James I: Volume 57, August-October, 1610

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 57, August-October, 1610', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, ed. Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp627-639 [accessed 23 July 2024].

'James I: Volume 57, August-October, 1610', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp627-639.

"James I: Volume 57, August-October, 1610". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp627-639.


August-October, 1610

Aug. 2. 1. Relation of Wm. Bayley, Vicar of Walden, and Tho. Dawney, relative to the threatening speeches used against Bayley by Wm. Atkinson, who came to claim his assistance in the discovery of certain recusants, which was refused.
Aug. 3. 2. Elizabeth Countess of Derby, to her uncle, [the Earl of Salisbury.] Will meet him on the 17th of August. Lord Gerard will send a guide for the way between Holdenby and his house.
Aug. 4. 3. List of persons who have received grants of old debts of the Crown, and of the money recovered and paid. [Not averaging a hundredth part of the grant.]
Aug. [4 ?] 4. Levinus Munck to [Sir Tho. Lake.] Sends four Privy Seals, to be signed, and returned to the Lord Treasurer. Mr. Carleton presses expedition in the bill for his entertainment.
Aug. 5.
5. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Returns the Privy Seals signed. A clause was repeated in one of them, for money to [Thos.] Sheffield for the garden at Greenwich, and the King is so attentive to business that he remembered signing it before.
[Aug. 6.]
6. Wm. Lord Knollys to the Same. On preventing the billeting of the Royal horses in the pastures about Holdenby. The 5th of August has passed with mirth, and an excellent sermon was delivered by the Bishop of Ely. [The allusion is to the anniversary of the Gowrie Conspiracy. See Nichols' Progresses, Vol. ii., p. 364.]
Aug. 6.
7. Sir Thos. Lake to the Same. Touching a grant to Mr. Graham of moneys found in Waltham Forest. A good quantity of gold found is in the hands of Sir Gavin Harvey, and is to be seized for the King, who desires further information about it.
Aug. 7.
8. Same to [the Same.] On the King's arrival from Apthorpe, presented his Lordship's letters, with the information concerning the siege, and Sir Thos. Dutton's fact. The King said Sir Thomas was to be punished according to a maxim in his Basilicon Doron, that "faults in war are of all others straightest to be looked into." Dutton arrived at the Court to excuse himself, but was arrested, &c.
Aug. 7. 9. Earls of Suffolk and Worcester and Lord Knollys to the Same. Upon the receipt of his direction, sent Sir Thos. Lake to Court to acquaint His Majesty with the business. They will remain until his Lordship's coming, and send for other Lords, if needful.
Aug. 7. 10. Charges of works on His Majesty's houses in July last.
Aug. 8.
11. Edw. Reynoldes to Mrs. Mills. Sends an answer to her letter to Mr. Levinus [Munck]. Thinks the Knight whom Mr. Mills first helped to place with Sir Thos. Walsingham, will in gratitude further his views; the suit most easy to be effected would be one for a grant of recusants, whereof Hampshire was wont to have plenty.
Aug. 10.
Bosvile. House.
12. Ralph Ewens to [Salisbury.] Sends the articles of the contract of the House of Commons, as directed; of those added by the Lords, he has no knowledge.
Aug. 10.
Millbrook, near Ampthill.
13. Gilb. Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same. Begs favour for the petition of Crumpton and Reeve, prisoners in the Marshalsea, for no other crime than that of being present at the marriage of their master and mistress.
Aug. 10 ? 14. Petition of Thos. Reeve to the Council. Has been imprisoned for marrying the Lord Maltravers to the Lady Elizabeth Stewart. The King has since graciously pardoned him, but he cannot leave his prison, being unable to pay the fees. Prays for their Lordships' warrant to dispense with them. With note that their Lordships will make no order on the above.
Aug. 11.
15. Sir Rich. Verney, Edw. Boughton, and Wm. Barnes, lessees of the lands of Sir Rob. Dudley, to Salisbury. Their patent contains no proviso for their security or reimbursement of charges, but they have entered on the business, confiding in his Lordship's message that they shall receive no prejudice thereby. Annexed is,
15. I. Note of such things as the lessees of Sir Rob. Dudley's lands desire to be considered, relative to their own indemnity, the condition of Kenilworth Castle, disposal of offices in the lands, &c.
