James I: Volume 15, July-October, 1605

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 15, July-October, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp227-238 [accessed 22 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 15, July-October, 1605', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp227-238.

"James I: Volume 15, July-October, 1605". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp227-238.


July--October, 1605.

July 1. Grant to Edward Earl of Hertford, Charles Earl of Devonshire, and others, of the manor of Chard, co. Somerset, part of the lands of Lord Cobham, and of other lands in Kent. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 43.]
July 1. Letter to the Sheriff and Commissioners of Musters of Norfolk, for Thomas Ball to be Muster Master. [Docquet.]
July 3.
1. E. Reynoldes to Thos. Rawlins, High Sheriff of Essex. Condoles with him on his sickness. Recommends the pure air of Limehouse.
July 3. 2. Particulars of a proposed grant of a tax on the sale of salt, on the river Sheles or Tynemouth haven, sent by T. Hawf to [Dud. Carleton].
July 7. Grant to the borough of Shaftesbury, Dorset, of a charter of confirmation of their ancient liberties, with several new privileges. [Docquet.]
July ? 3. Petition of merchants trading into the Levant to the Council, for some relief from the impost on currants, that they may trade on equal terms with the Venetians,-for assistance in the payment of their Ambassadors,-and that the King would bear the expense of a present which must be sent to the Grand Seignior.
July 8. 4. Rich. Stapers to Salisbury. The late Levant Company still keep up their Ambassador at Constantinople and Consul at Aleppo, but are in debt 8,000£.; their factors and goods are in danger of seizure, and all intercourse with the Grand Seignior will be stopped. Complains of imposts on tin and currants. Incloses,
4. I. Commodities accruing to England by the Levant trade, and the rights of native merchants urged, in opposition to the Venetian.
4. II. Representation of the evils likely to ensure, if the intercourse with the Grand Seignior should be stopped, by recalling the agent from Constantinople.
July 8.
Windsor Castle.
Proclamation, with certain ordinances, to be observed by his Majesty's subjects toward the King of Spain. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 105.]
July ? 5. Petition of the Masters and Rulers of the Company of Thames Watermen to the Council. In the time of Queen Elizabeth, one half of the watermen were generally employed in marine service, but the late peace renders them too numerous. Pray that every ship from London may take one waterman to sea, for each hundred tons burthen.
July 8.
6. The King to the Earl of Salisbury. Directions touching a ship and goods taken in the late Queen's time, compensation for which is requested by the King of Denmark. Controversy between the Lord Mayor and Lord Chandos. Petition of Sir Oliver Cromwell referred to. [Dated June 8, but endorsed July 8, the true date.]
July 8. Discharge to Jas. Courtenay of all sums due by the late Jas. Courtenay to the late Queen. [Grant Bk., p. 17.]
July 10. 7. Warrant to stay proceedings against Thos. Watton, of Addington, Kent, for recusancy.
July 12. 8. Collation of Geoffrey King to the vicarage of Horsham, Sussex, by Bancroft Bishop of London, Metropolitan Visitor.
July 13. 9. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To obtain the King's signature to a warrant prefixed, for payment to Philip Henslow of 20£. per ann., with arrears from May last, for a dock and yard provided for the King's barges.
July 14.
Father Henry Garnet to the Father General [of the Jesuits]. Has already hindered four tumults, and will restrain the Catholics in his own province, but fears their taking arms in other places. They deny the Pope's right to forbid their arming in self-defence. In order to gain time, he has persuaded them to send a messenger to the Pope. Latin. [Dom. Corresp., June 15.]
July 15. Grant to Rich. Pierson of the office of Clerk to the Border Commissioners, during pleasure. [Grant Bk., p. 18.]
July 16.
Dorset House.
10. Lord Dorset to [the Officers of the Customs]. The impost on cloth exported to France, raised to meet the losses to merchants caused by the French edict of confiscation in 1600, is now doubled, to defray the charge of a commission to obtain the revocation of the edict; they are to be diligent in gathering in this increased tax.
July ? 11. Particular requests of the English Merchants trading to France, for relief from grievances; with the reasons for the same.
