James I: Volume 53, March, April 1610

Pages 590-605

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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March, April,

[March 1.] 1. Reply by the House of Commons to Lord [Treasurer Salisbury] upon his request for their consideration of the supply and support for the King. They conceive it can be by no other way but by subsidy.
March 2. Grant to Sir Wm. Hewitt of the office of Keeper of the Little Park, at Windsor, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 50.]
March 3.
2. [Mayor, &c.,] of Headon, to Salisbury. In answer to his request for return of the writ for the election of a new burgess, instead of Sir Hen. Constable, deceased. They have already sent it through Sir Christ. Hillyard.
March 4.
3. Wm. Gee to the Same. Had sent off his letter to Headon the evening he received it; the delay is not attributable to him.
March 4. 4. Warrant to pay the sums required for preparation of a masque, to be presented before the King, by direction of the Queen.
March 4. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 140.]
March 4. Docquet of the above.
March 4.
5. Warrant to pay to Jacob Harderet 520£. for diamonds, gold and workmanship, in enlarging a chain for the Princess Elizabeth.
March 4. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 140.]
March 4. Docquet of the above.
March 4. Grant to Wm. Whitmore and John Randoll, and their heirs, of the manor of Old Stratford, co. Warwick, at suit of John Eldred and others, contractors. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to John Carse, Page of the Bedchamber, of 300£., debts due to Edward Morgan, recusant, which ought to come to the King; also of the forfeitures of Philip Woodward, a seminary priest. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to David Stewart, Groom of the Bottles, of the benefits arising to the King by outlawry of Sir Wm. Leighton, with proviso of first paying the debts of Leighton, and another proviso. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant of the King's accustomed reward of 5s. per ton, on the building of six ships, named. [Docquet.]
March 4. Warrant dormant to pay 30£. to Allen Colcock, appointed footman to the Princess Elizabeth, in place of Wm. Allen. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant to David Drummond of the benefit of the recusancy of Ralph Sheldon, of Beoley, co. Worcester; Edward Sheldon, of Weston, co. Warwick; Sir Rich. Fenner, co. Oxford; Sir Robt. Dollman, and Wm. Langdale, co. York. [Docquet.]
March 4. Grant, with survivorship, to George and Alexander Baker, of the office of King's Surgeon, on surrender of a former patent by the said George. [Docquet.]
March 5.
6. The King to the Sheriffs of London and Warden of the Fleet Prison. To issue a proclamation for the outlawry and arrest of Wm. Hayes, for contempt of a decree of court, in a case between him and John and Avis Empson.
March 6. Grant to Sir Thos. Cornwallis, in reversion after Wm. Dobson, of the office of Clerk of Recognizances in the King's Bench and Common Pleas, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 81.]
March 7. 7. Charges of works at His Majesty's houses in February.
March 8.
8. Grant to John Morrison of the benefit of the recusancy of Isabel, widow of Jas. Rockley, of Eliz. Lady Grimstone of Stixton, Thos. Thwinge of Tuddington, and Chr. Garth, all co. York, and of Fras. Chamberlain, co. Stafford.
March 8 ?
Westminster. Thursday Morning.
9. Edw. Reynoldes to Sir John Rawlins. Complains of his delay in the payment of his interest; must withdraw the money if not better treated.
March 9.
Friday. Westminster.
10. Same to the Same. Will recall the principal of his debt, if the interest be not paid that day. Reproaches for his careless dealing.
March 10. 11. Simon Basil to Salisbury. Report of his survey relative to repairs of the lodge at Bagshot Park, with general estimate of the cost. Incloses,
11. I. Plan and survey of the lodge in Bagshot Park. March 3.
March 11.
12. Order in Council for committing Robt. Elliot to prison, on complaint of his having set up a wharf, and driven posts and piles into the river Thames, which obstruct the bridge, and which he refuses to remove.
March 12.
13. Warrant to pay to John Norton 60£. 2s. 8d., for books for the use of the Duke of York, and further necessary sums for books, the particulars being first testified and acknowledged by Thos. Murray, his tutor.
March 12. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 140.]
March 12.
14. Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Herrick, jeweller, 5,430£. for His Majesty's special service.
March 12. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 141.]
March 13. 15. Thos. Bradshaw to Salisbury, respecting the forfeitures of his late brother Alexander, for recusancy. The lands were conveyed away by Lord Burgh, executor, to go to the Roman jubilee. Three advowsons were sold for a trifle, to which the writer, "a poor preacher of the Word," expected to be presented.
