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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 12, 1610-1613. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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Abbas, Shah, p. xvii. 163.

Abbot, George, Bishop of London, interrogates priest, 151;

translated to Canterbury, to regret of Catholics, 189,

at Lord Rochester's request, against advice of whole Council, 217;

his officers arrest English Catholics attending mass at Embassy Houses, 205;

made Privy Councillor, to dislike of Council, 281;

the Spanish Ambassador objects to appearing before Council on account of his presence there, p. xvi, 419;

he and Lord Salisbury alone consulted by King touching demand by Duke of Savoy for the Princess Elizabeth for the Prince of Piedmont, 442;

his authority invoked for punishment of Arianism, 443;

takes action against Jesuits, pp. xv, xvi, xvii, 614 and not., 630 and not.;

demands surrender by Zuñiga of priest, 645;

signs order for release of Jesuits, 673;

present at Prince of Wales' deathbed, 692;

delivers funeral oration on Prince of Wales, 727;

suspicious of Spanish designs on Ireland, 728;

blesses betrothal ceremony of the Palatine and Princess Elizabeth, 734,

marries them, 775;

letter from, to Carleton, cited, 770 not.;

his precautions for the safety of the King and country, p. xxxi, 786;

gives Foscarini information, 788.

Abdullah, Muley Abdullah, dreaded by King of Morocco, 324,

defeats King Sidan, 604.

Achmet I, Sultan of Turkey, rejects petition in favour of Stephen “Bogdan,” 134;

takes Tunisian pirate under his protection, 157;

has Ward's protector in Tunis beheaded, 158;

issues decree in favour of Stephen “Bogdan,” 173;

joint representations to be made to, by English and French Ambassadors, against Dutch alliance, 273;

Cha'ush from, arrives in England, 302, 310, 325 and not., 335, 353, 365, 371;

Paul Pindar waiting to be received by, 444;

“Stefan Bogdan” approaches, and professes himself a Turk, receiving from him the Sanjak of Pistrina in Albania, 445,

of Brusa, 457;

Dutch presents to, 509, 569;

letter from, to Dutch, 685;

Dutch ship leaving, with presents for, 721, 765;

escape of Spaniard from his Serraglio, 756, 757;

signs treaty of peace with Persia, 782;

Protestant Princes of Germany have no quarrel with, outside Germany, 795;

moves his harem to Adrianople, 802;

warlike attitude of, 816;

Dutch ship, with letters for, at Zante, 819;

returns to Constantinople, 821, 822.

- Rais, lieutenant of Ward, wrecked, 120.

Adelmare of Treviso, 524 and note. Se. Caesar, Julius.

Adige, gorge of, 289 not..

Admiral of Aragon. Se. Mendoca, Don Francisco.

-, Lord High, post of, desired by Prince of Wales, intended for Duke of York;

profits of office under Elizabeth, 355.

-, - Se. Howard, Charles, Earl of Nottingham.

-, of Holland. Se. Dorp, Philip van der.

-, of Zealand. Se. Zealand.

Admiralty, Court of, decision by, in case of sugar from Algiers, 186.

-, Judge of. Se. Cæsar, Sir Julius.

Adrianople, Sultan at, 802.

Adriatic, pirate vessels for, 268;

English trade in, 492;

mentioned, 781;

Duke of Savoy's designs in, 842.

Aerssen, Aerssens, Francois van, Seigneur de Sommelsdijck, Dutch Agent in Franc., the Queen Regent's reply to, r. Dutch debt to England, 218;

negotiation with, for a peace, 310;

works with English Ambassador in France, 494;

unable to obtain pledge to maintain French troops in Holland, 540.

Africa, English Catholics negotiate settlement in, 60.

Agate bowl., 740.

Aix-la-Chapelle, alarm in, at siege of Juliers, 34, 64;

conflict in, between Catholics and Huguenots, 283, 292, 293,

troops raised to quell, by the Elector and Archduke Albert, 434,

Dutch aid for, to oppose execution upon, by the Elector, of the ban of the Empire, 438;

proceedings against, suspended by Emperor's death, 443

renewed, 732,

resisted by, 740, 765, 802.

Alardo, Allardo, Colonel Giovanni, Agent (Envoy Extraordinary) of the Duke of Savoy in Franc., 414, 423, 434;

still in Paris, 447,

ordered to return, 449, 464,

having failed on all points, 465.