July 17. Discharge to Rob. Sydney, Viscount Lisle, of debts due to the King, from Ambrose late Earl of Warwick, and Lady Anne his wife. [Grant Bk., p. 18.]
July 18. Licence to Sir Rich. Wigmore to import yearly, for 20 years, 16,000 lasts of cod and ling. [Ibid., p. 18.]
July 18.
12. Lord Chamberlain Suffolk to Sir Thos. Lake. For a warrant for 40£. per ann. to Lewis Rogers, lately sworn Surgeon to the Prince.
July 19. Grant to Thomas Earl of Suffolk and Lord Wm. Howard of the manor of Kenninghall, &c., cos. Norfolk and Suffolk. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 43.]
July 22. 13. Geo. Blackwell, Archpriest, to the Priests Shaw, Standish, Stanford, Clenok, and others. Enjoins obedience to the Pope's mandate, that Romanists shall not attempt to procure liberty of conscience by unlawful means.
July 22. 14. Copy of the above.
July 22. 15. John Dorington to Thos. Wilson. English merchants are injured, because foreigners are allowed to export baize and other woollen goods, without paying double custom. Reasons why they should pay it. Indorsed are notes from Wilson to Salisbury, in favour of the double duty.
July 22. 16. Copy of the above.
July ? 17. Complaint of the clothiers, baize and saye makers, of Colchester, that Dutch strangers engross their trade, and use the trades of weaving, rowing, &c., contrary to the laws of the realm, and without serving apprenticeship.
July 24.
Westminster College.
18. William Barlow, Bishop of Rochester, to Sir Thos. Lake. Thanks for dispatch of the bills for remission of his first fruits. Will discharge his fees as early as possible.
July 26.
Dorset House.
19. Lord Treasurer Dorset to the Same. Thinks the granting of denization to strangers so prejudicial to the Crown, that he declines making out 30 denizations, as sued for by Mr. Tragyhall, until he has consulted with the Council.
July 26.
"My poore Lodge in Kent."
20. Sir John Roper to Salisbury. Will cheerfully send him deer for his park at Canterbury. The hawk he promised will soon be ready for him.
July 26.
21. Sir Thos. Lake to Stephen Le Sieur. The King will sign the letter he suggests to the Emperor, but has forgotten the subscription used, which must be in his own hand. Sir Thos. Smith is to send it. Below is a note that the subscription should be, "Serenissimæ Majestatis vestræ frater amantissimus."
July 27.
Next to York House.
22. Stephen Le Sieur to Sir Thos. Lake. Thanks for favours. Sends a draft of the letter to the Emperor. Wishes Lord Salisbury would get his pension increased, the suit advised by the Lord Chief Justice having failed.
July 28.
Crutched Friars.
23. Sir Ant. Standen to the Same. Begs expedition of his letters, as he is going to France. Mr. Kerry has written a smoking letter to Lady Lake and her father, about their exactions on their tenantry The Count Villa Medina will not be allowed to transport the Spaniards. Spinola has crossed the Rhine, and defeated the boors. Count Maurice has left Flanders, having garrisoned the towns, and opened the sluices to let in the sea.
[July 28.]
24. Proclamation for proroguing the Parliament.
July 28. Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 108.]
July 29. Grant to Edward Lord Denny and Sir Jas. Hay of the office of keepers of Chichford Walk and New Lodge, Waltham Forest, and of the game there, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 13.]
July 30. Grant to Hugh Brooker of an annuity of 10£., with arrears thereof, from the death of Lawrence Radford, for enrolling, without fees, the suits of poor men in the Court of Common Pleas. [Docquet.]
July 30. Confirmation to Wm. Newport, chaplain to Lord Darcy, of the parish churches of Foxley and Bawdeswell, co. Norfolk, to which he was presented by Sir John and Lady Mary Savage. [Docquet.]
July 31. 25. Sir Thos. Smith to Sir Thos. Lake. To procure the King's signature to a pardon, which Lord Salisbury has had drawn out, in compassion for a poor melancholy man, who, though neither accused nor suspected of crime, cannot be satisfied without a pardon, lest he may have spoken inadvertently.
