James 1 - volume 127: January 1622

Pages 332-341

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1619-23. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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January 1622

Jan. 1. 1. Locke to Carleton. The King is so annoyed with the protestation that it is thought he will dissolve Parliament. Sir Edw. Coke is committed close prisoner to the Tower, and Sir Robt. Phelips sent for. Sir Ant. Ashley marries Mrs. Shelley [or Shelton], a relation of Buckingham. The Council are making an expurgatory index of justices of the peace, weeding out twenty or thirty in some counties.
Jan. 1. 2. John Nicholas to Edw. Nicholas. Thinks Mrs. Jane inclines to the match; advises him to come down. Family affairs. With French notes, by Edw. Nicholas, relative to the property left to [Jane Jaye] by her grandfather.
Jan. 3.
St. James's.
3. Sir Wm. Croft to Carleton. Thanks for favours.
Jan. 3. 4. Sir Sam Peyton to Lord Zouch. The prejudice of the people of Dover is rather against his office of bailiff than against himself; they know that he has means, and will not yield to them as Mr. Alley did. Particulars of their refusing him admission because he had not a letter of attendance, and of his retorting on them with some angry remarks, in which they profess he said something derogatory to his Lordship.
Jan. ? 5. Points of the information brought by Sir Sam. Peyton against the town of Dover, relating to their rights as a corporation.
Jan. 4. 6. List of persons to whom grants of the moiety of old debts of the Crown have been made since 1607, with dates of their several patents, and account of the sums actually paid upon them.
Jan. 4 ? 7. Petition of the assignees of old debts due to the Crown, to the King, for permission to have leases of such lands as are extended for the said debts, in cases where the owners refuse to pay or compound for them, as they have hitherto been rather losers than gainers, owing to the trouble of getting in their moneys.
Jan. 4.
8. Chamberlain to Carleton. Great christening of the Lord Treasurer's son at Chelsea; the King, who was godfather, gave the child l,000l. in land. Sir Edw. Coke has been examined, on accusation of failing of his duty as a counsellor and a subject, and is in great danger of a fall; his papers are searched by Sir Robt. Cotton and Sir Thos. Wilson. The seizure of Mr. Hakewill, Mr. Pymme, and Sir Robt. Phelips make it thought that he is attacked on Parliament business. The King is extremely displeased with the protestation, and calls all his servants to account for not opposing it, but most of them plead absence. Parliament would be dissolved, but that the judges say unless it be made a session, the two subsidies could not lawfully be collected, and if it be a session, many good laws would fall to the ground, for want of being continued. Don Gondomar is said to influence affairs; he is more powerful than any ambassador before. Tobie Matthew is said at his last visit to have made money for himself or the late Chancellor, by getting motions, injunctions, &c. Buckingham, with his wife and mother, dined with the Bp. of London, and they were confirmed in his chapel. The Spanish match said to be concluded, which is enough to dissolve Parliament.
Jan. 4 ? 9. Wm. Hunton to Edw. Nicholas. Advises him to come down to prosecute in person his suit to his sister Jane.
Jan 4. 10. Susan Nicholas to her brother Edw. Nicholas. Is sorry to be unable to assist him in his suit.
Jan. 6. 11. Notes from Proclamations for dissolution of Parliaments, Sept. 14, 1586, Dec. 31, 1610, and Jan. 6, 1622; with queries as to the legality of dissolution, except by commission.
Jan. 6.
Proclamation detailing the principal transactions between the King and Parliament, and the reasons why, its happy beginnings being thwarted by the turbulence of certain unruly spirits, his Majesty now concludes to dissolve it, and declaring it dissolved accordingly. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 99.]
Jan. 7.
Proclamation, that, for preventing the mischiefs that might arise from the burning of records in the fire at the Six Clerks' Office, Chancery Lane, all parties producing originals or authentic copies of such records shall have them re-inrolled without charge, and that fresh examinations of witnesses, &c. shall be made in cases where the pleadings relating to unfinished suits at law are destroyed. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 100.]
Jan. 7. 12. Wardens of the Goldsmiths' Company to Sir Robt. Heath. Send a list appended of 183 alien goldsmiths resident in London, with a statement of the grievances occasioned by their making counterfeit jewels, &c., and engrossing the trade, so that the goldsmiths are impoverished, and meaner trades have crept into Goldsmiths' Row in Cheapside, and Lombard Street; also suggestions for reformation thereof, by diminishing the number of alien goldsmiths, compelling them to work only for English goldsmiths, to submit to the ordinances of the Company, &c.