Alba, seized by Savoy, 827, 836, 843.

Albania, Sanjak of Pistrina in, 445, 457.

Albert, Archduke. Se. Austria.

Aldersgate, 205 not..

Ale-house., King surrenders duty on, 24 and not..

Aleppo, closure of port of, 59,

order revoked, 736;

Dutch desire Consulate at, 383;

letters of crelence for Venetian Consul to Pasha in, 412;

Dutch Consulate to be opened at p. xxxv, 721;

silk of, 724.

Alessandro of Corfu, 757.

Alexandretta, or Iskanderun, the port of Aleppo, closed, 59,

retained, 736.

Alexandria, trade between, and Crete, 71, 458.

-, Greek Patriarch of, 505.

Algiers, expedition against, from Marseilles, p. xix, 59,

fails, 156;

sugar from, imported to England, 186, 189;

pirates sail from, for Portuguese coast, 220;

King of, Morocco co-operates with, against Spanish, 254;

pirates at, 489;

Spanish captives at, 757.

-, Viceroy of. Se. Retuan Pasha.

Ali, of Babylon, escapes from Tunisian pirate, professes Christianity, 145, 146.

- Reis, of Biserta, pirate, 872.

- Reis Murad, of Barbary, pirate, 872.

Alicante, 648.

All Saints. celebrations, in England, 91.

Alonso, Don, Infante of Spain, his death, 647.

Amat of Barbary, deposition by, 872.

Ambassador., precedenc. of Venetian, challenged by Flemish, 82, 352, 741, 758, 775, 783, 803, 821, 836;

Venetian, in England, on terms of equality with French and Spanish, the title “Most Illustrious” applied to, 272;

claim of Venetian, to be treated as those of Crowned Heads, 424,

allowed to Foscarini by King James, 454, 455, 461, 468, 473,

recognized by the Palatine, 821;

precedence among, in the matter of returning visits, 199, 214;

struggle among, for precedence at Court of France, 496;

the Palatine as “Imperial Vicar,” precedence of his Ambassador, 516;

“not usual for Ambassadors to visit Agents,” 713;

the question of precedence usually prevents the English and French, meeting in public at Constantinople, 724;

present. made by, to Ministers and Courtiers, 25, 53, 82, 115, 202, 253, 264, 361, 398, 594;

presents received by, on vacating posts, 130, 415,

intercession by, on same occasion, for release of prisoners 9, 103, 116, 118, 151, 249, 331, 673;

in England, forbidden to employ English priests, or to admit King's subjects to their chapels, question of privileg. involved, pp. xv, xvi, 4, 205, 262, 407, 419, 428, 433, 439, 443, 451;

arrest of Jesuits in Spanish Embassy, 614, 630 and note.;

immunity of their households from arrest, se. Castelvetro, Giacomo an. Cardosa, Georgio;

English Catholics employed in Embassy Houses in London, as Interpreters, 348;

question of privilege involved in the discovery of the Lady Arabella on a French ship, the opening of the French Ambassador's dispatches, and the arrest of his courier, p. xxvi, 258, 266;

a packing-case of the Spanish Ambassador opened in the Custom-house, 663;

mourning worn by, in France, for late King, 58;

out of pocket on their embassies, 191.

Ambassadors Ordinary (“Lieger”), extraordinary, Agents, Residents, Nuncios, and Consuls: —

-, Danish, in England. Se.—Charisius, Jonas.

-, Danish, in Spain. Se. —Friis, Christian.

-, Dutch, in Denmark. Se. —Dorp, Philip van der.

-, Dutch, in England. Se. —Caron, Noel de (Lieger). Groot, Hugo van (Commissioner).

-, Dutch, in France. Se.—Vandermyle, Cornelius (Lieger).

-, Dutch, in Spain. Se.—Rodenberg, M. de.

-, Dutch, in Turkey. Se.—Haga, Cornelius.

-, English, in Crete. Se.—Segari, Vivian Grasseti (Consul).

-, English, in Denmark. Se.—Anstruther, Sir Robert (Lieger).

Charisius, Jonas.

Spencer, Sir James.

-, English, in Flanders. Se.—Trumbull, William.

-, English, in France. Se.—Carey, Sir George (Lieger).

Edmondes, Sir Thomas (Lieger).

Wotton, Edward, Lord (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

-, English, in Germany (to Emperor). Se.—Le Sieur, Sir Stephen.

