James I: Volume 55, June, 1610

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1857.

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'James I: Volume 55, June, 1610', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green( London, 1857), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp616-622.

"James I: Volume 55, June, 1610". Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1603-1610. Ed. Mary Anne Everett Green(London, 1857), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/domestic/jas1/1603-10/pp616-622.


June, 1610

June 1.
Isle of Man.
1. John Philips, Bishop of Sodor and Man, to Salisbury. Has disbursed this year 200 marks on his ruinous Bishopric. Mr. Ireland, Lieutenant of the Isle, has taken away his "turfebery," and refuses him a pass to come to England; begs his Lordship's permission to come over.
June 1. 2. Sir John Swinnerton to the Same. Reports his proceedings in a search for recusants; could not find Mr. Taylor, but found his popish books and certain observations touching the examination of Garnet.
June 2.
Proclamation for due execution of all former laws against recusants, for banishing priests and Jesuits, and for administering the oath of allegiance. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 15.]
June 2. 3. Extract from the above proclamation.
June 2.
4. Warrant to pay to John Browne, 170£. 0s. 4d., for repair of the lodges of Geddington Woods, Morehay, and Gretton Woods, Forest of Rockingham, co. Northampton.
June 2. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 156.]
June ? 5. Memorandum of materials and money expended in repair of the King's castles, houses, parks, &c.
June 2.
6. Warrant to pay 412£. to John Norden, for repair of Sandham Castle, Isle of Wight, and for repairs in the parks at Farnham.
June 2. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 156.]
June 2.
7. M. de Tourval to Salisbury. Has executed six works for the King, and has now a seventh given, but has received no recompense, although his expenses have been great, especially in travelling in vain from city to city abroad, to find a printer for the King's book, and then staying three months hidden in Paris, to superintend its printing there, and keep it concealed from the Jesuits. Begs some gratuity. French.
[June 4.] 8. Patent of creation of Prince Henry as Prince of Wales, and Earl of Chester. Latin.
[June 4.] 9. Copy of the above.
[June 4.] 10. Ceremonial preceding and attending the creation of Prince Henry as Prince of Wales.
[June 4.] Account of the ceremony of investiture of the Prince, as Prince of Wales. [Dom. Corresp., 1613, Nov. 4.]
June 4.
11. Different account of the same ceremonial, followed by a list of "things to be prepared at the creation of a Prince of Wales."
June ? 12. List of the robes, insignia, &c., necessary for the creation of a Prince, also of an Earl and a Baron; with notes of fees due to Heralds on these occasions.
[June 4.] 13. Account of creation of Knights of the Bath in honour of the Prince's creation; with list of their names.
[June 4.] 14. Prerogatives of the Prince of Wales, as Earl of Chester.
June 7. 15. Wm. Combes and W. Barnes to Salisbury. For a discharge of the arrears paid by them to the Earl of Northampton, for the manors of Killingworth and Ladbroke.
June 7.
16. Warrant for payment to Fras. Cotton, Paymaster of the Works at Portsmouth, of 42£. 17s. 11d., surplus of his account; of 30£. to Geo. Baynard, for repair of lodges and pales in Hyde Park; and of 50£. to Baptist Hassell, for charges of the French Ambassador and his retinue, before convenient lodgings were provided for him.
June 7. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 158.]
June 7.
17. Warrant to pay to Rob. Treswell 236£. 12s. 10d., for building a lodge in Leighton Walk, Waltham Forest, a barn at Nonsuch, a bridge at Redbourn, Herts, and for repairing the lodge and pales of the Little Park at Ampthill.
June 7. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 157.]
June 9.
Co. Middlesex.
18. Certificate of Sir Wm. Killigrew and of Walter Dukman, surveyor of Middlesex, concerning the conditions desirable in a proposed enclosure of ground on Hounslow Health.
[June 9.] 19. Brief of the bill for permitting the Countess Dowager of Oxford to sell the manor of Bretts, &c., belonging to Henry, Earl of Oxford, a minor.
June 11. Grant to [Sir Henry Hobart], Attorney-General, and his heirs, and to Thomas Plumstead and John Gooch, of purchase of the manors of Marcham, Hevingham, and Marsham, co. Norfolk. [Docquet.]
June 11. Demise to David Holland of the manor of Dinorben Vawr, and other hereditaments, co. Denbigh. [Docquet.]
June 11. Lease to And. Windsor and Lancaster Gibbon of the site of the manors of Broxtow and Mapperley, cos. Nottingham and Derby. [Docquet.]
June 11. Grant to Sir Augustine Nichols, Anth. Shugbrough, and John Smith, in fee-simple, of the manor of Kibworth-Beauchamp, co. Leicester. [Docquet.]
June 11. Grant to Chris. Brown, Marshall of the Hall, of the custody of His Majesty's pastures, &c., at Sayescourt [Deptford], co. Kent, and of a mansion house there, under certain conditions. [Docquet.]