March 13. 16. Wm. Sterrell to Sir Thos. Lake. For a warrant for a pension of 50£. per ann., to Rich Hart, late one of the King's footmen.
March 14.
17. Grant to Sir Sigismund Alexander and Hen. Alexander, of 100£. as a gift.
March 14. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 141.]
March 15. 18. Sir Hen. Goodere to Salisbury. Requests to know whether he shall prosecute his grant of the fines of John Bennett, Ant. Gibb, John King, and others, committed for felony, they being protected by some Lords, who endeavour to remove the trial from Newgate to the Lord Admiral's Court.
March 15. Grant to Rich. Tresham of the office of Serjeant-at-Arms, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
March 15. Grant to John Noades of a Gunner's place in the tower. [Ibid., p. 85.]
March 17. 19. Sir Wm. Waad to Sir Thos. Lake. To obtain reversion of Warders' places in the Tower, for Ralph Rippin, Thos. Lyne, and Rous Waller, three servants that served him in the Powder treason and ever since.
March 17. Commission to Hen. Middleton to be General of the Merchants trading to the East Indies. [Grant Bk., p. 57.]
March 17. 20. Inventory of ordnance, stores, &c., in the Tower of London, from the general survey taken in 1609.
March 19.
21. Grant to Clement Corbett of the benefit of the recusancy of Edw. Gage, co. Hereford; Wm. Pordage, co. Kent; George Gryme, co. Norfolk; Barth. Fromond, co. Surrey; Sir Thos. Carol, of Shipley, and Sir John Carol, of Aguey, co. Sussex; Sir John Whitbrook of Bridgenorth, co. Salop; and John Paschall, co. Essex.
March 19.
22. Warrant for allowance to Wm. Garway of 4,400£., paid by him for copper returned to him.
[March 19.] 23. Copy of the above.
March 19. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 142.]
March 19. 24. Warrant to deliver to Rob. Treswell, Surveyor General of the woods on this side the Trent, 243£. 6s. 8d., for repairs at Chapel Hainault Lodge, in Waltham Forest, and 81£. 13s. 4d., for repairs of Working Park, Surrey, and of the town bridge.
[March 19] 25. Copy of the above.
March 19. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 143.]
March 20.
Canon Row.
26. Sir John Trevor to Edw. Anthony. Asks how to obtain for a friend the reversion of his lease, 33 years of which are still unexpired, understanding the King is unwilling to hamper himself with such engagements.
[March 20.] Commission to Charles Earl of Nottingham to give authority to the Earl of Bath and the Mayor and Aldermen of Barnstaple to send out ships for taking pirates. [Grant Book, p. 57.]
March 20.
27. Edw. Reynoldes to Owen Reynoldes. Private affairs. Bond of cousin Bagg to be taken care of. Fears Mr. Bowyer is trifling with his brother.
March 21.
28. Grant to Thos. Gurlyn of the benefit of the recusancy of John Hornifould, Fras. Moore, Rowland Badger, Edmund Lachmore, Wm. Bradstock, and Edw. Folliat, all of Hanley-Castle; Thos. Bartlet of Castle-Morton, John Stayner of Worcester, Rich. Chambers and John Smith of Woodborough, Sir Thos. Russell of Strensham, all of co. Worcester; Lawrence Michelborne, co. Hants; Rob. Pearpoint, co. Nottingham; Alice Penn, co. Bucks; Thos. Sackville, of London; Griffith Doncaster of Woodhill, and John Smith of Langley, co. Wilts; and Roger Austin of Howgreen, Wm. Tempest of Caswell, and Humphrey Askam of Fifield, co. Berks.
March 21.
29. Grant to Herbert Maxwell of the benefit of the recusancy of Rob. Burton, co. York, and of Alice and John Barney, co. Middlesex.
March 21. 30. Memoranda of debates, this day, in the House of Commons. Sir Wm. Burlacy's proposal that purveyors should be first in the list of grievances. Resolution to proceed in them by Bill rather than petition. The Lord Admiral's grant of the licenses to vintners discussed.
March 21. 31. Abstract of the King's speech in the Banquetting Chamber. His opinions on Royal prerogative and government, and on the duties of a Parliament; the necessity of granting supplies.
March 21. Grant to -- Anthony of a Gunner's place in the Tower, for life. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
March 22. Grant to Wm. Hammond of the office of Master Gunner in the Tower. [Ibid., p. 85.]
March 22. Grant to Sir Miles Fleetwood of the office of Receiver General of the Court of Wards. [Ibid., p. 85.]
