James 1 - volume 116: September 1620

Pages 176-182

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1619-23. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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September 1620

Sept. 3. Special Commission to Sir Hen. Spiller, Geo. Longe, and others, to compound for any debts, forfeitures, &c. due to the King. [Grant Bk., p. 289.]
Sept. 3.
88. Mayor and Jurats, &c. of Rye to Lord Zouch. Request his approval of the Town Clerk whom they have elected. With note, that since they have chosen the clerk, his Lordship will not meddle therein.
Sept. 4.
89. John Philpot to Nicholas. The Society of Tradesmen at Faversham, incorporated five years before, under good regulations, is much opposed, the more so, because it is reported that the Lord Warden will never see the ports again. Intreats his presence at Faversham to restrain their disorders.
Sept. 7 90. Memorandum of additional contributions for Bohemia [from the diocese of Peterborough].
Sept. 8. Grant to Sir Robt. Mansell of the office of Admiral, and to have the rule of certain ships and pinnaces for suppressing pirates. [Grant Bk., p. 315.]
Sept. 8. Grant, in reversion, to Accepted Frewyn, of a prebend in Canterbury Cathedral. [Docquet.]
Sept. 8. Warrant to pay 200l. per ann. to the Cofferer of the Household, as the allowance for the four ordinary Clerks of the Privy Seal, in lieu of diet. [Docquet.]
Sept. 8. Warrant to the Officer of the Household to pay the above allowance of 200l. per ann. to the said Clerks. [Docquet.]
Sept. [8]. 91. Copy of the two preceding docquets.
Sept. 9. Letter to Sir Rich. Molyneux, Sir Thos. Tildesley, and other feoffees in trust for Sir Rich. Houghton, communicating the King's pleasure, that the money to be raised on the sale of lands made over to them by Sir Rich. Houghton be devoted to payment of his allowance from his father, and of his debts, and to the maintenance of himself and children. [Docquet]
Sept. 9.
92. Chamberlain to Carleton. Sir Robt. Mansell and his companions are gone to Windsor to take leave of the King; their equipage is so rich that it is thought they cannot be going merely against Algiers' pirates. Some Aldermen of London have gone to Windsor to surrender their new charter, for which Mr. Attorney suffers so much. The Bp. of Winchester has spent 2,400l. in entertaining the King three days at Farnham. Death of Sir Robt. Brett. Sir Fras. Blundell is made an Irish Baronet, and has the precedence of all English Knights, being set as a leader to see who will follow.
Sept. 9.
93. Sir Thos. Wilson to his Brother. Sends him a plaster for his shoulder. Desires him to cause more dams to be made in the river, that it may be full of water, as the Master of the Wards will visit his house on his way home.
Sept. 10. Lord Admiral Buckingham to Capt. Thos. Love. Requires him at once to go on board the Convertine, of which he is appointed Captain, under Sir Robt. Mansell. [Dom. Corresp., May 13, 1622.]
Sept. 11. 94. Analytical table of instructions for the Commissioners and Stewards to inquire into the King's copyholds.
Sept. 11. 95. Copy of the above; with note of cautions to be used in demising copyhold lands.
Sept. 14.
96. Baron Achatius de Dona, Bohemian Ambassador, to Lord Zouch. Has written to the Cinque Ports, &c., and would have written earlier, but was told they were entirely at his Lordship's disposal. Requests his aid towards levying the contribution there for Bohemia. Incloses,
96. i. The Same to the Mayors, &c. of the Cinque Ports. Their Majesties of Bohemia requiring aid in maintaining their just cause, has applied to divers persons and places to assist them, and found great willingness to support the cause. Requests their contributions, with speedy payment, some forces being already sent, and the rest ready to follow when money comes in. Sept. 14.
Sept. 14. 97. Lord [Zouch] to the [Mayors, &c.] of the Cinque Ports. Exhorts them earnestly to a liberal contribution for the King and Queen of Bohemia. Full lists of contributors are to be sent, and magistrates to set a good example to others. Has given 200l. himself, and promised 100l. a year whilst the war lasts.
