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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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'Index: E', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, ed. Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Index: E', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Edited by Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Index: E". Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Ed. Allen B Hinds(London, 1931), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.


East India Company, the Dutch, capture of Colombo by, 76; company for whale fishery would injure, 150; differences with English settled, 294.

-, the English:

re-established, 135.

complaints of injuries inflicted by Dutch, 135, 163n; petition of against capture of ships by Dutch, 237; Dutch promise to pay compensation to, for prizes taken, 294.

-, -, governor of. See Thomson, Maurice.

East Indies. See Indies, East.

Eastland Merchant, captured by Tuscan ships under Spanish colours, 141; Cromwell demands restitution of Grand Duke, 141.

Edin, Edino. See Hesdin.

Edward V, King of England, murdered in Tower, 34.

Eilenburg, George Frederick, baron of, minister of the Elector Palatine in England:
-, without character, associates with ministers of Sweden and Brandenburg, 78–9; watching state of affairs, 84; has first audience, 99.
-, ministers of Sweden and Brandenburg alone in confidence of, 84; birth, character and objects of mission, 99.
-, asks for second audience, 102; audience postponed, 104; had audience, got fair words and promises, 122.
-, exhibits manifesto on Elector's claims to vicarship of empire, 104–5; present to, departure, 135.

Elbing [East Prussia, German Empire], treaty of, 28.

Electors of the empire:
-, English envoy visits on behalf of Charles, 32.
-, college of, inactivity of Spaniards in, 197; nuncio warns of danger from English, 198.

elephant, order of the, given to Meadowe, 215.

Elizabeth, Queen of England:
-, exempted by accession from acts declaring illegitimate, 48.
-, treaty with Henry IV renewed, 51; Spanish defeat in time of, 64.
-, sum lent by to France to be repaid, 51; retaliation for duty imposed by on Venetian ships, 236.

Ell, Capt. William, takes cargo of Sultan to Leghorn, 190.

Elsinore, Helsenor [Zealand, Denmark], report from, 243.

Elvas [Alemtejo, Portugal], rout of Spanish army at, 290.

emperor, idea of sending minister to diet for, choice of, 66; election of only a pretext for king's journey to Metz, 191.

-, See also Ferdinand III; Leopold.

Empire, Palatine's claim to vicarship of, 104.

-, See also Germany.

Endeavour, English ship, taken by French on way from Teneriffe, 275.

-, 1657:
-,-, danger of taxation making restive, 1, 19; grown tired of government, 11; Cromwell gives little satisfaction to, 12; share of general tax, 18.
-,-, proposed invasion of Flanders, joined with French, 7; Portuguese campaign will make conquest easier for, 24.
-,-, declaration upon right to search ships, 10; Spaniards egg on Dutch against, 24; Dutch very unwilling to quarrel with, 39.
-,-, Mazarin defends alliance with, 26; support and intelligencies of Charles in, 32; Charles needs port in, to invade successfully, historic examples, 33–4; Cromwell fears surprise landing in, 37.
-,-, unlikely to make overtures to Spain, 40; unlikely Dutch have any designs against, 79.
-,-, Dutch waiting to see decision about ships serving Turks, 41; guarantee for maintenance of privileges of Hugenots, 51.
-,-, serious information costs weight in gold in, 80; dissatisfaction shown by coolness over Cromwell's inauguration, 82; government will be reluctant to exact taxes from by force, 84; Cromwell proclaimed in, reported well received, 94.
-,-, not good policy to assist weak Portugal, Dutch would resent, 86; Dutch will do best to avoid giving offence to, 91.
-,-, Struch complains of dilatoriness over business, 91; Collegio to choose resident for, 94; memorandum on need to send embassy to, to get help, 96–7.
-,-, assistance sought and valued by every one, 99; collection in for Polish refugees, 129.
-,-, serious epidemic in, 105; solemn fast for, 105.
-,-, Portuguese offers to, in E. Indies, will want something nearer home, 118; Portugal has most to expect from, 134.
-,-, deeply committed by France, 127; Mazarin anxious to show that puts interests first, 142.
-,-, Nieuport accuses of supplying munitions to infidels, 138; obliged to assist Sweden, if hard pressed, 140.
-, 1658:
-,-, coast towns garrisoned, general muster ordered in, 152; troops from Scotland and Ireland brought to, 168.
-,-, Dutch plan to assist royalist landing in, 162, 174; Dutch claim to search considered affront to, 163.
-,-, Cromwell accuses parliament of trying to excite feeling in, 165; internal state does not permit to attend to external affairs, 180.
-,-, plan of Charles to land in, 168, 179; to make attack on, 173–4.
-,-, betting that king will land in, 174; Cromwell warns city of danger of invasion, 179.
-,-, Spaniards forbid all commerce of Flanders with, 180; proposal to tax shipping passing Dunkirk, 235.
-,-, liability to change, forecasts generally wrong, 189; royalist plan to free from servitude, 201; majority in desire change, 202.
-,-, reviews held twice weekly in, 191; serious sickness in, 195, 197; much diminished, fast for, 206.
-,-, getting firmer hold in Catholic states, bent on destruction of Rome, 197; nuncio warns electoral college of danger from, 198; pope's anxiety about progress in Flanders, 241.
-,-, scant respect for Cromwell, whole people expected to rise, for king, 202.
-,-, professed veneration for faith (Protestant), 205; pleased at Swedish attack on Denmark, 241.
-,-, armies in Flanders more easily supplied from, 206; grumbling in at enlistments for war, 216.
-,-, Portugal reposes great confidence in mediation of, 233; Dutch incline to ask mediation with Sweden, 277.
-,-, Spaniards fear attack by sea from, 237; talk of peace with Spain, 274.
-,-, disturbance certain in, if Cromwell dies, 238; Mazarin offered help for king's restoration to, 245.
-,-, expressions of satisfaction from counties printed in gazettes, 239; Richard proclaimed in, 248; general submission to him, 251.
-,-, danger of rupture with Dutch over Dano Swedish war, 244, 262, 266, 280; Dutch show eagerness to be on good terms with, 252.
-,-, French hope Cromwell's death will not change relations, 242; French will promote adjustment with Dutch, 278.
-,-, agreements with Barbary corsairs, 249, 279; impossible to place reliance on, 289.
-,-, fast in, for Cromwell's death and succession, 258; for blessing on parliament, 277, 282.
-,-, Swedes promise Sound and Kronberg to, 368; Dutch aware of, 280.
-,-, Mazarin accuses of breaches of treaty, 270; difficulty of getting anything done in, 282.
-,-, Council considering issue of parliament writs in, 277; writs issued, 280.
-, 1659:
-,-, if war proceeds France bound to grant further conquests in Flanders to, 287; no news about peace with Spain, 291, 297; calamities suffered through war, 297.
-, army of. See army.
-, fleet of. See navy.
-, king of. See Charles I; Charles II; Edward V; Henry VII; Henry VIII; James I; Richard III.
-, merchants of. See merchants, English.
-, queen of. See Elizabeth; Henrietta Maria.
-, ships of. See ships, English.

