James 1 - volume 67: December 1611

Pages 96-109

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1611-18. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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December 1611

Dec. 4.
Warrant to pay to Alex. Miller 57l. 13s. 4d. half yearly, being two parts of the fine of 173l. per ann. from the manor of Grovehurst and other lands, &c., co. Kent, of Grace Finch, recusant, with arrears, from the time of his grant, amounting to 134l. 11s. 1d., he paying a yearly rental of 38l. 8s. 11½d. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 32.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 8.]
Dec. 4.
82. John Chamberlain to Sir Dud. Carleton. The Dorcas has arrived. Carleton's presents are distributed. The Lord Treasurer angry with his bill of travelling charges. Causes in the Star Chamber. Shepherd and Hennings pilloried. Sir Jas. Creichton imprisoned and fined. The Earl of Southampton not going into Spain. Redress demanded of the Spanish Ambassador for wrongs to English merchants. His visit to Newmarket was to hint that the King of Spain might propose for the Lady Elizabeth. Sir Dudley Diggs busy with the discovery of the north-west passage. The Lord Treasurer has rheumatism in his right arm. Sir Wm. Herbert arrested on an execution for 5,000l.
Dec. ? 83. Opinions in reference to suitable alliances for the Prince of Wales and Princess Elizabeth. Danger of encouraging Popery by introducing a daughter of Savoy or Spain into England. The Prince of Piedmont an unequal match for the Princess, unless the King of Spain will give him the duchy of Milan on his marriage, which is not likely, as that King is said to want her for himself. She could not marry him without changing her religion, and such a marriage would be dangerous to the two that are between her and the Crown. A match with Sweden or the Prince Palatine suggested for her, and for the Prince one with the house of Saxony, Brandenburg, or Palatine.
Dec. ? 84. Opinion against a Spanish match for the Princess of England as dangerous to the life of the King; also against Italian matches, either for the Prince or Princess, arguing that she should marry into Protestant Germany, and naming the Palatine house as most suitable. Italian.
Dec. ? 85. Copy of the above.
Dec. 5.
86. Visct. Fenton to [Salisbury]. The King sends a note of some abuses in the Mint House, or in the merchants of bullion; is sorry to hear of his indisposition.
Dec. ? 87. Thos. Warwick to the Same. Sends a project of reform of the Mint, suggested by his cousin [Rich.] Martin, jun. The strangers engross 10,000l. of Spanish money; 11 chests of dollars ready for the Turkey voyage.
Dec. 6.
88. Lord Harrington to the Same. Begs he will give express commands for payment of moneys due for her Grace [Lady Elizabeth's] necessaries.
Dec. 6. 89. Sir Thos. Shirley to the Same. Thanks for his favour in the lease of the manor of Braybrooke, touching Lord Zouch.
Dec. 6.
Grant to Sir Patrick Hume of 200l. as a gift, out of fines and forfeitures. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 35.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 8.]
Dec. 6.
Warrant to pay to John Norden 125l. for reparations at Sandham Castle, Isle of Wight, and 50l. to Robt. Anstruther for expenses of Dr. Carisius, sent from the King of Denmark. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 33.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 8.]
Dec. 7.
90. Earl of Pembroke to Salisbury. The King content that the Ambassador of Savoy should receive his answer from himself at Theobald's. He desires to have the law put in execution relative to the Oath of Allegiance, and asks what is done to the negligent justices of Northamptonshire.
Dec. 7. 91. Charges of the works, &c. at His Majesty's houses in November.
Dec. 7.
Billiter Lane, London.
92. John Lamote, stranger, to Salisbury. Desires an audience to disclose some secrets he heard beyond the seas. Suggests restraint of impost on black and brown thread, that the English poor may be employed in its manufacture; and requests a patent to seize all thread imported from such foreign parts as have banished English cloth, and the farm of the imposition on that manufactured in England.
Dec. 8. 93. Earl of Shrewsbury to the Same. Visct. Rochester has hinted at some alteration in His Majesty towards himself. Requests explanation. Sends a bunch of liquorice, with directions for planting it.
