James 1 - volume 80: May 1615

Pages 285-288

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1611-18. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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May 1615

May 3. 96. Geo. Margitts to Sir Ralph Winwood. Requests him to examine Mr. Sanderson's project, which will bring great profit to the King, and for which four aldermen of London are willing to advance 100,000l.; also to take bail for certain prisoners, and to be careful lest "the foulness of the Barons" [of the Exchequer] and of Mr. Spiller lead them to wrong wording for the exceptions in the pardons.
May 4. Commission to the Lord Chancellor and Sir Fras. Bacon, Attorney General, to engross and put the Great Seal to certain Acts of a Parliament in Ireland. [Grant Bk., p. 159.]
May 8. 97. Commission [not signed] to the Archbp. of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor, and others, to examine and recover all arrears due to the Crown from recusants.
May 9. 98. Order specifying the number of printing presses which are to be allowed to certain printers mentioned.
May 9. 99. Lord Treasurer Suffolk and the Barons of the Exchequer to Sir Hen. Fanshaw. Postpone the hearing of the cause of the King v. Sir Thos. and Gerard Whorewood, till the first day of next term, June 15.
[May 10.] [The Council] to [the Justices of Peace for Westmoreland], in behalf of Wm. Walker, a maimed soldier, whose pension of 5l. a year has been discontinued, without reason assigned. [Dom. Corresp., Oct. 9, 1614.]
May 10. 100. Indenture between Sir Geo. Shirley, of Staunton-Harrold, co. Leicester, Bart., and Hen. and Thos. Shirley, his sons, and Robt. Earl of Essex, for settling a jointure on Lady Dorothy Devereux, second sister of the said Earl, on her marriage with Hen. Shirley.
May 14.
101. The Council to the Lord Mayor. Order him to summon all knights, gentlemen, doctors of the civil law, &c., in London, who refuse to find men and arms, or contribute in proportion to their assessments for the musters of the trained bands; the exempt liberties are also to be assessed.
May 15. Special Commission to the Archbp. of Canterbury and others, to inquire and compound with offenders for erecting new buildings, not of brick or stone, and harbouring inmates, since the feast of St. Michael, 1st Jac. 1. [Grant Bk., p. 157.]
May 19. Commission to Hen. Howard, Hen. Gibb, and others, to grant free warren. [Ibid., p. 184.]
May 20. Grant to Hen. Howard and Hen. Gibb of all sums arising upon composition for free warren. [Ibid., p. 174.]
May 20.
102. Chamberlain to Carleton. We wish for peace amongst our friends, because it is useless to show our teeth unless we can bite, and we have no means even for necessary expenses. Young Owen arraigned for traitorous speeches on the lawfulness of killing excommunicated kings, &c. Ogilvie, a Jesuit, executed at Glasgow for similar opinions. Lords Fenton and Knollys, the new Knights of the Garter, will rival each other in the splendour of their trains, in riding to Windsor. Somerset still holds the Wardenship of the Cinque Ports, though Lord Zouch and the Earl of Montgomery are talked of for it. The lawyers nettled because the King went to Cambridge to see the play "Ignoramus," which ridiculed them. Death of Dr. Neville, Dean of Canterbury, and Sir Wm. Lower.
May 20.
103. Order of the Court of Exchequer for sequestration of certain lands of Sir Chas. Cavendish in Sherwood Forest, for neglect in not answering a bill of complaint exhibited against him at suit of Otho Nicholson. Annexing,
103. 1. Certificate by the Commissioners of the Exchequer, of their sequestration of certain lands in Sherwood Forest, co. Notts, belonging to Sir Chas. Cavendish. May.
May 20. 104. Account of the ordnance shipped from Meechinge, Sussex, since July 26, 1614, and of its destination.
May 21.
Court at Greenwich.
105. The Council to Alderman Sir Thos. Lowe, of London, and Wm. Towerson. At request of the late Company of Merchant Adventurers, the King permits them to meet once, though not as a company, to confer upon the dyeing and dressing of cloths. The result of their conference is to be reported to the Council.
May 22. 106. Thos. Wilson to [Ambrose Randolph]. Requests him to join with him in a bond for 100l., which he has borrowed.
May 22. Grant to Clem., John, and Thos. Harvey, and Robt Charleton, citizens and merchants of London, of the pre-emption of all tin, in cos. Devon and Cornwall, and elsewhere, excepting that granted to the Pewterers, for five years. [Grant Bk., p. 174.]
May 22. Special licence to Jas. Wood and four others to sow all kinds of grain, for twenty-one years. [Ibid., p. 166.]
May 23.
Proclamation for making glass with sea coal and pit coal only; prohibiting the use of wood on account of the waste of timber; also prohibiting the import of foreign glass. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 42.]
May 24.
Ely House.
107. [Bp. of Ely] to [Matthias] Taylor. Answers of the Council to divers points of the requests made by the priests at Wisbeach; their breviaries may be restored, and they may see or write to friends who wish to relieve them, without the names being known, &c. Cannot allow his own house to be used for prisoners, as it was during the vacancy of the bishopric.
May 24. Grant to Wm. Hougate of licence to hold a Court Leet in the manor of Saxton, and others, co. York. [Grant Bk., p. 174.]
May 25.
108. Chamberlain to Carleton. Particulars of the procession of the new Knights of the Garter, Lord Knollys and Visct. Fenton, with 300 attendants each, to Windsor. The King stood at Somerset House to view it. The great project of dyeing and dressing cloth is at a stand. The clothiers complain that the cloth lies on their hands, and the cloth-workers that they have less work than before. The new Company quarrel, and the old Company, too rashly dissolved, are requested to resume the trade and set all straight again. Lady Chichester, only sister of the Countess of Bedford, dead. Dr. [John] Richardson made Master of Trinity College [Cambridge]. Duel between two Scots, both Ramsays, one of whom, Lord Haddington's brother, is dead of his wound.
May 27. 109. List of contributions to the benevolence from certain persons and places, since April 29, 1615.
May 31.
Proclamation commanding due execution of the Statutes of Hen. VIII. and Edw. VI. against falsifying wool and woollen yarn, and corruptions in the mixture of wools. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 43.]
May 31. Grant to Sir Basil Brooke and Robt. Chaldecott of the office of Clerks or Overseers of the Ironworks in the Forest of Dean, co. Gloucester, &c., for fifteen years. [Grant Bk., p. 154.]
May. 110. Petition of the [old Company of] Merchant Adventurers to the Council. Thanks for permission to meet; though they see no ground to change their former opinions, yet they will undertake to export to Germany and the Low Countries 1,000 cloths, dyed and dressed for sale, and if the experiment succeed, to proceed with more. Pray for restoration to their former trade.