James I: Volume 44, March-April, 1609

Pages 495-507

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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March-April, 1609.

March 2.
1. Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar to the Commissioners for Sale of Woods. Relative to the decay of the lodges, pales, rails, &c., at Morehay Walk, in the forest of Rockingham. Inclose,
1. I. Estimate by Thos. Elmes and Gilbert Pickering of the expenses of repairing the above.
March 2. 2. Copy of the above letter and estimate.
March 2.
Althorp, parish of Brington.
3. Sir Robert Spencer to Salisbury. Sends up by Proctor, parson of Brington, a copy of a dangerous pamphlet or catechism.
March 2. Grant to Wm. [Ralph] Lord Eure of the office of Constable of Harlech Castle, co. Merioneth, with the castle-yard and green, so long as he shall be President of the Marches of Wales. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 80.]
4. [The Council] to the [Commissioners for Copyholds]. Directions for the admission of copyhold tenants according to the improved values of their copyholds, as set down in a printed book.
March 2. 5. List of copyholders summoned to appear in the Court of Exchequer to compound for their fines, from Jan. 26.
March 3.
6. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Has been at Fulham a-shroving. Truce in the Low Countries progressing. Mutiny in the fleet. Death of Rob. Earl of Dorset. Sir Geo. Carey dead or dying. Marriages of Earl Dorset's son, Sir Fras. Russell, young Davers, and Sir John Davies, the new Serjeant; clandestine betrothal of Geo. Beeston and Lady Cave's daughter, &c.
March 3. Grant to Thos. Gaddesden and Thos. Chapman, named by the copyholders of Hitchin, of all the timber, woods, and trees on their copyholds. [Docquet.]
March 3 ? 7. Names of the copyholders of the manor of Hitchin, co. Herts, and statement of their purchases of timber and firewood.
March 3. Lease to Thos. Catchmay, assignee of the Earl of Montgomery, of the hundreds of Bosmere-and-Claydon and Sampford, Suffolk. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Thos. Elmes and his heirs of the rectory of Warmington, co. Northampton, on condition of making provision for a curate. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Robt. Gosnold, in reversion after Wm. Christmas, of the office of Keeper and Captain of St. Andrew's Castle, Hampshire, for life. [Docquet.]
March 3. Warrant to pay to the Queen 12d. per cwt. on Muscovado, and 10d. per cwt. on St. Thomas's sugars or paneles imported, by way of compensation for a reduction of the import duties on sugar leased by her. [Docquet.]
March 3. Release to Sir John Davies from attendance on service as a serjeant-at-law, on account of other service intended for him. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Dr. Hen. Marten of the office of Advocate General, for life. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Nich. Crompton, of the office of Governor of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen Spittal, Christ Church, co. Hants, for life, or till preferment. [Docquet.]
March 3. Warrant dormant to deliver to Maximilian Poultrain, alias Colt, the King's Sculptor or Master Carver, broad cloth and fur for a gown yearly, for life. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Hugh Edwards of an alms-room in the King's new buildings at Leicester. [Docquet.]
March 3. Warrant dormant to deliver apparel yearly to Thos. Cargill and three others, the King's Falconers. [Docquet.]
March 3. Grant to Willm. Arley of pardon for life only, for burglary. [Docquet.]
March 3. 8. Memorandum of the compositions of the copyholders of Blackburn and Wakefield, belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster.
March 4. 9. Note by -- Williams of the subsidies collected in London, from 18 Eliz.
March 4. 10. Lease by John Wenham to Tho. Michelborne, both of Laughton, Sussex, of lands, tenements, &c., in Hellingley, Sussex.
March 7.
Warrant to pay 382£. 16s. 8d. for repairing the wall of Cole Park, Wilts, and to repay to Robt. Jossy 50£. disbursed by Sir Roger Aston. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 62.]