July 31. Notice of appeal by Richard Benshall, against Mr. Billingsley, of St. John's, and Mr. Bainbridge, junr., of Corpus Christi, who, with Mr. Watson, of Corpus Christi, were chosen delegates in a suit between him, as defendant, and Miles Still, as plaintiff; with the form of request for them to be delegates, dated 19th July. [Laws, &c. of Cambridge. Dom. Corresp., 1663, April 3, p. 102.]
July. 26. Sir Jas. Sempill to Sir Jas. Lindsay. The report of his (Lindsay's) being sent Ambassador from the King to the Pope was denied by Salisbury, who affirmed that he was only commissioned to reply to a message from the Pope to the King. Salisbury is offended with a letter sent him by Lindsay, and blames him for allowing his errand to be divulged. [See Italian Corresp., Jan. 1605.]
Aug. 1. Grant to Fr. Englefield of the reversion of the manor of Wotton Basset, and others, co. Wilts. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 48.]
Aug. 2.
27. Wm. Stoner to Sir Thos. Lake. Sends him 6 good cheeses, and thanks for favours. Thinks Lady Ryder will not visit Aspley.
Aug. 5.
Warrant to pay to George Lord Carew, the Queen's Vice-Chamberlain, 576£. 14s. 6d. arrears of her jointure, and any future sums paid into the Exchequer, from certain fee-farm rents enumerated. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 31.]
Aug. 5.
28. Earl of Northumberland to Salisbury. In favour of Mr. Angiers.
Aug. 7.
29. Edw. Coswarth to the Same. The recusants are preparing a petition against him, and for the release of one Mayo, whom he has imprisoned on suspicion of harbouring Carpenter, the Jesuit. They try to bribe Ezekiel Grosse to forward their petition. Grosse offers to procure the arrest of Carpenter and his abettors.
Aug. 7. Grant to Rob. Douglas of the recognizances of Thos. Nuttall, forfeited, 400£. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 47.]
Aug. 11.
Rockingham Castle.
Proclamation to redress the misemployment of lands, goods, and other things, given for charitable uses. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 109.]
Aug. 19. Grant, in reversion, to Sir Tho. Somerset, of the office of Clerk of the Arches in the Common Pleas, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 47.]
Aug. 19. Grant, in reversion, to Tho. Parker of the office of Clerk of the Privy Seal, for life. [Ibid., p. 46.]
Aug. 21. Grant to John Porter of the office of bailiff of Hackford and Barnstable, co. Essex, for life. [Ibid., p. 46.]
Aug. 21.
Salisbury House, Strand.
30. Thos. Wilson to Salisbury. Sends an account of Conde Fuentes, who persuades his master the King of Spain, to cite the Great Duke, the Commonwealth of Genoa, and all the Marquesses of Malaspina, to surrender certain Seigneuries to him, as Duke of Milan. Progress of works at Salisbury House.
Aug. 21.
31. The King to the Council. Directs them to superintend the Musters throughout England and Wales, in those counties where there are no Lieutenants.
Aug. 21.
32. Dr. Henry Atkins to Salisbury. Complains of the revocation of the grant made to him of the old Priory House, &c. of Guildford, upon the false representation of Sir Thos. Gorges.
Aug. 22.
33. Arthur Gorges to the Earls of Suffolk and Salisbury. To forward his suit; pleads his services.
Aug. 22.
Painton, Shropshire.
34. Sir Hen. Wallop to Salisbury. Want of my Lord President's government on the Borders of Wales, in matters of religious and civil causes.
Aug. 22.
35. Confirmation to John Stewart of a grant of the fees for making of 30 denizens.
Aug. 23. Grant to Peter Mutton and John Paunton of the office of Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown, in cos. Denbigh and Montgomery, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 46.]
Aug. 23. Lease to Lady Mary Herbert of the manor of Kedwyn and Kerry, co. Montgomery. [Ibid., p. 46.]
Aug. 25.
36. Sir Mich. Stanhope to Salisbury. In behalf of Francis Reade, his brother-in-law, found guilty of manslaughter.
Aug. 26. Grant to Tho. Hayes of the reversion of the manor of Kemerton, Gloucestershire. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 46.]
Aug. 28. 37. Questions for the disputation in theology at the University of Oxford, before the King.
[Aug. 28.] 38. Like questions for disputation in law.