Dec. 8. Warrant to pay 56l. 8s. 3d. to John, son of Sir Peter Young. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Thos. Warwick of the office of Keeper of Lincoln Castle, and the gaol and houses there, part of the Duchy of Lancaster, on restitution of a former patent for the same granted to Fras. Hustwood. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to John Gray of the benefit of the recusancy of Margaret and John Gainsford, of Idbury, co. Oxford. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Chris. Mainwaring of the right of action and suit for recovery to the King's use of the advowson of the rectory of Rewe, co. Devon, and of the first and second advowson thereof for himself. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Thos. Norris of pension of 6d. per diem, in compensation for injuries received in apprehending depredators in the woods at Enfield. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant for necessaries for the stable for the King, Queen, Prince, Duke of York, and Lady Elizabeth. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Warrant for the Officers of the Mint to take 45s. to the King's use on every pound troy of gold coined. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Grant to Edm. Sawyer of a sixth reversion of an auditorship of the Exchequer. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Letter to Sir Robt. Stewart signifying that the King declines to intermeddle in the differences between the Kings of Denmark and Sweden, until he understands the disposition of the King of Sweden in that matter. [Docquet.]
Dec. 8. Licence to Sir Thos. Wentworth, of Wentworth House, co. York, to travel. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. 94. Sir Wm. Waad, Lieutenant of the Tower, to Salisbury. Concerning certain effects detailed, left by Wm. Seymour in the Tower at the time of his escape. Claims the goods as his due, and also payment for debts incurred by Seymour for physic, tapestry hangings, &c., with certificates relating to those debts.
Dec. 10.
Warrant to pay 262l. 2s. 5d. to Sence, relict of Jonas Waterhouse, for arrears of her late husband's allowance, and for fees and wages disbursed by him to divers of the Council of the North. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 33.]
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10.
Warrant to pay to Sir Rich. Martin, Master of the Mint, 160l. for sundry models, tools, and engines for improvement of the coin. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 34.]
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10.
Warrant to pay to Sir Carew Raleigh 82l. 0s. 10d. for surplusage of his account for repairs of Portland Castle and Gillingham Park. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 32.]
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10. Warrant to pay necessary sums to Miles Whytakers for inclosing 687 acres of land, to be added to Theobald's Park. [Warrt. Bk., III., pp. 30 and 36.]
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10.
Warrant to pay 600l. remaining due to Wm. Ramsay of 1,200l. bestowed on him by His Majesty, out of forfeitures, and not yet paid. Also 100l. to Fras. Cottington, about to be sent into Spain; and certain sums to persons who brought fruit-trees to His Majesty from the Queen Regent of France. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 33.]
Dec. 10. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 10. Grant to Hen. St. George of the office of Pursuivant-at-Arms for life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 10. Grant to Humph. May, in reversion after Robt. Kirkham, of a Clerkship of the Signet. [Docquet.]
Dec. 11.
Baynard's Castle.
95. Visct. Lisle to Salisbury. Prays to be remembered, as he wishes to discharge some cumbersome debts.
Dec. 11. 96. Petition of Robt. Meverell to the Same, for a lease, without the clause of "Si quis plus dure voluerit," of certain lands in Darleton, co. Nottingham. With references and report thereon.
Dec. 12.
97. Anne Lady Bruncard to the Same. Begs to have 100l. advanced out of the money due to her late husband, who deserved so well of the Prince and State, &c.
Dec. 13.
98. Earl of Pembroke to the Same. The King is well and merry, and very solicitous for his Lordship's health. He approves the project for the reformation of the Navy, and wishes the Prince and Sir Robt. Cotton to be present when it is discussed in Council.
Dec. 13.
99. Wm. Earl of Bath to Salisbury. Sends his certificate of the names and rates of the men of ability for the present loan in Devonshire and Exeter. The sum rated in the county, exclusive of the city of Exeter and the clergy, is with much ado brought to 5,121l.
Dec. 13. Grant to John Ingram of Milborne, co. Cornwall, of pardon for piracy. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Warrant dormant to pay 6d. per diem to John Wilchen and Humph. Story, as wages for keeping the King's spaniels. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Demise to Wm. Ashton of the King's benefit from recusants, to the value of 62l. 12s. 10d. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Licence to Sir Thos. Woodhouse to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Warrant dormant to pay certain allowances to Rich. Berwick, Falconer, in reversion after Chris. Berwick. [Docquet.]