March. 7. 11. Estimate for repairs at Hurst Castle, co. Hants, by Sir Hampden Paulet, and Geo. Nevey, Surveyor of Portsmouth.
March 7. 12. Duplicate of the above.
March 7. 13. Estimate of a portion of the above.
March 7. Grant to Rich. Murray of the wardenship of Christ's College, Manchester, co. Lancaster. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 78.]
March 8.
14. Oliver Lord St. John, of Bletsoe, to Salisbury. Requests that the King's pardon to Sir John Thompson, for killing Edm. Rotherham, may be in general terms, and not for manslaughter only.
[March.] 15. Grant to Sir John Thompson, of Bedfordshire, of pardon for manslaughter of Edm. Rotherham.
March ? 16. Memorandum for the Earl of Salisbury, of matters relating to a proposed patent for gathering in debts, to be granted to Sir Thos. Shirley and others.
March 8. Re-grant to the Bishop of Chester and his successors, of the rectories and advowsons of Childwall and Cartmel, and of Garston Hall, and a pasture in Hale, called Priors Heies, co. Lancaster. [Docquet.]
March 8. Grant to Sam. Kendall, in reversion after Peter and Wm. Bland, of the office of the King's skinner. [Docquet.]
March 8. Gift to Sir Jas. Erskine of 4,000£., parcel of the King's fourth part reserved upon Sir Thos. Shirley's patent of old debts. [Docquet.]
March 8.
17. Orders agreed upon by the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor [of the Exchequer], relative to certain grants of old debts, which are not to be interfered with by Sir Thos. Shirley's grant.
March 8. Grant to Marmaduke Wyvell of annuity of 100£., for life, upon surrender of a like grant to Edm. Nevill. [Docquet.]
March 8. Grant to Thos. Barnes of pardon for two rapes attempted at Chinnor, co. Oxford. [Docquet.]
March 9.
Fleet Prison.
18. Petition of Rob. Lloyd to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere. Is imprisoned for exhibiting a bill against Justice Barker. Prays per- mission to pay his fine of 500£. by instalments. With reference thereon to Salisbury.
March 9. Grant to Rich Marten, Doctor of Law, of the office of Master General of Ecclesiastical and Seafaring Causes. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 79.]
March 10.
St. Andrews.
19. Proceedings at the trial of Lord Balmerinoch. His speech, refusing to plead, acquitting the King of any cognizance of the letter written in his name [to the Pope], which was done by himself alone, out of policy. His confessions read before the jury. Their verdict of guilty. Sentence deferred till the King's pleasure be known.
March 10. Letter to the Mercers' Company to admit Alex. Gill as Master of St. Paul's School, in reversion after Rich. Mulcaster. [Docquet.]
March 10. Grant to Ralph Cranc of the benefit of the recusancy of Bridget Morgan, of Heyford, co. Northampton. [Docquet.]
March 10. Grant to John Anderson of an alms-room at Pomfret. [Docquet.]
March 10. Grant to John Gibb of an alms-room in the Cathedral of Durham. [Docquet.]
March 10. The like to John Gardener in Thor[ney] College. [Docquet.]
March 10. Grants to Thos. Wilson and John Porter of alms-rooms in the Hospital of Newark. [Docquet.]
March 11.
20. Sir Nich. Bacon to Lord Wotton. Desires to be put out of the office of Collector of the aid in his county, on account of ill health.
March 11. 21. Particulars of the manors, parsonages, &c., passed in fee-simple to Sir John Ramsay, now Visct. Haddington, in virtue of his grant, June 25, 1605.
March 11. Allowance of a bargain made by the Lord Treasurer with the patentees of the impost on currants, in trust for the Earl of Suffolk, touching an abatement in their annual payments, by way of compensation for a reduction on the import duties on currants. [Docquet.]
March 11. Lease to the Earl of Montgomery of the manors, &c. of Middleton and Merden, Kent. [Docquet.]