Aug. 11.
Warrant to pay certain sums to Sir Arthur Ingram and others, Farmers of the imposition on starch, it being now forbidden to be made in England. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 169.]
Aug. 11.
Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Bonfield, Captain of Sandsfoot Castle, co. Dorset, 240£. 10s. 4d. for repair of the same; to Thos. Sheffield, keeper of the orchard and garden at Greenwich, 33£. for trees and plants; and to Sir Thomas Edmondes 50£. for rent of a house at Paris. [Ibid., p. 270.]
Aug. 13. Grant to Robert Walter, Serjeant of the Buckhounds, and Rich. Brass, one of the huntsmen, of 86£. as a gift. [Ibid., p. 172.]
Aug. 13.
Warrant to pay to Robt. Jossie, Deputy Keeper of the Privy Purse in the absence of the Earl of Dunbar, 3,000£., for certain important services and urgent affairs. [Ibid., p. 171.]
Aug. 14.
16. Geo. Montgomery, Bishop of Meath elect, to Salisbury. States that the bearer, And. Aydie, Professor of Philosophy in Dantzic College, was the means of suppressing the infamous libel against the King, which came out under the name of Bartolus Pacenius, but is really by the Jesuit Abercromby, now living near Dantzic, whom he offers to apprehend and send over, if encouraged so to do. [See Aug. 29.]
Aug. 14.
17. Sir Fulk Greville to the Same. Begs his acceptance of a stag of his own breeding and killing.
Aug. 16.
The Office.
18. Fras. Smith to John Nicholas. Letter of private friendship.
Aug. 19.
19. Archbp. of Canterbury to Salisbury. His friends in Ireland beg his influence in favour of Sir Chris. Plunket, who has a suit before the Council.
Aug. 19.
20. Warrant from the Council of Scotland for letters patent constituting George Earl of Dunbar, Treasurer of Scotland, the Comptroller and Collector of the new augmentations, sole and "full intremettor" of his Majesty's revenues and casualties, &c., and regulator of the entire revenues of Scotland, in order to avoid the abuses occasioned by a multiplicity of officers.
Aug. ? 21. Declaration of the duties and prerogatives of the office of High Treasurer of Scotland, since the addition of the comptrollership thereto.
Aug. 20.
Ludlow Castle.
22. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. Contemptuous conduct of John Cole, co. Salop; he refused to obey the orders of the Court of Wales, and arrested the pursuivant who was sent to enforce them. His object is to bring the causes of the four counties to trial at the King's Bench.
Aug. 21.
23. Sir Rowland Lytton to Sir Dud. Carleton. Congratulates him on his employment; suggests his taking Mr. Chamberlain with him; asks his advice whether to permit Will. Lytton to join the army for Cleves.
Aug. ?
24. Sir Dud. Carleton to John Chamberlain. Has finished his task, and seen Secretary Herbert, Mr. Edmondes, and Mr. Comptroller; is now going to the water. Directions about the transmission of letters.
Aug. 21.
25. Lord Treasurer Salisbury to Auditor Gofton. The King intends to settle on the Prince of Wales, lands to the amount of 10,000£. per ann. Requests him to calculate the Prince's revenues, with certain additions, and send in particulars of the amount.
Aug. 22.
Proclamation for abolishing the making of starch in England and Wales, under severe penalties, and forbidding the purchase of starch made in England. Printed. [Proc. Bk., p. 232.]
Aug. 23.
Gray's Inn.
26. Sir Fras. Bacon to Sir Julius Cæsar. On Sir Robt. Stewart's petition, has examined the state of the foundation of Bedford Hospital; finds the right of possession very uncertain. Recommends a speedy resettlement, for the sake of the poor of the town.
Aug. 23.
27. Sir Roger Aston to Salisbury. Requests that the bearer may receive the huntsmen's money.
Aug. 26.
