James I: Volume 3, August-September, 1603

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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August-September, 1603.

Aug. 1. 1. Declaration of John Bredgate, that on the 5th of May, a passport was sent from Lord Cobham to the Commissioners of Passage at Dover, to let Walter Penicock pass for France, and that he was the bearer of secret letters. [See July 31.]
Aug. 2.
2. Sir Rich. Lewkenor, Chief Justice of Chester, to the Council. Sends letters from the Bailiff of Ludlow, relating to Mr. Sheldon and Mr. Plowden. Incloses,
2. I. Rich. Baily, Bailiff of Ludlow, to Sir R. Lewkenor. Sends a letter from Mr. Sheldon to Mr. Plowden. Ludlow, Aug. 1.
2. II. Ralph Sheldon to Francis Plowden. Ant. Skinner has been summoned away, is hastening to Court, and hopes Plowden will follow him speedily, &c. Taxis, the Spanish Ambassador, is either at Gravelines or arrived in England. Skiltes, Aug. 1.
Aug. 2. Grant to Sir Thos. Knyvet, of the site, &c., of the manor of Stanwell. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 21.]
Aug. 2. 3. Sir George Hume to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw out a patent to Alex. Hume of the office of King's shoemaker.
Aug. 3. Grant to Sir Simon Weston and Jo. Wakeman. of the lordship of Taynton, co. Gloucester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 20.]
Aug. 3. 4. Sir Wm. Waad to Lord Cecil. Sends the declarations of Sir Walter Raleigh and Lord Grey. Their intercourse with Lord Cobham and Mr. Brooke. Requests Cecil to move his suit to the King.
Aug. 3.
Bromley Hall, near Bow.
5. Thos. Alabaster to the Same. Sends extracts from a Spanish letter, dated Middleburgh, Aug. 2, relative to an engagement between Count Maurice and the insurgents, for the relief of the house of Hoochstraeten. The Archduke kills his soldiers instead of paying them.
Aug. 3.
6. Thos. Scudamore to [Sir Wm. Waad]. In behalf of his son, drawn into the conspiracy by Watson. Pleads the long continued loyalty of his house.
Aug. 4.
7. Sir W. Waad to Cecil. Scudamore confesses he received Watson's oath of secrecy. Scudamore's father, for the release of his son, has offered to find out Watson. Sends another declaration of Copley. Incloses,
7. I. Copley's answers to the "four points." [See No. 95.] He gives the names of the parties concerned in their intended proclamation and Parliament. His reasons for suspecting the Jesuits to have a plot on foot. Aug. 1.
Aug. 4.
8. Mayor of Chester to the Council. Asks directions how to proceed with his two prisoners, John and Thomas Penckevell, apprehended as suspicious persons.
Aug. 5.
9. Edward Doughty to the Earl of Nottingham. Plans the arrest of certain seditious persons who "spake cursedly" of the Lords of the Council. Incloses,
9. I. Examination of Thomas Curtis, as to slanderous speeches uttered by one Beckett, of Cornwall. Chard, July 30.
Aug. 5.
Hampton Court.
10. The King to the Lord Chancellor. Thinks his attendance on the Royal Person will prevent his fitting discharge of the duties of Chamberlain of the County Palatine of Chester, granted him by the late Queen, and orders him to make out a patent thereof to the Earl of Derby, whose ancestors long enjoyed the office.
Aug. 5. 11. The King to Archbishop Whitgift. Requests him to grant the second reversion of the Judgeship of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury to Dr. Oliver Lloyd, the first reversion, after Dr. Gibson, being already bestowed on Dr. Ferrand.
Aug. 6. 12. Warrant to the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer to draw up a grant to Lodowick Duke of Lenox, of the manors of Stetterington, Temple-Newsham, and Wensleydale, co. York, and of 600£. per annum for life, from the lands of the late Earl and Countess of Lenox.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 9 and Oct. 6.]
Aug. 6.
13. Sir Rich. Lewkenor to the Council. Has examined Fras. Plowden. Steps taken for the apprehension of Watson. Sends letter full of treason, by Francis Acton who picked it up. Incloses,
13. I. Examination of Fras. Plowden, relative to the intercepted letter of Ralph Sheldon. Projects of the Catholics, &c. Aug. 3.
13. II. Information of Francis Acton of Hatton, Salop, relative to a treasonable paper, picked up by him. Aug. 6.
Aug. 6. Grant to Richard Connock of the auditorship of the Duchy of Cornwall, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 20.]
