James I: Volume 13, March-April, 1605

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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March-April, 1605.

March 1.
1. Proceedings of the Commissioners of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, Feb. 27 and 28, and March 1, in the trial and sentence of deprivation, pronounced against Rob. Bruce, minister of Edinburgh, for refusing or delaying to vindicate from the pulpit the King's innocence, in the matter of the Gowrie conspiracy.
March 1.
Proclamation for revocation of mariners from foreign services. [Proc. Bk., p. 98.]
[March. 1.] 2. Draft of the above. [Corrected by Cranborne. Dated Feb. 23.]
[March. 1.] 3. Copy of the penultimate clause of the above.
March 1.
Proclamation forbidding timber fit for building to be used as firewood, and ordering all buildings in and about London to be fronted with brick, and uniformly built. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 101.]
March 1.
Warrant for allowance of diet to the Pages of the King's Chamber. [Docquet.]
[March 1.] 4. The King to Sir Hen. Leigh. Appoints him Provost Marshal of 25 horsemen, to be levied by Sir Wm. Selby for service on the Borders, and to act under the direction of the Commissioners for the Borders.
March 1. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, March 4.]
March 1. 5. Warrant for allowance to Sir Henry Leigh, appointed Provost Marshal, of 6s. 8d. per diem., and for payments to 25 horsemen to serve under him and Sir Wm. Selby for suppression of tumults on the Borders.
March 2. Grant to Hen. Earl Northampton of the manor of Buckland, co. Dorset. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 25.]
March 2. Lease, in reversion, to Geo. Smith, of the parsonage of Flamstead, co. Herts. [Ibid., p. 22.]
March 3. 6. Thos. Earl Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. Enforces the request of the petition of the tenants of Ashdown Forest, Sussex, for a commission to himself to cut down timber for repair of the pales, in order to preserve the game in which the King delights.
March 4.
Signet Office.
7. Thos. Canon to the Same. Solicits the King's signature to a grant in reversion of the receivership of Warwickshire and Leicester-shire. Asks if Lady Northumberland's petition be granted. She wishes stay to be made of any petition of right, on behalf of the heirs of the Perrot family, for the lands of Sir John Perrot attainted, having resigned a pension of 400£. per ann. from the late Queen, in lieu of her recent grant of 500£. per ann. from those lands.
March 4.
Queen's Court.
8. Visct. Cranborne to the Same. In spite of Mrs. Drummond's importunity, the payment of bills for the Queen is obliged to be postponed, for want of money. Rather than fail in payments for Queen Elizabeth's tomb, neither the Exchequer nor London shall have a penny left. Rejoices to falsify the prophecy that no child of Henry VIII. should be handsomely buried. The Lord Chamberlain concurs with the "little beagle" [Cranborne] in thinking the King's return from his sports unnecessary, till the 17th or 18th of the month.
March 4. 9. Warrant to deliver to Visct. Cranborne the necessary sums for finishing a tomb in St. Peter's, Westminster, to "the famous memory of the late Queen Elizabeth."
[March 4.] Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 100.]
March 4. 10. Duplicate of the above.
March 4. Docquet of the above.
March 4. Grant to the University of Cambridge of a charter confirming their ancient charters, liberties, &c., amending some defects therein, granting sundry other privileges, and prohibiting tournaments, interludes, plays, bear or bull-baiting, &c. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant of pardon to Hen. Askwith for felonies. [Docquet.]
March 4. Release to the Aldermen and Burgesses of Stamford of 80£. left unpaid out of 339£. 1s. 4d., due to the King for fifteenths and tenths, "in regard that the towne hath bene much visited with sickness." [Docquet.]
March 4.
Warrant to deliver to Hen. Martin and five others, the King's trumpeters at sea, certain parcels of cloth for their liveries. [Docquet.]
March 4. 11. "A note of ye head-landes of England as they beare one from "another, agreeing with the plott of ye description of ye countrye;" being the return of a jury, impannelled for examination of the havens.
March 4. 12. Copy of the above.
March 4. Grant to Mar. and Barn. Goche of the reversion of the site of Alvingham priory, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 25.]
