James I: Volume 31, January-March, 1608

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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January-March, 1608.

Jan. ? 1. Names of the Commissioners for Subsidies in England and Wales, for the year 1608.
Jan. 4. Warrant to pay to Jas. Bovy, Serjeant of the Cellar, 451£. 10s., in discharge of bills given by him and Mons. de Vitry, for provision of French wines and fruit for the King's use. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to Allen Hoord and Robt. Hobart, of the lands, &c., belonging to the late Thos. Hoord, recusant. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Warrant to allow to Sir Marmaduke Darell, Surveyor of victuals for the Navy, 416£. 15s. 5d., due in the late Queen's time, and such further sums as are just. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Lease to Edw. Thurston and Robt. Webb, of the King's two parts of divers recusants' lands and tenements, co. Lancaster. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Letter to Sir John, son of Sir Thos. Stanhope, deceased, nomi- nating the Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and Justice Walmsley to be arbitrators in a suit between him and his mother. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to Ralph Baldwin, of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Eltoft, Walter and Edw. Knaersborough, John Engleby, and Wm. Hungate, jun., all of Yorkshire. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Presentation of Rich. Knill to the parsonage of Upton-Pyne, diocese of Exeter. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to John Palmer of the Guidership of the Hospital or Spittal house of St. Mary Magdalen's, near Norwich. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to Lewis Tyte and five others, of the reward of 5s. per ton, for building six ships. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to the inhabitants of the bailiwick of Surrey, in the forest of Windsor, of exemption from purveyance of victuals, hay, oats, &c., on condition of preserving the King's deer in the said forest. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Warrant to pay to John Williams, Thos. Pulford, and others, 4,328£. 5s. 9d. for gilt plate, &c., given by the King in New Year's gifts, and at christenings, &c. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to Hen. Dyer of an alms room in Winchester. [Docquet.]
Jan. 4. Grant to Rich. Nicholas of an alms-room in Newark, near Leices- ter. [Docquet.]
Jan. 5. Grant to Edwd. Barrett of the half of all jewels, &c., in the hands of the executors of Sir Rich. Luson (Leveson ?), due to the King, and taken from Spaniards. [Grant Book, p. 30.]
Jan. 5.
2. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Private affairs. Hears that Carleton is on Salisbury's "bead-roll" for employment. The masque at Court goes forward for Twelfth-day; all the holidays, there were plays. The King dined in state yesterday; two services of plate used, one of gold, the other that of the House of Burgundy. Many fresh Scots arrived. Fuller, the puritan, freed. Breaking of the ice on the Thames. Intelligence of various parties.
Jan. 7.
3. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. News from the country. Desires to know how the last night passed over at Court. Christmas diversions at Knebworth.
Jan. 8.
4. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. The masque deferred till Sunday. Great show of jewels. One lady furnished with more than 100,000£. worth, but the Lady Arabella exceeds her. Gaming at Court. The King gone to Theobalds. The Thames again frozen. Amusements thereon. Christmas sermons. Personal news, &c.
Jan. 10.
Proclamation for proroguing the Parliament. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 167.]
[Jan. 10.] 5. Warrant dormant to pay to John Carse, Walter Toderick, Ellis Rothwell, and Bevis Thelwall, 40£. per ann., to be divided amongst them as a Christmas gift, the same as before paid to the first three and to Rich. Green, since deceased.
Jan. 10. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 32.]
Jan. 10. Docquet of the above.
Jan. 10. Grant to John Murray of the goods, lands, &c., forfeited by attainder of John Musgrave, of Catterlen, co. Cumberland, executed for felony. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Warrant dormant to pay to John Owen, Yeoman Pricker of the Privy Buckhounds, 20d. per diem, and 20s. yearly for his livery. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Grant to Sir Thos. Gorges of the keeping of Hurst Castle, co. Hants, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Grant of the same keepership to Sir Edw. Gorges, in reversion after the above. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Grant to the Same, in reversion after Sir Thos. Gorges and the Marchioness of Northampton, of the keeping of the King's House at West Sheen or Richmond, co. Surrey, and of the wardrobe, gardens, and the new park there. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10 ? 6. Grant to -- of the benefit of the recusancy of Chas. and Henry Fox, and Mary Talbot, co. Salop, and Mary Gerard, co. Dorset, recusants.
Jan. 10. Demise to Thos. Elliot, for the use of Sir John Ashley, of the King's two parts of the manors of Broadway and Waddon, and other lands, &c., cos. Nottingham and Dorset, forfeit by the recusancy of Mary Gerard, widow. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Grant to the Earl of Pembroke, on surrender of Sir Edw. Winter, of the office of Constable of the castle of St. Briavels, in the forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, with the keeping of the deer and woods there. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Grant to Wm. Duck, and William his son, of the keeping of the game about the honor of Hampton Court, from Staines Bridge to Brentford Bridge, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Presentation of John Richardson to the parsonage of Alderchurch, alias Alderkirk, diocese of Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Jan. 10. Warrant to pay to Humph. Fludd, Abraham de Kendar, and two others, a sum not exceeding 3,200£., for jewels and pearls for New Year's-tide, for the use of the Queen, the Lady Elizabeth, and the Duke of York. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Warrant to pay an annuity of 50£., to Sir Edw. Fenner, Justice of the King's Bench, during the time his services on the circuit shall be discontinued. [Warrt. Bk., p. 42.]
Jan. 12.
7. E. Reynoldes to Sir John Rawlins. Upbraids him with careless- ness in money affairs; urges repayment of a loan or better discharge of interest.
Jan. 13.
8. Warrant for delivery to Thos. Cargill, Thos. Muncrieff, Rob. Pinkerton, and James Quarrier, the King's falconers, certain stuff for their apparel.
Jan. 13.
Grant to Hen. and Walter Alexander of the moiety of 12,000£., old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 88.]
Jan. 13.
Similar grant to Francis James, and John Gay, both of London, deputed for that purpose by Sir Neil Montgomery, of the moiety of 4,000£. [Ibid., p. 83.]
Jan. 18. Grant to Abraham and Nathaniel Harderet of the office of Jeweller [to the King] for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 73.]
Jan. 18. 9. Tailor's bill for Mr. John and Mr. Thomas's suits, but the sur- name does not appear; with the items and prices of the same.
Jan. 18. 10. Earl of Dorset to Salisbury. Sends two writs of supersedeas for Lord Sheffield, and will treat him well for Salisbury's sake.
Jan. 20. License to Wm. Lytton, of Knebworth, co. Herts, Wm. Burlace, of Bockmore, co. Bucks, and John Dunstar, Fellow of Magdalen Coll, Oxford, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Warrant dormant to deliver to Wm. Morekey, Master Cook to the Queen, stuff for his yearly livery. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Like warrant for Ric. Shepperd, Perfumer. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Sir Edw. Phelips and John Seward, in fee-farm, of certain manors, lands, &c., value 102£. 6s. 10d. per ann. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to John Young, in reversion after Thos. Huby, of the Portership of the Great Wardrobe, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Warrant to pay to Sir John Trevor 403£. 9s. 0½d. for repairs at Windsor Castle, and for money due to him. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Jane, wife of Thos. Murray, Tutor to the Duke of York, of annuity of 200 marks, after the death of her husband. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Geo. Chester and Wingfield Moulsworth, to use Stew Quay and Sennocke Quay, near the Custom House, as free quays for lading and unlading goods. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Hen. Parker of the King's interest in the lease of a tene- ment and lands given by Francis, late Earl of Bedford, to Hugh Berry and Anne Pollard, which Parker bought of Berry, who was afterwards attainted. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Martin Droeshont, painter, of Brabant, Simon Russell and Peter Carpinter, dyers, of Flanders, and Herman Kittelbitter, gunmaker, of Jülick, of denization. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Sir John Kay, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, in reversion after John Riddlesden, of the office of Clerk of the Ord- nance. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant of incorporation to the town of Louth, co. Lincoln, and to the Free Grammar School of the foundation of Edward the Sixth, with confirmation of their former liberties, &c. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Demise to Case Surley and Geo. Symon, of the King's two parts of the manor of Gravesalls, in the parishes of Castle Hedingham and Sibil Hedingham, co. Essex, forfeited by the recusancy of Giles Greene. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to John Levingston, in reversion after Sir Thos. Walsing- ham, of the keeping of the great park at Eltham, co. Kent, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 20. Grant to Jasper Rowles of protection for a year. [Docquet.]
