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Pages 529-536

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Cabibel, Peter

Cabinet Council, the

Cabrier, Charles

Cachet, David
-, John
-, Mary

Cade, William

Caddell, Robert

-, letter from
-, convoy to
-, governor of
-, stores at

Cadiz Bay

Caffery, Felix

Cage, John

Cahir, Lora

Cahoe, Luke


Caillard, Peter

Cairan, Samuel

-, detention of English men at
-, pass for dogs to
-, prisoners at

Calais Road

Calcroft, Robert

Calder of Muirtown, Sir James

Calembergh (Callenberg, Colemberg), ViceAdmiral


Calendar, Pannues

Calhoone, James

Callahan, Captain Derby

Callenberg, Vice-Admiral. See Calembergh.

Callendar, Earl of

Callo, Mr.

Callon, Lieut. Anthony

Calmady, Mr.

Calverley, John

Calvert, James

Calvin, Ellen

Calwell, Capt. Hugh


Camaret Bay

Camball. See Campbell.

Cambel, Jane

Cambrien, Daniel Luis


-, almsman's place at
-, Assizes, the
-, Queen's College at
-, Fellows of
-, Master of
-, St. Catherine Hall
-, Trinity College
-, University of
-, Vice-Chancellor of

Cambusbeg, lands of

Cambusmore, lands of

Camel, Johanna

Camlin, John

Campar, Ester

Campbell (Camball), Sir Colin
-, Captain Duncan
-, James
-, Capt. John
-, Capt. Robert
-, William
-, Capt. William

Campbells, the

Campion, William

Campsy, Lieut. Henry

Camy, John Alexander


Canaries, the

Candor, Peter

Cante, Jeanne

-, churches of
-, King's Head at
-, letters dated at
-, Mayor of
-, prisoners at

Canterbury Cathedral
-, almsman's place at
-, Archbishop of
-, archbishopric of
-, chapter of
-, Christ Church
-, Dean of

Canton, Peter

Cantwell, Capt. Oliver

Cape Clear

Cape de Gatt.

Capell (Capel), Henry, Lord
-, letter from
-, letter to

Cape Finisterre.

Cape Marteene

Cape Paule

Cape St. Vincent

Capon, Peter

Caprara, Marshal

Carbonnel, Thomas
-, William

Carbery, Lord

-, mayor of


Cardonnell, Mr., Adam

Cardugan, William

Carew, Capt. Thomas


Caris. Abraham

Carles, Mons.

Carleton, Lancelot


Carlisle, Earl of

Carlisle Castle
-, governor of

Carlson, Cornelius

Carmarthen, High Sheriff of

Carmarthen, Lord
-, letters from

Carmichael, Lord
-, Mr.

-, High Sheriff of
-, Welsh gentry in

Carncastle, prebend of

Carney, Sir Richard

Carnitz, Lieut. Henry

Caroll (Carroll, Carull), Charles
-, Owen
-, Roger
-, Capt. William

Carpenter, John
-, Captain Joseph

Carpentier, Jacques

Carra, Giles
-, Mary

Carre (Carr), Mr.
-, William

Carr, Christofle
-, Francis
-, Ensign John

Carreras, Don Joseph

Carreyn, Michael





Carry, Richard

Carter, Amy
-, John
-, Peter
-, Ensign Richard
-, Thomas

Carteret, Edward
-, Sir George
-, Lord
-, Sir Philip
-, See De Carteret.


Cartlenchinchy, manor of

Cartwright, Henry

Cary, John
-, Mrs.

Casal, blockade of

Cashel, archbishop of
-, archbishopric of.

Casnu, Captain Charles

Cason, John

Cassel, Lieut.

Cassells, Capt. John

Cassey (Casey), Christian
-, Robert

Cassine, Capt.


Castillo (Castilo, Castelo), David
-, Emanuel

Castle, Thomas

Castlecomer (Castle Cumor)

Castle Cornet. See under Guernsey.

Castle Doe

Castleneau, Charles de Boileau

Castleton, George Viscount
-, Philip

Caswell, John



Caulfield (Caulfields), Lieut.-Col. Toby

Caumont, Henry de. See Rada, Marquis de.

Cauvel, Anne
-, Mary


Cave, Sir Roger

Cavenagh, Mr.