28. Rich. Gifford to [the Same.] Signifies his delivery from the tyrannical Florentines, who have kept him 3 years in prison. Prays for protection for 6 months, to come to England without molestation, a repeal of his exile, and restoration to favour.
Aug. 29. 29. And. Aydie to Salisbury. The book was probably indited by Abercromby, and written by Stroza, President of the Jesuits at Brunsbech. Found another libel among Dr. Bruce's papers. The apprehension of the Jesuit will not be without danger. [See Aug. 14.]
Aug. 30. 30. Earl of Northampton, Warden of the Cinque Ports, to Sir Thos. Harfleet, of Ash, Kent. Commission constituting him Scout Master of the Cinque Ports.
Aug ? 31. Complaints of an officer of the Cinque Ports to the Lord Warden, against Mr. Harfleet, Mayor of Sandwich, and other inhabitants there, for opposing the government of the Lord Warden, and refusing to assist his officers, allowing them to be abused, and their prisoners to escape, &c.
32. Sir John Hollis to Salisbury. The House of Commons having postponed the decision as to the mode of collecting the moneys for the contract with the King for tenures, that they might consult the counties thereon, he intended to have the matter fully discussed in a meeting of the Commissioners for the Subsidy, at Southwell, but Sir Henry Pierpoint insisted on holding the meeting at Mansfield, where, on account of its remoteness, few persons were present.
Aug. 33. Edm. Wright to Mr. Typper. States the price at which Lady Wharton purposes to sell certain lands, and the state of her title thereto. Incloses,
33. I. Particulars of certain manors, co. Dorset, to be sold as above.
Aug. 31. Grant to Claude Russell of 40£. as a free gift from the King. [Wt. Bk. II., p. 171.]
Aug. 31. 34. Sums expended upon works at Richmond and St. James's, since March 1. Two papers.
Aug. ? 35. Sums expended upon works at sundry of His Majesty's houses in August.
Aug. ? 36. Remembrance of decays and wants about the King's house at Holdenby.
Aug. 37. Abstract of the rentals at Holdenby as they were heretofore and are now let, and of the rise that may be made in the rents, when the prices of wool rise again.
Aug. ? 38. Instructions [given by Sir Hen. Savile to Sir Dud. Carleton] in reference to purchase of books, collation of MSS., relating to St. Chrysostom, at Paris and in Italy.
Sept. 1.
39. John Corbet to Salisbury. Begs him to excuse his attendance until next month, as he has been ill.
Sept. 2.
40. Sir Thos. Lake to the Same. To ascertain the value of an escheat likely to fall to the Crown, for which Mr. Barclay has sued to the King.
[Sept. 2.] 41. [Jean de] Barclay to Mr. North. Has remembered the name of the person whose escheat was granted to him; it is Cicely Howse, alias Rokete. Begs its speedy entry, as she is extremely ill. Asks whether, as a foreigner and the King's servant, he is bound to contribute to the subsidy now raising. French.
Sept. 3.
42. Ellis Rothwell to Salisbury. Prays to be remembered, it being reported that Mr. [Humphrey] Flint is dead, by which means some places will be vacant; requests some little thing for himself.
Sept. 3. 43. Examinations of Roger Woodall, Mark Charlton, and Rich. Bankes, of Waterbeach, co. Cambridge, concerning misdemeanours of John Yaxley, steward of the manor.
Sept. 4. Warrant dormant for letters to Sir Wm. Ryder, Sir John Trevor, and others, Farmers of the imposition on seacoals, to cease to levy 12d. per chaldron, on coals transported from Sunderland and Blyth, and to repay sums received on this account since the close of the late Parliament, such sums to be allowed in defalcation of their accounts. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 174.]
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 9.]
Sept. 4.
44. Sir Thos. Lake to Edw. Anthony. Private business. Requests repayment of certain advances made for him.
Sept. 5. Commission to the Earl of Salisbury to issue a book of rates, for new regulation of customs. [Grant Book, p. 67.]
Sept. 6. 45. License by Sir Geo. Buck [Master of the Revels] for Thomas Morris, Wm. Grove, and Martin Hill, to "shew a strange lion, brought to do strange things, as turning an ox to be roasted, &c."