March 4.
Warrant to pay to Wm. Bowll, Yeoman Usher of the King's Chamber, allowance for wages, liveries, &c., for life. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to Tho. Stephens, of the office of Attorney to the Prince, for life. [Docquet.]
March 4.
Westminster ?
Letter to the Lord Chancellor, &c., notifying the above appointment, and giving the said Stephens precedence of other counsellors- at-law. [Docquet.]
March 4. Royal assent for Dr. Thomas Ravis, elected Bishop of Gloucester. [Docquet.]
March 4.
Warrant to pay to such persons as the Earl of Worcester shall appoint, 647£. 11s., for purchase of horses for various purposes. [Docquet.]
March 4. Warrant to the Exchequer to receive composition of Richd. Vaughan, late Bishop of Chester, and now of London, for his first fruits. [Docquet.]
March 4. License to the Mayor, &c. of Chester, to export 12,600 dickers of calf skins in 21 years. [Docquet.]
March 4. Joint commission to five persons of England and five of Scotland, to remove all occasions of strangeness and marks of division between the countries, and to manage the government of the Border counties. [Docquet.]
March 4. Warrant to discharge the merchants, &c. of Chester, from half the poundage due upon every ton of iron imported. [Docquet.]
March 5.
13. Henry Earl of Northampton to Sir Thos. Lake. Understands the King is reluctant to sign grants during his recreations, but that of the office of keeper of Carlisle Castle for Sir Hen. Leigh is pressing, as he wishes to hasten after the other Border Commissioners. Dean Montague told Bywater that the King would have released him, but for the Council. His libel tended to sedition and dissension. The Duke of Holstein thrown in the tilt. The Duke of Lenox landed in the Downs.
March 5.
Near the Charter House.
14. Lord Chief Justice Popham to the Same. Sends a copy of a letter to the Justices of Assize for Yorkshire, concerning the King's servants bound to appear there. Wishes it to be forwarded by the next post going that way, that it may reach them in time.
March 6.
Queen's Court.
15. Visct. Cranborne to the Same. The Queen, Prince, and Duke of York are conveyed safely, by the Council and great ladies, to Greenwich, where she is pleased with the Earl of Suffolk's order of her lodgings. The counterfeit runagate Grey, alias Douglas, is discovered in Germany to be an impostor. Bywater refuses to confess who prompted his course, and must be now roundly dealt with.
March 8. Grant to Peter Budd of the office of examining witnesses in the Marches of Wales, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 36.]
March 8. Grant to Euble Thelwall of the offices of Steward and Recorder of Ruthin, co. Denbigh, for life. [Ibid., p. 40.]
March 9.
Theobald's. Friday.
16. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Lake. The Queen never mentioned to him her suit to the King for land, worth 100£., for building a college. She is cajoled by corrupt servants, into pressing the King for suits for other men's advantage, in which she has no interest. Is hawking with the Chamberlain, and the Earls of Cumberland, Southampton, and Devonshire, but to-morrow all go home to school. Dated "from Theobald's, where a pack of Brittons have presumed to drink a health to the King of Brittany."
March 9. 17. Same to the Same. Points out the ill use which malicious people may make of the King's recent placard for preserving the game at Thetford, as though he claimed all for his own. Wishes it had been more judiciously managed. Wonders any churl should kill anything that might afford his Majesty his only recreation.
March 9 ? 18. Account of moneys expended for the Archbishop of Canterbury, for repairs at Lambeth, apparel, cost of removal, furniture, &c., from 9th Oct. 1604 to 8th Mar. 1605.
March 9.
19. Extract of the enlargement of the Cambridge charter, making the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor Visitor, where no special Visitor is appointed. Latin.
March 10. 20. Hugh Glaseover to the Council. Has apprehended Downing, alias Tailor, and Potter, coiners, and sent them to Chester Castle; forwards Potter's examination.
March 11.
Trin. Coll., Cambridge.
21. Master, &c. of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Visct. Cranborne. They are told that the rectory of Thunderidge by Ware, co. Hertford, belonging to their college, has been given away by the King, on plea of concealed title; beg that the grant may not pass the Privy Seal, till they can vindicate their claim to it.
