James I: Volume 14, May-June, 1605

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 14, May-June, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp214-227 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 14, May-June, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp214-227.

"James I: Volume 14, May-June, 1605". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp214-227.


May--June, 1605.

May 1. Grant, in fee-farm, to Edward Lord Zouch, of lands and tenements in divers counties. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 47.]
May 2. Grant, in reversion, to Robert Visct. Cranborne, of the office of keeper of the park at Greenwich, for life. [Ibid., p. 42.]
May 3.
Dorset House.
1. Earl of Dorset to the Officers of Customs of London. To know if license may be granted, without prejudice to the realm, for transporting yearly 200,000 basil skins.
May 4. Creation of Sir Geo. Carew to the rank of Baron Carew, of Clopton, co. Warwick. [Grant Book, p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Wm. Cavendish to the rank of Baron Cavendish, of Hardwick. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Rob. Lord Cecil of Essendon, Visct. Cranborne, to the rank of Earl of Salisbury. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Sir Phil. Herbert to the rank of Baron Herbert, of Shurland, isle of Sheppey, co. Kent, and Earl of Montgomery. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Thomas Lord Burleigh to the rank of Earl of Exeter. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Robert Lord Sidney to the rank of Visct. Lisle. [Ibid, p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Sir John Stanhope to the rank of Baron Stanhope, of Harrington, co. Northampton. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 4. Creation of Thos. Arundel to the rank of Lord Arundel, of Wardour. [Grant Bk., p. 14.]
May 5. Grant, in fee-farm, to Lawrence Baskerville and Wm. Blake of parsonages in Pembrokeshire, and other counties. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 48.]
May 6. Warrant to fell 216 trees within the manor of Sunning, cos. Berks and Oxford, for finishing the park pale at Richmond. [Docquet.]
May 6. Warrant to pay 56£. 13s. 8d. to John Taverner, Surveyor of the Woods, for timber for the park at Richmond. [Docquet.]
May 6. Warrant for sale to Jeffrey Duppa, the King's brewer, of 500 beeches for firewood, to be taken out of the park at King's Langley. [Docquet.]
May 6. Licence for Sir Edw. Hampden to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Capt. Thomas Jackson of pension of 40£. per ann., during pleasure. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Robert and Thos. Berry, of the office of particular Surveyors of the King's lands in cos. Hereford and Salop, for their lives. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to Tho. Graves of the keeping of the Council Chamber, for life. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant and confirmation to Mich. Haydon of the farm of the subsidy and alnage of woollen cloths sold in London and its suburbs, &c., with release from a proviso in a former grant; and to the said Haydon, John Hercey, and John Tey, of the subsidy and alnage of the new draperies in London, &c. [Docquet.]
May 6. Grant to the Earl of Cumberland of license to keep a market weekly, on Monday instead of Friday, and two fairs annually at Kirkby-Stephen, co. Westmoreland. [Docquet.]
May 7. 2. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To obtain the King's signature to a warrant prefixed, for confirmation of the grants already made to the Earl of Cumberland, Sir Phil. Herbert, now Earl of Montgomery, Sir Jas. Hay, and Peter Van Lore, for transporting undressed cloth, and for defalcation from the rent due by the Earl of Cumberland, of 2s. 2d. on each cloth transported by the other three parties, or for allowance to them of a similar sum, to be discharged from the rent paid by him. [See May 22.]
May 7. 3. The Same to the Same. To pass a grant prefixed, of lease of the manors of Swaffham and Swaffham-Bulbeck, &c., cos. Cambridge and Suffolk, to John Walton and Rich. Locksmith, being transferred to them by Sir John Ramsay and Thos. Emerson, to whom they were previously granted, on account of their small value, and of sundry mistakes in the patent.
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 29.]
May 9. Commission to the Archbp. of Canterbury, the Lord Admiral, and others, to hear and determine causes ecclesiastical, within the diocese of Winchester. [Docquet.]
May 9. 4. Edward Earl of Worcester, Master of the Horse, to Sir Thos. Lake. For a warrant of allowance to two grooms and a farrier, to attend on the horses which are to be sent to the Archduke.