Sept. 8. 46. Sir Ralph Winwood to Salisbury. Advises that Baldwin be sent straight to the Tower. Met him at Dusseldorf; he acknowledged himself a British subject, and was delivered to Sir John Burlacy and Capt. Dewhurst, who promised to treat him well if he did not attempt to escape. The King should thank the Elector Palatine and Prince of Anhalt, for their share in his capture.
Sept. 8. Warrant to pay to Thomas Morgan 100£. 15s., for repair of the fences of Oatlands Park, Surrey. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 172.]
Sept. 9. Docquet of the above.
Sept. 9. Confirmation to Wm. Taunton and his heirs, of the advowson and right of patronage in the rectory and church of Ridmarley, co. Worcester, parcel of the possessions of the Bishopric of London. [Docquet.]
Sept. 9. Grant of new foundation to the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Colchester; with confirmation of former liberties. [Docquet.]
Sept. 10.
47. Sir Ric. Verney and Wm. Barnes to the Earl of Salisbury. Answer to his letter concerning reports of their proceedings [in the affairs of Sir Rob. Dudley's lands], which they assert to be ill founded. Inclose,
47. I. Note of demands said to be made on behalf of Lord Lisle, by Sir Rich. Verney, and Wm. Barnes, lessees of Sir Robert Dudley's lands at Killingworth; with instructions in opposition to the granting thereof [by the Lord Treasurer].
47. II. Answer of Sir R. Verney and Mr. Barnes to the several parts of the note above mentioned.
Sept. 10 ? 48. Note of the increase of rents proposed for divers places at Killingworth.
Sept. 10. 49. Simon Basil to Salisbury. Sends the charge of wages for the month of August. Has appointed the tasks for the workmen at Salisbury's house, &c.
Sept. ? 50. Specifications of a plan by Mr. Osborne, for making a portico at the south end of the Earl of Salisbury's garden in the Strand. Scale of proportions for architectural mouldings annexed.
Sept. 10.
51. Mayor and Jurates of Dover to Stephen Brett, Jurate of New Romney, and bailiff elect for the East ports at Great Yarmouth. Send him the names of the questman elected for Dover, and of the masters of fishing boats who intend to fish on that coast this year; with the names appended.
Sept. 10.
52. Sir Herb. Croft to Salisbury. His cousin, Edw. Blount, with a servant, killed one of the King's gamekeepers in a fray. Desires favour for Blount, as being formerly a servant of his Lordship.
Sept. 11.
53. Henry Lord Grey to the Same. Sends the answer of Sir Wulstan Dixe, to whom he committed the hearing of widow Cater's supplication.
Sept. 11. 54. [Earl of Salisbury] to Sir Hen. Fanshaw. To draw a commission for examination of the misdemeanors of John Yaxley, steward of Waterbeach, and of Rob. Spicer, deputysteward.
Sept. ? 55. Petition of Sir Rich. Martin to the King, that his accounts in his former office of wardenship of the Mint may be passed; being an old man, he wishes to be even with the world before his death.
Sept. 11.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to repay to Sir Rich. Martin, late Warden of the Mint, 410£., due to him from the late Queen. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 175.]
Sept. 13.
Broad Street, Thursday.
56. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Will be glad to hear that his Tuesday's exercise only brought an aching of his heels, &c. His wife has attended the Queen at Nonsuch. Begs for news, that he may send it to the Archbp. of York.
Sept. 14. 57. Names of the High Sessors for London, for the subsidy of 7 Jac. I.
Sept. 14. 58. Lease from the Goldsmith's Company to William Ward, of London, of a tenement in Cheapside. With note of assignment to Wm. Banks, Dec. 5, 1632, and redelivery at the hall, July 10, 1645.
Sept. 15. 59. Grant from Sir Thos. Savage to Wm. Noy, of Lincoln's Inn, of an annuity of 5£., issuing out of his manor of Melford, co. Suffolk, as a retaining fee.
Sept. 19.
60. George Earl of Dunbar to Sir Rob. Carr. Thanks for his friendly offices with the King in a certain suit. Hopes to see him shortly.
Sept. 19.