Aug. 6. Warrant to pay to Lord Home 1,000 marks. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Warrant to pay to George Nevey, Surveyor of the Works at Portsmouth, 16d. per diem. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Warrant to pay to Sir John Trevor, 200£., for the works at Windsor. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Grant to William Trombull, in reversion after John Wells, of the office of one of the King's Couriers or Posts. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Grant, in reversion, to William Brittain, of the Marshalsea of the King's Bench, for 31 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Grant to John Syme, of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Pension to George Nicholson, of 5s. 6d. per diem. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Warrant to the Lord Chancellor to seal writs of liberate and allocate, and other writs necessary for their execution. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Warrant to the same to make and seal all confirmations and charters. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Lease to William Stirrill of the late priory of St. John's, of Jerusalem. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Letter to the Lords Chief Justice and Chief Baron, for Dr. Raynolds. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Grant to John Raven, Rouge Dragon, of the office of Richmond Herald. [Docquet.]
Aug. 6. Grant to John Stephens, of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 7. Warrant to pay to Sir John Fortescue 5,000£., whereof 2,000£. is for charges of the Coronation, and 3,000£. to be paid to Sir Baptist Hicks, for silks and stuffs. [Docquet.]
Aug. 7. Lease, in reversion, to John Granger, of the bailiwick and common oven of the town and manor of Leeds, of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Warrant to pay to Sir Fulk Greville, Treasurer of the Navy, certain sums for the service of the navy. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Letter to the Receiver of the Duchy of Lancaster, to pay into the Exchequer the money in his hands. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Grant to Thos. Cecil Lord Burleigh of the Lieutenancy of Northamptonshire. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Confirmation to Sir Richard Fiennes, and his heirs, of the Barony of Saye and Seale. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Marmaduke Darell and Thomas Bludder, of the office of Surveyor General of Victuals for the Navy. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Commission for John Greene, the King's Coffer Maker, to take up hides, timber, &c., for making the King's coffers, &c. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8. Grant to John Stone, of a Warder's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 8.
Hampton Court.
Proclamation prohibiting the keeping of Bartholomew and Sturbridge fairs, on account of the plague. [Proc. Bk., p. 40.]
Aug. 8.
14. Bancroft Bp. of London, to Lord Cecil. Wishes to know whether the King's pardon to Charnock, the priest, extends to liberty or only to life. Objects to pardons for non-conforming priests.
Aug. 9. Warrant to pay to Richard Manley, Comptroller of the Prince's Household, 500£., to defray its charges. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Cock 400£., to defray the Household charges during the King's progress. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Grant to the Lord Chancellor, of the customary allowances. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Licence to the Lord Chancellor to keep a retinue of 50 persons. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Pardon to Robert Barnes, for receiving two seminary priests in the late Queen's time. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Licence to Arthur Blewet to travel. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Letter to the Receiver of Yorkshire, to pay to [Sir Jas. Johnstone], the Laird of Johnstone, the wages of 50 horsemen, for service on the Borders. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Letter to the Lord Chief Justice in behalf of Arthur Brooke and Walter Persons. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Licence to Sir Edwin Rich to travel. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. Warrant of discharge to Sir George Hume for a jewel received in the Tower for the Queen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 9. 15. The King to Sir Thos. Chaloner. Appoints him to have the charge of the person and household of the Prince, who is now to be placed in a separate establishment.
Aug. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Aug. 11.]
[Aug. 10.] Grant to Capt. Thos. Hayes of a pension of 100£. per annum, for life. [Docquet, August.]
[Aug. 10.]
Grant to Nicholas Heard of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet, August.]
Aug. 10. 16. Confession of W. Watson, detailing the particulars of the con- spiracy.
Aug. 10. 17. Draft of the above, entirely in Watson's hand.
Aug. 10. 18. W. Watson to the Lords [of the Council ?]. Desires that he may not suffer death, but be banished, in case the King will not employ him in his service. Gives a very detailed statement of his past conduct.
Aug. 10. 19. Extract from the above.
Aug. 10.
20. Testimony of M. Du Mesnil as to the treasonable conversation of Philippe Barby: the Jesuits' conspiracies, &c.
Aug. 10. Grant to Lady Stafford of an annuity of 200£. for life, and after her decease, of 100£. per annum to her son, William Stafford. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to Lady Margaret Nevill of an annuity of 50£. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Warrant to pay to Alexander Muncrieff, Master Falconer, 20£. monthly for himself and eight others attending the hawks, and 60£. for arrears. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Lease to Henry Orde of the manor of Castle-Eden, &c. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Ordinary warrant for provision for the stable. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to John Tyrer of an alms-room in Chester. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Pension to Sir Henry Fowks of 100£. per annum, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Pension to Alexander Glover of 2s. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant, in reversion, to Richard Thornton, of a prebend in Worcester. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Pension to Richard Hewes of 50£. per annum. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Commission for the Queen's Cofferer to take up necessary stuff. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Letter to the Lord Treasurer in behalf of Thomas Ross. [Docquet.]
Aug. 10. Grant to Richard Haynes of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 21. Warrant for a grant to Charles Earl of Nottingham, and his heirs, of Arundel House, Strand, part of the land of Philip, late Earl of Arundel, attainted.