May 11. 5. The King to the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Chief Baron, Sir Julius Cæsar, Dr. Dun, and Dr. Swale. Authorizes them, at the request of the Spanish Ambassador, to admit other persons to be joined with them, in the commission to decide a controversy between Botelio, a Portuguese, and Capt. Yong, a Hollander, relative to the capture of a ship.
May 11. 6. Copy of the above.
May 11. 7, 8. Two drafts of the above.
May 12.
9. Writ of Dr. Dan. Dun, of the Arches Court, commanding execution of sentence of excommunication against Catherine Parcell, for contumacy, for refusing to appear in a suit for defamation, entered against her by Martha, wife of Robt. Throckmorton, of Brampton, co. Huntingdon. With return indorsed.
May 12.
East Greenwich.
Proclamation that all assart lands uncompounded for before Oct. 1, shall be let to other applicants. [Proc. Bk., p. 104.]
May 12.
10. The King to the Commissioners of the Borders. To discharge Hutchins Graham and such other malefactors as were on the field when Sanders Ringell Armstrong was taken, on their restoration of stolen goods, and giving security for good behaviour.
May 13. 11. Copy of the above.
May 14. Docquet of the above.
May 14. Letter to Robt. Morris of Maldon, Essex, merchant, in favour of Robt. Morris, an attendant at the Court, to be adopted as his son. [Docquet.]
May 14. Warrant to deliver to John Danson and Edwd. Thomason stuff for the apparel of several of the King's and Queen's pages. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to Ric. Hanley of an alms-room in Rochester cathedral. [Docquet.]
May 14. Warrant for remitting to Sir Rob. Drury, son and heir of Sir Wm. Drury, deceased, the sum of 625£. 11s. 5¾d., the remainder of 3,288£. 12s. 6¾d., due by his late father, as Receiver of Middlesex, London, Hertford, and Essex. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to John Baptista, of Tripoli, a Turkish captive, converted to Christianity, of a pension of 6d. per diem. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to Hen. Harpur, of the office of particular Surveyor of the King's lands, co. Derby, for life. [Docquet.]
May 14. Warrant to pay to Sir Nich. Stoddard 80£. for certain ground, lately taken into the King's park at Eltham. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to Elizth. Somerville, now wife of Thos. Warwick, of pension of 50£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
May 14. Presentation of Roger Morrell to the rectory of Purleigh, co. Essex. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant of the deanery of Chester to Dr. Henry Parry, void by promotion of Dr. Wm. Barlow. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to the Earl of Worcester and his heirs and to Sir Robt. Johnson, in fee-farm, of the manor of Ringmer, half-hundred of Loxfield with the profits of certain Courts, and the advowson of the church of Isfield, co. Sussex, together with certain tithes, co. Warwick, and lands, co. Monmouth. [Docquet.]
May 14. Like grant to the Same of the manors of Langney and Willingdon, and certain lands called Pilchers Courtheth and Longland, co. Sussex, held of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
May 18. Warrant to discharge Ro. Travell and his heirs from payment of the first fruits of the parsonage of Weston, co. Northampton, he having been deprived for nonconformity, but having now submitted. [Docquet.]
May 18. Grant to Matt. Oswald, Wm. Fenwick, and 4 others, of Northumberland, of pardon for felonies and robberies. [Docquet.]
May 18. Like pardon for Tho. and Henry Clifton and others, for the traitorous rescuing of Jas. Gardner, a seminary priest, for which offence Lawrence Bayley was executed. [Docquet.]
May 18. Grant to Ric. Wright of the office of Paymaster of the Forces in the Low Countries, void by the decease of Sir Wm. Meredith. [Docquet.]
May 18. Grant to Fr. Pendleton of a pension of 80£. per annum, on surrender of a like annuity granted to Wm. Chalmer. [Docquet.]
May 18. Letter to the Earl of Northampton, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, for delivery of Egbert Williamson, captain of a Dunkirk ship, detained at Sandwich for slaughter of a Dutchman, to such persons as the Archduke's Ambassador shall appoint. [Docquet.]
