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Pages 544-552

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Gabine, Alexander

Gaby, John
-, Mary

Gadobert, John

Gaeshill, Baron of

Gage, Sir Henry

Gaide, Robert

Gaile, John

Galais, Peter

Galdy, Louis
-, Mr.

Gale, Nathaniel
-, Richard

Gal, le Sieur

Galleron, Stephen

Galley, Jane

Gallifor, Anna
-, Sarah

Gallowne alias Dartree, rectory at

Galway, Arthur
-, Lieutenant
-, Henry, Viscount
-, Walter

Galway (Galloway)
-, articles of
-, fortifications at
-, Governor of
-, Mayor of
-, pirates taken at
-, sheriffs of
-, stores at


Gambarini, Francis

Game, Alexander
-, John

Game, preservation of the Royal

Gamot, Thomas



Ganny, Daniel na
-, Tiege Oge na

Ganspoel, David

Garbacino, Joseph

Gard, John

Gardiner (Gardener, Gardner), Alderman
-, Bishop
-, Gilbert
-, James (Rev.)
-, Capt. John
-, Joseph
-, Thomas

Gargill, Anthony

Gargrave, Henry

Garland, John
-, Mr.
-, William

Garmon, Lazarus

Garon, Peter


Garrett, Captain

Garryhesty, manor of

Garston, Thomas

Garth, Major Thomas


Gatehouse, the. See under London and Westminster.

Gaubert, Jean

Gaughen, Capt. Thomas

Gautreau, Nicholas

Gawne, Alexander

Gay, Alexander
-, Thomas
-, Capt. William

Gazaigne, Anthony
-, John

Gazalet, Capt. Mark

Geay, Peter

Gee, Mons.

Geehy, Donagh na

Geeleman, Mary

Geelhuysen, John

Geertz, Paul

Gefray, Anne

Geilinck, Isaias

Gelissen, John

Gellibrand, John

Gelthorp, Mr.


Gemser, Mary
-, Nicholas

Genes, Captain

Geneste, John


Genis, Mr.

-, Consul at

Genoese, the
-, ships

Genot, James
-, Mary

Gens, Gaspar

Gentill, Michael

Geoffroy, James

Geoghegan (Geohagan, Goaghan), Edward
-, Capt. Thomas

George, Anna

Geraldine, Sir James

Gerard (Gerrard), Hon. Fytton
-, Lewis
-, William
-, Sir William

Geraud, Susanne

Gerits (Geritse), Anna
-, John
-, Marretie
-, William

Germain, Geronimo
-, Mr.

German, Gerrit

Germans, regiment of

-, Emperor of
-, Envoy Extraordinary of

Gernon, Ann.
-, George.
-, Nicholas

Gerritsen, Claas
-, Derrick
-, Gerrit

Gervaes, Mary

Gervan, Alexander

Gethins, Capt. Pearcy
-, Stephens

Gew, Morris


Gheran, James

Ghug, Mr.

Gibbons (Gybbons), Dr.
-, James
-, John
-, Morgan
-, Philip

Gibbs, Henry

Gibou, Mrs. Rachel

-, Bay of
-, letters dated at
-, loss of ships at
-, straits of

Gibson (Gibsons), Alexander
-, Ann
-, Colonel
-, John
-, Col. John
-, Ensign Samuel

Gifford (Giffard), Edward
-, Capt. Fitzmaurice


Gignaus, John

Gignillat, Frances

Gilbert, Abraham
-, Robert

Giles, Edward
-, George
-, James

Gill, William

Gillibrand, John

Gillis, Mary

Gilly, Capt. John

Giloyn, Mary

Gilpin, George

Ginckle (Ginkle), Lieut.-General
-, General

Ginestel, Captain

Girard, Lewis
-, Michael

Girone, siege of


Glamorganshire, high sheriff of



Glanvil, Thomas

Glasborough (Glasseborough), Ann

-, collector of customs at
-, university of

Glass making. See under Inventions.

Glemham, Lady

Glencairn, Earl of

Glencoe, massacre of
-, men

Glendelagh, bishopric of

Glenorchy, Lord

Gloster, Catherine

-, Bishop of
-, college of

Gloucester, Duke of


Glover, John
-, John Bennett
-, Philadelphia

Gloves, Thomas

Goddard, Richard
-, Thomas
-, William

Godde, Benjamin

Godfrey, Michael

Godolphin, Sydney, Lord
-, letters from
-, letters to

Goedaert, John

Goeritsen, Johanna

Goertz, Baron.

Goethals, William

-, John
-, Thomas

Golding, Captain
-, Thomas

Goldsmith, Mr.

Goldwell, Mr.

Goltz, Jurgen

Gomeret, Susanna

Gomez, Abraham
-, Isaac

Gonly, Mr.

Gonzales, Domingo

Goodall, Sergeant

Gooday, George

Gooding, Robert


Goodrick, Henry
-, Sir Henry

Goodwin, Colonel
-, Honora
-, Walter

Goodyear, Mr.

