James I: Volume 12, January-February, 1605

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 12, January-February, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp185-200 [accessed 24 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 12, January-February, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 24, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp185-200.

"James I: Volume 12, January-February, 1605". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 24 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp185-200.


January-February, 1605.

Jan. 3. 1. [Vincent] to [Benson]. The States are confident of not being prejudiced by the alliance of England with Spain, and have sent Caron as Ambassador. Plans for managing the King; his peculiar temper, &c. In cipher; deciphered by Thos. Phelippes.
Jan. 3.
2. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Compliments of the season. Is tied by the leg at Knebworth. Will. Lytton is coming to town, to do honour to the young master of Cranborne.
Jan. 4. 3. The King to the Paymaster of Berwick. To pay to Sir Wm. Selby, sen., the pension allowed him by the late Queen, although his name is not comprised in the new establishment.
Jan. 6. 4. Petition of John Norden to the King, that as he has received no recompense for former employment in surveying several counties, wherein he has expended 1,000£., the surveyorship of the Duchy of Cornwall may be erected into a separate office, and conferred on him. With reference to the Earl of Nottingham and Visct. Cranborne, and their report in favour of the petition.
Jan. 6. Warrant to pay certain sums to Peter Van Lore for jewels given by the King to the Queen, Lady Elizabeth, &c. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Jan. 6.
Letter to the Dean, &c., of Windsor, to make a lease to the King of the farm of Sandleford, Wilts. [Docquet.]
Jan. 6. Creation of [Prince] Charles Duke of Albany, Marquis of Ormond, Earl of Ross, Lord Ardmannoch, to the rank of Duke of York. [Grant Bk., p. 9.]
Jan. 7. 5. Warrant for remission to Sir Edw. Hoby of 525£. 15s., due to the King for arrears of rent of the manor of Shurland.
Jan. 7.
6. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Sir Wm. Cecil made Knight of the Bath. Marriage of Sir Philip Herbert and Lady Susan [Vere] described. Little Charles made great Duke of York. Ceremonies, masques, &c.
Jan. 7. 7. Certificate of the conformity of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Sent by Dr. Thos. Legge, Master, to Dr. Cowell, Vice Chancellor, of Cambridge.
Jan. 7. 8. Like certificate of Humph. Tyndall President of Queen's College; with list of ministers admitted.
Jan. 8. 9. Like certificate of Thos. Jegon, Master of Corpus Christi College.
Jan. 8. 10. Like certificate of Dr. Thos. Nevile, Master of Trinity College. [See 1604, Dec. 20.]
Jan. 9. 11. [Vincent] to Benson. The Hollanders are jealous of traffic between England and Flanders; they claim the right of search at sea, which the King refuses, although Visct. Cranborne favours them. Strict neutrality declared. Arguments on both sides. Opinions of the Lords. The Duke of Holstein, the Queen's younger brother, urges renewal of the war with Spain. In cipher.
Jan. 9. 12. Decipher of the above, by Thos. Phelippes.
Jan. 9.
13. The King to the Council. During his absence for necessary recreation, they are to assemble weekly at the Queen's Court, to transact business. They are not to interfere, except in special cases, in causes properly belonging to the law courts, but from which appeal is made to them. He will return to them, should he be needed for special business.
Jan. 9. 14. Copy of the above.
Jan. 9. Royal assent for Dr. Geo. Lloyd, late Bishop of Man, to be elected Bishop of Chester. [Docquet.]
Jan. 9. Warrant to pay to Hugh Middleton, Goldsmith, 250£. for a jewel given to the Queen. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10.
Arundel House.
15. Earl of Nottingham to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a bill for allowance of 8d. per diem each, with arrears, to George Harper and Henry Humerston, Keepers of Hainault and Chapel Hainault, Waltham Forest, their present allowance being stopped, on account of a dispute between them and the Earl of Oxford, in reference to those walks.
Jan. 10. 16. [Vincent] to Benson. Discontent excited by lavish expenditure at Court. Gold found in Scotland. Prince Charles made Duke of York; conjectural motives of this step. Knights of the Bath created. Masque of the Queen and her ladies. Jealousy between the Spanish and French Ambassadors; insolence of the latter. Anecdotes of the young Princes. Disputes between bishops and ministers in Scotland. The Archbp. of St. Andrews threatened with excommunication. Thos. Morgan involved in a plot of the French King's mistress. [In Stephen Phelippes' hand.]