Warrant for Chas. Anthony, Engraver of the Mint, to make seals for the service of the Prince, in his Courts of Revenue, Stannary Courts of Devon and Cornwall, Court of Trematon, and office of Sheriff of Cornwall; also, to make hammers of iron for the coinage of tin in those parts. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 174.]
Sept. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Sept. 21.]
Sept. 20. 61. Extract from the will of Wm. Pymme of Wollavington, co. Somerset, concerning the alleged misconduct of his wife. Indorsed "libellous scandal."
Sept. 21. Grant to Sir John Kennedy of protection for six months, by order of the Council. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Geo. Salter and John Williams, in feesimple, of divers manors, lands, and tenements, value 173£. per ann. at nomination of Wm. Garway and other contractors. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Wal. Bessey of a Gunner's place in the Tower. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant of the accustomed reward of 5s. per ton, for building six ships, of the aggregate burthen of 1,318 tons. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Alban Coxe and John his son, of the keepership of the of the King's game about Barnet, Hadley, South Mims, and Tatteridge, cos. Hertford and Middlesex, for life. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Thos. Corbin and Wm. Peasley, of annuities of 25£. each, on surrender of a pension of 50£. by Elizabeth Fortescue, late Mother of the Maids. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to John Mason of an alms-room in Carlisle. [Docquet.]
Sept. 22.
62. Sir John Hollis to Salisbury. Proceedings relative to trying the disposition of the people of Nottinghamshire, as to the money to be raised for the contract with the King for redemption of tenures; they rejoice at the prospect of freedom from purveyances and tenures.
Sept. 22. 63. Sir Thos. Bartlett to Salisbury. Entreats protection, and relief. Is ready to tender "a project or two, of good value and convenience."
Sept. 22.
64. Capt. Wm. Turner to the Same. Overtures made to him by the Pope's nuncio to decoy some Englishman of note,-young Lord Roos or Lord Cranborne,-into the Pope's dominions, where he might be seized and detained, in hope of procuring the release of Baldwin, the Jesuit, in exchange. Proffers of service; begs his intercession to obtain the King's pardon.
Sept. 23. 65. Ann Ferrers to Mr. --. Has been very ill, and therefore begs to be excused her halfyear's rent.
Sept. 24.
Honor of Hampton Court.
Proclamation signifying His Majesty's pleasure for the revocation of certain former proclamations, and for a review of the statute laws. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 15.]
Sept. 25.
66. Thos. Hooper to Salisbury. Particulars of planting the park, and erecting the mansion at Cranborne. Thanks for his own appointment, as keeper of the chace.
Sept. 25.
67. Sir Thos. Bartlett to the Same. Repents his past errors and entreats the loan of 100£. Incloses a project for reducing to due courses His Majesty's revenue, of which he is at present defrauded.
Sept. ? 68. Same to the Same. Renews his request for consideration of his project, which will prevent his own ruin and that of many thousands.
Sept. 25. Restraint to Sir Rich. Tichborne, Ranger of the Forest of West Beare, co. Southampton, from serving any warrants for deer for three years, on account of the small number of deer there remaining, with order to charge the borderers not to disturb the game. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Clement Edmondes, Clerk of the Privy Council, of the benefit of the recusancy of Sir Edw. Mansfield, co. Bucks; Augustine Belson, co. Oxford; Charles Townley and Dorothy Brookesby, co. Lincoln. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to Thos. Dale of the benefit of the recusancy of John Winter, and -- Russell, widow, co. Worcester. [Docquet.]
Sept. 25. Grant to David Drummond of the benefit of the recusancy of Dame Mary Grisly, co. Derby. [Docquet.]
Sept. 27. 69. Certificate of the revenue arising from the Mises in Wales; with notes [by Sir Julius Cæsar] in reference to payment of subsidies there, on expiration of the Mise.
Sept. 28
Northampton House.
70. John Griffith to Edw. Anthony. To prepare a new Privy Seal for John Murray, of lands escheated by the fugacy of Sir Rob. Dudley,-the former Privy Seal being mislaid.
Sept. 28.