Jan. 21. Grant to Matt. de Quester of the office of a Post, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 73.]
Jan. 22.
11. Pope Paul V. to Geo. Birkett. Nominates him to the Arch- presbitership of England, of which George Blackwell is deprived. He is to dissuade Catholics from taking the oath of allegiance, or going to Protestant churches.
Jan. 22 ? 12. Statement made to the Council of the abuses of the butchers, in private selling of meat during Lent, with proposals for rectifica- tion of the same.
Jan. 22. Orders in Council for restraint of killing and eating flesh in Lent, and for regulations to be observed by the butchers thereupon. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 7.]
Jan. 22. Grant to Wm. Mann of the receivership of fines upon suits of debt, &c., in the Court of King's Bench. [Docquet.]
Jan. 22. Warrant for a bond from the King, in the sum of 150,000£., to Sir Thos. Hayes, Sir Baptist Hicks, and others, to secure 63,038£. 16s. advanced by them on loan; and also to make a grant to them of divers rents on customs, &c. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23.
Cannon Row.
13. Wm. Bruncard to the Earl of Salisbury. Prays that no rever- sion may be granted upon his mother's new lease of the Issues of Jurors, as he hopes to obtain it for himself.
Jan. 23. Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Cock, Cofferer, 13,500£. for expenses of the Household for the present year. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Warrant to pay to John Norton 100 marks for certain books for the Prince. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Warrant dormant to pay to William Lampard, Yeoman Pricker of the Privy Buckhounds in place of Robert Raynes, 20d. per diem wages, and 20s. per ann. for his livery. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to John Holmes, and Gersome, his son, in reversion after Rob. Barefoot, of the office of Woodward of the King's woods in Hainault and Eastholt, Waltham Forest, and of Riding Bailiff of the manor of Barking, East Holt liberty, and Gresham's Hall. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Warrant to pay to Rob. Carlisle, of Broadkirk, Scotland, 100£. for hounds, &c., brought from thence. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to John Morris of a Gunner's place in the Tower, for life. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. License to Wm. Stallenge to import mulberry seeds, and to set the same in any part of the realm, for increase and better breeding of silkworms. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Warrant dormant to pay to Thos. Buchanan, footman to the Duke of York, 30£. per ann. for wages. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to Thos. Pott, the King's servant, born in Scotland, of deni- zation. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to John Gibb of an alms-room in the hospital of Newark, near Leicester. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. Grant to John Young of the office of Porter of the Great Ward- robe in London, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 73.]
Jan. 26.
Ludlow Castle.
14. Lord Eure, President, and the Council of Wales, to Salisbury. Determined opposition of the Justices of Herefordshire and Worcestershire to the authority of the Council of Wales. Inclose,
14. I. Lord Eure to Sir John Packington. Complains of the Under Sheriff of Worcester's refusal to execute any process issued out of the Court of Wales. Jan. 3, Ludlow Castle.
14. II. Sir John Packington to Lord Eure. Defends the proceedings of the Under Sheriff, the county not being under the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales. Jan. 17, Worcester.
Jan. 27.
Warrant to pay to the Earl of Dunbar, Keeper of the Privy Purse, 3,000£. yearly, over and above the sums delivered at New Year's-tide. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 5.]
Jan. 27. Docquet of the above.
Jan. 27.
Grant to Sir John Drummond of the moiety of 5,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 90.]
Jan. 27. Docquet of the above.
Jan. 27. Letter to the Warden of the Fleet to set at liberty Wm. Urwyn, who is to be banished. [Docquet.]
Jan. ? 15. Collection of chantry lands, &c., taken out of the entail, and granted to Sir Walter Cope and other contractors.
Jan. 27. Warrant to Sir Tho. Parry, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan- caster, to execute a contract made by the late Chancellor Sir John Fortescue, with Sir Ant and Sir Walter Cope, Sir Wm. Ryder, Sir Tho. Lake, Sir Geo. Coppin, and others, contractors for rectories and chantry lands. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Grant to Thos. Musgrave of pardon for a robbery on Ric. Craven, collector of the King's rents in Cumberland and Westmorland. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Grant to Wm. and John Harewood and John Pulford, on surrender of Wm. and John Harewood and Hen. Russell, of the registrarship of the Court of Admiralty, for their lives. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Warrant to deliver to the Treasurer of the Chamber 1,500£. yearly, for sundry payments formerly disbursed from the Privy Purse; with warrant to the said Treasurer to pay certain sums formerly paid out of the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Warrant to the Lord Chamberlain to subscribe bills to be paid by the Treasurer of the Chamber, formerly paid out of the Privy Purse. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. License for Fra. Michell to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Warrant to deliver to Thos. Patten, Keeper of the Queen's Closet, diaper and holland for the communion, &c. for the said closet., [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Grant to Roger Cox of the office of the governorship of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, in Beccles, co. Suffolk, void by the death of Wm. Armington. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Warrant to pay to Ralph Clayton, Apothecary to the Prince, in the place of Wm. Weston, the sums due "for phisicall or oderiferous things" for the use of the Prince. [Docquet.]
Jan. 27. Grant to John Johnston, of Gretna, Scotland, of 100£., as a free gift. [Docquet.]
Jan. 30.
16. President and Council of Wales to Salisbury. Continued resistance of the gentlemen of Herefordshire and Worcestershire to the authority of that court. Inclose,
16. I. Gentlemen of Herefordshire to Sir Herbt. Croft. Stating their dislike of the recent attempts made to bring them again under the jurisdiction of the Marches Court of Wales. Hereford, Jan. 13.
16. II. Sir Tho. Cornwall to Sir Jas. Scudamore. Declining to subscribe to the above. Jan. 24.
Jan. 31.
Grant to Stephen Le Sieur of the moiety of 8,000£., old debts of the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Warrt. Bk., p. 80.]
Jan. 31. Docquet of the above.
Jan. 31. Warrant to deliver to persons nominated by the Council, 200£., to be distributed among the poor watermen for their present relief. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Warrant to pay to Lady Carey, who has charge of the Duke of York, 100£. in discharge of money already laid out for gifts and rewards given by the said Duke, and 50£. yearly for like charges. [Docquet.]
Jan. ? 17. Conditions to which Sir John Constable is willing to assent, for the jointure of Dorothy Barham, his wife. Indorsed "Sir Fr. Bacon and his wife."
