James I: Volume 22, June, July, 1606

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 22, June, July, 1606', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp319-327.

"James I: Volume 22, June, July, 1606". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp319-327.


June, July, 1606.

June 1.
1. Challenge of four Knights Errant of the Fortunate Islands, [Earls of Lenox, Arundel, Pembroke, and Montgomery,] to maintain four propositions relating to love and ladies, addressed to all honourable "Men at Arms, Knights Adventurers of Hereditary Note, that for most maintenable actions wield the sword or lance, in the quest of glory." [By Wm. Drummond of Hawthornden.]
[June 1.] 2. Copy of the above.
June 2. Grant to Arthur Harrington of half the manor of Hardingham, and other lands, co. Norfolk. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 57.]
June 2.
3. Sir Charles Hales to Salisbury. Punishment of the Grahams in Scotland. State of Cumberland. Decay of trade in Carlisle since the Union. Proposes to make it a clothing town.
June 3.
4. Commissioners of the Borders to the Council. Proceeding of the Commission. Sir Henry Leigh's troop of horse transferred to John Musgrave, of Plumpton, nominated by the Earl of Cumberland. His officers put into possession of his lands, &c., except in a few contested cases. Full particulars of the Grahams.
June 3.
5. Sir Wm. Selby and Sir Wilfrid Lawson to Salisbury. Briefly noticing some of the above particulars.
June 3. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Court of the office of Receiver in Northumberland and the diocese of Durham, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 57.]
June 4. Grant to Thos. Morgan of the reversion of the mansion house called Baynard's Castle. [Ibid., p. 57.]
June 4.
6. Giacomo de Franceschi to Capt. [Wm.] Newce. Desires to know if a certain man be come; if he be, will send his brother to confer with them both; if not, he is to be sent for instantly.
June 4.
7. The King to the Master, &c., of Clare Hall, Cambridge. Recommends Wm. Lake to the next vacant fellowship. Annexed is,
7. I. Certificate by the Master and Fellows of Clare Hall, bridge, of the qualifications of William Lake. Mar. 29, 1606.
8. Draft of the above letter. Indorsed, May 31.
June 5. Grant to Thomas, Earl of Dorset, and George, Earl of Dunbar, of the reversion of the manor of Wye. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 56.]
June 6. Lease, in reversion, to Geo. Young of the chapel of Bempton and Newsham, co. York. [Ibid., p. 58.]
June 6. 9. Lord Treasurer Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a Privy Seal, form prefixed, for a warrant dormant for payment of sums additional to the 5,000£. already assigned, for repairs, &c., at the King's residences, when, on due certificate, the expenses shall be found to exceed that sum, as they do in the present year, on account of building the new banquetting hall at Westminster.
June 7. 10. Archbp. Bancroft to the Same. To signify the King's pleasure for the writing of a letter prefixed, from the King to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, authorizing a general collection for the rebuilding of 4 decayed churches at Arthuret, in Cumberland, the people there living in a very disorderly and careless manner.
June 7. Grant to Robert Visct. Lisle of the reversion of the manor of Michel Marsh and others, co. Hants. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 57.]
June 8 ?
Whitsunday, Bishop's Hall.
11. Sir Fras. Vere to Sir Thos. Lake. The bearer will attend to receive the effect of the King's most gracious grant. [See June 15.]
June 9. Grant, in fee-farm, to John Fortescue and Rich. Tomlins, of the parsonage of Swanbrough, co. Bucks, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
June 9.
12. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Has been long in Purgatory, is now better, and longs to be with him in Paradise. Is going to Essex House.
[June 10.]
13. Proclamation charging all Jesuits, seminaries, &c., to depart the land.
June 10. Copy of the above. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 129.]
[June 10.]
Commission to the Earls of Ellesmere and Dorset, and others, to sell any of the King's lands, &c., which have hitherto been granted in fee-tail. [Grant Bk., p. 28.]
June 10. Grant, in fee-farm, to Thos. Marbury and Rich. Cartwright, of the manors of Wollaston, co. Northampton, and Chellaston, co. Derby. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
June 10. Grant, in fee-farm, to Roger Rogers, of the parsonage of Danton, co. Bedford. [Ibid., p. 60.]