March 11.
22. Warrant for a grant to Sir Hen. Leigh, of the keepership of Carlisle Castle, for life. Indorsed "reversion thereof to Francis, Earl of Cumberland and Henry Lord Clifford, his son."
March 11. 23. Philip Lowman to Sir Thos. Lake. Thanks for the favour shewn by him and the Earl of Worcester to the petition of James Courtenay for a pardon, but it is thwarted by the Lord Treasurer, who will give only a vague answer. Begs his favour therein.
March 12.
24. Sir Wm. Ryder to the Same. Was with the Lord Chancellor about the customs on kersies. Divers of the Lords were there about Bywater's book, delivered to the King at Ware. Garniston suggests a grant of some small rents, which, if looked into, would bring in 40£. per ann. Has not seen the Lord Treasurer, he being so pressed with business.
March 12.]
25. Archbp. Bancroft to the Bishops of his Province. They are to search out recusants, and, if possible, to convince them; if not, to excommunicate them, and certify the ringleaders in Chancery. Deprived ministers to be allowed a few months' respite, before being turned out of their parsonages.
March 14. Grant to Rich. Wilkinson and Wm. Pennyman of lands, &c., co. Hereford. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 25.]
March 15. Grant to Eliz. Rainsford, for the use of her children, of lands in Staffordshire. [Ibid., p. 24.]
March 19. Grant, in fee-farm, to Tho. Docwra and Nic. Trott, of lands, &c., co. Carmarthen. [Ibid., p. 25.]
March ? 26. Appeal by Rob. Stormer to Sir Daniel Dunn, Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, from an unjust decree given in the Ecclesiastical Court of Peterborough, in his cause against Jas. Batten and John Rogers.
March 19.
27. Writ from Sir Daniel Dun, of the Arches Court, summoning Jas. Batten and John Rogers to appear in the Court, at the suit of Robert Stormer; with return thereto, date, 13 April. Latin.
March 19.
Next to York House.
28. Stephen Le Sieur to Dud. Carleton. Enquires after certain papers sent him by Carleton, which are missing.
March 20. Grant of protection to Chris. Grimston, Surveyor of the Duchy of Lancaster, until his debts to the King be paid. [Docquet.]
[March 20.] 29. The King to [the Dean and Chapter of Durham]. In behalf of Ralph Hansby, Surveyor of the Stables, for a renewal of his lease of the parsonage of Bishop's Burton, intended to be let to another.
March 20. Docquet of the above.
March 20. Grant to the Corporation of Stafford of confirmation of their ancient liberties, &c., and new privileges. [Docquet.]
March 20. Warrant to pay to Thos. Pott, keeper of the Prince's dogs, 3s. 4d. per diem. [Docquet.]
March 20. Warrant to pay Edw. Lethersall, Clerk of the Bakehouse, John Carr, Clerk of the Poultry, John Fouke, Clerk of the Woodyard, Wm. Hedworth, Clerk of the Scullery, Anth. Browne, Clerk of the Larder, and James Darell, Clerk of the Pantry, 3s. per diem each for wages, during their lives or continuance in office. [Docquet.]
March 20. Grant to Wm. Wells of a prebend in Norwich Cathedral, on the next vacancy. [Docquet.]
March 20. Grant to John Fowkes of a Gunner's place in the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
March 20. Grant to the Corporation of Turrington of confirmation of their former liberties, &c., and further privileges. [Docquet.]
March 21.
License for Hugh Speke and George his son, and Edw. and Allen Norris, to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to John Chippingale of advowson of the parsonage of Cheriton, diocese of Winchester; to present Ric. Meredith, one of the King's Chaplains. [Docquet.]
March 21. Warrant to pay to Dr. Martin, Physician to the Queen, 100£. of the King's gift. [Docquet.]
March 21. Warrant to pay to Lord Hume, Master of the Great Wardrobe, 3,000£. for charges of the King's entry into London. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant, with survivorship, to Tho. Cornwallis and Thomas, his son, of the office of Groom Porter of His Majesty's House, and of the Houses of the Queen and Prince, for their lives, on surrender of former patent. [Docquet.]
