Elizabeth: August 1566

Calendar of State Papers, Scotland: Volume 2, 1563-69. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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'Elizabeth: August 1566', in Calendar of State Papers, Scotland: Volume 2, 1563-69, (London, 1900) pp. 298-299. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/scotland/vol2/pp298-299 [accessed 18 April 2024]


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421. Chatelherault to Cecil. Elizabeth. [Aug. 10.]

By the occasion of my son John and my cousin of Kilwinning coming towards the Queen's majesty, I accompany them with "this letill lettre," to thank you for all the good will and kindness ever shown to me and mine. Having "tane" leave of the Court of France, I am presently "besydis Deip," and they shall declare all my news. Dieppe. Signed: Yowris assuretly, James Hammyltoun.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed (by Cecil's clerk).

422. Mary to Elizabeth. [Aug. 13.]

Recommending to her "a mater that is na new thing": the case of Archibald Grahame, burgess of Edinburgh, before the English courts since "the fiftie nyne yeir of God": who though he agreed to take 1200l. for his claim of 2400l., has only received 400l.: and requiring her to order payment of the balance. Castle of Edinburgh, 24th year. Signed: Your richt gud sister and cusignes, Marie R.

Broadsheet. Addressed. Indorsed. Wafer seal (Scotland).

423. Murray to Cecil. [Aug. 13.]

By "Maister Malvilis" declaration on his return, I see your good mind continues. My Sovereign "this quhyle bigane," thought you not so friendly as you were, and she expected. "Bot the pruif of your guidwill (I doubt not) sall evacuat the effect of the report, and gar it appeare as it wes without grund." I would wish that my lord earl of Leicester might be sent to our prince's baptism, or failing him, my lord of Bedford, and Sir Nicholas Throkmorton with him. I must renew my suit for my brother in law Lord Keith, and as her majesty is willing he were let to liberty on "band" till his ransom be agreed on, I have written to my lords of Bedford and Leicester to become sureties, and hope they shall "undertake." Edinburgh. Signed: James Stewart.

1 p. Written by Hay. Addressed. Indorsed (by Cecil's clerk).

424. Murray to Elizabeth. [Aug. 13.]

Knowing her goodwill by Robert Melvill "laitlie returnit," takes the boldness to render his most humble thanks. Wishes that Leicester, of whom his Sovereign has very good opinion, as also himself and others, for his labours towards amity and God's religion "heir," might be sent to the prince's baptism; failing him, Bedford with Sir Nicolas Throkmorton, if she so pleases. Edinburgh. Signed: James Stewart.

1 p. Written by Hay. Addressed. Indorsed.

425. Robert Melvill to Cecil. [Aug. 14.]

I have declared to my Sovereign what your honour said to me, that you had never shown yourself but friendly to her, in all affairs not prejudicial to your Sovereign's service: which she trusts better than the other reports. For my own part, I believe assuredly her inclination is to do all things to please your Sovereign. She does not trust the French reports of your meaning, and for any bruits of her dealings with the "Poip" or others against your mistress, or the religion here, "I traist it sall prove nought." She has written to the Queen that Leicester may be sent to the "christening of the prince" and if your honor might be spared, "ye wilbe welcum" to Murray and others; but unless he comes I will not press you. Next him, my lord of Bedford, with whom Murray wishes Sir Nicolas "Phrogmartyng" may come. Murray and Bothwell have been at evil words for Lethington "in the Quenes presens," and since have not met, but she is earnest to agree them, and purposes to be at Stirling the 24th instant and cause Lethington meet her "to end the mater." She is hunting in Megetland, and with her Bothwell, Murray and Mar. "The rayd of Jeduard is contynewit." Argyll is at St Johnston, coming to her. She will be in Edinburgh within 8 days. The prince is in good health "and ane werraye lustie child—God blis him." Edinburgh. Signed: R. Melvill.

The Queen has written to your Sovereign for Grahame's affairs. I pray your honour devise to satisfy him, for the like is meant to your subjects and the merchant "Water Bryghham."

pp. Holograph, also address. Indorsed (by Cecil's clerk): ". . . By Archb. Grehame."

426. Elizabeth to Mary. [Aug. 25.]

Replying to her letter of 13th on behalf of Archibald "Grahaym," has referred the same to such of her Council as are with her now in progress, to confer with him, and do as much as if he were her own subject. Takes the opportunity to complain of certain Crosyars and Nyxons of Liddesdale, who on the 15th instant, committed robberies and hostilities within Bewcastle dale.

2 pp. Draft by Cecil. Indorsed (by his clerk).