May 18. Warrant to pay to Arnold Luls 1,550£. for jewels, &c., supplied by him and Ph. Jacobson, and bestowed on the Queen, at the Princess Mary's christening. [Docquet.]
May 18. Like warrant to pay to Ph. Jacobson 980£. for his part of the above. [Docquet.]
May 20. Warrant to the Lord Treasurer, &c., not to suffer any grant or lease to be made of the lordship and demesnes of Chopwell, in the Bishoprick of Durham, to Hen. Constable or any other, the same being already in lease to Ambrose Dudley. [Docquet.]
May 21. Warrant to pay to Lord Hume of Berwick 6,000£. for purchase of the manor of Huntingdon, co. Derby, to the King's use. [Docquet.]
May 21. Warrant to pay to the same 600£. for the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
May 21. Warrant to pay to Lord Stanhope 2,000£. for the expenses of his office, as Treasurer of the Chamber. [Docquet.]
May 21. Warrant to pay certain allowances for carrying over dogs and deer to the Archduke of Austria; also such sums as the Earl of Salisbury shall require, for the charges of two maids suspected to be bewitched, and kept at Cambridge for trial. [Docquet.]
May 21. Grant to Sir John Tasburgh and Tho. Mantell of pardon for manslaughter of Robt. Burrell. [Docquet.]
May 21. Grant, in reversion, to John Hutton, of a Poor Knight's room in Windsor. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Lord Hume, of Berwick, in full satisfaction for the manor of Hartington, of moneys accruing from a license for dyeing stuffs, granted to Sir Arthur Aston and others. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to John Elphinston of free denization. [Docquet.]
May 22. Lease to the Same of the rectory of St. Saviour's, Southwark. [Docquet.]
May 22. Warrant to pay to Mary, widow of Henry Sheffield, 171£. 12s. 1d. due to him. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Wm. Foorth of pardon of fine and corporal punishments, for slanderous petitions against the Lord Chancellor. [Docquet.]
May 22. Two grants at suit of Sir Thos. Shirley. 1. To Sir Thomas Fairfax and his heirs, in fee-farm, of the rectory of Alkaster Malbishe. 2. To Lawrence Baskerville and Wm. Blake and their heirs, of divers parsonages impropriate and tithes, value 259£. 15s. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Dr. Atkins and his heirs of certain concealed lands in Surrey. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Humphrey Littlebury and Thos. Johnson of pardon for robbery on Robt. Hindman. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Thos. Coward, Morgan Wynne, and others, of pardon for piracy on the Severn. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Sir Tho. Kirkpatrick of license for 4 years to cut down and convert into charcoal certain woods, late Lord Cobham's, called Newark Wood, Temple Wood, &c., co. Kent. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Jas. Anderton and James, his son, of the receivership of the possessions of the dissolved monastery of Furness, in the counties of York and Cumberland. [Docquet.]
May 22. Warrant to pay to David Murray, Gentleman of the Robes to the Prince. 100£. quarterly, to be bestowed at the Prince's pleasure. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant, in reversion, to Sir Tho. Gorges of a lease of certain lands and tenements in possession of the Marchioness of Northampton, his wife, and also a pension per ann. of 200£., for life. [Docquet.]
May 22. Warrant for three grants: 1. A lease for 40 years to John Murray, Groom of the Bedchamber, of the lands called Plumpton Park, the Park Head, &c. 2. A lease, in reversion, of the same to George Murray, with an annuity of 100£. per annum upon the reserved rents of the Debateable lands. 3. A grant to Sir John Graham of a pension of 200£. per annum out of the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Ric. Beckingham of pardon for highway robbery. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant, in reversion, to Nich. Tompson of a Poor Knight's room in Windsor, on surrender of a pension of 16d. per diem. [Docquet.]
May 22. Discharge for 165£. due to the King by John Eldred, for duties on 30 butts of currants. [Docquet.]
May 22. Warrant to deliver to John Bingham, yeoman saddler, stuff for his livery. [Docquet.]
May 22. Warrant to pay 2s. 2d. out of the rent payable by the Earl of Cumberland, for transportation of cloths, to the assigns of the Earl of Montgomery, Sir James Hay, and Peter Van Lore. [Docquet.]