March ? 30. Petition of Capt. Oliver Randoll to the Council for relief; his Majesty promised him the last void place of a Poor Knight of Windsor, but another has got possession of it.
March 21. Grant to Capt. Oliver Randoll of pension, inalienable, of 40 marks per ann. [Docquet.]
March 21. Letter to the Treasurer of Berwick to pay to [Jas.] Burrell, surveyor of the bridge at Berwick, 16d. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to Ric. Wilkinson and John Chapham [Clapham ?], of the office of Controller of the Hanaper, for their lives, on surrender of Thos. Ravenscroft. [Docquet.]
[March 22.] Commission to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, the Archbishop of York, and others, to exercise ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the diocese of Chester. [Grant Bk., p. 4.]
March 23. 31. University of Cambridge to Visct. Cranborne. Thanks for his influence in procuring the recent charter, which confirms their ancient privileges and secures new ones. Latin.
March 23. 32. Rob. Winter to John Grant, his brother-in-law. Tom Winter's journey is delayed by expecting Sir Charles Percy's going over, as Colonel.
March 24. Grant, in fee-tail, to Rob. Visct. Cranborne, of the reversion of lands in Kent, part of the possessions of Lord Cobham. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 27.]
March 24.
33. The Council to Sir Julius Cæsar and others. To examine Thos. Bywater a minister, and others, for seditious matter very offensive to His Majesty.
March 24.
34. The Same to Sir Edw. Coke, and others. To attend and examine Robt. Acton, and others, of Worcester, on a charge of coining.
March ? 35. Notes [by Sir Edw. Coke] of examinations of Bywater, and others, for falsifying of Scripture; and of Robt. Acton, and others, for coining; with miscellaneous business memoranda.
March ? 36. Grant to Rob. Acton, of Ribbesford, Worcestershire, of pardon for coining.
March ?
37. Lewis Pickering to Visct. Cranborne. Requests the liberty of the Gatehouse for his health's sake; protests he has not read anything in Bywater's book touching His Majesty. Intreats pity for his poor countrymen of Northamptonshire, whose ministers are silenced.
March 25. Warrant to deliver to Rob. Jossie certain stuff for the use of the Maunday, and to pay for the making of things for the same. [Docquet.]
March 25. Warrant to deliver yearly certain furred, velvet, and satin robes, and to pay for making and furring the same, to John Levingston, Groom of the Bedchamber. [Docquet.]
March 25. Warrant to pay to the said John Levingston 20£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
March 25 ? 38. John Clapham to Visct. Cranborne. Has to attend the Great Seal this year of the King's reign, as riding clerk; begs his good offices with the Lord Chancellor.
March 26. 39. Agreement relative to a Spanish prize, laden with Brazil wood and sugar, driven into Salcombe, co. Devon, and sequestered by Sir Ric. Hawkins.
March 26. 40. The King to Francis Earl of Cumberland. Requires him to permit William Graham, alias Rosetrees, and George, his son, to continue tenants of certain lands granted to the late Earl of Cumberland, and now devolving on himself.
March 27.
41. The Same to the Earls of Dorset and Dunbar, Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer. To order the Woodwards of King's Langley park to sell to Jeffry Duppa 500 beech trees fit for firewood, from the park.
March 27. 42. Note of indemnity by Tobie Matthew to Dud. Carleton, relative to a lease in their joint names, of the gatehouse of Durham House.
March 29.
Philip Lane.
43. Edw. Lord Zouch [President of Wales] to Visct. Cranborne. Is ill, and made worse by going out to take air that he may sooner come to the King. Laments the disgrace which the treatment of him brings on his office; wishes to live in honour, as former Presidents, or to resign.
March 29. Privy Seal authorising the Lord Treasurer, and others, to cause a new inventory to be made of the Crown jewels in the Tower. [Docquet.]
March 29. Order for the above inventory to pass the Great Seal; with a release for the Lord Treasurer, and others, concerning the same. [Docquet.]
