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Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1608-1610. Originally published by Longman and Co, London, 1874.

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General Index.A.

General Index.


Abbey of Ffayre, 148.

— of Annogh, in Coleraine County, granted to Sir Toby Caulfeild, 565.

— of SS. Peter and Paul, Armagh, 20 ballibetaghs formerly belonging to, granted to Sir Toby Caulfeild, 559.

Abbey Boyle garrison, commander of, Sir John King, 508.

Abbey lands, 577.

, quit-rents of, in Down and Antrim, 448.

, how marked in maps of escheated counties, 402.

, the six counties, 403.

Abbeys, the poor to be passed to the servitors, "before they gripe all," 423.

Abbots, guardian, lately appointed for every abbey in Ireland, 475.

Abercorn, Earl, 483.

Abstract of His Majesty's several titles, and of sundry other persons, ecclesiastical and temporal, to the lands in the counties of Armagh, Tyrone, Coleraine, county of the city of Derry, Donegal, Fermanagh, and Cavan, by Sir John Davys, 552–576.

— of His Majesty's several titles, whereby His Majesty and sundry other persons, ecclesiastical and temporal, are entitled to the lands in the escheated counties in Ulster, 552.

Abuses of First Fruits, 450.

Ackland, Lieutenant, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

Acland, Lieutenant, 368.

Account of Tyrone's rents for three and a half years, ending 1 Nov. 1610, by Sir Toby Caulfeild, the King's receiver, 532.

Adamstown, in Queen's County, 185.

Adderton, see Atherton.

Admiralty, Londoners ask Admiralty of coasts of Tyrconnell and Coleraine, 350.

"Advantage," the ship, to be sent against pirates, 29.

"Advertisements from Rome," xlii.

Advices by the Commissioners of Plantation, 482.

Africa, without the many petty wards in Ulster, no more would be known of the temper of the people there, than of Africa, 95.

Agnus Deis, sent in pretended letter from Rome, xlii.

Albert, Archduke, receives the Fugitive Earls with honour, xxxix.

Aldridge, Sir John, 548.

Aldworth, Capt. Rich., provost marshal of Munster, 507, 509.

, Sir Richard, 465.

Alford, Mr., 114.

Alicknocan, lands of, 134.

Allegiance, the King's Apology for Oath of, 284.

, answer to, circulated in manuscript, ib.

Allen, Sir Allen, 367.

, John, 549.

Allengton, John, bill to, 19.

, —, 71.

Allotment, an inconvenient mode of distributing the escheated lands to the undertakers, 159.

Allowances to various officers to be retrenched, 450.

Aloan, see Athlone.

Alone, see Athlone.

Ambassadors, English, abroad, report on the proceedings of the fugitives, xxxix.

America, 95.

Amiens, Tyrone at, xxxix.

Amsterdam, a ship of, seized by Jennings the pirate, 130.

, hopeful project (not explained) of some Dutchmen of, 242.

, ships to be chartered at, for carriage of timber from Ireland, 149.

Anagh, castle of O'Cahan, x.

Anderson, Sir Francis, of Bedford, a principal undertaker in Onealand, with the names and abilities of his consorts, 549.

, Edmund, ib.

Andrewes, Eusebius, pension of, 168.

, —, 367, 506.

, Henry, 79.

Andrews, Mr., 336.

Angell, William, 341.

Annagh, one of the chief places of Coleraine, 61.

Annaly, barony of Tulligarvy set apart for composition rent of, 489.

Annesley, Francis, suit of, recommended, 40.

, —, and John Strowde, agents of Chichester, for obtaining for him the barony of Enishowen, 103.

, Francis, 252.

, Mr. Francis, 367.

, Francis, sent over with charge of Sir Neale O'Donnell and his fellow prisoners, 306.

, —, delivered at Chester by an order to pass the prisoners from sheriff to sheriff, till they reach London, 319.

, —, —, remonstrates against this as unsafe, ib.

, Francis, 322, 325.

, —, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

Annesleys, the, letters of, 423.

Annogh, in Coleraine County, 563.

, excepted out of the lands to be restored to O'Cahan, ib.

, Abbey of, granted to Sir Toby Caulfeild, 565.

Antrim, population of, mixed, xii.

, relations with England complicated, xiii.

, county of, granted to Earl of Essex, lxxii.

, a county of Ulster, viii.

, Scottish colony in, xii.

, description of, xiii.

— County, Sir Robt. Jacob found no habitations there but where he and his brother commissioners lodged, 194.

, quitrents in, 448.

Aphugh, Ambrose, 121.

, Rice, ib.

, Captain Owen, 336, 368, 511.

Appesley, Sir Allen, commissary for victuals in Munster, 301. See Apsley.

Apsley, Sir Allan, 480, 481, 482, 487, 507.

Archdale, John, 548.

Archdeacon, Richard, 202.

Archduke, the, sends the Irish regiment to the King of Spain, 393.