Aug. 10. Grant to the Same of Arundel House, and other lands in the parish of St. Clement Danes. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Aug. 10. Grant to Lord Kinloss of the castle, &c. of Whorlton, and Grange in Newstead, in fee-farm; and of the monastery of Jervaux, and Jervaux Grange, Rookwith Grange, and Kilgramhaugh Grange, co. York, belonging to the late Earl of Lenox, in fee-simple. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11.
22. Edw. Bruce, Lord of Kinloss, to Dr. Wm. Gifford and Fras. Barneby, prisoners in the Clink. Dr. Gifford is to carry himself with secrecy and hasten his departure. The King has given directions to furnish Barneby with means for his departure.
Aug. 11. Lease to Sir William Waad of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Warrant to pay to Robert Sharpe 50£. 2s., for spangles for the coats of six footmen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Warrant to pay to Capt. Oliver Randolph 50£. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Licence to the Earl of Argyle to transport 2,500 broad-cloths out of the realm yearly, for two years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Warrant to pay certain sums and allowances to the Bp. of Ross, Patrick Galloway, Andrew Lambe, Wm. Chalmer, John Spottiswood, and John Zwingerius, Ministers of the King and Queen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Warrant to pay to Fras. Steward 200 marks per ann. for his main- tenance at Oxford, and 40£. for his travelling expenses. [Docquet.]
Aug. 11. Grant, with survivorship, to John Buchanan and Margaret Hartside his wife, of a pension of 100 marks. [Docquet.]
Aug. 12. Grant to Jane and John Windham, and their heirs, of the reversion of the manor of Felbridge, &c., co. Norfolk. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 12.]
Aug. 12.
23. Examination of Wm. Watson as to the Lady Arabella, and the dealings of Lord Cobham, Lord Grey, G. Brooke, and Sir G. Markham. The King not considered actually King by them till after his coronation.
Aug. 12.
24. Examination of Lord Cobham as to his advising Lord Grey to marry Lady Arabella. Dealings with Raleigh, Count Aremberg, La Fontaine, Watson, Markham, &c.
Aug. 13. Pension to John Bothnia, a Pole, of 9£. a month, during pleasure, and 27£. for arrears. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Presentation for David English to Stepney vicarage. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to the Earl of Devonshire of the Mastership of the Ordnance. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Thomas Fleetwood of the office of Solicitor to the Prince of Wales, during his minority. [Docquet.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Sir Julius Cæsar of the office of Keeper of St. Catherine's Hospital, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 12.]
[Aug. 17.] Licence to Sir John Hume to export 1,000 dickers of red hides, tanned, within two years. [Docquet, August, undated.]
Aug. 17.
25. Licence to Lady Rich, descended from the Bourchiers, Earls of Essex, to take precedence accordingly.
Aug. 18.
26. Chris. Ingram to Dudley Carleton. Has enquired for lodgings for my Lord [Northumberland] at Richmond. Mr. Beck's house is convenient, but he asks 20 nobles a week, whilst the Court is there. The plague rife near Syon.
Aug. 18. Letter to the Receiver of co. York, to pay to Lord Home, Lieutenant of the Borders of Scotland, the wages of 50 horsemen, transferred to him by the Laird of Johnstone. [See Docquet, Aug. 9.]
Aug. 18. Grants to John Andrews, Peter Warburton, and John Agges, of Yeoman Warders' places in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Licence to Laurence Michelborne to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Acquittance to the Countess of Leicester of 3,967£. 11s. 11d., the remainder of the late Earl of Leicester's debt of 25,168£. 2s. 7¾d. to the late Queen, and of all his other debts to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Sir Robert Vernon of the surveyorship of victuals at Berwick, and charge of the storehouses, &c. there. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant, in reversion, to Bartrobe Lukin, of the clerkship of writs to pass the Great Seal by warrant from the Court of Wards and Liveries. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Charles Paget of 200£. per ann., part of fee-farm rent of 715£. Os. 11½d. reserved by a patent of Queen Elizabeth, bestowing the lands of Lord Paget on William Paget and his heirs. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant, with survivorship, to Lord Burleigh, Sir Wm. Cecil, and Lord Roos, of the keepership of the forest of Rockingham. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Richard Lazomby of the mastership of the cross-bows. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Allowance to Thos. Glover of 6d. per diem, for life, "for grounding of the ships." [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Pension to Thomas Bedingfield of 5s. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Henry Seckford and Thomas Bedingfield, of the mastership of the tents, hales, and pavilions. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Commission for Sir Henry Seckford to procure timber, iron, &c. for tents, and workmen to make them. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant, in reversion, to Sir James Elphinstone, of the Marshalsea of the King's Bench, for 31 years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Francis Gofton of the auditorship of the Mint. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. License to Lord Aubigny to export 6,000 tons of double beer within six years. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. License to John Quarles to enclose 950 acres of his own land in Cottesbach, co. Leicester; also to William Hall to enclose 130 acres there, and to convert 96 acres into tillage. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Grant to Sir John Peyton the younger, in fee-simple, of the manor of Lyngen, and five others, co. Hereford, escheated by attainder of Edw. Lyngen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. Warrant to pay 3,000£. to the Earl of Linlithgow. [Docquet.]