June 11.
14. [Earl of Salisbury] to Mr. Haigh. Does not consider his writing to him an intrusion. Accepts his offer of corresponding with some foreign minister.
June 13.
Proclamation for the search and apprehension of certain pirates. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 132.]
June 14. Grant, in reversion, to John Lepton, of the office of Clerk of the Council in the North, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 57.]
June 15. Grant to Sir Fras. Vere of the offices of Constable of Portsmouth Castle and Lieutenant of Southbear Forest, co. Hants, for life. [Ibid., p. 56.]
June 15. Grant to the Same of the office of Keeper of the town and isle of Portsmouth, during pleasure. [Ibid., p. 56.]
June ? 15. Petition of the Pursers of 5 ships of the fleet, to the King, that they may not be called to account for certain provisions wasted by the sailors, who refused to obey orders when the late Queen's death was known, and by the concourse of people entertained on board at the King's Proclamation. With reference to the Lord Admiral, and his report in favour of the petitioners.
June 17. 16. Warrant to remit to the Pursers of 5 of the King's ships 250£., for waste of victuals which took place on the King's Proclamation.
June 18.
17. G. T --, to Father Gaspar Seguiran, Superior of the College of Jesuits at Paris. Knows not whom the Father-General intends to send as successor [to Garnet]. Has to be cautious of showing himself in London, where he is known. Is going to Italy. The Superior of Scotland knows not what has become of Mortimer. Scotland much dissatisfied, and in danger of separating from the English Crown. French.
June 19. Lease to John Drummond of the manor of Henley, co. Worcester, and other lands of Tho. Abington attainted. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
June 20. Grant, in reversion, to Hen. Seckford of the office of Master of Tents and Pavilions, for life. [Ibid., p. 56.]
June 20. Grant, in fee-farm, to Ant. Bonner of the parsonage of Ebrington, co. Gloucester. [Ibid., p. 56.]
June 21.
18. Warrant for a patent conferring on Sir James Hay the precedence over all Knights and Esquires, with the title of Lord Hay, and all rights and privileges of a Baron, except sitting in Parliament.
June 23. 19. Exemplification by the Archbishop of Canterbury of former grants of the appointment to the Mastership of the College at Higham Ferrers, and the vicarage thereunto belonging.
June 23. Interrogatories for the Earl of Northumberland, on the letters he wrote to the North, when told of Percy's treason, the parties appointed to bring up his moneys, and the date of Percy's appointment to take charge of his revenue. [G. Plot Bk., No. 219.]
June 23. Replies of the Earl to the above. His letters were only written from fear lest Percy should run away with his money; he had the charge of it 8 years. The Earl sent 7 or 8 servants to take care of the money. Thought Percy had taken his oath as a gentleman pensioner. Never gave the Catholics hope of favour from the King. [Ibid., No. 220.]
June 25.
20. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. The Council busy about Lord [Northumberland's] case; they saw him in the Tower. Sir Allan Percy committed to the Lieutenant of the Tower. Birth and death of the Princess Sophia.
June ? 21. Sir Wm. Lane to Salisbury. Application of the Earl of Northumberland in behalf of Sir A. Percy. Desires to see his Majesty.
June 27. Grant to Edw. Newport of the chantry in Godmanchester, co. Huntingdon, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 58.]
June 30. Grant, in reversion, to Rob. Hunt, of the office of Receiver in cos. Northampton and Rutland, for life. [Ibid., p. 57.]
June 30. Grant to Robert Earl of Essex and Lord Theophilus Howard, of the office of Steward of divers Lordships, &c., in Wales, for life. [Ibid., p. 57.]
June 30. Grant to Thos. Temple and John Rowse, of the manor of Watford, co. Warwick, part of the possessions of Rob. Catesby. [Ibid., p. 57.]