Cazalet, John
-, Noah
-, Peter
-, Stephen

Cecil, Robert
-, William

Carentsen, John

Chabot, Bernard
-, James

Chabrol, Capt.

Chadwick (Chadweeke), James
-, Mr.

Chaffe, Capt. Moulen

Chaibloleau, Esther

Chaigneau, Lewis

Chailler, Isaac

Chaillet, Elizabeth

Chalen, Franois

Chamber, Treasurer of the

Chamberleyne (Chamberlin, Chamberlain) Charles
-, John
-, Michael

Chambers, John
-, Dame Mariana
-, Ensign Matthew
-, Sir Richard
-, Walter

Chambon, Peter

Champion, Deodatus
-, William

Champlon, Francis

Champverd, Mary

Chancery, court of

Chandler, John

Chanier, Peter

Channel, the

Channel Fleet, the

Channel Islands, defence of
-, governor of
-, See also under Guernsey and Jersey.

Chantrell, Francis

Chap, John

Chaperon, John

Chapes, Esther

Chapillon, John

Chapleine, John

Chaplin, John

Chapman, Simon

Chappill, William

Charbonnau, Jeanne

Chardellon, John

Charlemont, Lord

Charles, William

Charles I

Charles II

Charles Fort

Charlon, Philip

Charlton, Lieut. Edward
-, Mr.

Charnock, Captain

Charpentier, John

Charron, Jeane

Charter, John
-, Thomas

Charterhouse, the


Chateau Renaud, Count de


Chauncy, Charles

Chaunders, William

Chazell, Stephen

Check, Edward

Cheesly, Sir Robert

Cheevers, Capt. Christopher
-, Richard

Chef d'Hostel, Peter

Cheffly (a soldier)

Cheisholm, James

Chelmsford, assizes at

Chelsea, Royal Hospital at

Chenay, camp at

Chep, Esther



Cherion, Marie

Cherrod, Sarah

-, Custos rotulorum of
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, plot in

Cheshire, Foulk

-, aldermen of
-, Castle
-, Cathedral Church of
-, Common Hall in
-, mayor of
-, recorder of
-, sheriffs of

Chester, Grenado
-, Thomas

Chestle, Thomas

Chevali, Susanna

Chevalier, Pierre

Chewe, Thomas

Chichely, Lady
-, Sir Thomas

Chichester, Charles

Child, Sir Francis

Chipolina, Bartholomew



Chitham, Elizabeth

Chitwell, John

Chock, Alexander

Cholmondeley (Cholmley); Col. George
-, John
-, Mr.

Chomby, Mr.

Chovan, Mary


Christian, Charles
-, Major William


Christopher, Alforis
-, William

Church, the, matters relating to, (passim)

Churchill, Brigadier-General Charles
-, Joshua
-, Major William
-, William

Churig, John na

Chute, Sir George

Cibe, Frederick

Citron, Mrs.
-, James

Civil List, the

Claas, Dirck

Claese, Christiaen

Claesen, Magnus

Clacke, Francis

Clairac, James

Clancarty, Earl of




Clanricard, Earl of

Clan Ronald, Capt.

Clapton, John



Clare, Earl of

Clare, James

Clareson, Robert

Clark (Clarke, Clerk, Clerke), Alderman
-, Ann
-, Benjamin
-, Clement
-, Edmund
-, Edward
-, Sir Edward
-, Ezekiah
-, Francis
-, George
-, Henry
-, John
-, Josiah
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Samuel
-, Stephen
-, Walter

Clarridge, Alderman

Clash Naffrin, manor of

Clashnure, manor of

Clayton, Major Lawrence
-, Sir Robert

Cleer, Mr.

Clements, Capt. John

Clercks, Johan

Clerk. See Clark.

Clergy, ordination of, laws concerning

Cleves (Cleve)

Clevestein, Mawrits

Clifford, Mrs. Anne
-, Charles, Lord
-, Mrs. Sarah.

Clifton, Ann
-, Bridget
-, John
-, Lady
-, Robin
-, Sir Thomas

Clindon, Charles

Clipping coin. See under Coin.

Clitheroe, borough of

Clives, Francis

Cloghgrenan, Baron of



Clorich, Daniel

Clorinde, Mrs. Martha

Clough, Elizabeth

Clown's Town

Cloyda, manor of

Cloyne (Cloynes), Bishop of

Clubs, reference to

Clymants, Peter

Coakley, Richard

Coal, act regulating the price of

Coates, Capt.

