James 1 - volume 110: October 1619

Pages 82-89

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1619-23. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1858.

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October 1619

Oct. 1. 91. Thos. Locke to Carleton. Sends letters from Sec. Naunton, Sir Hen. Savile, and the Earl of Salisbury. An Ambassador Extraordinary has arrived from Savoy.
Oct. 1. 92. Obligation by Reynold Evering, of Hythe, Kent, to pay to Jacob Braems, of Dover, a debt of 20l.
Oct. 2.
93. Sir Horace Vere to Carleton. Great longing for news of the King of Bohemia's coronation. The King going to Theobalds and Royston. Much suing for the command of the troops to go to Bohemia, but his Majesty has not yet resolved to send any.
Oct. 2.
94. Chamberlain to the Same. Lady Fanshaw has got her eldest son sworn into the office [of King's Remembrancer] since the decease of Sir Chris. Hatton, whose easy kindness would have ruined his own estate had he lived long. The King has been at Whitehall, but is now at Theobalds. Sir Thos. Roe has presented him with two antelopes, a rich tent, &c., from the Great Mogul, but has little for himself; hopes the East India Company will remember him. Sir Thos. Smythe has sent his son's tutor Capt. Brett, to the Marshalsea, for taking his son abroad under a false licence. The dispute about the Groom-portership is said to be settled by mediation, and the Lord Chamberlain's protegé in possession of the place. Sec. Naunton married to Lady Lower. The Spanish agent is still allowed access to the King, but Lord Digby is detained till the return of Simon Digby, who was sent in haste to Spain. The King dismissed Baron Dona coldly, disapproving of the Prince Palatine's election as factious, and refusing to embark his subjects, who are as dear to him as his children, in an unjust war.
Oct. 2. 95. Thos. Locke to Carleton. The Savoy Ambassador to be feasted at Theobalds.
Oct. 3. 96. Notes of experiments made on the planting of trees and seeds, &c.; the position of shadows at certain hours [by Sam. Willingham, parson of Stane, co. Lincoln?] from June 12.
Oct. 3.
97. Edw. Kelk to Nicholas, to favour the petition of Peter Blanckart, who has a suit with Sir Wm. Monyns.
[Oct. 3.] 98. Petition of Peter Blanckart to Lord Zouch, to terminate a cause between him and Sir Wm. Monyns, Bart., to whom he lent 100l., chiefly orphan money vested in his hands, and who fails to perform the conditions of the loan, or to restore the money.
Oct. 3.
Dover Castle.
99. Order by Lord Zouch to the Constable, &c. of River, for the arrest of John Lad, Rich. Baker, and Geo. Mempase, all of River, charged with stealing fish from the river at Dover.
Oct. 4.
Dover Castle.
100. Warrant by the Same, appointing the Captains and Lieutenants of Sandown, Deal, and Walmer Castles, and others, Commissioners for the passage between Sandwich and Dover.
Oct. 5. 101. Thos. Locke to Carleton. Greater difficulty than ever in getting money. It is thought that letters from Bohemia must be intercepted by the way, they are so long in coming.
Oct. 5.
102. [Justices of Peace of Herefordshire? to the Council]. Certify the good character of Philip Traherne, summoned before Council by John Clark, late Mayor of Hereford.
Oct.? 103. Petition of Rich. Bourne, prisoner in Dover Castle, to Lord Zouch, for release. Is willing to pay for the anchor and cable which he took up in behalf of Sir Thos. Pelham, but begs he may not be compelled to avouch anything about the Admiralty jurisdiction, of which he is ignorant.
Oct. 5. 104. Process, in the Admiralty Court of the Cinque Ports, Aug. 19, against Rich. Bourne, of Hollington, for taking an anchor and cable within that jurisdiction, which he refused to give up, claiming it as belonging to Sir Thos. Pelham, Bart., in right of the rape of Hastings, for which offence he was imprisoned. He now acknowledges that it was taken up within the Cinque Ports, and stands bound to give it up, or to pay 40l. Annexed is,
104. i. Presentment by the Jury of the Admiralty of Rich. Bourne in the above cause. Aug. 19.
Oct. 6. 105. Muster roll of the garrison of Sandown Castle.
Oct. 6. 106. Muster roll of the garrison of Walmer Castle.
Oct. 6.
Dover Castle.
107. Licence from Lord Zouch for Fras. Gournoise, of Dieppe, nominated by the Governor of Dieppe, to fish on the English coasts. With note of inrolment in the Court of Dover and Hundred Book of Rye.