Englesby. See Ingoldsby.

-, freedom of worship for those dwelling in France, 51; Santa Cruz victory represented as fiction to please, 65; Portuguese unlikely to leave port in hands of, 116.
-, French realise danger of bringing across water, 114, 119, 142; surprise at French allowing to establish footing there, 117.
-, does not suit Dutch to have established in Flanders, 115, 126; would not behove Dutch to break with, 129.
-, too dangerous when set foot anywhere, 116; mean to hold on to Mardike, 117; French dissatisfaction at Mardike being handed to, 121; remonstrance of Sorbonne and clergy against, 124; hatred of Flemings for, 125.
-, resent seeing Spaniards assisted by Dutch, 131; French would like to see lose Mardike, 133; would like French to have port in Italy, 146.
-, procrastination a failing of, 135; refuse to obey order not to celebrate Christmas, 150; extreme disgust at severity of government, 154, 174; ill humour of, incensed at breaking up of parliament, 168; fury ready to break out, if king lands, 169.
-, objection to taxes, more ready to obey parliament than Protector, 172; may refuse to choose members for parliament, 172.
-, strong impression among that king will soon return, 174; Aumont ordered not to garrison Ostend with, 204.
-, massacre of royalists would irritate, not devoted to government, 185; thoroughly disgusted with government, 196.
-, Dutch fear establishment at Dunkirk, 206, 220; but fear power of, 214; consignment of Dunkirk to, 219; Mazarin defends alliance with, 247.
-, Venice recognises services of, in war, 221.

English Channel, Tromp on look out for French ships in, 66; Dutch fleet for Portugal passes through, 108; Dutch warships pass through, 212, 217.

English envoy to emperor, arrives at Vienna, 29; represents hopes of king and appeals for money, 32.

envoys. See under ambassadors.

Epernon, —, renegade, English captain arrested on information of, 279.

epidemic, intestinal, prevalent in England, 105.

-, See also sickness.

Errizo, Bartolomeo, Savio alia Mercanzia, 236.

Essex, state ship, to convey Ayscue to Baltic, 260; returned with Ayscue to Aldeburgh, 283n.

Estampes, Jacques, marquis of la Forté Imbault, attends Lockhart at entry, 30; English somewhat affronted about, 34.

Everton. See Overton.

Exchange, sent with supplies to Blake, 43n.

excise, revenue from granted to merchant, for loan, 174.