Jan. 31. Grant, at the suit of Sir Fr. Bacon, to Sir Wm. Cooke, of Hynam, co. Gloucester, Sir John Constable, of Gray's Inn, and three others, of the King's reversion of certain manors, lands, and tenements, co. Herts, formerly assured by Sir Nicholas Bacon to his sons, the entail of which had been conveyed to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Tho. Green, in reversion after Wm. Baynham, of the place of mat-layer to the King. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to John Hall of the moiety of 10,000£. old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him, in repayment of 5,000£. to be advanced to the King. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Commission for Alex. Sharpey and Ric. Rowles, to govern such as are to go to the East Indies, as Lieutenant and Governor, with power to execute martial law there. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Warrant dormant to deliver to Edw. Graveley, Under Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, stuff for his livery, yearly. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Ric. Smith, in reversion after Sir Edgar Conway, of the keeping of Calshot Castle, co. Hants. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Ralph Baldwin of the benefit of the recusancy of Jas. Tankard, Robt. Gibson, Walter and Edward Knaresborough, and John Engleby, all of Yorkshire. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Hen. Martin, Augustine Griggs, and Anth. Dodsworth, of the recusancy of Bridget Pennington, alias Askew, of Carleton, co. York, Wm. Jenyson of Walworth, Rich. Marshall of Denton, Roh. Errington of Lyvalls, Rob. Jeffreyson, and Thos. Humble, all of Durham. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Grant to Thos. Weldon of the recusancy of John Forster, of Harberhouse, Ann Chapman, of Broadbury, Bishopric of Durham, and Geo. Stockdale, of Grisby, co. York. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31. Letter to the Earls of Cumberland and Dunbar, to raise 35 men for the service of Ireland, in Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Durham. [Docquet.]
Jan. ? Grant to Nich. Griffin of the office of Porter of Flint Castle, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 73.]
Feb. 1.
Ludlow Castle.
18. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Desires that Hugh Hanley may be appointed Examiner in the Court of the Marches of Wales, in place of Mr. Bird.
Feb. 2.
19. Earl of Salisbury to Lord Eure. Remonstrates on his receiving complaints against [Sir Herbert Croft], the Steward of Leominster, which place, being part of the Queen's jointure, belongs to Salisbury's jurisdiction.
Feb. 2.
20. The King to the Judges. Not to meddle in a matter lately brought into question in Chancery, relative to the County Palatine of Chester.
Feb. 4. 21. Matthew, Archbp. of York, and Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, to the Earl of Dunbar. Proceedings relative to repair of decays at Brancepeth, Raby, and Barnard Castles, belonging to the Duke of York. Testimony in favour of Hen. Sanderson.
Feb. 4. 22. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. Orders a Privy Seal for 182£., according to a subjoined estimate by John Taverner, of the expense of conveying 130 loads of timber, for repair of the great lodge at Nonsuch Park.
Feb. 4. Grant to Jas. Buddough of the moiety of 2,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. Grant to Sir Jas. Creichton, born in Scotland, of denization. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Lee 40£. for hay, for feeding the King's deer in Woodstock Park. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. Grant to Wm. Vesey of a pension of 14d. per diem, on surrender of two other pensions. [Docquet.]
Feb. 4. Warrant to deliver to Rich. Neile, Dean of Westminster and Clerk of the Closet, books, stuff, &c. for furniture of the closets of the King and Queen. [Docquet.]
Feb. 5. Warrant to deliver to Sir Jas. Murray 300£. for the use of the Prince. [Docquet.]
Feb. 5. 23. Particulars of lands sold by the Commissioners for sale of assart lands, at their last session.
Feb. 6.
Ludlow Castle.
24. Ralph Lord Eure to the Earl of Salisbury. Explains his conduct relative to the Steward of Leominster. Sends a note of Croft's exactions. Incloses,
24. I. Note of exactions paid to Sir Herbert Croft, by some of the Queen's tenants at Leominster.
Feb. 7. Release for Francis Earl of Cumberland, John Taylor, and others, executors of George, late Earl of Cumberland, of all demands of the Crown on the said Earl, excepting for unpaid subsidies. [Docquet.]
Feb. 7. Grant to Thos. Ayrey of the bailiwick of the Hundred of Ossulston, Middlesex, void by death of Rich. Lorchin. [Docquet.]
Feb. 7. Lease to Nich. Moxsay of a messuage, &c. in Sutton, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Grant to John Thelwall, in reversion after his father, of the Stewardship of the lordship of Ruthin, co. Denbigh. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8.
Warrant to pay to the two Quarter-keepers and ten Under keepers of the forest of Blackmore and Pewsham, co. Wilts, 132£., in lieu of their former allowance of fuel from the forest. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 40.]
Feb. 8. Docquet of the above.
Feb. 8. Warrant to pay to John Taverner 204£. 1s. 4d. to provide stuff for impaling, &c. the middle park at Eltham. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Warrant to pay to the Same 182£., for materials for enlargement of the great lodge in Nonsuch Park. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Warrant to pay to Rich. Ancy 230£., for a lease which he bought from the King, of the great coppice of Wanborough, &c., in Windsor Forest. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Dispensation for Sir John Hele from attendance and service as Serjeant-at-law, in respect of his age. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Grant to Sir Rich. Coningsby of the King's share of the goods of Ann Plumpton, of Luddington, co. Lincoln, recusant; and also of certain grounds in Urseleet, and two thirds of the King's proportion of messuages in Waterton, in cos. York and Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Grant to John Pierson of 103£. 10s., arrears of rent due to the King for the lands of Rich. Brenning, recusant. [Docquet.]
Feb. 8. Letter to Sir Wm. Bowyer to pay to John Mawdit 80£. out of the pension of Edm. Nevill, of Latimer. [Docquet.]
Feb. 10. Letters to the Bishop of Winchester, and to the Vice President and Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford, for Dr. Harding to be chosen President of that College. [Docquet.]
Feb. 10. Letter to Sir Rob. Oxenbridge to permit Sir Thos. Tyringham to follow the King's buckhounds into his grounds. [Docquet.]
Feb. 10. Grant to John Nasmyth of the King's interest in the lands of Wm. Middleton, recusant. [Docquet.]
Feb. 10. 25. Fras. Windebank to Mr. Andrews. On arriving in England, sent a greeting to him and to his dear friend, Mr. Laud. Expressions of friendship.
Feb. 11.
26. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Domestic affairs. Tobie Matthew ordered to depart the realm. Harry Constable and Rich. Carey committed to prison. A marriage and masque at Court, and presents to the bride [Lady Eliz. Ratcliffe]. The King gave them a pension of 600£. a year, and wished the bridegroom [Visct. Haddington] as much happiness as he himself had, the day he delivered him from the Gowrie conspiracy. Progress of the treaty of peace between Flanders and Holland. The Pope has commanded Sir Rob. Dudley to forsake his mistress, &c.
Feb. 11. Grant to Jas. O'Hagarty of pension of 30£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Warrant to pay to Rich. Hamerton, 500£., for the remainder of his lease of the Griffin at Newmarket. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Warrant to pay to Thos. Haselrigg 333£. 9s. 6d., for certain wood- lands to be enclosed within the park of Potters-pury and Grafton, co. Northampton. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Letter to the Mayor of Winchester, and others, for Sir Thos. Smith, Clerk of the Privy Council, to have renewal of lease of the farm or late prebend of Rothfen, alias Ratfen, co. Wilts. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Allen Hoord of all sums of money due to the King by the recusancy of his late father, Allen Hoord, of Ewell, Surrey. [Docquet.]
Feb. ? 27. Edm. Lassells to Salisbury. Has failed in his law suits, and is in great distress. Begs protection, and restoration, if possible, to the King's service.
Feb. 11. Grant to Edm. Lassells of protection for 6 months. [Docquet, Feb. 11 and Feb. 28.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Sir Walter Cope of two-thirds of the King's interest in the manors of Elworthy and Bradney, &c., forfeited by recusancy of Thos. Muttlebury, of Ashill, co. Somerset. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Jenkin Marcus and Fr. Atee of the manors of Ashby Ledgers, Sillesworth, &c., part of the possessions of Ann Lady Catesby, recusant. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Grant to Lord Howard of Effingham and his heirs, of the King's reversion of the priory of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnstaple, Devon, with reservation of rent. [Docquet.]
Feb. 11. Commission to the Lord Treasurer and others to treat with such persons as shall lend money to the King, or undertake for such as is already lent. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. 28. Effect of the commission for survey of the King's lands in divers counties.