, four Dunkirk ships belonging to, with military stores for Irish expedition, 398.

Archebald, Edmund, 381.

Archer, Father, tries to convert Robert Short, 13.

, —, not seen for six months by Killinghall, 51.

, John, of Kilkenny, 324.

Archers, office of, obsolete, and to be abolished, 451.

Arclo, surrender and regrant of lordship of, 582.

Ardcromman Castle, 495.

Arde, rectory of, 448.

Ardes, Little and Great, districts in Down, xi.

, the Little, granted to Sir Thomas Smith and his son, lxxii.

, —, on condition to subdue the rebels of Great and Little Ardes, and plant English there, ib.

, barony of, Abbey of Jugo Dei in, 448.

Ardingraple, in Scotland, 395.

Ardmagh, see Armagh.

Argyle, Earl of, daughter of, said to be sought in marriage by Baron of Dungannon, xxxvi.

Armada, preparing for Irish expedition, 30.

Armado, see Armada.

Armagh, a new county of Ulster, viii.

, description of, x.

, counties contained in, ib.

, Archbishop of, and his freeholders, ib.

, a small village, the church and friaries of, broken and defaced, ib.

— and Upper Tyrone, a government of Ulster, xxiii.

— assizes at, in 1608, lxxix.

, questions regarding, 1.

, people of, attend the commission of oyer and terminer, 7.

, sessions at, 15.

, grand jury willingly indite their kinsmen who had gone into rebellion, ib.

, proclamation against rebels, in, 27.

, condition of, the same as that of Tyrone, 62.

, to whom it belongs, ib.

, county of, 65.

, wood kerne of, petition for pardon of, 143.

, constableship of gaol at, 274.

, maps of county of, contents and explanations of, 402.

, barony of, area of, ib.

, Errenagh land in, 403.

, demesne, bishops in, ib.

, precinct of, 405.

, market of, 406.

, survey of county, 407.

— County, inhabitants of, discontented at the plantation, 499.

, Archbishop of, to be compounded with for the impropriations in his possession, that they may be bestowed on the Londoners, 490.

, —, found (by Inquisition, 12 August 1609) to be seized in right of his archbishoprick of 26 town lands, his mensal or demesne lands, 558.

, —, also found entitled to perpetual rents and duties out of 160 town lands more, ib.

, Dean and Chapter of, but three towns and odd sessiaghs found to belong to, 558, 559.

, vicars choral of, nine towns and odd sessiaghs found to belong to, 559.

, abbey lands in, 20 and odd ballibetaghs found to be part of the possessions of the Abbey of SS. Peter and Thomas in Armagh, ib.

, —, these are granted to Sir Toby Caulfeild, ib.

, —, six ditto granted to Sir Marmaduke Whitchurch, a servitor, ib.

— County, disturbed by the robberies of Oghe O'Hanlon, 195.

— —, the damages ordered to be raised off the two baronies where the robberies were done, 196.

— —, will be a means to drive him out of the country, ib.

— —, His Majesty's title to the temporal lands in, 553.

— —, to the ecclesiastical lands in, 555.

, —, lands in, claimed by the Lord Primate, 558.

, — Dean and Chapter lands in, ib.

— —, glebe land in, 559.

— —, abbey lands in, ib.

— —, advowsons in, ib.

— —, Sir John Davys's abstract of the King's title to the escheated lands in, 552.

, lands of Archbishop of, 553.

, — Dean and Chapter of, ib.

, —, excepted out of those in Armagh, vested by Stat. of 11th of Elizabeth in the Crown, ib.

, constableship of the castle of, 579.

Armathe, see Armagh.

Armstrong, xcvi.

Army, in Ireland, charges of, 43.

, reduced after suppression of O'Dogherty's outbreak, 94, 95, 113.

, list of, captains of foot, November 1608, 96.

, 2, 95, 100.

, charge of, 1595–1606, 282.

, —, 1595–1609, 291.

, —, before ODogherty's outbreak, 326.

, charge now required, ib.

, charges of, October 1609 to March 1610, 418.

— list for 30th September 1610, 507.

Aron, see Arran.

Arran (of Donegal), island of, 36.

Arras, Tyrone at, xxxix.

Arrears, account of, since December, 1605, 323.

Arthur, Anthony, 388. See Arthure, Anthony.

, Father, Jesuit, at Limerick, 463.

, John, a grant of Doe Castle to him, and eight quarters of land near Rathmullan by the Earl of Tyrconnell, 571.

, —, void, and why, ib.

, Robert, of Youghal, 24.

Arthure, Anthony, a poor man, holds castle of Glyn, 388.

, P., Mayor of Limerick, suit of, as to the customs and other privileges of the city, 257.

, —, death of, 267.

, Robert, 50.

Articles, the Book of, for regulation of the transplanted Græmes, cii.

, —, in the custody of Walter Graham, the gudeman of Netherby, ib.

, —, injunctions of, not followed by the Grahams, ib.

