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Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1608-1610. Originally published by Longman and Co, London, 1874.

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Gabriell, Capt., 495.

Gaffeney, William, 74.

Gaye, comes over with first batch of the Londoners, 437.

Gainsford, Captain, 367.

Galbally, rent of the abbey of, suspended for two years, 435.

, Sir R. Boyle bound for, ib.

, assigned to Earl of Thomond, ib.

— Castle and Galbally-Aherlo, grant of, to Thomas Cantwell, of Ballymackeady, 476.

, —, late the inheritance of Donagh M'Creagh, Moragh O'Brea, and Ulick M'William Bourke, or either of them, ib.

, abbey of, 552.

"Galiasse," a Venetian, surprises and captures a pirate ship, 279.

Gallicia, armada of, sent for to come to the Groyne, 30.

Gallin, in Leix, 33.

Gallitia, see Gallicia.

Gallowglas country, in the county of Armagh, Capt. Thomas Chatterton undertakes to conquer it in 13th of Elizabeth, 553.

, his failure and death at the hands of the Irish, ib.

Gallwey, H., sovereign of Kinsale, 24.

, William, 511.

Galway, fortifications at, 40.

, agents of, recommended to Chichester, 133.

, suit of, to the King, ib.

, customs of, ib.

, new charter for, 154.

, Brian Kelly's lands in, 134.

, 221.

, fort of, repairs, 231.

, rebels in the pass between Galway and Shrowle, 298.

, new charter of incorporation of, 222.

, their suburbs enlarged, from two miles to three, ib.

, as far as the Abbey of St. Francis, ib.

, fort of, 374.

, gunners at, 507.

Gameforth, Capt. Francis, pensioner, 337, 510.

Garamoe, 494.

Gardner, Sir Robert, Queen's Commissioner, xviii.

, —, 202.

Garener, John, 488.

Garrans (horses), cost of, in repairing Derry fortress, to be levied off the people, 27.

Garrett, Roger, 549.

Garrouragh, lands of, in Clare, 577.

Garruffe, see Garve.

Garve, Neal [O'Neill], his apprehension much lamented in Spain, 31.

Gatehouse, prison of, 40.

Gavelkind, the Irish tenure of this nature, 498.

"Gayle" (gaol) of Mount Norries, 63.

Gentlemen, not to send their sons beyond seas, 174.

, proclamation against, 175.

Gerald, Edmund FitzJohn, of Ballymartin, co. Cork, 324.

, Morris FitzThomas, suit of, with Edward Courtney, 300.

Geraldine, Thomas, 475.

Geraldines, the, plantations by, 17.

Gernon, Nicholas, 228.

Gerrard, Dorothy, Mrs., 52.

, Father, a Jesuit, 50.

Gessell, Nicholas, 78.

Geste, Sir Leynal [Lionel], Lady Desmond's complaint against, 449. See Guest.

Gibson, Robert, 479.

Gill, Bryan, 512.

Gillett, John, 511.

, —, pensioner, 337.

Gilmore, Rice, sent as agent of Sir Donell O'Cahan, 413.

, —, malversations of, ib.

, —, has obtained the "shrifery" [sheriffry] of the county, ib.

, broke open O'Cahan's castle, 413.

Ginnet, Sir William, 472.

Giraldus Cambrensis, see Cambrensis.

Glanarme, see Glenarm.

Glanbally, precinct of, 404.

Glanconkayne, see Glanconkeyne.

Glanconkein, 348. See Glanconkeyne.

Glanconken, see Glanconkeyne, and Glenconkeyne.

Glanconkeyne, a government of Ulster, xxiii.

, lxxx, lxxxiii.

, Chichester marches to, 8.

, greatest fastness in Ulster, ib.

, had been well tilled, but was depopulated by the war, ib.

, Shane Carragh O'Cahan taken in, 15.

, goodliest timber in, 208.

, 61, 89, 194.

, divers live on spoil between Dongiven and Glanconkein, 194.

, 208.

, surveyed by London agents, 286.

, near Kilulter, 294.

, and Killeitragh, 349.

, Londoners ask for woods of Glanconkeen and Killeitragh, ib.

, are offered the use of them, ib.

, they are 20 miles long, ib.

— and Killetragh, not the estate of the Earls of Tyrone, 560.

, they only received services out of them, ib.