March 11. Warrant to pay to Sir Alex. Hay, 2,000£., of the King's moiety accruing from recusants' fines. [Docquet.]
March 11. Grant to Wm. Heath, on surrender of Wm. Heaton, of the office of Clerk and Keeper of the Store House and Docks at Portsmouth, for life. [Docquet.]
March 11. Discharge to Wm. Penryn of all claims of the Crown, in respect of his office of Keeper of the King's original Seal for cos. Denbigh and Montgomery. [Docquet.]
March 11. Grant to Walter Meek, in reversion after Edw. Lovell, of the office of Overseer and Keeper of the King's orchard, gardens, lodge, &c. at Richmond. [Docquet.]
March 11. Presentation of Nicholas Deeble to the living of Calstock, Cornwall, on resignation of Wm. Osborne. [Docquet.]
March 11. Grant to Robt. Jones of the office of Haberdasher to the Prince. [Docquet.]
March 11. Letter to the Fellows of Manchester College to admit Ric. Murray to be Warden of the same, notwithstanding former letters in favour of Wm. Bourne. [Docquet.]
March 11. Grant to John Davies and his heirs, of the King's remainder of lands in cos. Gloucester and Warwick, conveyed to the Crown by Wm. Davies, his younger brother. [Docquet.]
March 11. Grant to Thos. Marbury of the goods of Ann Ireland [recusant], and a demise to him of two parts of her lands. [Docquet.]
March 11. Demise to Thos. Fountaine of the King's two parts of the lands of Fras. and Nich. Howse, recusants. [Docquet.]
March 11. Lease to Capt. Edward Fitzgerald of all coal mines, stone, and slate, in the forest of Kingswood, in cos. Gloucester and Somerset. [Docquet.]
March 12.
22. Bancroft Archbishop of Canterbury to Salisbury. The letter in favour of [Rich.] Murray for a wardenship in Manchester [College] instead of [Wm.] Bourne, will not be delivered till he has given full assurance of his conformity. [See March 11.]
March 13. 23. Ann Lady Glenham to Lord Wm. Howard. Sends documents to prove her right to Cecil House, intended by her father, Thomas Earl of Dorset, for herself and children, which, on the death of her brother Robert Earl of Dorset, she now claims.
March 13. 24. Note of the proportions of subsidies and fifteenths of 43 Eliz., paid since the King's accession.
March 13.
Warrant to pay 10 per cent. interest to the Farmers of Revenue and others, for advance of moneys on account. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 73.]
March 13.
Warrant to pay the charges of Wm. Ryder, sent to the Duke of Holstein with a present of horses. [Ibid., p. 11.]
March 15.
Warrant to pay to Wm. Kindt 370£. for a jewel. [Ibid., p. 117.]
March 15.
Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Dallison, Lieutenant of the Ordnance, 1,000£., for works on the forts of the Cinque Ports. [Ibid., p. 14.]
March ? 25. Wm. Wray to Salisbury. He and his father have long been tenants of Barlings and Dowood Grange, Lincolnshire, property of the late Duchess of Suffolk. Understands that the lands are to be divided between the King and her coheirs, and prays that, if his mansion fall to the King's share, he may be continued tenant.
March 15.
Warrant to pay certain allowances to the Earl of Hertford, he having undertaken to discharge the King's debt of 15,180£. due to divers merchant strangers, in lieu of certain lands of the late Duke of Suffolk granted to him. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 76.]
March 16. 26. Edmund Lord Sheffield to Salisbury. Is willing to pay 500£. compensation for arrears on his lands.
March 16. 27. Memorandum of charges of the works at Somerset House, for the last year.
March 16. 28. Thos. Marshall to Salisbury. Has delivered to [John] Osborne all the surveys and other records of the King's lands in Sussex. Prays allowance for his service. Annexed is,
28. I. Survey by Thos. Marshall of the manor of North Barsted, and others, co. Sussex, with tables of the names of the tenants, the nature of their tenure, digest of the amount of rental, &c., &c.