Feb. ? 29. Names of the Commissioners for surveying the King's lands in several counties.
Feb. 12. Warrant to pay to Rich. Hamerton 60£., for the King's charges at Newmarket. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Warrants dormant to deliver to Simon Basil, Surveyor, and Thos. Baldwin, Comptroller of the Works, stuff for their yearly liveries. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Like warrant for Walter Archibald, Groom of the Robes. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Warrants to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for apparel and other necessaries for the Prince and Duke of York, for a year past. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Grant to Wm. Hunt and Hen. Henn of the benefit of the recu- sancy of John Wells, of Hoarcross, John Berington, of Rowley, and Eleanor Ensworth, of Abbots-Bromly, all in Staffordshire. [Doc- quet.]
Feb. 12. Grant to Rice Griffin, of the benefit of the recusancy of John Coffin, of Allington, Devon, and John Harper, of Chelston, Hereford. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Grant to Sir Fras. Leigh and his heirs, to keep a weekly market and two yearly fairs in Dunchurch, co. Warwick. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. License to Anthony and Robert, sons of Sir Robert Dormer, to travel for 3 years. [Docquet.]
Feb. 12. Grant to Geo. Johnson, merchant tailor of London, of the office of Woollen Draper to the King's Household. [Docquet.]
Feb. 13.
Ludlow Castle.
30. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Begs his support of the King's instructions, and a speedy decision on the authority of the Council of Wales over the four English shires, and that meantime the Sheriffs of the counties be instructed to execute certain processes issued out of the Welsh Court. Requests a reduction of the number of attor- neys in the counties, they being the principal "boute-feux."
Feb. ? 31. Memorandum of the differences between the present and former instructions, relative to the office and powers of the President and Council of Wales.
Feb. ? 32. "Memorial for the Earl of Salisbury," on the King's powers in reference to the Council of Wales, with collections out of original records, &c., relative to the jurisdiction of the Marches of Wales over the English shires.
Feb. ? 33. Advantages that would arise by having the four English counties exempted from the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales, and by the abolition of that Council, which is no longer needed to suppress riots, "Wales being as civil as England."
Feb. ? 34. Reasons for exempting the four English counties from the above jurisdiction. [Addressed by a resident there to the Privy Council.]
Feb. ? 35. Reasons against the exemption of the four counties from the government of Wales. Indorsed with notes [by Salisbury].
36. Copy of the above, with a concluding note [by Salisbury].
Feb. ? 37. Answers to arguments made to prove that the four English shires are not within the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales.
Feb. 13. 38. Wm. Button to Edw. Anthony. To search for the pardon, given in the late reign to Walter Fish, of a recognizance entered into by him for Customer Robinson, who died in the Queen's debt. Fish's widow must either shew cause or pay the debt.
Feb. 13.
39. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. The Earl of Northampton has dealt judiciously with the Spanish Ambassador in the case pending, but Sir Noel Caron protests violently against the course taken. Is anxious to have the King's speech, as imperfect copies of it are getting into print. The Irish suit is for Mr. Carr of the Bedchamber. A second Prince born in France, to whom the King will be asked to be sponsor.
Feb. 15. Grant to the Earl of Southampton of free warren, &c., of all his lands and possessions, and confirmation of certain liberties in the New Forest and Forest of East Beare. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Letter to Sir Rich. Musgrave, Master of the Ordnance in the North, to deliver certain munition to the Earl of Dunbar for Berwick. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Letter to the Earl of Lincoln to receive into his favour Henry Fiennes, his son, who has displeased him by marrying the daughter of Sir Jas. Harrington. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Letter to Justices Walmsley and Warburton, arbitrators in the suits between Lady Margaret Stanhope and her son, Sir John Stanhope, to settle their differences, or to certify in whom the default lies. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Grant to Wm. Pinches, in reversion after Thos. Musgrave, of the keeping of Bew Castle, Cumberland. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Warrant to pay to Lord Stanhope 1,500£. for the park of Higham Ferrers, Northampton. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Warrant to pay to Hen. Hayman 148£. 16s. 4d. for repairing Arch-cliff bulwark, Dover. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Grant to Simon Reade of pardon for conjuration and invocation of unclean spirits. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. Grant to Herbert Whitfield, of Tenterden, Kent, of pardon for defamation and slander against his neighbours. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15. License to Wm. Risby and his heirs to keep a market and two yearly fairs at Maydenhall in Fesham, co. Suffolk. [Docquet.]
Feb. 15.
40. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. To procure a Privy Seal for 128£., to be paid to Sir Edw. Cecil, Keeper of Putney Park, Surrey, for expenses in repairs there, according to a certificate, by Michael Haydon.
Feb. 16. 41. Memorandum of receipt by Lord Treasurer Dorset, of 4 bonds of 2,000£. each, from Wm. Garway, John Wolstenholme, Fras. Jones, and Nicholas Salter, Farmers of the Customs, for payment of 1,000£. on Jan. 1, in each of the four succeeding years.
Feb. 16.
42. Israel Hewet to Thos. Wilson. Thanks for benefits.
Feb. 16. Warrant for John Powell to take away all guns and engines for destroying the King's game and fishing, from Wandsworth Bridge to Martin Abbey. [Docquet.]
Feb. 16. Grant to Thos. Wray of pardon for manslaughter. [Docquet.]
Feb. 16. Renewal of lease to Sir John Savile of certain mills in Wakefield, Horbury, and Sandall, for a fine specified. [Docquet.]
Feb. 16. Lease to Thos. Dewhurst of the residue of the demesne of Periors, not taken into the King's Park at Cheshunt, and of the demesnes of Cheshunt Nunnery, demised to Israel Amice. [Docquet.]
Feb. 16. Warrant to allow Sir Geo. Dalston his fees as Captain of the Fort of Carlisle. [Docquet.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Sir Thos. Somerset of an annuity of 400£., on surrender of a former pension, to be received from Sir Thos. Shirley, out of the Office of Alienations. [Docquet.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Geo. Watkins of the Guidership of the Hospital without Risby Gate, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, for life. [Docquet.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Wm. Batty of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Stephen Waterhouse and Martin Linley, and their heirs, of the rectories of Freyson and Butterwick, co. Lincoln, with the advowsons thereof. [Docquet.]
Feb. 18. Grant to Melchisedec Bradwood of the sole privilege of printing "Jewel's Defence of the Apology of the Church of England, and his Book of Articles." [Docquet.]
Feb. 18.
43. Writ of Summons for Hen. Coldwell to appear in the Arches Court, respecting his defamation of Henry Massock, of the diocese of Peterborough. With return indorsed.
Feb. 19. Grant to Edw. Barkham of the office of Rent Collector of St. John's of Jerusalem and county of Middlesex, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 74.]
Feb. 20.
44. George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester, to Salisbury. Reasons for preserving certain mills and a causeway in the city of Chester, the destruction of which is desired by some gentlemen of Wales.
Feb. 21. 45. Earl of Dorset to Sir Thos. Lake. To draw a Privy Seal as prefixed, to free Peter Bourdin, Lord of St. Anthoine, the Prince's French riding-master, from payment of subsidies.
Feb. 22.
Dorset House.
46. Same to Sir Fras. Popham, and the Officers of the Port of Bridgewater. To continue Rowland Jones as the deputy of Popham, and not Thos. Bragg, who was lately appointed.
Feb. 22. 47. Alex. Serle to Mr. Plumstead. Desires Mr. Attorney, in drawing out grants, to reserve to him the power of levying the fourth of the fines, in causes ecclesiastical, as granted him by the King. Annexed is,
47. I. Grant to Rob. Brown of the fine of 100 marks payable by Wm. Griffith, of Llan Sainte y Catherine, Anglesea, on promotion of Thos. Lloyd of Beaumaris, with deduction of the fourth thereof, due to Alex. Serle, procurator for causes ecclesiastical. Aug. 20, 1604. Westminster.
