James I: Volume 32, April-May, 1608

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 32, April-May, 1608', Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, (London, 1857), pp. 420-436. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp420-436 [accessed 24 June 2024].

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April 3. 1. Notice to be read by Mr. Owen, after divine service at Yardley and Denton, of writs issued from the Star Chamber, for appearance of Fras. Low, Thos. Stringer, and Richard Burien.
April 8. 2. Bond of John Bate and Thos. Cowley, citizens and grocers of London, to pay 210£. to Alice Isburd, of London.
April 8. Grant to Sir Thos. Walsingham and his wife, of the office of Keeper of the Queen's Wardrobe, with release of all demands from 26 July 1603 to 25 Dec. 1607. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 79.]
April 8. Grant to Edm. Beck and Phil. Eden of the office of Bow-bearer "and Collector of the tachin money" in Galtres Forest, co. York. [Ibid., p. 79.]
April 8. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others to make leases of Crown lands within the survey of the Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster. [Docquet.]
April 8. Warrant to pay to Sir Allan Percy 40£. per ann., so long as the profits of the lights of Tynemouth Castle remain in the King's hands. [Docquet.]
April 8. Warrant dormant to the officers of the Exchequer, to reserve the money arising from licenses for victualling and selling drink, for extraordinary charges in Ireland. [Docquet.]
April 8. Discharge to Arthur Ingram of the office of Collector of the imposition on starch; with grant to him of annuity of 100£., for 12 years, in lieu of the same. [Docquet.]
April 8. Lease to Thos. Pearson of certain messuages, &c., in Estritton and elsewhere, Northumberland, for the use of the tenants of the same. [Docquet.]
April 8. Grant to Wm. Shaw of the remainder of a debt due to the King by the sureties of Rich. Young, deceased. [Docquet.]
April 9.
Warrant to pay to Lord Hay 7,080£. 17s. 2d. for arrears, and 1,000£. quarterly, for the charges, &c., of the robes. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 4.]
April 9. Grant to Thomas Earl of Suffolk of the overplus value of lands, &c., sold by the late Queen on untrue valuations. [Grant Bk., p. 36.]
April 11. 3. John Jegon, Bishop of Norwich, to Sir Thos. Lake. Touching his discharge of Evat, a minister, idly accused by -- Lovell.
April 11. 4. Verses in praise of Campion and others, martyrs for Christ. Indorsed, "George Jarves, Priest, suffered for God and his truth at London, the xith of April, 1608."
April 11.
5. Sir Rich. Gifford to Salisbury. Urges his suit on behalf of D. Kercher, for the deanery of Winchester, void by removal of the present Dean on the sudden death of the Bishop of Lincoln.
April 12.
6. Capt. Willm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. His proceedings about the ships laden with corn, stayed by virtue of his warrant. His difficulties in preventing transportation of corn. Incloses,
6. I. List of the ships arrested, with particulars of their lading.
6. II. Bond of Walter Dyer and Wm. Bunch, under penalty of 200£., to carry to London their ship, the John of Rochester, laden with wheat, and now stayed by Captain Wm. Winter, under an order from the Lord Admiral. April 2.
April 14.
7. Visct. Haddington to the Same. Recommends Sir Ronald McDonnel to his favour.
April 14. Warrant to pay to Sir Bevis Bulmer 500£., of the King's free gift. [Docquet.]
April 14. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others, to give allowance to Otho Nicholson, for his services in execution of the commission touching assart lands. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Otho Nicholson of the receivership of compositions for assart lands. [Docquet.]
April 14 ? 8. Note of the state of proceedings in the matter of assart lands, and of the commission granted to let them.
April 14. Grant to Wm. Mann of the receivership of money due to the King, on suits of debts and other actions in the King's Bench. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Sir Edw. Howard, in reversion after the Earl of Nottingham, of the offices of Steward of Hampton Court Chace, Byfleet, Richmond, Ashtead, and Kedreth; of Lieutenant of Hampton Court Chace; and Collector of Rents at Oatlands, Leigh, Weybridge, Walton, Esher, and Cobham, for life. [Docquet.]
April 14. Warrant for order to the officers of the ports, to levy certain [reduced] impositions on sugars imported after 12th May ensuing. [Docquet.]
April 14. Grant to Edw. Lawrence of the guidership of Magdalen Hospital, near Gaywood, Norfolk. [Docquet.]
April 15.
9. Katherine Lady Newton to Salisbury. Thanks him for favours shewn to her son [Theodore] in his cause against Sir Harry Poole. Requests him to give a favourable ear to Mr. Kirton. [See April 25.]
April 16. 10. Earl of Nottingham to Sir Thos. Lake. Sends the bearer, Edw. Altham, with a bill for the King's signature, appointing him the reversion of the captaincy of the Blockhouse at Tilbury, on surrender by [Edw.] Roberts.
April 16. Warrant to pay to John Sutton and John Malcolmtosh their charges for survey of woods in Scotland for ship-building, &c. [Docquet.]
