James I: Volume 56, July, 1610

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 56, July, 1610', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610, (London, 1857) pp. 622-626. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp622-626 [accessed 13 April 2024]


July, 1610

July 2. 1. Dr. John Hammond to the Earl of Salisbury. States that he is willing to pay as much as the contractors, for Chertsey mills, and will purchase the reversion of the lease.
July 2. 2. Petition of Sir Peter Bradshaw and others to Salisbury, con- cerning the stay in assigning an extended lease of their farm of Chinley, alias Mainstonfield, co. Derby, which they purchased from the contractors. With reference and report thereon.
July 3.
Warrant to pay to James Bovy, Serjeant of the Cellar, 650£. for providing wines in France for the King. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 162.]
[July 3.] 3. Notes [by Dud. Carleton] of arguments in the Committee for impositions, for and against the King's right to impose them by his sole authority.
[July 3.] 4. Copy of the above.
July 5. 5. Earl of Shrewsbury to Salisbury. Details the dealings of Bradshaw, in the affair of Chinley.
July 5.
6. Edwd. Reynoldes to Sir John Rawlins. Cannot endure such delays, and claims the repayment of his principal, half in six months, and the other half in twelve months.
July 5. 7. Statement of receipts of first fruits since December 1609; with note of payments in specialties since 1 Eliz.
July 5. 8. Thos. Trussell to Salisbury. Renews his request to lay before his Lordship some project "which may fall out very weighty."
July 6. 9. Points of the conferences alleged by the Lower House, and answered by the Archbp of Canterbury and Bp. of London, about the canons.
[July 7.] 10. Petition of the House of Commons to the King for redress of grievances, viz., multiplicity of proclamations; authority exercised over the Counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, and Salop, by the President and Council of Wales; abuses of the Ecclesiastical Commission; stay of writs of prohibition, habeas corpus, &c.; impositions upon merchandise and sea coal; exaction upon sealing drapery; tax upon alehouses; and monopoly of wine licenses.
[July 7.] 11. Transcript of the above.
[July 7.] 12. List of heads of grievances comprised in the above.
July ? 13. Declaration by the King that the granting of wine licenses is a branch of Royal prerogative pronounced lawful by the Council and Judges, and confirming those already granted.
July 7. 14. Charges on his Majesty's houses in June.
July 8. 15. Sir Hen. Guildford to Salisbury. Suggestions for the Commissioners who are to sit on the Earl of Dorset's claim to 512 acres in Broyle Park. Considerations for his Majesty's service thereon.
July 8.
16. Fras. Plowden, jun. to Thos. Windebank. Regrets that his father cannot at present receive him [Mr. Windebank], being called away on other service; will apprize him of his return, &c. French.
July 9. 17. Names and quality of all recusants and non-communicants, co. Northumberland.
July 9.
Warrant to pay to Sir Gamaliel Capell 13£. 13s. 8d. for cleansing the intrenchment of West Tilbury Fort, and to John Killigrew 15£. 12s. 6d. for rent of the land on which Pendennis Fort, co. Cornwall, is erected. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 163.]
July 9.
Warrant to pay to Lady Carey 386£. 8s. 5d. for the apparel of the Duke of York. [Ibid., p. 163.]
July 10. 18. The King's answer to the petition of grievances, presented by the Lower House. Indorsed by Salisbury. "This was the answr to the first part of grievances, that only towched matters by wch the K. made profict."
[July 10.] 19. Draft of the above, corrected [by Salisbury.]
July 10 ? 20. Note of heads of ecclesiastical and other grievances.
[July 10.] 21. Note of report [from the Committee of Grievances], specifying such as are to be reserved, and the heads of Bills for redress of others; with names of the Committees appointed for recording the grievances delivered, and for the case of impositions.
July 10. 22. T[hos]. W[indebank] to Fras. Plowden, junr. His business is not so pressing but that he can await his return. [See July 8, No. 16.]
July 10.
Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Ryder and Sir Thos. Lake 828£. 7s. 8d., on account of an abatement in the imposition on sugars granted to the Queen, for the half year ending 24 June. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 164.]
July 12.
[Fleet Prison.]
