James I: Volume 45, May, June, 1609

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 45, May, June, 1609', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp507-523.

"James I: Volume 45, May, June, 1609". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp507-523.


May, June, 1609.

May 1. 1. Power of attorney from Sir Edw. Musgrave, of Hayton, Cumberland, to John Clock, of Staple Inn, Middlesex, to receive on his behalf 20£., lent by him to the King on Privy Seal, July 31, 1604.
May 1.
St. Asaph.
2. Richard Parry, Bishop of St. Asaph, to Archbishop Bancroft. In behalf of the bearer, against whom there was a suit to convert his benefice into a lay fee.
May 1.
3. Thomas Dove, Bishop of Peterborough, to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere. Respecting the suit of Smith and Hall v. Lambe, relative to the office of Registrar of Peterborough.
May 1.
4. Sir Ant. Forest to Salisbury. Cheerfulness and liberality of the people in Huntingdonshire in paying the aid. They say "the young Prince shall command all they have in the world," but Sir John Spencer, of London, and Sir Jas. Wingfield, of Kimbolton, refuse to compound. Northamptonshire backward in payment.
May 1. 5. Particulars of works and repairs at Somerset House.
May 1. 6. Particulars of the amounts due, or to be due in June, from subsidies &c., of the clergy and laity.
May 2.
7. Wm. Glover, Surveyor of Norfolk and Suffolk, to Salisbury. Respecting the sale of the King's timber in those counties. Claims of the copyholders. Threats of unruly people at Gimingham and Tunstead to cut down more wood. Marking trees for the Navy. Asks a lease of the manor of Barking-cum-Needham, Suffolk.
May 2. 8. Same to Sir Walter Cope, and John Osborne, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, to the same effect.
May 2. 9. Petition of Mich. Bonner, of London, to Salisbury. Is disturbed by John Sparke, in possession of a tenement in Essex, which he purchased of Thos. Kiddie. Prays that Sparke may be called on to give evidence of his title. With reference thereon.
May 3.
10. Earl of Salisbury to the Officers of Customs. To permit goods shipped for Virginia, for the use of the English there, to pass duty free.
May 4.
11. Geo. Nevey to the Earl of Salisbury. Concerning his estimate of the charges for repairs at Hurst Castle. Incloses,
11. I. New survey of Hurst Castle, taken before Sir Thos. Gorges, with estimate of timber and other materials necessary for the repairs. Hurst Castle, May 1.
May. 12. Copy of the above survey, with addition [by Sir Jul. Cæsar].
May 4. 13. Note [by an officer of the Cinque Ports] of charges demanded of the Frenchmen, for watching their boats, drying their nets and sails, &c., their ransom if they prove prizes, Admiralty fees, &c.
May 4. 14. "Note of such money as hath been received of the Frenchmen."
May 5. 15. Certificate by John Norden of the ruinous condition of the fences of Farnham Park, and estimate of repairs necessary.
May ? 16. Estimate by the Same of the particular charges for repairing the lodges in the parks of Farnham, and in Aliceholte Forest, Hampshire.
May ? 17. Another estimate by the Same, of necessary reparations to be done about the pales and lodges of Farnham Park.
May 6.
Westminster College.
18. Wm. Barlow, Bp. of Lincoln, to Salisbury. Informs him, as Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries, that the living of Donton, in his diocese, not far from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is vacant, and in the gift of a ward under age. Requests speedy favour in his suit.
May 6. 19. Estimate by Abraham Greene of the expense of repairing the conduit pipes at Windsor Castle.
May ? 20. [John] Elphinstone, [the Queen's Usher,] to the Queen. Pleads his urgent necessities. Her intercession has not prevailed to obtain for him any recompense for 15 years spent in her service. Has been compelled to sell his land in Scotland and his horses, also to pawn the jewels received from her and the King of Denmark; and his unhappy brother's great offence shuts out all hope of advancement through him.
May 6 ? 21. Considerations in favour of the suit of J-- E-- [John Elphinstone ?] for a patent, which he desires to obtain through the Queen's intercession, for licensing some of the better sort of pedlars and chapmen, who by the act of 39. Eliz. are declared rogues, and subjected to corporal punishment as such.
May 6.
Warrant to pay to John Elphinstone, Gentleman Usher of the Queen's Privy Chamber, 500£. of the King's free gift. [Warrt Bk., II., p. 62.]
May ? 22. Petition of the fishermen of the Cinque Ports to the King, shewing that the Netherlanders drive them from their fishing, and sell fresh fish in England, contrary to the laws, and beseeching His Majesty to impose on them a tax of 15s. upon every last of fish, the same as they imposed on the English.
May ? 23. Discourse addressed to the King by Sir Nicholas Hales, on the benefit derived by the Dutch from English fisheries. Terms suggested for granting them a license to fish for 21 years.
May 6.