Cobham, Capt. Richard

Cobham, manor of

Cobley, Ensign Rudson

Cock, John
-, Joseph

Cockburn (Cockburne), Adam
-, Adam, of Ormstown
-, Capt. Charles
-, Dr.
-, Patrick

Cocks, Christian
-, Sir Richard

Codrington, Richard
-, Thomas

Coe, Mr.

Coedycke, Nans

Coehoorn (Coehoom), M.
-, Major, letter from

Cocks, Mary

Coetsir, John

Cofferer, the

Coggs, John

Coin, clipping of
-, counterfeiting of
-, foreign, use of, in Ireland

Coinage, notes on

Coladon, German

Colart, Martin.

Colbach, Dr. John

Colbourne (Colburn), Henry
-, Peter

Colchester, Maynard
-, Richard, Lord


Cole, Gerritge
-, Mrs. Mary
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, William

Coleman, James
-, John
-, Mary
-, Richard

Colemberg, Vice-Admiral. See Calembergh.

Coleraine, defence of

Coles, William

Colinge (Coling), Benjamin
-, Mr.
-, Richard

Colladon, Theodore

Colledon, Sir Peter

College Land

College of Arms, the

Collenbine, Lieut.-Col. Charles

Collet (Collett),
-, Henry
-, John

Collier (Colyer, Collyer), Colonel
-, Sir David
-, Captain James
-, Richard
-, Theodore
-, Col. Walter Philip

Collineau, Matthew

Collingwood, Col. Francis

Collins, Capt. George
-, John
-, Mr.

Collope, Nicholas


Collthorpe. See Colthorpe.

Colm, Mr.


Colours, regulations as to, on shipboard
-, See under Flag, the; and Saluting.

Colquhoune, James

Colquit, John

Colson, Thomas

Colster, Martin

Colt, Colonel
-, Francis
-, Capt. George
-, Lieut.
-, Martin
-, Mr.
-, See Dutton Colt.

Colthorp (Collthorpe), Col. John
-, Richard

Columbire. Capt. Anthony

Colville, Sir Robert

Comel, John Peter

Comins, John

Commerford, Mr.

Commons, House of
-, chaplain to the
-, clerk of the

Common Pleas, Lord Chief Justice of the

Compere, John

Compton, Sir Francis
-, Hatton

Conant, Dr. John




Conellan, Philip

Confirmation, rite of, directions to Bishops concerning

Congress, the

Congreve, William


Coning (Coningh), Ian
-, Lavientus
-, Lawrence
-, Leonard

Coningsby (Coningesby), Capt. Humphrey
-, Lord

Connah. Hugh


Connell, Manus

Connor, cathedral of
-, diocese of
-, precentor of

Connox, Capt. John

Conny, John

Conquest, Thomas

Conquit (Conquet)


Conrie Milne

Consuls, directions as to the payment of

Continent, campaign on

Continho, Moses

Convention, the

Convicts, transportation of

Conway, Daniel
-, Popham
-, William

Conyers, Father
-, John

Cook (Cooke), Henry
-, James
-, John
-, Mr. Justice
-, Mary
-, Mr.
-, Samuel
-, Stephen

Cookman, Ensign Henry

Cool, Plasina

Coolduffe, East, manor of
-, West


Coome, Ensign Richard

-, Captain
-, Challoner
-, Court
-, George
-, Ensign John
-, Thomas
-, William
-, See Cowper.

Coopmans, Gerrit Reinier

Coote (Coot), Lieut.-Col. Chidley
-, Col.
-, Col. Richard

Cope, Colonel Richard
-, Major Walter

-, letter dated at

Copping, John

Coppinger, Robert
-, Thomas

Coppingers, Stang


Corbeau, Esaiah

Corbesien, Henry
-, John


Corbett (Corbette), John
-, Major, John

Corbetta, Don Pedro


Corder, Humphrey

Cordes, Cornelia

Cordier, John le

Cordon, Lieutenant

Corelsen, Carel

Corff, Mary

-, governor of
-, harbour
-, river of

Cork and Burlington, Earl of

Corker, Edward

Cormuck, Edmund
-, Morey

Corn, account to be taken of
-, sale of
-, scarcity of

Cornalik, Peter

Corneille, Mons.