Dec. 13. Grant to Thos. Dixon of the benefit of the recusancy of Thos. Walstide, Martha Skrimsher, Mary Polewhely, Robt. Fitzherbert, of Somerset, Gerard Gifford, Fras. Chamberlain, and Edw. Lane. [Docquet.]
Dec. 15.
Warrant to pay 600l. to Patrick Maull, remainder of 1,200l. forfeitures bestowed on him for services as Gentleman of the Bedchamber, &c. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 34.]
Dec. 16.
100. Sir Thos. Lake to Salisbury. Sends warrants, &c. signed, and letters of the King's own penning, which his Ambassador [in France] is to deliver to M. du Moulin, and to say that the King deals so plainly with him because he wishes the next edition of his book to be free from exceptions.
Dec. 17.
101. Thos. Mills to the Same. Attended M. de Vitry's corpse to Dover, fearing the clamorousness of some of his creditors. He never came to England with money sufficient for his expenses, &c.
Dec. 17. 102. Estimate of damage sustained by fire by Edw. Bridges the Post, and others, at Canterbury, May 27, 1611, when Bridges' stables were burnt by M. de Vitry's servants.
Dec. 17.
Warrant to pay to Wm. Hogan, Keeper of the Stillhouse and Gardens at Hampton Court, 100l., for planting apricots and sundry choice fruit-trees there. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 36.]
Dec. 17. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 17. Letter to the Lord President of the Marches of Wales requiring a return of persons within that district capable of lending money to the King. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. The like to the Earl of Worcester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to Alex. Rigby, in reversion after Roger Rigby, of the office of Clerk of the Peace in Lancashire, for his own and for his son's life. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Presentation of Art. Price to the vicarage of Godshill, diocese of Winchester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Letter from the King to Henry Prince of Wales, to give order for selecting 200 trees within the manor of Sunning, for the use of the Navy. [Docquet.]
Dec. 17. Grant to Fras. Fowler of the Guidership of the Almshouse, Radcliffe, Bristol. [Docquet.]
Dec. 18.
Theobalds. Wednesday.
103. Sir Roger Aston to Salisbury. To take a copy of the letters the King sent for M. du Moulin, and give his opinion thereon.
Dec. 18.
104. Chamberlain to Carleton. Proclamation for raising the value of the gold coin. The Privy Seals begin to come abroad thick and threefold. Legal appointments. Rich Sutton dead, and left 20,000l. ready money for charities, beside 8,000l. a year to the Charterhouse, and other gifts: his poor kindred have only 400l. a year. Newport, Admiral of Virginia, returned. Sir Thos. Gates arrived there.
Dec. 18. 105. Sir Hen. Savile to the Same. His Eton property. Books wanted. Death of Sir Allan Percy. His widow, who was intended for Lord St. John, has married Lord Darcy's eldest son.
Dec. 19.
106. Visct. Haddington to Salisbury. To expedite the grant to Mr. Price of a little benefice in the Isle of Wight.
Dec. 19.
107. Earl of Sussex to the Same. The King promises to favour him in any grant not of the ordinary course.
Dec. 19. Letter to Sir Thos. Edmondes, the King's Ambassador, resident with the French King, touching the delivery of a letter in French to M. du Moulin, Minister at Paris. [Docquet.]
Dec. 19. Grant to Barth. Rogers of the office of Usher of the Court of Wards and Liveries, with reversion to Rich. Ellis and Edw. Hill. [Docquet.]
Dec. 19. Lease to Lord Knollys of the post fines for thirty-one years, on surrender of a former lease, and certain conditions. [Docquet.]
Dec. 19. Lease to the Same of the benefit of the post fines as above. [Docquet.]
Dec. 20.
St. James's
Warrant from Henry Prince of Wales to Salisbury, to pay 4,000l., due to Sir Edw. Carey for erecting the house within the Prince's Park at Berkhamstead, and for other things purchased from him. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 34.]
Dec. 21. 108. Katherine Lady Walsh to Salisbury. Although her husband lost his life in suppressing rebels, she is in worse case than the wives even of offenders, who have tasted, in some degree, of the King's bounty. Recommends her cause to his Lordship's justice.
Dec. 21.
King's Bench.
109. Sir Thos. Shirley to the Same. Thanks for his contribution of 30l. towards his relief. Begs its payment at once, that he may be liberated before he is eaten up with gaol taxes.
