James I: Volume 21, May, 1606

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 21, May, 1606', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp315-319 [accessed 20 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 21, May, 1606', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp315-319.

"James I: Volume 21, May, 1606". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp315-319.


May, 1606.

May 2 ? 1. Petition of merchants trading to Rouen to the Earl of Salisbury, for support of the company of merchants trading into France.
[May 2.] 2. Arguments for maintaining the Charter of the Spanish Company. Arguments in opposition to a Bill in Parliament for free trade with Spain.
[May 2.] 3. Note of proceedings on the Bill for free trade; of those who opposed and those who sustained it; with the arguments of both parties.
May 2.
4. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Sir Thos. Stukeley in town; has bought a manor of Lord Lisle. Garnet's execution postponed from May-day to May 3, for fear of disturbances. His surprise when told he was to die; he shifts, falters, and equivocates, but "will be hanged without equivocation." Reception and departure of the Spanish Ambassador; he did not plead for Garnet, lest the King should insist on the delivery of Owen. Earl of Devonshire's funeral. Intended promotions.
May 3. 5. Narrative [by a Romish eye-witness] of the execution of Father Garnet. Latin.
May 3. Portrait of Henry Garnet, engraved by Johan Wirix, subscribed: "Si quid patimini propter justitiam, beati.-Henricus Garnetus, Anglus, e Societate Jesû, passus." [G. Plot Bk., No. 218 A.]
May 3. Portrait by the Same, of Garnet's head, in the midst of an ear of wheat, [as it was said to have appeared to a Romanist, when looking at a straw taken as a relic from his scaffold.] Circumscribed "Miraculosa effigies R. P. Henrici Garneti, Sotis Jesus, Martyris Angliæ, 3 Maii, 1606." [Ibid., No. 218 B. See Flanders Corresp., 18 Jan. and 4 Feb. 1607.]
May ? 6. Detail [by Levinus Munck, corrected by Salisbury,] of the secret negotiations of Guy Faukes and Rob. Winter with the King of Spain and Constable of Castile, to induce them to support the Catholic cause, on the accession of James I. States that nothing was proved, from any of the examinations, inculpating any foreign prince in the Gunpowder Plot.
May 3.
Chester Castle.
7. Sir Hen. Townshend to the Earl of Salisbury. Ruinous state of Chester Castle; begs him to speak to the Lord Treasurer about it; with Salisbury's order for Mr. Glaseover to wait on the Lord Treasurer, on the subject.
May 3.
8. Commissioners of the Borders to the Council. Gaol deliveries. The Scots do not deliver up their offenders. Proceedings against the Grahams.
May 3.
9. Same to the Earl of Dorset. Request that the Sheriffs of Northumberland may be called to account, for neglect of duty.
May 3.
10. Sir Wm. Selby and Sir Wilfrid Lawson to Salisbury. Machinations of a party against them. State of Riddesdale; vexatious conduct of the Scottish Commissioners. Request effective means to be taken to strengthen the Commission. Incloses,
10. I. John Smaithwaite, Minister of Elsdon, to Sir Wm. Selby. Increase of crime in Riddesdale: murderers, thieves, and outlaws live openly among them; 20 outcries for things stolen, every Sabbath day. Sir Hen. Wodrington slack in his duty. Elsdon in Riddesdale, Dec. 16.
May 5. Grant, in reversion, to James Miller, of the office of Clerk of the Privy Seal, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 62.]
May 6. Grant, in reversion, to Justinian Povey, of the office of Auditor of the Exchequer, for life. [Ibid., p. 57.]
May 6.
11. Sir Edw. Phelips, Speaker, to the King. Project of certain well-affected commoners, to secure to the King lands to be drained in Ely, on condition that when their value amounts to 30,000£. a year, he will relinquish his claim to purveyance.
May 6. 12. Copy of the above.
[May 6.] 13. Another copy, with the names of 11 knights and gentlemen, propounders of the scheme, affixed.
May 7. 14. Certificate by Laurence Chaderton, Bishop of Lincoln, that on 29th Dec. 1534, Rob. Goldson was appointed to the perpetual vicarage of Higham Ferrers, on resignation of Wm. Fauntleroy, to whom it was granted in 1523.
May 7.
15. Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. The Commons, expecting that when the Bills of Union and Attainder have passed, the Parliament will be concluded, delay those Bills in order to gain time to present their grievances. Diligence of the Upper House; the King needs not curtail his sports.
May 7. 16. Minutes [by Thos. Wilson] of proceedings of the Committee on the Bill for Union of the two Kingdoms.
May 8. 17. Detail of the same for the day [by the Same].
[May 8.] 18. Arguments as to whether the Act 1 Edward VI. for the election, &c. of Bishops, and determining their seals, and styles, &c., be now revived, by the passing of the Act for the reviving and repealing certain Statutes.
[May 8.] 19. Note of the case before Parliament, 4 Jac. I., relative to the Bishops using the King's arms, and making citations in the King's name.
[May 8.] 20. Copy of the above.
May 10. 21. Details [by Thos. Wilson] of the Parliamentary proceedings for the day.
May 10. Grant to John Wells and Ant. Lewis of the office of Keeper of the Stores at Deptford Strond, Chatham, and Portsmouth, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 19.]
