Venice: September 1533

Pages 446-448

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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September 1533

Sept. 2. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 13. 976. The Doge and College to Carlo Capello, Ambassador in England.
The Signory's Proveditor at Zante writes, in date of the 12th ult., that the Imperial fleet has had a prosperous voyage, and succoured Coron. According to the usual custom, they therefore desire him to impart this intelligence to the King, and to such of the Lords of the Council as he shall think fit, according to the enclosed copies of the Proveditor's letters.
Sept. 3. Sanuto Diaries, v. lviii. p. 467. 977. Carlo Capello to the Signory.
The Duke of Norfolk arrived here on the 30th ult., having come from Lyons in eight days; and his Majesty is sending the Bishop of Winchester [Stephen Gardiner] to the conference between the Pope and the most Christian King—it is said to soothe (mitigar) the Pope, and persuade him to suspend the acts passed by him against the King, and to pay his respects to him (inchinarlo) making him great offers for the undertaking against the Infidels. Should this be rejected, appeal against the Pope's acts is to be made to the future Council, protesting, etc.
The truce with the King of Scotland has been renewed for twenty days with little hope of adjustment. The Secretary of the French ambassadors who went to the most Christian King has not yet returned.
The ships of the Easterlings, after quitting this island, captured twenty Dutch vessels laden with merchandise.
The Germans here have news that the Diet in Germany continues.
Mons. de Praet, who was sent by the Emperor to the most Christian King, is expected shortly in Flanders.
London, 3rd September. Registered by Sanuto 24th September.
Sept. 9. Sanuto Diaries (Originals), v. lviii. 978. Marin Giustinian to the Signory.
After my audience of the King, I went to the Cardinal Legate [Chancellor Duprat], who was present when I spoke to his Majesty, but could hear but little, and I told him briefly about the death of Meraveglia. His Lordship said, “The King has told me everything: he (Meraveglia) was put to death contra jus gentium naturale el scriptum; and a much slighter outrage committed by a French Captain de Lugan (sic) against a Swiss envoy or courier, when King Lewis held the Milanese, cost this crown a million of gold; and in England, two ambassadors—one from the Pope, (fn. 1) the other from the King of France—being detected plotting by night against the King of England, were arrested, and their trial committed to the English court of judicature. The Pope perceiving that his ambassador had erred, degraded him; and the most Christian King wrote a letter to his ambassador, who, after reading it, died of melancholy. Reparation will be made for this death; if not, the King will try who is most powerful—he or the Pope (sic) [Duke of Milan?]. He [the King] does not wish for his [the Duke's] State, but for reparation.”
Avignon, 9th September. Registered by Sanuto 24th September.
Sept, 11. Sunuto Diaries (Originals), v. lviii. 979. Marin Giustinian to the Signory.
Mons, di Arseglio (sic) is on the eve of departure for England, where he is to reside as ambassador in ordinary, in lieu of the Bailli of Troyes, who is in bad health.
Avignon, 11th September. Registered by Sanuto 24th September.
Sept. 12. Sanuto Diaries, v. lviii. p. 436. 980. Prothonotary Casal in the College Hall.
The English ambassador had audience of the College about the bishopric of Cividal di Belluno.


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