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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 12, 1610-1613. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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Babylon, 146;

silk from, 724.

Bacon, Francis, his opinion, in case of heresy, 443 note;

designs Masque, 775 note, 832 note.

Badata, Chevalier, sent to England by Duke of Savoy with instructions for Count Ruffia, 399.

Baden, Margrave of. See William.

Badoer, Anzolo, his treachery, 514 and note.

Bailo, or Consul at Constantinople. See Ambassadors, &c. Venetian in Turkey.

“Balbiana.” See Ships.

Baldwin, Charles, Jesuit, arrested at Heidelberg, 7,

on way to Italy. 12 and note,

his character according to Sir Thomas Edmondes, 18,

to be tortured in the Palatinate, 30 and note,

scheme to secure hostage for, 53 note,

sent to England, to be tortured, 65,

consigned to the Tower, his fortitude, 81 and note,

detained there, 92,

examined by King, 164;

Spanish effort to obtain his release, 673.

Balsamo, Zorzi, of Zante, owner of currants on “Red Camel,” 115, 132;

wreck of pirate ship presented to, 135.

Bamberg, Bishop of. See Aschhausen, Johann Gottfried.

Ban of the Empire, 438, 668, 678, 684.

Bancroft, Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, complains to King that Privy Councillors abstain from the Lord's Supper, 23;

“lately deceased,” his palace prepared for French Ambassador, 153;

dies regretted by Catholics, his successor appointed, 189.

Barbarigo, Gregorio, Venetian Ambassador in Savoy, visited by Sir Dudley Carleton, 83,

who acknowledges civilities received from, 129;

attempts to discover significance of favours lavished on Sir Henry Wotton by the Duke of Savoy, 161;

reports Wotton's grievance with the Republic, 162;

the Duke commends, 374, 415;

appointed Ambassador to England, his salary, 845.

-, -, despatches from, to Doge and Senate, 83, 161, 162, 170, 176, 214, 230, 243, 294, 304, 345, 346, 354, 359, 363, 376, 385, 394, 411, 422, 425, 440, 456, 464, 470, 477, 487.

Barbaro, Antonio, report by, 526.

Barbary, expedition against pirates in, 37, 50, 59, 156;

deposition concerning pirates in, 144, 145, 146;

mentioned, 157, 268;

pirates in, 271 note, 458, 482, 488, 489;

mentioned, 631;

depositions of pirates from, 872.

-, Straits of. See Gibraltar.

Barbary Merchants, company called, board the Envoy from Morocco, 259,

negotiate with him, 302.

Barbican, The, Spanish Ambassador's House in, 614 note.

Barclay, Jean de, Bellarmin's reply to, prohibited in Venice, 112,

condemned by the Parliament of Paris, 127, 138.

Bareau, M. de. See Jaubert, Antoine de.

Barges, Royal, on Thames, 91, 234, 280.

Barker, Robert, King's Printer, 255.

Barlow, William, Bishop of Lincoln, commends confession, invocation and fasting, in sermon before King, 193.

Barneveldt, M. de. See Olden-Barneveldt.

-, brother of the above, 159.

Baronets, Order of, proposed, to raise money for King, p. vi, 204, 227, 228;

precedence and arms of, 499;

at funeral of Prince of Wales, 727.

Basadonna, Giovanni, interviews Pindar, 386.

Basel, Wotton to return via, 551, 559.

Basilewski, late Lord of Muscovy, with brothers, prisoner of Poles, 192.

Bassan, Catelina, 757.

Bassano, Imperial Postmaster for Venetia resident at, 99, 100.

-, podesta of, instructions to, 99.

Bassompierre, Francois II, Baron de, proposal to entrust Juliers to, 34.

Bastia, 757.

-, Count della, probable appointment as Savoyard Lieger in England, 797.

Bath, co. Somers., “the baths,” Lord Salisbury to go to, 503,

at 524;

Queen Anne visits, 836.

