James 1 - volume 62: March 1611

Pages 14-20

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1611-18. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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March 1611.

March 1. 1. Book of the manors remaining unsold after the choice of the last contractors.
March 2. 2. Comparison between the first payment in London of the third subsidy of 3 Jac. I. and the first payment of the subsidy 7 Jac. I.
March 3.
3. Inhabitants of Blisworth to —. Remonstrate against the appointment of Mr. Lewis as teacher of their school, because his proctorship will often cause him to be absent. Recommend Samuel Preston, who is well accustomed to tuition. Inclose,
3. I. Edw. Saunders and others, toin favour of Sam. Preston as teacher of Blisworth Free School.
March 4.
4. Mayor, &c. of Newcastle-on-Tyne to Salisbury. Recommend that the survey directed of His Majesty's coal mines, in Durham and Northumberland, should not be required before Michaelmas, the weather not permitting it to be completed by Easter.
March 4.
5. Sir Wm. Bowyer to the Same. Private suggestions respecting the building of the bridge at Berwick. Incloses,
5. 1. Estimate for making a stone bridge over the Tweed at Berwick, 5,440l. 10s. 4d.; the length to be 140 yards.
March [4 ?]
Grant to Wm. Whiting, of Canterbury, of pardon for a supposed rape. [Sign Man., vol. I., No. 61.]
March 4. Warrant to pay 185l. 15s. 8d. to Hen. Seckford, administrator of Sir Hen. Seckford, deceased, Master of the Toils, for surplusage due on his account. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 79.]
March 5. Grant to Sir Geo. Carew and Francis, his son, of the office of Prothonotary of Chancery, and of making letters patent of pardon and outlawry, and all writs of supplicavit and supersedeas. [Grant Bk., p. 67.]
[March 5.] Grant to Sir Walter Cope of the office of Public Registrar for general commerce. [Ibid., p. 68.]
March 5.
6. Mayor of Newcastle and Wm. Jackson to Salisbury. They have taken bonds of five tenants of His Majesty's coal mines at Denton, Northumberland, for payment of 900l.
March 5.
7. Lord Harrington to the Same. As his son shows symptoms of measles, suggests that Lady Elizabeth be removed to Whitehall.
March 6. 8. Names of the assessors of subsidies for the City of London.
March 7. 9. Alice Collingwood to Lady Arabella Seymour. Solicits relief in her necessity, being detained from her lawful husband, through whom she has rights of great value.
March 7. 10. Charges of works, &c. on sundry of His Majesty's houses in February.
March 8. 11. Account of the Crown manors, &c., valued at 6,996l. 1s. 5d., last returned by the contractors, with particulars of the survey of a portion thereof.
March 9. 12. Book of manors and lands in the late annexation, in which are no copyholds above the rent of 20s. per ann.
March 9. 13. Copy of the above, with index and final digest omitted.
March 9 ? 14. Book of manors, parks, woods, &c., delivered in by the contractors, as part of their grant of lands, value 2,000l. per ann., but which are not to be passed to them.
March 11. Grant to Sir Thos. Monson of the office of keeper of the armoury in the galleries near the Tiltyard, Greenwich, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 74.]
March 11.
15. Sir Wm. Bowyer and the Mayor of Berwick to Salisbury. Thanks that by his favour their hopes of the building of the bridge have not been put an end to by Lord Dunbar's death. Have sent Mr. Burrell, the surveyor, and two aldermen, to attend the Privy Council thereon.
16. Abstract [drawn up by Sir Thos. Lake for Salisbury] of the correspondence relating to Berwick Bridge.
March 11.
17. Geo. Nicholson to Salisbury. Part of Berwick Bridge has fallen in so much in the night as to prevent horses passing. With a sketch of the bridge, showing the part fallen in.
March 11.
18. Mayor of Berwick, Hugh Grigson, and Mich. Sanderson to the Same. That very night, since the departure of Mr. Burrell and three other Commissioners, two arches of the old wooden bridge have given way.