June 12. Grant to Hen. [David ?] Penry of the office of gaol keeper of Montgomery, for life. [Grant Book, p. 74. See May 15.]
June 13.
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.
20. Mayor and Bailiff of Weymouth, &c., to Sir Julius Cæsar, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Have elected a burgess in place of Mr. White; regret that his recommendation of Lord Cranborne had not arrived earlier, as the choice had already been made, and the voters were unwilling to change. [See June 16.]
June 14. 21. Charges on the King's houses in the month of May.
June 14. Commission to the Archbp. of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, and others, to banish Jesuits and seminary priests. [Grant Book, p. 67.]
June 15. 22. Heads of the petition of the Countess of Huntingdon, impleaded in the Exchequer Chamber by her great nephew, the Earl of Huntingdon, for arrears of rent due to the Crown, for the manor of Loughborough, co. Leicester. With reference to Baron Altham, and his report, June 30, detailing particulars of the grant of the lands ; the Earl of Huntingdon fears lest, on the death of the Countess, he may be made liable for these arrears, and therefore solicits a settlement, which is very necessary, there being some doubt as to her claim of exemption therefrom.
June 16.
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.
23. Mayor, &c., of Weymouth, &c., to Sir Julius Cæsar. Since the departure of his messenger, they have conferred with the person elected as burgess; he willingly resigns in favour of Lord Cranborne, whom they have now unanimously elected.
June 16.
Your Lordship's House of Alterinnis.
24. Paul De la Hay to Salisbury. Incloses the descent and title of Thos. Perrott, who wishes to marry his daughter. Prays favour for Mr. Perrott's rights, &c. Incloses,
24. I. Pedigree of Thos. Perrott, shewing him to be the heir male of Sir Owen Perrott; with request for his restoration to his estates.
June 16.
25. Earl of Salisbury and Sir Julius Cæsar to John Bradell. Had displaced Wm. Seisson, at his request, for non-payment of his collection; find on examination that it has been duly paid, and therefore order him to be reinvested in his office of collector of the rents called the Marques Fee. [See May 8 and Nov. 25.]
[June 16.] 26. Petition of John Arundel, of Gwarnick, son of Roger Arundel and grandson of Sir John Arundel, of Trerice, to the House of Lords, against the Bill brought in by John Arundel, calling himself of Trerice, in reference to the inheritance contested between them. Incloses,
26. I. Note of exceptions to the Bill brought into the House of Lords by John Arundel of Trerice against John Arundel of Gwarnick.
[June 16.] 27. Act for the assurance of certain lands and rents to the Bishop of Durham and his successors, and of certain other lands [Britain's Burse] to Robert Earl of Salisbury and his heirs.
June 16.
28. Warrant to pay to And. Kerwyn, Paymaster of the Works, 1,449£., to be employed on a new buttery at Whitehall.
June 16. Entry of the above. [Warrt, Bk., II., p. 159.]
June 18. 29. Statement of the money due to the King for defective titles, which were confirmed June 16.
June ? 30. Petition of John Sackford to the King, for re-grant of 13 tenements in St. Martin-le-Grand, and five acres of land in St. Pancras, co. Middlesex, surrendered for defective title.
June 19. 31. Charges of the works, &c., done at Somerset House from May 1, 1609, to May 31, 1610.
June 20.
32. Memorandum of petition to the King, for reviving the old decayed forest of Knaresborough, co. York, belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster, and for lease of the same, and of the waste lands belonging thereto, to Capt. Thos. and Edw. Hayes. With reference thereon to the Lord Treasurer and others.
June 21.
33. Peter Hay to Salisbury. Hears that Dr. Casaubon has become papist, by the inducement of Cardinal Peronne. Was called before the kirk to answer for his religion. Has given to the Earl of Errol a discourse against Popery, which he composed by order of his Majesty, &c. General dislike to Bishops in Scotland. Offers to write a popular treatise in favour of them.
June 21. 34. Sir John Roper to the Same. Offers some tarsels for his sport, which, he understands, he likes better than falcons.
June 21.
Thursday, Whitehall.
35. List of the Committee on the Bill against non-residents and pluralities of benefices; and also on that for restraining execution of Ecclesiastical Canons, not confirmed by Parliament.
June 22.
36. Similar list for the Bill against the common abuse of assignment of debts to his Majesty, &c.
[June 22.] 37. Exceptions to the Bill [7 Jac. I., c. 15,] against assignments of debts to His Majesty.
June 22.
38. Ambrose Randolph to Edw. Turner. Sends a list of his tenants; divers of his houses have no sign, but specifies such as have.
June 23.
39. Lord Harrington to Salisbury. Touching a suit which he intends to prefer to the King, for a grant of certain incroachments on his Majesty's lands.
June 24. 40. Account of receipts for collations and institutions of ecclesiastical benefices in the province of Canterbury, since July 7, 1609. Latin.
June 24. 41-44. Four lists of dispensations, granted since June 24, 1609. Latin.