23. Petition of Thos. Jones to Salisbury, for liberty and freedom from arrears of rent and forfeiture of lease of lands near the Tower, claimed from him contrary to a decree in his favour, in the Court of Exchequer. With reference thereon.
July 14. 24. Petition of Nich. Douglas, alias Dickason, to the Same; was apprehended on suspicion of being Gowrie's brother; has remained ten months in prison; prays to be enlarged. With reference to the Lords of Scotland, and report by the Duke of Lenox, that his imprisonment has been sufficient punishment for his indiscretion and folly.
July ? 25. Earl of Dunbar to the Same. Desires a warrant for the bearer to apprehend John Oliphant, a follower of the traitor Gowrie, who is about to go over into France. Knows it will be pleasing to the King.
July 14.
Your Lordship's House of Alterinnis.
26. Paul de la Hay to Salisbury. Entreats that he may not be disgraced by being left out of the Commission of the Peace; the accusations against him are proved by the Judges to be false clamours.
July 15.
27. Sir Hen. Winston to the Same. Solicits the wardship of the son of the late William Try, of Hardwick, co. Gloucester, for whom he stands surety for 2,530£.; his neighbours knowing that he is a poor kinsman of his Lordship, his failing to obtain it would be a great disgrace.
July 16. 28. Notes of arguments in speeches in Parliament, relative to the supply, tenures, &c.
July 17.
Warrant to pay 20£. half-yearly to John Hawkinson, out of the yearly pension of 600£. granted by His Majesty to Edm. Nevill, till 160£. be paid. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 164.]
July 17. 29. Note of receipts paid and expected in the Exchequer, before Michaelmas.
July 18. 30. Additional propositions made by the Commons to the Lords, touching the contract for tenures.
July 18.
31. Warrant of leave of absence to Sir William Waad, Lieutenant of the Tower, for a month per year, on condition that Sir Roger Dallison, Sir John Kay, or Edw. Forsett take his charge in his absence.
July 18.
Warrant to pay to Hen. Reynolds, 231£. 6s. 8d. for fees, &c., paid to officers at the creation of the Prince of Wales. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 165.]
July 20.
32. Edward Lord Zouch to Salisbury. Commends Mr. Warner, the bearer, to be employed in place of Baron Cæsar.
July 20.
33. Justices of Peace, co. Herts, to the Same. Great inconveniences in fulfilling the orders of the Purveyor, for 500 loads of building materials to be conveyed to Royston, on account of the harvest season. Pray for adequate compensation, if the service be enforced.
July 20. 34. Robt. Lane to the Same. Begs to be continued in the keepership of Geddington Woods, Rockingham Forest, from which he has been displaced by the Montagues' influence over the Earl of Exeter.
July 20. Warrant to pay to Thos. Lunsden, 300£. for surrender of a lease in reversion, sold to him by Alex. Levingston, of lands value 20£. per ann. [Wt. Bk. II., p. 165.]
July 21. 35. Memorial of the demands made by the House of Commons to the Lords, respecting the great contract for tenures; March 26, June 26, and July 21.
July 21. 36. Duplicate of the above.
July 21. 37. Assent of the House of Lords to the memorial of the Commons, respecting the contract for tenures.
[July 21.] 38. The Lords' memorial to the King concerning the contract for tenures. &c. Indorsed [by Salisbury], "The Lords' memoriall, added to the memoriall of the Lower House, for His Majesty's better caution."
[July 23.] 39. The King's answer to the memorial of grievances delivered by the House of Commons. Imperfect.
[July 23.] 40. Extract from the above, concerning proclamations.
July 23. 41. Note of "The times of the King's coming to the Parliament at every Session." 1604-1610.
July 23. Warrant to pay to John Williams and others, 4,941£. 4s. 11¾d. for gold and silver plate, coffers, linen, cutlery, &c. &c. [Wt. Bk. II., p. 166.]
July 23.
Warrant to pay to Sir Roger Aston, Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 300£. for certain services, as appointed by His Majesty. [Ibid., p. 166.]
[July 24.] 42. Sir Roger Aston to Lord --. Parliament have concluded to grant His Majesty a supply of 200,000£. per ann. The "little beagle" hath run about and brought the rest of the great hounds to a perfect tune. The King gives up in return the wards, tenures, purveyorships, and compositions.