Proclamation touching fishing, that no foreigners shall fish on the British coasts without special license. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 11.]
May 7.
24. John Norden to the Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer. The number of trees assigned for repairing the rails in the forest of Chute, co. Wilts, being larger than necessary, he has only had 40 cut down, instead of 100.
May ? 25. Memoranda of queries touching the preparation of the new Act of entail of lands upon the Crown.
May ? 26. List of manors, lands, tenements, and fee-farms contained in the former instrument for annexation of lands to the Crown, and since granted away by the King.
May ? 27. List of lands and tenements which have fallen into the King's hands, by surrender and purchase, since the former instrument for annexation of lands to the Crown was sealed; with notes of such as are now to be added to the entail.
[May 8.] 28. Brief abstract of the indenture for annexing certain lands for ever to the Crown. With corrections and indorsement [by Salisbury].
May 8. Book of all the King's mansion houses, castles, parks, forests, and chaces, and likewise of sundry honors, manors, and other hereditaments within the survey of the Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster, contained in instruments, schedules of indentation, &c., under the Great Seal of England, now annexed for ever to the Crown by indenture; with a copy of the indenture. [Dom. Papers, Vol. XLVI.]
[May 8.] 29. Extract from the above indenture.
[May 8.] 30. Account of the yearly value of the above manors, lands, &c. within the survey of the Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster, being 56,870£. 3s. 3½d., exclusive of 26 mansion houses, 83 castles and forts, 117 parks, 68 forests, and 19 chaces not valued, which are also entailed on the Crown.
May ? 31. List of manors and lands within the survey of the Court of Exchequer, lately added to the entail.
May 8. 32. Memorandum by Auditor Gofton of the town, castle, and forest of Norbertes, co. Pembroke, and other possessions of Rich. Griffith, attainted.
[May 8.] 33. Certificate by Captain Weymouth and other shipwrights, of the imperfections of a ship now in building at Woolwich, by Phineas Pett. [See Nichols' Progresses, James I., Vol. ii., pp. 248-257.]
May 8. 34. Certificate by Robert Treswell of the decays of the lodges, fences, &c., about Guildford Park, Surrey.
May 9. Grant to the Earl of Salisbury of the office of Farmer and Collector of the Customs and other offices concerning the new impost. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
May 9. Commission to the Same and others, to give order for levying increased duty on certain goods. [Grant Bk., p. 58.]
May 9. Grant to Sir Edw. Zouch of the offices of Steward of Working Manor, co. Surrey, and keeper of the park, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
May 10. 35. Instructions to the Commissioners for the sale of manors, prebends, priories, tithes, and other hereditaments.
May 10. 36. Copy of the above.
May 10.
Commission for the sale and lease of Crown manors, prebends, rectories, tithes, &c., to be passed in reversion, or in possession, not exceeding the term of 60 years. [Dom. Corresp., Dec. 15, 1609.]
May 10 ? 37. Names of the Commissioners for the sale of Crown lands, and of Commissioners for demising the lands contained in the annexation. [See May 8.]
May ? Articles to be performed by virtue of the Commission for the Sale of Woods, for preservation of the woods in the King's forests, manors, &c. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 202.]
May 10. 38. Petition of Fras. Middleton to Salisbury. For a warrant to receive a fee of 40s. per ann. for collecting the King's rents in the township of Middleham, York, of which he is bailiff. With reference thereon.
May 10. 39. Petition of Thos. Bennett and Edwd. Oborne to the Same. For confirmation of lease of Crown lands in Knoyle, Hindon, and Chicklade, Wilts, which they had purchased of Jasper Mompesson. With reference thereon to Sir Jas. Ley, Attorney of the Court of Wards, and his return.
May 10. 40. Petition of Margt. Salmon, widow, John Tudder, and others, to Salisbury and the Court of Exchequer. Pray they may be allowed costs in their cause against the lessees of lands in Llan-Armon, in Yale, Denbigh. With reference to the Court of Exchequer.
May 10. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Earls of Salisbury and Northampton, and others, to compound with the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, for the aid for knighting Prince Henry. [Grant Bk., p. 58.]
[May 10.] 41. Names of the Commissioners for compounding with the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, for the aid due to the King for knighting Prince Henry.
[May 10.] 42. Another list of the above Commissioners.
[May.] 43. Warrant from the Lord Chancellor and Lord Treasurer, two of the Commissioners for the Aid, appointing Sir Wm. Bowyer to be Collector of the compositions of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal.
May ? 44. [Earl of Salisbury ?] to -- Feodary of co. --. To receive from the Feodaries of certain counties, abstracts of such Crown manors within their counties as belong to the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, who are to compound in London for their aid.
May 11.