Aug. 29. 39. Like questions for disputation in moral philosophy.
[Aug. 29.] 40. Like questions for disputation in natural philosophy.
Aug. 29.
41. Earl of Exeter to Salisbury. Desires the parsonage of Graveley for his chaplain Dr. Layfield, if Mr. Hibblethwaite refuse it.
Aug. 30. 42. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To have a Privy Seal signed at once, according to a form prefixed, for payment of 416£. to Rob. Barker, printer, for printing Privy Seals for the loan, and proclamations, especially as Barker is to pay back 300£. of it for his lease.
Aug. 31.
43. Depositions as to seditious speeches uttered by John Parker of Hagworthingham, recusant.
Aug. 31. 44. T[hos.] W[inter] to John Grant. Requests him to clear his house of Morgan and his she-mate and all other company, in order to receive certain friends of Winter, who will fill all the house. Sends him 10£.
Aug. ? 45. Declaration of the King's intention to pay a legacy of 2000 French livres, left by the late Queen of Scots to Thos. Morgan, her faithful servant. French.
46. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Regrets Mr. Raulins' illness. Is unwell himself, and must come to London, to consult Dr. Poe. Cannot live in his brother's house, where his wife died, but will lodge at Enfield or Stepney. Hopes Sir Fras. Goodwin has paid his interest, and that Sir Henry and Capt. St. Bache have received their legacies. Wishes his brother's promotion at Parliament time.
Aug. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Bennet of the office of an Auditor of the Exchequer, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 47.]
Sept. 1. 47. Lease from Sir Nathaniel Bacon and Dorothy his wife, to Wm. Hunt, of Burgh-Castle, Suffolk, of 5 acres of land at Burgh-Castle, lately held by Wm. Coo.
Sept. 2.
48. Sir Thos. Fane to Salisbury. Has received the packet for Sir Wm. Monson, who sailed yesterday with Don Juan de Taxis for Flanders.
Sept. 3.
49. Same to the Same. Has received his packet this evening. Sends an inclosure.
Sept 5.
50. Same to the Same. Transmits a packet from Gravelines.
Sept. 6.
51. Robt. Earl of Essex to the Same. To excuse Lord Cranborne's coming to Court before the next week.
Sept. 7.
Aldersgate Street.
52. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to Salisbury. His wife grievously sick of the small-pox. Begs to nominate a person to the stewardship of Selsey. Conversation with Count Villa Medina as to Sir John Roper.
Sept. 8. 53. Lord Treasurer Dorset to the Same. To draw a bill for a grant to J. Nasmyth, of arrears due to the late Queen by Sir Jerome Bowes, for his patent for glasses.
Sept. 8.
54. Earl Salisbury to Lord Chief Justice [Popham ?]. Desires his opinion on sundry matters of trade. How to meet the restrictions on the trade in English cloth, laid on by France. Difficulties of the Levant trade; asks whether the law allows the formation of a company open to all, on payment of certain fees which would maintain the Ambassadors, &c.
Sept. 9. [Thos. Wilson] to [Salisbury ?]. Sends him certain scattered notes and speeches, not fit for critics eyes. [Dom. Corresp., Aug. 21.]
Sept. 10
55. [The Council to Lord Dorset.] Dr. Martin, the Queen's Physician, begs the goods of Chris. Conyers of Hutton, Joshua Pullyn of Netherdale, Francis Scroope of Danby, Anthony Catherick of Stanwick, and Fras. Sayer of Marrick Park, recusants. They are to be granted, subject to the prescribed conditions.
56. Draft of the above. Dated July, Whitehall.
Sept. 11. 57. Henry Earl of Southampton to Salisbury. Information about one Booreman, concerned in a project for issuing counterfeit French coin, which was disclosed by Captain Burley, of Yarmouth Castle, Isle of Wight.
Sept. 12. 58. J. Walter to W. Walter. Begs him to sell his lease and leave England privately, on account of the dreadful troubles likely to befall it.
Sept. 12. 59. Sir George Carew to Sir Edw. Phelips, Speaker. Must resign his seat as member for St. German's Cornwall, as he is going abroad on the King's service. Requests directions for the burgesses to choose another member.
Sept. 12. 60. Duplicate of the above, addressed to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere.