Jan. ? 13. Collection of the ordinances, &c. of the Goldsmiths' Company concerning strangers, from 42 Edw. III. to 5 Hen. VIII., extracted from the Company's books. Indorsed, "Frederick Hollingbeck, in Holborn."
Jan. ? 14. Master and Wardens of the Coopers of London to Sir Robt. Heath. Give a list of aliens employed as coopers by foreign brewers in London, to the detriment of the poor English coopers.
Jan. ? 15. Statement of the grievances of the Clockmakers of London, from the number and deceitful tricks of foreigners practising their trade; beg that they may not be permitted to work except under English masters, and that no foreign clocks may be imported; with a list of the clockmakers, both English and aliens.
Jan. ? 16. List of the names and residences of the strangers, clockmakers, in London.
Jan.? 17. List of aliens, brokers, within the City of London; with the places of their habitation.
Jan. ? 18. Copy of the above; with their places of birth, &c. With note, that they are to attend on Monday, at two o'clock.
Jan. ? 19. List of aliens, warehouse keepers, in London. Annexed is,
19. i. Fragment of a Royal mandate to consider how Scotch wools may be sold into England and draped there.
Jan.? 20. Petition of the Leatherdressers of Southwark to Sir Robt. Heath, for redress against the injury done to their trade by Dutchmen, who employ their countrymen as journeymen to work at the trade, without serving their apprenticeship.
Jan. ? 21. Supplication of the Leatherdressers in and about the borough of Southwark to Sir Edm. Bowyer, Lieutenant of Surrey, for redress of the wrongs they sustain in their trade from Peter De Vous, a Dutchman. With articles of accusation against him, and marginal notes of his replies.
Jan. 8.
Ordnance Office.
22. Estimate [by the Officers of Ordnance] of the expense of Ordnance stores required for fourteen ships in harbour; total, 115l. 15s. 1d.
Jan. 9. 23. The Commissioners of the Navy to the Lord Treasurer. Have estimated the expense of the Navy for the year 1622, the fourth year of their undertaking, at 29,981l. 8s. 5d., and request an assignment therefor.
Jan. 10. 24. Sir Hen. Guildford to the Council. Has examined Stoke Park, according to order, and found little but underwood felled, and no damage done to the deer; has inventoried the goods in Stoke House, and sealed up the principal rooms, and also inventoried the goods at Bailie's farm, but not sealed the rooms, as Mr. Hen. Coke and his family live there; has forbidden any felling of timber or removal of cattle.
Jan. 11.
25. Earl of Dunfermline to Robt. Abercromby. Mr. Kirk is not to be urged to an answer. Wishes to know if his letter have reached Count Gondomar, who was ill.
Jan. 11. Warrant to pay to Sir Wm. Russell, Treasurer of the Navy, 4,101l. 10s., whereof 3,750l. is for repair of defects in six of the King's ships returned from Algiers, and 351l. 10s. for making a barricade across the Medway at Upnor Castle, for protection of the navy at Chatham. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Warrant to advance to Rich. Smith, Captain of Calshot Castle, 300l., for repair of the causeway from the New Forest to the said castle, and to pay further sums if necessary therefor. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant, in reversion, to Geo. Bingley of one of the two auditorships of the Imprests [in the Exchequer], after Sir Fras. Gofton and Sir Rich. Sutton in possession, and Sir Ralph Freeman in reversion; likewise of one of the two auditorships of the Mint after the said Sir Fras. Gofton and Hen. Stanley in possession, and Sir Ralph [Freeman in reversion. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to Fras. Mansell, of Mudlescomb, co. Carmarthen, of the rank of a Baronet. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to the Same of discharge of 1,095l., due on his being created a Baronet. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to Edw. Powell, of Penkelly, co. Hereford, of the rank of a Baronet. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to the Same of discharge of 1,095l., due on his being created a baronet. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to Visct. Fielding, on surrender of the Lord Treasurer, of the office of Master of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Indenture between the King and Lord Cranfield, discharging the latter of all sums received for ordinary expenses of the Great Wardrobe within three years ending at Michaelmas last, and also for the Queen's funeral, on his discharge to the King of all debts in the wardrobe during that time, or on account of the said funeral. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to Lord Fielding, Master of the Great Wardrobe for the present year, of certain annuities of 13,000l. out of French and Rhenish wines, and of l,000l. out of sweet wines, which, with the assignments by Act of Parliament for expenses of the said wardrobe, &c., amount to 20,000l. per ann., with proviso of payment of 6,000l. to the Lord Treasurer for this year, and of reduction of 4,000l. per ann. for future years from the wardrobe allowance. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Grant to Visct. Fielding of all such sums of money as remain unexpended at the end of every year, from the annuities and assignments allowed for expenses of the Great Wardrobe. [Docquet.]
