James 1 - volume 134: December 1622

Pages 466-472

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1619-23. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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December 1622

Dec. 1.
St. Paul's, London.
59. Dr. John Donne to Sir Thos. Roe. Lord Carlisle's good opinion of Roe; the thorns of calumny are not those which wound, but the inward thorns of conscious sin. The Prince's intended match causes too much precipitation in favouring Catholics. Particulars of the sermons which Roe has preached before the King and the Virginia company. Death of Lady Jacob and of Sir Wm. Killigrew, against whom the Bp. of Exeter had commenced a suit, for fraud in the execution of his Commission, about the value of land taken from bishoprics.
Dec. 2. 60. Commissioners for the Expedition against Pirates to the Council. Are sorry to be accused of neglect; have offered to pay Capt. Pett all that is due to him, on his bringing in his accounts. Hope not to be compelled to pay Capt. Squibb, his vessel being only employed on the King's service, and no part of the profits of the oils brought back in her being given to the merchants; the charges incurred have almost doubled the assigned sum of 40,000l., and are very injurious to trade.
Dec. 2. Presentation of Wm. Hutchinson to the vicarage of Charlbury. [Grant Bk., p. 354.]
Dec. 2. Special dispensation to Rich. Basset, to hold another living. [Ibid., p. 349.]
Dec. 4.
61. [Edw. Lord Zouch and other mediators in the cause between Lady Willoughby and the executors of the late Lord] to Fras. Wilkinson. Require him to ascertain from the bailiffs and collectors of the late Lord's rents what sums they have received since his death, and to whom the same have been paid.
Dec. 4 ? 62. Statement, by the executors of Wm. Lord Willoughby, of the unjust demands made upon them by his widow, Lady Willoughby, who, from his decease, Aug. 29, 1617, up to Michaelmas last, 1622, has received more than her proportion from his estate, and still makes further claims upon them; they propose to have the accounts audited by two persons, one appointed by each party.
Dec. 4. 63. Bond of John Briggs, of Bedworth, co. Warwick, in 100l., for his appearance before the Council on Dec. 16.
Dec. 4. 64. Petition of Réné Girault, Frenchman, to Lord Treasurer Middlesex, for a warrant to land 120 tuns of French wines, notwithstanding their being brought over in a Flemish ship, on his certificate that when the wines were put on board, there was no English nor Scotch vessel at Nantes in which they could be carried over. With reference thereon to the officer of customs, and his report, dated Dec. 10.
Dec. 5.
65. Lord [Zouch] to Rich. Marsh. Has received a petition of Geo. Freeman, complaining against Marsh for delay and evasion in executing judgment against Nich. Jones. Requests him to remove all cause for such troublesome complaints about trifles.
Dec. 7.
66. Chamberlain to Carleton. Sentence on Sir John Bennet in the Star Chamber; he is committed to the Fleet Prison; the Lord Treasurer tried in vain to mitigate the fine. The States' Commissioners did not go to Newmarket when expected, though the East India and Muscovy merchants were there to meet them; they went later, but on their journey were robbed of a bag containing their papers and 200l. in money. The proclamation for repairing to the country to use hospitality has compelled many that had come to town to nestle with their families to pack off again, as they dare not incur the penalty. The winter is so severe that 270 or 280 die weekly in London. Lord Abergavenny, Sir Wm. Killigrew, Sir Geo. Curson, and Sir Fras. Egiock carried off by the cold. There is a new fire between Lady Exeter and Lady Lake, but much pains is taken to suppress it. Lady Hatton has sold her house in Holborn to the Duke of Lenox for 2,000l, and 1,500l. a year for life. The King is at Newmarket, much troubled with the gout in his arms and legs. Dr. Collins will not give up his place [in King's College], so Sir Albert Morton must be otherwise provided for.
