Milan: 1385

Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts in the Archives and Collections of Milan 1385-1618. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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'Milan: 1385', in Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts in the Archives and Collections of Milan 1385-1618, (London, 1912) pp. 1. British History Online [accessed 23 April 2024]


July 1.
1. Compact between the Count of Virtu and Sir John Hawkwood. (fn. 1)
Be it known that Sir John Hawkwood, of England, knight, has promised and sworn to Francischino de Caymis, proctor of Galeazzo Visconti, Count Virtu, of Milan, and Martin, public notaries to observe faithfully all the following matters:
Firstly, if the said count requires his services, he promises to come, unless he is in the pay of some community or lord so that he cannot do so honourably, and even then he will be bound to serve, if the Count desires, at the expiry of his contract. On the other hand the said proctor undertakes that if Sir John comes when required, the Count will give him a provision of 300 florins a month. Also Sir John may bring with him esquires up to thirty lances, to whom the Count will pay such wages as he is giving to the other esquires then in his service. If Sir John brings more than thirty, by the Count's order, they shall receive the same as other lances receiving wages from the Count. Moreover the Count shall not be bound to pay the 1,000 florins, which the said proctor offered to Sir John yearly, if he does not come and has not been prevented by just impediments, up to the fourth month after the request. Sir John has duly ratified the above agreement.
Given in the town of Cavezzi, of the county of Modena, in the house where Sir John was then residing, in the presence of John Azzo de Ubaldini, John Edingam, Englishman, Dionixio Flanchi de la Strata, Anselmino de Terzago of Franciscoli, Filipolo de Modecchia, son of the late Lorenzo and Perino Delarta of Parma, son of the late Federigo.


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