James I: Volume 4, October-November, 1603

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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October-November, 1603.

Oct. 1.
1. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Invites Carleton to join him at his cousin's house.
Oct. 3.
2. Mayor of Chichester to the Lord Treasurer or the Council. Sends information of drunken speeches of John Tawte, a cobler, against the Scots and the late Queen. Incloses,
2. I. Examinations of George Smith, John Hardam, and John Tawte, on the above. Chichester, Oct. 1.
Oct. 3.
Brancepeth Castle.
3. Hen. Sanderson to Tobias Matthew, Bp. of Durham. Is in personal danger from the daring recusants. Their outrageous conduct.
Oct. 4. 4. Warrant to Sir Rob. Dormer, Master of the Hawks, to preserve the King's game in cos. Bucks, Bedford, and Northampton, and to punish offenders.
Oct. Docquet of the above, Oct. 6, Winchester. [Docquet, Oct. 7.]
Oct. 5. 5. [Dudley Carleton] to Lord Cecil. Account of the second month's charges, during the King's progress. [See Sept 8.]
Oct. 6.
6. Mayor of Plymouth to the Same. Recusants apprehended. An Englishman, servant of the Duchess of Feria, landed from Spain. Discontents for the restraint in the sale of tin. Three Portuguese claim recovery of goods.
Oct. 6. Grant, in reversion, to Sir Rob. Carey, of the office of Keeper of the Little Park at Windsor, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 18.]
Oct. 6.
Letter to the Lord Mayor, &c. of London, to appoint William Huxley one of the Coal Meters. [Docquet.]
Oct. 6.
Letter to the Lord Treasurer to grant a licence, at the suit of the Venetian Ambassador, to transport 1,000 quarters of wheat, in part compensation of spoil taken by the King's subjects from the Venetians. [Docquet, Oct. 7.]
Oct. 6. 7. The King to the -- of -- College ? Requests confirmation to Sir Valentine Knightley of the manors of Wadley and Wickensham, Essex, his right thereto being questioned, upon the new foundation obtained from the King.
Oct. 7. Grant to Sir George Hume, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in feefarm, of lands, not specified. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Grant to Lord Compton of the Lieutenancy of Warwickshire. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Pardon to Thomas Newton, of Tranmore, co. Chester, for felonies, &c. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Warrant to pay to Edmund Lassells, Groom of the Privy Chamber, 20£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Warrant to deliver to the Same stuff for his livery, the same as other Grooms of the Chamber. [Docquet.]
Oct. 7. Letter from the King to George Smyth, in behalf of Sir Thomas Monk. [Docquet.]
Oct. 9. 8. The King to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. To issue letters to the Bishops, for voluntary contributions in behalf of the citizens of Geneva, who are exposed to great dangers by their exertions in behalf of the common cause of religion.
[Oct. 9.]
St. Denis' Day.
9. Miles, a priest, to Mr. Warmington. Private affairs. Has reconciled him with Mrs. Blewet. Begs him to travel with Arthur [Blewet].
Oct. 10. List of the names of knights in several counties, and of lawyers chosen to be of the Queen's Council.
Oct. 9.
11. Form of warrant from the Queen, appointing a Council to advise in matters touching her jointure; with names of three of the intended Council.
Oct. 9 ?
12. Copy of the above.
Oct. 13. Forms of letters patent by Lord Cecil, as High Bailiff and Steward of Queen Anne, appointing Deputy Bailiffs and Stewards. Annexed are,
13. I. Note of the manors in the Queen's jointure.
13. II. Survey of woods in her jointure, co. Suffolk.
Oct. 10.
14. Sir John Peyton to Cecil. Answer to the Earl of Lincoln's imputations. Incloses,
14. I. A true relation of such speeches as passed between the Earl of Lincoln and Sir John Peyton, some few days before Her Majesty's death, and within few days after, relative to the succession.
Oct. 10. Warrant to the Treasurer, &c. of the Exchequer to instal old debts. [Docquet, April 27, 1604.]
Oct. 11. Warrant to the Same to compound debts due upon obligations, bonds, and recognizances. [Docquet, Ibid.]
Oct. 11.
15. The King to [Rich. Fienes, Lord Say and Sele,] Keeper of Banbury Castle. Appoints him to preserve the game of venery and falconry, and to punish all offenders who transgress the laws by shooting, taking of partridges, &c., in Banbury and Bloxham.