March 22. License to Lady Arabella Stuart, Sir George St. Paul, and Hen. Yelverton to appoint such persons as they think fit, to keep taverns and to sell wines and usquebaugh in Ireland, for 21 years. [Grant Book, p. 65. See Irish Corresp., March 31, 1610.]
March 22. Grant to Rob. Hubberd of the office of Clerk of -- throughout England. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
March 22. 32. Statement of sums paid by persons in the City of London, on account of the first payment of the third subsidy.
March 22. 33. Receipt by Hen. Isaacson of certain evidences concerning the manors of Elm and Wisbeach.
[March 23.] 34. Memorandum of sundry payments and salaries to the Royal family, officers of the Household, &c., in the years 5, 6, and 7 James I.; with notes of increase and deduction.
[March 23.] 35. Reasons for increase of the King's charges in anno 7, above those of anno 6°.
[March 23.] 36. Declaration of the account of John Suckling, Receiver of fines for licenses of alienation, and for pardons for 7 Jac. I.
[March 23.] 37. Certificate of the manors and lands belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall; with their present yearly rents, 7 Jac. I.
March 24. Grant to John Took of the office of an Auditor in the Court of Wards. [Ind. Wt. Bk., p. 85.]
March 24.
38. Earl of Nottingham to the Clerks of the Signet. To stay any grant of the deanery of Ely, it being promised by the King to Dr. Clement Smith, the Earl's chaplain.
March 24. 39. Petition of the Bailiffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty of Tewksbury, co. Gloucester, to Salisbury; having purchased the manor, &c., of Tewksbury, pray to be exempt from giving bond for payment for timber, there being no timber nor firewood there. With reference and report thereon.
March 25.
Proclamation calling in Dr. Cowell's book, "The Interpreter;" with a notice that the Commission for the better oversight of books is to be more strict than before. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 225.]
March 26.
40. Earl of Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar to Sir John Reade, Sheriff of Lincoln. Command him to extend the lands of Wm. Booth, Collector of the Subsidies, for his debt to the King of 682£. 18s. 1¾d., to be paid by instalments of 100£. per ann.
March 26.
41. Grant to John Carse of the benefit of the recusancy of Ph. Woodward, of London.
March 26.
Baynard's Castle.
42. Robert Lord Lisle to Salisbury. Return of the Commission for seizing Sir Rob. Dudley's land. The King intends to grant it to Lord Kincleven and Lord Lisle.
March 26. 43. Nich. Hillyard [Painter to the King] to Salisbury. Has been very ill, but resolved, before he died, to recommend the suit of Wm. Goldsmith, labourer, who has discovered a new mode of repairing highways, at half the usual cost.
March 26.
Fetter Lane.
44. John Fitzwilliams to the Same. Begs protection in his proceeding against Purveyor Ives, for felonious purveying. Complains of Sir John Croke, for protecting Ives at the Essex Assizes.
March 26.
45. Grant to John Marshall, minister, of 100£. as a free gift from the King.
March 26. Entry of the above. [Wt. Bk., II., p. 143.]
March 27.
46. Lord Sheffield to Salisbury. Thanks him for acquainting the King with his indisposition. Hopes to be in town by Easter.
March ? 47. Notes relative to the value of the manor of Greens-Norton, surveyed by Sir Miles Fleetwood, as under-steward of the honor of Grafton.
March 27. Lease, in reversion, to Sir Wm. Ryder of the park of Greens- Norton, co Northampton, in part of lands to be demised to John Eldred and other contractors. [Docquet.]
March 27. Similar lease to Lawrence Downes of the site of the manor of Orsett, co. Essex, and of other lands belonging thereto. [Docquet.]
March 27. Similar lease to Wm. Zaynes of the site of the manor of Bowcombe and other lands, &c., belonging thereto; and of a messuage and 3 gardens, parcel of the manor of Newport, Isle of Wight. [Docquet.]
March 27. Grant to Elizabeth Lady Hunsdon, widow of George late Lord Hunsdon, of purchase of the manors of Cardisson and Riffham, co. Norfolk. [Docquet.]
March ? 48. Warrants from Salisbury to Auditor Saxey, to deliver up to Lady Hunsdon the court rolls, &c., of the manors of Riffham and Cardisson, which she has purchased from the contractors, and to the Receiver of the county to pay over to her the last half year's rents.