Dec. 7 ? 67. Petition of Thos. Brocas to the King, for leave to stay in London, with a small part of his family, for recovery of his health. Annexed is,
67. i. Medical certificate by Dr. Wm. Goddard, of Brocas' ill state of health.
Dec. 7 ? 68. Petition of Sir Sam. Sandys to the Council, for licence to remain in London a few weeks with his wife, who is come up for medical advice.
Dec. 8.
Baldovie, Angus.
69. Certificate of the relatives of And. Melvin, Professor of Divinity, deceased at Sedan, that his brother, David Melvin, of Baldovie in Angus, is his rightful heir, and authorized to receive his books, MSS., clothes, money, &c., and that they fear the delay in his arrival may have arisen from the insecurity of the roads, on account of the wars.
Dec. 9.
Arundel House.
70. Thos. Earl of Arundel to Sir Thos. Roe. Thanks for his pains in purchase of antiquities; has received the medal of Alexander; begs favour for John Markham, who goes to purchase antiquities for him.
Dec. 9.
King's Bench.
71. Capt. Thos. Parry to [the Clerk of the Council]. Requests him to move the Lord Keeper for an Habeas Corpus that he may attend the Council, to prove that Sir Fras. Mansell still detains in his hands part of the money which should be paid for building the free school at Carmarthen. Details Mansell's unjust proceedings in levying that money.
[Dec. 9.] 72. Petition of Thos. Parry, prisoner in the King's Bench, to the Council, for an Habeas Corpus to appear before them, being prevented appearing as summoned, by contrivance of Sir Fras. Mansell, Bart., who has had him arrested for a debt of 50l., though a pearl chain of far more than the value is in pledge for the debt.
Dec. 9.
73. Earl of Northampton, Lord President of Wales, to the Same. Has received from Sir Fras. Mansell a particular account of the money appropriated for the free school at Carmarthen, and finds that he has paid in all that he received, with interest during the time it was in his hands. Annexes,
73. i. Account, by Sir Fras. Mansell, of the money levied in Carmarthenshire towards furnishing 100 soldiers for Ireland, and of his disbursement thereof, partly in expenses for the soldiers, and the remainder in payments for the free school at Carmarthen. With note from him, that Parry was present when he paid over the balance of 200l. to the Corporation, and wanted one of the keys of the chest where the money was deposited.
73. ii. Detailed statement by Sir Fras. Mansell of his whole transactions in reference to the moneys appropriated for erecting a free school at Carmarthen. Dec. [9 ?].
Dec. 10.
74. Rich. Cresheld [?] to Sir Edw. Conway. Death of Sir Fras. Egiock and the Mayor of Evesham. Was wished to succeed to the mayoralty by most of the town, but others countenance Mr. Woodward, a stranger, recommended by Sir Thos. Coventry. Begs that they may have a free election.
Dec. 11. Grant to Louis ap Jone ap Hugh of pardon for unlawful marriage with Joan Davies. [Grant Bk., p. 349.]
Dec. 12. Grant to Peter Carew of the house and site of the late Hospital of St. John's, Exeter. [Ibid., p. 358.]
Dec. 13. Commission to Lionel Lord Middlesex to inquire into the damages done to the Spaniards on the sea, by the London East India Company. [Ibid., p. 352.]
Dec. 15. 75. Locke to Carleton. Money affairs. Burlamachi is ordered to stay abroad a little longer, to furnish more moneys. The Secretary is willing to allow Carleton the 100l. extra expended for letters, but cannot do it, being restricted to 400l. a year for intelligence money. The Bp. of Norwich promises to proceed no further against Mr. Scot, unless commanded by the higher powers.
Dec. 18.