Oct. 6.
Dover Castle.
108–115. Similar licences to Lewis Flouest, Binot Freshon, Nich. Dronaulx, Jehan Sauvier, Nich. de Brest, David Caurne, John Gillett, and John Pollett, fishermen of Dieppe. Indorsed on that of Gillett is a note of the surrender of these licences for cancelling, Nov. 29, 1620, and that those of Treport were not renewed for 1620.
Oct. 7. 116. Muster roll of the garrison of Arch-cliff Bulwark.
Oct. [7?] 117. Duplicate of the above, with slight alteration and addition.
Oct. 7. 118. Muster roll of the garrison of Mote's Bulwark.
Oct. 7. 119. Duplicate of the above, with alterations.
Oct. 7. 120. Muster roll of the garrison of Dover Castle.
Oct. 7. 121. Muster roll of the garrison of Sandgate Castle.
Oct. 7.
122. Justices of Peace of Wiltshire to the Council. Requests them to summon Wm. Hackett and others, common informers, who greatly disturb the trade between Wiltshire and Somersetshire, by compelling the chapmen, who deal between the counties, to compound for licences, though already duly licensed. They avoid punishment by removing their recognizances for indictments from the Quarter Sessions to some other Court.
Oct. 9.
123. Archbp. Abbot to the Bp. of Peterborough. The King complains that some of the clergy omit his titles in praying for him, and omit to pray for the Archbishops and Bishops, and requires uniform enforcement of the canons prescribed thereon. Requests his attention to this in his diocese, and also to the repair of churches, the want of which is much complained of. Annexed is,
123. i. Bp. of Peterborough to his Chancellor, requiring careful attention to the above instructions. Oct. 18.
Oct. 9. 124. Copy of the above.
Oct. 9.
125. Geo. Carleton to Sir D. Carleton. Death of his wife. Will give his son Dudley the same allowance as he had at Cambridge. Family affairs.
Oct. 10.
126. Certificate of proceedings of the Mayor, &c. of Newcastleupon-Tyne, and other Commissioners for preservation of the river, from Easter to Michaelmas, 1619, in preventing the throwing of ballast into the river, repair of wharfs, staiths, &c.
Oct. 10. 127. Note of the distribution of 4l. [to the servants of Archbp. Abbot], at the consecration of the Bp. of Llandaff.
Oct. 10.
Proclamation for encouragement of the manufacture of gold and silver thread, now taken into the King's hands, that none shall be imported, and none sold unless stamped by the agents, and that all purchases of gold and silver thread, or of metal for making them, be registered under a heavy penalty, to avoid deceit, &c. Printed. [Proc. Coll., No. 71.]
Oct. 11.
Extracts from the charter to the Company of Gold Beaters of London, prohibiting the importation of gold and silver foliat and tin and copper foil. Printed. [Ibid., No. 71 A.]
Oct. 11. 128. [Abel] Barnard to Carleton. Has a son, Dudley, born. Thinks Wraysbury is worth 140l. a year, and the lease will expire in four years. Langley is worth 160l. or 180l., but will be a year longer before it is free. Advises Carleton to be merciful towards his kinsman [Sir John Kidderminster], and to accept the former.
Oct. 13.
129. Dean and Canons of Hereford to the Council. Certify the good character, &c. of Philip Traherne. Hope the quarrel between him and the late Mayor may soon be settled, lest it disturb the peace of the see.
Oct. 13.
130. Citizens of Hereford to the Earl of Pembroke, Steward of Herefordshire. Certify the good conduct of Phil. Traherne, and his care to procure for the surcharged inhabitants satisfaction for sums imposed upon them without accounts rendered.
Oct. 14.
131. Chris. Wilson to Ambrose Randolph. Apologizes for his sudden departure, and not paying for his horse.
Oct. 14. Restitution of temporalties for the Bishop of Chichester. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14. Licence to Alphonso Ferabosco, Innocent Lanier, and Hugh Lydiard, to cleanse the Thames of flats and shelves, with grant of the fines, &c. incurred under Statutes 27 & 34 Henry VIII., for annoyances in the river, of permission to sell the sand and gravel they dig out, and of an allowance of 1d. per ton on strangers' goods imported and exported. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14. Letter to the Lord Chancellor to hear a cause of Hen. Wroth v. Sir Art. Mainwaring and Mr. Wintern, concerning a legacy left by Sir Fras. Woolley to his child. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14. Grant to Robt. Thompson, born in Scotland, of denization. [Docquet.]
