Index: J

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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. "Index: J", Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 31, 1657-1659, (London, 1931). 348-349. British History Online. Web. 28 May 2024,


Jamaica, island of, West Indies:
-, ship with supplies for captured, 17; supplies sent to, 132.
-, good news received from, 32, 47; news of prosperous state of, 132, 160.
-, intention to push conquests in, 32; 600 Spaniards surprised and cut up in, 47.
-, more colonists sent to, 160; more troops for, 192.
-, Spanish attacks on repulsed, 192, 253; expedition from against Cuba, 192.
-, ship from, at Leghorn with pepper, muslin and saltpetre, 250.

-, governor of. See Doyly, Col. Edward.

James I, King of Great Britain, encouraged Gunpowder plot as excuse for severity to Catholics, 9; treaty with Louis XIII renewed, 51; funeral of, precedent for that of Cromwell, 248.

James, duke of York, Jorch:
-, returns to Bruges with Charles, 2; quarrels with Charles and leaves Bruges, 10–1; reconciled and returning to Bruges, 15.
-, Don John enquiring for, Spaniards would like at Vienna, 11.
-, expelled from France by treaty, 51; asked to leave Holland, 201.
-, took part in night attack on Mardick, 126; reported wounded at battle of Dunes, 214.
-, tears up state letters to Downing with enclosures for States, 251.

James, sent with supplies to Blake, 7n.

Jephson, Giebson, Giepson, Jepson, Col. William:
-, mission to Sweden, 98; preparing to start, 102, 107; leaves for Sweden, 108.
-, Cromwell's reasons for choosing, 98–9.
-, to report on state of Sweden and best means of helping, 98–9.
-, arrived at Hamburg and proceeding, 118; news of arrival and reception, 127.
-, mission to Brandenburg and German princes, 205, 215; returns to London, 238.

Jereton. See Ireton.

Jersey, Jersei, island of, Buckingham committed to prison in, 127; Overton fetched from, by order of parliament, 292; enquiry concerning imprisonment at, 300.

Jesuits, readmission to Venice, 19; English readmit to Dunkirk after expulsion by French, 227.

jewel worth 500l., voted to Blake for victory, 69.

Jews, of Rhodes, buy Resolution and cargo, 100.

John, Don, of Austria:
-, makes enquiries at Vienna for duke of York, 11; stay at Dunkirk arouses suspicion, 126; commanded right at battle of Dunes, 212.
-, asks Lockhart to obtain passport for him to go to Spain, 271.

John II Casimir, King Casimir, King of Poland:
-, Sweden anxious at junction of Austrian forces with, 98; Cromwell wants Sweden and Denmark to act together against, 107.
-, Brandenburg leaves Sweden and makes terms with, 125; encouraged by success at sea and other support, 140.
-, ambassador from, to ask for mediation with Sweden, 297.

-, -, secretary of. See Masini.

John George II, elector of Saxony, minister from expected in London, 23.

Johnson, Ursula, Schlezer arrested at suit of, 139.

Jorch, duke of. See James, duke of York.

Joshua, Josue, English ship, from Constantinople, fights and takes papal corral, 205.

judges, took part at Cromwell's installation, 82; High Court of Justice waiting for, to take part, 203.

Justice, Lord Chief of the Common Pleas. See St. John, Oliver.

Justice, High Court of:
-, Council proposes to set up, 188; decides upon, 191.
-, list of members published, 194; objections of members to taking oath, 195–6; Cromwell will appoint others, 196; places of objectors filled, 198.
-, preparations for trial by, 194; to try all whom government suspects, 198; a bitter pill for royalists, 201; they cannot possibly suffer, 202.
-, first meeting, preliminaries, 198; parliament postponed until fairly started, 200; further sittings, Lisle made president, 202.
-, waiting for civil judges to take part, 203; Slingsby examined before, 208; sentenced Slingsby and Hewet, acquitted Mordaunt, 210, 213.
-, further trials with various results, 216; last sentences suspended by Cromwell, 219.
-, sittings constantly adjourned, no more sentences, 222; renewed severity, six sentenced, 223; no more sentences, adjourned, 226.