James 1 - volume 97: May 1618

Pages 538-542

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1611-18. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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May 1618

May 2. 52. Sir Robt. Pierrepoint to Lake. Patrick Scott has offered him composition for having put money out to usury; disclaims the charge. A third of the benevolence raised in Nottinghamshire was due to his exertions.
May 3. 53. Petition of the Inhabitants of Wisbeach to the Council, against the entire charge of ditching Wisbeach river, which is usually done at the general expense, being thrown upon the inhabitants of Wisbeach hundred. The enlargement of the river from forty to sixty feet in width is very necessary to be continued.
May 3.
Sir Fras. Cottington to [Lake]. Tidings of Sir Walter Raleigh's landing have come, but the Spaniards are confident he will find neither gold nor silver in those parts. [Extract, Dom. Corresp., Dec. 18, 1618.]
May 4. 54. Sir Robt. Mansell to Sir Geo. Calvert, Clerk of the Council. Requests that Paul Vinion and Peter Comley, glass makers, against whom he complained for making glass with wood, contrary to the King's proclamation, may be released, on bond not to repeat the offence.
May 4.
55. Sir Robt. Napier, Sir Marmaduke Darell, and Sir Allan Apsley to the Duke of Lenox and others. Have taken a view of the provisions, &c. made by Sir Jas. Cunningham for Greenland, and estimated the loss which he and his associates will incur by the stay of their voyage. Inclose,
55. i.—III. Estimates of the losses which the new Company may sustain by their provisions for the Greenland voyage. Three copies.
May 4. 56. Bond of John Bargrave, of Patrick's-bourne, Kent, and Jas. Brett, of London, in 100l., to indemnify Lord Zouch for delivering up to them the ship Edwin, from Virginia, with her cargo, of which Bargrave is owner, and Brett master.
May 4. 57. Draft of the above.
May 5.
58. Chamberlain to Carleton. Sec. Lake has so many feathers pulled from him that he moves every stone to keep off competitors, and, in order to curry favour, has made Read, a Scot, Latin Secretary. Naunton is never seen nor heard of. Wraynham's hard sentence is, a fine of 1,000l. imprisonment, and loss of his ears. Sir Wm. Russell, the Muscovy merchant, has bought the Treasurership of the Navy from Sir Robt. Mansell, who is to be Vice Admiral. Dr. Maxey, Dean of Windsor, dead. Dr. Bridgeman, or Balconquall, to succeed him. Buckingham's favour is not at all declining.
May 6. 59. Earl of Exeter to the Council. Asks permission to grant a request made to him by the inhabitants of Northampton, that they may exercise and train 150 soldiers, as Coventry and other towns have done.
May 6. Grant to Edw. and Hen. Johnson of the office of Clerks of the Ordnance in the Tower and elsewhere, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 266.]
May 6. Grant to Edw. Hawkins and Chris. Colby, successively, of the office of Examiner and Registrar to the Commissioners for Bankruptcy in London, for life. [Ibid., p. 267.]
May 8. Grant to Giles Norgate of the office of Clerk of the Signet, for life. [Ibid., p. 249.]
May 8. Commission to the Lord Treasurer to order the collection of duty on slate stone. [Ibid., p. 238.]
May 8. 60. [Commissioners of Survey for the Borders] to the Council. Have made a diligent search for idle and disorderly persons in Cumberland. Inclose,
60. i. Lord Wm. Howard and other Commissioners to the Same. Send a survey, and certificate prefixed, of the residences, names of offenders, nature and proof of offences of idle and disorderly persons in Cumberland, taken by virtue of the King's commission of Jan. 10, 1618. Also notes of such Northumberland thieves as infest the waters of Tynedale. General remarks on the district. Their certificate would have been better, could they have obtained a copy of the commission. Carlisle, April 30, 1618.
May ? 61. Names of the lewd, idle, and misbehaved persons in Bewcastle, Arthuret, and Liddleside parishes. Signed by Sir Edw. Musgrave and Sir Wm. Hutton, two of the Commissioners for Survey of misbehaved persons.