March 11.
19. Sir Wm. Bowyer and the Mayor of Berwick to the Same. To the same effect.
March ? 20. Statement [by Mr. Burrell and the other Commissioners] of the nature and situation of the proposed bridge at Berwick, of the materials requisite, of such as are already provided, and of moneys expended upon it, &c.
March 12.
St. James's.
21. Walsingham Gresley to Hugh Lee, Consul at Lisbon. His master will not consent to be paid with paper, but desires a power to sell Lee's lands in discharge of the debt. If this be done, his master will try to obtain Lee's consulship.
March 12.
Grant to Robt. Baxter, of Carleton, co. York, of pardon for coining. Latin. [Sign Man., vol. I., No. 62.]
March 13.
Grant to Hen. Bridges, of Avening, co. Gloucester, of pardon for piracy. Latin. [Ibid., No. 63.]
March 13.
Grant to Fras. Galbraith, serjeant of the pantry, of pension of 40l. per ann. for life. [Ibid., No. 64.]
March 13? 22. List of Protections Royal passed since March 25, 1603.
March 13. 23. Accounts of the Calamine and battery works, from Feb. 10, 1611, with an inventory of their stock, goods, debts, &c., as delivered to Sir John Bourchier.
March 13. 24. Copy of part of the above, with other memoranda on the same subject.
March 13. Warrant for payment of necessary sums for the charges of Lady Arabella Seymour, committed to the custody of the Bishop of Durham. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 196.]
March 13.
25. Wm. Lord Roos to [Salisbury]. Will obey his wishes in returning early from Spain, instead of remaining there a year, as he had intended. Thanks his Lordship for not crediting the rumours of his having turned Romanist. Hopes he shall never so disgrace his parentage. Will have nothing to do with traitors or fugitives in his travels.
March 13.
26. Lord Clifford to the Same. Acknowledges favours. Was invited by the young King [of France] to see him exercise. Admires his fencing. The King gave him two books of his Latin exercises.
March 14. 27. Lady Arabella Seymour to the Council. Is so weak that it would occasion her death to be removed any further. Asks delay to recover her strength, which she could do the sooner if not continually molested.
March 15. 28. Sir Geo. Gifford to Salisbury. Has served 39 years without reward. Is in difficulties. Requests favour, as his Lordship's wife's kinsman, to obtain 2,000l. worth of goods forfeited for not paying customs.
March 15. 29. Sir Edw. Cooke to the Same. Solicits the loan of 2,000l., on security of his manor of Chadwell, Essex.
March 16.
30. Bishop of Durham to the Council. Has received Lady Arabella Seymour at Lambeth Ferry, and conveyed her to Highgate. Describes her weak and ailing condition. She will not consent to proceed at once on her journey.
March 16.
Ludlow Castle.
31. Lord Eure and others to Salisbury. The claim of the late Deputy Sheriff of Carmarthenshire for allowance for removing a force at Whitland in that county is unjust, the force being not removed by him but by the next sheriff.
March 16.
Magdalen Coll., Oxford.
32. Wm. Langton, President of Magdalen College, Oxford, to the Same. Will forward his Lordship's recommendation of Nich. Halswell for a fellowship.
March 16. 33. Estimate of the charges of works intended to be done at Somerset House.
March 16. 34. Charges of reparations at Somerset House, from May 1609 to February 1610.
March 16. 35. Petition of Fras. Carter, Keeper of Guildford Park under John Murray, to Salisbury, for a lease of the Castle garden in St. Mary's parish, Guildford. With reference and certificate thereon.
March 18. 36. Book of the manors in the entail in cos. Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Oxford, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, and York.
March 18. Grant to Sir Hen. Wotton of leave to fill the second vacancy among the six clerks. [Grant Bk., p. 81.]