Dec. 21.
110. Jean de Barclay to Salisbury. Begs payment of his pension. French.
Dec. 21. Grant to John Edge of an almsroom at Ewelme, co. Oxford. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Licence to Arthur Blewett to travel for three years. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to Alex. Erskine, son and heir of Visct. Fenton, of the chief stewardship and keepership of Ampthill House and parks, in reversion after the said Viscount and Lady Elizabeth, his wife. [Docquet.]
Dec. 21. Grant to John White of an almsroom in Winchester. [Docquet.]
Dec. 22.
111. The King to the Earl of Mar, Treasurer of Scotland, and the Commissioners of Rents there. Warrant to grant a reversion of Sir Wm. Bowyer's Scotch pension to his wife and son George, with survivorship.
Dec. 22.
Warrant to pay certain sums to Robt. Treswell and Cuthbert Ogle for repair of the fences about Bedingfield Lawn, co. Northampton, and the lodges there, and of the fences about Houghton Park, in Ampthill, co. Bedford, and in the Great Park of Nonsuch, with orders to fell trees for the said repairs. [Warr. Bk., III., p. 36.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 24.]
Dec. 23.
Warrant to pay rewards and expenses not exceeding 200l. to persons bringing up Jesuits from Northamptonshire; and 25l. 5s. 10d. to Sir Fras. Fortescue, Keeper of Cornbury Park, co. Oxford, for erecting stone walls for enlarging the said park. [Warr. Bk., III., p. 36.]
Dec. 24. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 24. 112. Fras. Mills to Salisbury. Prays advance of 100l. by way of imprest, towards his expenses for attending the service of the general loan.
Dec. 24. 113. Memorandum of the number of Privy Seals [for loans] already despatched to certain places and counties.
Dec. 24. Presentation of Thos. Downe to the vicarage of Buckland-Brewer, diocese of Exeter. [Docquet.]
Dec. 25.
Letley, Christmas.
114. Earl of Hertford to Salisbury. Backwardness of the service of loan in Somersetshire, which, though larger and wealthier than Wiltshire, lends 700l. less. Congratulates him on his recovery.
Dec. 25.
Warrant to pay certain sums to John Williams and others for plate, gifts for the new year, christenings, Ambassadors, the Queen, &c., &c., for coffers, cutlery, &c. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 37.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 24.]
Dec. 27. Grant to Rich. Swinborne of an almsroom in St. Stephen's, Westminster. [Docquet.]
Dec. 27. Licence to Lord Cromwell to travel. [Docquet.]
Dec. 27. Warrant to discharge Sir Robt. Harley, Ranger of the Forests of Bringwood and Mochtree, co. Hereford, of certain rents from lodges there, due to the Crown under the conveyance made to His Majesty by Sir Hen. Lindley. [Docquet.]
Dec. 27. Grant to Peter de la Rue, stranger, of pardon for killing Hen. Nead, Fencer. [Docquet.]
Dec. 28.
Warrant to pay 200l. to Meredith Morgan for a masque to be performed at Court at Christmas. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 38.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 27.]
Dec. 28.
Warrant to pay 3,024l. 13s. 10d. to Lord Stanhope, Treasurer of the Chamber, for surpluses of his account, &c. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 38.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 30.]
Dec. 28.
Warrant to pay to Edw. Bridges, innkeeper, 150l. for losses by fire, occasioned by the followers of M. de Vitry, deceased. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 38.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 27.]
Dec. 28.
Warrant to pay necessary sums to Fras. Mills and others, Clerks of the Privy Seal, for extra attendance in expediting the loan. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 38.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 30.]
Dec. 23.
Warrant to discharge the Earl of Worcester, Master of the Horse, of 400l. advanced for horses, &c. provided for His Majesty's service, and to pay him 361l. 12s. 4d. balance of his account, and 400l. imprest for purchase of horses. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 38.]
Dec. Docquet of the above. [Docquet, Dec. 30.]
Dec. 30. Grant to Sir Robt. Maxwell and Robt. Morrison, his servant, of protection for a year from arrest for debts due to Wm. Watt, tailor, of London. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Commission for Edm. Marlow to be Captain and Chief Commander of two ships, the James and the Solomon, destined for the East Indies; also for John Gurney to succeed him if he should die. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Commission for Thos. Best and Thos. Aldworth to be Captains of two other ships also intended for the East Indies. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30. Licence for Thos. Hetley to be a common baker at Peterborough, with remission of all penalties for not having served apprenticeship to that trade. [Docquet.]