June 24. 45. Bill to enforce a clause in the Statute 13 Eliz., [c. 12,] that all ministers of the Church shall subscribe the articles of religion and Confession of Faith only.
June 25. 46. Rich Lloyd to Salisbury. Begs his opinion on his enclosed letters to His Majesty and the Parliament, &c.
June 25.
47. Anonymous to the King. Deplores the late assassination of a monarch so much resembling His Majesty in virtue, wisdom, and valour [Henry IV. of France]. Recommends His Majesty to guard against any similar attempts upon his own person. Has been suspected of a leaning to popery, from being educated at Rome; but this horrid deed were alone enough to deter him.
June 25. Warrant for order to the searchers and officers of the ports, to allow English subjects to transport necessary moneys into Ireland, for their own use. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 173.]
June 25.
48. Warrant to pay to the Earl of Worcester, Master of the Horse, 338£. 7s. 3d., for horses purchased for the Royal family since Jan. 18, and 400£. on account, for similar purchases.
June 26. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 160.]
June 25.
49. Warrant to pay to Edw. Field and Humph. Harpur, 71£. in recompense for tops and lops, and dead trees, in Kings Norton, sold from them, contrary to the tenure of their lease.
June 25. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 160.]
June 25.
50. Warrant to pay to Wm. Ward 453£ 14s. 2½d., for fitting out a ship to prevent Frenchmen from fishing in the Stowe, and other places on the Eastern coast.
June 25. Entry of the above. [Warrt. Bk. II., p. 159.]
June 26. Commission to the Earl of Salisbury to direct all officers of customs to receive duty on wares and manufactures as before, and to put a new tax on raisins, and other merchandise. [Grant Book, p. 66.]
June 26. 51. List of the nobility who have not paid the second payment of the third subsidy of 3 Jac. I.
June 28. Grant, with survivorship, to George Evelyn and Wm. Pennyman, on surrender of Rich. Wilkinson and John Clapham, of the office of Comptroller and Clerk of the Hanaper. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to Thos. and Agnes Crowcher of pardon for murder of an infant. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to Sir Wm. Anstruther of all the materials of the decayed castle of Kirk-Oswald, co. Cumberland; also lease of the land on which the castle stands, the gardens, &c. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to John Hatton, Footman in ordinary, of the benefit of the recusancy, of Rich. Hume, of Male, co. Lancaster. [Docquet.]
June 28. Grant to John Corbet, of the benefit of the recusancy of Sir Hen. James, of Smarden, co. Kent, and John Shelley, of Michel-grove, co. Sussex. [Docquet.]
June 28. Letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, Justice in Eyre beyond Trent, to prohibit the inhabitants and borderers of the forest of Peak, from destroying moor fowls and heath poults. [Docquet.]
June 28. Release to the inhabitants of Nottinghamshire of a fine of 180£., imposed on them for not building Bawtry bridge, on condition that the fine be employed in building the said bridge. [Docquet.]
[June 29.] 52. Authorities and arguments by Chief Justice Coke, to prove that the King cannot set impositions upon merchandise, without consent of Parliament.
June 30. 53. Petition of Rich. Glanville to Salisbury. Prays permission to recover by law certain sums borrowed from him in the Earl's name, for the King's use. With note by Salisbury that he discredits the statement, and leaves the petitioner to his remedy at law.
June 30. Grant to the Mayor and Sheriffs of London to order the arrest of all ships, merchants, &c., of Hamburg and Lubeck. [Grant Book., p. 69.]
[King's Bench Prison.]
54. Sir Hen. Wyndam to the King. Prays for a habeas corpus, such as has been granted to Sir Wm. Constable, that he may appear before the King and Council, for discovery of a service important to the State.
[June.] 55. Speech in the House of Commons, in reply to Mr. Hyde and others, concerning the proposed petition to the King against impositions, freedom of debate therein being conceded, in answer to the former petition.
June ? 56. Project for composition for tenures, by means of an Act of Parliament.
June ? 57. Note of objections against the abolition of wardships; with replies thereto.
June ? 58. Collections [by Dudley Carleton] out of divers speeches at Conferences of the two Houses, touching tenures, the compensation to be offered to the King for relinquishing wardships, &c.
June ? 59. Substance of a petition for repeal of a clause in the Act 34 Hen. VIII., relating to the King's power to make or change the laws for Wales; the grant of repeal to be affixed to the proposed contract for redemption of tenures from the King.
June ? 60. Project for a new law relative to tenures in chief, wardship, livery, primer seisin, &c., &c.
June ? 61. Considerations on the best means for raising 100,000£. yearly, to be granted by Parliament to the King, for the relinquishment of wardships, &c.
June ? 62. Fuller's report of 20 bills which are to be proceeded in by Parliament, out of 34 shewed to the Committee.