Sept. 14. Grant to Margaret Puncherdon of a sister's room in St. Catherine's, near the Tower. [Docquet.]
Sept. 16.
98. Chamberlain to Carleton. The King gone from London to Wanstead, Havering, and Theobalds. Great alarm on Spinola's entrance into the Palatinate. Baron Dona could not persuade His Majesty to leave off his sports, and think on the matter. The Spanish Ambassador said he rejoiced because his master would thus be able to gratify the King by restoring the Palatinate; he is most arrogant in demeanour; he made a progress to Buckinghamshire to Lady Dormer's and Lady Tresham's, and founded a counter contribution to that of Bohemia. The Archbp. of Spalato behaves ill to Lady Carleton; she cannot get money, though even in these hard times Sir Edw. Zouch has Oking and other lands, worth 500l. a year, for fooling and masking, and John Murray has Guildford Park. Lord Doncaster made a feast at Syon to Buckingham and others. Death of Lord Fitzwalter, only son of the Earl of Sussex.
Sept. 18.
99. Sir Hen. Savile to the Same. Gloomy reports of affairs abroad.
Sept. 19.
100. Mayor of Chester to the Council. Requests the release of Walter Sheppard, imprisoned eighteen months before on a charge of being a Jesuit, which he denied, and took the Oath of Allegiance; his means are spent, and he is in great want.
Sept. 19.
101. Examination of John Corbett, aged seventeen, servant of Hen. Lightgold, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. Shot with clay pellets for amusement, and hit Lady Welsh, now wife of Roger Palmer, in the eye, whereby her life is in danger; does not think he hit Mr. Brown.
Sept. 20. 102. Recognizance by Art. Hill, of St. Keverne, Cornwall, for his appearance before the Council the last day of Michaelmas term.
Sept. 20 103. List of annuities, pensions, and fees for diets, increased and decreased.
Sept. [20 ?] 104. Capt. Hen. Bell to the Council. The King recommended him to serve the Venetians, but the conclusion of a peace prevented. Is cast into prison for debts, his money being expended in His Majesty's service; his means failing, will be put into the dark dungeon, and have to beg bread at the common gate. Begs to be allowed the nomination of two Irish Barons, and for an order to the Warden not to deal rigorously with him. Incloses,
104. i. Note of the services done [by Hen. Bell] to the King in his transactions with foreign Princes, and of the expenses he has incurred thereby, for which his reward was an office for survey of lead, with a pension of 500l. a year, on which office he expended 986l., and it was then taken away before he reaped any benefit.
Sept. 21. Declaration of Wm. Mathews, servant of Geo. Swetman, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, that, standing at his master's door, he was hit by a pellet shot from a window, by a servant of Mr. Lightgold, who also shot other passers-by. [Dom. Corresp., Sept. 19.]
Sept. 21. 105. Certificate by the Vicar, Constables, &c. [of St. Keverne, Cornwall], in behalf of Art. Hill, that he attended the late musters at Helstone, Cornwall, with a musket and pike, as accustomed; but was bound over by Sir Reginald Mohun in 100l. to appear before Council for not producing another musket and pike, which had never been required before; his true assertions of recent heavy losses, &c. were disregarded.
Sept. 21. Warrant for payment to Visct. Haddington of 2,000l., lately paid into the Exchequer by the Earl of Suffolk. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Sir Rich. Tracy, on surrender of Sir Wm. Throgmorton, of the office of Master of the Game in Crossland Chace, co. Gloucester. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to the Vicar of Hampton and his successors of forty marks per ann., in lieu of certain glebe lands inclosed for the King's Park at Hampton Court. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Licence to the Lord Admiral, the Master of the Ordnance, and the Master of the Court of Wards, to make and work all manner of saltpetre and gunpowder, in England and Ireland. [Docquet.]