Dec. 30.
115. Geo. Carleton to his brother, Sir Dud. Carleton. His distress for his mother's death and his son's rash journey is increased by his wife's serious illness. Has been ill himself.
Dec. 30.
116. Dr. Geo. Carleton to his cousin, Sir. Dud. Carleton. Death of Sir Dudley's mother, and her eulogy. Wishes to know whether a Jesuit must needs be a priest.
Dec. 31
117. John Chamberlain to the Same. Sir Walter Cope, in recompence of Carleton's presents, promises to see his allowance better paid. The Ambassador of Savoy is angry that the Palatine Prince is likely to be preferred to his master. The Duke of Wirtemberg at Court. A cutpurse, taken in the Chapel Royal, will be executed. The new Baronets claim precedency over the younger sons of Barons. Corbet, Clerk of the Council, old Lady Barnes, and the Countess of Lincoln dead. Cottington, Secretary to Cornwallis, made Consul at Seville.
Dec. 31.
Warrant to pay 1,200l. in gold to Sir Roger Aston, whereof 1,000l. is for the King's new year's gift to the Prince of Wales, and 200l. to the Duke of York. Also 103l. 10s. 2¾d. arrears of rent due to the Prince, and 100l. to the Duke for his new year's gifts. [Warrt. Bk., III., p. 39.]
Dec. 31. Docquet of the above.
Dec. 31. Licence for the Earl of Salisbury and his heirs to convey lands or tenements, part of his manor of Hatfield, in fee simple or otherwise, to such persons as he may think fit, notwithstanding the Statute of "Quia emptores terrarum," or any other statute. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Warrant to pay 3l. per week to Florence McCarty, prisoner in the King's Bench. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Grant of incorporation to the Parish Clerks of London and its Liberties. Each Parish Clerk to bring to the Clerks' Hall weekly a note of all christenings and burials; and to be able to sing the Psalms of David, and to write. [Docquet.]
Dec. 31. Lease, in reversion, to Phil. Lord Wharton and Sir Thos. Wharton, his son and heir, for services of Sir George Wharton, His Majesty's servant, deceased, of the manor of Thormanby and appurtenances, co. York. [Docquet.]
Dec. ? 118. Tidings from England that the King is very thoughtful about the marriage urged by the agents of the Prince Palatine, in opposition to that of Savoy. He is unwilling to displease the greater part of his nobility by uniting his daughter to a Papist. The Earl of Salisbury argued strongly against it, pointing out the importance of caution in the present projected alliance of France and Spain, Spanish influence prevailing greatly in France since the death of that King. He pointed out the mischiefs resulting from the concourse of Catholics at the foreign Ambassadors' services. They were remonstrated against. The French Ambassador made excuses. The Spanish declared that he would not invite persons, but neither would he prevent their coming. The Venetian replied satisfactorily. Italian.
Dec. ? 119. Petition to the King of the Baronets for maintenance of their dignities and privileges, and of the Viscounts and Barons that their younger sons may have precedence over the Baronets; with historical precedents, arguments, and replies on both sides. Imperfect.
Dec. ? 120. Arguments [by a Baronet] in favour of a clearer wording of their patent of creation, by which it may appear that their rank is equivalent to that of the ancient bannerets or baronets, and comes next to that of a baron.

Undated, 1611 ?

1611 ? 121. Thos. Cuthbert to Salisbury. Sir Wm. Bowyer threatens to commit him, because he brought certain informations to his Lordship concerning Berwick. Begs a trial of his deserts, before which he dares not repair to Berwick.
122. Wm. Greenwell and Thos. Stiles to the Same. Have delivered into the King's store since 3d May last, cordage to the value of 8,400l. Request that the 4,000l. promised them in February may be paid earlier, to maintain their credit and enable them to continue the service.
123. Sir Thos. Eversfield to the Same. His brother being assaulted in the street by Sir Edm. Morgan and others, a man of Sir Edmund's was killed, for which his brother is prosecuted. Prays protection for him.