Jan. 10.
17. Capt. Wm. Bowyer to Visct. Cranborne. Project for reducing military expenses in the North. Suggests the nomination of four commissioners, to reform "this barbarous country."
Jan. 10.
18. J. de Cardenas to Dud. Carleton. Thanks for his advice on his son's education, and for the favour shown to his brother.
Jan. 12. Grant to John Parry of the office of keeping the dogs for the otter hunt, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 38.]
[Jan. 15.] Commission to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to demise all lands of recusants, forfeited. [Grant Bk., p. 5.]
Jan. 15.
19. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. The Queen and Duke of Holstein feasted by the Earl of Southampton and Visct. Cranborne. Many of the Court attended the Temple masques in disguise. Apparition near Berwick of armies fighting. A seal taken in the Thames. Sir Rich. Spencer draws back from the journey to Spain. Sir Thos. Edmondes is preparing [for the Low Countries], and designs his place in Parliament for Chamberlain.
Jan. 15.
20. Lords Dorset, Cranborne, and [Hume of] Berwick to the King. Proceedings in the Earl of Errol's suit; his dissatisfaction at the terms proposed. Offers of Lord Fyvie. Thanks for the King's letter. [See Jan. 9.]
Jan. 16. 21. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Lake. Has appointed two poursuivants to wait at Court. Will send all troublesome business to the Council, and indulge in his sports. Bill for Alex. Hay, for the Lord Secretary's place [of Scotland.]
Jan. 16. 22. Valuation of "Hickman's landes" at Stepney, Middlesex, belonging to the late hospital without Bishopsgate, to be passed in fee-farm to the Earl of Sussex.
Jan. 17.
23. Sir Hen. Nevill to Sir Thos. Windebank. Has considered the draft of the warrant and the book; thinks both sufficient, with slight alterations.
Jan. 19.
Grant to Lord Fyvie, President of the Council and Session in Scotland, in fee-farm, of the manors of Tintinhull, co. Somerset, and Sturminster-Newton, co. Dorset, both in the survey of the Exchequer, and of Harington, co. Wilts, of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet, Jan. 20.]
Jan. 20. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Erroll 2,000£. of the King's free gift. [Docquet. See Jan. 15.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Alex. Hay of a pension of 200 marks per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to John Philips of the Bishopric of Man, void by translation of Dr. Lloyd to that of Chester. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Phil. Battesford of advowson of the rectory of Somersham, co. Huntingdon; to present Paul Thompson. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Edw. Jerome of pardon for highway robbery. [Docquet.]
Jan. 21.
24. The Council to the Judges. The King approves of their selection of penal laws, and commands proper means to be taken to make them effective.
Jan. 21.
25. Copy of the above.
Jan. 21.
St. Bainard's Castle.
26. Lord Sydney to Visct. Cranborne. Transmits a letter from a party at Rome, who offers to send advertisements to the King, on condition of a pension. Incloses,
26. I. Particulars of all residents at the English College, Rome, with descriptions of such as have lately come, or are about to come, on a mission to England.
Jan. 22.
27. Mary Ligon to her sister Mrs. Talbot. Thanks for courtesies in reference to her marriage. Remembrances to her father and mother Sherrington.
Jan. 23. Grant, with survivorship, to Fr. Stidstone and Wm. Screven, in reversion after Sir Edw. Peacock, of the office of Marshal of the King's Bench. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to Ellis Gaylard of pardon for all offences committed before the 44th of Elizabeth, murder, manslaughter, and rape excepted. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to John Aldritt of pardon for burglary. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Licence to Sir Ralph Bosevile to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to the Company of Barbers and Surgeons of London, of new charter and confirmation of their ancient lands and liberties. No butcher, tailor, &c., to embalm dead bodies, but only chirurgeons, &c., &c. [Docquet.]
Jan. 24.
28. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Lake. Has summoned the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London to attend a conference on appointments to church livings, the sale of which brings the Church into contempt. Thinks they ought to be managed by the Bishops. A learned and pious ministry would diminish puritanism and recusancy.
Jan. 24.
License to Tho. Hewish, of Shepperton, Middlesex, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Jan. 25.
29. Henry, Earl of Northampton, to Sir Thomas Lake. Is glad the time draws near for seeing His Majesty; to whom he has sent a true account of all things.