45. Warrant for a grant to Edw. Carpenter of the benefit of the recusancy of Margt. Bellasis, of Durham; Chris. Redshaw of Acton, Northumberland; Charles Waldegrave of Staining-Hall, Norfolk; Ric. Thimelby of Belesby, Lincoln; Wm. Browne of Cowdry, and Jas. Rootes of Arlington, Sussex.
May 11. Docquet of the above, with the name of Thos. Walton, of Somerset, instead of Rich. Thimelby. [Docquet.]
May 11. Grant to John Crane of the benefit of the recusancy of Eliz. Butler, of Aston-in-the-Walls, Northampton. [Docquet.]
May 11. Grant to Geo. Wethered, in reversion after Wm. Nevill or John Mole, of the office of Examiner of Causes before the President and Council of the North. [Docquet.]
May 11. Grant to John West of an alms-room in the Cathedral Church of Ely. [Docquet.]
May 11. License to the Governor and Company of Merchants trading to the East Indies, to sell any quantities of spices, ungarbled drugs, &c., to any merchant or other person for exportation, without forfeiture for not garbling. [Docquet.]
May 11. Grant of Incorporation of the Governor and Company of Merchants trading to the East Indies. [Docquet.]
May 11. Grant to Sir Rich. Lovelace and Edward Savage, and their heirs, of the manors of Gunthorpe and Lowdham, Notts. [Docquet.]
May 11. Prolongation of lease to Roger Lawson of coal mines, in Benwell, Northumberland. [Docquet.]
[May 11.] 46. Commission to [Sir Roger Wilbraham, Sir Rob. Gardener, and others,] to examine all suitors to the Council on matters relating to the plantation in Ulster, to settle minor points, and to refer difficult cases to the decision of the Council.
May 11. Docquet of the above.
May 11. Lease to Sir Thos. Monson, in reversion after Sir Henry Lee, Master of the Armoury, of certain tenements and gardens within the Liberties of the Tower. [Docquet.]
May 12. 47. List of packets of letters received and dispatched by Matt. de Quester, since Feb. last.
May 13. 48. Petition of Kath. Cooke to the Earl of Salisbury. Prays leave to purchase or receive compensation for a lease of a cottage in Beverley, long held by her and her ancestors. With reference to Baron Altham, and his report thereon.
May 13.
Warrant to pay to Chas. Fleury, jeweller, 60£. for a globe of crystal of curious workmanship. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 97.]
May 14. Grant to Thos. Dudley of a Gunner's place in Carlisle, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
May 14.
49. Sir Rowland Lytton to Dud. Carleton. Imagines Carleton's employment will be in Spain, or if Sir Thos. Edmondes should be despatched there, in Venice. Levinus [Munck] is for Holland; Le Sieur for the Archduke; Sir William Godolphin may be for France, &c.
May 14. 50. Inconveniences likely to ensue in the Office of Works, from refusal of the paymasters to comply with the regulations. With report thereon by Edwd. Forsett, May 19.
May 15.
Warrant to pay to Alphonso Fowlis, keeper of the house and gardens at St James's, sufficient sums for repairing, altering, &c., those gardens. [Warrt. Bk., p. 64.]
May 15.
Proclamation forbidding any person to carry packets or letters to or from any city or town, by foot or on horseback, except such as are allowed by authority. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 204.]
May 15.
Orders to be observed for the furtherance of the King's service, where the posts are established in Kent. Forbidding post-horses to be used unless for the King's service, except under certain restric- tions. Printed. [Ibid., p. 206.]
May 15. 51. Copy of the above. Printed.
May 16.
52. John Chaplin to Salisbury. Offers to rid His Majesty of the applications of certain captains and others, who seek for undeserved recompense.
May 16. 53. Petition of Rob. Wall to Salisbury. Prays that Christopher Allinson, of Fleet Street, London, trustee for him and others, be obliged to assign to him his interest in certain lands in the manor of Galtres, co. York. With reference to Baron Altham, and his report thereon.
May 16. 54. Petition of Wm. Watson to the Same. Prays to be continued tenant in the manor of Whitworth, Durham, formerly granted by Queen Elizabeth to the Earl of Cumberland, who conveyed it to Sir John Watts, of London, and others. With order thereon.
May 16. 55. Petition of Jas. Arundel to the Same. Respecting his right to a tenement, &c., at Helweth, in the lordship of Richmond, York, of which he is fraudulently deprived by John Spenceley. With reference to Baron Altham.
May 16. 56. Petition of the copyhold tenants of the manor of Aldsworth, Gloucester, to the Same. Being informed that their copyholds are to be sold, they pray for a grant of them in fee-farm. With reference thereon.
May 17.
Warrant to pay to Andrew Downes 50£. of the King's free gift. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 64.]
May 17. Docquet of the above.
