James I: Volume 49, November, 1609

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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November, 1609.

Nov. 1. 1. Sir Wm. Cooke to Salisbury. To favour his petition, without which the renewal of his old patent, now about to expire, would only be a loss to him.
Nov. 1. 2. Alex. Serle to the Same. Abuses of the King's profits in the Ecclesiastical Courts. Proposes the establishment of four more Consistorial Courts, in addition to those of York and Canterbury. Annexed is,
2. I. Notes by [Alex.] Serle to Salisbury, containing reasons why process of jurisdiction ecclesiastical should proceed under the King's name and Arms.
Nov. 1.
3. Jane Jobson to the Same. Recommends Mr. Markham to the prebendary of Langford in Lincoln Cathedral, the supposed incumbent, John Watson, being a layman and a papist.
Nov. 1. 4. Orders to be observed by Matthew Cale, appointed by the Earl of Salisbury to the keepership of the water gate at Britain's Burse, and to the new office of assignments there.
Nov. ? 5. Regulations for Britain's Burse, of which Thos. Wilson is supervisor, under the authority of the Earl of Salisbury.
Nov. ? 6. Project addressed by [Thos. Wilson] to Lord [Salisbury] for making Britain's Burse flourish; viz., to purchase Durham House from the Bishop by Act of Parliament, and erect houses there.
Nov. 2. Grant to Lady Arabella Stewart of the privilege of nominating such persons as shall sell wines, aquavitæ, or usquebagh, in Ireland. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Rich. Browne of the office of keeper of the gaols of Ilchester and Dorchester, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. License to Jos. Killigrew and John Chapman to travel for four years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Mary Allam, widow, of pardon for killing Edward Chaplin, her apprentice boy, by unreasonable correction. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Grant to Hen. Mynours, Serjeant of the Carriages, of two-thirds of the goods and chattels of William Morgan, [recusant]. Also, a demise of two parts of his lands, with reservations of rent. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Like grant to Geo. Aske of the benefit of the recusancy of Rich. Thimelby. [Docquet.]
Nov. 2. Lease to Claudius Delavale of divers lands, &c. in Tynemouth, co. Northumberland. [Docquet.]
[Nov. 2.] Grant to Rob. Hill of the office of Clerk of Assignments. [Grant Bk., p. 50.]
Nov. 3. Warrant dormant to deliver to Robt. Thomson, Groom of the Robes, stuff for his yearly livery. [Docquet.]
Nov. 3. Warrant for payments to sundry persons, for stuff delivered for the use of the King, Queen, Prince, Duke of York, and Princess Elizabeth. [Docquet.]
Nov. 3.
7. Archbp. Bancroft to Salisbury. The King has bestowed the Bishopric of Chichester on Dr. Harsnet. Requests a congé d'élire to that effect ; and that the custody of the Bishopric, sede vacante, may be committed to Dr. Drury, Chancellor of Chichester.
Nov. 3.
8. [Earl of Salisbury] to Lord Sheffield. Respecting the precedency recently granted to lawyers, over other members of the Council of the North. His interests are reserved in the patent for copper. The examinations of the priests are to be sent up. [See Oct. 21.]
Nov. 3. 9. Account of debts owing by the King, and payable at or before Christmas next ; and of sums to be received before the same time.
Nov. 5.
10. Bailiffs, &c., of Boroughbridge to Salisbury. Would think their refusal of his request for the grant of a burgess-ship worse than death itself.
Nov. 6. 11. Sir Rich. Hopton to the Same. Begs to be spared from serving as Sheriff of Hereford.
Nov. 7. 12. John Hercey to the Same. On a suit between Lady Billingsley and Edw. Leake, respecting the lease of his house, which he desires to purchase.
Nov. 7. 13. Edw. Carne, Receiver of South Wales, to the Same. Describes the state and particulars of the lordship of Narberth, co. Pembroke, and of the eight members composing it. Mr. Barlow, of Pembroke- shire, wishes to purchase it of Garway, the contractor ; thinks it is a Crown land which it is not advisable to sell.
Nov. 7. 14. Petition of Robt. Shaftoe, and four others, to Salisbury. On behalf of the tenants of East Chirton, and 13 other places within the lordship of Tynemouth, Northumberland, for confirmation of their ancient copyhold tenures, for which they are willing to compound. With reference thereon.