Jan. 25.
Arundel House.
30. Lord Admiral Nottingham to the Same. To draw out a joint patency to Sir Francis Cherry and his son Edward, of the offices of providers of cordage, &c., for the navy. They understand the service, and it is important, as involving "the life of men, and the safety of the chief juels of His Majestie." During his Admiralty of 21 years, none have perished by fault of cordage.
Jan. 25. Warrant for payment to Sir Geo. Carew, Vice-Chamberlain of the Queen, of 6,108£. 12s. 4d., to be paid over to Sir Wm. Stone, for stuffs supplied to the Queen. [Docquet.]
Jan. 25. Grant to Thomasine Parris, of a pension of 50£. per ann., for life [Docquet.]
Jan. 25. Grant to Nich. Fortescue and Michael Vivian of 60£. of the goods, &c. of John Bonithon, deceased, forfeit by outlawry. [Docquet.]
Jan. 25. Letter to the Dean, &c. of St. Pauls, London, for Bernard Lindsay to have a lease of the farm and parsonage of Chiswick. [Docquet.]
Jan. 25. 31. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Windebank. To bring [Thos.] Phelippes with him, and not to allow him to communicate with any one on the way.
Jan. 25. 32. Examination of Thos. Phelippes [by Visct. Cranborne,] touching his carrying on a secret correspondence with persons abroad.
Jan. ? 33. Examination of Abraham Ferkin, Phelippes' servant, relative to letters and visitors of his master.
Jan. ? 34. Examination of Edward Pettar, Phelippes' servant. He never knew Mr. Barnes to write at his master's house.
Jan. 26. 35. Interrogatories [by Cranborne,] for the examination of Stephen Phelippes, as to his brother's foreign correspondence; with his answers.
Jan. ? 36. Memoranda [by Thos. Phelippes,] as to a galleyman, son of -- Brabon, delivered out of the galleys.
Jan. 26. 37. Interrogatories [by Cranborne] for the examination of -- Stirrall, as to his and Phelippes' correspondence with [Hugh] Owen.
Jan. 26. 38. Stirrall's answers to the above. Queen Elizabeth, the Earl of Essex, and others, acquainted with the correspondence.
Jan. ? 39. Thos. Winter to [John Grant]. Begs him to come over on Saturday to Castleton, to be introduced to "my cousin Catesby." "Doll" [Mrs. Grant] not invited, because "our life is monastical, without women."
Jan. 26. 40. Account of the profits of courts in Crown manors, in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Gloucester, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, and the Isle of Wight.
Jan. 27. Grant of denization to Alexander Lord Fyvie, and his heirs. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Similar grant to John Castel, John Mouchy, and Valentine de Beste of Flanders, and to Michael Maynet of Antwerp. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Grant to John Palmer of the guidership of St. Stephen's Hospital, Norwich, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 13.]
Jan. 28.
Court at Whitehall.
41. The Council to the Chief Baron, Master of Requests, AttorneyGeneral, and French Secretary. Request them to examine the validity of the charter of the Spanish Merchants, which is said to have expired.
Jan. 28. Copy of the above. [Dom. Corresp., Feb. 7.]
Jan. 28. Grant to Lord Hume of Berwick, and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the castle of Harbottle, and the manors of Harbottle and Wark, &c., co. Northumberland. [Docquet.]
Jan. 28. Grant to John Hewes of an alms-room in Trinity College, Cambridge. [Docquet.]
Jan. 29. 42. Thos. Phelippes to Visct. Cranborne. Sends the decipher of a letter, and a declaration of his proceedings with Benson. Begs him to prevent His Majesty's further displeasure.
Jan. 30. 43. Examination of Butler, a priest. He confesses to predicting troubles for religion, curing diseases, &c.
