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Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts in the Archives and Collections of Milan 1385-1618. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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Page 23, margin, for Diplomie read Diplomi.

Page 35, line 17, for Amiger read Armiger.

Page 75, line 4 from bottom, for any read and.

Page 88, line 3 from bottom, for of read or.

Page 92, line 23, for provision in read provision. In.

Page 103, line 5 from bottom, for maters read matters.

Page 116, line 13, for he read she.

Page 124, line 11, for oue read out.

Page 124, line 12, for bt read be.

Page 128, line 31, for Dukes hould read Duke should.

Page 139, line 30, for stay away from read remain in.

Page 174, line 17, for Portugal read Spain.

Page 206, line 38, for allege read alleges.

Page 206, line 39, for maitainn read maintain.

Page 221, margin, for Bogogna read Borgogna.

Page 255, margin, for Feb. 26 read Feb. 24.

Page 279, margin, for Aug. 21 read Aug. 28.

Page 284, line 9, for thier read their.

Page 329, margin, for 1496 read 1497, and the same to page 332.

Page 355, margin, for Archivescori read Archivescovi.

Page 360, line 7, for now read new.

Page 401, lines 34, 35, for make a company of fortune at read share the fortune of.

Page 410, line 7, for though read through.

Page 554, line 12, for her read here.

Page 557, line 10, for its read it.

Page 589, line 10, for litetrarum read litterarum.

Page 589, line 12, for sacrosancta read sacrosanctae.