Sept. 16.
Letters patent granting to Lewis Duke of Lenox the office of King's Alnager of all the new draperies, on surrender of a former patent, granted by the late Queen to George Delves and Wm. Fitzwilliam. Imperfect. Printed. [Proc. Collection, Art. 3 B.]
Sept. 17. Grant, in reversion, to Pat. Hume, of the office of Keeper of the Hanley Walk, Whittlewood Forest, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 43.]
Sept. 17. Grant, in reversion, to John Murray of the office of keeping Guildford Park, for life. [Ibid., p. 43.]
Sept. 17.
61. Edw. Reynoldes to O. Reynoldes. Payment of rent to Mr. Bilson; will be in London 14 days after Michaelmas next.
Sept. 20. 62. "Memorial of the jewels made and mended, and the diamonds therein contained, and rubies," with their weight, the price paid, and to whom sold.
Sept. 20. 63. Indenture of lease of lands in Aston-sub-Edge, Gloucester, demised by Nich. Porter to Rob. Fletcher and Wm. Reade. [See Dom. Corresp., Oct. 1, and Dec.]
Sept. 21. 64. Ferdinando Malyn to Salisbury. Holds half the old park of Nonsuch on lease from Lord Lumley, and has laid out much money in bringing it into tillage; will lose heavily by the order for imparking it again: prays some recompense.
Sept. 22.
65. Edw. Reynoldes to O. Reynoldes. Is engaged in recovering debts. Private business. Sir Wm. Waad made Lieutenant of the Tower, which makes well for Mr. [Ralph] Winwood and Mr. [John] Corbet.
Sept. 23. Certificate of the names and arms of trained soldiers within the the Hundred of Barlichway, co. Warwick, taken at Alcester, before Sir Fulk Greville, Sir Edw. Greville, and Tho. Spencer. [Dom. Corresp., 1569, Vol. lxi. The name of William Shakespere occurs in the list of soldiers of the town of Rowington.]
Sept. 26.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation against certain calumnious surmises concerning the Church Government of Scotland. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 111.]
Sept. 27.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation for the annihilation of commissions formerly granted for taking up of hounds, &c. Printed. [Ibid., p. 113.]
Sept. 28.
Hampton Court.
66. The Council to Matthew Bp. of Durham. To suffer Roger Wodrington, now confined to the limits of the county, to repair to London, for payment of his fines for recusancy. [See May 31.]
Sept. 29. 67. List of fines for wardships, leases, loans, and dowers, from the 10th of October 1604 to Michaelmas 1605, in various counties of England and Wales.
Sept. 29. 68. Warrant for payment of moneys for erection of a house at the manor of Ampthill.
69. The King to the Sheriff and Justices of Peace of Shropshire and Bailiffs of Shrewsbury. To admit Henry Richmond to be Keeper of their House of Correction.
[Sept.] 70. Copy of the above.
71. [Dud. Carleton] to his sister Alice. Recommends the restraint of her passionate temper.
Sept. ? 72. John Chamberlain to Alice Carleton. Explanations in some quarrel between them. Gives her good advice not to kindle an unnatural fire between herself and her best friends.
Oct. 1.
73. Earl of Devonshire to Salisbury. Excuses himself for not waiting on his Majesty, having been indisposed.
Oct. 1. 74. Confirmation by Nich. Overbury, at the request of Nich. Portor, of Aston-sub-Edge, of the assignment made by Wm. Reade, of Admington, to John Gilby, of Borton-on-the-hill, Gloucestershire, of his interest and moiety of lands in Aston-sub-Edge, leased to Robt. Fletcher, of Paxford, Worcestershire, and the said Reade.
Oct. 1. 75. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To prepare for signature a Privy Seal, of which the form is prefixed, extending for 6 months longer the loan of 5,000£. made by certain Aldermen of London for purchase of tin, and ordering 2,000£. to be added to the 15,000£. already paid to Sir Rich. Smith, for purchase of tin.
Oct. 2. Grant, in fee-farm, to John Halsey and Rob. Morgan of lands and tenements in Dorset. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 47.]
