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Pages 346-348

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Ibrahim, Sultan of Turkey, Bendish's method of attracting attention of, 190.

Imbros, island of, action off, Paramour engaged in, 173n.

Imperial Court, egging on Denmark against Sweden, 65.

Incham, ? Pinchman, John, appointed consul for Genoa, 206.

-, friars from, captured, 54; Spanish trade with interrupted, 101.
-, Spaniards have only ten ships in, 70; Spaniards look to reopen communication with, with Dutch help, 81.
-, Dutch merchantmen for stormbound in England, 73.
-, London ship from taken by Dunkirkers, 107; English ship from, at Leghorn, 250.
-, Dutch ship for seized by E. India Company, 135.
-, Cromwell accuses Dutch of supplying weapons to Moors in, 137.
-, galleons for not started, 161.
-, dependence of Dutch on spice trade with, 215.
-, outcry against Dutch for capture of ships in, 235.
-, English on watch for ships from, 259, 274; Spaniards hope to make good disasters with fleet from, 268.

-, East:

English merchantmen sail for, 10; English ship for taken by Dutch, 23; complaints against Dutch for taking ships in, 275.

Dutch victory in, 76; Dutch promise compensation for all ships taken in, 294.

Dutch expecting fleet from, 77; Dutch stop and search English merchantman in, 163.

Portuguese offer Cromwell places in, 118; Portuguese ambassador concerned with differences with Dutch in, 232.

-, West:

Spanish fleet from, expected capture, 2; squadron sent to protect, 5; Dutch escort for ships from, 15; Blake lying in wait for, 29, 38, 43.

treasure fleet thought not to have left, 30; fleet from reaches Canary Islands, 52; Dutch propose to go and rescue fleet from, 57.

ships for destroyed at Sta. Cruz, 64; English ship from wrecked, 146.

occupation of Canaries would be cut off from Spain, 65.

plate fleet said to have left, 129; English measures to capture fleet from, 233, 237.

Dutch lie in wait for Portuguese fleet from, 132.

Ingoldsby, Englesby, Col. Henry, an exception to army opposition to monarchy, 35.

Inquisition, English will demand immunity from, 40.

Instrument of Government, provision for continuance of parliament, 19; provision for expiry, 300.

interpreter, of Venetian resident, salary of, 299.

Ipre. See Ypres.

Ipswich, co. Suffolk: ship of, sunk at Pillau, 163n.

-, share of monthly tax, 18; grant to Fleetwood, of estate in, 74.
-, levy for France granted in, 25; Coke's levies to be recruited in, 157; and Pudsey's, id.
-, Cromwell expecting troops from to strengthen position, 48; men taken from for Montagu's fleet, 91.
-, reported capture of officers on way to, 73.
-, Cromwell proclaimed in, 94; great part of troops of brought to England, 168.
-, orders sent to, for parliament, revoked, 200; writs for parliament sent to, 277; if members shall be allowed to vote in parliament, 288–91, 298, 300.
-, Countess of Ormonde recovers all husband's property in, 211; royalists who did not answer summons proscribed in, 224.
-, orders to, for sermons and prayers for success, 229; fasts celebrated in, 258, 277.
-, Henry Cromwell might cause trouble in, 243; Richard proclaimed in, 248; Henry sent for from, 257, 259.
-, officers of army of, in London, protest loyalty, 251; all members for devoted to Protector, 288, 290; act for recognising Protector's title in, 291.

-, Lord Deputy of. See Cromwell, Henry.

Ireton, Jereton, Sir John, chosen lord mayor of London, 257.

-, many leave French service to serve Charles, 2, 25.
-, levy to France limited to, 29; French granted another levy of, 86.
-, none in English expeditionary force, 56.
-, joint governor of Mardick was, 117.
-, some imprisoned at Paris for plot to kidnap English youths, 175, 180.

Italians, in garrison at Mardick, 117.

-, no hope of help for Venice from, 96; letters of usually collected at Dunkirk, 112; passage of letters from interrupted, 169.
-, help for Sweden will weaken Anglo French offensive against, 140; likelihood of Anglo French enterprise in, 146.
-, English ships for Mediterranean may help French in secret designs upon, 141; French would like to possess port in, 146; France and England aspire to conquests in, 158, 234, 259; no good opportunity will be neglected, 235; will make every effort to get footing in, 268.
-, Lorraine or Franche Comtá convenient for, for congress, 193; proximity of French and English would not be advantageous for princes of, 268.