May 17. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Salisbury, Principal Secretary, 200£. for the King's private service, and 200£. yearly for like service. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to Hen. Seckford and Thos. Jones, of the office of Master of the toils and pale of canvas for hunting, on surrender of former patents made to Sir Henry and Henry Seckford. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to John Shepherd and his heirs, in fee-farm, of lands and tenements, value 20s. per annum, at the nomination of Sir Baptist Hicks and other contractors for lands. [Docquet.]
May 17. Grant to the drapers of Shrewsbury, of incorporation and confirmation of ancient liberties. [Docquet.]
May 18.
57. Ant. Dethe and others to Wm. Glover. Certify his honest dealing concerning the sale of timber in Gimingham, Norfolk.
May 18. 58. Fras. Neale to Mr. Brereton, Salisbury's Secretary. Report on the request of a person not named, to purchase certain concealed lands, co. Brecon, which did not pass by grant of the Grange of Nantbay to the Duke of Northumberland.
May 18. 59. Petition of Peter Snell to Salisbury, for protection against Nich. Huet, who seeks to defraud him of the lease of his cottage in Middleham, York. With reference to Sir Henry Slingsby and Sir Thos. Metcalfe.
May 19. 60. Petition of Sir Chas. Wren, Constable of Raby Castle, and the keepers of Raby Park, to Salisbury, praying that a suit in the Exchequer, between them and Sir Geo. Freville, may be heard in the present term. With order thereon.
May 20. 61. Survey of the decays of the foundation walls and keep of Windsor Castle, and estimate for their repairs. With note that Sir John Trevor, Receiver of the revenues of the castle, is authorized to advance the costs of the repairs.
May 20.
62. Note of seminary priests committed,-John Ainsworth, Oct. 7, 1608; Mark Broughton, Oct. 15, 1608; John Jones alias Rob. Chamberlain, May 3, 1609; and John Roberts, May 13, 1609.
May 20.
Warrant to pay to Edw. Forsett 200£., for repairs about Oatlands Park. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 94.]
May 21.
Warrant to pay to Sir Oliver Leigh 1,200£., for surrender of his office of Keeper of the Great Park of Eltham, and 27£. 10s. expended by him for the railing of the said park. [Ibid. p. 94.]
May 22. 63. Petition of Anth. Fitzherbert to Salisbury, to be continued in possession of the manor of Norbury, co. Derby, claimed by Rob. Harcourt. With reference thereon.
May 22. 64. Names of Commissioners for confirming Defective Titles, according to the proclamation.
May 22.
Warrant to pay to [John] Barclay and Robt. Ayton, 300£. each, for expenses on their journey with his Majesty's letters to divers foreign princes. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 96].
May 23. 65. Estimate for repairs of the decays of railing, lodges, &c. at Havering Park, co. Essex.
May 23. 66. Petition of Thos. Pursell to Salisbury. Prays for the preferment of a lease of Gayer Milne, part of his inheritance in the manor of Overgorthenr, before Robert Lloyd to whom it is granted. With reference thereon.
May 24. 67. Dud. Carleton to Sir Walter Cope. To further his suit for employment. Sir John Ogle is a suitor to succeed Mr. Winwood.
May 25. 68. Same to Sir Geo. Calvert. To deliver a letter to the Earl of Salisbury containing his offer of general service. Incloses,
68. I. Same to Salisbury. Submits himself to be employed in any capacity, domestic or foreign: is weary of growing old in idleness.
May 25. 69. Abstract of the remaining charge which the Earl of Salisbury will incur, for finishing his buildings at Hatfield.
[May 25.]
Commission to Ant Lawe and others to inquire into the lunacy of Hen. Drury. [Grant Bk., p. 61.]
May 25. 70. Petition of the tenants of the manor of Garway, co. Hereford, to Salisbury, for a commission for the fair survey of their lands, the present survey not distinguishing between freehold and copyhold lands, and overvaluing the copyholds. With Sir Law. Tanfield's opinion thereon.
May 26.
Warrant to pay necessary sums for survey of the Crown lands and woods in England and Wales; and to exonerate Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar for certain payments made on this behalf, without sufficient warrant. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 97.]
May 26 ? 71. Manors, &c. surveyed by John Woodward, in cos. Lancaster, Chester, Salop, Worcester, Stafford, Warwick, Leicester, and Northampton, by Commission; with statement of the nature of the fines on copyhold manors, and the composition offered by the tenants.
May 26.
72. Warrant for a grant to John Goodman of the benefit of the recusancy of Barbara and Maurice Buckland, of Stanlinch, co. Wilts, and Matthew Gooche, of Alvingham, co. Lincoln.
May 26. 73. Dud. Carleton to Sir Thos. Smith. His wife brought to bed on Ascension Day. Begs him to join with Sir Henry Nevill as sponsor, in making this young Cockney a Christian.
May 26. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Salisbury, Principal Secretary of State, 60£. for secret services, and 200£. per ann., in future, for the same service. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 92. See also Docquet, May 17.]
May 26.