Jan. 30. Warrant to pay 50£. to Clemt. Edmondes, for relief of certain poor Turks and others, who were captives, and freed at the taking of Sluys, in Flanders. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to Sir Thos. Badger of the office of Master of the Harriers, for life, with such allowances as Brian Annesley had. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant, with survivorship, to Wm. and Thos. Mussell, of the office of cutting and raising the King's and Prince's apparel. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Re-grant to Peter Senhouse and Hen. Leigh of the office of Steward of the lands of the late monastery of Holme-Cultram, Cumberland, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to Thos. Cartmell, of Bilsborough, co. Lancaster, of pardon for manslaughter of John Charneley. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. License for all makers of hand-guns and small guns to export muskets, pistols, daggers, and other small pieces. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to Simon Higginson of an alms-room at Ewelme, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to John Norden of the surveyorship of lands of the Duchy of Cornwall, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to Sir Fras. Cherry, and Edward, his son, of the office of the King's Merchant in the East parts, for providing pitch, tar, and other stores for the navy, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30. Grant to Giles Warren of 300£., being a fine imposed upon Wm. Waller, for contempt in Chancery, in a suit against Giles Warren. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Sir Ph. Herbert and his heirs, in fee-simple, of the manor and rectory of Ashton-Keynes and the manor of Alton-Priors and Stowel, cos. Wilts and Gloucester, and certain tithes in Eworth, Northumberland. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. 44. Thos. Phelippes to Visct. Cranborne. Begs to know how his case is likely to turn. Character of Vincent's correspondence with Benson. Offers his services to continue his secret correspondence under direction of the Government, if he may be spared.
Jan. 31.
45. Names of Doctors, Bachelors in Divinity, and Masters of Arts, in the University of Oxford.
Jan. ? 46. Instructions to Sir Thos. Challoner to have Kenilworth Castle repaired, the gardens planted, fish ponds stored, and game increased, against the King's progress to Rockingham. [See August, 1605.]
Feb. 1. Grant to John Lord Harrington, of the reversion of lands in Luddington, co. Leicester, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 36.]
Feb. 2. Proclamation of a grant to Roger Pennell and Rich. Grimston, of the customs arising from the import of all sorts of gold and silver thread. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 3 A.]
Feb. 3. 47. Earl of Pembroke to Sir Thos. Lake. To further the desires of his page, George Courtney, in reference to some lands.
Feb. 4.
Duchy House.
48. Earl of Cumberland to the Farmers of the Customs. License for Peter Van Lore to ship from the port of London certain cloths free of custom.
Feb. 4.
The King to the Lord Chief Baron. To assist Fras. Drake, and others of the Bedchamber, to obtain certain money due to the Crown from Thos. Drake. [Warrt: Bk., I., p. 107.]
Feb. 5. Confirmation of the office of Registrar of the Admiralty of England, as already granted by the Lord Admiral, to Wm. Harewood, for life, then to Henry Russell, then to John Harewood, son of William aforesaid. [Docquet.]
Feb. 5. Warrant to discharge Sir Fulk Greville, late Treasurer of the Admiralty, of 1,000£. [Docquet.]
Feb. 5. Grant to the Duke of Lenox, Earls of Nottingham, Suffolk, Worcester, Dorset, Devon, and Northampton, of the office of Earl Marshal, in commission. [Grant Bk., p. 10.]
Feb. 5. License to Viscount Howard of Bindon, to inclose and impark 1,000 acres of land in East Lulworth and Combe-Kanes, co. Dorset. [Grant Bk., p. 10.]
Feb. 6.
Dorset House.
49. Earl of Dorset to the Officers of Customs of the Port of London. To admit Thos. Lever as an under-searcher in the customs, in the room of Ralph, his brother.
Feb. 6. 50. Extract of the principal matters in the indenture of the demise of all the customs to Francis Jones and Nicholas Salter.
[Feb. 6.] 51. Regulations [by the Lord Treasurer] to be observed by Fras. Jones and Nich. Salter, farmers of customs, and by the merchants and others towards them, that they may receive the full benefit of His Majesty's grant of the farm of the customs.
Feb. ? 52. Instructions relating to the farm of customs, to be observed by the farmers' deputies in the several ports.
Feb. ? 53. The same in fuller detail; with a tariff of duties for Englishmen and foreigners.
Feb. 6. 54. "Declaration of the whole proceedings of the Lords Commissioners for the farming out of the customs," from 10 July 1604.
Feb. 6.
Hampton Court.
55. The King to the Council. To admit Wm. Say to the office of Keeper of the Council Chamber, in the room of Alex. Douglas.
Feb. 7. 56. Warrant for payment to Lady Walsingham, Mistress of the Robes, of 200£. "towards the charges of the Queen's lying down."
Feb. 7. 57. Instructions from the Council for the Commissioners on the Borders. The Grahams who have submitted are to be punished only for crimes committed since their submission. Prisoners in gaol to be tried at their several county assizes. The constant carrying of weapons to be forbidden. The testimony of English and Scotch against each other to be received. Those who live by plunder to be apprehended. Imperfect.