71. Sir Thos. Bartlett to Salisbury. Is driven to despair; craves money or employment, not having 5s. in the world, and the prospect of a dungeon for his abode, &c.
Sept. 28.
Dover Castle.
72. Sir Edward Herbert to Salisbury. On landing at Dover, heard that Sir Thos. Waller had orders to stay him, and therefore repaired voluntarily to him. Means to forget past differences, but if accused of any wrong, desires to clear himself.
Sept. 28.
73. Articles agreed on betwixt the Lord Lieutenant and Lord Wm. Cranston, respecting the apprehension and punishment of Borderers, &c.
Sept. 29. 74. Auditor Nath. Fulwer to Salisbury. Remonstrates against the monopoly by Mr. Connock, Auditor to the Duchy of Cornwall, of the auditorship of all other lands assigned to the Prince.
Sept. ? 75. Memorandum of the charge of diet, for officers of the Prince's Household.
Sept. ? 76. Notes [by Salisbury] concerning the establishment of the Prince's Household.
Sept. ? 77. List drawn out for the Prince, of the names and tenures of manors, &c., in the Duchy of Cornwall.
Sept. ? 78. Statement of the revenue of the Principality of Wales, Duchy of Cornwall, and Earldom of Chester, in the time of Edward the Black Prince.
Sept. ? 79. Memorandum relative to Sheriffs appointed by the Dukes of Cornwall for that county.
Sept. ? 80. Particular account of such lands and revenues of the King, co. Cornwall, as are no part of the Duchy of Cornwall; also of such lands of His Majesty, co. Chester, as are no part of the Earldom of Chester.
Sept. ? 81. Names of the counties where the Prince's lands lie.
Sept. 29. Grant to the Prince of Wales of the ancient possessions of the Principality of Wales, amounting to 1,106£. 12s. 7½d. per annum, and other manors and lands in Wales annexed to the same, amounting to 2,943£. 10s. 9¼d., with arrears since Lady-day; reserving to the King a certain yearly rent for the manor of Tal-y-garn and Carew Castle, after the death of Dorothy Countess of Northumberland, together with all rights and jurisdictions annexed by Act of Parliament to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Similar grant to the Same of the honor of Eye, co. Suffolk, and divers manors and lands annexed to the Duchy of Cornwall, amounting to 2,706£. 3s. per annum. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to the Same of the County Palatine of Chester and Flint, with the possessions thereto anciently belonging, amounting to 230£. 9s. 10d. per ann.; reserving to the King the appointment of the Chief Justice of Chester, and other rights and jurisdictions annexed by Act of Parliament to the Crown. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to Anth. Washborne, in reversion after Rich. Delabere, of the office of Attorney General of cos. Carmarthen, Pembroke, Radnor, and Brecknock. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to Thos. Cole, the King's Chaplain, of dispensation to hold the rectory of Stokesby, diocese York, and to reside elsewhere, on account of his age and infirmities. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. Grant to Wm. Fawne of an alms-room in Christ Church, Oxford. [Docquet.]
Sept. 29. 82. Bill of disbursements about Lord Salisbury's house at Hatfield, since September 22, 1609, [by Thos. Wilson.]
Sept. 29. 83. Account of Sir Roger Aston, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for the past year.
Sept. 29. 84. Estimate of a year's account, in the office of the Great Wardrobe.
Sept. 29 ? 85. Estimate of a year's charges for the Prince and Duke of York, in the Great Wardrobe.
Sept. 29. 86. Account of Lord Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber, for the past year.
Sept. 29. 87. Accounts of Sir David Murray for Prince Henry's Privy Purse expenses, since Michaelmas 1609. [The details of this account are very curious. It is signed in several places by the Prince.]
Sept. 30.
88. Earl of Rutland to Salisbury. The weakness in his legs still continues. Prays him to further his suit to the King, to be excused attendance in Parliament.
Sept. ? 89. Memorial by Lewis Harris, Messenger of the Chamber, praying allowance for riding express from Hatfield to the Earl of Northampton's, at Greenwich, with letters for the King's service, and returning.