March 17. 29. Robert Bennet, Bishop of Hereford, to Salisbury. Tricks of Darling and other messengers in the affairs of the subsidy. That county is pestered with recusants, especially "lawless ladies." Desires a commission to "subdue their proud spirits."
March 17. Grant to John Porter of the office of Receiver in the county and city of Lincoln. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 80.]
March 18.
30. Ralph Lord Eure to Sir Dan. Dunn. For assistance in behalf of the petition of the inhabitants of Harlech to have the Sessions constantly held in their town. Finds that it is the most convenient place in the county. Annexed is,
30. I. Petition of the burgesses of Harlech to the King on the above subject. With reference thereon to the Lord President of Wales, dated Whitehall, November 27, 1608; his report, March 18, 1609 ; order thereon, March 22, 1609 ; and further reference, May 25, 1609.
March 19. 31. The Lords Commissioners for the Aid to [the Deputy Com- missioners for Counties]. Directions as to the manner of making the assessments on lands of various tenures. The tenants to be permitted to make composition, and not to be rigidly dealt with.
[March 20.] 32. Account by Arthur Mainwaring of the sums due to the King by the nobility, on the first payment of the third subsidy.
March 20.
33. Lady Tresham to Salisbury. Complains of the persecutions of John Lambe, Proctor of Northampton, who indites her for recu- sancy, although she is paying the usual penalties.
March 21. Grant to Lord Aubigny of the office of Steward of Grafton, cos. Northampton and Bucks, &c., for life. [Grant Bk., p. 41.]
March 21.
34. Fras. Morgan, Feodary of Rutland, to Salisbury. Forward- ness of the county in contributing to the aid. Services of Sir Wm. Boulstred. Incloses,
34. I. Commissioners for the Aid in Rutlandshire to the Same. Both the clergy and temporalty of the county have willingly submitted to be taxed, as the first fruits of their love to the Prince. Rate of assessment imposed. March 22.
March ? 35. Earl of Salisbury to the Bailiffs of his lands in Salop. Orders them to propose to make a composition for the aid, on his behalf.
March 22.
Warrant to repay to Thos. Scudamore, Receiver-General of York- shire, certain sums disbursed by him to the Earl of Dunbar, for the garrison of Berwick, &c. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 25.]
[March 23.] 36. Memorandum of the amount of His Majesty's free gifts to sundry personages specified, before or during his sixth year.
[March 23.] 37. The yearly provision of Gascony wines delivered into his Majesty's cellar for the sixth year of His reign.
March 23.
38. Earl of Salisbury to all Mayors and other Officers. To aid Abraham Baker, patentee for the sole making of smalt, in discover- ing and seizing smalt illegally made.
March 25. 39. Lease of messuage and lands in Wandsworth and Battersea Marsh, Surrey, demised by John Bowyer and Emma his wife to Rich. Collyer, all of Wandsworth.
March 26.
Warrant to increase the allowance of Wm. Edwards, Robt. Leigh, and Wm. Greene, keepers of the King's game along the river Lea, from 4d. to 10d. per diem, on condition of their keeping the gates in repair, and gravelling the bridges. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 75.]
March 26. Grant to Daniel Clark, in reversion after John Parker, of the office of Keeper of the Castle and Gaol of Worcester, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
March 26.
40. E. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Advises him to caution in his expenses, and avoidance of dissipation. Will lend him money. Is ill and must consult Dr. Poe.
March 29. 41. Earl of Salisbury to Lady Hatton. Objects to her suit to the King that Churchwood Meadows, adjoining Holdenby Park, should be left for the deer.
March 29.
42. Edwd. Lord Zouch to Salisbury. Sends news. The letter is said to be a copy of one intercepted by the King of Sweden; and the Flemish questions were newly set up in Leyden.
March 31.