-, English, in Germany (to Margrave of Brandenburg). Se.—Murray, Sir James.

-, English, in Holland. Se.—Winwood, Sir Ralph (Resident Agent).

-, English, in Patras. Se.—Colston, Edward (Vice-Consul).

-, English, in Savoy. Se.—Parkhurst, William (Secretary).

Wotton, Sir Henry (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

-, English, in Spain. Se.—Cornwallis, Sir Charles (Lieger).

Cottington, Francis (Secretary, Consul at Seville).

Digby, Sir John (Lieger).

-, English, in Syria. Se.—Pindar, Paul (Consul).

-, English in Turkey. Se.—Glover, Sir Thomas (Lieger).

Meoli, Hieronimo (Secretary).

Pindar, Paul (Lieger).

-, English, in Tuscany. Se.—Standen, Sir Anthony.

-, English, in Venice. Se.—Carleton, Sir Dudley (Lieger).

Monti, Gregorio (Secretary).

Parkhurst, William (Secretary).

Wotton, Sir Henry (Lieger).

-, Flemish, in England. Se.—Grotti.

-, Flemish, in France. Se.—Bucquoi, Comte de (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Peckius, M. de.

-, Flemish, in Holland. Se.—Maase, M. de (designate).

Peckius, M. de (designate).

-, Flemish, in Germany (to King of Hungary). Se.—Sora, Count of.

-, Flemish, in Spain. Se.—Bucquoi, Count of.

-, French, in England. Se.—Bisseaux, M. des (Lieger).

Boderie, M. de la (Lieger).

Bouillon, due de (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Laverdin, Marechal de (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Praslin, M. de (designate).

-, French, in Germany (to Conference of Cologne). Se.—Boissise, M. de.

-, French, in Germany (to Emperor). Se.—Rogi, M. de.

-, French, in Holland. Se.—Refuges, M. de (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Russi, M. de (Lieger).

-, French, in Rome. Se.—Breves, M. de (Lieger).

Épernon, duc de (designate).

-, French, in Savoy. Se.—Bareau, M. de.

Bullion, M. de.

Lesdiguières, Maréchal de.

-, French, in Spain. Se.—Bellegarde, duc de (designate).

Mayenne, duc de (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Vaucelas, M. de (Lieger).

-, French, in Switzerland (to the Grisons). Se.—Paschal, Carlo Pasquali dit (Lieger).

-, French, in Turkey. Se.—Mole, M. de

Salagnac, baron de.

Sanci, M. de.

-, French, in Venice. Se.—Brulart de Genlis (Lieger).

Champigny, M. de (Lieger).

Créqui. M. de (designate).

Fresne, M. de (Lieger).

Mazi, —(Secretary).

Roche-Guyon, Comte de la (designate).

-, German (Evangelical Union), in England. Se.—Wirtemberg, Duke of.

-, German (Evangelical Union), in Holland. Se.—Schonburgh, Meinhard von.

-, German (Evangelical Union), in Venice. Se.—Lenk, Johann Baptist.

-, German (Imperial), in Flanders. Se.—Guadaleste, Marquis of.

-, German (Imperial), in Spain. Se.—Ridolfi.

-, German (Palatine), in England. Se.—Canut.

Hanau, Count of.

Plessen, Wolrad von.

-, Italian (Modena), in England. Se.—Rossi, Carlo de.

-, Papal, in France. Se.—Ubaldini, Roberto.

-, Papal, in Savoy. Se.—Cesena, Father. Massimi, Monsignore.

-, Papal, in Spain. Se.—Chieti, Archbishop of (Nuncio-Extraordinary).

Damascus, Archbishop of (Nuncio).

-, Papal, in Tuscany. Se.—Vulpi, Ulpiano.

-, Papal, in Venice. Se.—Berlingerio.

-, Persian, in Europe. Se.—Sherley, Sir Robert.

-, Savoyard, in England. Se.—Badata, Chevalier.

Bastia, Count della (Lieger, designate).

Cartignana, Ruffia, Count of (Ambassador-Extraordinary).


Pergamo, Fulvio (Secretary).

Villa, Marchese di (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

-, Savoyard, in Flanders. Se.—Lollin, Marchese.

-, Savoyard, in France. Se.—Alardo, Giovanni.

Jacob, M. de.

Vibò, —(Secretary).

-, Savoyard, in Mantua. Se.—Villa, Marchese di.