Bathori, Gabriel, Waivode of Transylvania, “The Transylvanian,” backs claims of Stephen “Bogdan,” to the waivodeship of Moldavia, 173, 368;

Turkish candidate for Transylvania, 803.

Bavaria, Correr in, 292.

-, Duke and Elector of. See Maximilian.

-, Ernest of. See Ernest.

-, Ferdinand of. See Ferdinand.

-, Princess of. See Magdalen.

Bavarian League. See League, Catholic.

Bay salt, monopoly of, 728 note.

Beaulieu, M. de, p. xix.

Beaumanoir, Jean III de, Marquis de Lavardin, Marechal de France, receives Ambassador, Lord Wotton, 58;

sent on special mission to England, preparations to receive, 153, 159,

lands at Lewes, 164 and note,

his reception, 172,

ceremony of swearing the treaty by, and the King, further entertainment of, eager to be off, 175,

departs, 181.

Bedburg, to be besieged, 54.

Bedrick, Roger, English Merchant in Constantinople, 241.

Beer, to be taxed, 3.

Beirut, in Palestine, 59.

Beitag, pittag, 513 and note.

Belegno, Giustinian Antonio, Chief of the Ten, 459.

Bellarmin, Robert, Cardinal, his reply to King James' book, 61;

his reply to Barolay prohibited in Venice, 112,

condemned by the Parliament of Paris, 127,

consequent dispute between Parliament and the Queen Regent, 138, 142, 252;

flood of replies to, 180;

condemnation upheld, 309;

King James on, p. xiv, 453;

question of Anglo-Tuscan marriage referred to, 566, 574.

Bellegarde, duc de. See Saint-Lary.

Belvoir, King at, 612.

-, Castle, despatches dated at, 612, 613, 614.

Belzani, Paula, lead-founder, widow of Piero, contract with, 197.

Bergamo, Venetian orders to, 288, 289.

Berlin, 833.

Berlingerio sive Beringerio, Gypsio, Bishop of Rimini, Papal Nuncio in Venice, demands surrender of Apostate Friar, 311, 322;

his protest re Castelvetro, p. xxxi, 331,

by Pope's orders, 343;

defeats Dutch overtures to Venice, 559.

Bermudas, the, threatened by Spain, 740.

Bernardi, —, 371.

Berne, Duke of Savoy's fear of, 215;

questions between, and Duke to be referred to King James, 623, 663;

the Duke appeals to, re Mantua, 840,

sends Count Ruffia to, 842,

Parkhurst's declaration at, 854.

Bernoud. See Burwood.

Bertie, Robert, Lord Willoughby of Eresby, to command in Sweden, 373, 387,

embarks his men, 462, 548, 567.

Berton, John, Giovanni or Zuane, Venetian broker, 507, 508,

his case, 627, 642, 644, 654, 667.

Bertons, 26, 38, 43, 56, 71, 72, 76, 108, 119, 145, 146, 158, 387, 392, 393, 401, 512, 756, 812, 823, 872;

superior in build to Venetian ships, 383,

Venetians adopt, 458;

the bailo charters an English, to escort him home, 482;

Venice has galleys, should build ships, i.e. Bertons, 816.

Bethune, Maximilien, Marquis de Rosny, Due de Sully, opposes the Prince of Conde in Council;

urges prosecution of campaign in Cleves, 21;

his mission to England alluded to, 23;

his renunciation inspires fear for the Huguenots, 175,

informs Giustinian of nature of M. de Vitry's instructions re Huguenots, 216;

Villeroy's fear of, as president of the Huguenot Assembly;

his disagreement with the Duke of Bouillon, 254;

protected by the Assembly of Saumur, 309,

which he is charged with inciting to disobedience, 320, 342;

M. de Vic endeavours to restore, to Queen Regent's good graces, 439;

works with the Duke of Rohan, 728.

-, Philippe de, comte de Selles et de Charost, brother of above, at siege of Juliers, 34;

commands French regiment in Dutch service, 432.

Biffi, Gian Domenico, Venetian Consul at Lepanto, his unpopularity, 282.