76. Mayor and Aldermen of Chester to the Council. Have stayed execution of Chas. Browne, convicted of burglary and breach of prison, and a dangerous character, on his offer to reveal other offenders. Ask directions. Inclose,
76. i. Information given by Chas. Browne against Robt. Davies and Hugh Clare, of or near Hereford, for coining; against Wm. Bayliffe and Mr. Holtham, who were his assistants in his robbery on the house of Sir Thos. Smith, Mayor of Chester; and against Cornelius Vanderhoven, a Brabant merchant, resident in Tower Street, London, who exported 8,000l. of English gold, and imported large quantities of cloth of gold, tissues, &c. without paying duty. Chester, Dec. 16.
Dec. 18.
77. Order in Council, peremptorily enforcing their former order that the Muscovy Company pay in the third part of the tax ordered to be levied before Jan. 20, towards payment of debts to Mary Brocas and Anne Place, and commanding all defaulters who refuse to be committed.
Dec. 19. Commission to Lionel Lord Middlesex about the business of the King's hospital. [Grant Bk., p. 352.]
Dec. 19.
78. Mayor and Jurats of Sandwich to Lord Zouch. A boat belonging to a Flemish ship in the haven boarded a Dutch bark, and took some beer from it. Have arrested two men belonging to the ship who are in the town, but the Captain says he has punished the delinquents, and will pay for the beer, and requests their release. Ask directions.
Dec. 20.
79. Order in Council to request the King to renew for six months the protection from his creditors granted to Thos. Alport for a year, now expired, His Majesty being still unable to pay him the 6,000l. due for wares furnished for the great wardrobe. The protection to cease if he receive one third of the moneys owed him by the King.
Dec. 20. Two commissions, of Dec. 19 and 20, to the Earl of Middlesex and Sir Ralph Freeman, as to the business of the King's house. [Grant Bk., p. 362.]
Dec. 20. Commission to Chas. Prince of Wales, John Bp. of Lincoln Lord Keeper, the Duke of Lenox, and Marquis of Buckingham, to hear the propositions of John Keymer, and consider whether they will tend to the good of the King and commonwealth, as is pretended. [Ibid., p. 352.]
Dec. 21.
80. Chamberlain to Carleton. Many persons of quality have desired to be excused from going into the country this Christmas, but are refused. Lord Burleigh has found favour, on account of his father's age, or that his daughter Diana may not be absent from the masque. Notwithstanding the great scarcity of money, Lord Carlisle has a pension of 2,000l. a year. The Irish Commissioners have all returned; they were cast away on the Isle of Man, and a report arose that they were lost. Some of the Council are appointed to reform the Household. The Spanish and French Ambassadors complain of want of justice in the Admiralty, and special Commissioners are appointed to examine into our East Indian and Ormus depredations. Count Gondomar is to return here, none knowing "so well the length of our foot." Mr. Cottington is much with the King, as knowing the bias of the Spanish Court. Little Owen, the epigram maker, died, and was buried at St. Paul's.
Dec. 21.
81. Order of Chas. Lord Stanhope for posthorses and a guide for Sir Thos. Wentworth, repairing to York and back, on the King's special affairs.
Dec. 21.
82. Order in Council,—on complaint of the town of Shrewsbury of the great injury they have sustained by the order of June 26, restricting the market of Welsh cloths and cottons to Oswestry,—that the trade be allowed to be free, notwithstanding that order, unless Thos. Kynaston will put in bonds to fulfil his offer to buy up such cloths as shall be brought to Oswestry market, &c.
Dec. 21. 83. Copy of the above.
Dec. 21.
84. Lord Keeper Lincoln to the Justices of Middlesex. To order the parish officers of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and St. Clement's-inthe-Savoy, to make a return of all lodgers remaining in those parishes, contrary to the late proclamation.
Dec. 22. 85—91. Returns by the Constables of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, St. Clement's, and St. Mary-le-Strand, of the names of those noblemen, knights, and gentlemen who still remain in their parishes, contrary to proclamation. Dec. 21, 22. Seven papers.
Dec. 22.