-, Savoyard, in Rome. Se.—Clarette, —(Secretary).

Visca, Count of.

-, Savoyard, in Spain. Se.—Filiberto, Prince.

Motte, Count de la.

St. Jean Morienne, Bishop of.

-, Savoyard, in Venice. Se.—Provana, Abbé (ex-Ambassador).

-, Spanish, in England. Se.—Sarmiento, Don Diego (Lieger).

Velasco, Alonso di (Lieger).

Zuñiga, Don Pedro (ex-Lieger and Ambassador-Extraordinary).

-, Spanish, in Flanders. Se.—Calderon, Don Rodriquez de.

Lancester, Marquis of.

-, Spanish, in France. Se.—Calderon, Don Rodriquez.

Cardenas, Don Inigo di (Lieger).

Feria, Duke of (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Spinola, Marchese (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

-, Spanish, in Germany (to Emperor). Se.—Zuñiga, Don Baldassare.

-, Spanish, in Holland. Se.—Aragon, Admiral of (designate).

Guadeleste, Marquis of (designate).

-, Spanish, in Milan. Se.—Fuentes, Count of (Governor).

Hinojosa, Marquis de la (Governor).

-, Spanish, in Savoy. Se.—Stondrato, Baron.

-, Swiss (the Grisons), in Venice. Se.—Molina.

-, Tuscan, in England. Se.—Lotti, Ottaviano.

Malaspina, Marchese.

Salviati, Vincenzo.

Valerio, —(Courier).

-, Tuscan, in France. Se.—Botti, Marchese (Agent).

-, Tuscan, in Rome. Se.—Centurione, Fra.

Coloredo, Baron.

Medici, Don Giovanni de'.

-, Tuscan, in Spain. Se.—Pisiurs, M. de.

-, Venetian, in Canea. Se.—Longo, Girolamo (Vice-Rector).

Pesaro, Benetto (Rector).

-, Venetian, in Corfu. Se.—Contarini, Girolamo (Governor).

-, Venetian, in Crete. Se.—Capello, Girolamo (Governor-General).

Civran, Antonio (Captain of the Guard).

Sagredo, Nicolo (Governor-General).

-, Venetian, in England. Se.—Barbarigo, Gregorio (Lieger-elect).

Correr, Marc' Antonio (Lieger).

Foscarini, Antonio (Lieger).

Giustinian, Zorzi (ex-Lieger).

Muscorno, Giulio (Secretary).

Scaramelli, —(Secretary).

Suriano, Christoforo (Secretary).

Varnicoli, Giacomo (Major-domo).

-, Venetian, in France. Se.—Foscarini, Antonio (Lieger).

Giustinian, Zorzi (Lieger).

Gussoni Andrea (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Nani, Agustino (Ambassador-Extraordinary).

Scararmelli, —(Secretary).

-, Venetian, in Germany. Se.—Padavin, Marc' Antonio (Secretary).

Soranzo, Gerolamo (Lieger).

-, Venetian, at Lepanto. Se.—Biffi, Gian Domenico (Consul).

-, Venetian, in Rome. Se.—Cavalli, Marin (Lieger).

Contarini, Tomaso (Lieger).

Domenici, Domenico (Secretary).

Mocenigo, Giovanni (Lieger).

-, Venetian, in Savoy. Se.—Barbarigo, Gregorio.

Gussoni, Vicenzo.

-, Venetian, in Spain. Se.—Priuli, Piero (Lieger).

Soranzo. Girolamo (Lieger).

-, Venetian, in Syria. Se.—Morosini, Gerolamo (Consul).

Sagredo, Francesco (Consul).

-, Venetian, in Turkey. Se.—Brutti, —(dragoman).

Contarini, Simon (the Bail.).

Valier, Christoforo (the Bail.).

-, Venetian, in Tuscany. Se.—Dominici, Domenico (Resident).

Vendramin, Giacomo (Resident).

-, Venetian, in Zante. Se.—Donado, Francesco (Governor).

Priuli, Michiel (Governor).

Ambe., in the Bermudas, 740.

Amsterdam, currants imported to, from Zante, 111, 132;

men-of-war fitting out at, 342, 400, 428;

Count Ruffia goes to, 361;

ships from Indies at, 604;

merchants from, going out as Consuls in Turkey, 721;

preparations at, for attack on Spain in East Indies, 855.

Ancona, p. xxxviii, 534, 585.

Andalusia, English Consul in, 398 not..