May ? 62. Note of the Grahams transplanted who have returned from Ireland, Brill, and Flushing. Presented by the Curate of Arthuret, and signed as the preceding.
May ? 63. Names of such notorious, idle, or wicked persons as dwell within the parish of Kirklington, Cumberland. Presented by the Parson and parish officers, and similarly signed.
May ? 64. Similar list for the parish of Stapleton, Cumberland. Imperfect.
May 8.
65. Lord Sheffield to the Council. Has held a gaol delivery at Newcastle; the country is very disorderly, but the gentlemen are forward to assist in settling it. Will report the cause of the mischief, and the best means of reformation.
May 9.
66. Sir Edw. Harwood to Carleton. Mr. Vice Chamberlain [Digby] has arrived from Spain. The match is likely to take place; but the King has first to tell his mind to the Spanish Ambassador, who then goes to Spain, and then comes the match-maker. Lady Suffolk was reported to be forbidden coming to town, but she has arrived. Sir Lionel Cranfield has the reversion of the Mastership of the Rolls.
May 9. Grant to Art. Low of the messuage called the Westhouse, co. Suffolk, for thirty-one years. [Grant Bk., p. 268.]
May 10. Grant to Sir Wm. Russell of the Treasurership of Marine Causes, for life. [Ibid., p. 251.]
May 10. 67. Petition of Leonard Trevellyan to the Council. Has long waited the trial of John Prowse, committed at his complaint for riding on horseback into church, offering to have his horse christened, hanging up his dead grandmother's hair in the market place, as that of an old witch, &c. Begs leave to depart, and to have the forfeitures of Edw. Pomery, and John Lake, two of Prowse's coadjutors, to compensate his losses in the suit.
May 10. Lord Zouch to the Mayor, &c. of Dover. Requires them to punish all who have offended against the Order in Council, by taking headmoney from the French. [Minute, Diary, Dom. Corresp., Oct. 20, 1618.]
May 11.
68. Petition of Rich. Wilson and his sisters, legatees of their late uncle John Chatterton, of Market Harborough, co. Leicester, to Lord Chancellor Bacon, for a writ of subpœna against Hen. Bolt, who, by deceitful practices, persuaded the widow of the said John Chatterton to give all the goods and chattels of the deceased to him, and threatened to defraud the complainants of a legacy of 20l. due to them on decease of the widow.
May 11.
69. Warrant for allowance of diet of three dishes of meat to Sir Wm. Uvedale, Treasurer of the Chamber.
May 12.
High Holborn.
70. Sir Ant. Ashley to Lake. Has taken measures to ascertain Keymish's abode, and will apprehend him if possible.
May 12.
71. Giov. Franc. Biondi to [Carleton]. Apologizes for his long silence, and hopes it will not be attributed to ingratitude. Italian.
May 12.
72. Commissioners for Survey of the Borders to the Council. Have not been remiss in executing the proclamation for reformation of the country, as they never received the commission till April 20; since which time they have bestowed their best endeavours therein. None of them have countenanced malefactors, nor admitted to bail any committed for felony, as reported.
May 14. 73. Examination of Jo. Treneale. Knew that divers warrants from the Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes were issued against John Prowse, of Brixham, Devonshire, for profaning the church. Desired Prowse not to come to his house, but did not try to hinder his apprehension. Advised him to go to London, and submit to the Archbishop.
May 14. 74. Examination of Jonas Pincent, Attorney. Was engaged by. Prowse as his attorney in divers suits, but served him no other way Obtained a prohibition for him, on the ground that his offences being committed before the general pardon, were included therein Gave no notice thereof to the proctor on the other side, not knowing that it was needed.
May 14. 75. Examination of Gilbert Luscombe. Is the owner of the horse on which Prowse rode into Brixham church, but it was taken without his privity. Has done nothing to secure Prowse from apprehension.