April 16. License to Sir Thos. Howard to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
April 16. Warrant to pay to Sir Valentine Brown, 1,000£., for ground taken into the King's middle park at Eltham. [Docquet.]
April 16. Warrant to pay to John Drew, 160£., in restitution of his property seized on false information of recusancy. [Docquet.]
April 16. Grant, in reversion, to Wm. Piers, of a prebend in Christ Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
April 17.
11. Francis Lord Norris to Dud. Carleton. Is unwell with a swelling upon his temple. Will be glad to hear of the friar's return from Spain. Wonders what apology the Ambassador of the Duke of Florence will make. His half-yearly payment to his wife is ready.
April 18.
12. Capt. Willm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. Has made stay of the Little Susan of London, laden with barley for Barbary. Other vessels expected. Begs to be allowed to sell the corn cheaply to the distressed poor.
April 18. Commission to the Lord Chancellor to farm certain of the King's lands. [Grant Bk., p. 43.]
April 18. Grant to Arthur Lake of the office of Dean of Worcester. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 79.]
April 18. Warrant to pay to Jeffrey Duppa, 270£., for utensils for the King's brewhouse at Holdenby. [Docquet.]
April 18. Order to the King's Woodward in Northamptonshire to provide wood and charcoal for Holdenby. [Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to Rich. Hamerton of the keeping of the King's house at Newmarket. [Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to John Granger of the keeping of Stockley Park, co. Stafford, for life, with reversion to John Everard. [Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to Edw. Altham, on surrender of Edw. Roberts, of the office of Captain of the Blockhouse and new Fortifications at West Tilbury. [Docquet.]
April 20. Grant to Thos. Andrew of pardon for manslaughter of Willm. Morgan. [Docquet.]
April 20. Letter to the Lord Mayor, and others, of London, as Governors of the Hospital of St. Thomas, Southwark, for Peter Staples to continue his farm of the manor of Crofton, Kent. [Docquet.]
April 20. Warrant to the Lord Treasurer and others, to call before them such dyers dwelling out of the liberties of the City of London as Christopher Hammond shall nominate, and to bind them in recognizances to perform the orders prescribed by the Lord Mayor; the said Hammond to have the moiety of the forfeitures. [Docquet.]
April 21.
Ludlow Castle.
13. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Sir Rich. Lewkenor, Chief Justice of Chester, is prepared with proofs from records, that both before and after the statute of 34 Hen. VIII., the four Border counties were subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of the Marches in Wales. Will attend the cause himself if desired. Urges a speedy and final decision in it. Annexed are,
13. I. Proofs declaring the Counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, and Salop, to be within the jurisdiction of the Lord President and Council of the Marches in Wales.
April ? 14. Reasons against the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales over the four English counties with answers [by the Lord President], who solicits his dismissal in case the King be not pleased, in the renewing of his instructions, to continue the jurisdiction, at least till the next Parliament.
April 22. Grant to [Wm.] Piers of the next vacant prebend in Christ Church, Oxford. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 76.]
April 23. Warrant to Sir Julius Cæsar to issue money and dispatch business belonging to the office of the late Lord Treasurer [Dorset.] [Docquet.]
[April 23.] 15. The King to [Sir Julius Cæsar, Chancellor of the Exchequer.] To permit John Cripps, Groom of the Privy Kitchen, to cut down wood in his copyhold lands called Woodlands at Sunning, Berks, under certain restrictions.
April 23. Docquet of the above.
April 24. 16. Andrew Sinclair to Salisbury. Sends him a little coffer and some furs; also two Danish dogs for the Prince, &c.
April 24. Grant to Wm. Jones of an alms-room in Christchurch, Oxford. [Docquet.]
April 24. Warrant to pay 13d. per diem, to Rich. Hooper, Groom of the Otter Hounds, for wages; and 20s. per ann. for his livery. [Docquet.]
April 24. Release to Sir Bevis Bulmer of all arrears in which be stands indebted for imposts on sea coals; and discharge for 2,419£. 16s. 10d. granted him to be employed about the mines in Scotland. [Docquet.]
April 24. Warrant to pay to Sir Thos. Gorges certain sums for expenses at the New Park at Richmond, and for keeping the deer there. [Docquet.]
April 24. License to Sir Oliver Butler to travel for three years to and from the Spa, in company with his wife and Goddard Oxenbridge. [Docquet.]
April 24. Privy Seal for payment of 460£. 11s. 11d., to Fras. Jones and Nich. Salter, late farmers of the Customs, being the moiety of sums paid into the Exchequer for forfeited goods. [Docquet.]
April 24. Grant to Hen. Mynne of the office of Paymaster of the Gentlemen Pensioners, for life. [Docquet.]
April 24. Grant to Rich. Richards of pardon for manslaughter. [Docquet.]
April 24. Grant to Rich. Moore and Fras. Phillips, and their heirs, assigns of the contractors for rectories, &c., of rectories, tithe, &c., of the Duchy of Lancaster, value 156£. 13s. 11½d. per ann. [Docquet.]
