docquet.]
Dec. 26. Grant to John Allett of a pension of 6d. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Ph. Herbert and Lady Susan, his wife, and the heirs of the said Sir Philip, of the manor of Shurland and other lands in Sheppy, Kent, parcel of the possessions of Thomas, Lord Cheney. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Lease to Roger Pennell and Rich. Grimston of the customs on gold and silver thread. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Grant, in reversion, to Ph. Henslowe and John Palmer, of the bailiwick of the Hundreds of Hinckford and Barstable, Essex. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Re-grant of an allowance of 6d. per diem., for a Gunner in Rye. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Grant to Edw. Basset of a pension of 5s. per diem., for life, for service in Ireland. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like to Sir Rich. Percy of 10s. per diem., for life, to commence when his allowance of 10s. per diem., as Colonel in Ireland, shall cease. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like to Wm. Saxey of 5s. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Discharge for 200 marks to Wm. Heneage, of the wardship and marriage of the sons of Sir Tho. Heneage. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like for 80£. to Wm. Webster, of the sons of Fr. Hardwick. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like for 80£. to Sir Wm. Stead, of the sons of Sir George Southcote. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like for 40£. to Sir Jas. Ley, of the sons of Giles Tooker. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. The like for 100 marks to Wm. Ley, of the sons of Sir Jas. Ley. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31.
Woodhall Lodge.
79. Sir Hen. Butler to Visct. Cranborne. Particulars of his proceedings, in the collection of the loan on the Privy Seals, in Hertfordshire.
Dec. 31. Grant to Thos. Garway and John Cavell, of the wardship and marriage of the heir of Sir Hen. Anderson, if he be under age at his death. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. The like to Adam Bland and Geo. Hemsworth, of the heir of Sir Thos. Bland. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. The like to Edw. Stanley, of the heir of Rich. Hutton, Serjeant- at-law.
Dec. 31. The like to Thos. and John Ley, of the heir of Geo. Lydeat. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. The like to Sir Anth. Wingfield and others, of the heir of Wm. Barro. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. The like to Rob. Sawsell, of the heir of Sir Hugh Bethell. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31.
80. Lord Treasurer Dorset and Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a warrant for a pension of 100£. per ann. to Rich. Connock, as granted by the late Queen, for services in a project for increasing the revenue.
[Dec.] 81. Statement of the books, papers, lists, &c., found upon Melancthon Thos. Jewell, schismatic puritan, of Exeter, who had been silenced by the Bishop of Exeter.
Dec. 82. -- Vincent to -- Benson. General dislike to the Union; hesitancy to receive Caron, as Ambassador from the Low Countries; Sir Thos. Edmondes going Ambassador Lieger to the Archduke, Sir Richard Spenser to Spain, and Sir Hen. Maynard to France. The Lord Viscount [Cranborne] grows more bitter against Catholics, but is not a man to be relied on. In cipher, deciphered [by Thos. Phelippes.]
Dec. 83. Deciphered copy of the above, by Thos. Phelippes.
Dec. ? 84. Petition of Adrian Smissarte, merchant of Antwerp, to the Council, that he may have a speedy decision, and his costs granted, in a suit in the Star Chamber against -- Pepper, convicted of an attempt to defraud him of pearls, value 832£.
Dec. ? 85. Serjeant Heles' extent on the lands of Lord Cobham and his goods at Cobham Hall, in the County of Kent, showing that by his undervaluation, the King had been defrauded to the amount of 3,136£. [See 1603, Oct. 13.]
Dec. ? 86. View of the differences between the Court of King's Bench and the Council of the Marches in Wales, in the case of a poor widow and -- Farley; with arguments in favour of the counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, and Salop remaining within th jurisdiction of the Council of Wales.
Dec. ? 87. Abstract of the points of difference between the AttorneyGeneral and Sir John Croke and Sir Fr. Bacon, concerning the matters in question between the King's Bench and Council of the Marches in Wales, in the preceding case.
Dec. ? 88. Justification of the proceedings in the Court of Wales in the above case, in answer to the Judges' reasons.
Dec. ? 89. Queries on behalf of the Council in the Marches of Wales, as to the jurisdiction of the King's Bench in Welsh causes, and the inadvisability of taking the Judges as arbitrators.

December, 1604.

Articles of the proposed Union between England and Scotland. Calendared under Dec. 6th.