March 29. Warrant prohibiting the Keeper of Bushy Park, Hampton Court, to hunt deer there without the King's warrant. [Docquet.]
March 29. Warrant to pay to John Fenwick 200£. for certain services, as the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
March 29. Letter to the Mayor of Newcastle for Sir Wm. Constable to be the first officer there for measuring coals. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay the wages of Wm. Pierson, appointed drum-player in ordinary to the Prince. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Sir Edw. and Richard Herbert, on surrender of Robt. Berrige and Thomas Goodman, of the office of Chief Forester of Snowdon Forest, the Constableship of Conway Castle, and Stewardship of the King's lands, parcel of Bardsey Monastery, co. Carnarvon, for their lives. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Tho. Willis of an alms-room in Ewelme Hospital [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay to Fr. Dingley, Wm. Fells, and John Francis the sum of 181£. for apprehending coiners in Warwickshire. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Sir Edw. Pitt of pardon for riots and unlawful assemblies, adultery, &c. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Jas. Burrell, surveyor of the bridge at Berwick, of a pension of 40£. per annum. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Worcester 400£., to provide hunting horses for the King. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant of joint incorporation of the towns of Evesham and Bengworth, under the name of the Mayor, &c., of the borough of Evesham; with confirmation of their former liberties, and grant of new ones, including license to have a schools called "The Free Grammar School of Prince Henry." [Docquet.]
March 30. Grants to three several persons to sell wines in divers towns. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay for divers parcels of stuffs, necessaries, &c., for the King's stables. [Dated 26 Sept. 1604, and sealed 30 March 1605.]
[March 30.] Warrant to pay to Mrs. Jane Drummond 2,000£. in quarterly payments, and 200£. immediately, as free gifts for her services to the Queen. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 109.]
March 30. Docquet of part of the above.
March 30.
44. Ottwell Smyth to Peter Constantine, merchant at Lyons. Desires him to advance 200 crowns to [Dud.] Carleton, on his letter of exchange. French.
March 31. 45. Lease from Sir Nathaniel Bacon, of Stifkey, Norfolk, and dame Dorothy his wife, to Rob. Larke, of Burgh-Castle, Suffolk, of a tenement and 40 acres of land in Burgh-Castle.
March. 46. The King to the Lord Treasurer. A doubt having arisen whether, in the grant of remission of duties to the Levant Company for imposition on currants, a debt of 165£. to John Eldred was included,-he is to instruct the farmers of customs to allow that debt, and to deduct it from their rents.
March ? 47. Capt. Thos. Jackson to Visct. Cranborne. Declares his innocence, and retracts his former notions respecting Berwick.
March. 48. Visct. Cranborne to the Dean of Windsor. Respecting the conditions of a lease to be granted to His Majesty for Sir Tho. W[indebank ?]. The former lease not having expired, it cannot lawfully be granted to any, save the King.
March ? 49. Articles touching wrongs done to the English trade in France, whereof the merchants desire reformation.
March ? 51. Sir John Stanhope to Visct. Cranborne. Sends him two letters out of France from Furtado, the Spanish friar, and a note from Lady Adeline Nevill, sister of the late Earl of Westmoreland. Incloses,
51. I. P. Furtado to Sir John Stanhope. Recommends Friar Martin and his family, who wish to settle in England. Often wrote in vain to advise peace with Spain, during the reign of the late Queen. March 15, Paris. Spanish.
March ? 52. Statement of the yearly produce of the custom on playing cards; with a tender for the customs of the paper from which the cards are made.
April 1. Letter to the Master, &c., of Magdalen College, Cambridge, for Reignold Robinet to be chosen a Fellow there. [Docquet.]
April 1. Grant to Sir Hen. Lindley and John Starkey, in fee-farm, of lands, cos. Cumberland, Northumberland, York, Durham, and Nottingham, in consideration of lands of like value surrendered by them. [Docquet.]
April 1. Lease to Edwd. Heming, in reversion after Wm. Worthington, of tenements called the Postern of the Tower. [Docquet.]