Bigin, Isaac, of Brittany, deposition by, 872 (p. 562).

Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, 770 note.

Birch, “Court and Times of James I,” cited in notes to, 387, 398, 404, 443, 591, 604, 627, 671, 709, 710, 732, 775.

-, “Life of Henry, Prince of Wales,” cited in notes to, 115, 159, 324, 356, 483, 646, 691, 692.

Biserta, pirates harboured in, by Turks, 314,

strength of pirates at, 489;

Ali Reis of, pirate, 872.

Bishop, Edward, pirate, arrested in Scotland, pp. xviii, xx, 79.

Bisitas, Jew of, 241.

Bisseaux, Seigneur des. See Spifame, Samuel.

Black Sea, ship from, 872.

Blackman, —, Jesuit, arrested, p. xvii, 614 note.

Blanchefort, Charles de, Sire de Créquy et de Canaples, son-in-law of Marshal Lesdiguieres, Ambassador designate to Venice, 520.

Blenkenside, Province of, invaded by Swedes, 497.

Blois, 732 note.

Blount, —, Jesuit, p. xvii, 614 note.

Blyth, 24 note.

Bochart, Jean, Seigneur de Ohampigny, Venetian Ambassador in Venice, insists on visiting Marin Cavalli, 52;

recommends suit of the Prince de Joinville, 212;

writes to French Ambassador in England, 272.

Boderie, M. de la. See Le Fevre.

Bogdan. See Moldavia;


Bohemia, disorders in, 192;

King Matthias persuaded to resign Crown of, to Emperor, 400,

his power, as King of, 451;

claim to, of Philip III, 822.

Bois, Alvise de, 752, 820.

Boissise, M. de. See Thumery, Jean de.

Bolino, Giovanni, Venetian, 2.

Bologna, attack on King James printed in, 178;

mentioned, 773.

Boltari, Signori, their palace at Padua, 105.

“Bonaventure.” See Ships.

“Bonera.” See Ships.

Bonne, Francois de, Duc de Lesdiguieres, Marechal de France, mentioned, p. xxviii;

adds to his officers, 10;

sent to discuss marriages and ways of defence with Duke of Savoy, 362, 376, 379, 385, 399, 403,

returns, 414, 464;

reconciled with Huguenots, 626, 728;

orders to, re Mantua, 838, 847.

“Bonoma e Valnegrina.” See Ships.

Bor, Christian, 16.

Borghese, Cardinal. See Caffarelli-Borghese.

Borlase, Burclay, Burlacy, Sir John, 12 note, 81 note.

Bornoud. See Burwood.

Botti Matteo, Marquis of Campiglia, “Marchese Botti,” Florentine Agent in France, conversation between, and Sir Thomas Edmondes, 10;

not invited to King's “sacring,” 58;

Spanish marriage negotiations with France conducted through, 377,

“by the Florentine Ambassadors,” 390;

conducts marriage negotiations with England, 439, 472.

Bouillon, Duke of. See De la Tour, Henri.

Bourbon, César de, duc de Vendôme, &c., his mission to Rome, 462.

-, Charles de, Count of Soissons, opposes Spanish matches, 434, 498;

Villeroy and Concini quarrel over, 517;

his death tends to peace, 709, 714.

-, François de, Prince de Conti, Agent from, in England, 728, 732,

to condole, 741.

-, Gaston, Jean Baptiste de, Duke of Anjou, 382.

-, Nicholas de, duc d'Orléans, son of Henry IV, his death, 377, 382, 434, 714, 793.

Bourbon-Condé, Charlotte-Marguerite de Montmorenci, wife of Henry II, Prince de Condé, at Brussels with husband, 11;

welcomed at Brussels, 357.

-, Eléonore, daughter of Henry I, Prince de Condé, wife of Philip William, Prince of Orange, proxy for Queen-Regent at baptism of English Ambassador's child, 347;

sends to Flushing, to meet the Princess Palatine, 826.