Feb. 22. 48. Wm. Sterrell to Sir Thos. Lake. The treaty between the Archduke and the Hollanders is not broken off, nor was any embargo laid on our ships in Spain. Dr. Harding chosen president. The Duke of Savoy seeks a match for his son in Paris. A new oath of allegiance tendered to the Judges.
Feb. 22. Grant to Wm. Cressy, senior, on surrender of Nich. Clements, of the bailiwick of Barsetlow, in cos. Nottingham, Derby, and York, for life, with reversion to his son, Wm. Cressy. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Jas. Sowerby of a Gunner's place in Carlisle, void by death of Roger Boas. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Wm. Baily of the benefit of the recusancy of Jane Watson, of Pattingham, co. Stafford. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Jas. Fenton and Anth. Witherings, of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Watton of Addington, Kent, John Wells of Hoar- cross, and Rich. Fleetwood of Calwich, Stafford, and Tho. Kerry of Sutton, Berks. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Wm. Hawthorn of an alms-room in Sandwich. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Wm. Hall of an alms-room in Peterborough. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Warrant to allow to the Grooms of the King's Bedchamber 20s. yearly, for a watch livery during winter. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Cath. Frost of pardon for stealing a portmanteau out of the house of Hugh Packer, since restored to the owner. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to Sir Fras. Fane and his heirs, of divers assart lands in the forest of Melksham, Wilts, and a pardon of all purprestures com mitted by him in the said forest. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Grant to John Elphinstone, Gentleman Usher to the Queen, of the benefit of the recusancy of Hen. Mansfield, of Taplowe, co. Bucks. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Warrant to allow to Piers Skinning and Rich. Arnold, Grooms of the Coaches, stuff for their livery gowns. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Letter to the Countess of Cumberland for keeping the usual assizes for gaol delivery for Westmoreland at Appleby, without impeachment from her. [Docquet.]
Feb. 22. Warrant for the Chancellor, &c., of the Exchequer to receive certain bonds of the Farmers of Customs, and to re-deliver the same, on payment of the money. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Order to the Woodward of the New Forest to fell 130 timber trees, for building a new lodge there. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Order to the Woodward of Waltham, Essex, to fell 24 loads of timber in Hainault Walk, for building Chapel Hainault Lodge. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Grant to Wm. Benson, of the benefit of the recusancy of Ann Smith, of Leicestershire, Geo. Mellett, of London, and Rich. Bedwell, of Bedwell, Staffordshire. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Grant to Hen. Batten, on surrender of Lodowick Floyd, of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Grant to Sir John and Walter Ferrers, in reversion after Roger Maperley, of the keeping of the park of Higlinde and of Woxhall Ward, in the Chace of Needwood, Staffordshire. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Warrant to pay to Sir Edw. Cecil 128£. 0s. 8d., for sums disbursed about the park and lodge at Mortlake. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Warrant to pay to Wm. Christmas 319£. 2s. 4d., for building four lodges in the New Forest. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Warrant to pay to John Wright 71£. 18s. 4d., for repairs, &c., at Chapel Hainault Lodge, in Waltham Forest. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Grant to Lord Denney, in fee-simple, of certain tenements and meadows belonging to the Grange of Waltham, Essex. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. Warrant to allow to the Farmers of the Customs 3,021£. 14s. 1d. for losses sustained by them on goods imported and exported custom free. [Docquet.]
Feb. 23. 49. Henry Earl of Huntingdon to Sir Thos. Lake. To further his chaplain, [Wm.] Robinson, in obtaining a patent for a prebend now vacant in Westminster, of which he holds the reversion.
Feb. 24.
Court at Whitehall.
50. Sir Julius Cæsar to the Same. His brother, Dr. Henry Cæsar, is the next in reversion after Wm. Robinson, for a prebend in Westminster ; wishes Robinson's patent to be made out without any mention of his brother's claim for the present.
Feb. 24. 51. Account of the fraudulent conduct of Sir John Trevor, Sir Rob. Mansell, and Phineas Pett, in freighting the ship Resistance from the King's stores, in March 1605, selling the goods for their own gain, and then claiming wages, &c., for their voyage, as though she had gone on the King's service.
Feb. 26.
Court at Whitehall.
52. Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir Thos. Lake. Has received Privy Seals for the repairs of the lodges in the New Forest, and wishes despatch of those required for Portsmouth.
Feb. 26.
53. Estimate of the expense of repairing the chancel of Pinch- beck church, which is in a ruinous state.
Feb. 28. Discharge to the executors of Wm. Smith, late Serjeant of the Scullery, for 1,834£., 12s. 3½d., the value of plate stolen in the late reign. [Docquet.]
Feb. 28. Grant to Thos. Pott of the benefit of the recusancy of Reginald Knatchbull, of Hyde, Kent, and Jas. Randall, of St. Andrew's, Holborn. [Docquet.]
Feb. ? 54. Petition of Sir William Irving to the King, for the moiety of all fines due on recognizances and non-appearance on juries in London, to be recovered by him.
Feb. ? 55. Sir Hen. Nevill's "Project to raise a present somme for His Majties use, without any wrong or just cause of grievance to any man," by exempting two persons in every parish from serving as jurors or constables.
Feb. 28. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, and others of the Council, to compound with persons for exemptions from appearance as jurors upon assizes, &c. [Docquet.]
[Feb. 28.] 56. Declaration by the King that he has issued Commissions for compounding with persons to be exempt from serving on juries. Corrected [by Salisbury.]
Feb. 28 ? 57. Statements of present abuses in the returns of jurors, by which so many escape from serving that few are willing to com- pound for exemption, hoping to obtain it otherwise. Suggestions for rectifying the abuses, and leading them to compound ; also for a composition for exemption from constableship and churchwardenship as well as serving on juries.
Feb. ? 58. Notes respecting the right of patronage to the rectory of Bed was, diocese of Llandaff. Indorsed "Lady Beauchamp."
Feb. 28. Agreement between the King on the first part; Edward Earl of Hertford, Edward Lord Beauchamp, and the Lady Honor, his wife, on the second part; William Lord Monteagle, on the third part; Gray Lord Chandos, and the Lady Ann, his wife, Sir John Egerton, and the Lady Frances, his wife, Henry Earl of Huntingdon, and the Lady Elizabeth, his wife, on the fourth part; as to the lands of Charles Brandon, late Duke of Suffolk. [Docquet.]
Feb. 28. Agreement between the King and the Earl of Hertford and Lord Beauchamp, for conveying to the said Earl certain rever- sions of entailed manors and lands, and for Lord Beauchamp to be created Earl of Hertford on decease of the present Earl. [Docquet.]
Feb. 28. Letter to the Warden and Fellows of Oxford, for Lord Say to have a grant, in reversion, of the farm of Woodmancot, co. Hants. [Docquet.]
Feb. 29.
59. Rich. Neile, Dean of Westminster, to Sir Thos. Lake. The Bishop of Bath and Wells is dead. Asks if the Dean of the Chapel Royal would like the post; and whether Dr. Lake will prefer Worcester deanery or wait for Winchester.
Feb. 29. 60. Charles Earl of Nottingham to the Same. For a warrant to Lord Knyvet for certain deer which are to be sent from St. James's Park to the French King. The toils have been occupied by the King's order, in taking red deer, but are now expected back.
Feb. 61. Statement of the controversy between Wm. Calley, merchant of London, and his factor, Jean Baptista Rolandes, respecting accounts for the clothing of the Archduke's army.
March 1.
Westminster ?