April 1. Grant, on surrender, to Lionel Cranfield of the receivership of Dorset and Somerset, for life. [Docquet.]
April 2.
53. Francis Lord Norris to Visct. Cranborne. Requests that Capt. Autcher may receive his pension at York instead of Berwick, and that he may follow his profession abroad.
April 3. 54. Sir John Roper to the Same. Has another hawk for him, a black falcon with 13 feathers in her train.
April 3. Grant to Hen. and Hugh Mainwaring of the office of Escheator in co. Chester, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 50.]
April 3. Grant, in reversion, to Hen. Gifford of the office of Ranger of Westbury alias Kingsbeere Forest, co. Hants, for life. [Ibid., p. 50.]
April 4.
55. Sir Hen. Butler to Visct. Cranborne. Account of the remaining Privy Seals for loans, in Hertfordshire.
April 4.
56. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same. Requests him to send the enclosed to Sir Thos. Edmondes. Has the gout. Private affairs.
April 5.
Philip Lane. Friday Night.
57. Lord Zouch to the Same. In favour of the under Porter, who by his means, has disobeyed the Court of King's Bench. If he be compelled to appear, he will be imprisoned for life, as he is heavily bound for other parties.
April 5.
58. Sir Geo. Harvy, Lieutenant of the Tower, to the Same. Requests a certain lease in reversion. Encroachment of the citizens of London, by digging in search of a water-course, within the jurisdiction of the Tower.
April 5. Grant to Rowland White and others of the lordship of Knoll, &c., in Kent. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 46.]
April 6. Grant to Sir Ph. Herbert and Lady Susan, his wife, of the rent of the parsonage of Blackburn. [Ibid., p. 49.]
April 6. Grant, in fee-farm, to Sir Hen. Pinley and Jo. Starky of lands and tenements in Yorkshire. [Ibid., p. 48.]
April 7.
59. Mayor, &c., of Boston, to Thomas Lord Burleigh. A great fish, cast on shore at Holbeach, is claimed by Sir Rob. Wingfield, as being within Her Majesty's jointure. He also summons fishermen to his Court, instead of to the Admiral's Court at Boston. They send their charters, &c., to prove their Admiralty rights, and request redress.
April 7.
60. Mayor of Plymouth to Visct. Cranborne. Has received his letter with a despatch for the Lord Admiral. Has sent a bark with it to overtake him.
61. Sir Edw. Coke to the Same. Has almost finished his book, proving that the King's right to the Jurisdiction Ecclesiastical throughout his realms is declared by ancient laws, and not merely by those of Henry VIII. and later.
[April 6.] 62. Copy of the above.
April 8. 63. The King to the Same, as Vice Chancellor of Cambridge. As the Universities are the nurseries of learning, and should be free from all factions, thinks it necessary for the students to swear to the Book of Articles. No person henceforth to be admitted to a degree, without taking the oath of supremacy, and another oath, of which the form is given, of adherence to episcopal government, and the liturgies, &c., of the Church of England.
April 8.
Dorset House.
64. Earl of Dorset to the Farmers of the Customs in the port of London. To allow certain quantities of beer, wheat, and candles to be shipped, for the use of Sir Edw. Conway, Lieutenant-Governor of the Brill.
April 8. 65. Demise, by Sir Walter Longe of Draycot-Cerne, co. Wilts, and Dame Catherine his wife, to Robert and Thomas their sons, of lands, &c., in the manor of Tetherton Lucas and Kaylewaies, co. Wilts.
April 8.
66. Henry Brooke, late Lord Cobham, to Visct. Cranborne. Has agreed with the Lieutenant of the Tower as to his diet. Begs his allowance may commence from Michaelmas last. Prays for his liberty, as this place will kill him. The letter he wrote to the King is not yet delivered.
April ?
67. The Same to the King. Congratulations on the safe delivery of the Queen. Begs him to signalize the birth of the royal babes by pardoning offenders.
April 10. 68. Paul Bayn to Visct. Cranborne. Prays his help towards his release.
April 12. Grant, in fee-farm, to Thos. Lord Burleigh of the manor of Brigcasterton, &c., co. Rutland. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 42.]