March 19. Warrant to pay 388l. 2s. 7d. to certain artificers, for making a barge for the Duke of York, and for other works for the Queen, Prince, and Lady Elizabeth. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 198.]
March 19. Warrant to pay to Wm. Gudourons, His Majesty's Serjeant Surgeon, 500 marks for his house adjoining Somerset House, bought for improving the gallery there. [Ibid., p. 197.]
March 19. Warrant to pay to Thos. Tilney, executor of Edm. Tilney, late Master of the Revels, 120l. 14s. 4d., for surplus due on his account. [Ibid., p. 197.]
March 19.
37. Geo. Nicholson to Salisbury. Has not made up his last year's account for the pay of the garrison, &c., because of the late Lord [Dunbar]'s affairs. Desires an order to Mr. Scudamore for the halfyear's pay, and directions for future proceedings.
March 20. 38. Sir Vincent Skinner to the Same. Begs his influence with the Chancellor of the Duchy that his son-in-law, Rob. Middleton, may take his place as Receiver in Lincolnshire, and asks favour in reference to the payment of his own debt.
March 20. Warrant to pay to Phil. Henslow and Edw. Allen, Masters of the Gameat Paris Garden, 42l. 10s., and 12d. per diem, in future, for keeping two white bears and a young lion. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 198.]
March 21.
39. Bishop of Durham to Salisbury. Arrival of Lady Arabella at Barnet. Sends his own servant because the Postmaster refused to despatch an express. Incloses,
39. 1. Bp. of Durham to the Council. After six days' stay at Highgate, Lady Arabella travelled thither, but was very ill on the journey. Thanks for their sending Sir Jas. Croft to relieve him. Lady Arabella's extreme reluctance to proceed on her journey compelled the use of the means prescribed, which were employed with all decency and respect. March 21, Barnet.
March 21. Warrant for cessation of payment for certain stages of posts, maintained in time of war, but not now necessary. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 200.]
March 22.
40. Sir Art. Gorges to Salisbury. Thanks for his favour concerning his patent for commerce. Requests permission to have the office for it in Britain's Burse.
March 22.
Grant to Edw. Blencarne, of London, of pardon, for having formerly refused to take the Oath of Allegiance, which he has now taken. Latin. [Sign Man., vol. I., No. 65.]
March 22. Grant to Sir John Eyres of 500l. as a gift. [Warrt. Bk., II., p. 198.]
March 22. Warrant to pay 250l. per month to Sir David Fowlies for the household expenses of the Duke of York, 200l. per quarter to Sir Rob. Carey for provisions for his person, and 100l. per annum to the same for his privy purse expenses. [Ibid., p. 199.]
March 22. Grant to Sir Sigismund and Hen. Zinzan of 100l., as a free gift. [Ibid., p. 200.]
March 23. Commission to the Earls of Salisbury, Nottingham, and others, to survey and inventory the jewels in the Tower. [Grant Bk., p. 69.]
[March 23.] 41. Account for apparellings and riding charges in hunting journeys for the King's servants, Anno 8.
March 24. 42. Account of the farm of the duty on silk for the past year.
March 25. Ceremonial of creating Sir Rob. Carr Visct. Rochester. [Dom. Corresp., Nov. 4, 1613.]
March 25.
Confirmation to Rich. Earl of Dorset of a grant of the manor of Salisbury Court, together with Salisbury House, alias Sackville Place, alias Dorset House, and divers messuages in St. Bride's and St. Dunstan's, on his compounding for defective titles. Latin. [Sign Man., vol. I., No. 68.]
March 26.
43. Wm. Lord Roos to Salisbury. Note of courtesy and affection.
March 27.
44. Sir John Bennet to Sir Dud. Carleton. Displeasure of the patriots at the late dissolution of Parliament. Sir Robt. Carr has been created Baron of Winwick, a lordship of his in Northamptonshire, and Visct. Rochester. Several Lords of Scotland, spiritual and temporal, are at Court, to arrange the affairs of that kingdom, which were wholly managed by the late Earl of Dunbar, for whom, though he is buried in Scotland, the King has appointed a funeral at Westminster. Private affairs.