April 24. Commission to the Chancellor, &c., of the Exchequer, to finish the account of Sir Rob. Vernon, late Surveyor for victualling the garrison at Berwick. [Docquet.]
April 25. 17. John Dacombe to Salisbury. Justice Williams says that Sir Hen. Poole did not require money from Mr. [Theodore] Newton, but public denial of the words spoken, &c. A Gloucestershire jury would condemn Mr. Newton in 2,000£. damages, if the matter went to trial, so great is Sir Henry Poole's credit with them. [See April 15.]
April 25.
Warrant to pay to William Ferrers, linen draper, 4,766£. 3s. 11¾d., for wares for the King, Prince, and Duke of York. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 51.]
April. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, April 29.]
April 27.
Warrant to pay 2s. per diem to Thos. Muncrieff for mewing the King's hawks. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 38.]
April 27.
Warrant to pay to Willm. Typper, 500£. interest, to be deducted out of his part of the composition for defective titles. [Ibid., p. 72.]
April 27.
Ludlow Castle.
18. Ralph Lord Eure to the Earl of Salisbury, Lord Treasurer. (fn. 1) Compliments him on his accession to that high office.
April 28. 19. Sir Wm. Cornwallis to the Same. Similar congratulations.
April 28.
Ludlow astle.
20. Sir Hen. Townshend to the Same. Similar congratulations.
April 28. 21. Theodore Newton to the Same. Prays that he will request the Judges of the Court of King's Bench to delay the trial of his cause till Monday.
April 28. Grant to Henry Earl of Northampton of the office of Keeper of the Privy Seal. [Grant Bk., p. 36.]
April 28. 22. Statement of the revenues in the charge of the King's Remembrancer, and of the principal duties of his office. Indorsed [by Salisbury], "Mr. Fanshaw, his office."
April 29.
Chapter House.
23. Dispensation by the Master and Fellows of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to Dr. Thos. Winston, to continue his study of medicine in their college, notwithstanding their statutes to the contrary.
April 29. 24. Subpona for appearance of Humph. Lloyd before the Court of Wards and Liveries at Westminster.
April 29.
Proclamation commanding the Oath of Allegiance to be tendered to all the King's subjects coming from beyond the seas, except merchants and men of quality. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 173.]
April 29.
25. Declaration by the King that the appointment of Willm. Mann, as Receiver of Fines in the Court of King's Bench, was not intended to increase the fines, but as the patent is objected to, it is forborne for the present.
April 29. Warrant to pay to Edw. Ferrers, the sum of 4,063£. 14s. 3d., due to divers artificers for wares delivered for the Queen, in equal instalments, in April 1609, 1610, and 1611. [Docquet.]
April 29. Obligation by the King to pay to Roger Montague 2,000£. in -- years. [Docquet. See also May 4.]
April 29. Grant to George Humble of privilege, for 21 years, to print a book compiled by John Speed, called "The Theater of the Empire of Great Britayne, with cartes and maps." [Docquet.]
April ? 26. List of forests, parks, and chaces, from Speed's maps.
April 29. Discharge of the debts and lands of the late Nich. Wolfe, which were for his recusancy, to Thos. Wolfe, his son, who is conformable. [Docquet.]
April 29. Placart to Dame Katherine, widow of Sir Miles Corbet of Woodbastwick, Norfolk, and others, to preserve for the King's use an eyrie of hawks, called Laniers, breeding in their woods. [Docquet.]
April 29. Demise to Anth. Witherings and Jas. Fenton, of the King's interest in two annuities of Eliz. Gatacre and John Wells, recusants. [Docquet.]
April 30. Grant to Thos. Parker, late of Turvey, co. Bedford, of pardon for sheep-stealing. [Docquet.]
April 30. Re-grant to Thos. Greaves of the keeping of Rolleston Park, Duchy of Lancaster, for life, with reversion to Rich. Rodus. Directed to Sir Thomas Parry, now Chancellor of the Duchy. [Docquet.]
April 30. Grant to Wm. Nicholson of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 76.]
April ? 27. Memorandum of receipts payable into the Exchequer in Easter term.
April ? 28. Statement [by Lord Treasurer Salisbury] of the importance of having a clear digest drawn out of the King's debts and revenue, of the times of payment of the latter, and of the assignments already made upon it.
April ? 29. Sir Sam. Saltonstall to Salisbury. Congratulations on his appointment as Lord Treasurer. Complains of the malice of his own ill-willers, who are endeavouring to disturb him in his place in the Customs.
April ? 30. Discourse addressed to the King by Sir Nicholas Hall, on the benefit derived by the Dutch from their fisheries on the English coast, with a proposal to levy a tax upon them for their fish, or to divert the trade into the hands of the English. [See 1609, April.]
April ? 31. Arguments for collecting the assize herring from strangers fishing in the North seas of Scotland; with answers to the objections against its exaction, proposed by Sir Noel Caron on behalf of the Hollanders.