Warrant to pay to Ric. Forbench, 207£. 4s. for the purchase of Porter's Park, in Windsor Forest. [Ibid., p. 93.]
May 27.
74. Sir Wm. Waad to Salisbury. Sends the vile words uttered against his Majesty by a traitorous Jesuit. Has clapped the miscreant in the dungeon under the White Tower, too good a prison for so filthy a varlet.
May 27. 75. Ann Lady Glenham to the Same. The Lord Chancellor sends her word that Lord William Howard presses to purchase the lease of Cecil House, to the infinite wrong of her daughter and herself. Does not think her father's debts justify the executors in selling it. [See March 13.]
May 27. 76. Jeffry Culcheth to [Thos.] Wilson. To send money for the discharge of workmen at Hatfield; has dismissed all, except 20 of the choicest.
May 28.
Westminster College.
77. Wm. Barlow, Bp. of Lincoln, to Salisbury. Presents him with a book he has lately written, defending the honour of two great Princes.
May 28. Grant to the Earls of Salisbury, Suffolk, Southampton, and Pembroke, and others, of incorporation as the Virginia Company. [Grant Bk., p. 65.]
May 29. Grant to Wm. Vaughan of the office of King's Solicitor before the President of the Marches of Wales, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
May 29. 78. Petition of Thos. Helme, Master of the Grammar School at Cirencester, to Salisbury. Prays that timber and money may be allowed for repairs of the school. With note by Salisbury refusing to interfere.
May 29. 79. Petition of Thos. Bennett and Edwd. Oborne to Salisbury, for leave to eject the tenants of a former lessee of lands in Knoyle, Hindon, and Chicklade, co. Wilts. [See May 10.] With reference and report thereon.
May 29. 80. Petition of John Dolle to the Same, praying that a sum of money levied on him as surety for Anthony Hungerford may be allowed to him, in his accounts as collector of subsidy. With reference thereon.
May 29. 81. Petition of Roger Fenwick and Robt. Robson, tenants of Newham-Huntlo, manor of Walton, Northumberland, to the Same, for permission to renew leases of their lands, passed by [Wm.] Garway, and others, of London, to Mr. Ward. With reference thereon to Mr. Ward.
May 29.
82. Henry Earl of Lincoln to the Same. Cholmeley, the Feodary of Middlesex, has returned his tenures untruly, which has hindered him hitherto from compounding for the aid.
May ? 83. Notes relative to a search for the Court Rolls of the manor of Hatfield.
May 29. 84. Deductions that may be made out of the last estimate for the building at Hatfield.
May 29. 85. Petition of the Aldermen, &c., of Newark, to Salisbury, for decision on a bill exhibited against them in the Exchequer by the late Countess of Rutland, and now by Lord Burleigh, concerning rights of tolls and stallage in the market of Newark. With order thereon.
May 30.
86. Lord Arundel of Wardour to the Same. Is ill and cannot attend at Whitehall. Is willing to contribute 30£. towards the aid, but his proportion according to his tenures does not exceed 8£. Annexes,
86. I. List of Lord Arundel's lands, and of the sum due there from for Knight's fee.
May 30. 87. Lease from Jas. Randolph to John Fludd, both of London, of a messuage on the south side of Fleet St., St Bride's. Indorsed is a note of its surrender to Randolph, June 9, 1612.
May 31. Grant to Sir Thos. P. Hoby of the bailiwick of Whitby and Whitby Strond, co. York, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
May ? 88. Brief of the points thought necessary to be established by charter, for regulation of British merchants trading into France.
May 31.
89. Rich. Prowse, Constable of Tiverton, to Salisbury. The merchants of Tiverton refuse to join in the proposed French corporation, and desire to continue their trade as heretofore.
May ? 90. Observations on the three chief points of difference between France and England, in reference to trade, viz.: Restraint on importing merchandise into foreign vessels; head money exacted by the English from strangers; and the law that money received for imports be expended on exports.
May. 91. Wm. Glover to Salisbury. Answers complaints made as to his proceedings in the sale of wood in Norfolk and Suffolk, to Sir Hen. Sydney and the tenants.
May. 92. Sir Roger Owen to the Same. Desires to purchase from His Majesty, certain lands wherein he is already interested.
May ? 93. Petition of Henry West to Henry Prince of Wales. Prays for payment of arrears of his allowance, as Yeoman of the Bows. Annexed is,
93. I. Memorandum of arrears due to Henry West, who was sworn Yeoman of the Bows in 1606, and received no entertainment up to April 1, 1609.
June 1.
94. Commissioners for the Aid, in Kent, to the Earl of Salisbury. They are impeded by the illness of the Feodary, and prevalence of the plague. The tenure of gavelkind obliges them to compound with every petty freeholder. Desire their commission may be renewed till Michaelmas term.
June 1.
Weymouth and Melcomb Regis.