Aug. 18. 27. The King to Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York. Finding no royal residence near Sherwood forest, where he will often have occasion to pass in his journeys between England and Scotland, he wishes to make an exchange with the see of York for the houses and manors of Scroby and Southwell, which are conveniently situated for his forest sports. Urges the Archbishop's consent, as the houses are much decayed, and the tenure of Southwell manor is questionable; will give the full value for them, and establish the church at Southwell.
Aug. 18.
28. Further declaration of Wm. Watson; giving the oath taken by the conspirators, &c.
Aug. 19.
29. Examination of Wm. Clerke relative to Watson's conspiracy, &c.
Aug. 20 ?
30. Note by Sir Griffin Markham, sent to Lord Cecil. The first motive that Watson used to engage him in the conspiracy to poison the King and his issue, was an assurance of the high rank of some of the conspirators.
Aug. 20 ?
31. Sir G. Markham to Cecil. Apologizes for the haste with which he had written the above note. Accuses Watson of having used many deceits to draw him into the conspiracy. Begs that his life may be spared.
Aug. 20. Grant to Richard Bonithon, on surrender by his father, of the comptrollership of the stannaries in Cornwall, and keepership of the gaol of Lostwithiel. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Pardon to Stephen Ashby for clipping and counterfeiting money. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to the Earl of Sussex of the Lieutenancy of Essex; Sir Thomas Mildmay, Sir Henry Maynard, Sir Francis Barington, and Sir Gamaliel Capell to be his Deputy Lieutenants. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Warrant to pay to Patrick Hume, Master of the Harriers, 201£. per ann. for himself, 4 horses, and one footman; and to pay to James Cockburn, John Acheson, and Richard Brass, 3£. each per month, and 66£. 13s. 4d. for keeping 20 couple of hounds. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Warrant for John New, Groom of the Robes to the Queen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Sir John Fortescue, in fee-farm, of three manors of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Ralph Ewens of the office of Auditor to the Queen. [Docquet.]
Aug. 20. Grant to Silvester Dodsworth of the Serjeantship of the Buckhounds, for life. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22. Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Cock 1,000£., for expenses of the Household. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22. Grant to the Earl of Mar, in fee-simple, of Duchy Lands, value 120£. per annum. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22. Grant to the same, in fee-farm, of Exchequer Lands, value 180£. per annum. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22. Grant to Robert Stratford, in fee-farm, of lands not named. [Docquet.]
Aug. 22. Letter to the Chancellor and University of Oxford. [Docquet.]
[Aug. 22.]
Grant to the Earl of Southampton of the [farm of the] Sweet Wines. [Docquet, August.]
Aug. 22 ? Grant to John Carvile of the advowson of Stanford-Rivers, co. Essex, to present John or Richard Browne. [Docquet, August.]
Aug. 22. 32. Justices of Carmarthenshire to Lord Cecil. Proceedings against Thos. Hale, alias Jerome Price, a recusant. Incloses,
32. I. Examination of Thomas Hale, of Llandilo-Vwaur, co. Carmarthen, relative to his dealings with Watson, &c. Aug. 21 and 22. Abermarles.
Aug. 23. Grant to Sir John Fortescue of the manor of Ascott and others, cos. Oxford and Wilts. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 21.]
Aug. 23.
33. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to Lord Cecil. Landing of Don Juan de Taxis, Count of Villa Mediana, the Spanish Ambassador. His person, titles, and train. He is inquisitive to know how M. de Rosny and other Ambassadors were received. Told him that ceremony was to be dispensed with, on account of the plague.
Aug. 23. 34. Examination of Wm. Watson, as to his expression of the "Bye and the Main." The Bye referred to his plot; the Main to that of Lord Cobham and Sir W. Raleigh, which was to destroy the King and all his cubs.
Aug. 24.
35. Sir Wm. Waad to Lord Cecil. Their late labours have greatly implicated Sir W. Raleigh and Lord Cobham. Cecill, the priest, has something important to communicate.
Gray's Inn.
36. Robert Hitcham, the Queen's Attorney, to the Same. To suspend all proceedings about Her Majesty's business till the beginning of the Term.
Aug. 26.
37. Ralph Ewens, the Queen's Auditor, to the Same. Summary of precedents to make out the Queen's Jointure; viz., those of Elizabeth of York, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Parr. The lands being chiefly alienated, it is difficult to fix upon others.
Aug. 26. Grant to Francis Gall, in reversion after Levinus Munck, of a Clerkship of the Signet. [Docquet.]