Jan. 11. Warrant to pay to Robt. Hay, Gentleman of the Robes, 200l., to be employed according to the King's directions. [Docquet.]
Jan. 12. 26. Locke to [Carleton]. Sir Robt. Phelips gone to the Tower, and Sir Edw. Mallory of Yorkshire going thither. Sir Edw. Coke's large collections of papers are brought to the Council Chamber, and will be well searched. A servant of Bing, the Counsellor, has been questioned on the rack, and is likely to lose his life for prophesying a rebellion. The King is gone to Theobalds, and was endangered by falling from his horse into a ditch in the park. The Council are going to congratulate his escape. Has spoken to Sir Noel Caron about the ship of Doccum.
Jan. 14.
27. Rich. Marsh to Lord Zouch. Has sent to Sandwich about the Spanish money; 10l. is paid to the Mayor of Hastings for the bond forfeited by the surety of Bourne, Sir Thos. Pelham's man.
Jan. 16. 28. Buckingham to Lord Keeper Williams and others. Requests them to appoint a meeting to forward the business of the strangers, which only wants one meeting, that it may be ended before the term. With note [by Williams] that he will be ready on Friday or Saturday.
Jan. 16.
29. Earl of Bath to the Council. Has prepared the 300 foot ordered to be ready in Devonshire and Exeter for the King's service, but the city of Exeter prays relief from the proportion allotted to it. Incloses,
29. i. Mayor, &c. of Exeter to the Earl of Bath. Beg that the city may be freed from raising the twenty men appointed; it has never hitherto been subject to raising land forces, but, lying near the sea, has defended itself in divers rebellions, and has recently paid large sums to the pirate expedition and the Palatinate. Exeter, Jan. 14.
Jan. 17. Commission to Sir Allan Apsley to discharge Sir Robt. and Lady Frances Carr from imprisonment in the Tower. [Grant Bk., p. 340.]
Jan. 1 Special commission to Lord Cranfield and others to disforest the forest of Pewsham and Blackmore, co. Wilts. [Ibid., p. 339.]
Jan. 18.
30. Mayor of Exeter and others to the Council. Desire to be relieved from finding the proportion of men to be supplied for His Majesty's service.
Jan. 18. 31. List of persons, including several ladies, summoned to attend [Council on the benevolence].
Jan. 18 ? 32. List of persons summoned by the messenger to appear [before Council], with marginal memoranda relating to them.
Jan. 18.
Ordnance Office.
33. Estimate [by the Officers of Ordnance] of stores to be provided for the ships Victory and Dreadnought, now at sea. Total cost, 44l. 4s. 9d.
Jan. 19. 34. Estimate [by the Navy Commissioners] of the expense of provisions and stores for the Victory, Nonsuch, Assurance, and Dreadnought, continued in the Narrow Seas up to May 17. Total, 7,282l. 3s. 4d.
Jan. 19.
35. Chamberlain to Carleton. The accident to the King might have been fatal, but that help was near. Buckingham was absent in Hertfordshire, but posted to him when he heard of it. The Lords examine Sir Robt. Phelips twice a week. They are busy trying to raise a benevolence; they send for rich men severally, and some promise 200l., some 100l. The wilfulness of the Lower House has brought this on, but the contest with supreme authority is vain. The Archbp. of Canterbury has raised good sums from his clergy, though the application is ill-timed, after payment of two whole subsidies, collections for Bohemia and the French church, and the two last hard summers. Buckingham has bought Lord Walling ford's house at Whitehall, by paying some money, making Sir Thos. Howard Visct. Andover, and, some say, releasing the Earl and Countess of Somerset. Reports of creations of peers, and of the death of the Archbp. of York. Sir Hen. Savile is dangerously ill.