Nov. 7.
Warrant to pay to Sir Geo. Ramsay, 40£. and further sums, for expenses of conveying horses sent by Prince Henry to France. [Warrt. Bk., p. 115.]
Nov. 7. Docquet of the above.
Nov. 7. Grant to Edw. Bates and Hen. Elwes, of manors and lands, value 24£. 4s. per ann., in fee-simple, and of lands, value 102£. 14s. 2¼d. per ann., in fee-farm, at suit of Sir Baptist Hicks, and other contractors. [Docquet, Nov. 7 and April 3, 1610.]
Nov. 7. Restitution of the temporalities for the Bishop of Ely. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Grant to Dr. Thos. Morton of the Deanery of Winchester. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Congé d'élire to the Dean &c. of Chichester to elect a Bishop. [Docquet.]
Nov. 7. Letter to the Same, to elect Dr. Sam. Harsnet as Bishop. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8.
15. Grant to Robt. Campbell of the benefit of the recusancy of Robt. Harcourt of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxford, Chris. Biggs of Stapleford, Wilts, and Edm. Tattersall of Catmere, Berks.
Nov. 8. Docquet of the above.
Nov. 8.
16. Edw. Carne, Collector of the Aid in South Wales, to Sir Jul. Cæsar. Reports his proceedings. Smallness of the contributions in certain counties, from the rate being charged only on the King's immediate tenants.
Nov. 8. Grant to Sir Robt. Hitcham, the Queen's Attorney, and Ralph Ewens, her Auditor, of 6,000£., the King's moiety of a grant [of old debts], to Ric. Roberts and Chr. Babham, and also 6,000£. from a like grant to Wm. and Walter Alexander. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant to Rob. Bacon, on surrender of a like grant, of the moiety of 1,000£. old debts due to the Crown, with provisoes. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant of the reward of 5s. per ton, on the building of six ships named. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant to Lord Harrington of the timber growing in Launde Park, Westwood, and Loddington, co. Leicester, in consideration of 1,700£. by him paid. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. License to Sir Oliver Cromwell to keep a chaplain, beneficed or not beneficed. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant to John Royle of the place of Guider or Governor of St. James's Hospital, Chichester, for life. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant, with survivorship, to Ric. and John Wright, on surrender of Nic. Bristow and Robt. Norton, of the clerkship of the King's jewels and plate. [Docquet.]
Nov. 8. Grant to Edw. Bedware of an alms-room in Winchester. [Docquet.]
Nov. 9.
17. Bishop of Worcester to Salisbury. Recommends the case of Geo. Wykes, who has married the widow of Grant, the traitor ; "he is robbed of his wife by popish spirits," who are endeavouring to dispossess him of her lands.
Nov. 9.
18. William Lord St. John to [the Same]. Professes devotion. The reports that he is negligent in religion, and disregardful of his mother, are raised by some enemy. Will return at once, in obedience to his lordship's and his mother's commands, though young men are usually allowed to spend some time in Paris.
Nov. 9.
19. Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Suffers from the cold. Sir Rowland Lytton advises his affair to be left to chance. Sir Allan Percy, now at Syon, says that the Earl of Northumberland reserves his answer. Will visit Chamberlain in London. Dislikes Sir Walter Cope's conceit of sending him into France.
Nov. 9.
20. Wm. Lucas, senior, to Salisbury. John Gardner has disclosed to him and others a plot against the King of England, and an offer made to him by James Conway of a large reward, if he would aid in it. Has sent Gardner to England to reveal the matter.
Nov. 10.
21. Same to the Same. Further account of Gardner and his past life. He is thought to be an idle fellow, set on by the Jesuits. Has sent over a box and letters, confided to him by Gardner.
Nov. 11. 22. Charges of His Majesty's houses, in the month of October last.
Nov. 12.
23. Earl of Salisbury to Baron Altham. Desires his opinion on the claim of Sir John Savile to Cookridge Woods. Incloses,
23. I. Sir John Savile to Salisbury. States in detail the particulars of his title to Cookridge Woods. Howley, June 13, 1609.