April 13. Grant to Sir Wm. Sandys of the remainder of the manor of Blundesdon, &c. [Ibid., p. 47.]
April 14. Grant to Robt. Graham of the office of Forester of Gweltesdale co. Cambridge, for life. [Ibid., p. 49.]
April 16.
69. The King to Sir Thos. Knyvet, Warden of the Mint. To pay, from monies in his hands, the expenses of certain houses and defences for orange trees, and for keeping of the ducks in St. James's Park, which he is appointed to make.
April 16. Warrant to the Warden of the Mint to give order to the Chief Graver for certain dies, for striking 3 sorts of gold moneys. [Docquet.]
April 16. Letter to the Levant Merchants, to examine the state of the former trade, relative to their accounts. [Docquet.]
April ? 70. The Levant Company to [Visct. Cranborne ?]. State of their trade, and of imposts laid upon currants by the Venetians, on account of which they cannot offer a higher rate than 5,300£., for the farm of the impost on currants.
April 16. Warrant to pay to Edw. Morice and Wm. Penn 8£. weekly, for the support of Henry Brooke, late Lord Cobham, prisoner in the Tower; and 100£. per ann. for apparel and medical advice for him, during pleasure. [Docquet.]
April 16. Warrant to pay 900£. to Peter Van Lore, for certain jewels. [Docquet.]
April 16. Grant to Thos. Watson, of the office of Receiver of first fruits and tenths of all the spiritualities, void by the death of Sir Philip Kighley. [Docquet.]
April 16. Grant of incorporation to the Shipwrights of England. [Docquet.]
April 16. Like grant of incorporation to the Pinmakers of the city of London. [Docquet.]
April 16. Grant to Abraham Greene of the office of plumber within the castle of Windsor, and of keeper of the conduit there. [Docquet.]
April 18.
Dorset House.
71. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. For a Privy Seal for payment to the Earl of Tyrconnel of 150£., for 150 oxen to be by him delivered to the King's garrisons in Ireland.
April 18.
72. The King to Sir Pexall Brocas. To deliver to George Hume and Rich. Wray the 7 couple of hounds which he had from Silvester Dodsworth, in Yorkshire.
April 19.
Bishop's Waltham.
73. Thos. Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, to Sir Thos. Lake. Though the King has requested him not to bestow any livings worth more than 20£. per ann., except on the translators of the Bible, he hopes he may license Dr. [George] Ryves, Warden of New College, Oxford, translator of that part of the New Testament which is to be done out of Greek, and Nicholas Love, schoolmaster of Winchester, to exchange some of their livings with others in his diocese, so as to have them near together. Wishes directions in reference to signing the new Ecclesiastical Commission. Will not excommunicate nor suspend, without consent of one of the Bishops in the Commission.
April 19. 74. Sir John Stanhope, Sir John Fortescue, and Lord Chief Justice Popham to Sir Julius Cæsar. The Aldermen of London are so "obstinate and tied to their own will" that they will neither attend to the petition of Thos. Stanley and others, about the Houses of Correction, nor reimburse their expenses. There will be no way to deal with them, unless the King write to the Mayor and Aldermen. They send the draft of a letter which they think suitable.
April 20. Grant to Geo. Hay of the debts of Sir Hen. Killigrew, received for transporting guns. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 50.]
April 20. 75. Visct. Cranborne to Sir Thos. Windebank. Directions for engrossing a Privy Seal. An alteration to be made in the warrant for Sir Thos. Hamilton. Is "glad to take hold of the King's present disposition, to moderate his giving."
[April 22.] 76. List of the Commissioners for granting and passing of recusants' lands.
April 23. Grant to Rich. Connock of the office of Assay Master for coinage of tin, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 50.]
April 24. Grant to John Grant of the surveyorship of tonnage of all new ships, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 13.]
April 26. 77. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. Desires a warrant under the Signet for a grant prefixed, of 200£. to Captain Giles Thornton and 6 others, who assisted in taking a Spanish carrack, in the last year of Queen Elizabeth. Also of 100£. to Jacob Jaques, for use made of his ship, in the said service, by Sir Wm. Monson; of 100£. to Captain Phil. Lea, and of 300£. to Sir Sackville Trevor, for similar services.