Jan. 19. 36. Locke to the Same. Lord Belfast, late Sir Art. Chichester, has arrived from Ireland; he is to have some chief employment in the affair of the Palatinate. The Lords are very busy raising a benevolence from citizens, courtiers, and gentlemen of the country, who are sent for and made to set down at once what they will pay, and few are let off under 100l. Barnes, a silkman, who was unwilling to pay, consented on a threat of being made a Commissioner for Ireland, and sent there a year or two on the King's service. Some of the richest Aldermen are to be made Barons. The Earl and Countess of Somerset are out of the Tower, and Sir Thos. Howard is to be Visct. Bindon.
Jan. 19. Grant to Fras. Visct. St. Albans of all arrears due to him by letters patent formerly made to him, and also of an annuity of 1,200l. for twelve years. [Grant Bk., p. 308.]
Jan. 20.
37. Matt. Nicholas to [Edw. Nicholas]. Is confident [Jane Jaye] will accept him, if he can assure her a fitting jointure and maintenance.
Jan. 20.
38. John Reading to Lord Zouch. Sends a letter which gave rise to reports that certain French Jesuits were bound for England, intending mischief. Has requested the French in the town who know them, to give warning if they arrive. Sends a pamphlet brought from Bourdeaux, slanderous to the King, &c.
Jan. 21.
39. Mayor of Sandwich to the Same. Has delivered the Spanish coin, which was stayed, to Mr. Dimster, the owner, on bond to bring it to London. It was shipped at Bilboa, and intended for Middleburgh, but the vessel being driven by weather into Sandwich, the searcher of the Customs seized it. It is decreed to be not forfeit, but is to be expended in the kingdom, and not exported.
Jan. 22. Grant to Dr. Roger Andrews of dispensation for holding the rectory of Cheriton and any other benefice with cure, together with other dignities and prebends without cure, which he now holds. [Docquet.]
Jan. 23. 40. Locke to [Carleton]. Sends the King's declaration touching the late proceedings in Parliament. The Council sit daily about the grievances between the States and the merchants, and to obtain contributions for the benevolence. The courtiers are not spared. The imposts on foreign wines are doubled, and an extra tax of 9d. in the pound imposed on all commodities imported by strangers or denizens. Lord Chichester is still in town. Incloses,
40. i. Declaration of the King's reasons for dissolving the late Parliament, viz., their intermeddling with matters out of the range of Parliamentary jurisdiction, &c. [Chiefiy contained in his reply to the Commons' petition, Dec. 11 1621.]
Jan. 23. 41. Bp. of Norwich and Dr. Clement Corbett to the Council. On reference to them of the petition of the city of Norwich against the Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, concerning the disposal of the fellowships, made two several appointments for hearing the cause, but no one appeared on behalf of the College; and as they have refused friendly overtures for mediation by the Vice-Chancellor, nothing but their Lordships' interference can preserve the fellowships for the city.
Jan. 23. 42. Committee of the merchants' fleet against pirates to the Council. Have with difficulty persuaded most of the companies to consent to pay their quota towards maintaining five ships for three months longer, but they will only do it if the French and Muscovy companies and Trinity House, who hold back, may be compelled to pay their proportions. All entreat that at the three months' end, no further burden may be imposed on them.
Jan. 23. 43. Duplicate of the above.
Jan. 23. 44. Note of the distribution of 30s. [to the servants of the Archbp. of Canterbury] by Thos. Morton, Bp. of Lichfield and Coventry.
Jan. 23. Creation of Sir Thos. Howard to the rank of Baron Howard of Charleton and Visct. Andover. [Grant Bk., p. 344.]
Jan. 24.
45. Mayor and Jurats of Rye to Lord Zouch. Send up Rich. Cockram, jurat, and John Brown and Rich. Beale, two fishermen, to certify the great destruction of fish, by the unlawful nets of the French fishermen, for which the French now press the Council to grant toleration.
Jan. 24.
46. Matt. Nicholas to Edw. Nicholas. All the family interest themselves in the success of his suit. Mutilated.
Jan. 25. 47. Sir Thos. Wilson to his son-in-law, Ambrose Randolph Retorts on him the charge of breaking the marriage covenants between them, &c. Private affairs; his debts, &c.