Andrews, Lancelot, Bishop of Ely, preaches before King, 34 not..

Andros, 512.

Anglo-Venetian Convention re Shippin., 9, 42, 46, 119.

Anhalt, Anhault, Hainault, Prince of. Se. Christian.

Anjou, Duke of. Se. Bourbon, Gaston, de.

Anne, Queen of England:—

(1610), starts with King on Progress, 30, 53.

favours suit of the Prince Palatine for her daughter, 41, 79.

at Hampton Court, 53,

hastens from, to Greenwich, to attend King in illness, 68.

present at launch of man-of-war, 68.

desires marriage of her daughter to the Prince of Savoy, 111,

and of her son to an Infanta;

confers favours on the Spanish Ambassador;

opposes a French match, 202;

resents Spanish insult, 334, 355.

dislikes air of Greenwich, 125.

prepares Masque of Ladies, 125, 153, 159, 164, 175.

in danger from the plague;

King's anxiety, 151.

(1611), desires marriage of the Prince of Wales to the second sister of the Grand Duke of Tuscany;

dislikes French match for him, 175, 181, 296.

presents diamond to Marshal Laverdin, 181.

discusses the attitude of Venice towards the Pope with Ambassador Correr, 186.

goes to Greenwich, 189,

returns to London, for Easter, 192,

returns to Greenwich, 200,

at Greenwich, 250.

house promised to, for the Chancellor of Scotland, given to Lord Rochester;

her resentment, 217.

gives audience to Ambassador Foscarini, 234;

Correr to take leave of, separately, 234,

her gifts to him, 249, 253.

her affectionate relations with her brother, the King of Denmark, 250, 277, 283.

sends for French Ambassador to do him honour, 266.

description of conversations with;

her views as to her children's marriages, favours the Infanta for her son, 280, 462.

Foscarini visits, at Hampton Court, 283, 284;

she expresses to him her desire to visit her mother, at Hamburg, and, if the King would allow her, to wear mourning for the Duke of Saxony, 284.

receives Danish Ambassador at Oatlands, 316,

ends progress there, 324;

at Oatlands, 335.

assists Danish Ambassador, 355.

receives Foscarini, on anniversary of Gunpowder Plot, 371.

wears mourning for Queen of Spain, 372.

present at reception of Count of Ruffia, 374,

gives him special audience, 374, 389.

indiscretion of French Ambassadress in reporting conversation with, 382, 388.

Danish Agent waits on, 383.

receives Foscarini, and gives him information, 400.

(1612), her brother presents, with gold-framed mirror, 446.

ill at Greenwich;

visits Lord Salisbury on coming to London, 446,

visits him daily, 462.

opposed to son's marriage to a subject, 447.

gives Foscarini the title of “Excellency,” 461,

receives him, interview described, 462.

speaks of “a man” coming from the Grand Duke, p. x, 462, 472.

does not mix in affairs;

the King tells her what she chooses to ask, and loves and esteems her;

disapproves of Tuscan, and desires Spanish match for son, 462.

letters to, from Tuscany;

she “hates” Tuscan match for son, 499, “quite opposed” to it, 503,

would prefer “a Princess of France without dower to a Florentine Princess with any amount of gold,” 539.

gives audience to the Duke of Bouillon, 516,

to the Ambassador of Mantua, 529;

her present to the Duke, 539.

her Genoese musician, in pay of Savoy, 551.

receives Prince of Modena, 554.

her palace of Somerset House, 563 and note.

silk and gold webs presented to, from Tuscany, 563.

sends her Chamberlain to take leave of the Prince of Modena, 564.

inclined to match with Savoy, 578, 609, 613, 646.

to accompany King on progress, 578, 594.

allied in blood to all the German Princes, 657.

receives the Palatine, 680.

her grief at son's death, 687, 692,

receives Agent of Savoy who had negotiated son's marriage, 710,

receives Agent of Denmark, though still mourning son, 728.

(1613), desires to have the government of the Duke of York, 732.

unable to be present at daughter's betrothal, 734,

still ill, 741, 758, 767.

present to, by the Elector, 740.

assists at daughter's wedding;

her jewels, &c., 775, 783.

present to, from the Duke of Savoy, 809.

receives Foscarini, who omits to condole on son's death, not to revive her grief, 812.

accompanies daughter to Greenwich, on departure, 817, 821.

gratified by Spanish embassy to Denmark, 833.

goes to Bath, 836,

returns to Hampton Court, 855.