95. Mayor of Weymouth to the Same. The merchants of the town are unwilling to enter into any company. They desire to continue their trade with France as they have been accustomed.
June 1.
96. Mayor of Chichester to the Same. The merchants of Chichester are unwilling to join in the projected company of merchants trading to France.
June 2.
Lyme Regis.
97. Mayor of Lyme Regis to the Same. The merchants of Lyme areunwilling to join any corporation for trade with France.
June 3. 98. Bond of Ambrose Evans, of Loddington, and others, to pay to John Freeman of Billing, all of co. Northampton, the sum of 103£. in December next, under penalty of 200£.
June 5. 99. Bond of Thomas Haward, of Bewdly, co. Worcester, to appear within ten days before the Lord High Treasurer, under penalty of 100£.
June 5. 100. Account of all fees, wages, annuities, and pensions, due at Lady-day, 1609.
June 5.
101. Warrant to pay to John Banks 46£. 19s. 8d., for finishing the impaling of the warren of hares, near Newmarket. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 98.]
June 5.
102. Warrant to pay to Andrew Kingsmill 169£. 18s. 4d., for his interest in certain coppices in Finkley Walk, in the Forest of Chute, co. Hants, purchased by the King for preservation of deer. [Ibid., p. 99.]
June ? 103. The King to the Earls of Nottingham and Shrewsbury, Justices in Eyre. To refuse all claims made by the King's Officers and others for bucks and does as their fees, unless their claims have been examined by the King's learned counsel.
June 7. 104. The King to [Sir Chris. Hatton], Keeper of the Launde of Bennyfield, and the other officers of Rockingham Forest. The game at Bennyfield, &c., being much spoiled by unlawful hunting and the numerous claims for fee deer, no such claims are to be allowed for five years to come, except under sign manual.
[June 7.] 105. Draft of the above.
June 7.
106. Mayor of Bristol to Salisbury. The merchants of that city are unwilling to be joined in the company for trading to France, which they think a politic device of the merchants of London, for their own profit.
June 7. Grant to Sir Thos. Lake, Sir Jerome Bowes, and fourteen others, of ground in St. John's Street, co. Middlesex, to build a sessions house. [Grant Bk., p. 51.]
June 9.
Brokenhurst New Forest.
107. John Norden to Salisbury. Points out where trees can best be had for repairs at Hurst Castle. Begs speedy warrants for felling them, and for expenses of the repairs, to be made under direction of Sir Thos. Gorges.
June ? 108. Same to the Same. Specification of trees and other materials already employed, and of those still wanting for Hurst Castle.
June 9. 109. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Dorset, to the Same. Report their proceedings; 220£. will be forthwith paid into the Exchequer.
June 9.
110. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Cornwall, to the Council. Report their proceedings. The freeholders of the Duchy have paid, although there was a doubt whether they were liable.
June 9.
Abbey Holme.
111. Peter Senhouse to Salisbury. Trial between Leonard Huggin and Rowland Hodgson, for a tenement in Holme-Cultram. Disorderly behaviour of Hodgson, who has not quite forgotten his "Border conditions."
June 10. 112. Bill of expenses incurred by Edw. Jordan, of Cardiff, about the seizure of 398 Barbary hides, on behalf of the officers of the customs, being imprisoned for the same by the bailiffs of Cardiff, who claimed them as an escheat, to the use of Mary Countess Dowager of Pembroke.
June 12.
113. Sir Wm. Godolphin and others to Salisbury. Respecting the survey of St. Mawes Castle. Inclose,
113. I. Estimate of expense of reparations thought necessary for St. Mawes Castle. June 9.
June 12.
114. Sir Ric. Ashton to Salisbury and the Barons of the Exchequer. Reports proceedings of himself and fellow Commissioner, Mr. Ashton, of Leaver, in leavying the aid in the county of Lancaster.
June 13. 115. Simon Basill to Salisbury. Survey of Woking House; estimate of expense of repairs and of a new bridge over the river, deemed necessary by Sir Edw. Zouch, the Keeper.
June 13. 116. Order by the Court of Aldermen of London, appointing receivers for the loan formerly advanced to the King by the City, now to be repaid.
June 14.
117. Mayor and Commissioners for the Aid in Canterbury to Salisbury. Report their proceedings and desire further time.
June 14.
118. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Worcester, to the Same. Report their proceedings. The people are generally willing to compound.
June 14.
119. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Northumberland, to the Same. Report their proceedings. The sum raised is small, because of the barrenness of the county, and the large lands held by nobles. Send up the money already collected, by Ric. Orde, feodary.
June 14. Grant to Wm. Pew, in reversion after Hen. Worrall, of the office of Receiver of the Exchequer, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
June 14. Grant to Wm. Buny and Hans Levens, of license to import coachhorses, mares, and geldings, duty-free. [Grant Bk., p. 61.]