[Feb. 7.] 58. Corrected copy of part of the above.
Feb. 7. Grant to Edw. Lord Cromwell, of the reversion of lands in Kent. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 36.]
Feb. 7. 59. Commissioners for examining the charter of the merchants trading to Spain to the Council. They advise the drawing up of a new charter, to rectify certain specified errors in the present one.
Feb. 7. 60. Copy of the above.
Feb. ? 61. Petition of merchants trading to Malaga in Spain to the King, to order Thos. Stanton to be sent home, to answer for his interference in inducing the King of Spain to levy an imposition upon them.
Feb. ? 62. Regulations proposed to the Council by the merchants trading to Spain, especially to Malaga, in reference to their trade.
Feb. ? 63. Reasons to prove the inconvenience of continuing the incorporation of Spanish Merchants, and of granting that of French Merchants; and arguments against the preceding regulations.
Feb. ? 64. Statement of "the good that may ensue" by incorporation of the English merchants trading into Spain and Portugal; with suggestions for their government.
Feb. 8. Visct. Cranborne to the Attorney-General. Orders him to draw out a new charter for the above-named merchants. [Dom. Corresp., Feb. 7.]
Feb. 8. 65. Warrant for payment of 100 marks each per ann. to Sir Wm. Selby, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Sir Roger Delavale, Edw. Gray, and Joseph Pennington, Commissioners for the Borders, and of travelling expenses to the two first, for journeys undertaken on the said service.
Feb. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 9.
66. Commission to the Archbishop of Canterbury and others, for reforming abuses and disorders in the Church, repressing seditious books, enforcing the laws against the recusants, and enjoining uniformity, &c.
Feb. 9. 67. Particulars of the clauses and powers of the above Commission. [Mutilated.]
Feb. ? 68. Petition of the non-conforming ministers of Warwickshire to the King, against their threatened suspension. They will subscribe to the King's supremacy, and conduct themselves peaceably.
[Feb.] 69. Justices and Gentlemen of Northamptonshire to Sir Edwd. Montague, Sir Ric. Knightley, and Sir Valentine Knightley. Request them to present their humble supplication to the King. Inclose,
69. I. Petition of the Justices and Gentlemen of Northamptonshire to the King, against the suspension of the non- conforming ministers, who have long laboured amongst them, and whose deprivation will be the cause of great spiritual loss and mischief. [Presented Feb. 9. See Ellis's Letters, 2nd series, Vol. iii., p. 216.]
Feb. 9. Grants to Edw. Edmondes, Ric. Cadbury, and Fras. Fryar, of pardon for piracy. [Docquet, Feb. 9 and Feb. 14.]
Feb. 9. Warrant for acceptance of a bond for 400£., and of certain sums of money distrained on the lands of William, late Lord Chandos, and of Thos. Bliss, nominated by him as collector of fifteenths and tenths, which lands were seized for deficiency in the accounts of Thos. Bliss. [Docquet, Feb. 9 and Feb. 14.]
Feb. 9. Grant to Sir Chas. Howard of a pension of 200£. per ann. inalienable, assigned to him by the Earl of Nottingham, his father. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11.
Court at Whitehall.
70. Petition of Dr. Robt. Wright, Treasurer, and Dr. Wm. Barker, Chancellor of Wells Cathedral, to the King, to be restored to the right of being canons resident, ex officio; with reference thereon.
Feb. 11.
71. The King to Visct. Cranborne, and the rest of the Queen's Council. Prescribes the manner of conducting processes in the Queen's Court at Westminster; and the form of writs of subpæna; the King's style to be used, but the writs to be witnessed and sealed by the Queen. Other proceedings in her Court to be the same as those in the Duchy of Lancaster.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, April 16.]
Feb. 11. Grant to David ap Griffith of pardon for life only, for killing John Thomas. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Henry Earl of Huntingdon of the office of Chief Forester of the forest and chace of Leicester, Thawiate and Heathley Wood, and Keeper of Burned Lodge, Leicester, and Steward and Receiver of the honor and lordship of Leicester and lands thereto belonging, in several counties. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 12. License to Wm. Wright to travel for three years. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 12. Discharge for Alex. Seaton, Lord Fyvie, Chancellor of Scotland, of the custody of Charles, Duke of York, with attestation of his being in perfect health. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 12 ? 72. Petition of Mary Hills to Visct. Cranborne, for license for a poor kinsman of hers to sell poultry for sick persons during the present Lent; with reference thereon.