Warrant to pay to Jas. Russell, bargemaker, and Clement Chap- man, the necessary sums for making two barges for Prince Henry and Princess Elizabeth. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 53.]
March 31.
Warrant to pay 40£. per annum to Sir Allan Percy, in lieu of the profits of the lights of Tynemouth Castle, heretofore assigned to him by the Earl of Northumberland, but now in the King's hands. [Ibid., p. 61.]
March 31. Safe conduct to Wm. Ryder and John Wolfgang Rumler, or Anth. Ross, to go abroad for Rhenish wines. [Docquet, March 25.]
March 31. 43. Calculation that the amount of the King's debt at Christmas next will be 341,383£.
March 31. 44. Account of ordinary charges of the quarter ended at Lady Day, yet unsatisfied.
March 31. 45. List of debts owing by the King, above the ordinary expenses of the quarter.
March. 46. Paper [in Thos. Wilson's hand,] headed "An idle Discourse about naming the new building at Durham House;" addressed to Lord Salisbury. [It was publicly named Britain's Burse April 11. 1609.]
April 1. Grant to Thos. Williamson and others, of license to sell lands in Cumberland to Emanuel Hechstetter. [Grant Bk., p. 81.]
April 1. Grant to John Neave of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
April 2.
47. Robt. Hitcham to Salisbury. Difference of opinion among the Commissioners for levying the aid in Suffolk, as to the calling of juries. Asks directions.
April 3. Grant to Rob. and Wm. Appleby of the office of making black jacks, bottles, and other ordnance stores, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 61.]
April 4. 48. Note of repairs necessary to be done about Westhay Lodge; with request from John Thorp to - Wingfield to move the Lord Treasurer that they may be done.
April 4.
49. Hen. Earl of Northampton to Sir Thos. Waller. Has ex- amined Aucher, and sends evidence of his juggling with Sankvell and his Company.
April 5.
50. Sir Thos. Gorges to Salisbury. Has received his letters recommending economy in the repairs for Hurst Castle; points out those which are most essential.
April 5.
Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To permit Sir Willm. Romney to transport 30 lasts of foreign wheat, duty free. [Dom. Corresp., April 22.]
April 6. Grant to James Thompson of a Gunner's place at Carlisle Fort, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
April 6. Grant to Wm. Damport, in reversion after John Parker, of the office of Serjeant of the Bears, for life. [Ibid., p. 81.]
April 6. 51. Lords Commissioners for the Aid to [Robt. Hitcham], Deputy Commissioner for Suffolk. Further instructions concerning the cases in which juries are to be employed, in assessing compositions for aid. [See April 2.]
April 6. 52. Estimate of repairs necessary at the King's Lodge in Rid- lington Park, Rutlandshire.
April 6.
53. Chris. Leyland, Searcher at Chester, to Salisbury. Has seized some Popish books and relics, about to be transported to Ireland.
April 7.
54. Mayor and Bishop of Chester to Salisbury. Particulars of the seizure of the above Popish books and relics consigned to Mich. Hamlyn, of Dublin. Some letters seized are sent up to Salisbury.
April 7. 55. Sir Thos. Posthumus Hoby to the Same. Solicits a grant of the bailiwick of the liberty of Whitby in Yorkshire, assigned to him by Hen. Stanley, son of Auditor Stanley.
April 7. Warrant to pay to Wm. Bourne 100 marks of the King's free gift. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 65.]
April 7.
Warrant to pay 400£. to Tho. Warwick, on surrender of his patent for concealed rents. [Warrt. Bk., p. 54.]
April 8.
56. Sir Moyle Finch to Salisbury. The clause of grace in the instructions for levying the aid will be thankfully accepted. Juries have been sworn, to assess those who may refuse to pay.
April ? 57. Sir Rich. Weston to the Same. Reminds him of his promise to the King to relieve his distressed case, being likely to starve in prison. Has spent in the King's service more than the 2,500£. received from him.