Oct. 4. Grant, in fee-farm, to George Hume, Earl of Dunbar, of the site of the house of the St. Augustines, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with other lands. [Ibid., p. 47.]
Oct. 4. 76. Certificate of deaths and burials in Westminster and the Strand for the past week.
Oct. 5. 77. Deposition of Thos. Wheeler, mariner, relative-to the murder of a servant of the late Ambassador of Spain, Count Villa Medina, near Calais, by men from a Holland war ship.
Oct. 5. 78. Deposition of Edmund Dull, mariner, concerning the above outrage.
Oct. 5.
79. Dud. Carleton's accompt of money remaining in his hands, belonging to Lord Norris.
Oct. 5.
80. Lord Norris's acquittance to D. Carleton for 800£., disbursed for him during his travels in Spain and France.
Oct. 7.
81. Alex. Seaton, Lord Dunfermline, to the Earl of Salisbury. Has answered queries sent, relative to his Majesty's debt to the Master of Gray, and to the state of the Bishoprics of St. Andrews and Glasgow. The country quiet, but the plague rife in small towns about Edinburgh.
Oct. 8.
82. Fras. Hay, Earl of Errol, to the Same. Is restored from the jaws of death, to serve the King and his Lordship. Requests payment of the balance due to him by the Treasurer.
Oct. 9. Notes of commissions for treaties with Spain, France, and Burgundy, from May 19, 1604. [Dom. Corresp., 1611, Jan. 10.]
Oct. 10. 83. Warrant for increase of payment to Sir John Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber, because of his being ordered to discharge the salaries of the Prince's chamber servants. Annexed is,
83. I. List of such of the servants of the Prince as are to be paid by the Treasurer of the Chamber, with statement of their respective salaries. Oct. 20.
[Oct. 10.] 84. Like warrant on behalf of Sir Henry Cock, Cofferer of the Household, now ordered to discharge the salaries of the Prince's house servants.
Oct. 10. 85. Warrant to Sir Henry Cock, to pay the wages of the household servants of the Prince, according to a list made out for that purpose.
Oct. 12.
86. Earl of Salisbury to Dud. Carleton. The subject of the letter received from him is very grievous, in respect of Lord [Norris's] danger.
Oct. 12. Grant to Wm. Meredith of the office of Keeper of the Wardrobe in the manor of Hinchinbrook, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 12.]
Oct. 13.
87. Earl of Northampton to Sir Thos. Lake. Sends a letter to the King. Begs him to remind his Majesty to burn his letters, being loath the Grooms of the Chamber should read them. "Letters are a praye which many hunte after."
[Oct. 17.] 88. Discourse on the abuses of purveyors; that as they are, "the sponges of the commonwealth, they must be wrung like sponges," &c.
Oct. 17. 89. Memoranda relating to the preceding discourse.
Oct. ? 90. Extracts from the "Liber Rubeus" in the Exchequer, on the origin and office of purveyors.
Oct. ? 91. Grievances complained of by the Merchants of London, in reference to the abuses of purveyors, in the purchase of the King's groceries.
Oct. 18.
Dorset House.
92. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. The Council have written to the Lord Deputy of Ireland, commending a certain suit as profitable to his Majesty, but the suitor thinks their letters not available without one from the King, which is therefore requested.
Oct. 18.
93. Earl of Northampton to the Same. Incloses for the King an account of the "first fruits of that day's work at the Star Chamber," which will be very acceptable to him.
Oct. 18. Grant, in reversion, to Sir Fr. Woolley, of the office of Keeper of Folly Park, Windsor Forest, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 44.]
Oct. 19. Grant to Wm. Stuart of 1,000£. forfeited by Thos. Barham. [Ibid., p. 44.]
Oct. 19.
94. Lord Treasurer Dorset, William Lord Knollys, and Edward Lord Wotton, to Sir Thos Lake. To expedite a warrant for 4,000£. for the Prince's household.
Oct. 19. 95. Notes of the private transactions between the Archduke in Flanders and English Catholics; of the residences of English priests and Jesuits, &c.
Oct. 20. 96. Notes similar, but not duplicate.
Oct. 22.
97. Earl of Northampton to Sir Thomas Lake. Thanks for the Kings gracious letter. Has given his Majesty an account of that day's labour, spent in reforming the Household, "the flaws and expenses of which are infinite." Begs the letter may be burnt by the King's own hand.