Glanfield, Toby, a pirate at Tunis, 279.

Glanfinne, 39.

, party of troops sent into, 37.

Glanfynne, promised to Sir Neal O'Donnell, 57. See Glanfinne.

Glan Fynne and Monganah, Sir Neal O'Donnell's lands of, 570.

, excepted out of the re-grant made to the Earl of Tyrconnell on his surrender, 1 James I., ib.

, but not re-granted to Sir Neal O'Donnell, who conspired with O'Dogherty before the patents could be made out, 573.

Glanvagh, see Glanveagh.

Glanveagh, O'Dogherty's flight from, 45.

Glebe land, proportions with, 403.

— lands, 577.

Glenarm, in dispute between Sir R. M'Donnell and Sir A. M'Awla, 446.

— castle of, assignment of, to Angus and Sir James M'Donnell, 395.

Glenconkeyne, woods and lands of, reserved to city of Derry, 136.

, to be reserved to the King by Lord Audeley's proposal, 259. See Glanconkeyne.

Glenor, castle of, surrender and re-grant of, to David Roche, 517.

Glens, the, why so called, xiii.

, contains seven baronies, ib.

Glenvagh, see Glenveagh.

Glenveagh, demand regarding, 1.

, O'Dogherty's departure from, 3, 4.

, messengers sent to O'Dogherty in, 18.

, O'Doherty sends his creaghts and cattle into the fortress of, 223.

, Marshal Wingfield and Sir T. Ridgeway intended to capture them there, ib.

, —, but their design was betrayed to him by Sir Neal O'Donnel, 224.

Glesinenloe, stream of, 38.

Glin, Knight of, 465. See Glyn.

— castle, claim of P. Crosby to, against the Knight of the Valley, 329, 330, 384.

Glinnes, the people of, wonder to see the Deputy, like the ghosts at seeing Æneas in the Shades, 16.

, rebels in, 39. See Glens.

Gloucestershire men brought over to Dublin, 5.

Glyn castle, see Glin castle.

Glyn Loughvagh, an inaccessible fastness, xlix.

Glynne, castle of, in Limerick, order to pass to Patrick Crosbie, 388. See Glin.

, —, claimed by Edmund Fitzgerald, ib.

, —, description of, ib.

, —, possessed by Anthony Arthur, who sold wines there, ib.

Glynnes, see Glens.

Glynns, the, meeting of chiefs in, 3.

, of Glanconkayne, 15.

Glynny, manor of, co. Cork, 206, 207.

Glyns, the, in Ulster (Antrim), 395.

, the, of Antrim, 446. See Glens.

Goare, see Gore.

Gode, Francis, pensioner, 337.

Gofton, Auditor, 363.

, —, is granted Asheroe Abbey, 573.

, —, sells to Sir Henry Folliott, ib.

Gogh, Sir James, 102.

, Lady, ib.

, Patrick, ib.

Goldsmill, John Brode, commissioner for plantation of city of London, 266.

Gordon, John, 101.

, Nicholas, ib.

Gore, Captain Paul, invests Torry Island, li.

, —, insists on getting the heads of the rebels at Torry Island, liii.

, —, stationed to watch Torry Island, 27.

, —, tries to intercept rebels escaping from Torry Island, 35, 367, 548.

, —, servitor, to be an undertaker, 428.

Gormanston, Viscount, 216, 255, 345, 346, 380, 381, 382.

, —, offers 200l. of the 500l. forfeited as bail for O'Dogherty, 345.

, —, claims a trial, rather than remain suspected, 255.

, —, he and Sir Thomas Fitzwilliams offer but 200l. for Mr. Florio, ib.

Gortnegre, castle and lands of, 584.

Gosnoll [Gosnold], Henry, second justice in Munster, his yearly fee, 339.

Governor and assistants of the plantation of Ulster, recommend Dean Webb for bishop, 488.

, names of the Governor and several assistants, ib.

Governors of Ulster districts, purely military officers, xxiv.

Governors and other officers, with their retinues, in the four provinces, 507.

Grace, Robert, of Court town, co. Kilkenny, 325.

Græme, Fergus, pensioner, 337, 511. See Grahame.

, Sir George, 126, 336, 367, 508.

, Sir Richard, 367, 510.

, Sir George's sons, 368.

Graham, Sir George, cii.