Oct. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 12. Grant, in fee-farm, to [Sir] Edw. Blount and Jos. Earth, of the lordships and manor of Fotheringay, and others. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 18.]
Oct. 12. Release for life to Chris. Hoggesden from the offices of Sheriff or Collector. [Grant Book, p. 3.]
Oct. 12. Grant to the Earl of Mar, in fee-farm, of lands, &c. not named. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Commission to the Lord Treasurer, and others, to sell in his Majesty's name any manors, lands, &c. which have not been in charge before any of the auditors since the beginning of the late Queen's reign, with certain exceptions. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Grant to the Earl of Mar, in fee-simple, of the manors of Hundon and Chipley, and three parks in the manor of Hundon, co. Suffolk, part of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Commission to the Lord Treasurer, and others, to make composition with persons in certain cases for forfeited bonds, recognizances, &c. in the custody of the King's Remembrancer, or the Remembrancer of the First Fruits. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Commission to the Attorney General to confess all pleas pleaded to port bonds in certain cases, and also to the Barons of the Exchequer to give judgment on the same. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Commission to the Lord Treasurer, and others, to take order with persons indebted to the Crown in more than 300£. [Docquet.]
Oct. 12. Warrant to deliver 600£. to Sir George Hume, Keeper of the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
Oct. 13.
16. Serjeant John Hele to Lord Cecil. Has been in danger on the circuit from the plague. The prisoners indicted for treason, and base persons are found guilty, and awaiting punishment. Lord Cobham being much in his debt, he has seized some of his land and goods in Kent.
Oct. 14. 17. Two examinations of John Dacres, of Lanercost, as to his joining Robert Elliott in spoiling the tenants of Gillesland. He denies it, and also that he had said the Lord Thos. Howard was in disgrace.
Oct. 14. 18. Examinations of Leonard Musgrave, and others, on their speeches touching Lord T. Howard, &c.
Oct. 15. Licence to the Earl of Argyle to export 5,000 cloths within three years. [Docquet.]
Oct. 15. Lease to George Bannister and Nicholas Cade of certain houses and land in Hailes, co. Gloucester. [Docquet.]
Oct. 15. 19. Business memoranda by Cecil, of adjournment of Michaelmas Term, time of arraignment of the conspirators, &c.
Oct. 17.
20. Sir Henry Savile to D. Carleton. Thanks for his letters of news, &c. Mr. Fitzherbert is with the French Ambassador [Sir John Parry] in Carleton's place.
Oct. 18. Grant, in fee-farm, to John Earl of Mar, of the manor of North Stoke, co. Somerset. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 14.]
Oct. 18. Grant to Sir Rich. Preston of the goods of Jane Bowes, deceased. [Ibid., p. 18.]
Oct. 18.
21. Nicolas Burlace to Wm. Bree. Desires him to send certain quantities of bread. A distress for his rent threatened, &c.
Oct. 18.
Proclamation for the further adjournment of part of Michaelmas Term, from Westminster to Winchester. [Proc. Bk., p. 49.]
Oct. 19.
22. Mercury Patten to Sir John Stanhope, Vice-Chamberlain. Raleigh's conference, shortly after he got into trouble, with Parks, of the Stannary, about Lord Cecil. Desires Parks may be questioned about it.
Oct. 19.
St. Giles in the Fields.
23. John Grange to the Council. Edward Newsom found the annexed paper upon Whitehall garden door. Annexed is,
23. I. Fragment of a tirade against "my Lord Deinsheare" [Earl of Devonshire], by a person who had saved his life in Ireland.
Oct. 19.
24. Warrant for yearly livery to Patrick Pitcairn, Groom of the Privy Chamber.
Oct. 20.
25. Warrant to Sir Hen. Cock, Cofferer of the Household, and to the clerks and comptrollers of the Board of Green Cloth, to allow 20£. per ann. wages to John Lepton, Groom of the Privy Chamber.
Oct. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 20.
26. Warrant for yearly livery to the same.
Oct. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Oct. 28.]
Oct. 21. Grant to Thos. Cotes, and his heirs, of the rental of Northall, co. York. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 14.]
Oct. 24. 27. Lord Cecil to Alex. King, Auditor of Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Enquires the profits of the courts of certain manors belonging to the priory of Leominster.
[Oct. 24.]
28. Proclamation concerning such as seditiously seek reformation in Church matters. Postponement of the Assembly of Divines till after Christmas.