Oct. 22. 98. E[dward] R[eynoldes,] to. the Earl of Essex. Respectful warning against the influence of bad company; begs him ever to remember that he is the son of that renowned Earl of Essex whom all the world admired, &c.
Oct. 22. Grant to Thos. Webber, of license to hold a yearly fair at Lenton, co. Nottingham, for 31 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 44.]
Oct. 23.
99. Ministers of Scotland to the Council [of Scotland]. Decline their jurisdiction, but will submit to that of a General Assembly of the Kirk, the approbation or disallowance of which is not within the province of the Council.
Oct. ? 100. Statement of the nature of the offences of the Scottish General Assembly of Ministers, in persisting to hold their assembly contrary to the King's pleasure, for which offence some are in ward and some already convicted.
Oct. 23.
101. Sir Wilfrid Lawson to the Earl of Salisbury. Gaol deliveries to be held at Carlisle and Newcastle. Return of certain of the Grahams. Desires to be spared coming to Parliament.
Oct. 24.
102. Same to the Same. Escape of 5 notable thieves; the third escape since their present Sheriff came into office.
Oct. 24.
103. Sir Hen. Leigh to the Same. Escape of 5 thieves out of the Sheriff's gaol. Desires he may not be blamed for it, as he keeps the castle, not the gaol. Some loose Grahams have returned.
Oct. 24.
104. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Lord [Norris's] unexpected recovery. [See Oct. 12.] Death of the Attorney of the Court of Wards, and of Chief Justice Anderson. The Earl of Cumberland dangerously ill. Sir Edw. Michelbourne murdered by the Spaniards at sea. Mr. Colt and Dr. Pope accused of coining. A goldsmith fined in the Star Chamber, for arresting the Countess of Rutland for debt. Punishment of a purveyor. A lioness has whelped in the Tower. Projected marriages of the Earl of Essex and young Lord Cranborne. The King delights in catching larks.
Oct. 24. 105. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Change of the soubriquets given to himself (by the King), "from Beagle to Tom Derry, from Tom Derry to Parrot." Objects to the Bishop of Bristol's request to purchase all recusants' fines, &c.
Oct. 25. Same to the Same. Lord Knollys's suit about recusants. Sir John Ramsay's complaints of deceit, and Sir Ric. Weston's intreaty for money; 200£. to be borrowed for him, if the Treasurer have no money. [Dom. Corr., May 7, 1606.]
Oct. 25.
Seaton- Delavall.
106. Pass by Sir Robert Delavale and Edw. Gray, Commissioners of the North, for Thos. Percy, posting to Court on the King's special service; the postmasters en route are to supply him with 3 able and sufficient horses.
Oct. 26. The Anonymous Letter to Lord Monteagle, by which the Gunpowder Plot was said to be discovered, warning him not to be present at the meeting of Parliament, for that "they shall receyve a terrible blowe this Parleament, and yet they shall not seie who hurts them." Indorsed by Salisbury, "The lr~ wch was wrytten to ye L. Mountegle." (fn. 1) [Gunpowder Plot Book, No. 2.]
Oct. 26. Copies of the above, in the original and in modern orthography. [Gunpowder Plot Book, No. 3.]
Oct. 28. 107. Certificate that John Cobb, of Queen's College, Cambridge, was admitted to priest's orders, 30 March, 1591.
Oct. 29. Grant to Wm. Killigrew of the herbage and pannage of Hamworth Park. [Grant Bk., p. 13.]
Oct. 108. Memorandum relative to certain fees for drawing warrants. On the back is a note that Roger Dodd is to be Bishop of Meath.


  • 1. It was the preservation of this remarkable letter in the State Paper Office that, in the year 1819, led Mr. Lemon, sen., at that time Deputy-keeper of State Papers, to collect, from the heterogeneous mass of then unsorted papers there deposited, a number of very valuable documents relating to the Gunpowder Plot, which were bound into a volume, in which form they still remain, as a monument of his intelligent industry. Many papers on the same subject were subsequently sorted out, which are now incorporated in chronological order, in the general mass of Domestic Correspondence.