124. Robt. Bath to —. Will be utterly undone if Sir Reynold Argall and Randoll have his lands, and retain the purchase money. Begs the Lord Treasurer will stay their lease of his lands.
125. John Marow to Salisbury. Suggestions of benefits to accrue to the King from taking into his hands certain ecclesiastical law proceedings, and to the poor from a special legal commission, and from an office for the prosecution of legacies left for charitable uses.
126. Sir Walter Raleigh to the Queen. Hopes His Majesty will consider the advantages he might derive from the riches of Guiana before it be too late, as his health suffers much from the rigorous confinement of eight years. Attests his innocency.
The Queen to Lord Carew, Her Vice Chamberlain and Receiver General. Blank warrant for payment of money. [Dom. Corresp., March 3, 1612.]
127. Elizabeth Lady Reade to Salisbury. Hopes her mean present, her own labour, may find acceptance, being from a fatherless child.
128. Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland, to the Same. Begs his favour towards a suit of Mr. Tirell, who has married her near kinswoman.
129. Ann Wallwyn to the Same. Solicits the wardship of the son of Jas. Tomkins, who is likely to die.
1611 ? 130. Katherine Lady Walsh to Salisbury. Thanks for the grant of her request; since which, Sir Thos. Lake informs her that it is the King's pleasure to take away 500l. of the 1,500l. granted; if so, she must be content.
131. Sir John Wentworth to the Same. Has served the Prince a year in his Privy Chamber. Begs to be appointed his groom in ordinary.
132. [Thos. Wilson] to the [Chancellor of] Cambridge. Statement of the inconveniences resulting from the annexation of the King's gift of Terrington Parsonage to the Divinity Lectureship of Cambridge, which is changed every two years. Proposal that a new lectureship be erected thereon, to be called the "Chancellor's lectureship, and to be in the gift of the University."
Greenwich. Friday. 133. Lord Wotton to the Lord Treasurer. Recommends the issue of a certain commission, as one of the best means to prevent mischief in this dear time.
134. Petition of John Baynard to the Council. Served the late Queen against the Irish rebels. Has been seven years a prisoner in the Gate House, Westminster, at the King's expense. Prays to be released, and placed in the Charter House.
135. Petition of Abraham Campion to Salisbury, for payment of 7,277l. 12s. 3d., the surplus of his accounts due from the King and Prince for the past three years.
136. Petition of John Croker and Sam. Hales to the Same, not to be charged extra fees in passing their grant of part of Sir Rich. Lee's lands, escheated to the Crown, because mention of payment of the purchase money was omitted from their patent.
137. Petition of Thos. Dudgion, Bookbearer and Underkeeper of the Records of the Court of King's Bench, to the Same. Sir John Stafford, who has married John Whynniard's widow, claims rent from him for two tenements built by himself, with permission, in Old Palace Yard, near the ground leased to him by John Whynniard. Prays that he may pay his rent to the King, lest he be charged with a double payment. Annexed is,
137. i. Conditions of the grant made to John Whynniard of waste land adjoining Westminster Palace, and to the Earl of Northampton of land near Whitehall.
138. Petition of Sir Thos. Fairfax to the King, for instalment of fines imposed on himself, father, and brother, in 32 Eliz. His brother, Sir Chas. Fairfax, was slain at the siege of Ostend, and left no estate; and he has heavy sums to pay on the death of his father. With note to the Lord Treasurer to the same effect.
Cambridge. 139. Petition of certain Fellows of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Salisbury, for an inhibition to the Vice Chancellor and others not to deprive them for their refusal to acknowledge the newly-elected Proctor, until his Lordship has confirmed the validity of his election.
1611 ? 140. Petition of Orlando Gibbons, Organist of the King's Chapel, to Salisbury, for a lease in reversion of 40 marks per ann. of Duchy lands, without fine, as promised him by the Queen.
141. Petition of Robt. Treswell, Surveyor of the Woods, to the Same and Sir Julius Cæsar, for licence to dig for yellow ochre in the Forests of Dean and Shotover, paying for it 6l. 13s. 4d. per ann.
142. Petitions of divers Merchant Strangers of London to Salisbury. Are much impeded in their trade by the citizens of London, who prevent their buying needful commodities. Pray that a free market may be erected.
143. Petition of Merchant Strangers and others, traders in the new drapery, in Norwich and Colchester, to the Same, against the citizens of London, who will allow none but those free of the city to buy or sell within its precincts. Pray for a free market outside the city.