[Oct. 24.] 29. Draft of the above, indorsed 19 Oct.
Oct. 24.
Copy of the above. [Proc. Bk., p. 53.]
Oct. 24. Letter to Capt. Ager to give attendance upon Lord Home, Lieutenant of the Borders of Scotland, with 50 horsemen. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Warrant to pay to Lord Home 16d. a day each, for 50 horsemen on the Borders. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Warrant to deliver to John Gibb, John Achmouty, John and George Murray, Grooms of the Bedchamber, stuff for winter apparel. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Warrant to pay to the Lord Admiral 600£. per ann., for his diet at Court. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to the Earl of Nottingham, and his heirs, in fee-farm, of Exchequer lands value 100£. per ann. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Similar grant to the Same, of lands of the Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Sir Charles Howard of the keepership of the King's house and park at Ditton, co. Bucks. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to Humphry Jobson, in reversion after Ph. Ellis, of the clerkship of the Cheque at Deptford, co. Kent. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant, with survivorship, to John Stevenson and his son, of the keepership of the King's wardrobe and armoury at Windsor. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Pensions to Walter Staples and 6 others, Grooms of the Stable to Queen Elizabeth, of 8d. a day each. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Pardon to Jane Valentine for stealing linen cloth. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Grant to the Company of Stationers of the exclusive right of printing primers, psalters, psalms, almanacks, and prognostications. [Docquet.]
Oct. 24. Warrant to pay to Lord Cecil, 5,200£. which he had disbursed for certain lands in Cornwall, surrendered to the King. [Docquet.]
Oct. 25.
30. Rob. Hitcham, the Queen's Attorney, to Lord Cecil. Testimony in behalf of Mr. Roo, the bearer, a suitor for the bailiwick of Walton-cum-Trembly. [See 4 Nov.]
Oct. 26. 31. The King's instructions to the Commissioners for making copy- hold and customary lands free; with names of the Commissioners indorsed.
Oct. 32. Account of the average fines of copyhold lands, cos. Norfolk, Hunts., Suffolk, Kent, Essex, Herts, and Middlesex, from 40 to 44 Eliz.
Oct. 26. Grant to George Kirkham of annuity of 50£. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Murray 600£. of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Warrant to pay to Sir James Lindsay the sum of 100£. of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Grant to George Shiers of the office of Apothecary to the King's Household, with the fee of 40£. a year, and "Bouge of Courte" [food at court.] [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Grant to Abednego Segrave of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26.
Warrant to deliver to Robert Seale, Clerk of the Cheque, 200£. for providing liveries. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Grant to John Cowper, son and heir of Sir John Cowper, in reversion after Sir Walter and Sir Carew Raleigh, of the offices of Ranger of the Forest, Steward of the Woodward's Court, Keeper of the Park, &c. of Gillingham, and of Steward and Bailiff of the manor of Gilling- ham, co. Dorset. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26.
Letter to the Sheriff of Middlesex, directing Sir Thomas Vavasour, Knight Marshal, to attend Lord Cobham, and Sir Richard Leveson to attend Lord Grey, with an escort of 50 horse, to the place of trial. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Like letter to the Sheriff of Hampshire. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. 33. The King to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Is wishful to maintain the state of religion, but receives such frequent complaints of the paucity of churches and inefficiency of ministers, that he is compelled to demand certificates as to their number and quality; where the revenues are insufficient, he will supply the lack from impropriate tithes. Wishes the introduction of novel ceremonies to be discouraged.
Oct. 28. Warrant to admit Thomas Hall, vice Thomas Barkley, into the place of a Server of the Hall. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28.
34. Declaration by the Earl of Cumberland and other Commissioners of the number of persons in pay at Berwick.
Oct. 29. 35. Declaration of John Ashley. His refusal to join in Watson's conspiracy. The tenor of the oath required, &c.
Oct. 29. 36. Examination of Rich. Mellersh, Lord Cobham's man, as to the hand-writing of several papers which follow, and of others that are wanting. Annexed are,
36. I. Notes in Lord Cobham's hand, from Scripture, and English statutes, heads of arguments, &c., tending to his own vindication in reference to the conspiracy. [Oct. 8.]
36. II. Lord Cobham to Rich. Mellersh. Directions for various devices to lessen his seeming guilt, and to procure his pardon. One of the King's preachers to be sent to him in hopes of receiving his confessions. An antedated correspondence with Sir T. Fane to be got up, to prove that he had relinquished his intention to travel. The Spanish Ambassador to solicit the Queen's intercession for him, &c. [Oct. 8.]