Jan. 25 ? 48. List of seventy-four persons to be warned [to attend the Privy Council, on the benevolence] on Jan. 26.
Jan. 25 ? 49. Similar list of twenty-seven, persons, warned to attend on Jan. 29.
Jan. 26. 50. Locke to Carleton. The King's declaration is not yet published. The Lords now summon persons before them who can only give 30l or 20l. for the benevolence. Mr. Mallory, a Yorkshire gentleman, sent for, and committed to the Tower; the country opposed his coming, and many would have accompanied him, if he would have allowed it. Sir Hen. Savile is dangerously ill, but Mr. Murray being still a stranger at Court, some think he would not get the place [Provostship of Eton], if it now fell void.
Jan. 27.
51. The King to [the Bp. of Durham?]. As Sir Rich. Graham is endeavouring to reform vice in Cumberland, where he lives, by building a church, educating the young, &c., he is to have the benefit of the presentation to the church at Kirk-Andrews, the King's right to which is good, as is also that to the church of Ash Hurst, to which none are to be admitted, but on his Majesty's presentation. Carleton, a minister who has interrupted services in that part of the country, is to be stopped.
Jan. 28.
Derby House.
52. Earl of Oxford to Capt. John Pennington. Authorizes him to take from certain ships such men and provisions as he shall think fit for the present service, to be made up to them out of the next supplies ordered.
Jan. 28. 53. Petition of Wm. Tatam, and three others, mariners, of Dover, to Lord Zouch. As they were sailing for London, their vessels were stayed at Tilbury Hope, and a sailor impressed out of each vessel, contrary to their privileges. Pray for release of the sailors, who have families dependent on them.
Jan 29. 54. Petition of Lady Mary Buckley to Lord Zouch, for leave to serve a writ on Fras. Wilford, resident within the Cinque Ports, to appear before Chancery touching her jointure lands, for which he is feoffee.
Jan. 29.
Doctors' Commons.
55. Sir Geo. Newman to Lord Treasurer Cranfield. To be excused attendance on Council for three or four days, on account of sickness. This is not a feigned excuse; guesses the cause of his summons, and will not decline it.
Jan. 29.
56. Matt. Nicholas to Edw. Nicholas. Thinks the lady only conceals her affection till the jointure is settled.
Jan. 29. 57. Assignations by Lord Treasurer Cranfield and Sir Rich. Weston, for the 29,981l. 10s. 4d., estimated cost of the Navy for the coming year, upon the impost on silks and farm of the Customs. With request to Sir Robt. Pye. Auditor of the Exchequer, that the moneys thus assigned be not diverted to any other purpose.
Jan. 31. Warrant to the Chancellor of the Duchy [of Lancaster], to order the receiver to repay to the Duke of Lenox 900l. increased rents, by him paid for the manor of Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen, the extreme poverty of the tenants there having made his charges greater than his profit. [Docquet.]
Jan. 31.
58. Mayor of Dover to Lord Zouch. Has received letters from the Earl of Oxford, requesting a supply of pilots, which cannot be had, most of the mariners being abroad; also an impress of forty seamen, with which he hesitates to comply, without further directions, as it would be an infringement of the liberties of the Cinque Ports. Incloses,
58. i. Earl of Oxford to the Mayor of Dover. To ascertain from all captains of vessels who may put in there, the number, force, &c. of ships of all nations which they know to be at sea, and to send him notice thereof from time to time, to the Victory in the Narrow Seas. Sandwich, Jan. 30.
58. ii. The Same to the Same. Requires him to provide five able pilots for the Narrow Seas, coasts of France, Flanders, &c., and have them ready against his arrival at Dover. Deal, Jan. 30.
58. iii. The Same to the Same. Requests him to impress forty able seamen to attend him that night as he passes Dover. Victory, 4 p.m., Jan. 30.
Jan. 59. Sir John Mill to Sir Geo. Calvert. Sends the examinations of a poor man brought before him for speaking against the King.
Jan. ? 60. Wm. Earl of Bath to the King. Regrets that he has already granted to an old servant of his own the place of Muster-master in Devonshire, which His Majesty wished him to bestow on Fras. Lowman, Congratulates the King's happy escape.
Jan. ? 61. Estimate [by the Officers of Ordnance] of the stores necessary for the Garland, commissioned to serve on the Narrow Seas in place of the Happy Entrance. Total cost, 215l. 14s. 1d.