[Feb. 13.] 73. Opinions of the Judges, in reply to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, on the legality of depriving Puritan ministers, and of punishing presenters of petitions on their behalf.
Feb. 74. Examination of Sir Fras. Hastings before the Council, respecting the petition that he had drawn up for the Northamptonshire gentlemen; which is held to be factious and seditious. He is ordered to retire to his country house, and to refrain from meddling in public affairs.
Feb. 13.
Durham House.
75. Tobie Matthew to Dud. Carleton. States that the Lady Derby's daughter [Eliz. Stanley] is matched into the house of Huntingdon [to Hen. Hastings]; will free him from responsibility, as to a certain covenant in which they have joined. [See March 27.]
Feb. 13. Grant to Charles Earl of Devonshire of the manor and parsonage of Loddington, co. Leicester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 30.]
Feb. 13. 76. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To expedite a warrant prefixed, for payment of 371£. 18s. 4d. to John Johnson and John Goodwin, for acceptable service to the King, in surveying the Debateable Lands on the Borders.
Feb. 14. Docquet of the above warrant.
Feb. [14.]
77. The King to the Bailiffs and Burgesses of [Huntingdon]. In favour of Thos. Beard, incumbent of the hospital of St. John, Huntingdon, to have the next advowson of the said hospital, which is in their gift.
Feb. 14.
78. Letter of similar tenor, not duplicate.
Feb. 14. Docquet of the above.
Feb. 13. Grant to David Murray of the office of Gentleman of the Robes to the Prince, for life. [Docquet, Feb. 14.]
Feb. 14.
Grant to Charles Earl of Devonshire of the keepership of the game in the hundred of Becontree, co. Essex. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 100.]
Feb. 14. Docquet of the above.
Feb. 14. Warrant to pay 1,000£. to Lord Hume, Keeper of the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
Feb. 14. License to Visct. Bindon and his heirs to impale his grounds called East Sulworth Park, Dorset. [Docquet.]
Feb. 14. Grant, in reversion, to Hugh Roberts of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Feb. 14. Commission for six of the Privy Council to survey how much remains of the lands and goods of the late Lord Cobham, and to assign such portion of the same as may be most conveniently parted with, for payment of his debts. [Docquet.]
Feb. ? 79. List of Lord Cobham's debts paid by the King.
Feb. 14. Instalment of payment of the first fruits of the Archbishop of Canterbury, amounting to 2,682£. 12s. 2d., to be paid in 7 years. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Grant to Dr. Ravis, Bishop elect of Gloucester, to hold, in commendam, the deanery of Christ Church, Oxford, a prebend in Westminster, and the parsonages of Islip, co. Oxford, and Wittenham, co. Salop. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Warrant to pay to John Spilman 2,086£. 10s. for jewels delivered to the King. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15.
80. Names of Popish recusants, indicted at the Sessions for London and Middlesex.
Feb. 15.
Court at Whitehall.
81. The Council to John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells, John Nay, and Fras. Bavar. They are informed that John Hole, of Hawkes, servant to Sir Bevis Bulmer, now in Scotland on the King's business, is selling the pitches and ore belonging to his master, in Mendip. Requests them to enquire into the case, and see that no fraud is committed, to the injury of Sir Bevis.
Feb. 16. License to Sir Jas. Bourchier, Sir Charles Morrison, Sir Walter Chute, and John Donne to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Warrant to pay to [Thos. Erskine], Lord of Dirleton, Groom of the Stole, 50 marks per ann. [Docquet.]
[Feb. 16.] Grant to John Ellis and Jar. Anne of lands in Thornhurst, Yorkshire. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 35.]
Feb. 17.
Proclamation of a commission issued for compounding for leases of lands about to be annexed to the Crown, and for letting assart lands. [Proc. Bk., p. 95.]
Feb. ? 82. Names of Commissioners, with places and times of sitting, for compounding with lessees of woods, to supply the King's House- hold with wood and coal; letting lands of recusants; letting leases of Exchequer and Duchy lands; compounding for defective titles; and compounding for assart lands.
Feb. ? 83. Memorandum of times and places of the sitting of Commissioners for the first three of the above commissions.