36. III. Copy of the above; with marginal notes [by Sir Edw. Coke].
36. IV. Lord Cobham to Lady Kildare, his wife. His misfortune gives him full proof of her affection. Has, with great difficulty, found means to write to her. His only hope is in His Majesty's mercy.
36. V. Copy of the above; with notes by Coke.
36. VI. Lord Cobham to his wife. Requests her to ask the Attorney-General Coke, whether the Judges deem his offence capital.
36. VII. Lord Cobham to Mellersh. To give 10£. to his keeper. To speak to Sir John Leveson and Sir George Char about his brother; and to let him know if his house at the Friars is seized.
36. VIII. Rich. Mellersh to Sir Thos. Fane. Desires him to write an answer to an inclosed letter from Lord Cobham, to him, dated July 4, 1603, and to antedate the answer: object for so doing. Incloses,
36. IX. Lord Cobham to Sir Thos. Fane, Lieutenant of Dover Castle. Cannot prevail on the Lord Treasurer to advance money for Dover Haven. Has changed his mind touching his intended travel. Blackfriars, July 4.
36. X. Copy of the above.
36. XI. Attestation of Rich. Mellersh and Hen. Adams as to the malice of G. Brooke against Lord Cobham. Oct. 25.
36. XII. Lady Kildare to Lord Cobham. Lord Cecil gives her small comfort. She will not write by Mellersh to the Court, for the King has gone one way and the Queen another. Professes fidelity, &c.
Oct. 30 ?
37. Lord Cobham to the King. Is sincerely penitent and beseeches mercy.
Oct. 30.
38. Same to the Council. Urges his slight connection with the conspiracy as a ground for mercy.
Oct. 30 ?
Tower. Sunday.
39. Same to the Earls of Nottingham and Suffolk, and Lord Cecil. Entreats to speak with them. Will disclose to them what he would not to any others.
Oct. 30.
40. Grant to the Earl of Derby of the office of Chamberlain of Chester, for life.
Oct. 31.
41. Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to Lord Cecil. Has received the Privy Seal for the Earl of Derby, but stayed the engrossing of it, being, contrary to His Majesty's declaration, "for life."
Oct. 31.
42. Sir Allan Percy to Dud. Carleton. The King will come to church in state, to-morrow, from Wilton. Lady Raleigh wants to transfer her husband's cause to the Star Chamber. Raleigh hopes the Earl [of Northumberland] will not forsake him. The Venetian Ambassadors at Southampton, &c.
Oct. 31.
43. The Council to the Attorney General. He is to send Gosnold to Salisbury, and to give the Lord [Chancellor], who is to be Steward at the Peers' trial, all possible information about the plot.
Oct. 31.
44. The Same to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere. Thanks from the King for the apprehension of Rich. Mellersh and his papers. Requests him to hear the Attorney General's explanation of the plot.
Oct. 31. 45. Sir Geo. Harvy to Cecil. Lord Cobham is dismayed at the committal of Mellersh. Desires a commission to take coaches to convey the prisoners to Winchester. Incloses,
45. I. Lord Cobham to Cecil. Enquires why his man, Mellersh, was committed. Begs his release. Has not a penny, and is at a loss what to do. Begs his wife may be informed of the commitment of Mellersh.
Oct. 31.
46. The Council to the Lord Treasurer. Authorize him to continue the impositions on currants, oil, and raisins, levied by the late Levant Company, thus to compensate the King for the 4,000£. per ann. lost by the surrender of their charter.
[Oct. 31.] 47. Copy of the above.
Oct. ? 48. Ralph Ewens to Geo. Calvert. Is making a particular of the bailiwick of Spalding; thinks the bailiff of Hampton-in-Arden a fit man for it. Sends particulars for Prince's Risborough bailiwick, the patent to be in Rich. Edward's name. Annexed is,
48. I. Memorandum of copyhold fines of Wharton, Spalding, &c., to the King, Queen, and Prince.
49. [Lord Cecil] to R[alph] E[wens], Auditor of the Queen. To send particulars of the stewardship of Bisley, co. Gloucester, with a note to make out a grant of deputation to R. E., for the said stewardship and bailiwick, and the bailiwick of Spalding, &c. Annexed is,
49. I. List of copyhold tenants in the manor of Bisley, with the amount of their fines.
Oct. ? 50. [The Council ?] to [the Council of Scotland.] Assign several rivers in Scotland to be worked by Bevis Bulmer, and the river Winlock by Geo. Bowes, in search of gold and silver; in other parts of Scotland they may search jointly and severally at pleasure.