May 22. Grant to Abraham Leefield of an alms-room in Peterborough. [Docquet.]
May 23. 12. Petition of Robt. Walker and Rich. Brasse, Yeomen of the Buckhounds, for a lease lately held by Ralph. Bowes, deceased, of part of the manor of Egglestone, Bishoprick of Durham, with order thereon.
May 23. 13. The King to Dr. Bond, President of Magdalen College, Oxford, and to the Fellows. In favour of Edw. Othen to succeed Dr. Budden as reader of the philosophy lecture there. Indorsed is a request for the writing of the above letter.
May 25. Docquet of the above.
May 25.
14. The Council to the Justices of Peace for Hertfordshire, requiring them to repair the highways, according to the Statutes.
May 25. Grant to Sir John Ramsay, and his heirs, in fee-simple, of Exchequer lands, value 1,000£. per ann. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to Edm. Hedlond, in reversion after John Hedlond, his father, of the office of Master Carpenter of the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
May 25. Warrant to pay Gilbert Primrose, the King's Serjeant Surgeon, and John Nasmyth, surgeon, 100 marks each as a free gift. [Docquet.]
May 25. License to Greg. Silvester and Dorothy his daughter, to sell wines in Mansfield, co. Nottingham, and to 76 others to sell wines in other places. [Docquet.]
May 25. License to Hen. Scot and Hugh his son, to sell wines in Nottingham, and for 84 persons to sell the same elsewhere. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to Lord Zouch and Robt. Fulnetby, and their heirs, in fee-farm, of lands, &c. of the Duchy of Lancaster, not named. [Docquet.]
May 25. Grant to John Sparrow of an alms-room in Durham. [Docquet.]
May 26. Licence to Lord Roos to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
May 26. Warrant to pay to Sir Melchior Levyns 150£. as a free gift. [Docquet.]
May 27. 15. Petition of Joan, widow of James Quarles, to the King, for compensation for a loss of 5,300£. 8s. 10d., incurred by her late husband, in providing corn on contract for the navy, during 15 months of scarcity, in 1594 and 1595. Her claim had been acknowledged in the late reign, but she had been referred from one party to another, and never satisfied. With reference to the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whitehall, and their report thereon.
May 28. Grant to Lord Lumley to preserve the game and waterfowl within 5 miles round the manor of Nonsuch, with assistance of Wm. Richbell, keeper of the game there. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to deliver 190 livery bows, 30 gilt javelins, and 40 gilt halberds to Robt. Seale, for the King's Guard. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to deliver to John Danson and Edw. Thomazin, Tailors, 414¾ yards of black pile velvet, for garding the liveries of the Yeomen of the Guard, Yeomen Warders of the Tower, and others. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to deliver to John Powell, the King's Fletcher, 53£. 6s. 8d. for 200 sheaves of arrows, &c. for the said Guard. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to pay 307£. 8s. to Robt. Seale, for red cloth for the said Guard. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to pay to the same 15£. 19s. 6d., for embroidering red coats with the letters I. R., for the Royal Grooms and Pages. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to pay to John Parr and Wm. Broderick 124£. 2s. 6d., for embroidering the livery coats of the Guard, &c. [Docquet.]
May 28. Warrant to pay to Giles Simpson 664£. 11s. 3d. for spangles for the said liveries. [Docquet.]
May 28. Grant to John Ducket, of Lawood House, Durham, of pardon for killing Margaret Botcherby. [Docquet.]
May 28. Grant of denization to Allan and George Cutts, natives of Scotland. [Docquet.]
May 28. Grant to Lord Wotton of extension of lease of the manors of Langewest and Wrexham, &c., co. Denbigh, parcel of the late monastery of Valla Crucis. [Docquet.]
May 29. Letter to Sir Roger Aston to preserve the King's game about the manor of Eltham, Kent. [Docquet.]
May 29. Grant to Hen. Tervey, Phineas Pett, and 3 others, of the reward of 5s. per ton, for building five new ships. [Docquet.]