23. II. Minute of grant by Queen Elizabeth to Sir John Savile and his heirs, of Cookridge Woods, in the parish of Addle, co. York.
Nov. 12.
24. John Murray [to Salisbury.] Sends the papers desired. The King is well. Commends to him his business with Lord Coke.
Nov. 12. Release to Rob. Crome, Mr. Wilgrave, and John Doughty, of all forfeitures wherewith the late John Doughty, recusant, stood charged to the late Queen. [Grant Bk., p. 57.]
Nov. 13.
25. Mayor, &c. of Headon to Salisbury. They all with one voice consent to his request to nominate their burgess for Parliament, in place of Sir Hen. Constable. Hope he will defray his own expenses.
Nov. 13.
26. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Increase of recusants in the diocese of Hereford. Laxity of Justice Williams, who allows them to take the oath of allegiance in a modified form. Refusal of Charnock to take the oath of allegiance. Irregular election of Sir Sam. Sandys, as burgess for Worcestershire, in place of Sir Wm. Ligon, deceased ; Sandys being a strong opposer of the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales. Annexed is,
26. I. The recusants' oath, as administered at the last Hereford Assizes, with the points wherein it differs from the genuine oath of allegiance.
Nov. 13.
27. Sir Thos. Bland to the Same. Proceedings touching the aid in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Nov. 13.
Warrant for the issue of 1,000£. to the Earl of Dunbar, Keeper of the Privy Purse. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 116.]
Nov. 13.
Warrant to pay to John Norton, 173£. 16s. 4d. for binding sundry books, covered with velvet, &c. for the King's service. [Ibid., p. 117.]
Nov. 14.
28. Wm. Lucas, sen., to Rob. Bell. Sends for delivery to the Lord Treasurer, some letters and relics left with him by John Gardner, whom he sent over to be examined touching an alleged plot by John Conway. Thinks it a Jesuit's scheme to destroy the character of Conway, who is a good man. Requests his aid for reimbursement of the money he laid out for Gardner.
Nov. 14. 29. Lord Sheffield to the Council. Respecting the precedency of the learned counsel, in the Council of the North. Does not now advise any alteration of their former order, as it would argue weakness, and bring the Council into contempt.
Nov. 14. 30. Same to [Salisbury.] Same subject. Dealings with Sir Hen. Bellasis, Sir John Mallory, and Sir Tho. Fairfax, therein. Sends the examinations of the priests; two more are taken ; upwards of 200 still remain in the country. Ill effects of the recent prohibitions [against jurisdiction before the Council of the North] on the administration of justice. See Oct. 22. Incloses,
30. I. Examination of Gilbert Hunt respecting his being a priest. He refuses to take the oath of allegiance. York, Oct. 2.
30. II. Three examinations of Oswald Needham, seminary priest, of similar purport. Sept. 22 and 27, and Oct. 12, York.
Nov. 14.
31. Archbp. of York and Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same Detail of the faithful services of Hen. Sanderson, for 20 years as Constable of Brancepeth Castle. Hope he will obtain his petition.
Nov. 14.
32. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. The Sheriff of Derbyshire is a very honest gentleman. The exceptions taken against Mr. Sacheverell for the place were unfounded. Particulars of his property and character. Is coming to Court, and hopes he may have his old lodgings at Whitehall.
Nov. 14. Lease to Jas. Howard, son of the Earl of Nottingham, of Chelsea place and manor, co. Middlesex. [Grant Bk., p. 62.]
Nov. 15. Grant to Rich. Gifford, of license to import hawks from Newfoundland. [Ibid., p. 61.]
Nov. 15. Grant to John Reynolds of the office of Master Workman of the King's money, in the Tower of London and realm of England. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Nov. 15.
Confirmation of the contracts made by the Commissioners for Sale, &c., of Crown lands, with John Eldred, Jas. Collymore, and eight others, for sale of certain manors, lands, &c., unentailed, and for leases of other manors, &c., contained in the entail. [Dom. Corresp., Dec. 15, 1609.]
Nov. 15. 33. Sir John Harrington to Salisbury. Particulars of his tenure of the constableship of Carnarvon Castle. State of the castle. Will relinquish the office for some other, in possession or reversion.