May 1. 32. Thos. Gamul to Salisbury. Represents the injustice of an exception taken against Lord Chief Justice Coke, as one of the referees in the cause relating to the city of Chester.
May 2.
33. Sir Ferdinando Gorges to the Same. Escape of Capt. Challoner out of Spain. Bad feeling of the Spaniards towards England.
May 2. 34. [Sir] Thos. Smith to Sir Thos. Lake. Requests him to obtain the King's signature to two letters, one of safe conduct to a Dutchman for import of Rhenish wine, and the other to the Viceroy of Algiers, in behalf of an English ship cruelly spoiled.
May 4. 35. List of packets sent and delivered for His Majesty's service by Matthew de Quester, since Jan. 22.
May 4. Congé d'elire for the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
May 4. Letter to the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln recommending the election of Dr. Barlow, Bishop of Rochester. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Sir Wm. Godolphin of the office of Receiver-General of cos. Devon and Cornwall, within the Survey of the Exchequer, for life, in the same manner as Sir Fras. Godolphin, his father, held the same. [Docquet.]
May 4. Warrant to pay to Roger Montague 2,364£. due by the King, in three instalments, before June 1610. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to the Earl of Salisbury of the office of Lord High Treasurer of the Exchequer. [Grant Bk., p. 37.]
May 4. Grant to Sir Rob. and Rich. Wright, in fee-farm, of certain parsonages, &c., value 33£. 15s. 5d. per ann., remainder of a grant made to the Duke of Lenox by the King. [Docquet.]
May ? 36. Account of impropriate tithes, value 1,000£. per ann., granted by the King to the Duke of Lenox.
May 4. License for Wm. Dutton, of Sherborne, co. Gloucester, and Thos. Warnford, of Sevenhampton, co. Wilts, to go to the Spa. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Jeremy Hearne of the office of one of the Musicians for the Bass viol, as held by Rich. Woodward, deceased. [Docquet.]
May 4. Warrant to pay to John Boys, one of the Queen's footmen, in the place of John Mackew, 40£. per ann. for apparel. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Rob. Westcott, in reversion after Hugh Price, of the office of Porter of the Minories, near the walls of London, for life. [Docquet.]
May 4. Gift to Capt. Edmund Dogget of the moiety of 1,000£., old debts due to the Crown, to be recovered by him. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Fras. Phelips and Rich. Moore, at the nomination of Sir Anth. Cope and other contractors for rectories, &c., of divers rectories, &c., not named, value 331£. 19s. 11d. per ann. [Docquet, March 20 and May 4.]
May 4. Grant to Fras. Hall, of Gargrave, co. York, of pardon for man- slaughter of Wm. Grave, of Long Preston, co. York. [Docquet.]
May 4. License for Sir John Dormer to travel to the Spa for six months. [Docquet.]
May 4. Warrant to pay to Rich. Connock 492£. 4s. 8d. and other sums, for service of the Prince. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Geo. Johnson and John Grimesdich, at the nomination of Sir Rich. Ashton, of rectories, &c., value 90£. 12s. 5d. per ann. [Docquet.]
May 4. Letter to the arbitrators for ending the suit between the executors of Ann, late Countess of Warwick, and Thos. Seaton, directing them to determine the said suit. [Docquet.]
May 4. Release to Roger Tockett and his sureties of 240£., the residue of a debt owed by his late grandfather, Roger Tockett, for recusancy. [Docquet.]
May 4. Grant to Thos. Ayrey of the bailiwick of the Hundred of Ossulston, co. Middlesex, for life. [Docquet.]
May 5. 37. Power of attorney from James Randolph, of London, to Rich. Lee, of Lee, co. Chester, to receive certain sums from Sir Thos. Smith.
May 5. 38. Edw. Reynoldes to the [Earl of Northampton] Lord Privy Seal. Reports sundry defects in the office of the Privy Seal, owing to the long discontinuance of a Lord Privy Seal; with suggestions for their remedy.
May 6.
39. Capt. Willm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. Has been applied to by Mr. Foxall, of Hampton, to allow the passage of 80 quarters of barley. Requests directions. There are no peewits in the country, except at Lord Vcre's. Incloses,
39. I. Willm. Foxall to Capt. Winter. Requests leave to carry certain corn into Cornwall, for relief of the poor there. [May 3.]
May 7. 40. Speech of Justice Yelverton in the case of Rob. Calvin, an infant, plaintiff, v. Rich. and Nich. Smith, defendants, relative to a messuage in Shoreditch. The defendants pleading that the plaintiff is an alien, born at Edinburgh, his opinion is, that since the union of the Kingdoms under one Sovereign, a Scotchman is not an alien.
May 7.
Warrant to pay certain sums to the Master of the Jewel House, for supply of new gold and silver plate. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 74.]
May 9.
41. Vice Chancellor, &c., of Cambridge, to Salisbury, their Chancellor. Congratulate him on his recent appointment to the Treasurership.