Feb. 84. Draft list of the Commissioners for granting assart lands. [Corrected by Cranborne.]
Feb. 17. 85. Warrant for repayment, with interest, of 5,000£. lent on Privy Seal by certain merchants of London, for purchase of tin in Devonshire and Cornwall; also for payment to Sir Rich. Smith of 17,000£. for preemption of tin, and of the charges of the carriage of tin to London.
Feb. Docquet of part of the above. [Docquet, Feb. 21]
Feb. 15.
Dorset House.
86. Earl of Dorset to the Officers of Customs of the port of London. To administer the oaths to four under-searchers, the same as to Tho. Lever, lately admitted.
Feb. 18. 87. The King to the Archbp. of York and Lord Sheffield. Declaration of his proceedings in furtherance of the Protestant religion, since his accession. Scandalous rumours of his toleration of popery to be suppressed. Proceedings against the non-conforming ministers. Opinion of the Judges on legal proceedings against the Bishops, for depriving those who would not conform.
Feb. 18. 88. Copy of the above.
Feb. 18. Grant, in reversion, to Henry Combes, of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet, Feb. 19.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Visct. Cranborne, in reversion after Tho. Sheffield and John Chapman, of the office of Bailiff of East Greenwich, Kent; and of keeper of the orchard and gardens there. [Docquet, Feb. 19.]
Feb. 19. Grant to the Earl of Northampton of the office of keeper of Greenwich Park, with reversion to Visct. Cranborne. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Commission to the Archbp. of York, and others, to execute ecclesiastical jurisdiction within the province of York. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Grant, in reversion, to John Parker, of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster, for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Grant, in reversion, to Ralph Masters, of an alms-room in Canterbury Cathedral, for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Grant to Hen. Glascock of pardon for seditious words in favour of the Pope. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19.
Remission to Sir John Smith, executor to Tho. Smith, late collector in the port of London, of 1,600£., supposed to be due 36 years since, to the late Queen, in consideration of Sir John's resigning a bond for 3,000£., made to him by the late Lord Cobham. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19.
Grant to Lord Wm. Howard, in reversion or remainder, of the manor of Axminster, the abbey and demesnes of Newenham, co. Devon, and the manor of Blackford, co. Somerset. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Grant to Ralph Ashton and Ralph, his son, of the office of particular receiver of Duchy lands in Lancashire and Cheshire, the monastery of Furnes only excepted. Also of particular receiver of augmentation lands in Lancashire. [Docquet.]
Feb. 19. Grant to Matt. Pass of pardon for burglary. [Docquet.]
Feb. 20.
Grant to Sir John Ramsay, and his heirs, of Exchequer lands, value 1,000£. per ann. [Docquet, Feb. 21.]
Feb. 21. Warrant to pay 1,460£. to Rich. Wright, Paymaster of the Forces in the Low Countries. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Warrant to pay to Lord Hume 3,000£. for expenses of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Humphrey Latier of pardon for theft. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Privy Seal to Sir Rich. Smith, Receiver-General of the Duchy of Cornwall, to receive 5,000£. loan of certain merchants of the City of London, at 10 per cent., for the purchase and delivery of tin; and to repay the same in tin, if not otherwise discharged. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Ric. and Edw. Kingsley of the keeping of the gaol at St. Albans, and the great gate there. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Francis Windebank, in reversion after Levinus Munck and Francis Gale, who are also in reversion, of a clerkship of the Signet. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Wm. Lampard, indicted with John Morgan, for burglary, of pardon for life only. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Alphonso Ferabosco of a pension of 50£. per ann. for instructing the Prince in music. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Wm. Stockwell of the custody and government of the hospital of Highgate. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Edw. Dodd, on surrender of Sir John Egerton, of the office of Clerk or Baron of the Exchequer in the County Palatine of Chester, with reversion to Thos. Hollcroft. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Rob. Atkinson of an alms-room in Carlisle, after satisfaction of former grants. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Ann Newton, accessory with Edw. Burton and Ralph Peape, of pardon for theft. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Jas. Selling of Bungay, Suffolk, of pardon for manslaughter. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Commission to Sir Wm. Selby, Sir Rob. Delavale, and others, for removing all "occasions of strangeness and marks of division" in the Border counties, and for quiet government of the middle parts of Great Britain. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Elizabeth Randall of a pension of 20£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Rates of imposition on imported sweet wines called Muscadels, and other sweet wines of Spain, Portugal, Candia, and the Levant, France and Germany excepted. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Sir Hen. Seckford and others of the accustomed reward of 5s. a ton, for building five new ships. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Wm. Tooke, on surrender of Thos. Docwra, of the receivership of the Duchy of Lancaster, cos. Essex, Herts, Middlesex, London, and Surrey. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Hugh and James Ridley and Chris. Roddame of pardon for life only, for manslaughter of Rich. Oliver. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Tho. Gorges and Helena Marchioness of Northampton, of the keeping of Richmond Park, &c., for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Wm. Drayton of pardon for manslaughter of Edw. Fielding. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to John Ogle and Thos. Wood, alias "Swaggerer," of pardon for life only, for small robberies. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Grant to Thos. Trevor, in reversion after Sir John Trevor, of the office of Steward of Windsor Castle and Surveyor of the Works. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21.