April 9.
Warrant to pay to Sir Rich. Weston 532£., arising from the goods of Rich. Carey, a recusant convict; and also to the Bishop of London the residue arising from the above, and from the sale of certain "massing stuff," to be by him disbursed to the discoverers thereof. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 69.]
April 9.
Warrant to pay to Thos. Glover 70£. 16s., for wares delivered into the Great Wardrobe. [Ibid., p. 95.]
April 10.
58. Dean and Chapter of York to Salisbury. Are willing to contribute to the aid, but deny the authority of the Lord Mayor, &c. of York, to assess them. Pray for a Special Commission for rating themselves.
April 10.
59. -- to the Feodary of Norfolk. Gives his private opinion on the proportions of aid chargeable on certain tenures, and that chantry lands should not escape, on plea of general immunities.
April 10. 60. Account of Crown revenues due before Christmas, and already anticipated, of the debts that will then be due, and of the anticipa- tions already made on the next year's receipts.
April ? 61. Statement of the amount of the King's debts, of the subsidies granted to him by Parliament, and of the sums raised by aid money, sale of lands and parsonages, &c.
April ? 62. Account of sums raised from specified sources, since the King's accession.
April 11. Grant to David Middleton of the office of Governor for the East India Voyage, with release for three iron pieces sold by him there. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
April 12.
Newport, Isle of Wight.
63. Sir Thos. Denys to Salisbury. Readiness of the inhabitants of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to compound for the aid. The meeting is to be at Winchester on the 24th.
April 12. Lord Carew to the Officers of Customs. To permit Thos. Laverock and others to export 1,000 small hand guns, paying the usual custom. [Dom. Corresp., May 3.]
April 12.
64. Dud. Carleton to Sir Walter Cope. Desires to succeed Sir Ralph Winwood in the Low Countries, having already spent four years in the country.
April 13.
65. Sir Rowl. Lytton to Dud. Carleton. Glad he has recovered from his fit of the stone. Sir Thos. Bodley encountered the same disease. Friendly wishes.
April 14. Warrant for 500£. to be paid to David Moyses and Wm. Damport, out of the Exchequer, though previously granted to them out of recusants' fines. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 98.]
April 15.
Warrant to pay 100 marks to Dr. John Milward, one of his Majesty's Chaplains, sent into Scotland. [Ibid., p. 96.]
April ? 66. Geo. Hume [Earl Dunbar] to the King. Sends suggestions for Acts to be passed in the Scottish Parliament; viz., Commissions for preventing the revival of extinct feuds; for preventing wearing of unseemly apparel by Bishops and Magistrates; for suppression of railing comedies; against protection of Border fugitives; and "concerning the commissariats." List of the feuds quenched by the King. Commends the Earl of Linlithgow's son. [See Acts Parl. Scot., Vol. iv., pp. 430, 434-6.]
April 16. 67. Sir Robert Wingfield to Salisbury. Successful progress of the levy of the aid in Northamptonshire. Doubts upon forest causes. The King's book so popular, that had he forgiven all sub- sidies, he could not so have delighted his true-hearted Protestants.
April 17.
68. Archbishop Bancroft to the Same. Desires a letter to Dr. Babington, Chancellor of Coventry and Lichfield, instructing him to look after the profits of the Bishopric, sede vacante. Will move for a congé d'élire to-morrow.
April 18.
Warrant to pay to Sir Rob. Carey 800£., for the redemption of his lease of the lands of Thos. Phelippes, late Collector of Subsidy for the Port of London, who has compounded for payment of his arrears to the Crown. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 38.]
April ? 69. Petition of the tenants of the manor of Hunslet, co. York, to Salisbury. Pray relief from a breach of faith towards them by Sir Edw. Carey. With reference thereon.