June ? 22. Sir Henry Wyndam to the Lord Treasurer. Will attend upon him with information relative to a certain business [the Customs]. Incloses,
22. I. Brief collection of the practices used by the farmers, &c. to obscure the benefit of the King's Customs.
June ? 23. Statement of the fraudulent dealings of Fras. Jones and Nich. Salter, Farmers of the Customs; with marginal notes, by Sir Hen. Wyndam, of benefits accruing from his services therein.
June ? 24. Defalcations allowed to the Farmers of the Customs, upon their first year's account.
June ? 25. Note of some commodities rated lower in 2 Jac. I. than in 37 Eliz.
July 1.
26. Writ of Dr. Dan. Dun, of the Arches Court, citing Hugh Bullivant, and others, for defamation of Elizabeth, wife of Geoffry Keisby, all of Oakham, co. Rutland, and absolving her from the sentence of excommunication lately pronounced against her. With return of the writ indorsed.
July 1. Grant, in reversion, to Roger Dallison, of the office of Master of all Munition and Ordnance, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 62.]
July 2. Grant to Tho. Kemp of the reversion of divers lands in Kent. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 2. Grant to Robert Visct. Lisle of the stewardship of the late manor of Kenilworth, co. Warwick, for life. [Ibid., p. 61.]
July 2. Grant to Rob. Sharpey of the office of Clerk of the Starchamber, for life. [Ibid., p. 62.]
July 2. License to Chr. Echard and Hen. Tatnall, for making of brine, pickle, and salt. [Grant Bk., p. 20.]
July 3.
Warrant to pay to Wm. Resbrooke 130£. 18s. 6d. for rearing and keeping pheasants, partridges, &c., at Richmond; and 82£. 2s. 6d. per ann. for wages, for himself and servant. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 40.]
July 4. 27. Edw. Jones to Sir Wm. Lane. Requests the Lords not to sit on the morrow concerning Sir Hen. Bruncard's patent, that time may be given to instruct his counsel.
[July 4.] 28. Memorial addressed to the Earl of Salisbury, in favour of Sir Hen. Bruncard's patent of Issues of Jurors.
July 4.
29. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Sir Walter Cope has advised him to retire from Court and to study, and gives him small hopes of present employment.
July 5. 30. Reasons alleged by Wm. Twynho and others, why their patent for the manufacture of smalt should not be revoked.
July 6. 31. The King to the Lord Mayor of London. To admit Alex. Miller and Rob. Erskine into the Merchant Tailors' Company, and to make them Freemen of London.
July 6. 32. Sir Wm. Waad to Sir Thos. Lake. Thinks his brother John Lake a suitable person to have the next reversion, after John Locherson, of the office of Commissary of the Musters in the Low Countries.
[July 6.] 33. Deposition of Thos. Ledington. Capt. Newce engaged him to overhear proposals made to him by Capt. Jaques [Tomasio de Franceschi] to take wax impressions of the keys of the port at Flushing; and overtures for an intended assassination of the King, while hunting at Royston.
July [6.] 34. Declaration of Capt. Wm. Newce. In May 1605, he led a company of Irish to enter the Spanish service; Jaques [Giacomo de] Franceschi examined him closely on the state of the Irish forts and country, and proposed to him to lead forces to take them; changes before Christmas predicted by him and Fitz James, who said "there may come a puffe which may sende some highe enoughe, and lowe enoughe to hell ere long;" went to Flanders to meet Jaques, who promised him 40,000£. for some secret service; returned to England; Jaques sent over his brother Tomasio, who told him the service was to deliver Sluys, Bergen-op-Zoom, Flushing, or some other town, to the Archduke; and then proposed to him to shoot the King at Royston; Newce shewed it impossible to deliver up any of these towns, as there were few English there.
July [6.] 35. Copy of the first page of the above.
July 7 ?
Greenwich. Monday.
36. Earl of Northampton to Salisbury. Hopes the news he transmits is not true. Begs it may be communicated to the King.
[July 7.] 37. Principal points wherewith Capt. Tomasio de Franceschi is charged, relative to his dealings with Capt. Newce for the delivery of a town in Flanders, and assassination of the King. Spanish.
[July 7.] 38. Translation of the above.