May 29. Grant to Sir Patrick Hume, of the office of Master of the Privy Harriers for life, on surrender of his former patent. [Docquet.]
May 29. Warrant to pay 3,000£. to Lord Hume of Berwick, for expenses of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
May 29. Warrant to deliver yearly to Ellis Rothwell, Page of the Bedchamber, Alex. Wilson, Yeoman of the Robes to the Prince, and John Hart, Groom of the Robes, stuff for their apparel. [Docquet.]
May 29.
16. The King to John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Requests him to inquire into and stay damages occasioned to Sir Bevis Bulmer, now in Scotland, by John Hole of Hawkes, his servant, who sells as his own property Bulmer's pitches, and the ore dug from them in Mendip.
May 29. Docquet of the above.
May 29.
17. The King to Sir John Tyndall. To decide immediately a suit pending between Sir Thomas Barnardiston and John Barnardiston, the latter claiming a prior contract in marriage with Anne, wife of the former.
May 29. Docquet of the above.
May 29.
18. The Same to the Provost of Eton [Sir Hen. Savill]. To admit James, son of Fras. Galbraith, serjeant of the pantry, as a scholar, at the next election.
May 29. Docquet of the above
May 30.
19. Warrant for a grant, in fee-farm, to Sir Hen. Goodere of Exchequer lands, value 50£. per ann., out of the concealed lands of John Somerville, attainted of high treason, to be by him discovered. Also of his goods and chattels.
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 29.]
20. Hen. Bunbury to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere. Has apprehended John Bourdman, a coiner, who has impeached John Dutton, of Thornton, and he is also taken.
May 31. 21. Charter of incorporation of the President, Assistants, and Fellowship of Merchants of England, trading into Spain and Portugal.
May. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, May 29.]
May 31. 22. Abstract of the principal heads of the above charter.
May 31. 23. Another abstract of the above charter.
May 31. The Council to Roger Wodrington and Randall Fenwick. To appear on Oct. 13, to answer charges. [Domestic Corresp., Sept. 28, 1605.]
May ? 24. List of manors, lands, and tenements assigned to Prince Charles, Duke of York.
May ? 25. Mr. Savile to the Earl of Salisbury. Note of all suspected recusants in Yorkshire, whom the Lord President kept out of office in the writer's time. [Amongst those in the East Riding occurs the name of "Fawkes, gent."]
May ? 26. William Lord Sandys to the King. Regrets that his infirmities do not suffer him to perform his office, by attending his Majesty in person.
June. 27. Declaration of the accounts of Dud. Carleton, Comptroller of the Household of the Earl of Northumberland, from 20th March 1603 to 27th March 1605; with the Earl's acquittance.
June. 28. Abstract of the above account.
June 3. 29. Lord Treasurer Dorset and George Lord Berwick to Sir Thos. Lake. To engross a Privy Seal, in form prefixed, for a warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Stewart 600£., free gift, from the money received from John Overton and George Haxey, for a lease in reversion of the manor of Ryse, Yorkshire. Also to repay to Hen. Fox 127£. 3s. 4d., paid by him for amendment of his title to lands in Monksmill et Monkey, alias Crowmill et Bickton, in Salop, which title was afterwards found not to have been defective.
June 4. 30. The Same to the Same. To engross a Privy Seal, in form prefixed, of release to Joan Quarles of a balance due on her late husband's account of 2,812£. 2s. 3d., on condition of her release of a demand of 5,300£. 13s. 8d. spent beyond his contract, in supplying the navy with corn, during the scarcity in 1594 and 1595.
June 7. 31. Receipt in the Pells Office for Edm. Hunt, late Receiver- General for cos. Berwick and Leicester.
June ? 32. Report of the towns, persons, houses of husbandry, and numbers of acres found to be decayed, in Leicestershire.
June 8. Lease, in reversion, to Rowland White, of the demesne lands of Otford, Kent, for 40 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 48.]
June 8. 33. Rob. Winter to John Grant. Cannot tell when he can come to him, because his father[-in-law] Talbot's movements are uncertain. Cousin Wright's nag has been shoed. Will do any business for him in London, except money matters.
June 9.