Goor, Col. John Wyant

Gordin, Mary

Gordon, Duke of

Gore, Captain
-, Capt. Francis
-, Gerard
-, Hugh
-, Lieutenant-Colonel
-, Mr.
-, Capt. Ralph
-, Richard
-, Sir William

Gorenflo, Jane

Gorges (Gorg), Capt. Richard
-, Dr. Robert

Gorman, John

Gormanston, Lady

Gorst, Robert

Gorsuch, Lieut.-Col. Charles
-, Mr.

Gorter, Joh

Goschaffor, Abraham Dugan.

Gosfright, Francis

Gothenburg (Gottenburgh)

Gother, Capt. James

Goud, Geertruydt
-, Lucia

Goudet, Joachim

Gough, William Power

Goujon, Elizabeth
-, Nicholas

Gould, John
-, Margery

Goulden, Captain

Gourdan, Walter

Gourney, Annie
-, Lieutenant

Gouvernew, Abraham

Graat (Graet), Harmen
-, Hartman

Grabu Lewis

Grace, Oliver

Grace family, the

Gracedieu, Bartholomew
-, Mr.

Gradon, Barras

Grady, Henry
-, Jordan

Grafton, Duke of

Grafton, Thomas

Graham (Grahame), Sir Charles
-, David
-, Elizabeth
-, Francis
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Richard
-, William
-, Capt. William

Grammont, Duke of

Granaway, Capt.

Grand Signor, the
-, Ambassador Extraordinary of the

Grand Vizier, the
-, letter from


Grange Abbey

Grant, Jasper
-, the Laird of
-, Peter.


Granville (Greenvill)
-, Capt. Bernard
-, Sir Bevill
-, Sir James
-, John
-, Capt. John



Gravelines Pits, letters dated at

Gravenbecke, Peter

Graves, Capt. Charles
-, Capt. Thomas

-, ships at

Gravisset, Paul

Gray, Michael
-, Nicholas
-, Ralph
-, Thomas
-, See Grey.

Great Ardroms

Great Island, the

Great Seal, the
-, Lord Keeper of

Great Wardrobe, keeper of

Greave (Greaves), Captain

Greek minister, a

Green (Greene), Captain
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Major William

Green Cloth, Board of


Greenland Company, the

Greensmith, Mrs. Jane


Greenwich Hospital


Greer, Dr.

Greg (Gregg), Hugh
-, John.
-, Mr.

Gregnon, Nicholas

Gregory, Captain
-, George
-, Hester
-, John
-, Mr.
-, Mr. Justice

Grenolieau, Elie

Grenvill, Jersey

Grestry, John

Greves, Thomas

Greville, Elizabeth Lady
-, Sir Fulke
-, Robert

Grey, Anchitel
-, Ford, Lord
-, Mr.
-, Ralph
-, Thomas
-, See Gray.

Grice, a haberdasher

Griebe, Conrad

Griffin (Griffen), Edward, Lord
-, Henry
-, Richard
-, Thomas

Griffith, Captain
-, Edward
-, James
-, Jeffrey
-, Robert

Grillagh, co. Cork

Grills, William

Grimes, Colonel
-, Mrs. Henrietta
-, Mary

Grimston, Sir Samuel


Groest, Hendrick

Groonem, Catherine

Groos, Andreas

Groun, Angelica

Grourke, Thomas

Grove (Groves), Jer.
-, John
-, Michael
-, Samuel
-, William

Grow, Elizabeth

Groyne, the

Gruber, John

Grue, Mary

Gryme, John

Gualy, Captain

Guards, saddler to the

Gubbs, Martin


Guenaut, Catharina

Guerin, Capt.

-, Castle Cornet
-, coals for
-, defence of
-, deputies of
-, fortifications in
-, lieutenant-governor of
-, men-of-war for
-, repairs in
-, road
-, saltwater engine for
-, stores of war in
-, See also under Channl Islands.

Guest, Alice

Guiban, Elie

Guiband, Mary

Guibeau, Jane

Guichardire, John

Guichardure, Daniel

Guide, General

Guidet, Capt. Balthasar

Guigon, Abraham, Mendez

Guilleray, Thomas

Guillereau, Philip

Guilliam, William

Guillot, Benoite
-, Esther
-, Matthew


Guineas, issue of
-, price of

Guineband, Israelite

Guis, Daniel

Guise, Christopher
-, Sir John

Guitton, Daniel
-, Gabriel
-, Isaac
-, Peter

Gull, Henry

Gult, the

Gundelange, Sieur

Gunfleet, the

Gunn, William

Gunther, Daniel

Gurson, John

Gut, the. See Cape de Gat.

Guthrie, George

Gutieres, Moses

Guy, Captain
-, Henry
-, Mr.
-, Capt. William

Guydett, Balthazar
-, Major

Guyon, Mrs. Frances

Gwynne (Gwyn, Gwin), Daniel
-, Mrs. Ellen
-, Consul Howell
-, John, na
-, Richard
-, Robert
-, Rowland

Gybbons. See Gibbons.

Gyles. See Giles.