March 27. Grant to Morgan Adams of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
March 27. Grant to Edw. Hales, in fee-simple, of the manor of Blackmanstone, co Kent, at suit of John Eldred and other contractors. [Docquet.]
March 27. Lease to John Eldred and Wm. Whitmore of messuages, lands, &c., in Sheriff Hutton, Glaston, Buckfastleigh, and other towns in several counties, as part value of 2,000£. to be devised to them and other contractors. [Docquet.]
March 27. Grant, in reversion, to Jonas Bradbury of a Poor Knight's place at Windsor. [Docquet.]
March 27. Release to Fras. Earl of Cumberland of all the arrears of the fee- farm rent due to the King, for the forest of Nichol, and the debateable and other lands, co. Cumberland; and grant to him of the fee-farm of the said debateable lands, and of two court leets therein. [Docquet.]
[March 29.] 49. Report to the House of Lords of the resolution of the Commons at the recent Conference, relative to tenures; the conditions proposed. for which they offer to the King 100,000£.
March 29. Grant to Wm. Sale of an alms-room in Christ Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
March 29. Grant to Leonard Stallard of an alms-room in Bristol. [Docquet.]
March 29. Grant to Wm. Moseley of an alms-room in Trinity College, Cambridge. [Docquet.]
March 30. 50. Sir Rob. Johnson to Salisbury. Recommends the revival of Swainmote Courts for the preservation of His Majesty's forests, &c.
March 30.
51. Warrant to pay to Sir Robert Carr 500£., in lieu of the rents of the manor of Sherborne, co. Dorset, formerly granted to him, which he disbursed for the King's service.
March 30. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 144.]
March. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, March 27.]
March 31.
52. License to Hen. Snell to travel beyond seas to learn the languages, but not to go to Rome.
March 31. 53. Allowances made in the accounts of Lord Knyvet, Warden of the Mint, for the charge of the King's game, for sundry buildings for the Princess Mary, and for making defences for orange and other fruit trees in [St. James's] Park and Spring Garden.
March 31.
54. Sir John Brooke to [Salisbury]. Could not bear the sea, and not being allowed to land in Spain for fear of the plague, they put in at a small town in Portugal.
March 31.
55. Earl of Dunfermline to the Same. Thanks for his tidings of Lady Arabella. The rumour in Scotland was that she would marry a younger son of Lord Beauchamp. The retreat of the Prince of Condé to the Archduke and to Spain. The appearances of great commotion for the Duchy of Cleves are mere demonstrations. The King of France is making large levies. Will assure certain parties of his Lordship's good faith and integrity.
March ? 56. Petition of Sir Rich. Ashton to the Same; recapitulates the substance of his former petition. [See July 1, 1609.] Baron Altham having certified in its favour, begs that the 8£. mispaid by him into the Exchequer, instead of the First-fruits Office, may be restored.
March. 57. Notes [by Sir Dud. Carleton] of speeches at divers conferences [of the two Houses] last session, respecting granting supplies to the King.
[March.] 58. Account of the charges of the Household of the Prince and Duke of York.
March ? 59. Estimate of the charge of the house and stable of the Prince and Duke of York, according to the price then paid for provisions. Noted [by Salisbury], "The prises consydered that oght to bee, this is a high reckning."
March ? 60. Notes of New Year's gifts bestowed on and received by the late Queen, and by King James.
[March.] 61. Charges of the wardrobe for the year 7 James I.
[March.] 62. Mr. Ferrers' bill for linen for the above year.
[March.] 63. Note of Crown debts pressing for payment.
March ? 64. Sir Rob. Cross to Salisbury. Is a suitor to His Majesty for relief. Incloses his petition. [See Feb. 14, 1611.]
April 1.
65. Earl of Salisbury to Simon Basil and Thos. Wilson. They are ordered to go to Hatfield, and see how far the proportion of work done there corresponds with the estimate of the whole expense. [See April 4.]
April 1.
66. Sir Thos. Lake to [Salisbury]. Sends the letters for Sir John Digby's despatch, signed, with additional instructions; also those to the Duke and Duchess of Saxony. His Majesty says that the Spanish Ambassador's first speaking of the marriage of the Prince, was by direction of his master, &c.
April 1.
67. Sir Geo. Wrottesley and Sir Walter Tichborne to the Same. Have communicated his letters to the borderers upon the pales of Farnham Parks, and send their answer.
April 1.
Fetter Lane.
68. John Fitzwilliams to the Same. Desires to be confronted with Sir John Croke, returned from Hertford Assizes, that he may know his fault, or be released of his grievances for calling him in question.