34. E. Reynoldes to Thos. Rawlins. Arranges for the repayment of moneys lent by him to Rawlins. Lives contentedly, because privately.
June 9.
35. E. Reynoldes to O. Reynoldes. Private affairs. Loan to Sir Francis Goodwin. Legacy to Sir Hen. and Capt. Saint Barbe. Would be glad if Lord Northampton would find an office for him. Selina to be taught to play on the lute.
June 11.
36. The Same to Thomas Rawlins, High Sheriff of Essex. Has made an error in stating the amount of his debt.
June ?
37. The Same to the Same. Copy of the above, with an account of the debt.
June 11.
38. Lord Hume of Berwick to Sir Thos. Windebank. Order to draw a grant to John Pymme, in reversion after Hen. Audley, of the receivership of cos. Hants, Wilts, and Gloucester.
June 14. Grant to Tho. Weldon, of the office of paler and keeper of the park at Sheriff-Hutton, co. York. [Docquet.]
June 14. Grant of denization to Emanuel and Daniel Hechstetter, born within the Emperor's dominions. [Docquet.]
June 14. Grant to Frances, wife of John Manfield, Hen. Pulford, and John Flight, of pardon for felonies and burglaries. [Docquet.]
June 14. 39. Examination of Wm. Cayworth, juryman, before the commissioners for Rockingham Forest, about discourses of Sir Thos. Tresham, on the misgovernment of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth, in forest matters, which he hoped the King would reform.
June ? 40. Relation of the movements of the Jesuits, who wish to induce the Catholics of Herefordshire and Worcestershire to take up arms; with names of those who most favour the Jesuits.
June 15. 41. The Father General [of the Jesuits] to Father Garnet. Strongly dissuades, on prudential grounds, any present movements of the Catholics; they are prohibited by the Pope, would do harm, and prevent future relief, which is intended. [See July 24.]
June 15.
42. E. Reynoldes to Mrs. Turke. She is mistaken in supposing his late wife had left her a legacy.
June 17.
The Court.
43. Earl of Worcester to the Council. The King has granted to Mr. Damport, the footman, the fines of two recusants, instead of a lease in reversion, given him by the late Queen.
June 17. Grant to Rob. Drake, of the office of Overseer of the Duchy of Cornwall, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 48.]
June 18.
Warrant to pay increased allowances to the Justices of Assize in their respective circuits. [Warrt. Bk., p. 49.]
June 18.
44. The King to the Lord Treasurer. To examine into the claim of Sir Rich. Musgrave to Plumpton Park, which was granted to John Murray, Groom of the Bedchamber, and if it be valid, to grant to Murray the reversion of Plumpton Park, and a pension of 200£. per ann. till it shall devolve upon him. Also to transfer a pension of 200£. per ann., granted to Sir John Graham and his wife, to Sir Edw. Francis, of Petworth, Sussex, and Elizabeth, his wife.
June 18. 45. Examination of Wm. Morgan, respecting a letter in Roger Cadwallader's hand, and his knowledge of John Smith, John Mynours, Jas. Jones, and other recusants, who were combining to solicit against the persecutions of Catholics.
June 19. 46. Examination of Robt. Ross, about Sir Thos. Tresham's discourse. [See June 14.]
June 19. 47. Abstract of Sir T. Tresham's discourse, as reported by Rob. Ross and Wm. Cayworth. Indorsed with annotations [by Chief Justice Popham.]
June 20.
48. Joseph Creswell, Jesuit Priest, to the Earl of Salisbury. Thanks for his exertions in the conclusion of the peace with Spain; begs him to secure peace at home, by granting liberty of conscience to the Catholics.
June 20. 49. Receipt by Wm. Vaughan for 7£. 10s. 0d., paid by Nicholas Porter, for the use of Ellinor Lyngen.
June 21. Grant to Sir Rob. Lee, of the office of Receiver in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk, p. 48.]
June 21. Grant, in fee-farm, to Peter Bradshaw, of the parsonage of Irchester, co., Northampton, the manor of Southrop, co. Gloucester, and the manor of Snettisham, co. Norfolk, part of the Duchy of Cornwall. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 49.]