May 9. 42. Estimate of one entire subsidy, upon which assignations were made at Michaelmas last.
May 9. 43. Particulars of Crown debts given away since 11 August 1607, with dates of the grants.
May 9. Letter to the Judges of the King's Bench, signifying his Majesty's intention to maintain the rights and privileges of that Court. [Docquet. See April 24.]
May 11. 44. Robert Earl of Dorset to the Earls of Salisbury and Suffolk, overseers of his father's last will. Solicits their furtherance of certain suits to his Majesty. Incloses,
44. I. Schedule of requests, that he may succeed his father as Master of the Game in Ashdown Forest and the Broile Park, Sussex; in the office of Master of the Swans; and in the Lieutenancy of Sussex.
May 11. Petition of Daniel Brames to Salisbury, that, as he is an Englishman born, he may not be charged such export duties as are paid only by strangers. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
May 12. 45. Sir John Savage, High Sheriff, and the Bishop of Chester, to Salisbury. Request directions on a letter from the Lord Deputy of Ireland. Incloses,
45. I. Sir Arthur Chichester to the Sheriff of Chester and others. Request that Hen. Quin, servant to O'Dogherty, appre- hended by them, may be sent over to Ireland. Dublin, May 1.
May 13.
Lincoln. Lindsey.
46. Examinations of Thos. Elvish, of Basford, and his servant, Edw. Armfield, relative to Elvish's design, &c., in hiring a keel from Hen. Spenser, of Hull, to sail to Grimsby or Stallingborough.
May 13. 47. Examinations of Hen. Spenser, Master Sailor, and Rob. Barnby, his servant, relative to the persons and goods conveyed by him in his keel.
May 13. Grant to Sir Geo. Snigg of the office of Judge of the Circuit, cos. Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor, during pleasure. [Docquet.]
May 13. Similar grant to Sir Edw. Heron, for cos. Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Anglesea. [Docquet.]
May 13. Letter to the Warden, &c., of Winchester College, to elect Thos. Hitchcock a Fellow. [Docquet.]
May 13. Letter to Sir John Garrett, Sir Thos. Lowe, Sir Wm. Rumney, and Geo. Bowles, to determine immediately a cause relative to certain Brazil wood and sugars, between Anthony Dias and Paulo Pineto, on the one part, and John Francisco Suprani and Philip Bernardy, on the other, as Dias and Pineto are to be employed in the King's service on mineral works. [Docquet, May 13 and 16.]
May 13. License for all manner of corn and grain to be brought into the kingdom, duty free, during pleasure. [Docquet.]
May 13. License for Andrew Kemerlinck, of Elbing, in Poland, merchant, to carry out of the realm 500 ducats of gold, of the coin of Hungary. [Docquet.]
May 13. Grant to Capt. John Duffield of the benefit of the recusancy of Mary Wolfe, of Ashington, Sussex. [Docquet.]
May 13. Warrant for levying [the reduced] impositions on sugars brought in after May 31. [Docquet. See April 14.]
May 13. License for Sir Oliver Manners to remain beyond seas for three years after the expiration of his former license. [Docquet, May 13 and 16.]
May 13. License to Rob. Lockley and Frances, his daughter, and seventy others, to sell wines in divers towns and counties. [Docquet.]
May 13. Similar license to Rob. Burrow and Wilmot, his wife, and to twenty-six others. [Docquet.]
May 14. Grant to Geo. Singleton of the office of Justice in the cos. of Glamorgan, Brecknock, and Radnor, during pleasure. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 77.]
May 14.
48. Hen. Earl of Northampton to Salisbury. Requests that the officers of the ports may refrain from collection of the impost on starch, since it was granted to him by the King, and he has let it to farm to Arthur Ingram, Thos. Dalby, and others.
May 15.
49. Earl of Dunfermline to the Same. Sends a letter received from Ireland with all expedition.
May 16. 50. Anth. Atkinson to the Same. Complains of the slanderous speeches of Sir Wilfrid Lawson against Mr. Denton and himself, because they offered to prove that Lawson unjustly held Crown lands in Cumberland, value 3,000£.
May 16. 51. Arthur Gregory to the Same. Offers to survey his lands and buildings at Cranborne or elsewhere; begs that, as searcher of the port of Poole, he may be authorized to open suspicious packets.
May 16. 52. Capt. Willm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. He is opposed by Owen Jennings in the sale of the barley landed out of the Susan. Requests instructions.
May 16. Warrant to pay to Rob. Ayton, Groom of the Privy Chamber, 20£. per ann., the same as to Lawrence Marbury, deceased. [Docquet.]
May 16. Warrant to deliver stuff to the said Rob. Ayton for his yearly livery. [Docquet.]
May 16. Warrant to pay to Nich. Archer 648£. 1s. 11¾d., for two meadows adjoining to the race, at Cole Park, Wilts. [Docquet.]