April. 69. Note relative to the creation of the heir apparent to the Crown, as Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, temp. Henry III.
April ? 70. Arguments from precedents to prove that the Princes of Wales were summoned to Parliament.
[April 3.] 71. Draft by Sir Fras. Bacon and Sir Henry Hobart, of the preamble of a patent creating Prince Henry Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester. Latin.
[April 3.] 72. Copy of part of the above. Latin.
[April 3.] 73. Translation of the above. Two copies.
April 3. 74. Another copy of the above.
[April 3.] 75. Another translation of the draft.
[April 3.] 76. Copy of the draft by Sir Fras. Bacon and Sir Henry Hobart, with slight variations. Latin.
April ? 77. Two other drafts of the preamble of the Prince's patent, slightly differing from the above.
April ? Notes on the creation of the Princes of Wales, from the son of Henry III. to that of James I. [Dom. Corresp., Nov. 4, 1613.]
April 3. Commission to the Lord Admiral to take pirates, with their vessels, and to imprison them. [Docquet.]
April 3. Grant to Abraham Allen, in reversion after Wm. Godourus, of the office of one of the King's surgeons. [Docquet.]
April 3. Presentation of Samuel Nicolls to the parsonage of Fulmer, co. Cambridge. [Docquet.]
April 3. Grant to Sir David Murray of 2,500£., payable out of the proceeds from recusants. [Docquet.]
April ? 78. Petition of Fras. Hewitson, of the Tower, to Salisbury, for transfer to himself of a pension of 12d. per diem, which he has purchased from Henry Green. With note from Salisbury in favour of the petition.
April 3. Grant to Fras. Hewitson, on surrender of Henry Green, of a pension of 12d. per diem. [Docquet.]
April 3. Grant to Christian Weech of pardon for the murder of Mary Freeston by witchcraft. [Docquet.]
April 3. Order to the searchers of ports to suffer persons appointed by the City of London to transport into Ireland 4,000£., for the plantations in the province of Ulster. [Docquet.]
April 4. 79. Estimate by Simon Basil and Thos. Wilson of the charges of the work done and to be done, in the Earl of Salisbury's buildings at Hatfield. [See April 1.]
April 5.
The Office.
80. Fras. Smith to Mrs. Nicolas. Letter of friendship. Wonders they do not hear from Mr. Nicolas.
April ? 81. Petition of Sir Wm. Waad to Salisbury, to be allowed the preference of purchasing a piece of ground in Marybone Park, from [Wm.] Garway the contractor. With reference thereon to Mr. Garway.
April 5. 82. Vice Provost and Fellows of King's College, Cambridge, to the Earl of Salisbury, Chancellor of the University. Pray that he will maintain them in their privileges, in reference to the election of a Provost.
April [5 ?] 83. Dr. Fogg Newton to the Same. Prays to be nominated by the King Provost of King's College, Cambridge.
April 5 ? 84. -- to the Same. Prays to be appointed Provost of King's College, in the room of the late Dr. Goad, as reward for his frequent employment abroad.
April 6. Indenture of sale by John Carse, Page of the Bedchamber, to Charles Buckland, of Stanninghall, Norfolk, of a grant made to Carse of 300£., debts due to the Crown by Edw. Morgan, recusant. [Case A., James I., No. 1.]
April 6.
Warrant to the Earl of Salisbury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to agree with Wm. Garway, Francis Jones, Nicholas Salter, and others, for purchase of Crown lands not in the entail, to the value of 350£. per annum, in addition to the 2,000£. already assigned to them for moneys advanced to the King. [Sign Man., Vol. i., No. 6.]
April. 85. Draft of the above, dated April 6.
April 7. Docquet of the above.
April 7. 86. Certificate by Wm. Fleetwood of payments to Sir Jas. Stewart, out of the Court of Wards and Liveries.
April 7. 87. "Charges that have grown on sundry His Majesty's houses in the month of March last."
April 7.
88. Warrant to pay to Sir Rob. Carr 20,000£., by way of composition for the manor of Sherborne, co. Dorset, escheated to the Crown by attainder of Sir Walter Raleigh, and bestowed on him by the King, and also for other lands compounded for with him by the King.
April 7. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 158.]
April 7. Docquet of the above.
April 7.
89. Warrant to pay to Thomas Pott 100 marks for his charges in conveying 20 couple of hounds, 4 brace of greyhounds, and 6 water spaniels to the Duke of Lorraine.
April 7. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 144.]
April 7. Docquet of the above.