Sept. 21. Grant to Wm. Villiers, of Brookesby, co. Leicester, of discharge of 1,095l., due on his being created a Baronet. [Docquet.]
Sept 22. Grant to Dr. Rich. Zouch of the lectureship of Civil Law at Oxford. [Grant Bk., p. 307.]
Sept. 22. Grant to Abm. Jacob of 3,000l., and to Abm. and John Jacob of the office of collecting impositions on tobacco for life. [Ibid., p. 329.]
Sept. 25.
Hampton Court.
106, 107. Minute of the order in which business depending is to be taken by the Council, viz.:—Residence of the Merchant Adventurers at Middleburgh; Complaint of the East India Merchants against Berwick for betraying their ships; business of the Patentees for manufacturing steel; the plantations in Ireland; the low price of wools; wine casks and erection of brewhouses. Two copies.
Sept. 25. 108. Petition of Hen. Steed and others, merchants of Dover, to Lord Zouch, to be discharged of penalties incurred by exporting malt without paying full custom. Did it to employ their vessels, the incor porated companies having drawn the trade of the kingdom to London
Sept. 25.
109. Commissioners for Suits to the Farmers of Customs. Request them and the French merchants to certify their opinion on a petition of one of the King's servants [John Pitts], concerning transporting Irish hides from West Chester.
Sept. 26.
110. John King to Lord Zouch. Complains of the violence and abuse of John Bens, and other unlawful takers of oysters, of Chiche and St. Osith, whom, according to warrant, he endeavoured to suppress. Was summoned on their accusations before Lord Darcy, but refused to appear. They profess that the dredging grounds are Lord Darcy's.
Sept. 27 ? 111. Petition of the Merchant Adventurers to the King, for permission at last to remove their staple town from Middleburgh, repeated promises for redress of grievances being unaccomplished, and the Secretary from that town, till whose coming the decision was postponed, having now arrived.
Sept. 27.
New College.
112. Dr. Rich. Zouch to Lord Zouch. The Fellows of Corpus Christi College usually let their land on leases for twenty years, and renew them to the former tenants if they have performed their conditions. Doubts not they will continue his Lordship in a farm of which he has purchased the interest.
Sept. 28. 113. Commissioners of Sewers for Ely and Cambridgeshire to the Council. Have contracted with Sir Wm. Ayloffe for draining the Fens. Request that the undertakers may now be compelled to perform their part, or else to abandon the project, since, in expectation of it, the drainage has been neglected for years. Inclose,
113. i. Order of the Session of Sewers, that the undertakers shall be allowed the moiety of all profits arising from the improvements of rentals of lands valued below 8s. per acre, which shall accrue from their drainage, for seven years, and that then the average value of the said moiety shall be assigned over to them, they keeping the drainage in order, compensating any damage done to land-owners thereby, and commencing their works speedily. Ely, Sept. 28, 1620.
Sept. 28. 114. Michael Constable to John Archer. Has received some apparel; cannot be removed but by warrant from the Lord Warden, who could set him at liberty if he chose, but he is severe on men of his calling; would rather endure his hard restraint than endanger his friends by removing to London. Wishes his friends in Louvaine to know that he could not deliver their messages. Certain letters are to be forwarded.
Sept. 28.
115. Earl of Devonshire and Lord Wm. Cavendish to the Council. At the musters in Derbyshire, the forces are made complete, with useful arms, powder, and match; the beacons attended to, &c.
Sept. 28.
116. Matthew Poker, Gunner of Dover Castle, to Nicholas. Mr. Fulnetby has lent him 8l., which is to be deducted out of his pay, and the balance of 4l. 3s. 4d. delivered to his mother for him.
Sept. 28.
Deal Castle.
117. [Gunners] of Deal Castle to Lord Zouch. Present four of their number who live away from their posts; know of no other faults committed.
Sept. 28. 118. [Gunners, &c.] of Walmer Castle to the Same. Present themselves as all faulty, and request pardon.