,—, some of the transplanted Grahams fly to, ib.

, —, as their kinsman, ib.

, —, the sons of, to be undertakers, 428.

, —, 126. See Græme.

, Sir Richard, servitor, to be an undertaker, ib.

, see, Græme, Greames.

Grahams, the, transplantation of, xcv–ciii.

, active borderers, xcvi.

, how they celebrated Kimg James's accession, ib.

, proclamation against, of 4th December 1603, ib.

, are reduced, ib.

, and submit to be transplanted, ib.

, are arrested, and the "heads" kept in prison, xcvii.

, the vulgar sort dismissed, ib.

, sent to serve the King in the Low Countries, ib.

, of 72 delivered at Flushing only 14 remain, ib.

, the rest returned, ib.

, troops sent to Eskdale, &c. in pursuit of, xcvii.

, to catch some that broke out of Carlisle Castle, ib.

, had rather die at home with shame, than serve the King abroad with credit xcviii.

, they rob, to furnish themselves for the Low Countries, ib.

, few or none hanged for returning without license, ib.

, their plea for pardon for arresting Sandies Rimon, ib.

, Jock of the Pear-tree, ib.

, Jock Ritchie, ib.

, the, to be transplanted into Ireland, xcix.

, under Sir Ralph Sidley at Roscommon, ib.

, agreement between Sir Ralph Sidley and the Commissioners of the Middle Shires, ib.

, of Leven, Esk, and Sark (the late borders of England) to be transplanted, ib.

, agreement dated 12th September 1606, ib.

, Sir Ralph undertakes to keep a clergyman to instruct them, c.

, Sir Arthur Chichester's first approval of, ib.

, he later disapproves of, ib.

, when transplanting, are guarded by horse and foot to Workington, ib.

— the common sort, after agreeing to transplant, fly at the moment of embarkation, c, ci.

, the chief, being imprisoned, cannot escape, ci.

, Sir Arthur Chichester's opinion of, at first, c.

, to be planted together, ib.

, advantages of, ib.

, disadvantages, ib.

, Walter (Graham), of Netherby, ci.

, —, called the gudeman of Netherby, ib.

, catalogue of remarkable names of, ib.

, their complaints, ib.

, pray to be allowed to return to Cumberland, ib.

, their objections to Roscommon, ib.

, not above six or seven stayed at Roscommon, cii.

, the rest had fled, ib.

, Sir Ralph Sidley's character of them, ib.

, that they were given to drink, horses, dogs, ib.

, are now dispersed; when collected again and placed on any land, the next country will find them ill-neighbours, 372.

Granard, 107.

, Sir Francis Shaen possessed of, 354.

, yet claims the rent from the inhabitants of county of Longford, ib.

, abbey of, grant of, to Sir F. Shaen to be perfected, 407.

, vicarage of, grant of, to be stayed, ib.

, rent beeves of, due to Sir Francis Shaen, 204.

Grange, the, town and lands of, to be in the liberties of Waterford, 456.

Graunge, rectory of, 448. See Grange.

Graves, William, a pirate at Tunis, 279.

Gravesend, 52.

Graystocke, in Cumberland, parsonage of, 458.

Greames, the, are now dispersed, 421.

, a factious and naughty people, ib. See Graham.

Greave, Sir Richard, 547.

Greaves, Sir George, ib.

Greencastle, a building in O'Dogherty's country, x.

— at entrance of Lough Foyle, 60.

Greene, Clement, proposed as inspector of measures, 262.

Greenmell, William, commissioner for plantation of Londonderry, 136.

Green-wax money, should be let to farm, 370.

, trial of, to be made for some years, 424.

, to be better collected, 425.

Greenwell, W., 369, 488.

Grice, Richard, answer to Sir R. Moryson's interrogations, 528, 546.

Griffith, Capt. Maurice, 508.

Grimsdich, George, 198.

Groom, see Owen Groom Magrath.

, Tirlagh M'Owen Boor M'Hugh, 94.

Groyen, see Corunna.

Groyne, the, a fleet prepared at, 11. See Corunna.

, 1,000 men sent to meet the new governor at, 13.

, 20 colours march out of, ib.

, many Irish there, 30.

Grymesdiche, see Grimsdich.

Guest, Sir Lionel, Lady Desmond's charges against, 449.