Aug. 26. Lease, with survivorship, to William Ceely, Ann his wife, and Thomas their son, of the rectory of Lanaunte and chapels of St. Ives and Twydnack, co. Cornwall. [Docquet.]
Aug. 26. Lease, in reversion, to Nathaniel Udwart, of the fishing places of Gargarran, co. Pembroke. [Docquet.]
Aug. 26. Discharge to Mary Ratcliffe, of jewels late in her custody. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 32.]
Aug. 26. Grant to Sir Edward Cecil of the office of Keeper of Mortlake Park, Surrey, for life. [Ibid., p. 21.]
Aug. 27.
38. Sir Wm. Waad to Lord Cecil. Sends the declaration of Laurence Kemys, Raleigh's servant. John Parry has fled. Udall's villainy. Clerke's strong confidence in the plot. The plague rife. Imprudent exposure of infected beds in the streets, &c.
Aug. 29.
39. Lord Danvers and Sir Lewis Lewkenor to the Same. Arrangements for bringing the Spanish Ambassador to the King, at Oxford. The meeting between the Ambassador and Count Aremberg deferred.
Aug. 30. Presentation of Rich. Cradock to the parsonage of Radwinter, dioc. London. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Grant to Sir Robert Carey, in fee-farm, of the manor of Langton, and lands and tithes, co. York, and of the rectory of North Shoebury, Essex. [Docquet.]
Aug. 30. Lease, in reversion, to George Watkins, Richard Prince, and Edward Bynion, of the manor of Nunnington, co. York, and of York farm, in Twickenham, co. Middlesex, and of lands granted to Robert Holland, co. York. [Docquet.]
Aug. 31. Grant to Thomas Dixon of the office of Yeoman of the Robes to the Queen, with the same wages as Robert Pamphlin, Yeoman of the King's Robes. [Docquet.]
Aug. 31. Letter to the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chief Baron, to examine a cause between the President and a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Aug. 31. Letter to the Bishop of Carlisle, in behalf of Leonard Lowther. [Docquet.]
Aug. 31. Grant, in reversion, to Thomas Sheafe, of a prebend of Windsor. [Docquet.]
[Aug. 31.] Grant to the town of Guildford, that the Mayor and two others, learned in the law, may be Justices of Peace there. [Docquet, August.]
Aug. 31. 40. Walter Bagot to the Council. Sends [Edw.] Jefferies, a papist, apprehended in Cank, in company with Mrs. Heath, of Worcestershire, and Mr. Holt and his wife, of Warwickshire. Sends also a few of his papers. Incloses,
40. I. Memorandum of grant to absolve heretics, licence to read heretical books, &c. Latin.
Aug. 31.
41. Sir Wm. Waad to Lord Cecil. Sends abstracts of confessions inculpating Serjeant Harris. Sad state of London during the plague. Has committed Sir Edw. Parham to the Gatehouse, &c. Incloses,
41. I. Voluntary confession of Sir Edw. Parham, that he took the oath tendered him by Watson, but had no further part in the matter. Aug. 30.
Aug. 31. 42. View of the number of preachers, communicants, recusants, &c., in the diocese of Durham. Attested by Matthew, Bishop of Durham.
Aug. 31.
43. The Council to Lord Grey of Groby. The King desires him, on his elevation to the peerage, to resign his place of Lieutenant of the band of Gentlemen Pensioners to [Sir] Allan Percy.
Aug. 44. Edw. Brimstede to Lord Cecil. Particulars of his following some Spanish ships, which he suspected were bound for Ireland; they went into the Groyn, where a large fleet is reported to be gathering.
45. William Clerke, priest, to the Same. Begs his life and liberty. Pleads his zeal in behalf of the King's succession.
August ? 46. Lord Cecil to Lord Grey. Can only proceed by direction of the Council, who will do what is just and honourable.
August ? 47. Lord Grey to the King. Implores forgiveness.
August. 48. Names of the bishops and clergy summoned to be at Court on the first of November.
[Sept. 1.] 49. Interrogatories to be demanded of Sir Edw. Parham.
Sept. 1. 50. Examination of Sir Edw. Parham on the above interrogatories, relative to Watson's conspiracy.
Sept. 2.
51. Edward Leigh, Sheriff of Staffordshire, to the Council. Sends up William Dorrington and Peter Macclesfield. Jefferies has done much harm in making his house a resort for papists.
Sept. 2.
52. Sir W. Waad to Lord Cecil. Sends the report of Francis Coppinger relative to the slanderous words used by [Serjeant] Harris. [Lord Thos.] Howard will be questioned on his return from Norfolk. Kemys, Raleigh's servant, tries to spare his master in his confessions.
Sept. 3.
Bromley Hall.
53. Thos. Alabaster to the Same. Sends tidings from Middleburgh of a successful attack, by Count Maurice, on the Archduke's forces near Bois-le-duc. The King of France refuses a request from Persia to assist in driving the Portuguese from the East Indies. Francisco Rizzo, who was to supply the Spanish Ambassador with money, is dead.