July 7. 39. Examination of Tomasio de Franceschi relative to his dealings with Newce, and his connection with John Ball. Confesses the design on Sluys, but denies the projected assassination.
July 8.
40. The King to the Treasurer, &c. of the Exchequer, Collectors of Subsidies, &c., authorizing them to exempt the Kings-at-arms, heralds, and pursuivants from all payments of subsidies, tenths, and fifteenths, according to the patent granted them by Edw. VI.
July 9.
41. Warrant for a discharge to the town of Stamford and Stam- ford-Baron from payment of the fifteenths and tenths granted by the last Parliament, on account of the decay and poverty of the inhabitants.
July 9.
42. Earl of Northumberland to the Council. Begs a little more liberty, as other prisoners have had, the garden being small and the air impure.
July 9. Grant to Alex. Hay of 2,000 marks of the debts of John Fisher, forfeit. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
July 10. Grant, in fee-tail, to John Lord Hunsdon, of the lordship and manor of Wye, co. Kent. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 10. 43. List of popish books, &c., found in the Custom House.
July 10.
Salisbury House.
44. Examination of John Ball, concerning his acquaintance with Captain Newce; delivering him letters from Colonel [Giacomo de] Franceschi; intercourse with Tomasio de Franceschi: giving sweet- meats to Capt. Newce, &c.
[July 10.] 45. Questions to be put to John Ball, concerning a conversation detailed, which he held with Captain Newce before his last going into Flanders, on the speeches and projects of Colonel [Giacomo de] Franceschi; that Newce said, if discovered, he expected no more favour than Father Garnet had lately received; Ball said he had served the King of Spain for 26 years, and that he hoped better days for Catholics, &c.
July 10.
Salisbury House.
46. Second examination of Ball, relative to the plots contrived by Tomasio de Franceschi and Newce.
[July 10.] 47. Causes of suspicion, taken from John Ball's examinations, that he was privy to what passed between T. de Franceschi and Newce. After Newce's declaring the surrender of a town impossible, Ball gave him some marchpaine, or Genoese paste, to eat, which was poisoned.
July 10, 11. 48. Further examinations of Tomasio de Franceschi, to the same effect as the preceding ones.
July 11.
49. Sir Charles Hales to the Council. The Grahams have not come in within the day limited for their pardon. Proposition to transport them to Ireland.
July ? 50. Points on which the Commissioners for the Borders request further information, as to transplanting the Grahams to Ireland, providing shipping for them, &c Sir Ralph Sidley recommended to command them, &c. Slackness of the gentry in contributions, &c.
July 11. Grant to Nich. Bretton of the office of Bailiff of Knightlow, co. Warwick, during pleasure. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 59.]
July 12. Grant to John Levingston and John Hall of the goods and chattels of Sir Everard Digby, John Grant, Amb. Rokewood, and others, attainted. [Grant Bk., p. 27.]
July 12. Grant to Sir John Gray of the reversion of the manor of Holehall. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 59.]
July 12. Grant to John Hooper of the office of Clerk and Receiver of Fines and Forfeitures in Wales, for life. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 12. 51. Declaration of Capt. Tom. de Franceschi of his acquaintance with Newce, and ample detail of his offers to Newce for the delivery of Sluys to the Archduke; with questions put to him, and his replies.
July 13. Grant, in reversion, to John Bradell, of the office of Receiver in cos. Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancaster, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 59.]
July 14. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. and Charles Jones, of the office of Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown, cos. Denbigh and Montgomery, for life. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 14. Grant, in fee-farm, to the College of All Souls', Oxford, of lands and tenements, co. Leicester. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 15. Grant to Robert Earl of Salisbury, and Sir John Popham, of the 15th of every cwt. of fine copper, from the mines of cos. York, Lancaster, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Cornwall, Devon, Gloucester, Worcester, and Principality of Wales. [Grant Bk., p. 19.]
July 15.
52. Depositions of Thos. Polly and Wm. Payne, relative to a speech made on July 1st, by Philip, the Earl of Northumberland's man, that in 8 weeks things would go on differently.
July 16.
Essex House.