Re-grant to the Earl of Montgomery, in fee-simple, of certain reversions of manors, parsonages, tenements, &c., to the value of 200£. per ann., all to be on expiration of three lives. [Docquet, March 2.]
March 2. Directions to the Chancellor and Attorney of the Duchy of Lan- caster, to settle ambiguities in the letters patent formerly granted to the Dean and Chapter of Ripon, co. York. [Docquet.]
March 2. Warrant to deliver to Geo. Nevey 20£. for repairs of the forti- fications at Portsmouth, and to fell fifty decayed trees in the New Forest, for the said repairs. [Docquet.]
March 2. Warrant to deliver to Edm. Tilney, Master of the Revels, 61£. 18s. 10d. for expenses of his office; also 100£. imprest for charges to be defrayed by him in the said office. [Docquet.]
March 2. Grant to Walter Toderick and John Hitton, of the moiety of 1,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by them. [Docquet.]
March 2. 62. Discovery [by Fras. Tillotson, the priest, to Lord Danvers,] of a conspiracy of Parsons at Rome, Creswell at Madrid, Hen. Fludd at Lisbon, and Baldwin in the Low Countries, to revenge the death of Garnet on the King and Prince, by sending five disguised Jesuits to England to kill them. Plot at Rome to stir up rebellion in Ireland. [See Irish Corresp., Feb. 23, 1608.]
March ? 63. Digest of a proposition for levying an impost on beer and ale, for sundry regulations in the manufacture and sale thereof, and for a survey of alehouse-keepers, that none but persons of good character may be allowed to keep alehouses.
March 3. 64. The King to [the Sheriffs of Counties ?]. Requires them to observe the directions sent for the reform of abuses, in granting too many licenses for alehouses and to improper persons.
March 3.
Barnard Castle.
65. Rowland White to Sir Thos. Lake. Has received the warrant for Lord Montgomery. Mr. Tracy is glad that Mr. Baynam's business progresses. Stags to be ready if the King goes to Thetford. The Commissioners at the Hague cannot agree on the East India business. Spanish gallies have taken six or seven ships of the States, and spoiled or killed the men.
March 3.
St. James's.
66. Sir Thos. Chaloner to the Same. In favour of an invention by Mr. Sturtevant for making water pipes of earthenware, of which he can cast 8,000 yards per day, and which are more safe and strong than those of lead.
March 4.
67. Rich. Putto to the Same. To get the King's signature to his grant of the fine of Mr. Llewelyn. Will pay the money promised to Lake for it where he shall direct. Prays the completion of the grant of 5,000£. old crown debts to Fras. Mills, for which he and others would give bond to pay Lake 500£.; advises him to obtain a similar grant of 10,000£. for himself.
March 4. 68. Sir Thos. Leeds to the Same. To forward his suit for the fine of a person who is sure to be convicted and his goods and lands forfeited; will give Lake 600£., or half the profits, for his influence.
March 4.
Hampton Court.
69. Charles Earl of Nottingham to the Same. Fears that from the extreme cold, the deer cannot be conveyed alive to France, there being great fatality amongst them. The King must be sparing in his warrants for gifts of them, this being no year for tailors and shoemakers to eat venison. Particulars of the warrant required for Lord Knyvet to deliver them, he being exact in such things.
March 4. Grant to Sir John Heigham and his heirs to hold two yearly fairs at Barrow, co. Suffolk. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to John Hunt, Wm. Poynter, and Wm. Nevill, of London, merchants, of protection for a year. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to John Braderton of an alms-room in Sandwich hospital. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to Hugh Barbon of the moiety of 1,000£., old debts due to the Crown to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
March 6.
The Merlyon, Portsmouth.
70. Capt. Wm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. Intelligence of a man of war from the Straits cruizing off Torbay, and landing men. Complaints of enhancement in the price of corn, by its daily transportation.
March 7.
71. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Touching an escheat for which he has made suit. Encloses a letter to Lord Knyvet about taking deer out of St. James's Park.
March 7. License for Lord Windsor to travel for -- years. [Docquet.]
March 7. Warrant to pay 40£. to John Gibb, Groom of the Bedchamber. [Docquet.]
March 7. Grant to John Yardley of an alms-room in St. Stephen's, West- minster. [Docquet.]
March 7. Warrant to deliver to the Bishop of Chichester, Chief Almoner, or to Robert Scott, his Sub-Almoner, 133£. 6s. 8d., for alms on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter week. [Docquet.]
March 7. Warrant dormant to deliver 50£. per annum, during the Queen's life, for fees, and also the sums requisite for expenses, of the gardens at Theobalds and Somerset House. [Docquet.]
March 7. Warrant to pay 475£. for the charges, &c., of Guido Gall and others, servants of the King of Denmark, during their abode in England. [Docquet.]
March 7. Warrant to deliver to Wm. Clarke and Rob. Whitnoll, keepers of the two great bridges over the river Lea, cloth for their liveries. [Docquet.]
March 7. Grant to two Danes and five Dutchmen of pardon for piracy, procured by Guido Gall. [Docquet.]
March 10.
72. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. To consider and submit to the officers of the King's works, a petition for a patent for certain inven- tions in building.
March 11.
73. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Business matters. Le Sieur's Privy Seal. Letter to the Landgrave of Hesse. The King well pleased with the committal of the players who have offended in the matter of France, &c. The children of the Blackfriars to be dissolved for lewd words. Petitions of Sir Pat. Murray for Irish fines, and of Sir Sam. Saltonstall, for customs on foreign wools. The King proposes to spend the next week in hunting at Newmarket.
March 11. 74. The King to the Earl of Shrewsbury. Orders him to enforce due execution of the forest laws in Galtres forest, where the deer are much diminished. To prevent the tenants keeping too many cattle there. To expel sheep from the forest, and to order certain proportions of hay to be kept for the use of the deer.
March 12. Docquet of the above.
March 12. Warrant for the King's apparel for a year, ending Michaelmas last. [Docquet.]
March 12. Warrant for necessaries for the Maundy of the present year. [Docquet.]
March 12. Grant to John Palmer of the guidership of the Poor-house of Mary Magdalen, co. Somerset. [Docquet.]
March 12. Warrant to pay to Sir Hen. Cock 7,000£. for the charges of the Prince's house. [Docquet.]
March 14. Warrant reducing the new impositions on French, Brazil, and fustick woods, &c.; also provisoes for returning the impost on woods and starch brought in and exported again, and for reducing it on those brought in before notice of the increased duties. [Docquet.]
March 14. Grants to John Hughes and Fras. Hewitson of Gunners' places in the Tower. [Docquet.]
March 14. Grant to Adrian Jacobson, a German, of denization. [Docquet.]
March 14. License for Sir Rob. Wynd to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
March 14. Letter to the Mayor of Nottingham for Wm. Gregory, Town Clerk, to have the office of keeping the King's courts there. [Docquet.]
March 14. Grant to Hugh Thomas of an alms-room in St. Thomas's Hospital, Sandwich. [Docquet.]
March 14. Lease to Arch. Napper of the manor of Caversfield, Bucks. [Docquet.]
March 14. Indenture whereby the King demises to the Earl of Northampton a duty of 10s. per cwt. on starch imported, and 5s. per cwt. on starch made in England, on condition of payment to the King of one fourth of the revenue therefrom. [Docquet.]
March 14. Grant to Thos. Williams of the benefit of the recusancy of John Jefford, of Hatesbury Court, Devon, Rob. Hawkins of Doddenham, and Wm. Sparry of Kings Norton, co. Worcester. [Docquet.]
March 14. The usual warrant for necessaries for the stable, for the use of the King and Prince. [Docquet.]
March 16. Warrant for apparel for the footmen, &c. of the King, Queen, Prince, Duke of York, and Lady Elizabeth. [Docquet.]
