James I: Volume 5, December, 1603

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 5, December, 1603', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp56-63 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 5, December, 1603', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp56-63.

"James I: Volume 5, December, 1603". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp56-63.


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December, 1603.

Dec. 1. Grant to Fras. Vivian, of the office of Keeper of St. Mawes Castle, co. Cornwall, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 15.]
Dec. 2. 1. Warrant to the Receiver of Yorkshire to repay 1,000£. lent by the Lord Mayor of York to the King, in April last, on his journey from Scotland.
Dec. 3. 2. Draft, corrected by Cecil, of the proclamation for transplantation of the Grahams for offences on the Borders.
Dec. 4.
Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Bk. p. 56.]
3. Names of 99 Grahams and their families dwelling upon Esk and Leven; with notes of those who are fit to be transplanted.
Dec. 4. Reasons for continuing the garrison of Berwick without reduction.
Dec. 4.
5. The King to Sir Wm. Bowes, and others, Commissioners for dissolving the garrison at Berwick. Having received their report, has decided on the following directions, viz.; That after Christmas day, the garrison is to be reduced to 100 of the oldest soldiers; the officers to be dismissed; the younger men offered places in the service in Flushing, Brill, or Ireland; the horse-band and some footmen to be retained at half-pay. They are to have a survey of the expense of rebuilding the decayed church, and of supporting a minister. The ordnance is to be committed to John Crane, the Comptroller, till the arrival of the Captain. Annexed are,
5. I. Statements of the present allowances paid at Berwick.
5. II. Project [by the Commissioners] for reducing the expenses of the garrison at Berwick.
5. III. Directions to his Lordship [the Earl of Cumberland] and the Commissioners, in reference to the new establishment at Berwick.
5. IV. Memoranda by Cecil relating to the same.
5. V. Account of the yearly pay allowed for Berwick, with the Holy and Farn Islands and the castle of Wark, amounting to 13,400£. 13s. 6d., and of the balance in the treasurer's hands.
Dec. 4.
[Flanders ?]
6. Thos. Winter to John Grant. The Spaniards expect supply ; 40 of them surprised in a little castle by "our Lord Deputy." Count Maurice risen from Sitemgambos. Ostend hardly pressed, and likely to be won either by the Dutch or the sea. Lady Montague in the country.
Dec. 6. 7. Certificate of Nathaniel Fulwer, Auditor of the Exchequer, of the profits of courts in Crown manors, cos. Dorset, Somerset, Wilts and Gloucester.
Dec. 7 ? 8. The King to the Sheriff of Hampshire. To stay the execution of Lords Grey and Cobham, and Sir Griffin Markham. [Draft, corrected by the King.]
Dec. 7 ? 9. Copy of the above.
Dec. 9 ? Sir Walter Raleigh to his wife. Takes leave of her in anticipation of his execution. [Dom. Corresp., 21 March, 1618.]
Dec. 7. Grant, in reversion to Jerome Ham and John Barker, of price wines in the port of Bristol, for 38 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 12.]
Dec. 9. Grant to Wm. Smith, and his heirs, of the reversion of Launde Priory, co. Leicester, and others, with remainder to Lord Cromwell. [Ibid., p. 20.]
[Dec. 9.] Grant to Sir Roger Aston of the keeping of Cowling Park, co. Kent, escheated by attainder of Lord Cobham. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] Warrant for the Earl of Pembroke to preserve the King's game in the Earl of Pembroke's division, Wilts. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] Warrant to deliver to Rich. Greene, John Carse, and Walter Todderick, Pages of the Bedchamber, stuff for their apparel. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] Warrant to pay to Lord Harrington the wages due to the Lady Elizabeth's servants. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] Warrant to pay to Euphemia Cromway 100 marks as the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] Grant to Miles Rainsford of the keeping and stewardship of Cobham Hall, co. Kent, escheated by attainder of Lord Cobham. [Docquet.]
[Dec. 9.] 10. The King to the Keeper of Winchester Castle. Order to deliver to persons authorized by six of the Council, the prisoners attainted of high treason but respited, who are to be returned to the Tower of London.
Dec. 9. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 9. 11. The King to the Lord Treasurer. To order Thos. Scudamore, Receiver of York, to pay the expenses of the new establishment at Berwick, according to a book of Musters to be yearly delivered to him by the Captain. The Receiver to have 100 marks per ann. for his pains. Incloses,
11. I. "An establishmente conteyninge the numbers of men, with there wages by the moneth and yeare, which our pleasure is shalbe continewed in the towne of Barwycke." Dec. 9.