Nov. 1.
51. Sir Ant. Mildmay to Lord Cecil. He knows no fit man for the deputy stewardship of the manor of Yaxley, co. Huntingdon.
Nov. 1.
Leighton, Hun- tingdonshire.
52. Sir Gervase Clifton to the Same. Begs for certain stewardships in the West Country; has only that of Brampton, co. Huntingdon.
Nov. 1.
53. Sir Wm. Waad to the Same. Supposes Sir Rob. Mansell must be in Norfolk. Conveyance of the prisoners to Winchester. Finds Sir W. Raleigh greatly altered.
Nov. 1. Grant to Walter Neale, and his heirs, of the advowson of the church of Newton Ferrers. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 11.]
Grant to Wm. Parker Lord Monteagle, and his heirs, of the reversion of the lordship and manor of Martock, co. Somerset, and the rent of 137£. 9s. [Ibid., p. 11.]
Nov. 3.
54. Lord Cecil to Mr. Mynterne. To send him the names of the bailiffs, &c. of the manors in the Queen's jointure. Incloses,
54. I. List of the manors of the jointure, with their several values.
Nov. 3.
55. The King to Lord Sheffield, President of the Council in the North. To muster the Trained Bands, in order to see all defects in the arms supplied. Recommends Edmund Nicholson to provide them. Incloses,
55. I. Attested estimate of the value of Nicholson's arms:-32s. for the foot soldier; 3£. 10s. for the light horse; 5£. for the lancers. May 14, 1602.
Nov. 4.
56. Confirmation of a grant, made Oct. 22, to Wm. Duck, Hugh Miller, and George and Edw. Stone, footmen to the late Queen, of annuities of 50£. each.
Nov. 4.
57. Sir Mich. Stanhope to Lord Cecil. Desires to have a stewardship patent made out to him jointly with Mr. Shaw. Complains of Mr. Hitcham's obtaining the deputy stewardship on false representations. Incloses,
57. I. Rob. Hitcham to Sir Michael Stanhope; the manor of Walton- cum-Trembly is part of Her Majesty's jointure: and Lord Cecil, as High Steward of all her Courts, has appointed him (Mr. Hitcham) his deputy. Ipswich, Oct. 25. [See Oct. 25.]
Nov. 4.
58. Sir Edw. Coke to Sir Mich. Stanhope. He may be deputy steward with Shaw if he likes. Thanks him for his handsome servant.
Nov. ? 59. Sir Mich. Stanhope to Cecil. In behalf of Wm. Scrutton, unjustly accused by R. Hitcham of misconduct in his office as bailiff of Walton-cum-Trembly. Is going to Austerley.
Nov. ? 60. Lord Cecil to the Deputy Stewards of Walton-cum-Trembly. For the bearer, Wm. Scrutton, late bailiff there, to collect his arrears.
Nov. 4.
Proclamation against unlawful conveying of goods between England and Scotland. [Proc. Bk., p. 55.]
Nov. 4. Grant to Sir John Trevor of the office of keeper of the house and park of Oatlands, co. Surrey, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
Nov. 4. 61. Henry Sherfield to George Calvert. Private business with Sir John Thynne and Mr. Godolphin.
Nov. 5.
62. Sir Thos. Bennett. Lord Mayor of London, to Cecil. Requests direction about Denis O'Roughan, an Irish priest, whom he had imprisoned. Incloses,
62. I. Deposition of Thos. Pickhaver against O'Roughan, who had assaulted him with a sword stick. Nov. 3.
62. II. Deposition of Henry Marsh and William Hall, both of London, as to the capture of O'Roughan, his pretended prophecies, &c. Nov. 3.
62. III. Confession of "Sir Denis Roughan, prieste," of sins against his sacred profession, &c.
Nov. 7.
Badley, Suffolk.
63. Edm. Poley to Cecil. Has kept the manor court of Hitcham, Suffolk, as steward. The office is claimed by Rob. Hitcham. Asks directions.
Nov. 7.
64. Ant. Forest to the Same. Requests to be one of his deputies for the town of Yaxley, co. Hunts. His neighbour, Sir Oliver Cromwell, will certify his sufficiency.