-, Henry II, Prince of Condé, at Brussels, on return to France, 3,

reconciled to wife, 11;

advocates in Council, in Queen's presence, the abandonment of French intervention in Cleves, 21;

resents Venetian action, re his attempted arrest, 21;

civility shown by, to Sir Henry Wotton, 177;

expected at Court, 353,

ill content, 362,

discontent of “Princes of the Blood,” 378, 417;

opposes Spanish marriages;

declares that the Council will quickly become pensioners of Spain, 434;

refuses to attend Spanish marriage festivities, 498;

consulted by Queen-Regent, 847.

Brabant, parcels of the Duchy of Cleves in, 159 (Cf. 151);

Secretary of the States General of the United Provinces discusses points with Council of, 452;

anxiety in, at illness of Archduke Albert, 833.

Brandenburg, Danish recruiting in, 417;

a Princess of, a possible bride for Prince of Wales, 657.

-, Elector of. See John Sigismund.

-, Margrave of. See Ernest, brother of above.

Brazil, Spanish ship off, plundered by Frenchman;

question of law involved, 151,

adjudged lawful prize, 870;

Dutch descent on, 428.

Breda, Prince of Orange at, with brothers, 292;

fief of Prince of Orange, John Neyen at, 438.

-, Governor of. See Nassau, Justin de.

Brederanz, —, at Copenhagen, 383.

Bremen, Commissioners from, to Dutch, 438.

Brescia, Rectors of direct English Ambassador to be put in quarantine, 86, 89, 93, 95, 96, 98,

orders to, 288, 289.

-, letters dated at, 93, 94, 98.

Breves, M. de. See Savari, Francois de.

Brisilese, Giovanni Battista, 34.

Brissac, Brisac, Charles de Cosse, comte de, Marshal de France, “Marshal de Brisac,” his son at open war with the Duke of Retz, 353.

Brittany, private war in, 353;

trade between, and Tripoli, 872.

Brixen, Correr at, 292.

-, despatches dated at, 292, 293.

Bronzes, presented to Prince of Wales, 563.

Brulart, Nicholas, Seigneur de Sillery, Chancellor of France, agrees to prohibition of Bellarmin's book, 138,

of Cocheo's book, 232;

the Queen-Regent's adviser, p. xxvii, 451,

abused by King James, 539, 604;

jealousy of, in France, 709,

threatened by the Duke of Guise 732.

-, de Genlis, Charles, prieur de Leon en Bretagne, dit Brulart de Leon, French Ambassador to Venice, arrives at Turin, 385 and note.

Brunswick, City of 387;

Danish recruiting in, 417;

Commissioners from, in Holland 438.

-, Duke of. See Henry Julius.

-, Prince of. See Frederick Ulric.

-, Princess of. See Elizabeth.

Brusa, Sanjak of, 457.

Brusol, p. xxviii.

Brussels, Prince of Conde at, 3, 11;

news from, 10, 41, 64, 266, 272, 281, 283;

Imperial Ambassador at, 347,

Spanish, 355, 361, 404;

Princess of Conde at, 357;

English express to Spain via, 361;

Dutch Ambassador at, 404,

Savoyard, 417, 434;

Count Schomberg goes to, 480, 491;

mentioned, 553, 740, 765.

Brutti, —, Venetian dragoman in Constantinople, 307.

Bucquoy, Count. See Longueval.

Bullion, Claude de, Sieur de Bonnelles, joins Lesdiguieres in Savoy, 362.

Burchier, Vicenzo, gaoler of galley-slaves, 872.

Burclay. See Burlacy.

Burgau, Marquis of. See Austria, Charles of.

Burlacy. See Borlase.

Burlamachi, Felippo, 150. See also Calendrini.

Burleigh, 612 and note.

-, Lord. See Cecil, William.

Burwood, Bernoud, Bornoud, near Hampton Court, and Richmond, in Walton upon Thames, co. Surrey, Correr lodges at, his despatches dated from, 53, 54.

Busca, Dr., of Turin, 551.

Butachio, 146.

Butler, William, physician, 691 and note.