Sept. ? 90. Notes [addressed to the Earl of Shrewsbury] on Bradshaw's dealings concerning the herbage of Chinley. [See July 5.]
Oct. 2.
Amesbury. Tuesday.
91. Earl of Hertford to Salisbury. Glad to hear of the health of His Majesty, "now the only Christian pillar of a monarch upholding the truth." Lady Hertford purposes to hunt in his Lordship's new warren, in his castle of Old Sarum.
Oct. 5.
92. Sir Edwin Rich to the King. A Jesuit, Philip Beamond, alias Oswald Tesmond, has arrived there, and is plotting to send the King an embroidered satin doublet and hose, which are poisoned, and will be death to the wearer.
Oct. 5.
93. Same to Salisbury. On the same subject. Wishes his communication to be kept secret, that he may have further opportunities of serving the King.
Oct. 5.
94. Sir Wm. Waad and Sir Roger Dallison to Salisbury. Have failed to make an agreement between Merry and Timberley, purchasers of Sir Roger Aston's lease of the Bulwark in the Tower. Subjoin a list of the demands of the lessees, and offers or objections of the tenants.
Oct. 8.
Hampton Court.
Warrant to pay to Sir John Burlacy and Capt. Barnaby Dewhurst, 120£. for conveying Baldwin, the Jesuit, from Dusseldorf, in Cleveland, to London. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 176.]
Oct. 8. Commission to the Archbp. of Canterbury and the Lord Chancellor to examine into injuries and exactions of the officers of different courts, and to institute fitting ordinances. [Grant Book, p. 68.]
Oct. 9. 95. Charges of sundry of His Majesty's houses in September.
Oct. 10.
Ludlow Castle.
96. Ralph Lord Eure to Salisbury. A last assault is being made by the malcontents in Hertfordshire, against the jurisdiction of the Court of Wales. The Grand Jury have got up a petition to the Justices, under direction of certain Knights, leaders of the opposition, who themselves keep aloof.
Oct. 12. 97. Articles of agreement between the Commissioners for Sale of Lands, and John Eldred, Arthur Ingram, Martin Freeman, and Wm. Whitmore, Contractors for the Customs, that, in lieu of a claim now relinquished on the customs, granted in payment of certain moneys owed them by the King, lands be assigned to them in fee-simple, value 50,000£.
Oct. ? 98. Note of divers manors delivered to the Farmers of the Customs, as part of their grant.
Oct. 12. 99. Bill of payments of the bailiffs of Yarmouth, for articles of provision. Oct. 3 and 12.
Oct. 12. Warrant for payment of expenses to Thomas Pott, for conveying certain greyhounds and water spaniels to the Duke of Lorraine. [Warrt. Bk., II., p.176.]
Oct. 13.
100. D. Home, Minister at Duras, to the King. Detailed account of a manuscript at a printer's at Bourdeaux, entitled "De Unione, Tractatus Secundus," written by a Scotchman, concerning the Union of England and Scotland; he (Home) thinks it so unfair as to be prejudicial to the interests of the Union. French.
Oct. 14.
101. Wm. Lord Sandys to Salisbury. Is ill, and his eyes bad. Sends his proxy for parliament.
Oct. 14.
102. Sir Thos. Shirley, jun., to the Same. Begs compassion, as an execution for 2,000£. is issued against him from the Exchequer, for his debt to Rob. Bromley, outlaw. Incloses,
102. I. Copy of the Exchequer writ above named. June27.
Oct. 15.
103. Edmund Lord Sheffield to Salisbury. Glad to hear of the King's recovery. Begs to be excused being present at the beginning of Parliament. Is afflicted with sickness, and not merely making excuse of it.
Oct. 15.
104. D. Home, Minister of the Reformed Church at Duras, to the Same. Has stayed the printing in those parts of a Latin book concerning the Union, of a dangerous nature. Requests directions thereon. Sends a newly published book, the reply of the Jesuits to the accusation of their being authors of the King of France's death. He is living with a protestant nobleman, whose house has been much persecuted for protection of the English, and who has become Earl of Montgomeri.
Oct. 15. Grant to John Spottiswood of the Archbishopric of Glasgow. [Grant Book, p. 76.]