- Catharin, Queen of Denmark, wife of Christian IV her death, 540.

Anspach, Margrave of. Se. Joachim, Ernest.

Anstruther, Sir Robert, English Ambassador (Lieger) in Denmar., negotiates peace between Sweden and Denmark, p. xxix, 788, 789 and not., 817. Se. 548, 585.

Anti-Cotto.,” 62, 143. Se. Cotton, Pierre.

Antonio, Don, of Portugal, pardon for his servants, 585;

they leave England to join Don Emanuel, 591.

Antwerp, post vi. from Venice to London, 13, 14, 148, 149, 150;

Count of Ruffia at 423;

Don Emanuel invited to, 585.

-, question of goods in transit for, terms offered by, to the Zealanders, who dread development of Dunkerque, 172, 175;

the negotiations fall through, 181.

-, Post Master in. Se. Tassis, Antoine de.

Apthorp, 612.

Arabella, the Lady. Se. Stuart, Arabella.

Aracoeli Cardinal. Se. Galamino, Augustin.

Aragon, English royal house married in, 483.

-, Admiral of. Se. Mendoça, Don Francisco.

Archdukes, the. Se. Austria, Albert Archduke of an. Isabella.

Archipelago, 71, 415, 482, 872.

Are, river, 497.

Argyll, Earl of. Se. Campbell, Archibald.

Arianis., in Holland, 416;

capital punishment for, in England, 443 and not.. See als. Voorst, Conrad van.

Arigoni, Arrigoni, Pompeo, Cardinal, 574.

Arnheim, Arnhem, review at, of Anglo-Dutch troops, 24;

Nassau baptism at, 491;

muster of Dutch cavalry at, 833.

Arrigoni, Cardinal. Se. Arigoni.

Arundel, Earl of. Se. Howard, Thomas.

Aschhausen, Johann Gottfried, Bishop of Bamberg, member of the Catholic League, 788, 793.

Ascoli, Ascolli, Cardinal d'. Se. Centini, Felix.

-, Prince of. Se. Leva.

Ashton, Sir Roger, King's gift to, 186 and note.

Assassins, the, 63 and not..

Asti, 551, 559.

Athenæu., th., cited in note to, 258.

Atkyns, Henry, in attendance on Prince of Wales, 691 not..

Augmentation of arm., honourabl., 234, 253, 499, 710.

Augsburg, 12 not., 292.

Augustus of Saxony, third brother of the Elector, his marriage to daughter of the Duke of Brunswick, 3.

Austin Friar, in attendance on Persian Ambassador, 187.

Austria, claim to, of Philip III, 822.

-, Albert, Archduke of:—

(1610), at Marimont;

nominates Ambassador to England, 3, 171, 205,

he arrives, 348,

has audience, 355.

Marquis Spinola commands his forces on frontier, 10,

will not intervene in Cleves, 24, 30, 34, 64,

recalls troops, 68,

disbands them, 91.

entertains the Prince and Princess of Conde, 11.

shelters the Jesuit, Charles Baldwin, 12;

Edmondes procured Baldwin's banishment by, 18.

sends Ambassador Extraordinary to France, 19.

fortifies Rheinberg, 24, 34,

concentrates troops there, 41, 64.

proposes neutral, to occupy Juliers, 34.

endeavours to prevent surrender of Baldwin to King James, 65.

“Congress of Cologne” makes overtures to, 68.

his Ambassadors challenge Venetian precedence, 82, 352, 741, 758, 775.

promotes peace by all means in power, 91.

application to, by the Duke of Saxony, for assistance to occupy outlying places in Cleves;

he refers Duke to Spain, 151;

the request acceded to, 159.

(1611), presents jewel to Lord Cranborne, 204.

supports Dutch representations to Spain, r. capture of ships off Guinea, 221.

William Seymour escapes into his territories, 258,

request to, to arrest, 266,

his reply, 270.

candidate for election as King of the Romans;

requests King James' influence, 267, 284, 404, 416,

the Marquis of Lancester accredited to from Spain to assist, 353, 361, 404,

encouraged by Emperor Rudolf, 434.

appoints Ambassadors to Hungary and Spain, 353,

the latter to raise money, 361.

King James will assist the Duke of Wirtemberg “in some differences he has with,” 357.

opens negotiations, upon orders from Spain, for converting truce with Dutch into a peace, 281, 283, 302, 310, 432, 446.

gentlemen from Duke of Mantua, coming to, 284.

