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Pages 739-741

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 24, 1636-1639. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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oath of allegiance :

Catholics divided about, 301
-, pope cannot make concessions upon, 302.

can only be changed by parliament, 302.

imposed by king on army, 536
-, modified because of disaffection, 539.

Oatlands [co. Surrey] :

king and queen going to, 6, 9
-, king to join queen at, 26n
-, king goes to queen at, 77, 269.

king and princes Palatine hunting at, 14.

Oate has audience at, 80
-, king at, 246n
-, queen at, 249.

progress to end at, 436
-, progress begins at, 441.

Obson. See Hobson.

Ochendo. See Oquendo.

offices :

money raised by sale of, 534.

officials of the crown :

asked to advance large sums of money, 545.

Oger, Ogger, Ogier. See Augier.

-, Ognate, Ognati. See Guevara, Don Inigo de, count of Oate and Villa Mediana
-, Guevara. Don Ninigo de Count of Oate.

oil :

English wish to export from Levant duty free, 29, 30
-, English export from Morea, 57.

Venetian decree exempting from duties on, 36, 94.

illicit sale of, in Morea, 42.

Venetians expect to get duty from English export of, 58.

cannot be exported from Crete, 344.

price increased at Venice by withdrawal of English trade, 438.

Olacco, 518.

Oldenburg, duke of. See Gunther, Anthony.

Olivares, count of. See Guzman, Gaspar de.

Olmutz [Moravia] :

bishop of. See Leopold William, archduke of Austria.

Ombi. See Holdenby.

Oate, count of. See Guevara.

O'Neill, John, earl of Tyrone :

leaves Flanders suddenly for Spain, 498.

Ontele, Ontelet, Ontlet. See Gordon, George, marquis of Huntly.

Oosterwijk, sieur d'. See Lier, William van.

Opson. See Hobson.

Opton. See Hopton.

Oquendo, Ochendo, Antonio de, Spanish admiral :

fleet making ready, Tromp on watch for, 553n
-, Royal Exchange came with fleet, 574n.

to bring treasure fleet to port without risks, 553.

Tromp drives to take refuge in Downs, 573
-, Tromp means to renew attack on, 575, 584.

Cardinal Infant prepares to succour, 575
-, liberal offers to king and ministers, 577.

Council inclines to favour, 577
-, supposed secret designs, king sends to about, 581.

raises difficulties about sailing, 582
-, defeated, escapes to Dunkirk, 586
-, abandons ship to enemy, 589
-, perturbation in Spain at defeat, 595.

Orange, Prince of. See Nassau, Frederick Henry of.

Oratory, priest of. See Panzani, Gregorio.

ordnance. See guns.

Orese, Gariboldo, al Pomo Granado :

to provide gold for Fielding's chain, 370.

Orlandini, , Venetian Consul at Cyprus :

reports English move to reduce duties, 250.

Orleans [Loiret, France] :

duke of. See Gaston.

Mademoiselle d'. See Anne Marie Louise.

Osa, Don Lopes d'. See Hoces, Don Lope de.

Ossolinsky, Osalinsky, Prince George, Polish ambassador to the emperor :

arrives at Linz, 22
-, to combine with Arundel about peace negotiations, 43
-, treating for marriage with emperor's daughter, 71.

Ostend [West Flanders, Belgium] :

Bouillon lands at, 9n.

Overrice, Dutch warship :

seized by English fleet, 561.

Oxenstierna, Oxenstern, Oxestern, Oxistern, Axel, chancellor of Sweden :

to treat with Denmark about peace, 16
-, England urges to make peace, 38.

paper presented by Avery to, 47, 48.

sends captains to raise levies in Scotland and Ireland, 90
-, permission granted, 134.

says England should not object to negotiations with emperor, 147.

Fleetwood sent to offer help to, 160
-, and to remonstrate about action of Grotius at Paris, 161.

complains of being abandoned, 168
-, English promises to liberal, 187.

intends to send minister to congress at Hamburg, 184
-, arranging this for alliance, 187
-, means to attend conference in person, 223.

Charles will not help unless sure of France, 194
-, hoping for peace with empire, 224.

Avery to urge to send to Paris congress, 230, 237.

Palatine enquires about policy towards, 235
-, told ambassador unnecessary, 237.

insists on seeing whole of Anglo French treaty, 289
-, may be only one to do so, 290
-, sent to Germany, 403.

Oxford, co. Oxford :

despatches dated at, 38, 61.

students of entertain king, 60, 61
-, king went to on way to Windsor, 64.

University of :

Hesse sends brother to study at, 85n.

prepared for reunion with Rome, 303.

-, Christ Church, dean of. See Duppa, Brian.