April 7. Lease to Lord Knollys of his dwelling house near the Tilt-yard, Westminster, upon his surrender of a former lease, and grant of a portion of the timber yard adjoining the garden wall of the said house. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to Fras. Kilborne and Nicholas Colman, as trustees of Sir Wm. Bond, of 2,500£., part of the remainder of certain debts due to the King by Sir Philip Kighley, deceased, one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, whose lands were extended for the same. [Docquet.]
April 7. Grant to Seth Baker, in reversion after his father George Baker, of the office of maker of spangles, bullions, and other garnishments of silver and silver gilt, for the King's Footmen, Guard, and Messengers. [Docquet.]
April 7. Warrant dormant to pay 40£. per ann. to Simon Marson, appointed musician for the lute, from the death of Matathias Mason. [Docquet.]
April 10. 90. Sir Jas. Croft to Salisbury. Begs that he may not lose the grant made to him of the forfeiture of Mr. Lyngen, by the unfounded claim which Lady Walsingham makes to it.
April 11.
91. Warrant for payment of certain sums to the Clerks of the Privy Seal, for extraordinary charges in preparing letters of Privy Seal for loans; also for payment of certain sums to the printer for the same.
April 11. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 145.]
April 11. Docquet of the above. [Docquet.]
April 11. Letter to the Council to consider what persons are of ability to lend sums of money upon Privy Seals, and to make schedules or books thereof, and send the same to the Lord Privy Seal to make warrants. [Docquet.]
April ? 92. List of strangers resident in London, who contributed to the last loan in 1604.
April ? 93. Statement of the sums raised by each county in England and Wales, on the last Privy Seal loan in 1604, amounting to 158,061£. 16s. 8d.
April 11. Warrant for the Lord Privy Seal to make out Privy Seals of loans, directed to such persons as shall be noted in a schedule, signed by six of the Privy Council. [Docquet.]
April 11. Warrant for delivery of stuff, books, &c. to Cuthbert Joyner, Serjeant of the Vestry, for the King's Chapel. [Docquet.]
April 11. Grant to the Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, of power to purchase lands to the yearly value of 500£., in mortmain. [Docquet.]
April 12. 94. Sir Thos. Shirley, sen., to Salisbury. As the parsonages are not yet sold for payment of the arrears for which they were assigned, begs his letter to the Sheriff of Sussex for delay of payment, &c.
April 12.
95. Lord Sheffield to the Same. Has received his order to acknowledge, before a Master in Chancery, a surrender to the King of his estate in the alum works, but the deed of surrender has not reached him.
April 12. Docquet of the above.
April 12. Lease to Sir Thos. Metham of two-thirds of the King's share of the lands of Sir Geo. Brown, recusant. [Docquet.]
April 12. Warrant for payment of necessary sums to Sir Robt. Vernon, Cofferer of the Household, for charges of the entertainment of the Duke of Brunswick during his abode here. [Docquet.]
April 13. 96. Earl of Worcester to Salisbury. Requests that the Surveyor of Woods may be ordered to rebuild a barn, destroyed by the wind in Nonsuch Park.
April 13. 97. Edward Fenton to Salisbury. Desires an audience, in order to communicate a project.
April 15.
98. Bennet Bishop of Hereford to the Same. Has apprehended Roger Cadwallader, alias Rogers, a dangerous seminary priest, leader of the riot four years ago, and Thos. Bailies, a Brownist. Recusants swarm in the county, because he has no commission against them.
April 16. 99. Grant of a quarterne of a yard of land in Orton, co. Northampton, by John Watkin, of Thorpe-Malsor, to Geo. Kinsman, of Ledington, both co. Northampton.
April 17.
100. Deposition of Wm. Young, taken prisoner by Capt. Thomas Salkeld, a pirate. Details of vessels which were taken, and their owners imprisoned, by Salkeld. He also took the island of Lundy, and called himself King of it. Escape of the prisoners, under the guidance of George Eskott, of Bridgewater.
April 17. 101. Warrant to pay over to Sir Henry Carey, Master of the Jewel-house, 1,000£., being the remainder of a sum of 9,000£. to be paid by Sir Thos. Shirley, jun., for a grant of old debts.
April. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, April 28.]
April 18.
102. Justices of Carnarvonshire to Salisbury. In obedience to his letter, they called before them His Majesty's tenants of the manor of Weege, petitioners against Simon Williams, who failed to appear, and therefore they cannot fully report the ground of his claim to the tenements long held by the petitioners.