March 27. 45. Sir Thos. Denis to Salisbury. His Lordship's niece, the Lady Marchioness [of Northampton], is desirous to buy Dyley Woods.
March 27.
Grant in reversion to Reade Wildgoose, of a Poor Knight's room at Windsor. [Sign. Man., vol. I., No. 69.]
March 28.
Grant to Roger Wyvell of purchase of the manor of Osgodby, and other lands, in Cayton, co. York, as part payment of 50,000l. due to John Eldred and other contractors. [Ibid, No. 70.]
March 28. 46. Deputation by John and Chas. Young, of Chichester, to Jeremy Spracklin, of London, of the power to search all vessels sailing from certain ports, for ordnance unlawfully exported, according to a patent granted to the late Sam. Thomas, of St. Peter's parish, Tower, and since conveyed to John and Chas. Young, granting them the moiety of certain forfeitures incurred by unlawful export of ordnance.
March 29. Warrant for payments to be made to John Williams and others, for making gold and silver plate, &c. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 1.]
March 30. 47. Petition of Rob. Kay, merchant, to the Council, for mitigation of their decree against him, to forbear his trade, as being to the prejudice of the clothiers of York and Hull, and for stay of further suit in the Star Chamber, as he is ready to submit to their Lordships' order.
March 31.
East Barnet.
48. Sir Jas. Croft to Salisbury. Lady Arabella dressed herself as well as her extreme weakness would permit, and showed readiness to remove, but could not, because nothing was prepared for her at Mr. Conyer's house. She has had a violent attack in the head.
March. 49. Bill of Wm. Walker, keeper of the fowl at St. James's, for extraordinary charges in keeping birds and beasts.
March. 50. Monthly charges of the houses at Richmond and St. James's since June 1, 1610. Total 2,946l. 16s. 4½d.
March ? 51. Charges for services for the Queen in the Great Wardrobe for the year 1610.
March. 52. Account of fees on certain grants and warrants for the month of March.
March. 53. Sir Wm. Bowyer to Salisbury. Berwick Bridge is strongly mended. Suggests the fittest way of keeping up the wooden bridge, if a stone bridge cannot be obtained. Asks directions as to the quarterly pay of the garrison, &c.
March. 54. Alex. Earl Home to the Same. Deplores the decease of the Earl of Dunbar, his patron. Throws himself on his Lordship's protection for the future.
March ?
[King's Bench.]
55. Hen. Wyndham to the Lord Treasurer. Reminds him that Jones and Salter's Patent of the Customs expires at Christmas next. Will be faithful if employed in the service [about the Customs].
March ? 56. Reasons to induce the Lord Treasurer to grant the Plumbers' petition, that in their charter of corporation, they may have extension of their licence to travel 100 miles from London, to certain places named, which are beyond that distance. [Charter granted April 12, 1611.]
March ? 57. List of the servants above stairs of the Prince.
March ? 58. Warrant to Thos. Lord Knyvet and Edm. Doubleday, to pay to the said Lord Knyvet or his heirs, 2,000l. as the King's gift, from the profits of the Mint. [See April 28 infra.]
March ? 59. Bill, answer, and proofs, in the case of the Attorney General against Sir Wm. Pope respecting certain closes, &c. in Whichwood Forest, co. Oxon.
March ? 60. Draft of the proofs in the above case.
March ? 61. Particulars of Sir Wm. Pope's lands in Whichwood Forest.
March ? 62. Petition of Wm. Wich, a tenant of the manor of Crowland, co. Lincoln, to Salisbury, for extension of time for payment of a balance of 47l., the composition money for which he has contracted, and for a letter to the other tenants urging their more speedy payments to him.