[Dec. 9.] 12. Copy of the above.
[Dec. 9.] Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10.
13. Edw. Reynoldes to Thos. Rawlins. Has delivered his resolution to his brother, which he would not "commit to paper at that uncertain time."
Dec. 10. Warrant to pay 100£. per ann. to the Grooms and Pages of the King's Chamber. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Grant to Lord Hunsdon of 424£. per ann., for life, of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Warrant to deliver to the King's laundress stuff for her livery. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Warrant for the Earl of Southampton to preserve the King's game in the divisions of Andover, Fawley, and Kingsclere, co. Hants. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10.
14. Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Lee 200£. the King's free gift, and a pension of 200£. per ann.
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10. Grant in reversion to Tho. Hutton of an auditorship of the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Letter in favour of Samuel Starr for a scholarship in Christchurch, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Pension to Hugh Browne and John Pepper, of 5s. per diem, for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Grant to Sir Roger Dallison, &c. (particulars not expressed.) [Docquet.]
Dec. 11. 15. Lord Treasurer Buckhurst to Sir Thos. Lake. Knows not how to make provision of coinage for the new establishment of 6,000 foot and 500 horse in Ireland, until he has a list of them, to ascertain how many of the horse are to have 18d., and how many 15d., and 12d. per diem.
Dec. 12.
16. The Same to Lord Cecil. Troops in Ireland to be reduced. Proposes buying up the Irish shillings, now decried to a groat. Violence of the Scots on the Borders. Exorbitant demands of Peter Vanlore, &c. Prices and transportation of corn. Suppression of mutinies, &c.
Dec. 14. Grant, in reversion, to Chris. Browne, of the offices of Lieutenant of the Isle of Portland, and Keeper of the Castle. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Dec. 16. Grant to Wm. Rainsford of the office of Keeper of Cobham Hall, co. Kent, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 15.]
Dec. 16.
17. Thos. Alabaster to Lord Cecil. The French King has lately recalled the banished Jesuits. It is thought he wishes to strengthen the Popish faction, lest the Protestants call over the English King to challenge his title. The Constable of Castile coming to treat of peace, but it will be clogged with many conditions. The Flemish merchants pronounce the Spanish impost of 30 per cent. on merchandise injurious. The French King assists the Hollanders.
[Dec. 16.] 18. Grant to Gilbert Earl Shrewsbury of the office of Lord Chief Justice in Eyre, north of the Trent, for life.
Dec. 16. Entry of the above. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Dec. 20. 19. The King to the Commissioners for Berwick. A new establishment for Berwick is devised, but the Captain for the garrison not being appointed, they are to publish the establishment, and order John Crane to see it performed.
Dec. 21.
Waterson's Shop.
20. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Has come to Hampton Court in ill weather, and the sickness. A book will be published of the proceedings at Winchester. The prisoners returned to the Tower. The Dean of Salisbury made Bishop of Oxford. Masques ready for Christmas.
Dec. 21. Grant to Hen. and Sam. Sanderson of the offices of Constable of Brancepeth Castle and Keeper of the Forest, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Dec. 22. 21. The King to the Dean of Salisbury, about to be elected Bishop of Oxford. To continue Dr. Blincow in his office, as Chancellor of the Diocese.
Dec. 24. Grant to Hen. Bronker of the office of Overseer of all Issues, for 21 years. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 16.]
Dec 24. 22. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Edmondes. Requests that the Privy Council will require the Mayor, &c. of Southampton to assist in apprehending certain persons named, for piracy.
Dec. 28. Grant to Sir Geo. Hume, and his heirs, of lands, &c., co. Norfolk, and elsewhere. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 13.]
Dec. 28. Grant to Rich. Madock, and his heirs, of the manor of Westley, and other lands, co. Shropshire, &c. [Ibid., p. 13.]
Dec. 29. 23. Hen. Spiller to Lord Treasurer Buckhurst. Statement of the debts owing to the Crown by Rook Green and Walter Norton for recusancy, for which an extent of their lands was made in the late reign, amounting to 2,100£. A Scotch gentleman sues for their goods but these have not been certified. [See 1604, Jan. 28.] Annexed is,
23. I. Warrant for a grant to be made to Sam. Kirkpatrick of the goods and chattels of Rook Green, of Essex, and Walter Norton, of Norfolk and Suffolk, forfeited for recusancy. 1603.