June 21.
50. Examination of Thos. Douglas. He confesses forging a license to travel, letters to foreign princes, &c., the King's signature to which was imitated by James Steward. He obtained the use of the Privy Signet from his brother, who was in the service of Sir James Elphinstone. The Elector Palatine detected him by his intimacy with the Pope's nuncio. Annexed is,
50. I. Forged letters patent from James 1., signed and sealed, in behalf of Robert Gray, (the pseudonyme used by Douglas,) as sent on private business from the King to the Imperial Electors, dated Westminster, 18 Nov. 1604. Indorsed "This Douglas, being sent into England by the Palsgrave Friderik, in the custody of the Burgrave of Frankendall, they aryving att Grausend, Mr. Sec. Cecill sent me thither to conduct him to the Towre, who after was hanged for this treason; and gote the seale in y/?/ keeping of S/?/ James Elphingston, then one of the Secretaryes here. Tho. Wilson." [See German Corresp., 1605.]
June 21 ? 51. "Memoriall for Sondaye," being notes by the King of various points of business to be dispatched, "with the Counsal, with the Beagle [Salisbury], and with the Bishoppe of Canterburie."
June 22. 52. Bp. of Hereford to the Earl of Salisbury. Search made for Jesuits, priests, &c. Sir Charles and Wm. Morgan, John Smith, and North and Cadwallader, priests, implicated. Requests a Commission Ecclesiastical. Incloses,
52. I. Examination of John Guillim relative to an assemblage of persons to resist the arrest of Wm. Morgan and others. June 22, Hereford.
52. II. Examination of Watkin Philpotts, concerning a meeting of armed recusants near William Morgan's house, on Corpus Christi eve. June 22, Hereford.
June 22 ? 53. Lists of recusants present on various occasions, viz., the funeral of Alice Wellington, of Allensmore, 21st March, 1605; actors in the rescue of Leonard Marsh, 24th May, 1603; to encounter the Sheriff and Justices, May 30, 1605; at a mass at Whitfield and the Darren; at an assemblage at the Darren to resist the Bishop and Sheriff; at a mass in John Ireland's house, Hereford, Feb. 2, 1604. Also a list of all recusants resident or sojourning in Herefordshire, 25 Dec., 1604.
June 23.
54. Sir Thomas Tresham to Levinus [Munck]. His proceedings relative to his offer of a higher rent for Brigstock Park than Lord Mordaunt pays.
June 24.
55. The Council to the Justices of Herts. To suppress the use, by the carriers of Norwich and Cambridge, of a kind of waggon, carrying 50 or 60 cwt., and drawn by nine horses, because they cut the roads and unfit them for the King's travelling.
June 24. 56. Examination of Jas. Low, as to violence used towards him by sailors at Gosport.
June 24.
Warrant to deliver to the Royal footmen stuff for their liveries. [Docquet, June 26.]
June 24.
57. Sir Rowland Lytton to John Chamberlain. Is not satisfied with his answer about the widow; urges him to marry her, and send him a pair of gloves. If he repent in a twelvemonth, will send him ten flitches of bacon from Dunmow.
June 25.
58. Warrant for delivery to Patrick Ramsay, the late Page, stuff for two suits of livery, and 4£. for their making.
June 25.
Warrant for a grant to Thomas Earl of Arundel, and his heirs male, of the King's interest in the lands, manors, &c. granted by Thomas late Duke of Norfolk to his sons Philip late Earl of Arundel, Thomas now Earl of Suffolk, and Lord Wm. Howard. [Docquet.]
June 25.
Warrant for a grant to Sir John Ramsay of Exchequer lands, within the value of 1,000£. per ann. [Docquet.]
June 25. Warrant for Chas. Anthony, the King's Graver, to engrave the canopy over the King's face in the Great Seal higher and deeper; to be done in the house and presence of the Chancellor. [Docquet.]
June 25. License for Sir Robt. Dudley to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
June 25. Warrant to pay 4£. to the Gentlemen of the King's Chapel, towards their usual feast at this time of the year. [Docquet.]
June 26.