Nov. ? 65. Genealogical account of the descendants of John Robinson, with requests in behalf of Rich. Farmer, his heir, to obtain his pardon for certain offences, for which he offers a portion of six manors, viz., of Crockerne and five others, to the Earl of Devon. Indorsed [by Cecil] "Fras. Kemp, Wm. Bray, Wm. Slymond."
Nov. 7. 66. Examinations of Wm. Peters, of Scumfrith, Monmouthshire, Wm. Braye, of Camborne, Cornwall, and William Slymond, of Hol- combe-Rogus, Devon, apprehended on suspicion of being Catholics.
Nov. 7.
67. Thos. Alabaster to Lord Cecil. Report that Spain will not make peace with England, unless Flushing, Rammekens, and the Brill are delivered up. His own opinion is that peace with Spain will not be beneficial, unless it guarantee freedom of conscience, liberty of trade, and the safety of the Low Countries.
Nov. 7. Grant to Chris. Hunt of the office of Receiver General of Warwickshire and Leicestershire, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
Nov. 8. Grant to Thos. Lord Buckhurst and Sir Geo. Hume, of the reversion of Launde priory, co. Leicester. [Ibid., p. 11.]
Nov. 8. 68. Geo. Wilson to Geo. Calvert. Account of fees of the stewardships of certain manors, co. Somerset, in the Queen's jointure.
Nov. 9.
69. Thos. Alabaster to Lord Cecil. Sends copy of a French proclamation in retaliation of the Spanish edict, levying 30 per cent. on certain merchandise. [See Sept. 24.]
Nov. 11.
70. Warrant to pay 100 marks per ann. to Rob. Walker, for keeping 16 couple of buckhounds; 3£. 12s. per month for keeping a horse; also to Rich. Brasse, Yeoman of the Privy Buckhounds, 2s. per diem wages.
Nov. 11. 71. Copy of the above.
Docquet of part of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 30.]
Nov. 12.
Winchester Castle.
72. Sir Benj. Ticheborne to Cecil. Sends a letter found in Lord Cobham's trunk.
Nov. 13.
Winchester Castle.
73. Same to the Council. Has received into custody Geo. Brooke, Sir W. Raleigh, Sir Griffin Markham, Sir Edw. Parham, Brookesby, Copley, Watson, and Clerke, with each of them a keeper and servants to attend them.
Nov. 14. ? 74. Wm. Atkinson to Cecil. Asks a warrant to search papists' houses in Salisbury, as many priests have assembled there to go to Winchester against Watson's arraignment. He nearly lost his life at York in apprehending two villains who meant violence to Cecil.
Nov. ?
Syon. Sunday.
75. Sir Allan Percy to D. Carleton. Will not fail to be at Court when my Lord [Northumberland] shall appoint. Is going into Sussex.
Nov. 13.
Winchester. Castle.
76. Sir Wm. Waad to Cecil. Safe arrival of the prisoners at Winchester. Fury of the mob in London against Raleigh.
Nov. 14.
The Castle.
77. Lord Cobham to the Earl of Nottingham, and others. Earnestly entreats to speak with them; will tell the whole truth.
Nov. 14. Grant to Edw. Lord Kinloss, and his heirs, of the lordship of East Witton, and others, co. York, part of the lands of the Earl of Lenox. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 18.]
Nov. 14.
78. Rich. Kidder to John Hare. Wishes to be continued in the office held by his father, now deceased, as collector of rents at Lewes, Grinstead, &c.
[Nov. 15.] 79. List of 25 knights and gentlemen of the jury for the trial of the prisoners concerned in Watson's conspiracy.
Nov. 15 ? 80. Sir Edw. Coke's notes for drawing up the case for the prosecution against Cobham, Grey, Raleigh, Brooke, &c.
Nov. 15 ? 81. Articles for Lord Grey's defence. [In his own hand.]
Nov. 16. Grant to Wm. Fitzwilliam, of pardon for his father's debt. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
Nov. 17. Grant to Fras. Browne of the office of Chief Registrar of Ecclesiastical Causes in the province of York, for life. [Ibid., p. 19.]
Nov. 17 ? 82. Speech penned for the Lord Cobham's use at his trial. [Noted by Cobham "My man's folish and vain speech."]
[Nov. 17.] 83. Detailed report of the trial of Sir Walter Raleigh.
Nov. 18.
Winchester Castle.