April 18. 103. Warrant to pay to Thos. Elston, Clerk of the Cheque of the Guard, sums for providing red cloth for summer liveries for the Yeomen of the Guard and others.
April 18. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 146.]
April 19.
104. Warrant to pay to the Same 18£. 13s. 6d., for embroidering red coats with the letters J. R. in Venice gold, for certain Grooms, Pages, and Officers of the Household, enumerated.
April 19. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 147.]
April 19.
105. Warrant to pay to Wm. Broderick, His Majesty's Embroiderer, 130£. 19s. 4d., for embroidering red coats with roses and crowns, for certain servants of the Household.
April 19. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 147.]
April 19.
106. Warrant to pay to George Baker 698£. 11s. 8d., for fine gold and silver for spangles on the coats of the Guard, Footmen, and Messengers of the Royal Household.
April 19. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 146.]
April 19.
The Office.
107. Fras. Smith to John Nicholas. Recovery of Lord Compton, who lives in Bishopsgate Street, transforming his late father-in-law's house into a gay court, the old usurer himself being forgotten. Anecdotes of Gibson, another usurer. Execution of Lambert, a famous cutter. The King refused to pardon him, saying if Judas were alive, and condemned for betraying Christ, some courtier would be found to beg his pardon.
April 20.
108. Humphrey Flint to Salisbury. Divers persons have died suddenly near Theobalds, and one of them of the plague. Reports this because he understands the King is coming to see his deer.
April 20.
109. Warrant to pay to Geo. Herriot 60£. for a jewel of gold set with diamonds, given to Jane Mewtas, one of Her Majesty's Bedchamber women, on her marriage with Sir Wm. Cornwallis.
April 20. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 148.]
April 20.
110. Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Aston, Keeper of the Little Park at Eltham, 20£. 12s. for constructing four bridges in the park, and repairing the paling and lodge.
April 20. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 148.]
April 23.
111. Grant to Lady Walsingham of the benefit of the recusancy of Edw. Lyngen.
April 23.
Jesus College, Cambridge.
112. Dr. John Duport, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, to Salisbury. Has restrained the scholars of the University from hunting and coursing in his Majesty's walk; the dogs used belong to Mr. Bankes, who still courses with them, against orders to deliver them up.
April 24.
113. Grant to John Corbet, Clerk of the Council, of the benefit of the recusancy of Eleanor Kemp, of Pentley, co. Essex.
April 25. 114. Edw. Reynoldes to Salisbury. Sends books found among the papers of his brother, lately deceased, viz., the Council Book, a list of Parliament Records, a book of His Lordship's negociations in his French Embassy, and another of Parliament matters. A book of Levies, Musters, &c., compiled by his brother, is missing. Begs a little relief for the widow.
April ? 115. [Same] to Lord --. In favour of his brother's widow, hindered of administration to her husband's goods, by Swetnam, a servant of his Lordship.
April ? 116. Jane Rey[noldes] to Mr. L--. Reasons for breaking off her engagement with him on her father's decease; returns him his will and a ring.
April ? 117. [Edw. Reynoldes] to [Sir Hen. Savile]. Thanks for favour to his kinsman.
April ? 118. [Edw. Reynoldes] to [Sir Hen. Savile]. Thanks for his promise to promote the preferment of his nephew, Edw. Reynoldes, at the next election. Was prevented by illness from visiting him at Eton last holidays.
April ? 119. Evening meditation in Latin verse, by Edw. Reynoldes, copied by his nephew.
April 25.
120. Grant to Sir Thos. Bartlet of 100£., as a free gift from the King.
April 25. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 149.]
April 25. Docquet of the above.
April 25. Grant to Sir Roger Aston of a pension of 80£. per annum, during the life of -- Bartlett, widow. [Docquet.]
April 25. Bond from the King to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Recorder of London, for the sum of 150,000£., in part security for 100,000£., to be lent by them. [Docquet.]
April 25. Grant to Rich. Smith of an alms-room in Winchester. [Docquet.]
April 25. Grant to the Queen of an annuity of 13,000£. upon surrender of two former annuities to the same amount. [Docquet.]
April 25. Grant to the Earl of Dunbar of annuity of 2,000£., for ten years, upon his surrender of a former grant. [Docquet.]
April 25. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to grant to such of the King's subjects of England and Scotland as are willing to undertake and bear the charge, all such castles, manors, lands, &c., in Ireland, as are now in the King's hands, for such rents, tenures, service, &c., as shall be thought fit. [Docquet.]