May 11.
22. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Is going to Lord Norris's; Lady Norris is at Cope Castle, separated from her lord. Particulars of Sir Fras. Bacon's marriage with Sir John Packington's daughter; their stores of fine raiment draw deep into her portion. The French King's coach overturned into the water. Private misdeeds in France. Sluys and Wesel have repelled their assailants. Sends Don Quixote's challenge.
[May 13.] 23. Act of Attainder of the Conspirators in the Gunpowder Treason.
May 13. Grant to Sir Edw. Coke and John Dodderidge, of the reversion of lands in co. Leicester, part of the possessions of Lord Cromwell. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 54.]
May 16. Grant to Sir John Ramsay of the manors of Hilton and Bradborn, co. Durham. [Ibid., p. 62.]
May 16. 24. Release by Mary Ellis, of London, widow, to Ric. Gwynn, of Bangor, of an annuity of 34£., covenanted to be paid to her out of lands in cos. Carnarvon and Merioneth, in consideration of an annuity of 20£. out of Derwen Vawr and Tythyn Sion, co. Carnarvon; with note of the death of Mary Ellis, 20 May, 1626.
May 19. Grant, in reversion, to Rich. Piero, of the office of Serjeant of Sewers and Keeper of Worcester gaol, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 54.]
May 20. Grant to Mar. Harderet of 2,000£., to be levied on any forfeiture by penal law or forfeiture of recognizance. [Ibid., p. 54.]
May 20. Grant to Hen. Wicks of the office of Paymaster of the Works at the King's residences, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 25.]
May 21.
25. Sir Wm. Selby and Sir Wilfrid Lawson to Salisbury. Search of the house of Sir Ric. Lowther for the Grahams; appointment of a hunt, to disguise the search; some of the party lost in a fog: 10 Grahams apprehended.
May 21. 26. Examination of Rob. Moore, of Dummer, co. Hants, suspected as a recusant. His former life, travels, &c.; fell into the hands of the Inquisition at Rome, for refusing the oath of supremacy to the Pope; intercourse with Sir Rob. Dudley; communication with Father Parsons and Sir Fras. Roper at Rome, &c.
May 21. 27. Examination of John Tucker, shipmaster, relative to the speeches of Robt. Moore during his passage to England. Jesuits and priests are now allowed by the Pope to deny their profession, or to swear and forswear anything to heretics, for their own preservation. The Gunpowder Plotters would have been sainted at Rome.
May 22. 28. Examination of Thos. Gunne, of South-Molton, Devonshire, as to Robt. Moore's examination at Rochelle, &c.
May 22. 29. Sir Edw. Coke to Sir Thos. Lake. Has prepared the general pardon for signature. Wishes Parliament at an end, not thinking it good that so many men should tarry so long together.
May 27. Grant to Lawrence Lindley of the clerkship of Delivery of the Ordnance, &c., in the Tower, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 25.]
[May 27.] 30. Clauses of penal statutes, 23 Eliz. and 3 Jac. I., against recusants guilty of seducing subjects of the realm from their allegiance.
[May 27.] 31. Collections out of the statutes 1 Eliz. and 3 Jac. I., concerning recusants.
32. Copy of the above.
[May 27.] 33. Summary of the Act for the better discovery and repressing of popish recusants. [3 Jac. I., cap. 4.]
[May 27.] 34. Fragment of a draft of one of the clauses of the above Act.
[May 27.] 35. Abstract of the above Act.
[May 27.] 36. Copy of the above abstract.
[May 27.] 37. Effect of the Act made to avoid dangers growing by popish recusants. [3 Jac. I., cap. 5.]
[May 27.] 38. Note on the above Act.
[May 27.] 39. Abstract of the above Act.
May 27 ? 40. Summary of means to reform recusants; to enforce eating fish on Wednesdays; to preserve salmon, timber, and tillage; and to reform drunkenness.
May 27 ? 41. Articles consulted on in Parliament, for a law against recusants.
May 27 ? 42. Articles offered to the consideration of the committees for making the Bills respecting recusants.
May 27 ? 43. Copy of the above.
May ? 44. Note [by Salisbury] of precautions to be taken for the safety of His Majesty's person and the State.
May ? 45. Note of measures to be taken with respect to recusants and Jesuits.
May ? 46. Projects touching the necessity of still stronger measures against recusants, submitted for further consideration.
[May 27.] 47. Schedule of the Acts passed in the Parliament of 3 Jac. I.
May ? 48. Summary of the sufferings and imprisonments, during 30 years, of a recusant. Indorsed, "A malicious discourse."
May ? 49. Petition of Charles Tasburgh to the King, for protection from the laws against Recusants, which would prevent him from maintaining his family.
May ? 50. Instructions to Commissioners appointed to inquire into recusants' lands and goods, according to the statutes which have been made.
May 29.
Mid. Temple.
51. Ch. Chewte to Tho. Wilson. Has a cancelled bond of his. Hopes the bond of affection will rest unviolated between them.
May ? 52. Leonard Worrall's accusations of John Tydsdale, who had seduced Worrall's wife and children to popery. His speeches against the King, &c.
[May.] 53. Dud. Carleton to Salisbury. Request for preferment; hopes his late dependence on an unfortunate personage [Northumberland] will not bind him to his misfortunes.