Sept. 29. 119. Jury and Gunners of Sandown Castle to the Same. Present their Lieutenant for non-residence, and certain Gunners for occasional absence from duty, on account of sickness.
Sept. 29.
Hampton Court.
120. The King to the Earls of Pembroke and Arundel, and others. To cancel a former licence to John Cotton, John Williams, and Thos. Ditton, to build an amphitheatre, which is not sufficiently restricted, and to order a new warrant, with certain restrictions and reservations.
Sept. 29. 121. Account of extraordinary receipts since Michaelmas, 1619. Total, 110,463l.
Sept. 29. 122. Account of extraordinary disbursements since Michaelmas, 1619. Total, 138,729l.
Sept. 29. 123. Statement of debts of former years paid since Michaelmas, 1619. Total, 41,624l.
Sept. 29. 124. Statement of the whole debts of the Crown, due at Michaelmas, 1620. Total, 611,525l.
Sept. 29. 125. State of the revenue for the past year, as contained in the declarations of the Receivers of the Exchequer. Latin.
Sept. 29. 126, 127. Muster roll of the garrison of Mote's Bulwark. Two copies.
Sept. 30. 128. Muster roll of the garrison of Deal Castle.
Sept. 30. 129. Muster roll of the garrison of Sandown Castle.
Sept. 30. 130. Muster roll of the garrison of Walmer Castle.
Sept. 30. 131. Muster roll of the garrison of Arch-cliff Bulwark.
[Sept. 30.] 132. List of the Gunners, and of the Captain's six men [at Archcliff Bulwark].
Sept. 30.
133. Lord President and the Council of the North to the Council. The inclosures in Galtres Forest by Thekeston and Sir Rich. Etherington are of the best part of the forest; they much injure the poor of Easingwold and Kirby, who are thus excluded from their right of common; the wood required for inclosures and sub-divisions impoverishes the forest, and the tumults arising thereon, searching for cattle, &c., have frightened away most of the deer. If the frith were reserved for the deer after Michaelmas, as agreed on, both woods and game would be preserved.
Sept. 30. 134. Certificate by Jasper Fowler, Searcher of Kent, that he often heard compositions made between the Custom-house officers and maltsters of Dover, for licence to export malt, if the wind would not serve to carry it to another part of the Kingdom; that no fraud was thereby intended, and that without such favour, much malt must have spoiled by lying waiting for a wind.
Sept. ? 135. Julius Deede, Collector, and Wm. Haynes, Controller of Customs, to Lord Zouch. The townsmen of Dover, who are sued for transporting malt, first compounded for its export at the Customhouse, and were allowed a large reduction in the usual duties, without which they would not venture to export it, as it is cheap, and no certain market for it.
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to Geo. Herriot 328l. 10s., for jewels for the King. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to John Mawre, servant to Thos. Derry, of 4s. per diem during the life of the said Derry, and of 2s. per diem should he survive him. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Grant to Thos. Hill of pardon for offences committed by him against the statutes of usury, for which there is no information against him. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to the Exchequer to pay to Sir Robt. Ayton 375l., in part of his pension of 500l. per ann. from the impost on sea coals, the farmers of which have already paid all their rents due. [Docquet.]
Sept. 30. Warrant to pay to the Mayor and Burgesses of Berwick 350l., over and above 12,000l. already allowed, for finishing the bridge, and licence to cut down 250 tons of timber in Chopwell woods, bishopric of Durham, for the said bridge. [Docquet.]
[Sept. 30.] 136. Petition of Capt. Fras. and Marg. Woodhouse to the Council. Being summoned home four months before, from Overyssel, where the captain's regiment was in garrison, to attend Sir Edw. Coke and his Lady, and the regiment being meanwhile removed to Cleves, request compensation for their charges, and for loss incurred, and a letter to account for their long absence.
Sept. ? 137. Petition of Alex. Wilson to the King, that in consideration of his services for thirty-five years to the late Queen Anne, Prince Henry, and His Majesty, in Norway, Denmark, &c., the arrears of his pension may be paid.