144. Petition of the King's tenants on Tower Hill to the Same. To compel Timberley to surrender Faulder's lease, on which they may be enabled to renew leases of their tenements.
145. Petition of Wm. Worthington to the King. For confirmation of a grant of the estates of Lady Parkins and John Gibbons, found guilty of conveying the Lady's daughter beyond the seas into a nunnery.
146. Latin verses in honour of Robert Earl of Salisbury, signed D. H.
147. List of Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber sworn in, ordinary and extraordinary.
148. List of the great offices of the Crown [by the Earl of Nottingham; with additions by Salisbury].
149. Essay addressed to the King on State abuses, especially the overgrown power of the House of Suffolk, and of the Earl of Salisbury, and their oppressions of the subject.
150. Statement of the advantages to accrue from granting to private persons the collection of the King's fees for respite of homage, which are now paid into the [Remembrancer's] Office.
151. Answers to objections stated against removing the payment of fees for homage from Mr. Osborne, the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office, to assignees appointed by the King.
152. Copy of the above.
153. Grant to Patrick and Rich. Black of the office of tailors to the Duke of York.
154. Reasons to induce [Salisbury] to admit Sir John Stafford to be purchaser of Bristol Castle, he offering a much larger sum for it than do the citizens. [See Oct. 6, 1611.]
155. Estimate by John Norden of expenses of repairs done or to be done about castles in Hampshire and Dorsetshire.
156. Plot of Falmouth Fort and Haven, by John Norden.
157. Note of the rich saddles in the office of His Majesty's saddler.
158. Account of half-yearly payments of 23l. 12s. 8d. made by the churchwardens of St. Saviour's, Southwark, to the Receiver General of Surrey, as rent of the rectory there, from 4 to 9 Jac. I.
159. "My late Lord's intent and purposes," being to have Sir Geo. Trenchard put out of the stewardship of a certain manor [belonging to the Principality of Wales;] to obtain the records relating to it from Mr. Bowyer, keeper of the town records, and to procure it from the Prince, by lease or exchange.
160. Notes from records on the precedence hitherto observed among the Officers of the Navy, proving that it was not affected by the personal rank of the officer, and showing the inconveniences that will ensue if the patent of Baronets be allowed to give them precedence above their superior officers.
161. Arguments by Ralph Brooke, York Herald, against the claim of the members of the Corporation of London to be styled Baron, and as to precedence of Aldermen knighted. Imperfect.
162. Notes of the lamentable state of Northumberland, and prevalence of recusancy there since the Earl of Dunbar's death, by the evil government of Roger Wodrington and Edw. Gray, officers of Lord Howard de Walden and Lord Wm. Howard.
163. Statement of the increase of recusancy in Northumberland, on account of the influence of Lord Wm. Howard and his recusant officers in those parts.
164. Remarks [addressed by Rich. Rainsford to Salisbury], in answer to objections against his project for demanding a tribute of the tenth fish from foreigners fishing in the British seas. Is willing to renew a project undertaken three years before, for farming this tribute. [See Nov. 17, 1608.]
165. Writ of Habeas Corpus addressed to the Earl of Northampton, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, for bringing up Godfrey Hubbard, before Sir Thos. Fleming, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. With note of objection to the above, as being contrary to the rights of the Cinque Ports.
166. Hen. Earl of Northampton to the Mayors, &c. of the Cinque Ports. To confirm to John and Chas. Young the right assigned to them by the executors of the late Sam. Thomas, in Letters Patent granted to him of the moiety of all fines for unlawful transportation of ordnance.
167. State of a cause between Mr. Godfrey, Clement Stepney, and others, against the executors of Mr. Maize and others, of New Romney, in reference to a tax attempted to be levied on the plaintiffs, which they resist on the ground that their lands at Promhill lie in the liberties of Lydd, and not in those of New Romney.
168. Notes relative to the jurisdiction over Ingmersh and Promhill, contested between the towns of Romney and Lydd.
169. Arguments to prove that the accounts and records of receivers, bailiffs, &c., taken before the Auditors of the Exchequer, should be given up yearly to the two Treasurers of the Remembrancer Office and Clerk of the Pipe, and not preserved by the several Auditors.