Sept. 4 ? 54. Notes of important passages in the examinations, &c., of Watson, Clerke, Markham, and Copley, relating to suspected plots of the Jesuits, the faction for the Spanish succession, &c. With queries [by Sir Edw. Coke], endorsed.
Sept. 4.
55. Sir William Waad to Lord Cecil. Lord Thos. Howard has confirmed Coppinger's statement as to the slander of Serjeant Harris.
Sept. 5.
56. Sir Griffin Markham to the Same. Asks his intercession to obtain his pardon.
Sept. 7.
57. Sir George Harvy, Lieutenant of the Tower, to the Same. Sends enclosures at the importunity of Sir W. Raleigh. The Tower nearly free from the plague.
Sept. 7.
58. Sir Wm. Waad to the Same. Wm. Dorrington, Peter Maxwell, and Jefferies have been sent as prisoners. Particulars respecting them.
Sept. 7. 59. Examination of Edw. Jefferies as to his dealings with Clerke, alias Francis, and with Colpepper, alias Watson.
Sept. 7.
60. E. Reynoldes to O. Reynoldes. My lady [Clanricarde] is going towards Ireland with the Earl of Clanricarde. Relies upon Mr. Lisle's friendly solicitation with the Earl to obtain a continuation of his lease.
Sept. 8. 61. Account [by Dudley Carleton] of a month's charges for the stable and kitchen, from the beginning of the progress until the King came to Woodstock. [See Oct. 5.]
[Sept. 8.] Grant to Jas. Anstruther of pension of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet, August.]
[Sept. 8.] Grant to Patrick Hume of pension of 100£. per. ann., for life. [Docquet, August.]
[Sept. 8.] Grant to Sir Henry Lindsay of pension of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet, August.]
[Sept. 8.] Grant to George Shiers of the office of Perfumer to the King, Queen, and Prince. [Docquet, August.]
Sept. 10. 62. Abstracts of the Patents appointing the Masters General of the Ordnance, from 1 Edw. IV. to 1 James I.; also those of Alex. Lye, as Comptroller of Berwick, and Rich. Martin, as Bishop of St. David's, 22 Edw. IV.
Sept. 10. 63. Sir Wm. Waad to Cecil. Incloses a letter from Nurenberg to Sir W. Raleigh. The plague feared in the Tower. Lord Cobham greatly distempered. Disorders in London and the suburbs occasioned by the plague. Sends a plan for their redress. Incloses,
63. I. Zechelius (?) to Sir W. Raleigh. Begs immediate dispatch of the sassafras promised long ago. Nurenberg, July 10.
Sept. 10.
64. Anthony Copley to Sir Wm. Waad. After Watson had conversed with him concerning "the Bye and the Main" he mentioned a nobleman's connexion with the plots. Dr. Worthington preached at Douay on the Infanta's title to England.
Sept. 10. 65. Copy of the above.
Sept. 11.
66. The King to the Lord Chancellor. To issue writs of adjournment of the next Michaelmas Term, on account of the prevalence of the plague in London and Westminster.
Sept. 12. 67. Declaration of Wm. Watson, relative to the words he used, that a nobleman, who refused to reveal his name, had accosted him on the road, had urged him to join the party of the Jesuits and the Infanta, and reproached him for favouring the King's succession.
Sept. 12. Grant to Penelope Perrot, and her heirs, of lands, &c., co. Carmarthen. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Sept. 12. Grant, in fee-farm, to Jo. Hill, of the site of the manor of Taddington and the parsonage there. [Ibid., p. 12.]
Sept. 13. Discharge to Rob. Earl of Sussex, and his heirs, of his debt of 5,292£. 10s. 9d. [Ibid., p. 3.]
Sept. 14. 68. Examination of Barth. Brookesby. Confesses his acquaintance with Watson's plot.
Sept. 14. 69. Duplicate of the above.
Sept. ?
Gatehouse, Westminster.
70. Petition of Barth. Brookesby, prisoner, to Lord Cecil. Is innocent of the treason. It was revealed by Barneby, with his consent, to the Bishop of London, by whom he desires it may be investigated. Incloses,
70. I. Relation, attested by Fras. Barneby, of the manner in which Wm. Watson declared his plot to Brookesby. His refusal to join in it, and his manner of discovering the plot.
Sept. 14.
Berwick-upon- Tweed.
71. Deposition of Alex. Robson and Rob. Harvey, Pounders of Berwick, as to the violent behaviour of Lawther of Etherington, Laird of Cawmillne, towards them in the execution of their office.
Sept. 15.
Warrant to the Exchequer to renew the bargain with Sir Marmaduke Darell and Thos. Bludder for victualling the navy, and to pay such sums as shall become due to them. [Warrt. Bk., II., fol. 21.]
Sept. 15.