Dec. 30. Grant to Oliver Manners of the office of Clerk of the Council, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 15.]
Dec. ? 24. Peter Hardy, of London, to Lord [Cecil ?] Information as to English Papists in Paris, and Sir John Carill, of Chichester, in whose house mass had often been celebrated.
Dec. 25. Archbishop Whitgift to the Bishops of his Province. Conveys the King's commands, dated Windsor, Dec. 15, for execution of the laws against Popish recusants, and suppression of superstition and popery. Return to be made of all recusant Papists.

Undated, 1603 ?

26. The King to Sir Thos. Knyvet. To admit Jas. Acheson, in place of John Rutlinger, to the office of Undergraver of the Mint.
27. Wm. Engelbert and David Edwards to Cecil. Have made an estimate of the expense of bringing the water of Hoddesdon to Theobald's Park.
28. Agreement between Messrs. de Beaumont and Monglatt and Lord Cecil, for purchase of a diamond weighing 53 carats.
29. Wm. Bruce to Queen Anne. Prays her interest with the King that he may have the profits of making four Knights or two Serjeants-at-Law.
30. Sir Walter Cope to Cecil. He is to give 200£. for a place in the Prince's service [auditorship of the Duchy of Cornwall], which he has bought from [Rich.] Connock, to whom Sir Fras. Godolphin assigned it.
31. Petition of Alex. Harper to the Council. Shews that he has fought in the wars in Ireland in the time of Queen Elizabeth, and is unfit for further service. Prays for their Lordships' letter to the Justices of the West Riding of Yorkshire for his relief.
32. The King to the [Mayor, &c.] of Shrewsbury. Requests them to elect Thos. Unton as town clerk, in reversion after Adam Milton, the present clerk. Indorsed "The King's first letter."
33. The Same to the Same. Recommends a second time Thos. Unton to succeed Adam Milton as their town clerk. Is surprised that they hesitate to fulfil his previous request, and sends them the opinion of his Attorney General on its legality. Incloses,
33. I. Statement of the question relative to the right of election of the town clerk of Salop, with Sir Edw. Coke's opinion in favour of the King's recommendation.
34. Observations on the patent granted by the late Queen, for weighing hay and straw, to prevent deceit in the selling thereof.
Gray's Inne. 35. Rob. Hitcham to Lord Cecil. Is solicited to draw a lease of certain mills in Bedfordshire, of the Queen's jointure, for John Braye.
Mr. Briskett's,
36. Chas. Topcliffe to the Same. Recommends Dr. Jacob Domingo a German, skilful in surgery, to attend him at Bath.
37. Petition of Master John Russell's son, of Hereford, to the King. States his services in discovering Papists, and claims to be restored to Camberwell House, confessed to be his by Sir Edm. Bowyer.
38. Petition of Thos. Heyes to the King, for regulations to be made to carry into effect the statute 23 Eliz., for enrolment of fines and recoveries, and that he may have the office of enrolling the same.
39. Particular of Sir Jas. Sandiland's suit, for recovery of debts due to the Crown by recusants, during the last eight years of Queen Elizabeth, for which he offers 2,000£. or the one half of the profits.
40. Petition [by -- Putton] to the King, for a patent to seek out and recover arrears, due to His Majesty by divers stewards and bailiffs of manors.
41. Note [by the Same] of deceits used by stewards and bailiffs of the King's manors, or by their deputies; with the means for reformation.
42. Letter and petition of Joachim Vaget, and others, to the King, for compensation for two of their ships of Hamburgh, plundered by Henry Sackford, in his ship "Harry Sackford," for which compensation was vainly sought in the late reign, by the King of Denmark. Lat.
43. Arguments for and against the custom of Withernam, as claimed by the Cinque Ports from the City of London.
44. Instructions to the Attorney General to draw up a grant of the baronies of Dacre of Gillesland, and Greystocke, to Ann, Countess Dowager of Arundel, and her heirs, as coheir to her brother George, the last Baron, with remainder to Lord William Howard, and his heirs by her younger sister Elizabeth.
45. Petition of Andrew Reade, of Faccombe, co. Hants, to the King, for pardon for a supposed simony in presentation to the living [of Faccombe], of which he is patron.
46. Reasons for the pardon of simony in a case between the patron and the incumbent of the parsonage of Faccombe, co. Hants.