April 20. 70. Petition of the Same to the Same, praying that Sir Edward Carey's agreement that they should enjoy their farms at the old rent may be adhered to. With reference thereon to Sir Phil. Carey.
April ? 71. Petition of the Same to the Same, for some order to be taken to secure them a longer term in their tenements, in case Sir Philip Carey should purchase the manor. Annexed are,
71. I. Two copies of a memorandum of the value of the manors of Hunslet and Liversedge, co. York; with Sir Ph. Carey's offer for purchase of the lease.
April 20.
72. Commissioner for the Aid in Oxfordshire to Salisbury. Request postponement of the term of payment for the fifteenths and tenths till Michaelmas next, for their ease and that of the county, "which hath been much wearied and charged" with the aid.
April 20. 73. Petition of John Mallows, Town Clerk of Bury St. Edmunds, to Salisbury. Prays that the chief men of the said borough, whose names are given, may be summoned to answer for their refusal to contribute to the aid, for which he advanced 50£. as composition for the town.
April 20.
Ware Park.
74. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Sir Ralph Winwood's return will be speedy. Sir Rowland Lytton better. Will. Lytton has the small-pox, &c.
April 21.
75. D. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Doubts whether the Holland treaty will be ratified in Spain. Has little hope of succeeding Winwood. The holidays at the Court. Easter sermons; Dr. Smith of Cambridge's bold reproofs of courtiers and King. Funeral of Lady Exeter. Lord Lumley and Sir Adolphus Carey dead. Young Sir Hen. Nevill arrested for a pirate, by mistake.
April 21. 76. Minutes of causes in the Earl Marshal's Court, from Jan. 1605.
April ? 77. Synoptical table, prepared for the Earl of Northampton, one of the Commissioners exercising the office of Earl Marshal, showing the reasons of the decay of Officers-at-Arms, and offering suggestions for their remedy.
April 22.
King's College, Cambridge.
78. Dr. Roger Goad to Salisbury. Relative to the trial of some Cambridge scholars in the Star Chamber. [See Sept. 28, 1608.] He requests that the son of Robert Wood, of Norfolk, may be given in wardship to his mother.
April 22.
79. Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To permit Sir John Turner to export 90 tuns of beer for the English house at Middleburgh, for one year.
April 22.
Proclamation of his Majesty's pleasure to confirm the estates of his subjects against all defects in their assurances, and all concealed titles. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 11.]
April 22.
Warrant to pay to Rich. Smith 1,189£. 7s. 8d., due to him upon the accounts of the Earl of Dunbar, late Master of the Great Ward- robe. [Wt. Bk., II., p. 39.]
April 24.
80. Warrant for a grant to John Carse of the benefit of the recu- sancy of Ant. Skinner, of Shelfield, Warwick, Andrew Bentlowes, of Surrey, and Fras. and Marmaduke Baxter, of Careswall, Stafford.
April 24.
Sheffield Lodge.
81. Gilb. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Mr. Dodsworth, Chancellor of York, has bargained with Dean Mallory to be Com- missary of Richmond. Requests Salisbury not to urge the appoint- ment of Mr. Mainwaring.
April 24.
82. Dr. Babington, Chancellor of Lichfield, to the Same. Will obey his directions as to preservation of the temporalities of Coventry and Lichfield. Begs to know what is to be done with the rents of the Bishop's houses, he having died much in the King's debt.
April 26.
Charter House Church-yard.
83. Robert Earl of Sussex to the Same. The King had bestowed on him and his cousin Ratcliffe certain concealed lands, the benefit of which the late proclamation [See April 22] has annulled. Prays compensation.
April ? 84. Wm. Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, to Salisbury. Desires remis- sion of the first payment of his first fruits. Praises him for his Christian-like provision for the poor at Hatfield.
April 26.
Westminster College.
85. Same to the Same. Trusts his suit is not immoderate. The necessities of this year press upon him.
April 26
86. Anthony Tyringham and others to the Queen's Council. Estimate for repairs necessary at the watermill at Hanslope. With order from the Council that Sir Wm. Fortescue is to have timber allowed for that purpose.