May 16. The usual warrant for stuffs and other necessaries for the use of the King, the Prince, the Duke of York, and Princess Mary, for the year 1607. [Docquet.]
May 16. Grant to Dorothy Emerson of an alms-room in St. Stephen's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
May 16. Grant to Abraham Abercromy, Saddler to the Prince, born in Scotland, of denization. [Docquet.]
May 16. Grant to Thos. Williams of the benefit of the recusancy of Nicholas Morris, of Coton, co. Warwick. [Docquent.]
May 16. Similar grant to Thos. Dixon, of the benefit of the recusancy of Alex. Fetiplace, of Kingston, co. Berks, Thos. Arden alias Arderne, of Emley, co. Northampton, Wm. Middlemore, of Hauksley, and Leonard Smallpeece, co. Worcester, and Martha Gravenor, of Whit- more, co. Stafford. [Docquet.]
May 16. Warrant for receiving composition of Jas. Montague, Dean of the Chapel Royal, and now Bishop of Bath and Wells, for his first fruits. [Docquet.]
May 16. Grants to Jas. Baylie of 10,000£. old debts, &c., due to the Crown, and also the moiety of 18,000£. of similar debts, both to be employed in rebuilding Berwick Bridge, lately broken down by the ice. [Docquet.]
May 16. Demise to the King, by the Bishop of Winchester, of the Castle, two Parks, and two Chances of Farnham, Surrey, the Royalties of the Chace of Hambledon, and certain coppice woods there. [Docquet.]
May 16. Grant to Chris. Musgrave, Popish Priest, lately conformed to the Church of England, of pardon. [Docquet.]
May 18.
Clink Prison, Southwark.
53. Hen. Lok to the Earl of Salisbury. Is imprisoned by an old creditor. Begs to be placed in the keeping of the bailiff of the Clink. who will allow him to go forth, to prosecute a suit against Serjeant Harris, for recovery of land.
May ? 54. Same to the Same. Prays his recommendation to the Lord Chief Justice, before whom his cause against Serjeant Harris has to be tried. Wishes some employment.
May 18. 55. Charge of the Princess Elizabeth's diet, from 19 December, 1607, to 18 May following, amounting to 1,475£. 14s. 3¼d.
May 20.
56. Contracts with Thos. Aldridge, the King's Wheelwright, and Rob. Shurlock, purveyor of timber, for supply of carriages for the ordnance.
May 20. 57. Capt. Wm. Winter to the Earl of Nottingham. The Justices of Cornwall request corn from Hampshire for relief of their poor. Incloses,
57. I. Justices of Cornwall to the Mayor of Southampton. Request a supply of corn for the Western parts, which are in great distress. St. Austell, May 9.
57. II. Bond of Wm. Foxall to deliver 100 quarters of barley at Mevagissey, Cornwall, for the use of the poor, under penalty of 200£. May 12.
May 20.
Lists of the Justices of Assize, with their circuits, in England and Wales, Commissioners of Lieutenancy and their deputies, and Magistrates in each county. [Dom. Corresp., Vol. xxxiii.]
May 20. 58. The King to the Wardens, &c., of the Trinity House. To elect Hugh Merrick, one of the Masters of the Navy, as Master of their Fraternity, for the year, on account of service done to the King.
May 20. Docquet of the above.
May 20. 59. Petition of twelve of the Prince's scullery servants to the King, for a gift of the benefit of six recusants, in lieu of one of chantry lands, value 12£. per ann. With note by Sir Daniel Dunn, of the King's pleasure to grant the petition.
May 20. Grant to Sir Thos. Smith, one of the Clerks of the Privy Council, of a pension of 100£. per ann., for life. [Docquet.]
May 20. Warrant to deliver to Hen. Watkins, Page of the Queen's Robes, stuff for his apparel. [Docquet.]
May 20. Commission to the Earl of Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar, to demise and let the King's lands. [Grant Bk., p. 33.]
May 21. Commission to Lord Ellesmere and the Earl of Salisbury, to examine abuses touching depopulations. [Ibid., p. 33.]
May 21. Grant to John Herbert to be Chancellor of the Garter at Windsor Castle, and to keep the Seal of the Order. [Ibid., p. 35.]
May 21. Commission to the Earl of Northampton to examine all who pass beyond the seas from the Cinque Ports. [Ibid., p. 42.]
May 21. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to sell assart lands. [Ibid., p. 45.]
May ? 60. List of commissions, wherein the Lord Treasurer is a Commissioner, [from 1604 to 1608.]
May 21. Earl of Salisbury to [Earl of Dunfermline], Lord Chancellor of Scotland. Neal Garvey, who takes upon him the surname of O'Donnel, and Randall M'Sorrell are raising a rebellion in Ireland. Three hundred men to be levied in Scotland towards suppressing them. Directions for their arms, victualling, transport, &c. With post- script that Garvey has not taken the title of O'Donnel, and therefore 100 men out of the 300 may be forborne till further orders. [See Irish Corresp., May 10, 11.]
May 21.