March 16. Grant to Thos. Finch and Steph. Partridge, of pardon of all punishments adjudged against them in the Court of Star Chamber, the fines only excepted. [Docquet.]
March 16. 75. Re-grant to Herbert Whitfield, of pardon for defamation against John Elliot and others.
March 18. Articles of agreement indented between the King on the one part, and Sir Edw. Coke, Lady Elizabeth his wife, and Sir Christ. Hatton, on the other part. [Docquet.]
March 18. Indenture whereby the King grants to the Archbishop of Canter- bury, the Earl of Exeter, Sir Edw. Coke, and Sir Hen. Fanshaw, his interest in the lands of Sir Christopher Hatton, seized by the late Queen for debts due to her, on condition of their paying 1,500£. yearly, till the remaining debt is discharged. [Docquet.]
March ? 76. Note of the rents of Holdenby.
March 18. Privy Seal to the Lord Treasurer and others, declaring what the King has agreed to give for the mansion, &c. at Holdenby. [Docquet.]
March 18. Warrant dormant to deliver to John Archibald, Groom of the Robes, stuff for his livery. [Docquet.]
March 18. Letter to John Murray, Keeper of Guildford Park, to detain the building materials of the manor house lately pulled down there. [Docquet.]
March 18.
77. The King to the Master, &c. of St. Thomas's Hospital, South- wark, in behalf of Henry Halfield, for a lease, in reversion, of Bewick farm, in Holderness.
March 18. Docquet of the above.
March 18. 78. Order to the Woodward of Hampshire to fell 60 timber trees in the forest of East Beare, for the use of Sir Thos. Cornwallis, Deputy-Keeper under Sir Fras. Vere.
March 18. Grants to Thos. Pinckney, Anth. Dodsworth, and Jerome Metcalf of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Pursell and Fras. Moore, of Shenfield, co. Berks, Hen. Britton, of High Holborn, co. Middlesex Thomas Pudsey, of Barforth, co. York, and John Gittons, of Cowdray, Sussex. [Docquet.]
March 18. Grant to Thos. Muncrieff of a pension of 18d. per diem, during pleasure, for his service in mewing the King's hawks. [Docquet.]
March 18. Grant to Sir Jas. Douglas, born in Scotland, of denization. [Docquet.]
March 18. Grant to John Hawkins, in reversion after Rich. Dyer, of the office of Whiffler, and one of the Gunners in the Tower. [Docquet.]
March 18. Grant to John Colt of pardon for coining and clipping of money. [Docquet.]
March 19.
79. John Thornborough, Bishop of Bristol, to Salisbury. Proceedings as to Wm. Udall's discoveries of priests, &c. Intends to write to Udall, urging him to reveal all to Salisbury, as he cannot himself undertake a long journey to London to speak with him. Incloses,
79. I. Wm. Udall to the Bp. of Bristol. Detail of particulars respecting former plots of the Jesuits and Spaniards. Affirms confidently that the Earl of Tyrone intends to seize Chester and head a rebellion in Ireland. Mar. 16, 1608, Clerkenwell.
March 20. Grant, with survivorship, to Hugh Hanley and Rich. Bull, on surrender of Peter Bird, of the office of Examiner of the Court of Wales. [Docquet.]
March 20. Grant to Rob. Corbett and Thos. Catchmay, assigns of the Earl Montgomery, of lease of the office of Weights and Measures in Penrith called Metlawe and Welawe, and of divers lands, &c., in cos. Cumberland, Bucks, Kent, &c. [Docquet.]
March 20. 80. Bond from the King to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, &c., of London, for 100,000£.
March 21.
Warrant to pay to Rich. Cole, the King's Girdler, 1,220£. for wares, &c., for the use of the King, Prince, and Duke of York. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 51.]
March 21. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, &c., to compound for depopu- lations and decays of houses, and other offences of like nature. [Docquet.]
March 21. Commission to Sir John Herbert, Second Secretary of State, Sir Julius Cæsar, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Parry, Chan- cellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and others, to compound for offences in building, in London and the suburbs. [Docquet.]
March 21. Warrant to pay to Sir Thos. Hayes, Sir Baptist Hicks, William Garway, and others, money borrowed by the King, with interest; and also 80,000£., with interest, borrowed of divers citizens and merchant strangers of London. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to Lord Denney, in fee simple, of certain buildings called the Forge and other tenements, Fullingmill meads, and Edmondsey meadow, in Waltham, Essex. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to John Achmouty, Groom of the Bedchamber, of 2,000£. as a gift, payable out of the forfeitures of recusants. [Docquet.]
March 21. License for Thos. Trayton to exercise the trade of brewer at Lewes, co. Sussex, although he has not been an apprentice to the trade. [Docquet.]
March 21. Warrant to deliver to three of the King's Falconers stuff for their apparel. [Docquet.]
March 21. Warrant to allow to Rich. Polley and Rich. Withers, Yeoman and Groom of the Cross-Bows to the Queen, 2d. per diem each for their board wages. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to John King of the office of Bailiff of the two hundreds of Goolayton and Gartra, and Collector of the King's rents there, for 21 years. [Docquet.]
March ? 81. Thomas Phelippes to Earl of Salisbury. Prays that his debt to the Crown may be installed at 200 marks per annum, and that his pension may be paid and not defalcated for that purpose. Has been deprived of the lease of his land to please another.
March ? 82. [Same] to [the Same]. Has searched his papers for information on a subject requested by his lordship, and will send it when he knows the particular points required. It had gone worse with Blewet and others but for the French Ambassador.
March 21. Grant to Charles Chambers of the benefit of the recusancy of Lady Cobb, of Norfolk, Arthur Blewet of Holcombe Regis, Devon, Walter Erdiswick of Hartley Green, Stafford, Thos. Bockholes of Chauton, Thurstone Tyldesley of Stanzaker, and Edw. Singleton of Broughton Tower, Lancaster. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to Sir John Portman and his heirs of two manors called Grinwore and Whitnell, Somerset, as assignee of Fras. Blunt, who held the same by lease for 2,000 years. [Docquet.]
March 21. Congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of Bath and Wells to elect a Bishop there. [Docquet.]
March 21. Letter to the same to elect Dr. Montague, Dean of the King's Chapel, to the vacant Bishopric. [Docquet.]
March 21. Presentation of John Still to the parsonage of Christen Malford, diocese of Salisbury. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to Edw. Fitton, in reversion after John Thomas, of the office of Gunner in the Tower and Groom of the Ordnance. [Docquet.]
March 21. Grant to Mich. Geerc, of the place of Assistant to the King's chief officers of the Admiralty, void by death of Rob. Savage. [Docquet.]
March ? 83. Instructions regulating the tonnage duties to be paid by ships voyaging to certain places, the collections thereof to be continued until 2,000£., besides the 600£. owing upon account of the 2,000£. already paid in, be collected. Signed, Rob. Salmon, Michael Geere, Walter Cooke.
March 22. 84. The Council to the Earl of Sussex. Require payment of the second instalment of the subsidy, due by him.
March 22. 85. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Private affairs. Repairing and letting of a house, &c.
March 22. Grant to Geo. Ward and Rob. Morgan, and their heirs, of rectory and chantry lands, value 67£. 1s. 5½d., per ann.; and also re-grant of lands belonging to the rectory of Buckland Brewer, co. Devon. [Docquet.]
March 22. Presentation of Robert Scott, the King's Sub-Almoner, to the sub-deanery of Wells. [Docquet.]
March 22. Grant to the Same of the prebend of Compton Episcopi in the Cathedral of Wells. [Docquet.]
March 22. Grant to Alex. Chesham of the place of one of his Majesty's Musicians for the Violins. [Docquet.]