53. Sir Allan Percy to Dud. Carleton. Particulars of his appearance before the Lords, and his discharge. Tomasio de Franceschi and Ball are in the Tower. The Countess of Northumberland pleads with the King and Salisbury for her husband.
July ? 54. Remonstrance to the Privy Council, by the heirs of the late Sir Horatio Palavicino, on the nonpayment of the principal or interest of a debt due to him from the Crown. French.
July ? 55. Specification of the claims of the late Sir Horatio Palavicino, against the Crown, and his testamentary disposition thereof to Sir Oliver Cromwell, Lady Ursula Walsingham, and Fabricio Palavicino.
July ? 56. Copy of the above.
July 16.
57. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Sir Oliver Cromwell has a pension of 700£. per ann. in lieu of Palavicino's debt. Progress of the King to Oatlands and Farnham. Treasons of Franceschi and Newce. Court news. Sir Thos. Gerard, the Jesuit's brother, married to Lady Lee. Cartel in answer to the four knights' challenge. Passion of Henry IV. for his mistress. Sir Henry Carey is arrived from the Low Countries; news from thence.
July ? 58. The King to the Bishop of Winchester. Thanks for his care of the woods and game in Farnham park. Recommends Wm. Moorhead as keeper.
July 18. 59. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Windebank. Directions to draw two blank Privy Seals, one for 100£. per ann. in parsonages, another for 100£. in chantry lands.
[July 18.] 60. Grant to Evan Wheeler and Thos. Adams, of the office of Bailiff and Collector of the manor of Wallingford, co. Berks, and of the honour of Ewelme. Indorsed with memoranda of the difference between the present and a previous patent of the honour of Ewelme.
July 18. Entry of the above. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 59.]
July 19. Grant to Sir Rich. Preston of 2,317£. 16s. 0½d. of the debts of Nich. Smith, Receiver. [Ibid., p. 59.]
July 21. License to Charles Page to travel for 7 years. [Grant Bk., p. 19.]
July 21.
61. Thos. Freke to his uncle George. Exhorts him to return to the Roman Catholic Church, to which his ancestors belonged. Cites the examples of two Norfolk gentlemen, Hen. Walpole and Rob. Southwell, who became Jesuits, and died martyrs.
July 21.
62. Grant to Robt. Naunton of the forfeitures paid into the Exchequer by John Draycot of Draycot for recusancy.
July ? 63. John Roberts to Mr. Draycot, sen. of Draycot. Recommends the bearer to his protection.
July 23. Grant, in reversion, to John Scudamore of the office of Receiver for Yorkshire, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
July 23. Grant to Thos. and Lodowick Mansell, of the stewardship of the lands of the late Duke of Bedford, in Pembrokeshire and South Wales, for life. [Ibid., p. 64.]
July 23. Grant to Humph. Hickson of the office of Keeper of the Wardrobe at Greenwich, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 27.]
July 23. 64. The King to the Bishop of Durham. For grant of the next advowson of the Mastership of Christ's Hospital at Sherburn, near Durham; to present Thos. Murray, tutor of the Duke of York.
July 24. 65. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Windebank. Fuller instructions relative to the two Privy Seals for parsonage and chantry lands.
July 24. Grant to Alex. King of the office of an Auditor, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 61.]
July 26. Grant to Tho. Linsden of the offices of Steward of Sheriff Hutton, co. York, and keeper of the park there, for life. [Ibid., p. 64.]
July 27. 66. Salisbury to [Sir Thomas Windebank.] The Privy Seals are to be for two grants of 70£., and two of 30£.
July 29. Grant to Rowland Merrick of the reversion of lands, co. Radnor, &c. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 60.]
July. 67. List of the King of Denmark's train of attendants while in England; total 314, beside mariners.
July. 68. Offer by Sir Thos. Shirley, to collect the fines due to the King on the alienation of leases, rents, &c., hitherto withheld, &c.
July. 69. Copy of the above.
July ? 70. Note of alterations proposed in the lease to be granted to Sir Thos. Shirley, for collecting fines on alienations without license.
July ? 71. Particulars of debts in the King's Remembrancer's Office and to whom given away.