, between the King and city of London for the plantation of Derry and county of Coleraine, 359, 365.

— of Instruction, the 19, annexed to the commission of plantation of 21st July 1609, lxxxvi.

, —, for plantation of Ulster, 580.

Ash, Sir Thomas, his wardship of O'Carroll's heir, 421.

, —, sells it to Viscount Butler, ib.

, —, Chichester disapproves this, ib.

Ashe, John, 367.

, Sir Thomas, 367, 372.

Asheroe Abbey, purchased by Sir H. Folliot, from Mr. Auditor Gofton, 363.

, Abbey of, granted to Auditor Gofton, 573.

— —, sold by him to Sir Henry Folliot, ib.

Ashfield, Sir Robert, land purchased from, by Sir D. Sarsfield, 162.

Ashpoole, [ ], 108.

Askeating, castle of, 577. See Askeaton.

Askeaton, Sir Francis Barkley offers to build a wall round, 351.

, —, 30 years' experience promises well for any undertaking, ib.

Asketton, fee-farm grant of, to Sir Francis Barkley, 430. See Askeaton.

Assizes at Armagh in 1608, lxxix.

, to be held once a year in Munster and Connaught, 154.

— summoned in each county by plantation commissioners, 293.

, court of, held in Connaught by Sir R. Jacob, 298.

Aston, Sir Arthur, 125.

, John, ib.

, —, to have a suitable ecclesiastical preferment, 260.

Atemple, David M'Ulicke [Bourke], 87.

Athboy, town of, burnt in Tyrone's rebellion, 285.

, surrender and re-grant of these lands ordered, ib.

, King's letter for, 293.

, charter of incorporation, 481.

, town burnt in Tyrone's war, and portreeve and many burgesses slain, ib.

Atherton, Capt., 366, 547.

, Capt., servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

, Capt. Henry, 509.

, Capt. Henry, three balliboes adjacent to fort of Mountnorris demised to him for 21 years [ ], James I., 555.

Athie, Sir R. Wingfield's men at, 33.

Athlone, a president for Connaught to live at, xv.

, castle of, lxii.

, the fugitive Earls charged with design to seize it, ib.

, 95, 98.

, King's boats at, 95.

, repair of King's boats at, 231.

, fee-farm, rents in, 371.

— castle, ward of, 507.

, constable of, Earl of Clanricard, 508.

Athnes, town and lands of, 577.

Athy, 327, 376.

Atkins, Lieutenant, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

Atkinson, Capt., 367.

, Lieutenant, 368.

"Atlantic Monthly Magazine," account given in number for March, 1868, of the transfer of Sir Arthur Chichester's papers to the Library of Philadelphia, in 1799, ciii.

, accuracy of, this account questioned, ciii, civ.

, true account suggested, cv.

Attainders of Irish traitors in England to be certified into and enrolled in the King's Bench of Ireland, 119, 127.

Attkinson, Captain, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

Attorneys, provincial, their fees, 104.

Attorney, the King's, an undertaker in Armagh, 180.

Aubigny, the Lord, undertaker in Coleraine county, 181.

Audelay, Lord, undertaker in Armagh county, 180.

, —, proposes to plant in Tyrone, 259.

, —, his proposal favourably considered, 258. See Audley.

Audely, Lord, he and his son become undertakers in Ulster, 256. See Audley and Audelay.

, —, his ancestor was one of the first Lord Marchers of Wales, ib.

, —, others of the family were companions of De Courcy in his conquest of Ulster, ib.

, a castle yet standing in Lecale, named after Lord Audely, ib.

, Sir Mervyn, a principal undertaker in Omagh, with the names and abilities of his consorts, 548.

, Lord, the first servitor who became undertaker in Ulster, 500, 547.

Auditor of foreign accounts, grant of office of, to Sir JamesWare and John Ware, 478.

Audley, Lord, lxxxii, lxxxiii.

, —, his extravagant project of plantation in Tyrone, lxxxii.

, —, asks for 100,000, acres, ib.

, —, offers to build 30 towns of 30 families at the least, lxxxiii.

, —, gets a grant of Ferns Castle by surprise, as alleged by Sir Richard Masterson, lessee for 50 years, 121.

, —, reported to have a grant of 100,000 acres in Tyrone, 297.

, —, his antecedents as a planter in Munster condemned by Chichester, 297.

, —, proposal of plantation in Tyrone referred to Chichester, 319.

, —, claims time to consider it, ib.

, —, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

, —, asked for a large grant in Ulster, but is now content to rank as an ordinary undertaker, 467.

, —, grant to, 494.

, —, 121, 122, 256, 365, 467, 494, 500.

Audleys, the, Anglo-Norman settlers in Lecale, xii. See Audley.

Aungier, Sir Francis, 212, 215.

, —, appointment as Master of Rolls, Ireland, 580.

Aylmer, Sir Garrett, letter of council in favour of, 423.