Oct. 16. 105. Dates and duration of the several sessions of Parliament, from Henry III. to 8 James I.
Oct. 17. 106. Petition of Thos. Shalcroste to Salisbury, for grant of a lease of premises belonging to Lord Seymour and escheated to the Crown 60 years before, for lack of right heirs. With reference thereon.
Oct. 17. 107. Petition of Wm. and Geo. Thompson to the Same, for grant of a lease of premises formerly belonging to John Clarke, of Walthamstow, deceased. With reference and report by Sir Fras. Bacon, and order thereon, granting the lease.
Oct. 18.
108. Sir Thos. Lake to the Same. Returns Sir Ralph Winwood's letters and other papers, signed. The King pities the Count of Emden and wishes the States to assist him. He defers declaring for the Princes of the German Union, till the administration of the Palatinate be settled between the Dukes of Neuburgh and Deuxponts. Incloses a German letter from the former, for translation.
Oct. 18.
Warrant for payment of expenses to Sir James Murray, sent to the Marquis of Brandenburg, with a present of horses from the King. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 177.]
Oct. 20. 109. Estimate of decays and needful reparations of several of His Majesty's parks at Ampthill.
Oct. 20. Warrant to pay to John de Clerc, merchant stranger of London, 210£. for moneys disbursed by Sir Thos. Edmondes, Ambassador in France. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 177.]
Oct. 21.
110. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Reception of the Ambassador of Denmark, whose chief errand is about the Princes of the Union. Reply to be postponed till the King's return to town. The United Provinces disposed to treat with Sweden. Order to be taken for entertaining the Prince of Anhalt, &c., &c.
Oct. 22.
111. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury The Ambassador of Denmark proposes the removal of the Merchant Adventurers from Stradt to Crimpe. The Merchants to be consulted thereon. The King will be in London on Tuesday week, or earlier if needful.
Oct. 24.
112. Same to the Same. The King is convinced that the slanderous French book against him is written by Pierre Mathieu, who is now in Lyons, and recommends measures to be suggested to the French Government, for his apprehension before he can take refuge in the Pope's dominions, &c. &c.
Oct. 25.
113. Sir Thos. Cornwall to the Same. Prays to be left out of the roll of the Sheriffs for Herefordshire, on account of his necessary attendance on the Prince [of Wales], and his having no present residence in the country.
Oct. 25.
Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Dallison, 600£. for charges of fire-works used at the creation of the Prince of Wales. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 178.]
Oct. 27.
114. Thomas Lord Arundel to Salisbury. Desires the fulfilment of a decision in Parliament, that he should have 20 marks per ann. in chantry lands, in lieu of land in controversy between himself and the two Companies [of Salters and Brewers], which land was allotted to them. [See Journ. Com., Vol. i., p. 404.]
Oct. 28. 115. Last will of Rich. Bancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury.
Oct. 28. 116. Examination of Frances, wife of John Gurley, of Bramham, co. York, relative to speeches spoken by her master, the Vicar of Bramham, against the King.
Oct. 29. Grant to John Sotherton of the office of one of the Barons of the Exchequer, during pleasure. [Grant Book, p. 76.]
Oct. 30. Warrant to pay 1,500£. per month to the Prince of Wales, for support of his Household, &c. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 178.]
Oct. 30. License to John Speed to print genealogies of the Holy Scriptures, together with the maps of Canaan, for ten years. [Grant Book, p. 76.]
Oct. 30.
Brancepeth Castle.
117. Hen. Sanderson to Salisbury. The complaints brought against him by Thos. Lewin are false and groundless. Begs they may not be referred to the Bishop of Durham, who patronises his opponent, but to the Duke of York's Commissioners.
Oct. 118. Lady Arabella Seymour to the Queen. Sends a copy of her petition to the King, whereby her present hard fortune will be perceived, and entreats Her Majesty's mediation.
Oct ? 119. Petition of Maurice Peeter to Salisbury for his freedom ; has spent his patrimony in prosecuting two suits to His Majesty and the Queen, for reformation of the deceits in manufacturing fustians and dyeing silks.