Cornelis, John
-, Margaret

Cornelissen, Douwe
-, Jacob
-, John
-, Peter
-, Theys

Cornish, Henry

Corno, Josephus

Cornu, Elizabeth
-, Samuel

-, assizes in
-, coast of

Cornwall, Duchy of

Cornwall, Duke of

Cornwall, William

Cornwallis, Capt.
-, Charles
-, Lord

Corseley (Corsley), Humphrey
-, manor of

Cortellini, Anne
-, Catherine
-, Seraffino



Costello, barony of

Costello, Capt. Charles

Coster, John

Cottell, Mary

Cotton, Capt. Beresford
-, Garret
-, Mrs.
-, Richard
-, Sir Robert

Cottrell, Richard

Couchman, Charles

Couillette, Judith

Council, the

Council Board, the

Council, Committee of
-, Lords of the
-, Lord President of

Coupe, Edward

Courland, Duke of

Courtenay (Courtney), Capt. Richard
-, William

Courthorpe, Col. John

Court martials

Cousin, Mary

Coussin, Mary

Covenaat, the

Coventry, Bishop of
-, Mayor of

Cowdell, Thomas


Cowes Castle


Cowper, John
-, Thomas
-, See Cooper.

Cox, John
-, Mr. Justice
-, Sir Richard
-, Samuel
-, Thomas

Coyne, Alderman
-, John

Coy, Colonel John

Crackerode, Jervase

Cragg (Crag, Crage), Alexander
-, Andrew
-, John
-, Julius
-, Margaret

Craighead (Craghead), Robert

Cramah, Capt.

Cramer, Godefroy

Crammers, Herman

Cranfield, Mr.

Cratchrode, Mrs.

Crawford, Col.
-, David
-, Lord
-, Robert

Crawley, Richard

Cray, Andries

Creagh, Sir Michael
-, Morgan
-, Stephen

Creake, Margaret

Crean, Andrew
-, Edward
-, Paul

Creichton (Creighton), Colonel
-, John
-, Lieut. Robert

Crpe, method of preparing


Crespigny (Crespignie), Elizabeth
-, Capt. Gabaret
-, Thomas

Crespin, Margurite

Cressenor, Edward

Cresseron, Mrs.

Cresset, James
-, Mr.
-, letter to

Cressy, Richard
-, William

Creswick, Francis
-, Henry

Crisp, Capt. James
-, Capt. Joseph
-, Robert

Croce, Joseph

Croek, Adrian

Crofton, Lieut, Richard
-, Capt. Richard

Crofts, James

Croll, John

Crombie, John

Crompe, Adam

Crone, Dennis
-, Murtagh MacHugh

Croneene, John
-, Teige

-, castle of

Crop, James

Crosbie (Crosby), Bat.
-, Mr.
-, Sir Thomas
-, Walter
-, William

Crosskeys, Daniel



Crow, Bridget
-, Cornelius
-, Capt. James

Crowly, Tiege

Crown, clerk of the

Crown Office, the


Croy (Croye), Andrew
-, Peter

Crozat, Jofre


Crump, Adam

Crusius, Trenus


Crynen, Gillis

Cubrier, Stephen

Cudden, Thomas

Cuff (Cuffe), Francis
-, letter from
-, Mr.

Cuffall, Henry

Cuilembergh, Mr.

Cuilliette, Judith

Cullam, John

Culpepper (Culpaper), Alexander
-, Sir Thomas

Cumberland, Lieutenant of


Cunningham (Coningham), Lieut.-Col. Alexander
-, Col.
-, Colonel Henry
-, James
-, Capt. John
-, Magdalen
-, Col. Richard

Cupper, Mathias

Curates, laws concerning


Curribeg, manor of

Currybeagh, manor of

Curry Cloghs, East, manor of
-, West, manor of

Currymore, manor of

Curson, Henry
-, Robert

Curstance, Robert

Curten, Cornelius

Curtis, Edmund

Custard, Capt. Lewis

Custom House, solicitor to

Customs, the
-, Commissioners of the
-, Receiver General of
-, Surveyor General of the

Cuthbert, Thomas

Cutler, Robert

Cutter, Capt.

Cutts (Cutt), John, Lord

Cuylenberg, Gerrit
-, Metge