Milan: 1399

Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts in the Archives and Collections of Milan 1385-1618. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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'Milan: 1399', in Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts in the Archives and Collections of Milan 1385-1618, (London, 1912) pp. 1-2. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]


May 11.
Archivio Feudi
ed investituri
del Duca Gio.
Reg. B.
fol. 127
2. Interrogation made by Caterina, Duchess of Milan, of Donna Lucia, her sister, and the Reply of the latter about her marriage with the Earl of Derby (Herbino) (fn. 1)
In the year 1399 the 7th indiction, the 11th May and the. 22nd hour, in the chamber of the duke's castle near Pa via of the said duchess, and in the presence of Pietro de Candia, Bishop of Novara, Theodoro, Marquis of Monferrat, Ludovico de Montegaudio, Antonio, Count of Polentio, Otto de Mandello and Gasparo di Visconti, the duchess asked the said Donna Lucia whether she knew that at one time the duke had negotiated about giving her to the Earl of Derby, now Duke of Lancaster, who desired her for his wife, and the Duke of Milan, being anxious to please the said earl in all that he could, agreed that Donna Lucia should have the earl for her husband, if the earl would give one of his daughters to wed one of the duke's sons, these negotiations taking place while the earl's father was alive, and if she will wait until the said Earl of Derby, who is at present out of England by the king's order, is readmitted to the king's favour. And whether Donna Lucia will say, if through waiting for this she will lose the marriage which should be completed by the ambassadors of the Margrave of Misnia who have lately come from Germany for her. And the Duke of Milan said and suggested to Donna Lucia that if after she had waited two or three years for the Earl of Derby and he had not within that time found favour with the king, whether after the expiry of those years she was disappointed of both marriages, to wit, that with the Earl of Derby and that with the Margrave of Misnia, whose ambassadors are here, whether she would consent to the duke giving her to wife to Dom. Gabriele, the duke's own son, legitimated by the King of the Romans, if she pleased, and if not, that he should provide her with another suitable husband; and if she would not have either Gabriele or another, but would rather wait for the Earl of Derby, the duke is content that she shall wait for the earl and have him for her husband after he has returned to favour with the King of England, the said earl giving one of his daughters to one of the duke's sons. The Duke of Milan asked Donna Lucia to think well over these things before any further steps were taken with the ambassadors of the Margraves of Misnia, who had come for a marriage between her and Frederick, Margrave of Misnia, so that they might give a reply to the said ambassadors. And that Donna Lucia in reply to the duke's suggestions aforesaid replied to him as follows: that if she was certain to have the Earl of Derby for her husband, she would wait for him as long as she could, to the very end of her life, even if she knew that she would die three days after the marriage; but as she was not certain, and as Don Gabriele might refuse her as being too old, she was content that the duke should proceed with the ambassadors for a marriage with the Margrave of Misnia. The duchess therefore asked Donna Lucia if she still adhered to that answer, and Donna Lucia in the presence of all the witnesses aforesaid replied that she was still of the same opinion and was content that they should proceed to the conclusion of the marriage between her and the said margrave.
The duchess and Donna Lucia caused this instrument to be drawn up by Giovanni di Oliariis and Catelano di Christianis, notaries, in the presence of the aforesaid witnesses, whose seals are appended.


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