Proclamation extending the former proclamation for return to the country of all persons of quality residing in London and Westminster, to those resident in other towns or cities, and continuing it in future for all seasons of the year, excepting only to those who have to come up at law terms, but who are to leave their wives and families in the country; also ordering all justices of the peace, &c. to enforce strict attention to His Majesty's late orders for supply of corn at reasonable prices to the poor. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 109.]
Dec. 22 ? 92. Additions suggested to orders taken for relief of the poor in this time of dearth, relative to the sale of corn. The farmers to supply the markets sufficiently, and to sell one fourth at under rates to the poor, &c.
Dec. 26.
93. The Council to the Commissioners of Sewers for Essex. On complaint of the labourers employed by Cornelius Vermuyden in recovering the surrounded grounds in Essex called Havering and Dagenham Marshes, that their wages are withheld, Vermuyden promises to pay them, but requests that as most of his work is done, and he has expended 3,600l. thereon, he may receive the money due to him from the county for his charges. Recommend some course for the speedy payment thereof.
Dec. [27].
94. [The Council to the Justices of Suffolk.] The five creditors, out of forty-nine, of Sam. Salmon, of Creeting, Suffolk, who still obstinately refuse his offer to pay his whole debts, except interest and costs, in three years, are to be once more urged to accept the offer, for the sake of the public interest in the continuance of his trade, which employs many poor; should they still refuse, they are to be bound to appear before Council.
Dec. [27].
95. The Same to the Lord Mayor of London. To enforce the execution of former orders issued in times of apprehended scarcity, that the City companies provide stipulated proportions of corn, to be sold at under rates for the benefit of the poor. Care is to be taken to bring in sufficient corn, and the state of the stores in the City and in the granaries of the several companies to be certified.
Dec. 28.
96. Lord Chichester to Sir Geo. Calvert. Acknowledges His Majesty's gracious favour, and the mark of his good opinion now set on him.
Dec. 28. 97. List of gifts presented by a person not named to the King, Lord Treasurer, Lord Marquis [Buckingham], Sec. Calvert, and their servants; also to sundry other officers of State and of the Exchequer, &c., at Christmas. Total 2,712l. 5s.
Dec. 30.
98. Mayor and Jurats of Sandwich to the Council. Have been unable, on account of the storms, to convey their letter to the captain of the ship, but meanwhile detain the two persons committed till further directions. [See Dec. 19.]
Dec. 30. 99. Locke to [Carleton]. Sends the proceedings of the Dutch for regulation of trade. They were just coming to a conclusion, but have flown off again, and now more time will be needed. The poor suffer much from the decay of trade and scarcity of money, and there have been disturbances, but they are quieted by promise of employment. A commission is to be appointed, at request of the Spanish Ambassador, to inquire into all wrongs committed by the English against the Spaniards since 1620.
Dec. 31. Grant to Sir Geo. Calvert and his heirs of the whole country of Newfoundland. [Grant Bk., p. 351.]
[Dec.] 100. Petition of Geo. Dorington to the Council, for renewal of the King's Writ of Protection for one year longer.
[Dec.] 101. List of Orders in Council, as follows:—
Discharge of Sir Fras. Mansell from prosecution by [Thos.] Parry, for moneys levied for soldiers.
Order for raising moneys for payment of the petitioners, creditors of the Muscovy Company. [See Dec. 18.]
Letter for [Thos.] Jackson, with his petition and certificate.
Letter to Sir John Dean, and other Justices of Essex, to quiet the people, and that the Council are doing their utmost to promote manufactures.
Letters to the Lord Mayor of London and Sheriff of Middlesex, to inquire what gentlemen remain in London contrary to proclamation. [See Dec. 21.]
Letters to corporate towns about the consumption of barley in brewing strong beer.
Pass for Sir Fras. Nethersole.
Protection for Sir Hen. Goodere and his sureties.
Letter to the Deputy of Ireland, to transport or disband the soldiers levied for the King of Spain.
Letter of reference to the Lord Chief Baron and Justice Hatton for Sandys.
Letter of reference for a countryman.