Appendix: Miscellaneous 1488

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 4, 1527-1533. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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Miscellaneous 1488

Nov. 19. St. Mark's Library, Cl. xiv. God. xci.v. 993. Lionel (Chiekegato), Bishop of Concordia, to Pope Innocent VIII.
On the 13th instant letters were brought to him from the Turcopolier [Sir John Kendal] (fn. 1) with information that Mons. de Falcone (Dominum de Falcone), displaying his credentials to the Prior of Auvergne, announced in the King's name, that Zizim the Sultan's brother was to be allowed to depart out of France, “parvis tamen itinerihus.” This was caused by the censures published against the Flemings by the Archbishop of Cologne, concerning which the King awaited a reply from the Pope. Chieregato would have gone immediately to his most Christian Majesty, had not the affair of the Bishops detained him in Paris, and had he not understood that the order would not be revoked until after the receipt of the Pope's reply. He therefore sent his secretary with credentials to the King, to the Chancellor, and to the Bishop of Lyons, and had the letters proved of any use he would have followed in person.
The Bishop of Lyons referred the secretary to the Chanceilor, who complained much of the Turcopolier, as the divulgation of this matter proceeded from the letters written by him, and from the messenger whom he sent to the French Court; the chancellor hinting (innuens) that the order brought by Mons. de Falcone for the removal (transjectionem) of Zizim might be reserved, as in the meanwhile the Pope's answer would arrive and the affair be settled most satisfactorily. When the secretary told the Chancellor of this, and of the arrival of Chieregato, he received an answer thus, word for word, “You may speak to the King if you please, but it will be of no avail: nay, were ambassadors to come, and his Holiness in person, no other reply would be obtained, unless provision be made for the affairs of Flanders”
On the receipt by Chieregato and Flores of the Pope's brief date 4th November, together with the one for his most Christian Majesty, Chierecrato presented it to him, stating what his Holiness thinks fitting with regard to the censures against the Flemings, and obtained a written order in the King's name to the Prior of Auvergne, to allow Zizim to depart by any road and in the speediest manner possible, and that he be taken to the Pope. This order was conveyed by one of the royal couriers, and by the same opportunity Chieregato informed the Turcopolier of the remedy proposed by the Pope for the affairs of Flanders, and of the King's letter to the Prior of Auvergne.
Signed: Humilis Servulus, L. Concordien.
Near St. Maturin, 10th Nov. 1488.
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  • 1. See Venetian Calendar, 1487, September 15, No. 523.