Nov. 16.
34. Doctors Roger Goad and Humph. Tyndall to the Same. Pronounce the late election for a Master of Christ's College to be, in their opinion, void.
Nov. 17.
35. Fras. Ferrys to the Same. Thanks for favours. Makes bold to hawk in his Lordship's ground at Mondon. Sends him a leash of pheasants.
Nov. 17.
36. Sir Tho. Lake to the Same. Forwards letters for the Duke of Saxony and Marquis of Brandenburg. As to that for the King of Denmark, His Majesty approves Salisbury's draft. Thinks the man who sent the petition a traitor to this country. The Attorney- General is to find a day this term, to hear the puritan printer in the Star Chamber.
Nov. 17.
37. Geo. Marshall and Wm. Ramsay to the Same. Request him to dispatch their ecclesiastical business.
Nov. 18. 38. Certificate of moneys growing due for confirmation of defective titles, from the proclamation to the present date.
Nov. ? 39. Names of such persons as have compounded for defective titles to their lands, and paid their fines into Lord Coke's hands.
Nov. 18. 40. Walter Tooke to Salisbury. Solicits that his son may be appointed his deputy in the office of Auditor.
Nov. 19.
41. Minutes of the deposition of certain Clerks of the Peace, relative to licensing ale-houses. Reasons of the small payments hitherto. Suggestions for better execution of the service.
Nov. 19.
Warrant for issue of sums as rewards, to the servants of foreign Princes bringing presents to his Majesty. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 119.]
Nov. 19. Warrant to pay to John Barclay 200£., for charges incurred on a long voyage, over and above his ordinary allowance. [Ibid., p. 119.]
Nov. 20.
42. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Sends his Majesty's letter in favour of [Valentine] Carey for Christ's College, Cambridge, though the King hesitates between him and Dr. Clarke.
Nov. 20. 43. Earl of Pembroke to the Same. To afford what assistance he may, in the suit of the Countess Dowager of Huntingdon, his aunt, in the Court of Wards.
Nov. 20.
44. Sir Roger Aston to [the Same]. The King is now well, and is going to hunt.
Nov. 21.
45. Grant to John Corbet of the benefit of the recusancy of Sir John Carol, jun. of Chichester, Ric. Cotton of Wartlington, Hants, and John Threele.
Nov. 21. Grant to Rich. and John Wright of the office of Master of the Sports. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 84.]
Nov. 21.
46. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. The King has delayed his removal, in consequence of his sore foot. The letter to Denmark has been dispatched, &c.
Nov. 21. 47. Edm. Lord Sheffield to the Same. Desires, for the preservation of his own authority, that the matter concerning precedency in the Council of the North may be left to his decision, when he will not fail to follow his Lordship's orders, in revoking the precedency of the lawyers.
Nov. 21. 48. The King to the Lord Chancellor. To mediate in a cause between Sir Ralph Horsey and his creditors, so that a gentleman of ancient family be not ruined.
Nov. 49. Draft of the above, dated Nov. 16.
Nov. 21. 50. John Hercey to Salisbury. Sends memoranda for the composition of copyhold tenants. Incloses,
50. I. List of such Crown manors and lands, as are likely to produce most money if brought to sale, with account of their rentals.
Nov. 22. 51. The King to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. In favour of Edw. Partridge, for renewal of his estate in the parsonage of Icklesome, Sussex.
Nov. 23.
52. Sir Fras. Hastings to Salisbury. Thanks for respiting his debt to the King in the Exchequer and Court of Wards. Begs he may pay by annual instalments.
Nov. 23.
53. John Meere to the Same. Solicits some recompense for his charges, &c. in discovering the alienations granted to Sir Thos. Shirley.
Nov. ? 54. Names of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal who compounded with the Lords Commissioners for the aid ; with the sums paid by them.
Nov. 23. 55. List of such Lords as have not compounded with the Lords Commissioners for the aid, or have compounded and not paid.
Nov. 24.
56. Richard Lord Say and Seale to Salisbury. Respecting the wilful destruction and robbery of trees in Needwood Forest, near Tutbury. The Prince wishes to have a breed of horses at Tutbury.
Nov. 24.
Tynemouth Castle.