March 22. Letter of thanks to the Bishop of Durham, for his kindness to Thos. Murray, Pedagogue to the Duke of York, with request to further Murray's business about the hospital of Sherburn. [Docquet.]
March 22. Letter to Lady Eliz. Hatton, to appoint Richard Lazomby, Master of the King's Crossbows, to be Keeper of the Park of Holdenby. [Docquet.]
March 22. Warrant to pay to Sir Henry Gunderrot, 300£., for a jewel to be bestowed on the Landgrave of Hesse. [Docquet.]
March 22. Warrant to pay to Jehan Blomeart, 300£., for a jewel bestowed on Lord Haddington; and 300£. to Henryck Van Hulfen, for a tablet of gold set with diamonds, and the King's picture, given by the King to Rob. Carr, Gentleman of the Bedchamber. [Docquet.]
March 23. 86. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to the Earl of Salisbury. Death of Lange, the parson of Leadenham. Begs the living for his own chaplain, John Craven, of Trinity College, Cambridge. The patronage belongs to Chris. Beresford, the King's ward. Lady Arabella is gone to town; and has had a drawing of Chatsworth made for Salisbury.
March 23. Grant of 1,000£. to Stephen Le Sieur, being a debt due by Sir Thos. Gresham to the late Queen. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 118.]
March 24. Docquet of the above.
March 24. Gift to Alex. Hay, Deputy Secretary for Scotland, of two-thirds of the forfeitures of recusants, to be recovered at his own cost. [Docquet.]
March 24. Demise to Geo. Lawley of two-thirds of the King's interest in messuages, lands, &c., in Bromecroft and other places, co. Salop, arising from the recusancy of Geo. Lutley. [Docquet.]
March 24. Letter to the Master, &c. of St. John's College, Cambridge, to accept the resignation of the vicarage of North Stoke, Oxford, by Thomas Leech, and to confer it on his son Nathaniel Leech. [Docquet, March 18.]
March 24. Letter to the Same. To elect John Norton to a scholarship. [Docquet.]
March 24. Grant to Sir Hen. Fowkes, in fee-simple, of the King's right of patronage, &c., of the rectories of Kirby Misperton and Brandsburton, co. York; of Trent, co., Somerset; Alderchurch, co. Lincoln; and Goddington, co. Oxford. [Docquet, March 24 and April 21.]
March 24. Grant to Geo. Williams of an alms-room in Durham Cathedral. [Docquet.]
March 25. Lease to Amb. Dudley of the manor, mines, &c., of Chopwell, co. Durham. [Docquet.]
March 25. Grant to Rob. and William Appleby, of the office of making "blackjacks, bottles, barhides, cloth-sacks, bed-cases, gun-cases, peternelcases, pistol-cases, cross-bow cases, long-bow cases, bombards, baskets, collects, and bucklers, all of leather," for the Household, the Tower of London, and the Navy, for their lives. [Docquet.]
March 25. License to Rob. Throgmorton, of Weston Underwood, co. Bucks., to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
March 25. License for all merchants to export corn free of duty, if not sold within a reasonable time. [Docquet.]
March 25. Grant to Rich. Andrews and Will. Hawkins, in trust for Katherine Playdell, of 1,000£., being the forfeiture of an obligation of John Playdell, her husband, by which he was bound to pay 4£. monthly for her maintenance. [Docquet.]
March 26. Grant to Sir John Herbert, Sir Julius Cæsar, and others, to reform abuses in building, contrary to proclamation. Printed. [Grant Bk., p. 43.]
March 26.
Warrant to pay to Thos. Scudamore, Receiver-General of Yorkshire, 100 marks per annum, for service, &c. at Berwick. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 25.]
March 26. Docquet of the above.
March 26. Warrant to pay 26£., to Rich. Brass, Yeoman of the Buckhounds; 5£. 10s. 10d., to Thos. Norton, for making certain bridges between Royston and Newmarket; and 30£. 10s., to John Manwood, for holding two justice sessions within the forests of Hampshire. [Docquet.]
March 29. 87. Order for Ottiwell Bynns to appear personally before the Council at York.
March 29. Warrant to pay 30£. to Lord Carew, Lieutenant of the Ordnance, for sending a canonier, smith, wheelwright, and carpenter, to the coast of Cantyre, Scotland. [Docquet.]
March 29. Warrant to deliver certain munition to Hen. Mills, appointed Canonier in the West parts of Scotland. [Docquet.]
March 30. Commission for Sir Wm. Waad, Sir Hen. Montague, Arthur Ingram, and others, assigns of the Earl of Northampton, to execute the conditions of a grant to the said Earl, of an imposition on starch. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Isaac Vacandare, a French boy, of pardon for rape. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Anth. Higgins, of the Deanery of Ripon. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay to Clement Edmondes, Secretary of the City of London, 133£. 13s. 4d., for drawing the assurance to be made by the King, for great sums of money borrowed of the said city. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay the expenses of taking down the King's house at Enfield, and conveying the materials to be used in the intended building at Theobalds. [Docquet.]
March 30. Gift to Sir John Harpur and Fras. Needham, of such lands, &c., as may accrue to the Crown by the outlawry of Sir John Souch, in trust for payment of his debts, and maintenance of his wife and son. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay to Lord Hay, Gentleman of the Robes, 1,500£., for provision of the King's robes. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay 3,200£. for a jewel given by the King to the Prince. [Docquet.]
March 30. Lease to Edm. Thurston and Rob. Webb of the King's two parts of the lands of divers recusants in Lancashire. [Docquet.]
March 30. Commission to the Lord Admiral, and others, to find out abuses, &c., in the Royal Navy. [Docquet, March 30 and April 29.]
March 30. Grant to Thos. Marbury of two-thirds of the King's interest in the goods, lands, &c., of Hen. Bannister, and Thos. Westby, recusants. [Docquet.]
March 30. Lease to Edw. Savile of divers mills in Wakefield, Horbury, and Sandall, co. York, on resignation of the same by Sir John Savile, his father. [Docquet.]
March 30. Warrant to pay to Hen. Seckford 100 marks for conveying certain pied deer to the French King. [Docquet.]
March 30. Grant to Hen. Kelway and others, of pardon for assembling to pull down Inclosures. [Grant Bk., p. 35.]
March 31. Grant to Edw. Jones of an alms-room in Christchurch, Oxford. [Docquet, March 30.]
March ? 88. -- to the Council. Report their proceedings in reference to the butchers summoned to appear before them for suppression of the sale of meat during Lent. The butchers of Middlesex complain against those of the City of London for taking unfair advantage of their licenses. [See Jan. 22.]
March ? 89. Suggestions for reformation of abuses in secret conveyance and transportation of raw hides, leather, and calf skins.
March 31.
Proclamation against the transportation of leather. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 171.]
March ? 90. Reasons offered by the Company of the Leathersellers of London why their leather should not be subjected to search.
March ? 91. Reasons delivered by John Kendrick against renewing the great toll at Gravelines.
March ? 92. Sir John Poyntz to the Earl of Salisbury. Information relative to the estate of the late Sir Gabriel Poyntz, the wardship of whose grandchildren is now in controversy between himself, Sir John Cutts, and Mr. Docwra.
March ? 93. Same to the Same. Will submit to his decision in his cause with Mr. Docwra. Solicits to become tenant of certain lands which Docwra holds, and from which he is debarred merely by a misnomer in the conveyance.
[March.] 94. Book of the names of stewards, &c., of Crown manors, with the amounts of their respective fees, from 1 to 5 James I.
March ? 95. Estimate of the value to be made by the sale of trees, according to the survey.
March ? 96. Account of annuities to divers foreign Princes and noblemen of the realm, the King, Queen, and Prince's bedchamber and household servants, and the late officers of Berwick.