Oct. 14. Re-grant to Dr. Mayerne of a pension of 600l. per ann., with another of 75l. for hire of his house, and of 300l. per ann. for his wife, for twenty-one years after his decease. This was formerly signed, but had not passed the seals before Michaelmas, whereby it became defective. [Docquet.]
Oct. 15. Grant to John Brook and others, of the office of Receiver and Collector of Fines and Forfeitures due upon penal laws, for life. [Grant Bk., p. 281.]
Oct. 15.
132. The King to the Council. Desires to be informed whether the grant to the pinmakers of the pre-emption of pins be contrary to the treaty with the Low Countries, or otherwise prejudicial to the subject.
Oct. 16.
133. Chamberlain to Carleton. Sir John Whitbrook killed in the Fleet by Boughton, a fellow prisoner, of whose turbulence he had often complained. Deer-stealers in Hyde Park.
Oct. 16. 134. Thos. Locke to the Same. Can get no money for him. If something be not done soon for Ambassadors, they will petition the King. Mr. Cottington is two years in arrears. Curteen, Burlamachi, and Stampiel, their attorney, fined in the Star Chamber, because the attorney promised to get them through their suit by inducing the principal witness to recant. Many commendations were passed on Burlamachi, whose fault is said to be from indiscretion.
Oct. 16.
135. Order by the Commissioners of Sewers, that as the owners of lands have not appeared, according to proclamation, to contract with Sir Wm. Ayloffe and Sir Ant. Thomas, for draining their lands, the sum of 20s. per acre be paid by the parties profited by the draining, or, in default of payment, such portion of the drained lands as shall be allowed by the Commissioners. Printed.
Oct. 18. 136. Matthew Sylam, late Master Gunner of Flushing, to Lord [Zouch]. Has come to settle under his government, hearing of his goodness to old servants. Begs an appointment at Sandwich. His wife and children understanding only Dutch, wishes to settle where they can have Dutch preaching.
Oct. 19. 137. Commissioners of the Navy to the Council. The grant of Mr. Burrell's petition for permission to go over to Ireland on a lawsuit would be very injurious, he being the principal man for building and repairing ships, &c.
Oct. 19. 138. Recognizances of John King, of Southwark, in 200l., and of Rich. Gladwin and Fras. Pitt, of Southwark, in 100l. each, for surrender by King of his warrant to take up post-horses, within five miles of Southwark, and for his good behaviour in his place as postmaster, his ill-conduct therein having been complained of.
Oct. 20. 139. Certificate by John King, that Paul Axhall, Postmaster of Bishopsgate Without, receives a contribution from the innkeepers of London, to spare their horses in the provision of post-horses for His Majesty's travels; that he has lost 200l. by providing horses, and that, on the King's removing days, he sends warrants for horses from Southwark.
Oct. 20.
Beaumaris, Anglesey.
140. Mayor and Bailiffs of Beaumaris to the Council. Certify that Sir Rich. Bulkeley, of Beaumaris, is sick of the jaundice, and unable to travel.
Oct. 20.
141. Sir Rich. Bulkeley to the Same. Is unable to attend them through illness; thought the business was ended, the person calling himself his son being slain; is willing to give 592l., the sum prescribed, but wishes it to be bestowed for the good of the children; if the widow have it, it will go to others and never benefit them.
Oct. 20. 142. Sir Clement Edmondes to Lord Chief Justice Montague. Sends examinations of Thos. Hawker and Wm. Sydenham, and desires him to decide on their case. [See Sept. 15.] Annexed is,
142. i. Sir Hen. Montague to Sir Clement Edmondes. The idle and drunken words of Hawker and Sydenham are not ground enough for the accusation. Has administered the Oath of Allegiance to them, and as they are bound to appear at the assizes in their own county, thinks they have had punishment enough, and may be dismissed.
Oct. 21. 143. Garrison of Arch-cliff Bulwark to Lord Zouch. Presentments of defaulters against the articles laid down for them, as to attendance on duty, opening and shutting the gates, wearing proper armour, &c.
Oct. 21? 144. Similar presentments by the garrison of Mote's Bulwark, of defaults committed since the musters of 1618.
Oct. 21. Confirmation to the Bailiffs and Burgesses of Bridport, of their charters, with additional privileges. [Docquet.]