Marquis of Guadaleste accredited to, by Emperor, 347.

Ambassador from, arrives in England, 348,

Venetian jealousy, 352, 372, 424, 451;

Mass in Flemish Embassy House, 428, 433.

Dutch complaint to, of disorders on frontier;

unless he applies remedy, they shall consider it hostile act, 400, 404.

in retirement at Marimont, 400.

(1612), the Duke of Savoy sends Ambassador to;

his annoyance, 417, 427;

the Ambassador's business, to secure vote of Brandenburg, 434.

his schemes, as affected by Emperor's death, 434;

aspires to Kingship of the Romans, to gratify wife;

his advanced age, 439, 451.

raises troops in Luxembourg to suppress disorders in Aix-la-Chapelle, 434.

his Ambassador in England pushes negotiations r. King ship of Romans, 446, 451;

he is Matthias' only competitor, 447, 452, 483, 491, 498.

slowly raising levies;

the Dutch counter-preparations, 446, 498, 604, 627.

Foscarini secures precedence over his Ambassador in England, 454, 461, 468, 472, 473.

Spanish Ambassador accredited to, r. his election as King of the Romans, 469.

his illness, 480.

nephew of his Ambassador in England gives Foscarini information, 483.

his troops ready to mutiny, for lack of pay, 483.

receives Count Schomberg, 491.

the revolt of Flanders anticipated by Dutch on his decease, 520.

defeated in candidature for the Empire;

relaxes his military preparations;

his intentions, if elected, 568;

lost by one vote, 585;

desires election as King of the Romans, 595, 684, 793, 826.

his Ambassador warns King James of plot against his life, 610.

merely a Governor for Spain, 678.

Spinola's report to, of mission to the Emperor, 684.

(1613), his illness;

prayers in Flanders for his recovery, 833.

-, Charles of, Marquis of Burgau, son of the Archduke Ferdinand of the Tyrol, reputed a bastard, 822.

-, Ferdinand, Archduke of, of Gratz, Spanish candidate for Empire, in succession to Matthias, 417;

complaint by to Venice on behalf of the Uscocks, 617;

poverty of his House, 678;

his claim to the possessions of the House of Austria inferior to the King of Spain's, 822.

-, Ferdinand, Archduke of, of Innsbruck, Matthias in treaty for his daughter, 293;

poverty of his branch of the House of Austria, 678;

his son the Marquis of Burgau, reputed bastard, 822.

-, House of, House of Hapsburg, weakness of, French opportunity, 21;

first sign of far-reaching designs of, in dispatch of German troops from the Milanese to the aid of German Catholics, 137;

League against, of German Protestants, 353, 357, 361;

win over the Electors of Treves and Cologne, 372,

and Saxony, 400, 469;

English endeavour to combine Protestant Electors against, 418;

the Emperor Rudolf a traitor to, 434;

devotion to interests of of the Archduke Maximilian;

Empire to be secured for, 439;

the Archduke Albert offends, 483;

confederation of the Evangelical Union with England, Denmark and Dutch, a check to, 491;

support for, of the Duke of Bavaria, solicited by Pope, 498;

relationship to, of Danish Royal House, 499;

opposes Evangelical Union in affair of Muhlheim, 604, 732;

danger to, from Palatine's marriage, 667;

King James makes light of the resources of, 678, 821;

supports the Duke of Saxony, 767;

desires war with Turk, 803,

to be left to defend Germany against Turk, 811;

incestuous marriages among, 821;

design of King of Spain to secure the reversion of the hereditary states of, 822.

-, Leopold, Archduke of, his troops under Colonel Franceschi, 30,

his correspondence intercepted, 41,

unable to succour Cleves, 54;

Lord Salisbury welcomes his exclusion from power, 235;

the candidate for Kingship of the Romans favoured by Spain, 284;

Princess Magdalen of Bavaria desires to marry, 293.

-, Matthias, Archduke of. Se. Matthias.

-, Maximilian, Archduke of, meeting between, and brother, the Archduke Albert, arranged, 434;

has no ambition but the welfare of the House of Austria, 439;

his death expected, 822.

Austrian Agents, in Paris, 10.

Azevedo, Don Pedro Henriquez de Count of Fuentes, Governor and Captain-General in Milan, preparations in, interrupted by his death, 154.