Index: H

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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'Index: H', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, ed. Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Index: H', in Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Edited by Allen B Hinds( London, 1931), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Index: H". Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Ed. Allen B Hinds(London, 1931), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.


Hague [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], 3.
-, news from, 302.
-, deputies have left for Xmas celebrations, 3; news of success in E. Indies received at, 76; letters to intercepted, 251.
-, reports at of English intentions, 122; government at, recalls fleet, 147.
-, Nieuport starting for, 131, 134, 138, 141; he arrives at, 143; his servant leaves for, 182.
-, Downing proceeding to, 146, 155–6; Rebello did not give satisfaction at, 149.
-, Downing arrives at, 163; his first audience at, 170.
-, Stuart princes asked to leave, 201; Charles pays short visit to, 246.
-, meeting of States at, may detain Nieuport, 223; Nieuport going back to, 256; journey to put off, 258, 262.
-, proposals of Portuguese ambassador at, 232; his first audience at, 233.
-, Nieuport stopped from reporting Cromwell's death to, 244; Denmark sends letter of thanks to, 270.

Halland, Sweden, Denmark yields to Sweden, 178.

Hamburg, German Empire:
-, news from, 281.
-, Assistance takes Jephson and Meadowe to, 107; news of arrival at expected, 108; Jephson arrived at, 118.
-, Petersen's mission on behalf of, 110, 139; death of, minister takes place of, 231.
-, Bradshaw returns to, 205; fresh credentials for resident from, 253.
-, posts of cut off by bad weather, 279; Count Rantzau arrives at, 281; and remains there waiting for weather, 296.

ships of. See ships, Hamburg.

Hampshire, state ship, arrives in Thames, 69; sent to Toulon, 225.

Hampton Court, co. Middlesex:
-, plots to shoot Cromwell on way to, 9, 103.
-, Cromwell staying at, for health, 104, 106, 108; Cromwell leaves for London, and returns to, to take waters, 108; Cromwell leaves after 3 weeks' stay, 109.
-, wedding festivities of Frances Cromwell at, 133; Crequy hunting at, 217.
-, Mary Cromwell secretly married at, 133, 138; Council of State summoned to meet at, 225, 227–8.
-, Cromwell proceeds to, for prolonged stay, 225; foreign ministers give up hope of seeing Cromwell at, 229.
-, Lockhart sends news to, 228; nothing said about moving from, 236.
-, Nieuport goes to and confers with Cromwell, 232; Nieuport makes fruitless journey to, 237; Cromwell leaves for London, 238.

Hanse Towns, Petersen formerly resident for, in London, 110; new minister arrives for, 231.

Harcourt, prince of. See Lorraine, François de.

Haro, Don Luis de, minister and favourite of Philip IV, defeated at Elvas, 290.

Harrison, Arrison, Thomas, Major General, arrested for complicity in plot, 46; returned for parliament, waiting for opportunity for revenge, 285.

Haselrig, Sir Arthur, 180.

-, -, son of, attempt to kidnap, at Paris, 180.

Havana, Cuba, plate fleet said to have left, 129; watch to be set off, for sailing of fleet, 233.

Haye, M. de la, French ambassador at the Porte, Vizier protests to about giving Venice benefit of ships, 171.

Haynes, Lieut. Col., sent to Mardick from Scotland, 122.

Heidelberg, Heidelburg [Baden, German Empire], Eilenburg returning to, 135.

Helsenor. See Elsinore.

Henrietta Maria, Queen Mother of Great Britain, queen of England:
-, assembly of clergy disposed to make grant to, 47; collection for, 53.
-, not required to leave France, by treaty, 51; plan to kidnap young St. John and Haselrig, 180.
-, Mazarin has long conference with after Cromwell's death, insincere offers, 245.

Henry IV, King of France:
-, treaty with Elizabeth renewed, 51.
-, sum lent by Elizabeth to, to be repaid, 51.

Henry VII, King of England, earl of Richmond, exile of, return and success, 34; accession annulled all sentences against, 48.

Henry VIII, King of England, granted many privileges to parliament, 32.

Henry, duke of Gloucester:
-, returns to Bruges with Charles, 2; excluded from France by treaty, 51; asked to leave Holland, 201.
-, took part in night attack on Mardick, 126.

herring fishery, dependence of Dutch on, 215.

Hesdin, Edin, Edino [Pas de Calais, France], Lockhart refers to loss of, 191; Lockhart treating with rebels of, 193; expected recovery of, 216.

Hewitt, Hewet, Dr. John, trial and sentence of, 210; execution, speech garbled, 213.

Hewson, Huson, Col. John, governor of Dublin, reported capture by Dunkirkers, 73.

Hobson, Obson, John, English consul at Venice, asks settlement of debts due to ships in state pay, 145; presented Cromwell's letter to Senate, 181.

Hocquincourt, marshal d'. See Monchy, Charles de.

Holdipp, Richard, English consul in the Morea, despatched, 206; received and welcomed at Venice, 218; readiness of Venice to oblige, 229; appreciated by Thurloe, 230.

Holland, Province of, Netherlands, 298.
-, heads of have Quaker leaders arrested, 14; approves action of Zeeland in issuing letters of marque against French, 25.
-, Barkman likely to travel by, 98; Holdipp had pass for, 206n.
-, letters of usually collected at Dunkirk, 112; letters from missing, 156; couriers of stopped by bad weather, 279.
-, Brazil fleet prizes arrive in ports of, 134; Charles pays short visit to, 246; Charles leaves to see Spanish ministers, 251; dykes broken and country flooded, 283.

-, See also Netherlands.

Holstein, duke of. See Frederick III, duke of Holstein Gottorp.

Hoorn, Horne [Prov. N. Holland Netherlands], French privateers take ship of, 25.

-, all those of cavaliers taken away, 33; seized at night, 181, 184.
-, present of for French king and Mazarin, 209, 212; and for Turenne, 212.

houses, proposed tax on newly built, 21; carried but suspended because of petition against, 68; collection of tax strongly pressed, 85.

Howard, Col. Charles, an exception to army opposition to monarchy, 35.

Huguenots, French of the reformed religion, provision for in Anglo French treaty, 51; one church opened for, at Dunkirk, 222.

-, See also Vaudois.

Hull, Kingston upon Hull, co. York, Paizeley replaces Bright as governor of, 103; Slingsby to try and pervert governor of, 208.

-, governor of. See Bright, Col. John; Overton, Robert; Paizley —.

Hungary, King of. See Leopold.

Huson. See Hewson, Col. John.

Hussein, Cussein, Turkish Kapudan Pasha; said to contemplate vigorous armament and using English ships, 256; no confirmation of, 272.