April 25 ? 121. List of twenty-six grievances presented to the Committee by a Member of the House of Commons; with marginal notes as to which were torn up, dashed, laid asleep, or committed.
April ? 122. Notes of propositions for redress of grievances. Indorsed is Wm. Vyner's account, taken July 23, 1609.
April 25 ? 123. Address of the Commons to His Majesty, touching ecclesiastical grievances, execution of laws against recusants, restoration of silenced ministers, pluralities, and the frequent use of excommunication.
April 25 ? 124. Note of the King's message to the Commons, in answer to the petition on ecclesiastical grievances.
April 26.
125. Thomas Viscount Bindon to [Salisbury]. Thanks for a kind message sent by Dr. Hussey.
April 26.
126. John Reynolds to Salisbury. Particulars of -- Hunt, whom he had met at Dieppe, and had seen in Rome, clad in pilgrim's weeds. On arriving with him in England, caused him to be examined at Folkstone, near Dover, but he was allowed to pass free. He now professes to be a rich lawyer from Norfolk, but during the voyage he "assumed the speech of a simple and ignorant person.
April 27.
Bedford House.
127. Edward Earl of Bedford to the Same. Cannot sell him his inheritance of Covent Garden, having bound himself under a heavy penalty, not further to impoverish himself by sale of his property.
April 27.
128. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Dunbar, Keeper of the Privy Purse, 300£., to be disbursed under the King's direction, and 20£. to John Hare, for repairing the highways between Highgate and Barnet.
April 27. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 150.]
Docquet of the above. [Docquet, April 29.]
April 28.
129. John Meere to Salisbury. Suggestions for amendments in the Act of Parliament, by which Sherborne will be settled on his Majesty. Fraudulent attempts of Sir Walter Raleigh to convey away part of the lands. State of the parsonage. Requests confirmation of an enclosed deed of Sir Walter Raleigh, granting him profits, &c., worth 10£. per ann. Incloses a letter from Sir Walter, to prove that he would have given him 100£. a year, if he would have concealed his frauds.
April 29. Grant to Wm. Wheatly, on surrender of Edm. Hedlond, of the office of Master Carpenter of the Tower. [Docquet.]
April 29. Grant to the Earl of Derby and Elizabeth his wife, and the heirs of the said Earl, in fee-farm, of the monastery and priory of Rushing and Douglas, and of the Greyfriars of Brymaken alias Bymaken, and rectories of Kirkcrist, in Shelding, and Kirklouan in the Isle of Man, at a reserved rent. [Docquet.]
April 29. Grant to Thomas Silvester and others of 5s. per ton for building six ships. [Docquet.]
April 29. Letter for patents to be made out for the Duke of Lenox, touching his grant of alnage and subsidies of woollen cloths and new draperies in England and Wales, except London, and the counties of Somerset, Worcester, and Hereford, which are granted to others. [Docquet.]
April 29. Grant to William Fishington of a Gunner's room in the Tower. [Docquet.]
April 29. Grant to Wm. Suthis of the office of Master Mason of Windsor Castle for life. [Docquet.]
April 29. Grant to the Company of Adventurers and Planters in Newfoundland, of incorporation and a portion of territory; a special exception as to fishing. [Docquet.]
April 30.
130. Archbp. Bancroft [Chancellor of Oxford] to Salisbury. Sends him a letter from the Court. Hopes the worthiest man may be chosen by his Majesty [as Principal of St. Edmund Hall ?], if the choice lie in him by their statues. Prays for the release of Dr. Cowell from imprisonment.
April 30. Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Earl of Salisbury, and others, to let and sell lands and castles in Ireland. [Grant Book, p. 57.]
[April.] 131. Dorothy Selkane to Salisbury. For her grant [of the coal mines] to pass according to their Majesties' gracious favour. [See Oct. 22, 1609.]
April 30.
Co. Hants.
132. Estimate of the charge of repairing Sandham Castle, Isle of Wight.
April ? 133. Petition of Robert Holden to Salisbury. To direct Auditor Fanshaw not to receive composition from Ann and Wm. Farringdon, for a water mill, at Acrington, co. Lancaster, which they pretend to be copyhold of the King, he (Holden) having purchased it from the contractors for mills.
[April.] 134. Petition of Robt. Bromley to the Same, for stay of execution of a decree in the Exchequer Chamber, for 1,200£. to be paid to Wm. Beecher by the petitioner, or the widow Babington, on the plea that Beecher owes a still larger sum to himself and Mrs. Babington. [See April, 1611.]