57. Sir Wm. Selby to the Same. Report of repairs of Tynemouth Castle, and of the ordnance there.
Nov. 24. 58. Sir Thos. Shirley to the Same. Solicits respite of payment for six months. Difficulties in proving the debts granted to him prevent his present profit.
Nov. 25. 59. Note of payments of the annual tenths and subsidies of the Clergy, since Michaelmas, 1608.
Nov. 25.
Warrant to pay 935£., needful by estimate of Wm. Stallenge, for enclosing, &c. a picce of ground near Westminster Palace, and for planting mulberry trees. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 120.]
Nov. 25. Docquet of the above.
Nov. 25.
Warrant to pay to Sir David Murray, Keeper of the Privy Purse to Prince Henry, 69£., to be disbursed as the Prince shall direct; and 512£. to defray the charges of the Prince's robes. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 120.]
Nov. 25. Docquet of the above. [Docquet.]
Nov. 25.
Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Harmon, Keeper of Bagshot Park, co. Surrey, the necessary sums for finishing the repairs of the lodge. [Ibid., p. 121.]
Nov. 25. Docquet of the above. [Docquet.]
Nov. 25. Grant to Thos. Emerson and Rich. Cawdale, in fee-simple, of divers manors and lands, value 176£. 15s. 8¼d. per ann., and of others, in fee-farm, value 166£. 11s. 8d. per ann., all surrendered by Visct. Haddington. [Docquet.]
Nov. 25. License to the Earl of Northampton, Lord Wotton, and others, feoffees of Wm. Essex, to sell the manors of Chipping Lamborne and four others, co. Berks, with reservation of the King's rents. [Docquet.]
Nov. 25. Grant of pardon for divers poor prisoners in York Castle, convicted and reprieved many years since, and now released for relief of the gaol, which is pestered with many prisoners. [Docquet.]
Nov. 25. Grant to Wm. Ellynet, and his sureties, of protection for -- years. [Docquet.]
Nov. 26. Grant to Sir John Portman of the Keepership of Roche Forest, co. Somerset. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
Nov. 26. 60. John Hercey to Salisbury. Sends his opinion as to the best means to induce the copyholders to compound; forwards his patent to be executed. Intreats increase of fee.
Nov. 26. 61. Drs. Roger Goad and Humph. Tyndall to the Same. Have received his letter for the election of Mr. Carey to be Master of Christ's College, in which they concur.
Nov. 26.
Warrant to pay 100 marks to the Grooms and Pages of the Queen's Chamber, as the King's free gift at Christmas. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 122.]
Nov. 27.
62. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Glad the King is satisfied concerning Sir John Kennedy's oath. Replies on Mr. Marshall's and Mr. Lazomby's affairs. Doubts not that Sir Thos. Chaloner has advertised him concerning the barriers. The King needs not send to the Duke of Sully, but trusts to the "little beagle" for money, &c. Foreign news.
Nov. 27.
63. Mayor of Harwich to Salisbury. Arrival of a carvel with 300 soldiers for Sweden. Has furnished them with provisions, &c.
Nov. 27.
64. Hugh Glaseover to the Same. At request of the Earl of Derby, he reports the ruinous state of Chester Castle.
Nov. 27.
65. Dorothy Wadham to the Same. Her late husband having appointed good means for erecting Wadham College in Oxford, beseeches his Lordship to defend her from any wrong imputations, that she does not forward the good work.
Nov. 27. Grant to Sir Jas. Creichton, Collector of Petty Customs in the Port of London, of all sums due to the late Queen or the King, therefrom. [Grant Bk., p. 50.]
Nov. 28.
66. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Sends the papers, signed by the King, who halts a little in his walk. He is not satisfied with his Grace of Canterbury's opinion on Sir John Kennedy's affair. The whole business now is the ordering of the great [hunting] match, which will take place on Thursday. Answers on sundry affairs.
Nov. 28.
67. Owen Oglethorpe and Rich. Smyth to the Same. Death of Sir Thos. Smith, Latin Secretary ; he has left certain registers of Latin letters, to be delivered to Salisbury.
Nov. 28.
68. Sir Thos. Edmondes to the Same. Declines a proffered employment, and begs to be sent into France instead. Is afflicted by the uncertainties of his fortune.