Oct. 21. Grant to Hugh and Wm. Bullock, on surrender of Hugh Bullock, of the Keepership of the books and registers of the ships' entries for imports, and of the making of bills of ships laden in the Port of London. [Docquet.]
Oct. 25.
145. Wm. Ward, Mayor of Dover, to Lord Zouch. Refused to obey a writ sent by Sir Thos. Pelham from the Lord Chief Justice, for removal of Rich. Bourne, prisoner in Dover Castle, thinking it contrary to the privileges of the Castle.
Oct.? 146. Petition of Wm. Oldfield, an ancient Castle man, to the Same. Is imprisoned at the suit of Geo. Donkin, of Dover, who was surety for him for a debt. Pleads for exemption from arrest, as belonging to Dover Castle.
Oct. 25.
147. Mayor of Dover to the Same. Has not released Wm. Oldfield, of Buckland parish, who, being arrested, claimed privilege of exemption, as one of the guard of Dover Castle, because he has not been enrolled in the book for two years past. Will liberate him, if his Lordship still considers him one of the guard; if not, the law must proceed.
Oct. 26. Warrant for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to take out of the Secret Jewel House in the Tower a collar of gold set with ten knots of pearls, &c., and for the Commissioners of the Treasury to treat for sale thereof. [Docquet.]
Oct. 26. Warrant to pay the purchase money of lands compounded for to enlarge Theobalds Park, and to advance moneys for expenses for enclosing the same. [Docquet.]
Oct. 28.
Serjeants' Inn.
148. Warrant by Lord Chief Justice Montague [to the Officers of the Cinque Ports], for arrest of Alex. Brett, Edw. Tucker, Sir John Manwood, and Thos. Beare, who are going abroad to fight.
Oct. 30.
149. Chamberlain to Carleton. The deer-stealers were executed at Hyde Park Gate, and also a poor labourer, who was hired for 16d. to hold their dogs. The clergy of London are cited before the Bishop for not giving the King his proper titles, and for not praying for archbishops and bishops. Simon Digby has returned from Spain, whither Lord Digby is going; 13,000l. of the 20,000l. needed for his journey is given him in land, to be his if not redeemed in two years, though worth twice as much. Ely House is preparing for the Spanish Ambassador; it will disgrace religion to have mass publicly said in a bishop's chapel. The Earl of Suffolk's cause has been five days already in hearing; he is charged with defrauding the King of 240,000l. in jewels, but pleads His Majesty's pardon; also with frauds in the alum business; false payments for Ireland; extortion and corruption, &c. Bp. Carleton is to marry Sir Hen. Neville's widow. Père Coton, a French Jesuit, gives out that all the Jesuits in China and Japan have been publicly whipped, on complaint of the English and Hollanders that they are mere spies.
Oct.? 150. Pasquil on Pierre Coton, the Jesuit. French.
Oct. 31.
151. Sir Edw. Hext [Justice of Peace of Somersetshire] to the Council. Called Benj. Haynes, a notorious offender, before him, to answer for failure of service to the King, when Haynes charged Wm. Michell, of Ottery, of seditious words against His Majesty, because the King was offended with the petition about King's Sedgemoor. Michell being an honest man, and the accusation unproved, did not prosecute, and understands Haynes is informing against him for neglect. Hopes he will not be ill thought of, after forty-two years' service.
Oct. 31. 152. Thos. Dixon, Serjeant-at-Arms, to the Same. Went to apprehend Sir Rich. Bulkeley, sen., but he was prevented coming by illness. He paid to the Mayor, &c. of Beaumaris the 592l ordered for his late son's widow, and as to the pension of 40l. a year, he leaves the decision to the Council.
Oct. 153. Account of payments made by Wm. Bird, Collector of the Petty Customs in London, from 12 Eliz. to 17 Jac. I., in part of his debt; total 175,479l. 12s. 4d.
Oct. ? 154. Petition of the Drapers of Shrewsbury to the Council. Complain that, contrary to their Lordships' order, confining the trade in Welsh cottons to them, Thos. Matthews and John Dito, mercers of Shrewsbury, and Thos. Davies of London, recently made a freeman at Oswestry, have intermeddled therein. Request redress.
Oct. ? 155. Petition of the Drapers of Shrewsbury and Oswestry to the Council, that Thos. Davies, draper of London, who has deceitfully obtained admission to the freedom of Oswestry, and buys Welsh cottons, which he sells privately in London, and not at Blackwell Hall, may be restrained from so doing in future.