May 14. 76. Examination of Hen. Dugdale. Never concealed nor conveyed away his brother-in-law, John Prowse. Advised him to submit and make his peace. Holds none of his goods.
May 14.
Serjeants' Inn.
77. Justices Warburton and Croke to the Council. Have considered the petition of the maimed soldiers of Shropshire against the town of Much Wenlock, for refusing their share of the tax for relief of maimed soldiers, on the ground that it should be levied by their own justices of peace. Think that opinion is right, but that they ought to make a common fund with the county, or the taxation would be unequal, and also to pay their arrears.
May 14.
78. Grant to Sir Robt. Mansell of the Lieutenancy of the Admiralty of England, void by decease of Sir Rich. Leveson. With a legal opinion that he cannot be deprived of that office for any misdemeanors but such as belong to the execution of it.
May 15.
79. The Duke of Lenox and others, to Sir Chris. Perkins and Sir Sydney Montague. Enjoins them to see that the brewers of London make a true account, for a composition to be entered into with the King, which they are endeavouring to evade, hoping to ruin the undertaker thereof.
May 16. 80. Note of stationery furnished [to the Exchequer Office] in Easter term, 1618.
May 16.
Cawood Castle.
81. Tobias Matthew, Archbp. of York, to the Council. Has written to the bishops of his province to further the service of the musters, and send in their commissions to the lieutenants. Hopes the clergy will be found willing to contribute according to their ability.
May 16.
82. Warrant to pay 20l. per ann. wages to Giles Dauncer, appointed Master of the Queen's Barges, in place of Rich. Hale, deceased.
May 19. 83. The Council to the Commissioners of Sewers for cos. Northampton, Huntingdon, Lincoln, Cambridge, and Isle of Ely. Order that a sluice be made from Wisbeach river, and the river ditched, and made sixty feet wide, at the general charge of the county, and not of the hundred of Wisbeach only.
May 21. Grant to Nath. Bacon of the office of engrossing licences and pardons for alienations, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 242.]
May 22.
Gray's Inn.
84. The Attorney General to Sir Geo. Calvert. Thinks the complaint against Mr. Eastman was a plot to disgrace him, and cool benevolence, as he has conducted his business advisedly. Incloses,
84. i. Examination of Edw. Eastman. Has collected 82l. 3s. 8d. by virtue of the King's patent, for the redeeming of Englishmen taken captives by the Turks, but found the expenses of collecting so great that he followed Justice Dodderidge's advice, and sent out briefs for it by the clerks of the assize on their summer circuits. May 22.
May 23. Special pardon to Jas. Isaack for not being an apprentice. [Grant Bk., p. 266.]
May 25. 85. Justices of Peace [of Devonshire] to the Council. In consequence of an order by the Farmers of the Customs, to tax over length on kerseys more than twelve yards long, they cannot obtain sale for their cloths, whereby the clothiers, weavers, spinners, and fullers are much distressed.
May 29. Grant to Sir Lionel Cranfield of part of certain moneys reserved upon the grant of subsidies for Ireland, for three years. [Grant Bk., p. 242.]
May 29. Grant to Wm. Holle of the office of Head Sculptor of the Iron for money in the Tower and elsewhere, for life. [Ibid., p. 265.]
May 30.
86. Ordinances of the Commissioners of Sewers that a drain shall be made through Wivelingham and Cottenham to the Ouse, and an old drain called Meargoes, running through Haddenham and Wilberton, to carry off the overflowings of the Ouse, be repaired.
May. 87. Sir Geo. Bowles, Mayor, and the Aldermen of London, to the Council. An Exchequer commission is issued to inquire into intrusions on waste ground in the City. The inconveniences of a grant thereof previously made by the King induced the Council, in June 1614, to stay the grant, and allow the City to enjoy their own waste ground as heretofore. Beg a similar stay to the present commission.
May. 88. Account of payments made by the Tellers of the Exchequer for the purchase of cordage for the Navy, from April 1612 to May 1618.