Re-grant to Henry Mynne, of the office of Paymaster of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners and Gentlemen at Arms. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 12.]
May 22.
Warrant to pay to Peter Bland, Serjeant Skinner, 5,597£. 0s. 4d. for wares delivered into the great wardrobe, within two years, for the use of the King, Prince Henry, and Duke of York. [Ibid., p. 50.]
May 23. Docquet of the above.
May 23. 61. The King to the Lord Admiral. To order the Woodward of Holt Forest to deliver four trees, squared and felled, to the Earl of Dunbar, for the mint in Scotland.
May 23. Grant to Edw. Bradston, of Winterbourne, co, Gloucester, of pardon for piracy committed upon the French, on composition with the merchants injured. [Docquet.]
May 23. Warrant to pay to Wm. Broderick, the King's embroiderer, 2,090£. 0s. 2d., within two years. [Docquet.]
May 23. Warrant to pay to Sir Carew Raleigh, Lieutenant of the Isle of Portland, 197£. 10s., for repairs of the Castle there. [Docquet.]
May 23. Grant to Hen. Davies, of St. Andrew's, Holborn, of pardon for manslaughter of Robert Harryman alias Gardiner. [Docquet.]
May 23. License to Philip Howard, son of Lord Wm. Howard, to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
May 23. Presentation of Fras. Lee, to the rectory of Charlton-upon- Otmoor, diocese of Oxford. [Docquet.]
May 23. Grant to Griffin Jones of the office of keeper and porter of Ludlow Castle, co. Shropshire, and keeper of the tennis court. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 77.]
May 23. Letter to the Master, &c., of St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, to grant to Henry Halfheid a lease, in reversion, of the farm called Shoreditch Place, in Hackney, Middlesex, the suit for the farm of Comberton, co. Cambridge, for the same party, having failed. [Docquet.]
May 23. Warrant for the Clerk of the Cheque of the King's Guard to insert in all warrants for the Grooms of the Bedchamber, 20s. per ann. allowance for watch liveries, the same as to the Grooms of the Privy Chamber. [Docquet.]
May 23.
Grant to John Westbury, hurt by overthrow of a cart in the King's last progress, of an alms-room in St. Peter's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
May 24.
62. Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. Directions for levying an additional duty of 2d. in the pound on English cloths and other merchandize carried into France, the merchants having signified their consent thereto, to defray the expenses of the treaty, &c.
May 24. Copy of the above. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
May 24.
63. Sir Fras. Goodwin and Sir Geo. Throgmorton to Salisbury. Transmit a letter; the person therein named is Rich. Brett, a Doctor of Divinity.
May 24.
Winchester College.
64. Warden, &c., of Winchester College, to Salisbury. Request him to accept the office of High Steward of their College, which is always offered to the High Treasuror of England.
May 24. Grant to Wm. Shaw of the whole debt of 2,500£. due to the late Queen by the sureties of Rich. Young, deceased. [Docquet.]
May ? 65. "Grants made to Scotsmen," viz., John Murray, Lord d'Aubigny, [Wm.] Shaw, Thos. Potts, David Steward, Wm. Lesley, Thos. Long, and Bernard Lindsay.
May 24. 66. Assignations of moneys due and payable out of the receipts, before Michaelmas next.
May 25. 67. Account of moneys due in the King's receipt at Westminster, before Michaelmas.
May 25. 68. Account of moneys to be paid out of the King's receipt, before Michaelmas next.
May 25.
69. Sir Julius Cæsar to Thos. Fortescue, Hen. Crooke, and Sir Geo. Rivers. Touching the recognizances to be taken of John Suckling, on his admission to the receivership of the Alienation Office.
[May 25.] 70. Draft of the recognizances above alluded to.
May 25. Grant to John Corbet of the office of one of the Clerks of the Privy Council, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 45.]
May 25.
71. Grant to Sir Ralph Winwood of the office of one of the Clerks of the Privy Council, for life; with memorandum of surrender thereof by Winwood, on Aug. 15, 1609.
May. Docquet of the above grant. [Docquet, May 20.]
May 26.
72. List of persons licensed as common victuallers or ale-house keepers in Leicestershire, at the Quarter Sessions held for that county; total, 309. With the rules and orders for licensed alehouse keepers.
May 27
73. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Acknowledges the receipt of the King's order for levying 50 men in Worcestershire. Has conracted for arms with Mr. Birchley, and, therefore, cannot purchase them from Mr. Nicholson.
May 27.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. Not to take any entry of goods for the Levant, without a particular thereof signed by the Deputy of the Levant Company. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
May 28.
74. Warrant dormant to pay to Sir Henry Lee Master, or to the Clerk of the Armoury at Greenwich, the wages of the armourers, 21 in number, and other expenses of the office.
May 28.
General commission for demising and letting lands within the survey of the Exchequer, for 3 lives, or 21 years. [Dom. Corresp., Dec. 15, 1609.]
May 28. 75. Abstract of the above commission.