April 26.
Ware Park.
87. John Chamberlain to Dud. Carleton. Invites him over to Ware. The King at Theobalds, busied about his book. Will. Lytton is out of danger, &c.
April 27.
88. Dud. Carleton to J. Chamberlain. Cannot leave his wife. Expects Lady Savile will take her into the country, as the sickness increases. Sir Hen. Savile is appointed to correct the translation of the King's book, which was first done by Downes, then by Lionel Sharpe, by Wilson, and last by Barclay the French poet. The Spanish treaty. Sir Ralph Winwood has refused a present from the Spanish Commissioners; candidates for his place. Sir Thos. Edmondes returning; he has had 100£. for his trouble, and 20£. for a satire on the King of Spain. The Holland treaty.
April 27.
89. Hen. Brooke, late Lord Cobham, to Salisbury. Begs for liberty, having been deprived of everything else. Would rather die than remain a captive. Urges him by the affection he bore his late wife (Brooke's sister), and by his love to her children.
April 27. 90. Statement of the right of presentation to the rectory of Gosberton, alias Gosberkirk, diocese of Lincoln.
April 28.
91. Robt. Sandy to Salisbury. Presents him with a pair of partridges from Turkey.
April 29.
92. Vice Chancellor and Heads of Colleges of Cambridge to Salisbury. Claim exemption from contributing to the aid out of the College lands, which were left for charitable purposes.
April 29. 93. Certificate of the decays, &c., of the Holme Park, in Sunning, Berks, with estimate of the quantity of timber necessary to repair the same.
April 29. Grant to Sir Roger and Hugh Aston of the office of keeper of the mansion house called St. James's, near Westminster, and others in Middlesex, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 49.]
April 29.
Warrant to deliver to Geo. Baker, 698£. 11s. 8d., for fine gold and silver, for making spangles for the coats of the guard, footmen royal, and messengers, &c. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 65.]
April 29.
Warrant to pay to Thomas Elston, 18£. 9s., for embroidering red coats with the letters J. R., in Venice gold, for the Grooms, Pages, and others of the Royal Household. [Ibid., p. 66.]
April 30.
Warrant to pay to John Williams, goldsmith, and others, 5,774£. 11s. 6¼d., for plate, jewels, &c., given away by His Majesty in presents to Ambassadors, in New Year's gifts, and for expenses of the Jewel office, &c. [Warrt. Bk., p. 52.]
April 30. 94. Petition of Geo. Castell to Salisbury. That the manor of Ives, in the lordship of Bray, parcel of the honor of Windsor, be not granted in fee to the Farmers of the Customs. With reference and certificate thereon.
April 30. 95. Petition of Fras. Darley to the Same. Prays that he may enjoy the office of bailiff of St. Mary's, York, without annoyance from Hen. Mason, deputy of the former bailiff. With reference thereon.
April ? 96. Petition of Wm. Beecher to the Same, that 935£. due to Widow Babington, out of the receipt of the Exchequer, may be paid over to him, as part of the 1,200£. decreed in the Exchequer to be paid to him, by Robert Bromley and Ann Babington, widow, aforesaid. [See April 1, 1611.]
April ? 97. Earl of Pembroke to Salisbury. In favour of Capt. Hide, for the pension that was given to Robt. Arnet, the fool, now dead.
April ? 98. Note of fines, amerciaments, and recognizances, called the Green Wax, incurred 5 Jas. I., charged upon the Sheriffs' accounts 6 Jas. I.
April ? 99. Note of the fines and increase of rent raised by demising the King's lands.
April ? 100. List of the Surveyors of the King's Lands and Woods, with their allowances, from Easter 1608.
April. 101. Orders to be observed in the Office of Works, with a new establishment of fees and allowances in the same.