Nov. 28. Grant to Tho. Lord Knyvet and Edm. Doubleday, of the office of keeping the plate and money in the Tower, and the coinage of money there and elsewhere, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 83.]
Nov. 28. 69. Assignment from Thos. Wilson, of St. Clement's, London, to Rob. Holte, of Ashworth, co. Lancaster, of the wardship and marriage of Rich. Holte, the King's ward.
Nov. 29.
70. Sir Wm. Cooke to Salisbury. Solicits the speedy passing of his patent, which will give him some credit where he dwells, and not injure the Corporation [of Gloucester], who possess larger liberties than any other city, and abuse them.
Nov. 29.
71. Bishop of Winchester to the Same. Solicits license for his son to travel beyond seas, with Sir Stephen Le Sieur.
Nov. 29.
72. Earl of Bath to the Same. Respecting Rob. Venner, son of one of his tenants, who turned papist abroad, and having returned, was imprisoned for refusing the oaths of supremacy and allegiance.
Nov. 29. 73. Baron Altham to the Same. Thinks that Sir John Savile should be allowed to compound for his title to Cookridge Wood. Annexed is,
73. I. Altham's reference to Auditor Stanley, and his report relative to the above.
Nov. 29. 74. Account of the revenue of North and South Wales, anno 6 Jac. I.
Nov. 29 ? 75. Memorial to Salisbury, showing that divers gentlemen of good worth and credit are willing to undertake the farm of licenses for alehouses.
Nov. 29. 76. Note of money hitherto received for licenses of alehouses.
Nov. 29 ? 77. Memorandum of the King's portion, amounting to 163£. 10s. 8d., of the charge of enclosing the forest of Whichwood with a wall.
Nov. 29.
Warrant to pay to Rich. Batten, Ranger of Whichwood Forest, 163£. 10s. 8d., for erecting a wall there. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 122.]
Nov. 30.
78. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. In favour of Sir Arthur Savage, for some grant to be made to induce him to settle in Ireland. Geo. Muncrieff, one of the King's Falconers, is to receive 30£. per ann. more, &c. &c.
Nov. 30. 79. Ric. Earl of Dorset to Thos. Wilson. To deliver his bill of impost of wine to the bearer, Edw. Lindsay.
Nov. 30.
80. Sir Robt. Stewart to Salisbury. Thanks for preventing the malice of his enemies by payment of a sum of money. Craves his enlargement. His enemies brag of his arrest before his prison doors.
Nov. 30. 81. Earl of Salisbury to Sir Thos. Lake. Gives particulars of the arrest of Sir Robt. Stewart for debt, by Mr. Lesley, who declares that the money paid [by the King] to Lord Lindores was for service, not in lieu of Stewart's debt. Arrival of a ship with Irish soldiers at Newcastle, in which, and in two other ships, are fourscore and ten women.
Nov. 30. 82. Certificate of decayed castles in England and Wales, and of the royalties and services belonging to the same, by the Auditors of the Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster.
Nov. 30. 83. Account of fines imposed by Commissioners on sale of lands upon defective titles, since Nov. 10, 1606.
Nov. 30.
Proclamation giving further time for the amendment of defective titles. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 217.]
Nov. 30.
Proclamation inhibiting the importation of pepper from foreign parts, except by the East India Company. Printed [Proc. Coll., No. 13.]
Nov. 84. Jas. Lord Hay to Salisbury. Is pursued by an importunate creditor of Monsr. Gunderrot, for whom he is surety. Begs to know what his Majesty will do for Gunderrot. The debt is 700£.
[Nov.] 85. Same to the Same. Thanks for favours in Gunderrot's affair. When the hunting match is over, will visit him. The King better of his gout, &c.
Co. Dorset.
86. Estimate of the value of the manor of Sherborne, at six years' purchase, amounting to 8,000£., the sum desired for it.
Nov. 87. Another estimate of the value of Sherborne, making it 6,428£. 19s.
Nov. ? 88. Hen. Spiller to Sir Thos. Lake. To antedate the warrant of the receivership of Buckinghamshire to be granted to Joseph Mayne, some three months; and to see him [Spiller] before he writes to the Earl of Salisbury about it.