Commission for the Lord Chancellor and others to make leases of Crown lands, within the survey of the Exchequer or Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Feb. 21. Re-grant to Rob. Wells of pardon for robbery, by reason of an error in the former pardon. [Docquet, Feb. 24.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Wm. Ryder, Gentleman Harbinger, of a pension of 150£. per ann., for life. [Docquet, Feb. 24.]
Feb. 22. Grant, in reversion, to John Lugger, of a Yeoman Waiter's place in the Tower. [Docquet, Feb. 24.]
Feb. 22.
89. Thos. Winter to John Grant. Is going with Lord Monteagle to Bath and Lancashire, his fortunes being too poor to leave him his "own man." Lord Monteagle will receive Grant's brother, between now and Easter.
Feb. 24.
Court at Royston.
90. Jas. Montague to William Chaderton, Bishop of Lincoln. Request for Mr. Cooke to enjoy his house and living till August.
Feb. 24. Lease to Walter Hickman of the ferry over the Thames, at Kew. [Docquet.]
Feb. 24. Grant to Geo. Montgomery, Bishop elect of Derry Raffo, alias Raffo and Clogher, in Ireland, of the deanery of Norwich and parsonage of Chedzoy, Somerset. [Docquet.]
Feb. 24. Warrant to pay to -- Chambers 20£. per ann. for his wages, as Groom of the Chamber to the Prince. [Docquet.]
Feb. 24.
Letter to the Earl of Pembroke, Warden of the Stannaries, for the tinners of Devon and Cornwall to be governed according to their ancient laws and privileges. [Docquet.]
Feb. 24.
Royston. Sunday night.
91. Sir Allan Percy to Dud. Carleton. On his journey from Ware to Royston, he overtook Lord Hume.
Feb. 25.
92. Jo. Packer to Sir Thos. Lake. Recommends to him his suit, for which the Earl of Pembroke has written in his behalf. Is disabled by sciatica from taking any other course to improve his living.
Feb. 26.
93. Sir Allan Percy to Dud. Carleton. The Court entirely occupied with field sports.
Feb. ? 94. Sir Richd. Knightley and Sir Wm. Lane to the King. Solicit his Majesty's pardon for having subscribed, with other [Northamptonshire] gentlemen, a petition in favour of the deprived non-conforming ministers.
Feb. ? 95. Erasmus Dryden to the Same. Prays to be released from prison, as the [Northamptonshire] petition was only a testimonial of the godliness of the preachers in the county.
Feb. 26. 96. John Lambe to Dr. Neile. Puritans in Northampton discontented at the ill success of their petition. Rumour spread by John Godby that the papists are arming, a massacre like that of Paris intended, and the houses marked. Particulars of several Catholics implicated. [See Feb. 9.]
Feb. 27. Grant to Sir John Ramsay and Tho. Emerson, in fee-farm, of the manor of Swaffham and Swaffham-Bulbeck, Cambridge. [Docquet.]
Feb. 27. Grant to George Estcourt, alias Willis, of pardon for piracy against certain Venetians. [Docquet.]
Feb. 27. Similar grant to Chris. Middleton for manslaughter of Ambrose Blethin. [Docquet.]
Feb. 26. Grant to Rob. Bowll, on resignation of Robt. Woodcock, of the place of footman to the Queen. [Docquet.]
Feb. 29. Grant to Wm. Lord Knollys, of Carew Castle, co. Pembroke, and other parcels of land of Sir John Perrot. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 36.]