[July 24.] 43. Copy of the above.
July 24. 44. Art. Jarvis to Salisbury. Hard measures used against him by Sir Arth. Mainwaring, to whom he has surrendered an office, and who refuses him the deputyship thereof. Desires his Lordship's influence.
July 24. 45. Account of receipts and payments, in the Court of Wards and Liveries, since July 12.
July 24. Warrant to pay to Henry Gibb, Groom of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales, 176£. 12s. 9d., in lieu of the fine of Sir Geo. Gifford, which was granted to Gibb, but afterwards remitted. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 168.]
July 25.
46. Fras. Plowden, jun., to [Thos. Windebank]. Complimentary, and touching some lands near Mortimer, which Windebank wishes to purchase. French.
July ? 47. Hen. Wright to Salisbury. Respecting his offer to teach the workmen in the King's silver mine the true manner of working the furnaces, according to the fashion of Germany and Hungary.
July 27.
Mereflect. Friday.
48. Earl of Northampton to the Same. Touching a patent of invention granted in favour of [Hen.] Wright, a poor man, who had a promise of the patent for furnaces now granted to Slingsby [and] Palmer. Requests that Wright may either be co-partner, or have compensation for his expenses.
July 28. License to Sir Wm. Slingsby, And. Palmer, Edwd. Wolverston, and Rob. Clayton, to make furnaces, bell-metal, &c., with sea and grit coal, instead of wood and charcoal, for 21 years. [Grant Book, p. 76.]
July 29.
49. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Has despatched the letters concerning Lord Mordaunt, and the Privy Seals. Delivered the King of Denmark's letters to His Majesty, and explained what course his Lordship had taken, &c. The merchants to be consulted.
July 29.
50. Sir David Murray to Salisbury. Is informed that he is offended with him, and will deprive him of the copper patent. Mr. Russell and the rest have been very earnest that he should sell his interest therein, and also the right of his patent of the brimstone and copperas, &c. Defers particulars till he meets his Lordship at Holdenby.
July 29.
51. Council of England to the Council of Scotland. The late execrable murder of a Prince in the adjacent kingdom must excite the greatest vigilance for the safety of his Majesty's person, who, from his cradle, has been preserved from so many imminent dangers.
July ? 52. Contents of the grant to Sir Rob. Stewart and Rich. Vans of roots and stumps of trees in the King's forests, chases, &c.; with exceptions against their use of the patents. Further demands of the patentees, and exceptions against the demands.
July 30. Re-grant to Sir Rob. Stewart and Rich. Vans of roots and stumps in the King's forests and chases. [Grant Book, p. 76.]
July 30.
Grant to Robt. Cunningham of 80£. as a free gift. [Warrt. Bk., II., p 176.]
July 30.
53. Warrant to pay to Rob. Bell, of London, 85£. 9s. for Frontenac wines and fruit, bought in France and in England.
July 30. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 162.]
July 30. 54. Warrant to pay to Robt. Jossie, Deputy Keeper of the Privy Purse, 4,000£., to be disbursed according to his Majesty's directions.
July 30. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 168.]
July 31. 55. Math. Hadde to Sir Thos. Waller, Lieutenant of Dover Castle. His opinion on a case proposed; thinks it is clearly no wreck, but belongs to the Lord [Warden], as stray goods, the owners having relinquished it.
July 31.
Warrant to pay certain allowances to Sir Roger Wilbraham and others, Commissioners, &c., for the plantation of the Province of Ulster. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 169.]
July. 56. Lady Arabella Seymour to the Council. Expresses hearty sorrow for His Majesty's displeasure; hopes he will pardon her.
[July.] 57. Means and projects for bettering the livings of Ministers, proposed by Bancroft Archbp. of Canterbury, in the late session of Parliament.
July. 58. Arrears of debts paid 6 and 7 Jac. I., in the Exchequer, which were due between 30 Eliz. and 1 Jac. I.
[July.] 59. Account of receipts of customs at Hull, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Jac. I.
July ? 60. Examination of a doubt relative to papists taking the oath of allegiance.