Warrant to pay 56s. per diem to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, who is restored to his former post of Captain of the New Fort at Plymouth. [Ibid., fol. 18.]
[Sept. 16.] Grant to Captain Edw. Hayes of pension of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet, August.]
Sept. 16.
72. Sir Wm Waad to Cecil. Several warders of the Tower have died of the plague. Sends letters from Lord Grey and Ant. Copley.
Sept. 16.
Proclamation against multitudes of dwellers in strait rooms, &c. in and about London; and for razing of certain newly erected buildings. [Proc. Bk., p. 41.]
Sept. 16.
Proclamation for the adjournment of part of Michaelmas Term, on account of the plague. [Ibid., p. 42.]
Sept. 17.
Proclamation for the execution of the statute against rogues, vagabonds, &c. [Ibid., p. 44.]
Sept. 17. 73. The King to the Lord Admiral and Officers of the Navy. To admit John de Crites to the office of Serjeant-painter, in reversion.
Sept. 17. 74. The King to [Lord Cecil ?] To enquire into the nature of a petition enclosed from [John] Lepton, Groom of the Chamber, touching the erection of an office which he desires.
Sept. 18. Letter to the Lord Treasurer to give order to the officers of Bristol to permit Richard Greene to transport certain sheep and cattle into Munster in Ireland, for storing his grounds there. [Docquet.]
Sept. 18. Letter to the Lord President of York, desiring the opinion of the Council as to the erection of a new office there, for making letters of summons. [Docquet.]
Sept. 18. Letter to Sir John Fortescue to forbear making particulars of the lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, until commission be granted for demise of the same. [Docquet.]
Sept. 18. Letter to the President and Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford, to admit John Hull to the place of a Demy in that house. [Docquet.]
Sept. 18. Warrant to the Cofferer of the Household to pay to Thos. Cargill 18d. per diem for board wages, and 8d. per diem for keeping a tercel of a goshawk. [Docquet.]
[Sept. 18.] Grant to Oliver St. John of a pension of 10s. per diem, for life. [Docquet, August.]
Sept. 18. 75. Commission for demising and letting lands of the Duchy of Lancaster to the Commissioners appointed by the late Queen, and others.
Sept. 21.
76. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to Lord Cecil. The Spanish Ambassador, impatient at the delay of his audience, the French Ambassador being continually at Court; has explained the delay on account of the plague, which led the King to select Southampton as the healthiest place for his present abode. He is jealous of the English troops that go over to Holland. Entertainments of dancing and bull-baiting provided for him. He will join the Court at Winchester. Count Aremberg has arrived.
Sept. 21. 77. Minute by the Earl of Lincoln of a conversation, held during the Queen's last illness, between himself and Mr. Trudgion, who told him that the Kings of France and Spain, and other foreign Princes were determined to oppose the succession of King James, unless he became Catholic. The Earl wants an opportunity to inform the King of this conversation. Has told it to Sir John Peyton and others.
Sept. 23.
78. Bishop Bancroft to Sir Thomas Lake. In favour of the suit of Robert Barker, the King's Printer, who wants the Royal Warrant for insertion of the King's name in a new edition of the Book of Common Prayer, which is much required.
Sept. 24.
Bromley Hall.
79. Thomas Alabaster to Cecil. Sends extracts from a Spanish letter from Middleburgh, relative to an expected collision between the troops of Count Maurice and the Archduke at Bois-le-duc. A tax of 30 per cent. levied by France and Spain on each other's merchandise. Annexed is,
79. I. Memoranda of the contents of the edicts of Spain and France, relative to trade.
[Sept.] 80. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to the Same. Count Aremberg entreats an audience. Requests directions as to the Spanish Ambassador's giving passports to English persons, to transport merchandize into Spain. Begs permission to recommend those who are fitting to have passports.
Sept. 24.
81. Same to the Same. The Spanish Ambassador intends to use his cousin, John Baptista de Taxis, as interpreter. Caution should be used lest this give him any undue advantage.
Sept. ? 82. The King to the Archbishops and Bishops. Details his proceedings since his accession, in matters of religion; his constancy to maintain the Church as he found it, in spite of the vain hopes of Papists. Ordered his Council and Judges to make known his resolution to uphold the laws for its maintenance; but as absence prevented their witnessing what was proceeding at Court, informs them of it, that, as the principal magistrates in those parts, they may uphold the laws for preservation of religion, only sparing the shedding of blood, which the King thinks should not be exacted for diversity of opinion. The Puritans no less dangerous than the Papists, and therefore equal care to be taken for their suppression. The Judges have decided that it is lawful for Bishops to deprive ministers for nonconformity.
Sept. 24.
83. Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Bancroft, Bishop of London, to Cecil. Particulars of factious and ill-disposed clergymen, preferring petitions to the King against the government of the Church. Thank him for protecting the Church, as reformed by the late Queen.
Sept. 26.