May 28 ?
Exchequer Chamber.
76. "Directions for Commissioners, with the steward of each manour, as well for admitting of tenants to copyhold estates, as for assessing of fines of the same," &c. &c. Printed.
May 28.
Warrant to pay to John Lord Stanhope, Master of the Posts, the sums necessary for the charges of that office. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 59.]
May 28.
Warrant for a new contract to be made with Edw. and John Meredith, for providing apparel for the Foot Bands serving in the Low Countries; and for payment of 1,460£., monthly, to Rich. Wright, Paymaster of the said Forces. [Ibid., p. 22.]
May 28.
Warrant to pay to Lord Harrington 2,500£., yearly, for diet and education of the Lady Elizabeth, and expenses of her household; also the sums required for wages of her servants &c. [Ibid., p. 23.]
May 28.
Warrant to pay to Lord Carew, Lieutenant of the Ordnance, any sums not exceeding 6,000£. in one year, for wages of officers and clerks, and other expenses of the Ordnance. [Ibid., p. 13.]
May 28.
Warrant to pay to Sir Willm. Waad, Lieutenant of the Tower, certain sums for fees, wages, &c., of officers there, and for diet of prisoners; and also certain sums to Thos. Harlow, Keeper of the Gatehouse at Westminster, for similar purposes. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 16.]
May 29.
77. Francis Lord Norris to Dud. Carleton. Desires Sir Walter Cope's answer about his land at Kentish Town. Hopes Sir Walter will remember him for Shotover woods. Wants information of all the proceedings in the Low Countries since the return of the friar, and of Irish affairs. Requests observations on what Carleton saw in Spain.
May 29.
78. Sir Rich. Knightley and Sir Eusebius Andrew to Sir Robt. Osborne, Sir Edwd. Onley, and Sir John Needham. The price of corn daily increases by not being brought to market, and mutinies ensue.
May 30. 79. The King to the Countess of Cumberland. Her petition against the holding of the Gaol and County Court at Appleby Castle, has been decided against her. The rights of her daughter, Lady Anne Clifford, will be properly considered.
May 31.
80. Edward Hext to Salisbury. In answer to the letter sent to himself and others, authorising them to make composition with any freeholder desiring exemption from serving on juries. No one has offered to compound, from the fear lest juries should be confined to the meaner sort of people who cannot compound.
May 31.
Tynemouth Castle.
81. Sir Wm. Selby to the Same. Sir Ralph Gray has lately committed riots against him and his tenants; begs his Lordship will advise Sir Ralph to a more temperate course.
May 31.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. Not to permit any tin to be shipped for exportation within their jurisdiction, but such as has been licensed by Sir Thos. Bludder and Company, merchants of London, patentees for the pre-emption and exportation of tin. [Dom. Corresp., July 29.]
May 31.
Gerard's Bromley.
82. Thomas Lord Gerard to the Same. Has received his commission for the revenue of the Isle [of Man], which charges him with two years' profit that Alice Countess of Derby has received. The revenue is ready to be brought over, the first favourable wind.
May. 83. Copy of the oath heretofore taken by the Bishop of Sodor and Man, and of the oaths now required to be taken, to be true to Robert Earl of Salisbury, Lord High Treasurer, and Thomas Earl of Suffolk, during their interest in the Isle of Man.
Co. Nottingham.
84. Notes, abstracts of records, &c., addressed to Lord Treasurer Salisbury, to prove that the Chapter of St. Mary's Church of Southwell is vested in the Crown, by statute 1 Edw. VI.
[May.] 85. John Hercey to the Earl of Salisbury. Details the proceeding of himself and other Commissioners, in surveying upwards of 300 of His Majesty's manors, by direction of the late Lord Treasurer. The expense of the survey does not exceed 2,000£. Annexed is,
85. I. Declaration by John Hercey of the contents of the survey of upwards of 300 manors in various counties; its use and present benefit to the Crown.
May. 86. Three accounts of the receipts of the Clerks of the Privy Seal for the month.
May ?
[Durham Gaol.]
87. Rich. Skrimshaw to Salisbury. Touching his imprisonment on an unjust claim of Anth. Cooper, of London, a goldsmith, at sug- gestion of his brother, Jas. Skrimshaw, who wants a conveyance of his estates.
May ? 88. Commission to the Archbishop of York, and others, directing them to revise a sentence of divorce against Catherine, wife of Chris. Wandesford, a lunatic.
May ? 89. Sir John Stafford to Salisbury. Prays to be joined with Lord Hertford to assist the Mayor of Bristol in the lieutenancy of that county, he being Constable of Bristol Castle.
May ? 90. Abraham Harderel to the Same. Is undone because the King's grant of the Surveyorship of Jewels is not confirmed to him. Begs that he may have the fees thereof, and be confirmed in the office of the robes.
May. 91. Items of expenditure to be defrayed by the Crown during the month.


  • 1. He is so styled in the letter, although his patent only bears date May 4th.