84. Geo. Brooke to Lord Cecil. Implores his compassion and mercy, by the memory of her whom Cecil yet loves. [His deceased wife, Elizabeth, sister of Lord Cobham and George Brooke.]
Nov. 18 ? 85. Earl of Northumberland to the King. The offenders tried and convicted. Recommends mercy as well as justice. His cousin [Thos.] Percy, who could not before "look the King in the face by owl-light," would now be glad to see him by daylight.
Nov. 18.
86. Thos. Alabaster to Lord Cecil. In favour of the East India Company's deputies, sent for to Court to buy the King's pepper. Ships fitted out in France to take all Spanish ships westward of the Canary Islands. Rupture threatened between France and Spain. The King of Denmark protects Hamburgh. The Emperor fears his election as King of the Romans. The Hollanders are sending ships to the East Indies, against the Portuguese. The Constable of Castile is coming over, and Count Aremberg returning.
Nov. 19. Grant to Rob. Kingswell of the office of keeper of Freemantle park, co. Hants, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 18.]
Nov. 19. Lease, in reversion, to Edward Lord Stourton, of the manor of Rothwell. [Ibid., p. 17.]
Nov. 21. 87. Instructions for the Commissioners for sale of manors, prebends, rectories, tithes, &c., in fee-farm.
Nov 20. 88. Thomas Docwra to Lord Cecil. Requests the office of Deputy Steward of the manor of Hitchin, Herts, jointly with Wm. Plomer.
Nov. 20.
89. Ant. Copley to the Same. Implores his influence with His Majesty for mercy.
Nov. 22 ? 90. Lord Cobham to the King. Prays forgiveness and mercy. Denies the horrible speech imputed to him. With a note entreating the mediation of the Council.
Nov. 22. 91. Confession of Lord Cobham. Raleigh's plots to bring in Spanish troops; to become a spy and pensioner of Spain, &c. Count Aremberg innocent of treason.
Nov. 22. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Edw. Gorges, and Theobald and Rob. Gorges, of power to make all writs of subpona. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 11.]
Nov. 24.
Bishop Auckland.
92. Bishop Matthew to Lord Cecil. Thanks for his favour to Hen. Sanderson. State of the Papists in his diocese; their petitions, &c. Answers divers letters. Eulogizes the King. Incloses,
92. I. Petition from the recusants to the King, for relief from persecution.
Nov. 24.
Warrant to pay to Sir Francis Godolphin, Captain of the Scilly Isles, certain sums for the charges of the garrison there. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 19.]
Nov. 25.
93. Lord Cecil to the Steward of the manor of Shiltington, co. Bedford. Directs him to enrol all leases within the said manor with Ralph Ewens, her Majesty's Auditor.
Nov. 26. Grant to Thos. Lord Scrope of the bailiwick of Richmond Castle, in Yorkshire, and Middenham, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 19.]
[Nov. 26.]
Grant, with survivorship, to Edw. Kendall and John Bendbo, of the office of Remembrancer of First Fruits in the Exchequer. Latin. [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 179.]
[Nov. 26.]
Grant to James Craig, in reversion after Robert Tyas, and Bevis Thelwall, of the Clerkship of the Wardrobe. Latin. [Ibid., p. 178.]
Nov. 27.
94. Rob. Hitcham to George Calvert. Approves Mr. Smith as surety for Mr. Roo on the account of his bailiwick.
Nov. 28.
95. Geo. Lacock to Ralph Ewens. In behalf of Ralph Law to be continued in his place of gaoler, at Nottingham, instead of Edw. Birch, formerly discharged.
Nov. 28. Grant to Sir Edw. Blount, and Jos. Earth, and heirs, of the lordships of Kinsey Lacey, co. Dorset. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 11.]
Nov. 28 ? 96. Lord Grey to the King. Is prepared to die, and entreats that his house may not be stained with treason. Never intended injury to the King.
Nov. 28 ? 97. Lord Grey to Lord Cecil. Takes his last farewell of the King. Desires to know speedily the time of his death, and that the bearer may have private access to him.
Nov. ? 98. John Parsons to the Same. Was tenant to Lord Grey, but transferred his estate to Wm. Andrews, who has not paid the rent.
Nov. 99. The King to the Lord President of Wales. Has regranted to Thos. Stephens the office of Yeoman of the Wardrobe, &c., in the Marches of Wales, of which he was deprived by an unjust judgment.