47. Estimate of the customs and subsidies of tonnage and pound- age, for import and export, paid by Scottish merchants, for seven years.
48. Observations of English merchants against a French edict made in 1600, relative to the examination of English cloth transported thither.
49. Account of payments by Robt. Bond, late Deputy Collector of Tithes, dioc. Lincoln, due at Christmas, 37 Eliz.
50. "England's View, answering two paradoxes of John Bodine; written by Gerard Malines." [A discourse on commerce.]
51. "Certaine considerations touchinge the better pacification and edification of y° church of England, dedicated to his most excellent Majesty." [The original MS. of Sir Francis Bacon's tract; corrected by himself.]
52. Collection of ordinary payments made out of the Exchequer, during the last four years of Queen Elizabeth.
53. Note by Lord Treasurer Buckhurst of items of expenditure to be abated.
"Project to shew how the most part of His Majesty's treasure may be kept within the realm, and whereby the soldier may be much better used than he is now." [Warrt. Bk. I., p. 70.]
54. Note of the lands of the late Sir Jas. Boleyn, bequeathed by him to the late Queen.
55. Grant of arms by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Garter, to Fabian son of Robt. Philips, late of Yarpole and Leominster, co.Hereford. Imperfect.
56. List of mottoes used by certain Knights and Bishops; with other mottoes to which no names are assigned.
57. Notes [by Thos. Phelippes] concerning abuse of the funds or the hospital at Norwich, founded by Henry VIII.
58. Report of proceedings in Northumberland, and the present state thereof. There is a rumour that the government of the Borders will be dissolved. [Probably by the Earl of Cumberland.]
59. Short heads to strengthen and confirm the government on the English Borders.
60. Relation of the services of Captain Jariaen Wibrants Bornstra, especially in guarding Andrew Van Mettecoven, who at the instigation of Don Bernardino de Mendoza, the Spanish Ambassador, and the Prince of Parma, had undertaken to shoot Queen Elizabeth.
61. Stations of the Royal packets on the southern coast, in the late Queen's reign, during the wars with Spain.
62. Rental of assart lands, &c. in Windsor Forest, due to the King.
63. Arrears of rents of lands belonging to the property of the Lady Frances [Grey, Duchess of Suffolk,] in the Court of Wards, since the death of Adrian Stokes, 2 Nov. 1585.
64. Notes from a sermon, with application thereof to late events; signed Mathew Bennet.
65. Note of the charges of a person employed in keeping two hares.
66. Schedule of the goods, leases, &c. of John Graye, recusant, now devolving on the Crown.
67. Fragment in French of the "Basilicon Doron," headed "Présent Royal de Jaques Roy d'Angleterre, Escoce, Irlande, &c. au Prince Henry son fils; contenant les régles et ensignemens de bien regner. Traduit d'Anglois en Francois par commandment de Sa Majeste. MDCIII."
68. John Burly's reasons why letters of marque ought to be granted him, for injuries done to him by Spanish subjects.
69. Order and manner of holding the Court at the Great Sessions for Wales.
70. Grant to Sir Thos. Gorges and Helena Marchioness of North- ampton of the office of keeper of Richmond mansion and park, Surrey.
71. State of the suit concerning the misappropriation of coal and conduct money paid in the late Queen's time, which the Deputy Lieutenants of certain counties in Wales profess to have expended in different ways for the benefit of the county. With a query as to whether such excuses are likely to be successful.
72. Lord Treasurer Buckhurst to [Nich.] Faunt. To prepare a bill for the King's signature of a warrant, prefixed, to continue to Hen. Edwards, John Newman, and Maurice Ap Hughes, the daily pensions granted them by the late Queen.
73. Proceedings at the assizes of York and Lancaster against recusants,-Mr. Pound, Thos. Robinson, who declared the King would favour them, Bursco a priest, and others. Thos. and Hen. Clifton, of Lancashire, conformed.
74. Petition of Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, Sir Thos. Hayes, and Thos. Cæsar to the Lord Treasurer. For renewal of their lease of the alnage, and subsidy of the new draperies, with statement of the conditions required, and arguments in its favour.
75. Rough draft of the above.
76. Grant, with survivorship, to Sir Thos. Smith and Sir Thos. Edmondes, of the office of Secretary and Keeper of the Signet to the Council of the North, in reversion after Sir John Herbert, to whom it was granted by the late Queen.