June 14. 120. Certificate of such particulars as were rated according to proclamation, upon the Commission for Defective Titles, at the Commissioners' first session.
June 15. 121. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Middlesex, to the Council. Complain of the smallness of the composition offered by Sir John Hollis, for his lands, &c., in St. Clement Danes, and of his disrespectful language. Inclose,
121. I. Sir John Hollis to the Commissioners for the Aid, co. Middlesex. Remonstrates against their exacting 17£. for his tenements in St. Clement's parish. Tenders a voluntary composition.
June 15.
122. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Hereford, to the Council. Report their proceedings. Request further time on account of the plague.
June 15. 123. Sir George Chaworth to Salisbury. Sends 550£. collected for the aid within the West Riding of York. Requests to be relieved from future service as collector, being one of the Council at York. Incloses,
123. I. Certificate of the money collected for the aid for making Prince Henry a Knight, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. June 14.
June ? 124. Account of moneys collected in London for the aid for Prince Henry's knighthood, amounting to 1,277£. 7s. 10d.
June 15.
Warrant to pay 2,000£. to Lord Bruce of Kinloss. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 100.]
June 16.
125. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Leicester, to Salisbury. Report their proceedings, send up some money, and request a renewal of their commission, that they may gather in the remainder.
June 16.
126. Thos. Blague, Dean of Rochester, to the Same. Particulars of the revenue of the Deanery of Rochester; is willing to make such composition for the aid as Salisbury thinks good.
June 16.
Cawood. Castle.
127. Matthew, Archbishop of York, to the Lords Commissioners for the Aid. Concerning the aid chargeable on himself and the clergy of his diocese. Reserves his composition until their pleasure be further known.
June 17.
128. Sir Thos. Gorges to Salisbury. Proceedings for the aid in Wiltshire. Part of the money collected is assigned for repairs of Hurst Castle. The people hope their contributions may not be recorded to their prejudice. Desires to know if the King will come to hunt in Cranborne Chace, that the ways may be prepared. Has apprehended two poachers who killed the best buck in the chace.
June 18. 129. Sir John Harpur to the Same. Sends up the remainder of the money collected for the aid, in Derbyshire. Causes of the smallness of the contribution. Desires instructions relative to the renewal of licenses for alehouses.
June 19.
130. Geo. Lord Carew to the Same. In favour of John Eaton to be allowed to supply the place of Henry Herne, Clerk of the Works at Nonsuch.
June 19. 131. Sir Robt. Gardener to the Same. Sends 334£. collected for the aid from one half of Sussex. Sir Ant. Felton, collector for the other half, will send more. Requests renewal of his commission.
June 29. 132. Robt. Lord Spencer to Salisbury. Has long since paid his composition for the aid. Prays therefore to be excused from personal attendance upon the Lords Commissioners.
June 19.
My Paradise, Ashby.
133. Wm. Prytherghe to the Same. Apologises for sharp words between himself and Mr. Morgan [Commissioner for the Aid.] He and others of the clergy, holding their land in franc-almoigne, are not chargeable with aid, but they will pay a voluntary contribution.
June 19. 134. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Palatine of Durham, to Salisbury and Sir Jul. Cæsar. Report their proceedings. Several Lords will compound with the Lords Commissioners. Will send further particulars at Michaelmas.
June 19.
Warrant to pay to James Bovy, Serjeant of the Cellar, 750£. for wines and fruits to be purchased in France. [Warrt., Bk. II., p. 100.]
June 19.
Proclamation prohibiting the importation of alum, on account of the discovery of alum mines in Yorkshire. Printed. [Proc. Coll., p. 209.]
June 20.
135. Sir Rich. Ogle to Salisbury and Sir Jul. Cæsar. Proceedings of the Commissioners for the Aid in Holland, co. Lincoln. The sum is small, because of "the two great enemies" annoying the country,-fresh and salt water. Negligence of the chief constables in paying over moneys received by sale of the King's woods.
June 20. 136. Sheriff of Worcestershire to Salisbury. Has certified the Lords of the proceedings of the Commissioners of Aid for Worcestershire. Has received no money by sale of the King's woods.
June 20. 137. List of packets received and despatched for the King's service by Matthew de Quester, since May 9.
June 20. 138. Petition of Ric. Dawson to Salisbury. That certain lands in Scarborough, of which he holds a lease, may not be put into the contractors' books. With reference to Baron Altham, and his return thereon.
June 20. Grant to Wm. Goodfellow, in reversion after Matt. Spencer, of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
June 21. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, for aid to knight the Prince. [Grant Bk., p. 57.]
June 21.
139. Commissioners for the Aid in co. Lancaster, to Salisbury. Report their proceedings; in two of the six hundreds, the aid still remains to be gathered in.