April 26. 78. Grant, with survivorship, to Leonard Fryer and John de Crites jointly, of the office of Serjeant Painter, before granted to Leonard Fryer, with reversion to John de Crites.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 6.]
April. 79. Earl of Dorset to Visct. Cranborne. Proceedings with respect to Mr. Haydock, who has left Oxford and gone to Salisbury, where he practises medicine, and resorts much to Sir Wm. Dorrington. Sends two of Haydock's sermons to the King.
[April 28.] 80. Rich. Haydock to the King. Confesses the imposture which he has practised, in preaching sermons whilst he pretended to be asleep; his motives for so doing. Thanks for the King's favour.
April 29.
81. Lord Scone to Visct. Cranborne. Thanks him for remembering a certain matter. The want of proper signatures to his warrants has impeded payment to the Master of Gray [Patrick Gray] of certain sums, which he claims from the Exchequer of Scotland.
April 29.
82. Warrant for the usual allowances to James Quarrier, appointed falconer, when the first vacancy occurs.
April 29. 83. The King to the Lord Mayor of London. Requests him to test the efficacy of a remedy for the plague, invented by Henry de Ommeren et d'Ashenbroke, a German; and if it be found effectual, to give him some living, to induce him to abide in the city.
April 30.
84. J. Chamberlain to D. Carleton. Dean Gordon, preaching before the King, vindicates from Scripture the use of the cross, cap, surplice, &c. Haydock, of New College, Oxford, the sleeping preacher, is discovered, and confesses himself an impostor. A cuckoo flew over the pulpit at Paul's Cross, and cried out. Has paid 30£. to [Tobie] Matthew. Hopes he (Carleton) will not remain a year or two abroad, as it would displease my Lord [Northumberland.]
April 30.
85. Sir Thomas Hamilton to Visct. Cranborne. Thanks for favours, and proffers service. Has subscribed his procutory to Peter Bradshaw, and will consider the money received for it as his Lordship's gift.
April ? 86. Francis Castillian and Thos. Gough to Visct. Cranborne and Lord Sydney [Lord Chamberlain to the Queen.] Prays for a Commission to inquire into the suits of the inhabitants of Newbury, who wish to engross to themselves certain privileges. Annexing,
86. I. Breviate of the things desired by some of the inhabitants of Newbury, to be added to their charter.
April ? 87. Sir Hen. Goodere to Visct. Cranborne. His Majesty has referred him to the Council, for relief of his decayed estate. Desires a grant of land for his own support, and that of the daughters of [John] Somerville. [See May 29.]
April ? 88. [Visct. Cranborne] to Lord Burleigh. The King has signed the book [patent of the earldom of Exeter ?] in his favour, and needed no persuasion to do it; will send it up by Sir James Hay; Burleigh's great grandchild, Lord James Hay, a favourite with the King.
April ? 89. Thos. Lord Burleigh to Visct. Cranborne. Has received his book, signed with the King's hand, sent by Sir James Hay. Sends it back for Cranborne's warrant, in order to its completion.
April ? 90. Thos. Lord Burleigh to Visct. Cranborne. Will follow his advice, and write his thanks to His Majesty. Understands he has passed the grant, and will send it for the Great Seal.
April ? 91. Catalogue of books, with prices attached, given by Visct. Cranborne to the public library of the University of Oxford.
April ? 92. Notice of MSS. brought into Bennett's College, Cambridge, since the publication of James's catalogue. [Published in Ecloga Oxonia, Cantabrigiensis. 4to. London, 1600.]
April ? 93. Copy of the above.
April ? 94. Verses on the death of Pope Leo XI., elected 1st of April, and died 27th of April, 1605. Latin.
April. 95. Instructions to draw out a warrant, pardoning Robert Lord Sydney a debt of 2,900£., due from Ambrose, late Earl of Warwick, for butlerage, subsidies, &c. [See July 17.]