84. Sir George Harvy to the Same. Lord Cobham wishes Lady Harvy to bring up his niece, and to take care of his sister. Sends two intercepted letters from G. Brooke to his wife. Incloses,
84. I. Lord Cobham to Lord Cecil. Desires Lady Harvy may be permitted to take charge of his niece and his sister.
Sept. 26. Grant to Sir Moyle Finch of the office of Chief Steward of the possessions of St. Augustine, near Canterbury, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 4.]
[Sept. 27.] 85. Warrant for a grant to Sir George Hume of the manor and castle of Norham, and other lands, belonging to the late Bishop of Durham, in Northumberland; also of the fishing in the river Tweed, &c.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, August.]
Sept. 28.
Warrant for the King's apparel, and for stuff given by the King to sundry persons at the instalment of the Knights of the Garter. [Docquet, Feb. 29, 1604.]
Sept. 29.
86. Sir Lewis Lewkenor to Cecil. Has provided a lodging for his Lordship near the Spanish Ambassador, who has been visited by the Ambassadors of France and Venice. On his return from Winchester he rode alone with Count Aremberg.
Sept. 29. 87. Instructions for the Earl of Cumberland relative to the diminution of the charge of the garrison, &c. at Berwick.
Sept. 29. 88. Account of Thos. Coningsby, Feodary and Receiver of the Rents of Wards, co. Hereford, from 42 Eliz. to 1 James I.
Sept. 30.
Proclamation to repress all piracies and depredations upon the seas. [Proc. Bk., p. 46.]
Sept. 30. Grant to William Bourne, in reversion after John Dee, of the wardenship of Manchester College. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Pension to Sir John Ramsay of 200£. per annum, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to Robert Seale, Clerk of the Cheque of the Guard, divers sums for red cloth for the summer liveries of the King's servants. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to Robert Sharpe 435£. 8s. 11d., for silver and gold for spangles for the coats of the King's footmen and guard. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to John Parre 93£., for embroidering the above liveries. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to deliver to Robert Seale 8£. 7s. 6d., to be paid for embroidering the letters J. R. on the liveries. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Richard Lazomby of the mastership of the King's crossbows and Lyam hounds. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant of denization for David Lindsay, and his heirs. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grants, in reversion, to William Browne and William Crooke, of Yeoman Waiter's or Warder's places in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Bevis Thelwall, in reversion after Robert Tyas, of a clerkship of the King's Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Letter to the Warden of Manchester College to elect William Bourne as a Fellow. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Sir John Ramsey, and his heirs, in fee-farm, of lands, &c. in the Survey of the Exchequer, value 100 marks per ann. [Docquet.
Sept. 30. Warrant dormant to pay to Thomas Atkinson, Yeoman Pricker of the Buckhounds, 20d. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Letter to the Bishop of Winchester, on behalf of John Cradock, to allow exchange with Edw. Doughty of a benefice in Dorset, for the parsonage of Houghton. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to the Lieutenant of the Ordnance to deliver to Robert Seale 150 livery bows for the King's Guard. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to John Powell, the King's Fletcher, 40£. for 150 sheaves of arrows for the King's Guard. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant, in reversion, to Thomas Muse, of an Alms Knight's room in Windsor. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Five letters on behalf of Mr. Pott, sent to the French King with a kennel of hounds. [Docquet, Oct. 7.]
Sept. 30. Passport for the Same for the above service. [Docquet, Ibid.]
Sept ? 89. Particulars, signed by Sir George Hume, of sums expended for the Queen by Mistress Jane Drummond, Lady Rich, and Sir Roger Aston, for articles of apparel, from June to September.
Sept. ? 90. Statement by Nicholas Geffe; he had given information of the late Queen's title to lapsed property to the value of 100,000£., and had undertaken several actions for its recovery, but received no compensation.
Sept. ? 91. Note by Nicholas Geffe of certain manors in the Survey of the Exchequer, with offer to raise 100,000£. for the King by their sale.
Sept. ? 92. [Wm.] Typper's answer to calumnies against himself and others, commissioned by the late Queen to discover the titles of Crown lands.
93. Warrant to permit Sir George Hume to export 4,000 quarters of wheat, provided the price be not beyond 26s. the quarter.
[Sept.] 94. Draft of the above, corrected.
Sept. 95. Warrant to pay 600£. to the Same, to be disbursed by the King's directions.
Sept. 96. Grant of 200£. per ann. to Lady Barbara Ruthven, in commiseration of her distress; because, though her family is hateful on account of their abominable attempt against the King, she has shown no malicious disposition.
Sept. 97. Warrant to pay 800£. per ann. to Lady Arabella Stuart.
Sept. 98. Order to the Sheriffs of York to desist from interference with the grant made by the Crown to Sir Thomas Lake, of the office of County Clerk of York.
Sept. 99. Warrant for a grant to Sir Thos. Erskine, Captain of the Guard, of the manor of Watton, co. York.
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 7 and 24.]