June 21. 140. Petition of Peter Frobisher to the Same. Has a lease of the King's manor of Altofts, co. York, with allowance "of howsboote, fyerboote, hayeboote, ploughboote, hedgeboote, and fenceboote." Prays that Johnson, the surveyor, may be restrained from selling trees there. With reference thereon.
June 21. 141. Petition of Thos. Mompesson to Salisbury. The parsonage of Seamer and chapels of Cayton and Ayton, co. York, are held by several tenants in fee-farm. Prays that as holding Seamer only, he may not be charged with the rents of Cayton. With reference to Baron Altham.
June 21. 142. Petition of Wm. Wyse to the Same. Prays that the steward of the manor of Shippon, co. Berks, may be directed to receive his surrender of his tenement therein, without which he cannot discharge certain debts. With reference and return thereon.
June 23. 143. Petition of Sir Hen. Whitehead to Salisbury. Prays for a lease of the West part of Buckholt, Hampshire.
June 23.
Bishop's Auckland.
144. James, Bishop of Durham, to the Same. Prays that Mr. Jackson, of Corpus Chisti College, Oxford, may have security given from the widow of his brother John, for payment of a debt, as condition of a grant to her of the wardship of her son.
June 23. Grant to Thos. Cæsar of the office of Clerk-keeper to the Prince, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 57.]
June 23.
Warrant for repayment of principal and interest of a loan advanced to the King the preceding year, by the city of London and Sir Stephen Soame, alderman. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 112.]
June 24.
Sheffield Lodge.
145. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Understands that the Earl of Rutland has petitioned the King for an umpire to decide a dispute between them, as to whether Rutland's patent for the keeping of Sherwood Forest constitutes him Judge of Eyre and Terminer therein. Begs the affair may not be referred to the Judges. Instances of Rutland's nefarious conduct towards himself.
June 24.
Eston Lodge.
146. Sir Hen. Maynard to Salisbury. Trusts he will not disapprove of his not yielding to the Countess of Oxford's desire in the business of Herringham, though the young Earl, Mr. Trentham, his uncle, and the Countess herself, earnestly pressed his giving up the bargain.
June 25.
147. Earl of Exeter to the Same. In behalf of -- Vaughan, who is no puritan, for a contribution out of the money bequeathed by Mrs. Vennables to poor ministers, which the late Treasurer had intended to divert to the King.
June 26. 148. Sir Hen. Slingsby and Sir Thos. Metcalfe to the Same. Have examined the differences between James Arundel and George Wynne. Inclose,
148. I. Statement of the examination of witnesses in the cause Arundel v. Wynne, concerning the right to a tenement in Richmond, co. York. June 19, Middleham.
June 26.
149. Warrant for a grant to John Thomas, of the benefit of the recusancy of Dame Mary Sydenham, of Somersetshire.
June 26.
150. Commissioners for the Aid, co. Cambridge, to Salisbury. Report proceedings, and send a roll of all the compositions.
June 27.
151. Roger Earl of Rutland to the Same. Urging the repairs of Beskwood Pale. Incloses,
151. I. View of the decay of the pale of Beskwood Park, and estimate of the expenses of repair; with the number of trees and deer there.
June 27.
152. Edward Lord Zouche to the Same. The bearer has given information of abuses committed by the Escheator and Feodary of Gloucestershire.
June 28. Grant to William Boughton of the office of Keeper of Walmer Castle, near Sandwich, co. Kent, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 49.]
June 29. Grant to Thos. Stephenson of the office of Impaler of Marwood Park, Barnard Castle, with the appurtenances, in the diocese of Durham, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 82.]
June 29.
Sheffield Lodge.
153. Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Lady Arabella Stuart has informed him that the City of London desire to purchase Houghton, part of the Queen's jointure, within a mile of Pontefract Castle, which "would be a great prejudice to that fair and stately castle." Would be glad to buy lands for his brother Sir Chas. Cavendish. Enquires after Visct. Cranborne.
June ? 154. Particulars of the manors of Houghton and Castleford, co. York, possessions of the late Monastery of St. Oswald, drawn up pursuant to directions given May 19, 1609.
June 29.
155. Archbishop Bancroft to Salisbury. The Commissioners for the Aid, co. Cambridge, have dealt very favourably towards the University; those of Oxford, on the contrary, have exhibited severity towards that University. Requests favour for it.
June 30. 156. Petition of the King's tenants of Richmond and Middleham manors, co. York, to the Same. Pray that a time may be appointed for them to attend, and amend their defective titles. With note thereon.
June ? 157. Particulars of the counties and towns from which moneys have been paid into the Exchequer, by the several collectors of the aid under the last Commission; with the sums paid.
June. 158. Note of several counties in England and Wales assigned to Mr. Trevor and Mr. Morgan for collecting the aid.
June. 159. Articles between the Commissioners for the sale and demise of Crown lands, and John Eldred and others, contractors for purchase of lands.
June ? 160. Certificate of the fifth payment of the four subsidies granted by the clergy.