Grant to Sir Hen. Pierpoint of annuity of 200£. a year, during the life of his daughter Elizabeth, now wife of Ric. Stapleton. [Docquet, June 25.]
June 26.
Grant to Thos. Murray, Tutor to the Duke of York, of a pension of 200 marks per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
June 26.
Grant of denization to Adrian Deroquigni and Cornelius Melin, Frenchmen. [Docquet.]
June 26.
Warrant to pay to Marian Hepburne 100£., for attendance on the Duke of York. [Docquet.]
June 26. Grant to Otho Nicholson of the receivership of the money arising from sales and compositions of assart lands. [Docquet.]
June 26.
Warrant to pay to Edw. Burnell, Gentleman Harbinger, 2s. per diem, instead of board wages. [Docquet.]
June 26.
Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Herrick 78£. 19s. 4d. in full discharge for jewels, &c. delivered for the King's use. [Docquet.]
June 26. Warrant to pay to Ric. Wright and three others, Yeoman Harbingers, an increased allowance for board wages. [Docquet.]
June 26. Grant, in reversion, to Peter and Christopher, sons of John Osborne, the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, of that office for their lives, with the same allowance as their father, their grandfather, Peter Osborne, or Sir Chas. Smith had. [Docquet.]
June 26. Warrant to pay 100£. to Arthur Milles, and 100 marks to Mons. Ottoman, of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
June 26. Warrant to pay the charges of sending a prisoner [Thos. Douglas] over, from the Count Palatine. [Docquet.]
June 26. Grant to James Ryme, bookseller, of the sole privilege of printing and selling certain Latin works of Hieronimus Zanchius, for fourteen years; the price of them to be fixed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. [Docquet.]
June 26. Grant to the Earl of Montgomery, of the office of Chancellor and Chamberlain of cos. Anglesey, Carnarvon, and Merioneth, for life, instead of during pleasure. [Docquet.]
June ? 59. Note of the total expenditure of the Queen, including her jointures, grants made to her by the King, bills still unpaid, &c., total 52,260£. Indorsed by Salisbury, "A collection of the Queen's reckoning."
June 29. 60. Account of Privy Seals, paid and unpaid, issued for the Queen.
June 29. Grant to Ric. Duncomb of a rent-charge of 6£. 13s. 4d. out of the manor of Dodford, co. Northampton. [Docquet, June 30.]
June 30.
61. The Council to Lord Compton, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire. To hold musters of men and arms in his county, and to see that both are kept in good condition. Recommend Edm. Nicholson as furnisher of proper arms.
June 30. Grant to Robt. Spenswick of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
June 30. Lease, in reversion, to Jas. Anderton, of the goods, &c., of felons and outlaws in the county of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
June 30.
Letter to Ric. Atkins and Ric. Daston, Justices of Assize, co. Cardigan, to keep an assize, or great sessions, once in the year at least, in Aberystwith. [Docquet.]
June 30.
62. E. Reynoldes to O. Reynoldes. Private affairs. Thos. Rawlins in danger of death, &c.
June ? 63. Sir Edw. Coke to the Earl of Salisbury. Many long legal points to be gone through. Recommends him to confer with the Lord Chief Justice on the matter.
64. The Council to [Salisbury]. To refuse grants of recusants' goods till, on conviction, their value is ascertained. Indorsed by Salisbury,-"The project of a letter, whereby His Majesty's pleasure is to be certified, whensoever any suit is made for recusants."
[June.] 65. Copy of the above.
June ? 66. Queries in reference to the intended grants of recusants' lands, &c., to parties who shall convict them, as to the proportion of benefit to the King and to the grantee; proviso for heirs of recusants who shall conform.
June ? 67. Form of grants to be made of the lands and goods of recusants, to parties by whom they are convicted.
June ? 68. List of suspected recusants, sent by -- Millaston.
June ? 69. Grant to Laurence Buskerville and Wm. Blake, of London, of the rectory and church of Watford, co. Northampton.
June ? 70. Abstract of bill and answer in a cause of the Governors of Bridewell and Christ's and St. Thomas's Hospitals v. Alric, Countess Dowager of Derby, as to the right of fishing in the river Colne.